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"This is a typing game!"

Being a huge Captain Tsubasa fan I had heard of this game more than a year ago, and I knew it was a typing game. Ok, this may seem nice (or at least interesting) to the fans, but is it good for everyone else?

Once you start your game you will be confronted with a main menu with only 3 options (well, 4 if you count the "options" menu...). There, you will be able to get in a tutorial with Roberto (Tsubasa's first coach, which will teach you how to play this game, but is only useful if you know japanese), play matches or see your current stats.

Matches? Yes, of course this game would have matches, since Captain Tsubasa is an anime series based on soccer. There, you will need to type your way across the menus, and your actions will be successful (or not) if you manage to type a certain number of words before running out of time. However, your actions also need to be typed (for example, "Misaki passes to Tsubasa" and stuff like that), and of course you need to have knowledge of japanese language (at least really the basic one, romanji...) in order to be able to pick the best option at all times.

This may seem interesting, but if you are a very good typer you will have a really easy task here, meaning that you can even score more than 3 goals in each match. Plus, the game is too easy, and whoever is the goalkeeper doesn't seem to matter at all, as you can easily score to each and any of them. Plus, if you can type really fast, you will never even suffer a goal...

However, this game has more bugs... you can just play less than 8 different matches, and if you are wondering which ones, they are just the important matches from Nankatsu SC and Nankatsu FC taken from the Road to 2002 remake. Plus, if you use the training option too many times, you will see more difficult words in the matches, and eventually you won't be able to type them, not even if you can type REALLY fast. Finally, there are some bugs concerning your team, meaning that actually you seem only to have 4 players...

Now, you can wonder about it... how can you play this if you don't have a japanese system? Well, in all the menus you will see the text in japanese characters and in romanji, so you just have to type the romanji, like you would normally type any words on your keyboard!

Tsubasa, a young boy who loves soccer more than anything in his life, wants to go to Brazil in order to become a professional player. However, his brazilian coach Roberto Hongo the he just met told him that he could only take him if he won the championship.... Will he be able to do it? It's up to you to find out... However, this story is taken from the anime, and the game seems not to have any reference to this story...

In the menus they are good, you can clearly see all the options and you won't notice any pixels out of their place. Now, most of the graphics in this game are still images or small videos taken from the Road to 2002 anime, and that means... quite good, for a typing game. In spite of this, the soccer field you get to see in each match is not very well drawn, since you can really see lots of pixels out of their place and they aren't even very clear.

Each of the actions in this game is accompanied with a narrator saying that specific action in japanese, turning it into another nice feature for those people who want to learn japanese. Also, the music in the menus is quite good, but the one from the matches gets boring easily. Don't get me wrong, that particular music is one of the best musics from this anime series, but after having to hear it ALL THE TIME during the matches, you will surely find it quite boring...

Play Time/Replayability
This is the major flaw of this game... even if you are using this game to learn how to type faster or you just want to learn some japanese language from it, this will get boring easily. It's always the same, and the matches always have exactly the same difficulty, whether it is the first match of the game or the final match. There are also some special moves you can unlock by practicing a lot, but I don't think that's a reason for even fans sticking to this game for long.

Final Recommendation
If you are an huge captain tsubasa fan and you are interesting in learning basic japanese (or you just feel like practicing your typing skills), you can get this game. However, I don't think it will be enjoyable for a long time!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/17/05

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