Review by AegisDawn

Reviewed: 10/28/08

Hyped a lot, but still a wonderful game.

I agree, that Spore was definitely hyped quite a lot, but that does not stop it from flat out owning. Granted, it is not something to give a "game of the year" title to, but it is something that is definitely worth getting. I'll break the review down into the game phases, not gameplay, graphics, etc.


A great opening in my opinion. I loved that section of the game, more so because it wasn't lagging on my piece of crap computer, but it was also fun. Simple, but fun. The part that cheered me up was that you didn't just MAKE your creature. You can, later on, of course, but you had to fight other cells for parts, eat food, and wait for other cells to get ambushed by the larger ones to get extra parts. The concept was great, and it was definitely a fun 30 ~ 45 minutes, if you didn't just rush through the game. (I HAVE NOT RUSHED THROUGH THE GAME, I WOULD LIKE THE MAKE THAT CLEAR. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A GRINDFEST, THIS IS NOT THE GAME FOR YOU.) With that said, let us go above water and onto land and begin our real journey.
Rating : 8/10, simple and fun, although a little too short.


Also very fun, possibly my most favorite since it was a kind of RPG like style. You are now your creature, with two legs and a stomach for other creatures. You are always given the opportunity to befriend other creatures, or attack them. Doing both is what I recommend, it isn't fun just attacking everyone. But anyways, you slowly evolve, while also finding new parts in this stage. You mate, over, and over, and over again, but you are allowed to change yourself each time. You can take as long as you like on any of these stages, and this one is probably one you could keep going for a week or so, if you wanted to, which I know I could. Once you fill up your DNA, you don't HAVE to go onto the Tribal stage immediately, if you aren't happy with your current creature, you can scavenge new parts and evolve even further. Make the most out of this stage, because the gameplay is not like this at any other point.
Rating: 9/10, great concept, and evolving is very fun. A few flaws, but not many at all. Able to be a short experience, or a very long one.


Possibly the most fun of all. You are now much stronger, and by the end of this, can have up to 12 creatures in your tribe. You are allowed to befriend or attack other tribes, although, coming from a carnivore, attacking is much more fun. It is now an RTS style game. Other tribes will pop up, and it is your job to conquer them and go underway to world domination. You lead your number of creatures into other tribes and defeat them and steal their loot. And, here is the part you have been looking for, WEAPONS! You can have either -Stone Axes -Flaming Torches -Throwing Spears. They all have specialties, which you can read up on before purchasing said items. Also, those mighty and certainly scary Epic Creatures back in creature stages are now able to be easily taken out from afar with Throwing Spears. The loot there is about 300 food, have fun.
Rating: 10/10, fun, and a good gameplay style we've grown to love. Not too easy yet not too hard, if there was a longer version of the Tribal Stage for sale, I'd buy it.


The easiest, and not much to say here. You pretty much have now made your cities, and so have every other species out there. You make and purchase land vehicles, boats, airplanes and spacecraft to destroy other cities. Easy to beat, but still a fun process.
Rating: 7/10, a little too easy, yet still quite fun. I was disappointed that I could not control my actual creatures after this point, but oh well.


Also not much to say here, since it is confusing. Have the guide tell you what to do. Anyways, you now have your ownage spaceship, boat, land vehicle and airplane all put into one fantastic vehicle. You go to other planets and either make alliances with them or destroy them when they contact you. It is your decision, what will you do for GALACTIC DOMINATION!
Rating: 8/10, fun, confusing, but also a great concept.

OVERALL!: 9/10.

Hyped up, yet still very pleasing. The replay value is tremendous given the 8 planets to choose from on three different difficulty settings. Not for the :hardcore: gamer, but definitely a smart purchase for the casual gamer who has an hour a day of time on his hands.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Spore (US, 09/07/08)

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