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Reviewed: 10/10/08

Incredible game... for a month or two

Spore is an RPG computer game which includes five different sections. On this game you can create creatures, build vehicles, design buildings and plenty more. You can share these creations with friends. It is an incredible game but can get boring after a while.

Game play
There are five different stages in this game. In all stages you can find creatures you have created in other games, creatures created by Maxis, and also creatures created by other players around the globe.

Cell Stage 6/10
The first stage is the cell stage. You create a cell out of the tools available and you have to keep eating other creatures, or plants depending on what type of cell you choose to be. You can be either a herbivore, omnivore or a carnivore. It is possible to upgrade your creature's performance and looks by calling a mate and entering cell creator. There you can add parts you get from killing other cells and breaking open meteor shards. Eating plants and other cells give you DNA which grow your cell. Beware, other creatures can eat you too, if your health bar runs out, you will re-spawn again. You also need DNA to spend on the parts you find. After you have eaten enough meat or plants you advance to the creature stage. Unfortunately this stage is very short and is possible to complete in less than eight minutes. There is a lack of things to do and it could do with being larger.

Creature Stage 8/10
The second stage is the creature stage. After completing cell stage you can give your creature arms and legs. There is a much bigger variety of parts to put on your creature. Once again you have to find or earn these parts by searching skeletons or interaction with other types of creatures. You can ally the other creatures by impressing them or you can kill them and make them become extinct. For every creature you kill or ally with, you will get DNA to spend on parts that you have found. Collecting DNA also gets you closer to evolving. After you get certain amounts of it, your creature's brain will get bigger and it will become stronger. The bigger the brain you have the more creatures you will be able to have in your pack. You can have either creatures from your species or creatures from allied species in your pack. Every so often your creatures will run off to a new home and the creatures around you get stronger. Along with your health bar you have a hunger bar. If you do not eat enough plants or meat you will starve and your health bar will decrease. Once again if your health bar runs out for any reason you will re spawn at your home base. You can get back into creature creator the same way as in the cell stage. Simply just call for a mate. Different parts give your creature different performances. Their attacks are more and less powerful depending on what parts you use as well as dancing, singing, posing and charming. Overall this stage is amazing fun and there is plenty to do, and plenty of ways to play it. After collecting enough DNA, it's time for the tribal stage.

Tribal Stage 9/10
The third stage is the tribal stage. Your species has now formed a small tribe which gets bigger as you get further through the stage. At the start of the stage you can give your creature quite a few new parts to increase its performance in combat, socializing and gathering. You can get new parts by forming alliances with other tribes and by defeating them. After defeating or forming an alliance with a tribe, you get a face with that villages colour on it on a pole by the food pile at the front of your village. You are in control of up to twelve creatures now and to stay alive they need to eat either meat or plants just like the other two previous stages. This is where their gathering abilities kick in. The higher their level in gathering is the more food they can collect at once. The food collected is put into the food pile ready to be eaten when hungry. Watch out for wild creatures that come to steal your food. You can build your base by clicking on your main hut and selecting the build option. The more villages you have allied or destroyed, the more equipment houses you can purchase. You can buy combat items, musical items to impress other tribes and gathering items. After you destroy or ally the first tribe that appears, most of the others will appear, sometimes mad at you. Tribes that are mad will start attacking your village and stealing your food. Your allies will start bringing you gifts of food. The further through the stage you get the more creatures you can keep in your village. To get creatures, you have to buy the babies with ten pieces of food. Click on the main hut to do this. Continue destroying and forming alliances until all the tribes have either been allied with you or destroyed. Unfortunately if your whole tribe dies at any time in this stage, you will have to start from the very beginning again. This stage is much more difficult than the others and also great fun. It takes a good amount of time to complete and quit a bit of strategy. After this stage is complete it's time for the Civilization stage.

Civilization stage 7/10
The fourth stage is civilization stage. Here you along with a few other armies are trying to claim everything there is on the planet. You can claim everything by three ways. Military, take over the cities by capturing them. Religious, sending a god out of a vehicle to take over the city. Also economic, set up trade routes and purchase the cities. You get money by capturing spice derricks and by building factories in your cities. You start off with the only vehicle option of tanks. You can create a tank and use it to claim other cities. As you get further through you will be able to create and use sea and air vehicles. The more houses and cities you have the more vehicles you can use. The vehicles have health bars so they need to be protected or else will get destroyed. The aim of this stage is to claim every city in the planet, all allied cities will be given to you after all the others are owned by you as well. For this stage you need strategy. How you are going to claim every city is important. Others will attack you and your derricks as well so you have to both attack and defend. Turrets are very helpful for defence. The bad point about this stage is it's too short and easy. It takes way under a minute to capture each city and it's not often your cities get attacked. Your opponents spend most of their time capturing derricks and are not particularly worried about their cities. The good things are that there is a variety of vehicles to create and use. Also there is interaction between computer controlled empires, for example wars. After claiming all the cities it's time to go to the never ending space stage.

Space stage 8/10
After getting to the space stage you stay there forever. You're in an entire galaxy now and there are thousands of planets to capture. You can attack, defend, ally, trade and much more. There are lots of ways you can play this stage. You can earn different ranks as well by earning badges. You can complete missions for your empire and others to improve relationship. You can make diplomatic moves to help you empire grow bigger and prosper. For this stage you travel in the space ship you create at the start of the stage. The higher the rank you are the more ally space ships you can take with you on your journeys. Money is a key thing in this stage. You need it to purchase weapons, spice and lots of other items. Money can be made by collecting and selling spice you are making from your owned planets. Another option is to buy from one empire and sell to another for a larger price. After capturing systems you can build colonies inside. The do this you need alter the terrascore of the planet by terraforming. There are tools you need to buy to do this. After the terrascore is level one or above you can start to add plants and creatures to stabilize the terrascore. Adding more factories to your colonies make them more unhappy, but more spice is produced. The higher rank you are the more things you can buy. Items can also help you fly further, have more energy and more health. One item lets you travel through black holes which sends you to somewhere else far away from your home planet. After capturing and allying with the planets in the area around your home planet you will need to go further away to find new empires. By this time the game has started to get way to easy and repetitive. Any empires you find that you decide to kill are no match for you as you already have a huge empire and a whole bunch of money. Forming an alliance with empires is rather easy, if not too easy. When things get easy like this nothing is a challenge and it starts to get very boring to play. The space stage is a very big and creative stage though, and there are lots more ways to play it than all the others. At the start you often find yourself at war and having to spend most your time defending but after that, things get very easy and you start to loose interest in the game. Even though it does get boring, the space stage is a great stage to play and is really fun. There is no ending to it so it can't be too short, if it was a little more challenging it would be just about perfect.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics in this game are very good. You can see everything you need to when it comes to looking around the globe, area and galaxy in different stages. The creatures look very creative and not blurred in any way. Everything you create looks exactly like you want it to look like and the planets look very realistic with oceans, lands and mountains. Everything looks to its best and in my opinion the graphics are nothing to be complaining about.

Story 10/10
The story is very creative as you have to go through different stages of your species life. You start off as a tiny little cell, grow up to be a creature and fight in tribes. Conquer and capture cities using created vehicles then finally become a mighty galaxy empire leader. All the choices and actions you make in one stage have consequences in other stages. The story overall is clever and well created. It an enjoyable story to evolve through with different paths to take to get to the final stage.

Overall score (Average) 8/10

This game is worth buying and is very enjoyable for quite a while. For about two months this game can get quite addicting and you just want to keep creating and playing. Unfortunately the magic of this game does not last. As the stages up to the final stage are quite short you start to find yourself thinking what am I going to do now? The story starts to get way too repetitive. Although you can take different paths to complete each stage the story remains the same. It is quite easy to get to the final stage between two days and one week. After a month or two the space stage starts to get way too repetitive and boring. Many will start a new story again and take a different path but the fun just isn't the same. Although I have pointed out a lot of bad things about this game it does not mean it is not exciting because it definitely is, but it doesn't last forever. I would recommend buying this game because there is a lot of great things to do in this game and I am sure some do not get bored of it as quickly as I have said in this review. You may also want to consider renting this game before buying to see what you think of it yourself. If you enjoy playing it then you can go out and buy it. Or simply just buy it without renting it before.

This game is incredible and very creative. Those with great imagination will love creating things on this game. Those with great strategy and love of RPG games will also find this game very enjoyable. Thank you for reading this review and I hope you found it helpful!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Spore (EU, 09/05/08)

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