How do I fly?

  1. I have wings, but they just have glide.
    btw: how do you glide

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  1. I like how all the answers have like 5 thumbs down, even though they are correct.

    attach wings.
    press spacebar.
    press spacebar again.
    bam, youre flying.

    2 year old question... i hate when topic creators dont close them : /

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  1. There should be a button for the glide ability at the bottom of the screen.

    Also, there is no fly ability. Maybe in an expansion.

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  2. Look at abilities, when you a gliding, press it again to travel further but there is a limit on how much you can flap.

    there is an achievement called "flight of the bumblebee" that you get from travelling a long distance in the air, you can get this by gliding from the top of a very big hill.

    the only way to "fly" would be to cheat with a trainer or a mod.

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  3. To glide, first you need a wing set from the details tab in the creature creator, on the bottom. Procure one, then find a way to propel yourself into the air, either by volcanoes, spice geysers, or jumping. Once mid-air, press the spacebar, and, well, you're gliding.

    As for flying, you can't really sustain yourself in air, so its impossible, as of what I know.

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  4. You can glide for along time if you have lvl3 or higher glide and you go out on the water. there you can just keep hitting the glide button, though you might hit the water and make a splash if you don't time it right but this doesn't count towards the flight acheivement, and if you go to far out the big fish-guy still eats you.

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  5. You can fly by giving it 3 eagle wings. It should be able to fly high. It works for me and it isn't gliding. My creature can fly and I didn't cheat.

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  6. To glide simply jump and whilst in mid air hit the jump button again. to fly just repeat the second step until satisfied, also see how far you can fly i almost did a full circle round my planet but then i was shot down =(

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  7. You can fly! in the better spore mod package, free to download, there is a better glide package, and i highly recomend getting this mod, it is safe and makes for a lot funner game.

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  8. It's best to have a good Jump ability when you haw wings. To "FLY" just press space to flap your wings, but it's JUST gliding, not flying.

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  9. Put wings on your creature next put on good jumping feet press space to jump press space again to beat your wings you can beat your wings up to 8 times depending on your wing type.

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  10. Techniccly u can't. You can glide which is the closest thing

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  11. can't fly, just glide BTW you also can press spacebar to jump and glide

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  12. There is no fly ability, only glide. You use spacebar to jump into the air then hit it again while gliding to do another jump and gain air. The amount of extra jumps you can do depends on your glide score.

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  13. You can fly, but you need a hack.

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  14. i could fly just fine. I pressed the space bar to flapp my wings, while using the mouse to guide my creature. There is a little icon(bottom middle of the screen) that shows the ability refreshing. just watch that while you are in the air. if you time it properly you can stay in the air for a good deal of time.

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  15. When editing your creature, go to the miscellaneous parts tab (the one on the far right). Near the bottom are a row dedicated to wings. Add these and then finish editing. Wherever you are able to walk you are also able to fly. You can do this by pressing the space bar.

    As for gliding, your creature automatically does it when they are flying through the air and you are not pressing the spacebar.

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  16. You cannot fly you can only glide with the wings you bought.

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  17. Press the Space bar when in mid-air.

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  18. You can't fly but you can glide (and go super far if you use a volcano to fly high and use level 5 glide).

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  19. without mods you can't can however fall....WITH STYLE!?

    Mashing spacebar a lot will allow you to flap and t5 glide/jump can give you basically full flight. You still land eventually, but for all intents and purposes you are flying. Also having wings allows your tribesmen to fly over short distances during the tribal stage. Makes the pathfinding much less annoying.

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  20. close this answer. Now.

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  21. Actually, you cannot fly. You can just 'glide' up in the sky for a certain time and distance. If you want to glide, just tap 'space' twice. You can also glide while you're going forward or any direction.
    Btw, you can always upgrade your wings to glide higher and farther. :) IS that clear ?

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