Review by shive790

Reviewed: 09/25/08

Not as expected, still good time killer

To start off, no, this game is not what we were told to expect, and for that, I am disappointed. Having said that... Spore is a game from the same people who made the SIM games. I won't lie, if you didn't enjoy those games, you probably won't enjoy spore. For those who did enjoy them you will probably enjoy this one as well.

Spore starts off in a 2D game where you're whole mission is to eat eat eat. You get your first few chances to evolve and that's pretty much it. As you eat you earn DNA which can be used to accumulate parts. You can also kill certain creatures or break open pieces of meteorite to unlock new parts. This also sets the stage for abilities you will get later in the game.

After the tidepool, you move onto creature stage. This is where you really shape your creature, and pretty much the only one that determines what your creature will look like for the rest of the game. As before you also earn abilities that will last the rest of the game. This time its fully 3D. Plenty of other creatures to make friends with or kill.

Then is the tribal stage. You're mission here is to make friends with or exterminate all of the other tribes. This is in a RTS type of gameplay, though very limited. You can't change your creature anymore however, only its 'clothing'. Once again you can use some abilities you earned in other stages as well as earn some more for later ones.

Civilization is the next stage, RTS like tribal, but now you can use vehicles. Still pretty limited, but now you've got the whole world to make yours. In this stage all of the other cities are of your own race, which really cuts the variety down. This time however, you can chose to be religious, a trader, or militaristic. Each one can get you cites, just different methods.

Finally you end up in space. This is where the bulk of the gameplay seems to be. Lots of different worlds with different species are your for the taking. The goal is to accumulate enough badge points to get level 10 badge. Also if you are strong enough, you can attempt what seems to be a few secondary goals which I will not spoil here.

The second aspect of the game is content creation. Everything from creatures, to buildings to vehicles can be created and shared online. The game will also download others' creations to your computer. I sometimes find myself enjoying this aspect of the game to the game itself.

Overall, a really good game if all you're looking for is something to kill some time. Also a must have for SIM fans. Players looking for a lot of action should probably look elsewhere. And for those of us who waited for this game, hopefully the expansion packs will restore a lot of the content we were promised.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Spore (US, 09/07/08)

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