Review by JackTheHero

"Good for a while, then repetitive as hell"

Upon first impression the game is defiantly a great experience. But in the end the game isn't something worth buying.


Cell Stage: It's fairly simple here, you avoid things that are dangerous while attacking anything that seems weak. Size doesn't effect too much because you can take down things that are much bigger than you, while it may be more difficult it is defiantly possible. You choose between having a herbivore mouth or a carnivore mouth from the start and you can add more mouths etc. to help your hunger needs, as well as adding various spikes and other body parts.

Land Stage: Another case of survival. You are constantly allowed to change your apperance and how you go about with the other creatures. Either by killing them all, befriending them all or the ground in between. There is more variation to things you can do but by the time you reach the end your about ready to uninstall the game from it being so repetitive. It's just a matter of pressing a corresponding number or mouse mashing.

Tribal Stage: Set up like a real time strategy you will get some entertainment from this. You are allowed to change how they dress but physical apperence isn't customizable at this point. You try to advance yourself up by either befriending or being a war monger and destroying everything in your path.

Civilization Stage: You are now a developed society. You can create your own buildings and vehicles while waging war...against yourself as you struggle for dominance of the planet. Plays out similar to tribal stage except now you are given more technology and money plays a big part in this stage.

Space Stage: The final stage. Here you fly off into space and make relations or enemies out of other civilizations, you can make trade routes and the like. Early on its extremely entertaining to bounce from planet to planet, but when they tried throwing a story element into it and making you fly to the center of the universe it becomes a matter of planning out your trips or being stuck on an inhabitable planet while you backtrack. They offer 'achievements' and while those do give you new toys that add more incentive to play it becomes beyond repetitive.

Graphics: 5/10

Nothing special here, they are extremely average. This is good and bad, the people with high end machines will not be dazzled by the average graphics while lower end machines will get to enjoy a new release.

Optimization: 8/10

Similar to what is shown above, the graphic requirement isn't tolling and you could definantly play this on aged machines.

Controls: 10/10

It is straight forward, it puts you through an optional tutorial at each stage and in some special cases when you get new abilities/weapons. The game does do a good job keeping you informed on how to do what you want.

Sound: 8/10

The actually music in the game isn't bad. It's the annoying high pitched whiney voices of every civilization in the game. That is the only thing hurting the score, the voices of some many of the species are so annoying you end up being forced to turn the volume off. They don't speak english but instead speak in random made up languages.

Final score: 6/10

Borrow it

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/02/08

Game Release: Spore (US, 09/07/08)

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