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"It's Good, Real GOOD There is Nothing Else Like it, and That's Good Too!"

Ok I'm tired of reading crack reviews and seeing a lot of dislike for this game. It's a very good game, just don't expect to be something it's not. The whole concept of this game is that you make the game, that's right YOU. It's only as good as your imagination. If you are expecting a deep story and a defined progression through with only one outcome, then play something else!

Graphics 10+/10: The graphics in this game are very deep and impressive. No matter how weird you try to make a creature it will still move in a very fluid and natural motion. That in itself is a masterpiece of gaming, you can make anything you can imagine and the game can bring it to life. The backgrounds are very lush and always alien like. The trees or whatever blocks you view will become transparent automatically so you never loose sight of your creature. The graphic load times are rather good for the level of depth they offer as well. Overall it's a very pretty game, and it flows visually very well at all times. Also you can make every car, boat, ship, building, basically almost every aspect of the game you create, seriously how cool is that?

Game Play 9/10: The controls are pretty easy and anyone can master them. Not a lot of hot buttons to memorize. My biggest compliant is they can not be changed, I would love to use a joystick instead of the mouse. But I can live with it. The reason it's a 9 instead of 10 is because I found one minor glitch that needs patched. I made a space ship that couldn't change altitude, I think it's because it didn't have any rocket motors or wings. I'm sure it will be fixed, just be sure to save your game often, unlike me!

Story 7/10: There isn't much of a story here, but what is here is pretty cool in it's own right. You start off as nothing, just a single cell organism. In the course of the game you control your own evolution from a cell to a creature, to a tribe leader, to the leader of space. It's a fantastic journey, but there is no story line. You make that up as you go along, this is the part most people don't like. Every choice you make will change how the game is played and how you end up in the end.

Re-playability. 8/10: The game is re-playable to a certain point. There are many many different ways you can play each stage. Also the only limit on how many creatures you can make is your own imagination. I would say you could go through it about 5-6 times at least before things started to get stale.

Drm -no score-: seriously why are people hating the drm part of this game? They spent a lot of money making it, they can make a little back ya know. The pirates can crack anything, including whatever they bundled in with this. SO cool off and let the hackers do what they do, and it will be cracked in no time. BUT this game is worth buying, the user manual is pretty thick and has lots of good info in it. So BUY it, and don't cry about it!

Overall 9/10, I feel it's a very solid game and well worth it's hype. It's selling like hotcakes so apparently a LOT of people also like it as well! I shelled out the extra for the galactic edition, and that's a very nice package. It's got a very nice poster, a cool plastic box, and some neat extras in the book that's included.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/09/08

Game Release: Spore (US, 09/07/08)

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