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"How Will You Create The Universe?"

Spore is a game created by Maxis and Electronic Arts, in which the players can create a creature and travel their way from a mere cellular organism into the mightiest sentient species in the Galaxy. Spore provides an online feature, as well as offline feature, so players can compete against other Spore players in the game. Is this game really a great game? Let's take a look:

1. Gameplay
Spore provides players many things to create their creatures. For example, various mouth types were given to the players so they can choose whether their creature will be Herbivore, Carnivore, or Omnivore. Spore also gives the players a large variety of body parts, such as eyes, limbs, hands and feet, weapons, and details that will affect the creature's ability during the gameplay.There are also Spore Editors where players can create not only creatures, but also buildings, vehicles, and even spacecrafts.

The gameplay of this game is quite fun. When players begin their journey in the "Cell Stage", all they need to do is guide their cellular creature through the 2D world and gather as many foods as possible until the cell evolves a brain and goes to land. Once they reached "Creature Stage", players are given a choice if they want to give their cell a pair of limbs, or live on land as "slugger". Players will control their creature through a 3D world where they must evolve to become a sentient being. To advance through the stage, player's creature must either befriend many species of creatures in the stage, or hunt them down into extinction.

As they proceed, the creature's brain will get bigger and bigger, until eventually they gain enough brain to advance into "Tribal Stage". in the tribal stage, players will no longer control individual creatures, but a whole member of the tribe. The players must use the tribe members to collect foods by hunting, gathering fruits, or fishing. To advance through the stage, player's tribe must befriend other rival tribes across the region by playing musical instruments for them, or battle and wipe them out from the map.

Once players finish the tribal stage, they'll enter the "Civilization Stage" where the players will monitor their cities and boundaries, as well as mining spice geysers located anywhere at their planet. Players will now control vehicles with different abilities in order to move through the stage, depending on what nation they started out with after they finished the previous stage: Religious vehicles will convert other cities into their believes, Military vehicles will bombard cities until the opponent's city surrender, Economic vehicles will trade with cities until they gained enough resources to buy the city.

If the player managed to take over the entire city, they'll advance to the last, never-ending stage: The "Space Stage". Before they can fully explore the vast Galaxy, players must first create a starship, and learn how to fly it. As players move on, they will realize that many alien species also inhabit the Galaxy, and it is their job to communicate with them. Some of those aliens are peaceful, while some others are aggressive. Players may choose to establish a trade route with them, Make them as their allies, help them out on various missions, or simply eradicate them and become the greatest sentient species in the Galaxy. There are many things to explore in the space stage, including rare planets, hidden artifacts scattered almost everywhere, and treasures that lies upon the large Galaxy.
Score: 8/10

2. Spore Editors
These editors allow players to create many different things that they may use in Spore. The editors consist of Creature Creator, Building Creator, Vehicle Creators, and Spaceship Creator. Although many stuff the player create here cannot be brought into the game, several of them may occasionally appear in their game. Players can also share their creations in Spore with another Spore players by using the online feature. Players can also create their Sporecast, where they can gather a bunch of Spore creations and share it to other players, so the other players may take it and add the Sporecast into their game.
Score: 7/10

However, this game also has many, many bad things that may make this game a little bad. What are the bad sides? Let's see:

1. Boring Gameplay
After the player unlocks every secret in Spore and play it numerous times, they might get bored and choose to leave the game. It's because Spore originally has many different stuff and secrets to uncover, but eventually some of the secret stuff was removed due to being unfamiliar to the player, or because that secret may ruin the game.

2. Glitches
Like many other great games, Spore is also full of glitches players may stumble across. Such as their creature get stuck on something and starved to death, their creature suddenly thrown into space and unable to get back on their respective planets, or even glitching body parts that may affect the creature in the game. Some of those glitches sometimes looks hilarious to watch, but many other glitch may force the player to erase their saved data on Spore. Even some glitches will crash the entire game, thus the player has no choice but to re-install the game.

3. Missing Stages
Originally, there were 3 stages that were inserted into the game, but unfortunately, the game creators decided to remove them from the final version of the game. Below is the list of the 3 missing stages

a. Molecular Stage
This is the first stage players will venture into. This stage looks similar to Tetris games, and players have to assemble a series of tower that will become their respective cells in the cell stage. However, the developers believed that this stage would be too frustrating since players will have difficulties on determining what their cell might be, and so they erased it.

b. Aquatic Stage
After the players finish the cell stage,their cells would evolve into sea-dwelling creatures. In this stage, player's creature may become fish, amphibians, or reptiles, and they can explore the vast ocean before their creature evolve legs and go to land. As with the creature stage, the aquatic animals are separated into three: Herbivores can feed on seaweeds and algae, Carnivores would hunt down fish and other aquatic creatures, and Omnivores can do both. Player's creature will be given parts such as fins, tentacles, and other things to help it swim through the ocean. However, some people believed that the aquatic stage is a portion of the creature stage: If your creature has legs, it'll thrive on land. if it doesn't have legs, it would swim in the water.

Unfortunately, the stage was removed due to many problems, one of them is the navigation system and the 3D effect. Since the aquatic world itself is very big, the developers will need a long, long time to made special effects for the stage, and of course, specific details for each part of the ocean. The navigation problem may have been the main issue, since the developers will have to use the space stage navigation system and applied it into this stage. The short deadline is also the cause of the stage removal. Due to being an unfinished part, they had no other choice but to remove it.

Until now, many Spore fans demanded Electronic Arts to make an Aquatic stage and insert it into the existing game, or make a new Spore game with an "Aquatic Stage" stuff in it. However, neither EA or Maxis has confirmed about the aquatic stage project being made.

c. City Stage
Before players enter the civilization stage, there was a beta stage called the city stage. I would assume this stage's gameplay is similar to the tribal stage. The player need to befriend other cities, or destroy them. If in the tribal stage, players must collect foods, in here, players are given choices whether their city would depend on agriculture or industries.

So, my conclusion is: Spore is a great game that allows one to share his/her creativity by making creatures, vehicles, and many other things. Spore allows one to explore the vast world and find every secret things inside it. Although this game has many things that make it a little bad, this game still worth playing.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/30/13

Game Release: Spore (US, 09/07/08)

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