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"If you are creative Spore is the best game ever made!"

In spore you get to create many many different things. Thru your creations you can choose how you are going to survive. You can be passive, aggresive, or both. When it comes to the options you have for design, they are really endless. Ever want to create your own species? Your own buildings? Jets? Spaceships? Fly around a HUGE galaxy with tons of exploration ? Conquer new planets and then teraform them to support new forms of life? Wage interstellar war with cutting edge graphics and enjoy thoughtful missions and quests? You get to do all this and it is very satisfying. You start from a cell and end up with far superior technology than the human race will probably ever have. The game gives you ALOT of control. The possibilities are endless, the graphics are stunning and the music rocks. Is this a game of great difficulty/skill? No it isn't, so if that is all your looking for go back to playing Ninja Gaiden on hard for the rest of eternity. Spore is something completely new and different , which has had a tremendous amount of energy put into it. If you don't like being creative, don't waste one minute on this game. You will become very angry at the thought of having to create all your own buildings/ships etc. It will pwn you. But if you like building things you have found Heaven in gaming. Spore is all about your own imagination and it really takes you on a great journey that has never been possible in a game before. If you liked Simant or Simlife (I sure did) you are going to fall in love with this game.

There are 5 different stages (Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space) I personally find creature and space to be my favorite but they are all entertaining. In the creature state you get to mingle with other species and evolve. The amount of options you have at your disposal for different visual appearances is pretty mind blowing. Limitless creativity. You can pretty much whip up anything you can imagine,and watch it come to life beautifully. The space stage really makes you feel like your in one of those flying saucers you hear about in urban legends. You can zoom around the entire planet quickly, and go to different planets and different galaxies very quickly as well. There are more galaxies than I can count. All the planets are beautiful in design and have many different looks. Some planets are dangerous and can not support life however with technology you can teraform them and start colonies, eventually changing the way the planet looks and the life it can support to a huge degree. There is also combat in your space craft (which you design of course) and many different weapons to choose from. You also have a tractor beam which you can abduct any life form you choose, and then use for various purpose. Every stage of the game includes combat as well.

This game is perfect for anyone who likes a good fantasy, especially if you like to draw or think about other worlds!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/11/08

Game Release: Spore (US, 09/07/08)

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