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    100% Stealth Guide by El Rapido

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 10/31/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Splinter Cell: Double Agent
    Stealth Guide - v 0.9
    - 1.0 Mission 1 - Iceland - Geothermal Plant
    - 2.0 Mission 2 - Kansas - Ellsworth Penitentiary
    - 3.0 Mission 3 - NYC - JBA HQ 1
      - 3.1 Medical files
      - 3.2 Professional file
    - 4.0 Mission 4 - Sea of Okhotsk 
      - 4.1 Part 1 
      - 4.2 Part 2
    - 5.0 Mission 5 - Shanghai - Hotel
    - 6.0 Mission 6 - NYC - JBA HQ 2
      - 6.1 Personal info
      - 6.2 Professional background info
      - 6.3 Voice samples
    - 7.0 Mission 7 - Cruise Ship
    - 8.0 Mission 8 - NYC - JBA HQ 3
      - 8.1 Fingerprints
    - 9.0 Mission 9 - Kinshasa 
      - 9.1 Part 1
      - 9.2 Part 2
      - 9.3 Part 3 
    - 10.0 Hacking, cracking, etc
      - 10.1 Hacking
      - 10.2 Cracking
      - 10.3 Making mines
    This guide attempts to give a perfectly stealthy method to complete Splinter 
    Cell: Double Agent. In my view, that means completing the level without 
    touching or being seen by an enemy. Generally speaking, making it seem like 
    you were never there. 
    This guide is based on hard mode, so it should work for normal mode as well.
    Naturally, everything in this guide is property of me, copyright 2006. 
    This is still a work in progress, so keep your cool if the bit you need isn't
    in here yet. The idea is, of course, to complete it until all levels are 100%
    stealth, with as many objectives complete as possible.
    1.0 - Mission 1 - Iceland - Geothermal Plant - 85%
    Swim after your new friend Junior until you reach a red light under water. Swim 
    towards it, and follow the tunnel under it. When you come out of the tunnel, 
    swim straight up and wait for Junior to get rid of one guard. 
    When Junior has left the water, use your thermal vision to see where the other 
    guard is. He will appear in black for some reason. When the guard is moving 
    away, swim up, climb out, and make it to one of the sides of the area.
    Our target is the guard house, with the stairs leading up to it, and a light 
    above it. When the remaining guard is out of range, head up the stairs, and 
    enter the building. Close the door behind you.
    There's a guy sleeping in here, so don't be too noisy. A little past the light 
    switch, you'll find a sonic grenade you can pickup. Never mind the laptop, the 
    info on there is pretty much irrelevant. On the far end of this shack, you'll 
    see some machines. In the far left corner, you can cut the power supply to the 
    electric fence outside.
    The guard outside notices this, and will head towards the guard house. If he 
    comes to the house, he'll smash open the door, and wake up his buddy. You can 
    stay hidden through out the search between the 2 generators in the guard house.
    If the outside guard is far enough away however, you can start heading outside 
    straight away to shut up Junior a little sooner. Close the door behind you, 
    and throw in some whistles once you get outside if you need to create some 
    space between Junior and the patrolling guard.
    Help Junior over the fence, and climb after him. You'll end up on ground 
    level, but you can walk around the structure Junior is on top of to find a 
    ladder. Get up top, and use the wire to zip down to the plant. Be sure to do a
    silent drop with B when you reach the end, and save immediately. If you need
    to reload this checkpoint the game drops you off the wire with noise, making 
    the nearby guard curious.
    Junior will zip ahead ever further. Wait for the nearby guard to head along the
    walkway, and drop down onto it. Stay to the right, so you head down the first 
    set of stairs, where there's some kind of small control room you can't get into.
    On the left here, there's a piece of railing you can climb over. Drop down
    quietly onto the container below. 
    On the long, dark side of the container, you'll see some crates with sheets over
    them below. Drop down on this side, and disable the wire at the far wall. You
    can now climb over the nearby fence, into the area with the search light.
    Don't drop off the fence before the search light comes and goes. You'll be fine
    if you stay on the fence while it swings by. Don't follow the light too closely,
    or it will swing back for you. You should be fine if you start moving once the
    light leaves you and swings to the second row. This should also help make the
    guard at the far end be on his way away from you once you get there. Go right
    at the end, and climb up the ladder on the left. Climb up the silo, and grab
    the pipes on top there. 
    Make your way accross the pipes, you'll have to lower your legs at the end of
    it to climb up. Carefully go down the stairs, since there is still a guard
    nearby, and head for the ventilation entrance.
    As you enter, Junior will get killed. Shimmy along the left, and keep going
    until you see the round container / fat silo below you. Drop down onto that.
    There's a guard that patrols both the lowest and mid levels of this area. Wait
    for him to head down, and drop off the silo, into the lit area. The guard in 
    the control room shouldn't see you.
    Head right, onto the extension platform, and drop down carefully to the lower
    level. It's pretty dark down here, so it shouldn't be too hard to do this 
    without being seen. 
    Head to the missile, and turn the valve. Head back to where you came from, and
    use the elevator to go back up to the extension level.
    When the patrolling guard is gone, head past the lit area to the control room 
    where the stationary guard is. Head past him, out onto the extension area, and
    whistle to make him come out. Head closer to the missile, and whistle again, 
    to make him investigate there. 
    Be careful you don't fall off, and circle round the elevator area to the 
    control box. The guard you lured outside should be on the far end of the 
    extension area. Flip the switch, and he should be moved further away from you, 
    and also turn his back again. Head back to the other arm of the extension, and
    carefully make your way to the missile. Wait for the guard to start returning 
    to his control box, and you can hack the missile (select the stationary 
    numbers in case you didn't read the manual).
    Climb up the ladder to your immediate right, and head left. Wait a few seconds,
    and your escape rope will drop down. Climb up, and you're done!
    2.0 - Mission 2 - Kansas - Ellsworth Penitentiary - 100%
    After the chat at the start, rip away the poster, and  push forward into the 
    crawl space. When you come out, climb up the pole and go through another 
    Either use the red pipe along the ceiling from right to left, or proceed accross
    the ventilation shafts to the left side of the room, where there is a small red
    Remove the panel, and enter the crawlspace. Drop out, and open the hatch. Drop
    The guard here will notice the hatch is open, but he won't come your way. The 
    right side of this room is dark enough to move around. Use the keypad to enter
    the weapons locker (1403), and snatch the smoke grenades.
    Stay in the corner by the weapons locker, and watch the guard patrol. When he 
    comes back from the door we want to go through, start sneaking by him towards 
    the door. The guard should first play with the printer, turn left, and play 
    with the computer. While he does this, he won't see you.
    There is another guard on the other side of the door, who will leave through 
    another door shortly. Start picking the lock as quickly as you can, he should 
    leave quickly enough. Open the door, and while the first guard may see you and
    start investigating, you won't trigger an alarm.
    Close the door, head down the stairs, and go through 2 doors. Quickly use the 
    same code again on the keypad (1403) and enter the bright room. THere's a guard
    on his way here, so go left and hide behind the desk. Be sure to sit still, 
    this is the only way to not be seen.
    The guard will notice the open door, and stand in the corner for a bit. After
    he goes back, hack the metal detector to turn it off. Hide in the same place 
    When he leaves again, he should be gone for a while. Use this time to cut the 
    cable (I'm not sure why yet) and go through the metal detector. Get on the 
    first level of the bench as quietly as you can, and wait for him to go back 
    to the bright room.
    You can now sneak ahead, pick the lock, and quietly close the door behind you 
    as you enter the battle room.
    Luckily, we don't have to do battle. Just stick to the right wall and you 
    should be able to sneak by unnoticed. Don't bother with the stairs, just keep 
    going until you can go through a doorway. 
    There's a guard with a flashlight in the next room, so be careful. Head toward
    the bodybuilding equipment, and jump up to the railing above. Climb over, and 
    sneak along the right side, to the door.
    Pick the lock, go inside, and start heading up the stairs. There's a guard up
    here, so hurry up the stairs and hide under the desk so you can get maximum 
    time after he walks away again. When he heads up the stairs away from you, 
    grab a riot gun and ammo if you feel like it, you can skip it if you want. His
    patrol also leads him down the stairs (use cans to distract if you have to) so
    you can proceed further up the stairs.
    Use the computer to open all the cell doors, and proceed further up the stairs.
    Use the elevator to go even higher, and sneak around the left corner to exit 
    when you reach the top.
    There's a broken window straight ahead, and a pipe behind that. Climb up, shimmy
    to the left, and climb up on the roof. Go accross the narrow walkway across to
    the other piece of roof, and grab the guy who's got your buddy targeted. Walk
    forward towards the stairs & railing, and hide the guy in the dark space to the
    left. Go down the stairs, into the building straight ahead (the entrance is on
    the far side). Quickly climb the ladder to the left of the door you came in
    through, and you've completed the level with 100% stealth! Congratulations!
    3.0 - Mission 3 - NYC - JBA HQ 1 - 100%
    The first section has you following people. Be sure to stick close to them, or
    you may lose JBA trust, which is just a waste.
    You'll be led to a test course, which shouldn't be much of a problem. I 
    avoided all lasers to prevent penalties at the end of the level, not sure if 
    that was necessary though, since it's a training section. 
    Also, keep up your speed here, since you need to complete quite a few 
    objectives in the 25 minutes you get. 
    Enter the door into the training course and follow the path. Crouch to get 
    under the first laser, time your walking to get past the next 2 sets of lasers.
    Climb up the ladder and shimmy along the narrow section of the ledge. Grappel
    down to the platform, and go through the opening on your right.
    Make your way through the narrow space between the wall and the cage, and drop
    down. Climb up the rope, and grappel down carefully on the other side, avoiding
    the moving laser beams on your way down.
    The next section has two moving laser beams, one low, one high. You can climb
    up onto the platforms to avoid the lower one first, then drop down when the 
    lower beam has passed you to avoid the top beam.
    The next section is similar, as the beam moves away climb after it, and wait 
    in the second space to let it move over you. Climb out, and head to the safe!
    Unlock the safe, and move on through the (psychedelically textured?) door. 
    Climb up the ladder, and you're back where you started.
    Head up the steps, and go through the door straight ahead.
    One of the objectives is to practice in the shooting range. This means getting
    more than 75 points with 1 clip of ammo. You can take as long as you want 
    though, so if you need to focus on the center of the still targets, do so.
    Let's do the computer room next. Leave the shooting range, and go through the
    doorway on your right. Make a left, and keep going forward until you come to a
    staircase leading down on your right side. Head down, past the windows, and
    start sticking to the shadows. Straight ahead you'll see a hackable keypad. 
    To the left of this is a light switch. Flip the switch, hack the keypad (or 
    use the code: 6278), and make your way into the restricted area.
    Stick to the left, and make your way to the door to the next room. Hide in the
    corner to the left of the door, and wait for a guard to come out. Once he's 
    out of sight, head into the server room. Get ready to be quick.
    Once the door is open, move inside, close it, and flick the light switch. Head
    up to the area where the guys are talking as quickly as possible, and search
    the file cabinet by the computer for the professional file. When done, run 
    back to the middle of the room, and hide against the wall/railing by the 
    computer you just left. 
    One guy will move to turn the lights back on. This doesn't really matter 
    anymore. The code the computer gives you is 2701. Head back to the steps that 
    head to the computer area, and open the hatch on your left, at the top of the 
    steps. Go under the floor until you find another hatch in the furthest corner. 
    Climb up here, and install the trojan. Sneak back to the main area for the 
    next objective.
    Head back up to the stairs to Enrica's room and go past that. Climb up the 
    stairs, and start being VERY quiet. It may seem impossible to sneak by these 
    guys, but it seems to be a matter of speed. Just go as slowly as you possibly 
    can, and you'll get past them without them noticing anything.
    Climb up the ladder and go around the hole you came out of, along the right 
    side. Stick to the left wall here, and you can follow the guard's patrol until 
    you can enter the antenna area. Move around, bug it, and wait for guard to 
    come back on his patrol.
    When he is on the far side of the triangular windows in the roof, behind the 
    sheet of metal, come out of the antenna area, open the hatch, and climb down. 
    Head back to Enrica's room, for the final objective.
    It took me a while to figure this one out, but it's easier than it may seem. 
    Enter the room, so she says hi and introduces herself. Exit immediately after, 
    so she starts heading toward the second room. Follow behind her VERY closely, 
    so you can enter the room through her opening the door for you. She will head 
    left, and sit behind the counter to hum a tune, giving you plenty of time to 
    grab the files from the cabinet. Exit VERY quietly, she's not humming loud 
    enough. You'll have to watch nobody patrolling outside the medical area sees
    Head back to where the guy started you on the training course and he'll lead 
    you to a new area. I chose JBA for the final objective, putting me on equal 
    trust with both sides at what looks like 90 or 95 percent.
    3.1 - Medical files
    You can find these in the room behind Enrica's main medical room. It's best
    to get them when you first meet her.
    Enter the room, so she says hi and introduces herself. Exit immediately after, 
    so she starts heading toward the second room. Follow behind her VERY closely, 
    so you can enter the room through her opening the door for you. She will head 
    left, and sit behind the counter to hum a tune, giving you plenty of time to 
    grab the files from the cabinet. Exit VERY quietly, she's not humming loud 
    enough. You'll have to watch nobody patrolling outside the medical area sees
    3.2 - Professional file
    This can be found in the server room, in the cabinet on the slightly elevated
    Once you enter the server room, move inside, close it, and flick the light 
    switch. Head up to the area where the guys are talking as quickly as possible,
    and search the file cabinet by the computer to get the file.
    4.0 - Mission 4 - Sea of Okhotsk
    What a drop!
    4.1 - Part 1 
    Anyway, after landing, move quickly. If you hurry along the left side, you will
    be able to circle around the guards that drop out of the chopper to search for
    you. Grab your equipment, and dive in.
    Swim ahead, and pass by the ice you could pull the guard through. You'll come
    to another water area, where you can keep swimming too, until you find a narrow
    kind of river behind a piece of floating ice to continue past the detonators. 
    Exit the water when the river widens, avoiding the guard patrolling there. 
    Sneak to the side of the tent with the broken ice-jet-ski-thing in front of it,
    and cut open the tent. Grab the ammo, and head to the regular entrance of the
    This next section is all a bit 'seat of your pants' if you ask me. In any case,
    I haven't been able to find a fool-proof method to do this, so you'll have to
    experiment and be a little creative.
    Create some smoke near the computer right outside this tent, so the guard by the
    fire will investigate, and you can sneak out the side exit of the tent, and move
    towards the computer. Hack it, use it, and get into the water as quickly as
    Swim ahead to where the explosion took place, there is a big hole in the ice 
    that you need to get to. There are 3 guards patrolling now though, so again you
    will have to use smoke grenades to create some cover for yourself. Dive in the 
    water and swim down to the bottom, where the checkpoint is.
    4.2 - Part 2 
    On the other side you'll find yourself under the ice, with 2 guards patrolling
    above. Break the ice when there are no guards above it, and use thermal vision
    to time your exit from the water. Sneak accross the ice and into the water again
    where you should be able to see the tanker by now.
    Swim towards it, and get off by the light and crates. Shoot out the light if
    necessary, and use the button to call a life-boat down. Use it to travel up. Be
    careful because there is another guard on a lifeboat nearby that has a very good
    view of your area.
    You will now be ordered to take out the entire crew. That destroys the stealth
    aspect of the game, so you're on your own from now on. Maybe I'll finish this
    if it turns out you can ignore primary assignments, or if the penalty for knock-
    outs is 0. 
    Mission 5 - Shanghai - Hotel - 100%
    The beginning of this level is just perfect, I love this level. So here goes.
    Keep the chopper straight to land it, all you have to do is use the left stick
    to keep it level. 
    Keep up the pace for easy stealthing. Head toward the door you can use the optic
    cable with, and go around the corner to your left. Climb on the crates, and
    follow the guy who's going to have a chat with the guard below about the
    direction of Mekka. 
    Before that, go left up the ladder, and use the zip line running from the 
    antenna to the next area. Climb over the airconditioning and walk over the 
    planks to the container. Jump to your left to the pipe hanging there, and shimmy
    to the right.
    Drop down by the crane, and use the control box to disable the lights. There we
    go! The guards are probably still waiting for you to begin, hehe. In fact, your
    buddy from the agency should start talking about the crane after you've found 
    Rappel down from the end of the crane, and shimmy along the side of the building
    to your left. Climb down to reach the pipe sticking out a little further
    ahead. Climb down the pipe, and start heading right, past the bar (?) until you 
    reach an antenna you can't pass. Rappel down below where the meeting is, and 
    start recording with your laser mic. 
    When the chopper comes, head further down asap, and then to the left. The search
    light doesn't go past the blinded doors so wait as far to the left as possible.
    Don't pull down the laundry guy, tempting as it may be, but wait for him to 
    clear out. Sadly, he'll keep patrolling the next room, so you'll have to time 
    your climbing out. Once in the room, you need to head forward, and left. Do 
    so when the laundry guy is heading to the right, and you should have enough 
    There are many ways to handle the next section, I'll describe two, vaguely, 
    since the guards are quite erratic here (or my timing is, whatever).
    Method 1
    Crawl through the vent, and climb out the other side. Move toward the laundry
    machines, and cut the cable to kill the light. Sneak around to the back of 
    the laundry machines and enter the crawlspace. Climb up the ladder.
    Climb through the vent, kill the light, and open the door. The guard should 
    now be on his way to your left, so you can enter them room to your right.
    There's a guard here using the computer, so be VERY quiet. Kill the lights, 
    use the corner you are now in to access the computer. The guard's response is
    quite random, but there are paths where you have plenty of time to hack the 
    computer and disable the camera. Sneak back outside, and hide behind the liquor 
    cabinet in the corner.
    Method 2
    Crawl through the vent, and climb out the other side. Instead of heading towards
    the laundry machines, move away, and go through the double doors. Leave the door
    open. The guard here will move to the corpses, at this moment, you can move past
    him and hide in the far corner, even though it's not completely dark there. The
    open door should spark his interest, and he'll leave the room. Use the elevator
    to go up.
    Exit the elevator and head right. Use your optic cable to make sure the guard is
    no longer in the bathroom. When he has left, enter the bathroom and sneak to the
    next room.
    There's a guard here using the computer, so be VERY quiet. Kill the lights, use
    the corner you are now in to access the computer. The guard's response is quite
    random, but there are paths where you have plenty of time to hack the computer
    and disable the camera. Sneak back outside, and hide behind the liquor cabinet
    in the corner.
    When the patrolling guard leaves the next room, move in, and follow the wire on
    the floor. You'll almost bump into a guard, but he'll leave really soon, and 
    also turns off the light for you. You'll come to a door, and next to that is the
    safe. Crack the safe, take the sample, close the safe, and go through the door
    into the bathroom. Climb into the crawlspace in the ceiling (you may need to 
    jump off the sink area) and start moving through.
    Be careful coming out, there is probably a guy below waiting for you. I didn't
    find a way to see him, just give him a few seconds. Climb up, and rappel down
    past the dragon. 
    Move to the side of the ledge that is open, and wait for the elevator. Jump on
    top, and ride it down a level. Move along the ledge again, and wait for another
    elevator. Ride this one down a level as well.
    Be careful on the next ledge, there's a guy with a flashlight. Not that we need
    to go there, you want to take the branch to the outer ring of this level. Check
    your map to see where Atwan's room is, and head there, sticking to the shadows.
    The guard may see you, but not well enough, so enter Atwan's room and get ready
    for the hardest part of this level. Keep up the pace here.
    Move inside, stick to the left. Pick up the bottle and move on, to enter the
    room where the safe is. The guys will be chatting about fireworks etc, just
    hide in the near left corner until the standing guy leaves. After a few seconds,
    throw the bottle at the inside of the doorpost, so the guy by the safe wakes up.
    Staying in your corner, shoot a sticky cam onto the floor by the window, just
    outside this room. Use the noise button to pull him further out.
    I don't know if this was luck, but they both stayed away long enough to crack
    the safe. The guy who left first patrols all the way to the room where there are
    two other guards, so he's gone long enough. The safe-guy however is probably a
    matter of some luck, try to minimize the time between the first guard leaving
    and the moment when you throw the bottle at the inside of the doorpost. That's
    the best I can do for now.
    At this moment both my trust bars are at 100%, so I'm skipping the Atwan kill.
    I tried to look for him, the map shows a crate by the elevators, but there's
    nothing there for me, just a lame guard who knows nothing.
    The guards will come looking, so hide in the bathroom by the safe room. In my
    case, one guard stayed outside the room, staring at the curtains by the door,
    and the other ended up kneeling on the floor in the safe room, facing away
    from the door. So I snuck out, waited for the fire works flash, and headed to
    the evac room. There's still people in there though, and one will move along
    the right of the room towards the door. So be sure to go along the left, even
    though it's lit up and everything, and follow him until you're safe behind the
    screen. Wait for the zip line to appear, and jump out, to see the guard looking
    outside the window behind you, haha :D Pwnd.
    Some GameFAQs members had the following additions concerning killing Dr. Aswat.
    Thanks guys!
    darthnsoth: As for the Dr. assasination. After cracking the safe I got my 
    sticky cam ready and went right out the front door. Close it behind you and 
    shoot a sticky cam at the right hand door. exit out of the camera view with B 
    and then go back into the room careful of the one guard patrolling. If you are 
    lucky like I was he will be at the desk in the far right of the main room and 
    just leaving it. There is a nice dark corner there for you to set up shop and 
    view the sticky cam.
    The Dr. shows up on the map on the other side of the atrium where the elevator 
    is. Ignore this as it is a glitch. If you watch through your Sticky cam for a 
    short time 2 guys will round the corner from your left and continue on towards 
    the door. The first guy is the doc the second is his guard. 
    I used the handy dandy explosive function on my sticky cam and by that time 
    Emile and his boys had a nice escape route blown out of the side of the 
    building (in fact I think that both explosions were simutanious }8D ). I then 
    made a b-line for the zip line and made it no issue no alarm and about 98% 
    JBA rating. (it goes down a bit because Moss is an impatient cuss) 
    I suspect the sticky cam could work with the gas as well but it would be a 
    little trickey as you would need to go back and kill the doc . And his guard 
    may or may not be expendable. He was dead in my little explosion so I imagine
    a KO from gas may be ok as well. 
    zakabog: I was going to do the sticky cam idea but I just stuck a wall mine 
    instead. It worked out great, stuck the mine right outside the door to the 
    room, then I snuck to the evac room, the doctor died when he approached the 
    room (and tripped the mine) and I escaped. 
    On to the next level!
    6.0 - Mission 6 - NYC - JBA HQ 2 - 100%
    After the chat with lambert, climb onto the second trash container, and make 
    your way over the wall. Stick to the right wall, crouching, to sneak back into
    unrestricted space unnoticed. Enrica will greet you, and take you somewhere.
    After she leaves, move to the crates to the left of the door she left through. 
    Aim your laser mic at the windows there, and grab their two voices. You may
    have to strafe left a little, but it's possible from here without being seen.
    We're here anyway now, so make the 10 mines you have to make. Use the voice you
    recorded to open the door and go up the stairs. Go right, through the door, up
    the stairs, and through another door. Keep up the pace for the next bit. There
    are lots of ways to do this, and since I went through a few before finding my
    preferred method I'll provide 2 here, vaguely. Method 2 ends the level, and we
    haven't done everything yet, so you may still want to read on for the other
    Method 1
    Head to the right here to flip a light switch, and wait in front of the sleeping
    guard. Wait for the patrolling guard to pass the sleeping guard and head along
    the right wall, into the lit area. You may need to head out into the hallway a 
    little to start the patrolling guard. Pick the lock asap, and head through. You 
    are safe directly behind the lockpicked door, it's 'green' there.
    Hack the pad a little further, and a door will open. Go through, and close it.
    Head towards the desk, sticking to the left, so you can grab a personnel file
    on your way there. Hide in the corner by the safe, so the people who are coming
    can't see you. You may need to approach the safe to trigger a checkpoint to make
    them appear.
    Wait for Emile to come to the safe for his stuff. He'll go back to Jamie so
    you can record his voice. He'll return the stuff to the safe, and sit down for a
    If you're short on time, hurry to the door on your left and search his room for
    more personnel files. It's dark in there, but there's also a loop in the path
    so you can avoid Emile once he starts heading for bed. If you have time, just
    wait till he's asleep, and you can sneak around there no probs.
    Method 2
    Head to the right here to flip a light switch, and wait in front of the sleeping
    guard. Wait for the patrolling guard to pass the sleeping guard and head along
    the right side, to the light switch ahead. You may need to head out into the 
    hallway a little to start the patrolling guard.
    Flip the switch, and continue to your left. There's another light switch around
    the left corner, flip that too. Now everything is dark, open the door on your
    left, it's Enrica's bedroom! Grab the personnel file to your left. Go to the 
    bathroom, and exit through the window.
    Climb up onto the green truck, and use the pipe/railing to get onto the walkway.
    Proceed along the walkway, and enter the safe room. Stick to the right wall
    (avoiding the checkpoint) and you can get another personnel file before Emile 
    and Jamie show up. 
    Trigger the checkpoint by approaching the safe, and hide in the corner by the 
    door you came in through. You can open the safe before they come, but you can't
    grab the files and close it in time anyway.
    Emile will come for some files, keep waiting while they look at them. After he
    returns the files, he'll sit down for a bit. Crack the safe, grab the files, and
    move on to his private quarters. 
    If you're quick, you can go there before he does, grab the files from his
    bedroom, and return to the main area. If not, just let him go to bed, and grab 
    them while he's asleep.
    Return to the courtyard area, and get back in the Enrica's bathroom window. Open
    the door to her room, make out, and it's mission complete, 100% stealth, yaaay!
    Trust was at 100/100 here too by the way, so no probs there either.
    If you don't want to finish the mission quite yet, read on.
    Exit the safe room through the main doors, and move back to the hallway area.
    Proceed further along the hallway, past the radio, until you see a door ahead, 
    which you'll need to lockpick. Go through the rooms behind it, but be quiet 
    since Dayton is sleeping here. He may have a nightmare which you can use to 
    record his voice with. There are TWO cabinets here, so grab the info from 
    there too.
    Head back towards where we were making mines before, but instead of going down
    to the voiceprint system we're going to go past where the camera is. Jump up
    onto the pipe and make your way past the camera. Be quiet before you do this
    though, else Enrica will hear something and come investigate. It's a lit up area
    so she'll see you.
    Hack your way into the next room, or use the code available on Emile's office
    computer (1337). Enrica is in here again, so be quiet. Stick to the left side
    of the room, and squeeze past the desk to the computer area. Turn off the pc
    for added darkness, and grab the file from the cabinet. Leave the room, use 
    the pipe to get past the camera again, and head back to the unrestricted area.
    You can get the other voices in a later level, so we'll leave it here for now.
    Carson is the last one, but I haven't found him speaking anywhere yet. No big
    deal I guess.
    7.0 - Mission 7 - Cozumel - Cruise Ship - 100%
    Grab the shockers next to the tv, and exit via the balcony. Shimmy to the right
    and climb up the pipe. Shimmy further to the right, and wait for the guards to
    leave. Climb onto the balcony, and start sneaking along the left side of the
    You will come to where they sell casino chips, find a good moment to sneak
    inside. The safe you have to crack contains some grenades, the lock-pickable
    one allows you to kill the lights. Your objective is to place a smoke grenade
    in the corner. Exit the chip area.
    There are plenty of bottles and other devices available to draw the guards away
    from the double doors we need to go through. Do so, and sneak through.
    This bit had me stumped for a while, but as is often the case, it was easier
    than it looked. Hide under the stairs, with your back against the wall, until
    the civilian is done fixing the lights. He should leave to the casino area, 
    allowing you to get up the stairs unnoticed.
    Keep up the pace at the top, since we'll need the script to pull the next bit
    of sneaking off. You can see a guard through the glass doors, enter after he
    starts walking. Head a little forward, and then move to the complete other side
    of the room in a straight line. There's a 'green zone' all the way from the
    first bar to the next area. Never mind outside, as long as the guards aren't
    using flashlights here yet you should be able to get through. Don't forget
    to use at least one save file to sticky cam the aquarium and blow it up, it's
    something you don't want to miss.
    There are two guards by the elevator ahead. They'll have a chat, and exit
    along the left side of the room (viewing the glass doors outside the elevator).
    You can sneak to the elevator now, and proceed to the second part of the level.
    So far so good.
    Someone's coming, so climb into the space above the elevator. Wait for the
    guard to come and leave, and drop down. Sneak out of the elevator.
    This area is pretty busy, so it may take a few tries to get the patrols working
    for you. Basically, sneak up behind the bar on the left and grab a bottle. The
    guard who checked out the elevator should be on his way out now.
    We want the two guards near the pool to go to as far left as possible, so throw
    the bottle in that direction. Sneak to the right side of the room, by the big
    windows, and move behind the deck chairs to get to a little further.
    Look ahead to see where the next guard is. If he's messing with something near
    the left wall you should be safe. Move into the middle of the room, where
    you're hidden in the pool area. Get in the water.
    Swim forward, and right, and you should come to a corner of the pool with a
    dark area. A little to the right of this is a walled area, where you can climb
    out safely. Head to the nearest corner of the room, and you'll see a rail
    connecting some pool-art to the walkway above. Climb the pipe here, and get up
    onto the walkway. Watch out for the guard, and sneak into the next room.
    Just one guard here, and a block to lure him around. Whistle and make your way
    into the next ubah room.
    Walk forward a little, and climb the pipe to the top. Shimmy around the right
    until you see a steam vent. Climb across the pipe, and enter the vent.
    There's someone in the room, so wait for them to leave. Exit the room, and go
    through the door ahead (2112, you can get it on the computers nearby in other
    This next bit is messy, I can't really give you a foolproof method. This is
    what worked for me.
    There's two guys inside, one outside. The ones inside move so that you can
    safely get to the left side of the room, and hide behind the machines there.
    I waited for the outside guy to move closer to the outside door, and sort of
    alerted the guards inside. One ran up the stairs, the other stayed in the room.
    I then threw a smoke grenade in between the windows and the row of machines
    there. I could then move closer, which was when the outside guard came inside.
    I threw another smoke grenade away from the door, to draw the guard who was
    coming in away from the first grenade. I threw another at the door, which
    kind of landed outside, giving me plenty of smoke to sneak outside and zip
    down to the last area. No alerts for me, but I have had alerts when using
    smoke grenades. Hope it works for you too.
    Hide behind the red...things, and wait for the conversation below to finish.
    The white guard will go work on something on the upper walkway, looking 
    slighly to the left. The blue guard will circle round the building in the
    middle. So jump down on the right side, sneak toward the building, and go
    behind the pipes to place the bomb. Hack the bomb.
    Exit the building, if you're lucky, the blue guard should be standing right
    outside the door. He'll leave to the left, so we'll go right, to the side
    of the ship where the escape hatch is. Pick the lock, use the computer, and
    jump to freedom!
    8.0 - Mission 8 - NYC - JBA HQ 3 - 100%
    Decrypt the email, and scan the area with your fingerprint scanner to grab
    the first fingerprint. Exit the room and stick to the right, leading you
    to the mine making area, and the voiceprint door. May as well make the mines
    now you're here and then go through the door. Up the stairs, and left to get
    to Enrica's lab.
    Luckily the room layout is still the same, so sneak over to the computer and
    grab the secured info. Keycode you get here is 1269. There's also a finger-
    print on the keyboard here you can grab. Be careful while Enrica has a chat
    over the radio though, she can hear you very easily.
    Leave the room again, and head to the low security hallway. Open the door to
    it, but only set 1 foot inside. The guard will start his patrol, so you can
    sneak on the platform to your left. There's a fingerprint in the corner here.
    Proceed while the guards are talking, and wait on the crates by the poolroom.
    Sneak by carefully, the guard on the left can see you quite easily. Move
    straight towards the poolroom pillar first, then towards the coach, then to
    the lightswitch, to stay out of his line of sight. He may see he thinks 
    something, but we'll be gone by then. Flip the lightswitch, and keep moving 
    along the hallway to the end, where the fingerprint scanner is. Go through, 
    and record Moose's voice which you can get here if you need it. Hide in the 
    darkness to the left.
    When they're done talking, follow Moose and enter the first door on your
    right. Hurry, because Moose is coming back soon. Grab the files to your
    left and hide in the locker. 
    After they leave, exit the locker, and proceed through the hallway. When
    you come to the lightswitch on your right, open the door on your left. Be
    very quiet here, the guard is extremely close. Jump up onto the shelves
    right in front of you (standing before jumping seems to help make it more
    quiet) and climb over them. 
    Open the fingerprint locked door ahead (1269) and quietly enter. Wait for
    the conversation to end, and stick to the left wall to reach an available
    computer. Use it to get the visual proof objective completed.
    This room has another exit, past the guy sitting behind the computer. Head
    there, and kill the lights. Moose will come towards you, so move forward and
    sneak to the right, where the water cooler is. From there you can proceed
    to the end of the room, and use the computer to get a keycode (1234). Also
    grab the files in the cabinet and take Moose's fingerprints from the
    Be very quiet in the computer room, the guards here have become a lot more
    sensitive. Also computers seem unaccessible now. 
    When you're back in the room with the cage, stick to the left wall to avoid
    the oncoming patrol. Use the emitter to distract the guard leaning against
    the wall, and sneak through the cage back to the low-security hallway.
    Avoid the guard here, which shouldn't be too hard, and enter Jamie & 
    Dayton's quarters. You can record Dayton's voice here if you still need it.
    Grab the fingerprint off the low cabinet in the middle of the room, and
    leave again.
    I'm about done with these silly profile objectives now, so let's head back
    to where we were asked to decrypt the e-mail message. I'll get the guides
    sorted so you get all personal/professional stuff when it first comes
    available, but I just want to see the end of the game first for now.
    9.0 - Mission 9 - Kinshasa - 100%
    Part 1
    The first part is pretty easy. Move past the fence, so you have a good
    view of the guards arriving and starting their patrol. You should be able to
    make your way to the elevator right after they all have their backs turned
    to that area. Go up.
    Exit the elevator and sneak straight to the light switch, and flip it. The 
    guards in the kitchen should notice you, and start looking for you in the 
    other direction. Sneak after them, but don't go through the doorway with
    the plastic flaps in it until they find something to kill to the left. You
    can sneak in now, and head to the right.
    Go through the opening in the windows to get to a ledge. Hang from it, and
    make your way round until you get to a pipe. Climb up, and wait for the guard
    who's coming out of the door. 
    The guard will look back once he reaches the first pillar, so climb up after
    that. Enter the window, and quietly sneak to the left door. Open it, but
    don't go through. Sneak to the door on the right, kill the lights, and sneak
    to the door right across the hallway when it's clear. A guard may come 
    through the hallway from the direction of the left door, but he should be 
    checking out the darkened room now. Go through the door.
    Wait for the conversation to finish. One guard should head to a further room.
    The other will start doing something by the desk in front of you. This is
    your moment to sneak past, and enter the next room, where the guard should
    now be standing. Sneak to the room on the left, and hide in the bathroom.
    The guard will soon be in what is now the near left corner. Once he turns to
    start heading towards the bed, you can exit the bathroom and sneak to the
    balcony. Jump over the railing on the left, and climb up the ladder. There
    isn't much room to sneak past this previous guard, but if you start moving
    right after he starts heading towards the bed, it really should be enough
    When you get to the top, jump onto the wall there, and shimmy to the right.
    Climb up, and try to follow after the guy climbing up the ladder. 
    When you climb up, the 3 guards up here will mostly be busy shooting other
    stuff. Stay to the left, and you should be able to sneak past the guy on
    the left, and the guy off in the distance. There's another one shooting
    from the other side of this little building we need to get into, so be
    careful moving around its left side. After this guard reloads, you have
    enough time to sneak past and enter the building.
    Pick the locked box on the wall, and enable all the options on the computer.
    Drop down into the hatch, and make your way through the room to a white pipe.
    You'll have to move in between a cage and a pipe and crawl under the pipes to
    get there.
    Climb up the pipe, and drop down onto the upper level here. Hack the hatch
    in the corner, and go through.
    Drop down to the pipe, and shimmy to the left. Once the laser grid goes away
    move on, and go down the next pipe. Wait for the grid again, and shimmy 
    against the glass to the next platform. Climb up the pipe here, and move
    on when the lasers are gone. Move to the pipe in the middle of the room, 
    and when you get to the bells, winch down. Place the mic.
    There are people coming now, so climb back up and keep your legs up. After
    the conversation, wait for everybody to leave. We need to head back to the
    parking area before Emile gets there, so keep up the pace.
    Drop down, and rappel down the broken window. There's a crawlspace behind
    the plant to the left of the nearby door. Crawl through it, and drop through
    the hole to get to the parking area restrooms. Exit to greet Emile, and
    then leave the parking area to start part 2!
    9.1 - Part 2 
    Sneak to the right side of the fence while the guards are busy attacking the
    truck, and climb over. Drop down, and hide behind the box. Wait for things
    to settle down.
    The guard in the distance will patrol from left to right. If you come out
    of cover when he goes left, he will see you. So wait for him to disappear
    behind the right corner, and go after him. Go behind the car wreck, and sneak
    past him as he is turning to look down the alley.
    Looking down this street you should spot two guards. One on the upper levels
    on the left, and one ahead of you in the street. They have a conversation,
    after which the street level one heads off into the distance. During the
    conversation, move ahead, and enter the alley to your right. 
    You will have to stop an execution here. It seems the only way to complete
    this objective is by taking out the 2 guards here. You can sticky shock
    them easily without triggering an alert, or sneak up to the guy with the
    yellow shirt and grab him, lots of options here.
    After that, enter the nearby doorway, and make your way through it to the
    window. This is where I hid the bodies for now.
    Exit the window, and go into the street straight ahead. Stick to the right
    and enter the first building you can. A civilian may see you, but it doesn't
    appear to be a problem. Exit the window here, and wait for the car to come
    by. Head further off to the right, and you'll find a ladder. Climb up.
    Move ahead into the checkpoint, and make your way around the corner. Guards
    are down below, so time your move well. Use the zip line, and head on into
    the alley there, but only a few steps. The guard you just dropped down behind
    should move away. Go back and cross the street, where you can drop down into
    some sewage pipes. Make your way through them and climb up.
    Enter the bus, and save the woman. The fire will magically go out, so you
    can exit the other side. The door on the left leads to a room with ammo
    and grenades. The alley on the left leads to a staircase to a room with
    ammo as well.
    Stay behind the yellow van, or you may be seen. The guards at the end of 
    the street by the truck will check under the truck, and drive off. Stick 
    to the left side, and enter the building across the street.
    The next area has mines it, which you can actually see if you're close
    enough. Avoid them, using the map to see where you have to go.
    After the checkpoint, cross the street to the green tent. Cut it open, and
    enter. Use your EMP emitter to pull the guard from the computer, and push
    him away with the emitter as far as you need to. If you get him near the
    truck, you should have time to hack the pc and grab the plans.
    Exit through your self-made entrance, and move to the next tent. Cut this
    one open too, and make your way through it. Exit, and head left to the
    In the middle of the generator park is a cable you can cut. Once the near
    guard moves away, you can head in. The other guard should walk in the same
    timing as the first.
    Climb over the fence, and up the ladder in the middle. Do what you have
    to do, and on to part 3!
    9.3 - Part 3
    Zip down and let the next room blow up. Drop down, and make your way through
    the buses, pipes and other wreckage until you get to the checkpoint by the
    Drop down to the left, and hide behind the block. When the rebel turns after
    poking the soldier, head forward past the plant and hide behind the next
    wall. The soldier will run, and the rebel will go after him.
    Run ahead to the ladder, and climb up. Climb onto the crates here, and jump
    to the right, onto the roof.
    There are yellow pipes running along the ceiling here, we're going to get
    onto the one you come to first. Winch down from there, but throw some smoke
    grenades down first or you will get seen. When you get down, head over the
    railing there, and go outside.
    Now you are outside, check the map to see where Hisham is. Move around to
    that side of the building, and wait for the patrolling guard to go away.
    Free Hisham, and lead him out the side of the building again. It can be a
    real hassle to get him out safely, but there is a window of opportunity
    when the guard is far away. Use the emitter to send the guard off a little
    further if you need to. It will definitely take a few tries before Hisham
    realizes the shortest way outside is to follow you. 
    Head through the hole in the wall, and it's mission complete!
    10.0 Hacking, cracking etc.
    A lot of people keep asking questions about these things, so here it is.
    10.1 Hacking
    Hacking is a matter of selecting the numbers that stop with the A button. If
    you managed to do that, the column will light up in green, so you can move
    on to one of the other columns. Once all columns are green, you've hacked it!
    10.2 Cracking
    You need to move all three cogs so the lock can open. This means first you
    have to turn it one direction (for example: left, or right) until all cogs
    are turning. Once they are, the first one will click into place and go green.
    This means that cog is in the right position. You need to stop turning then,
    and start turning the other way, to get the second cog in position. Don't
    turn too far, or you'll have to start over. Make sure you stop as soon as
    a cog goes green, and start going the other way.
    10.3 Making mines
    You make mines in JBA levels, as an optional objective. Activate the mine
    making machine, and press right trigger to move detonators down into the
    mines. Use the image on the right to see if your detonator is going neatly
    into the middle of the mine. If you hit the sides too hard, the detonator
    will break. Repeat until you have made 10 mines
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.

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