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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Victory

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/31/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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          :::  === :::  === :::  === :::==== :::  === :::      :::  === :::    
          =======  =======  ===  ===   ===   ======== ======   =======   ===== 
          ===  === === ===  ===  ===   ===   ===  === ===      === ===      ===
          =======  ===  ===  ======    ===   ===  === ======== ===  === ====== 
                 ::: :::= ===      :::====  :::====  :::=======  :::=== 
                 ::: :::=====      :::  === :::  === ::: === === :::    
                 === ========      ======== =======  === === ===  ===== 
                 === === ====      ===  === === ===  ===     ===     ===
                 === ===  ===      ===  === ===  === ===     === ====== 
               ___                    _    o         ___  _            _ 
               )L  ___  __  _ _  __ __))   _  _ _    ))_) )) __  __  __))
              ((_ ((_( (|  ((\( (('((_(   (( ((\(   ((__)(( ((_)((_)((_( 
    ASCII created by Jorg Seyfferth's ASCII Generator found at http://www.network-
    Version 1.00
    January 31, 2006
    for Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood on the PC/XBox/PS2
    by Victory
    Percentage Done:
    Walkthrough: 100%
    Everything Else: 25%
    Game Stats
    Number of Players: Varies depending on system.
    Genre:             Tactical FPS
    Game Developed By: Gearbox
    Game Published By: Ubisoft
    Released On:       October 6, 2005 (US)/October 7, 2005 (Europe)
     | Table of Contents                                           |CTRL + F Code|
     | I.    Introduction (!)                                      |    C001C    |
     | II.   The Basics (!)                                        |    C002C    |
     | III.  The Walkthrough (!)                                   |    C100C    |
     |        Roses All the Way (!)                                |    C101C    |
     |        Action at St. Martin (!)                             |    C102C    |
     |        Three Patrol Action (!)                              |    C103C    |
     |        Hell's Corners (!)                                   |    C104C    |
     |        Chateau Colmbieres (!)                               |    C105C    |
     |        Bloody Gulch (!)                                     |    C106C    |
     |        Eviction Notice (!)                                  |    C107C    |
     |        Close Quarters (!)                                   |    C108C    |
     |        Baupte (!)                                           |    C109C    |
     |        Hedgerow Hell (!)                                    |    C110C    |
     |        Run of the Mill (!)                                  |    C111C    |
     |        The All-Americans, Part 1 (!)                        |    C112C    |
     |        The All-Americans, Part 2 (!)                        |    C113C    |
     | IV.   Frequently Asked Questions (!)                        |    C200C    |
     | V.    Codes (!)                                             |    C300C    |
     | VI.   Credits (!)                                           |    C998C    |
     | VII.  Legal Stuff (!)                                       |    C999C    |
    Exclamation points denote updated sections.
    ||                                                                           ||
    ||                              I. INTRODUCTION                              ||
    ||                                   C001C                                   ||
    ||                                                                           ||
    The Medal of Honor games pissed me off. How unrealistic can you get? I almost 
    vomited in Frontline when I was riding in a mine cart shooting Germans. The 
    whole game, other than the first mission, your were alone. WW2 wasn't won by 
    efforts of a single soldier.
    The next war game I really played was Call of Duty 2. This was a lot more 
    realistic, especially on Veteran mode. You always had at least a couple of guys 
    following you and died in a few shots.
    Then I finally tried out Brothers in Arms. Very nice. Not only based on a true 
    story, but it relies more on tactics than skills with guns. And even on easy it 
    presents a formidable challenge. 
    Unfortunately the allied AI is lacking severely at times, not taking cover 
    you want them to or not being able to attack an enemy. Also, it's annoying when 
    a random mortar shell kills you. But other than that, this game impressed me a 
    lot. If you're into war games, give this a try, and you won't be disappointed.
    Have a question? Ask a message board first. Want to submit a strategy or 
    something else? Drop me a line at victoryfaqs@yahoo.com.
    Ubisoft/Gearbox Required PC Requirements:
    OS: Windows 2000/XP
    Processor: 1 GHz Pentium III/AMD Athlon required
    512 MB RAM
    Video Card: 32 MB DirectX 9.0 compliant
    Sound Card: 16 MB DirectX 9.0 compliant
    4x DVD ROM
    5 GB HD space
    64 Kbps Broadband for online play
    2.5 GHz P4/Athlon AMD
    1 GB RAM
    8x DVD ROM
    128 Kbps Broadband for online play
    Supported Video Cards:
    ATI Radeon 8500/9500/X series
    nVidia GeForce 4/FX/6 series (4 MX not supported)
    What I have (and it ran smoothly with default settings) 
    nVidia GeForce FX 5200
    1 GB PC3200 RAM
    Athlon AMD 3.? GHz processor
    FAQ History: 
    Version 0.25
    January 28, 2005
    21 KB
    Found out about the bounty and said hey, why don't I give it a shot? I haven't 
    tried FAQing forever it seems. Nothing gets me pumped quite like writing a FAQ 
    for money.
    Version 0.50
    January 28, 2005
    39 KB
    Halfway done with the walkthrough, and I wrapped up "The Basics". Also added 
    pretty ASCII to the top.
    Version 1.00 
    January 31, 2006
    61 KB 
    Finished the main walkthrough. Added a FAQ and Codes section, as well as 
    everything else. First submitted version, hopefully I'll get the bounty!
    ||                                                                           ||
    ||                               II. THE BASICS                              ||
    ||                                    C002C                                  ||
    ||                                                                           ||
    The tutorial gives you an excellent explanation of how combat works in Brothers 
    in Arms. Unlike other FPS games, if you simply charge the enemy straight on and 
    fire, you will probably get killed. Instead, it is important to suppress them 
    with fire. 
    The circle above the enemy shows the suppression value. If it is red, the enemy 
    is not suppressed at all, and will fire back at your troops. If it empties and 
    turns grey, the enemy is pinned down and cannot fire back. When it turns grey, 
    it is time to flank the enemy.
    Flanking refers to attacking the enemy from another position. While they are 
    suppressed, either order a squad to move to the enemy's side/rear or do it 
    yourself, and finish them off.
    1) Find him
    2) Fix him (suppressing fire)
    3) Flank him
    4) Finish him
    Use the situational view button to get a better view of the battlefield. You 
    can find good places for cover or ways to flank him. Always be aware if there 
    are other enemies in the area, as you could find yourself pinned down if you're 
    caught off guard!
    Early in the game you'll get a second squad. You'll have an assault team and a 
    fire team. The fire team is useful for suppressing enemies and the assault team 
    is good at taking them out once they're suppressed, although both can do either 
    Sooner or later you will face enemy tanks. These can only be destroyed with an 
    allied tank or with a Panzerfaust. Attack from the side/back to inflict more 
    damage. If it is very beat up, you can hop on the back and throw a grenade in 
    by hitting the button you use to receive ammo from allies. Also, when you get 
    tank, make sure it isn't hit by enemy Panzerfausts! It always seems to be a lot 
    weaker than the enemy tanks, too.
    There's no health kits or anything in this game. To restore health you'll have 
    to wait until the next level. Same goes for allies. If they die, you can revive
    them with no penalty after the level is over.
    NEVER move towards an MG42 head-on. Same goes for tanks, and even infantry 
    unless there's no other choice. Always look for a way to flank them.
    That's about it! It doesn't seem like much, but believe me, you'll have your 
    hands full as the game progresses.
    ||                                                                           ||
    ||                              III. WALKTHROUGH                             ||
    ||                                    C100C                                  ||
    ||                                                                           ||
    This is the walkthrough section of my FAQ. This will take you through the whole
    story mode campaign, from your first landing all the way through St. Sauveur.
    ROSES ALL THE WAY                                                         C101C
    Your first mission isn't too tough, it mainly serves as teaching you how to 
    play the game. For a while it is slow and boring but it picks up towards the 
     1) Find your leg bag and rifle.
     2) Rendezvous with the paratroopers at the farmhouse.
     3) Take out the German convoy.
     1) Find your leg bag and rifle.
    Your jump goes awry as you land in a tree with a German pointing his gun at 
    you. But all of a sudden he is brought down from afar by two rifle shots. Your 
    savior is a man named Doyle, from 82nd. You hop down from your chute and he 
    tells you that you need to find your leg bag.
    This is located far to the southeast, as indicated by the yellow arrow on your 
    compass. Get used to the movement controls here and change the settings if you 
    don't like them (I'm not a WASD guy myself). Eventually you'll see a big log 
    you need to jump over, followed by a high log which you need to crouch under.
    As you continue you'll notice some allies don't have the same luck that you 
    had. There's nothing you can do for them, though, so continue on, and sooner or 
    later you'll stumble across your bag. Notice the yellow part on the compass 
    grows bigger as you get closer. You'll pick up your rifle, but you have no 
    ammo. Ask Doyle for some in order to continue.
    Now you'll get weapon and squad training. Pretty straightforward stuff. Aim 
    down your sights and shoot the scarecrow. Then order Doyel to go behind the 
    barrels, fire suppression shots and then have him assault it. He will beat it 
    down with his rifle. Next, order Doyle to fall back.
     2) Rendezvous with the paratroopers at the farmhouse.
    Continue along the trail, following your compass. You'll see AA fire coming 
    from the thick grass (and a dead ally in the water), but keep going. When you 
    get to the AA gun, you'll see somebody throw a grenade at the Germans, killing 
    all of them... It's Paddock, from 2nd squad. He joins you and Doyle.
    After the funny conversation, continue on towards your objective. Along the way 
    you'll come across your first combat experience. Two Germans are hiding behind 
    some boxes. Order your squad to move in and suppress them, while you go to the 
    south to flank and kill them. Easy enough right?
    Go up and take one of their rifles, a German K98. This thing has a longer pause 
    between shots and less ammo per clip so I don't really like it. Anyway, move on 
    to your objective, and you'll find two more Germans hiding. If you're 
    suppressing from the northeast, flank from the southeast and vice versa.
    A few more feet and you'll finally be at the farmhouse. You'll meet three 
    allies, but soon afterwards a German convoy arrives, and your job is to take 
    them out.
     3) Take out the German convoy.
    Have your squad go up to the fence where the other guys are and suppress the 
    enemy. Then have your squad move up to the abandoned wagon while you move 
    around the enemy wagon and take the two Germans out. Beware, however, as you'll 
    be shot at from afar by an enemy MG42.
    Note that you can kill the horses, although it is mean. On the other hand, they 
    are also annoying as hell.
    There are three or so more squads, including the MG42. Keep moving up wagon by 
    wagon, avoiding the MG42 fire as best as you can. Keep note of where the enemy 
    is at all times, and don't let them flank you! To take out the MG42 gunner, go 
    west off the road and into the fields and then go north. You'll have an open 
    shot at him.
    Sometimes the enemy likes to take cover behind the trees in the field to the 
    west. This can be tough because you can't use your situational view very 
    effectively (blocked by trees). So try to find a way around normally, it 
    shouldn't be too hard.
    Wipe out any remaining enemies and then meet up with Col. Cassidy. You'll be 
    sticking with him for a while.
    ACTION AT ST. MARTIN                                                      C102C
    The difficulty climbs very high here as you have to take a church surrounded by 
    seemingly countless Germans. You'll have to use flanking tactics, otherwise 
    you're screwed as you'll be hit from all sides. Once you finally take the 
    church, you'll have to defend it!
     1) Secure the church.
     2) Defend the church.
     1) Secure the church.
    Some of Doyle's guys from 82nd were found, but they're all banged up. It's up 
    you to get supplies; word is that there are some located at a church nearby. 
    Doyle stays behind and in his place you get Pvt. Friar. Before leaving, make 
    sure you check around your fallen allies for a US .45 Pistol.
    Head out. Along the path there will be an open field to the side, where you'll 
    encounter two Germans. Have your squad suppress them while you go down the path 
    west of the field. Take them out and then have your squad take their position. 
    Two more Germans will pop up in the east. Have your squad suppress them from 
    the fallen over wheelbarrow while you go to the fence towards the south to kill 
    them. You can take their K98s if you want but I prefer the pistol.
    Go through the narrow crevice between the buildings to continue. There will be 
    enemies behind a wall to the southeast. It's hard to flank the enemy from this 
    position so instead of engaging them here suppress them and then look for an 
    open barn door to the northeast.
    Outside the other side of the barn are enemies ducking behind a wall. Have your 
    squad take cover behind the wall to the north and then lay suppressing fire. 
    Then go to the east through the barn door and take them out from across the 
    Continue on down the alley and have your squad take cover behind the truck. 
    There are many enemies around here and the closest ones are hiding behind some 
    boxes. Suppress them and then take them out from the side by going west down 
    the road, but make sure you aren't open to fire from other enemies.
    There is another group of enemies nearby but they are hard to get to so just 
    suppress them and then go west down the road. Make sure your squad goes the 
    right way otherwise they'll be mowed down from multiple enemy positions!
    I believe there are two more squads, one is hiding behind a truck to the south. 
    Suppress and then move around the building to the west and take them out. 
    Finally there's the squad hiding behind the wall. Order your squad to go back 
    east, where you killed the guys behind the boxes, and suppress them. Then take 
    them out from the other side (where you just killed the guys behind the truck). 
    That takes care of that. One of these guys drops an MP40 which I switched for 
    my pistol.
    The church should be in sight to the east; finally you get a chance to save. 
    Unfortunately there are about four more groups nearby. Pin down the nearest one 
    and then move to the south to wipe them out. At this point you'll be attacked 
    from two sides so quickly suppress and kill the nearest group and then have 
    your squad join up. Go down the southern edge of the area instead of cutting 
    through town, otherwise you'll just get mowed down.
    Wipe out other groups using the same tactics. If more than one squad can attack 
    you then fall back and go a different route. Make your way towards the church 
    but look out for the enemies behind the gate to the east. There is also an 
    enemy barricaded inside the church grounds. 
    In order to get to the church you're going to have to go through the northern 
    side. Go along the eastern edge of the map, but once you get to the northeast 
    corner of the church scout for enemies; there are quite a few groups up towards 
    the buildings to the west.
    Continue along the eastern edge (away from the church) until you see where the 
    road is blocked off. There is an open hole in the gate. Have your troops fire 
    at the enemy located to the west, while you go north around the building and 
    continue until you can get an open shot at them (go behind the barrels).
    Keep going northwest until you get to the edge of the area. Attack the nearby 
    enemies using the barrels as cover. From this building you can attack the enemy 
    at the southern building. Which, by the way, is the church! Get inside and 
    you'll come under heavy fire, which will attract a lot of Germans to the area.
     2) Defend the church.
    Doyle rejoins you, and it's good timing. Quickly hop on the MG42 and mow down 
    all the charging enemies. Then use the walls as cover as you attack the 
    Germans, who will be coming from all directions. By this time my health is 
    usually red so I just sat back and let my squad take care of everyone while I 
    laid suppressing fire. After taking out the three main groups of Germans (west, 
    south, then north) the battle will be over.
    THREE PATROL ACTION                                                       C103C
    It becomes a lot more complicated with two teams but it really helps out a lot 
    more once you get used to it. Anyway, this mission isn't too hard. Just long.
     1) Clear the hamlet of Haut Fournel.
     2) Rescue Corrion.
     3) Take out the vehicle.
     1) Clear the hamlet of Haut Fournel.
    Now you have two teams to work with, making things a bit easier. Fire Team is 
    used for suppression and Assault Team is for flanking. You also can now finally 
    use grenades; they'll come in handy.
    After the introduction, head down towards the road. You'll immediately be fired 
    upon from two sides. Ignore the enemies far down the road, and instead go 
    southeast. Order Fire team to lay down fire while you tell Assault team to go 
    in for the kill.
    Continue northeast, continuing your strategy of fix and flank. As long as you 
    stay off the main road you shouldn't have any trouble. Keep going and you'll 
    eventually hear machine gun fire. Ignore it for now and just head northeast. 
    Tell your squad to fall in behind you.
    You'll encounter multiple Krauts as you push on east. Don't suppress here, just 
    charge through and let your assault team take care of everyone. Your group will 
    eventually stop at a large log. Head towards the road and hop on the MG42. Mow 
    down the Germans hiding behind the fences and then have your squad fall in.
    Follow the arrow, again using fix and flank to kill the enemies. The last group 
    is hiding behind a large vehicle. There are multiple suppression points, just 
    pin them down and go in to finish them off. Now go down the round to find Baker 
    and Desola. Corrion isn't with them, but they're sure he's alive. Baker tells 
    you to go rescue him and then to flank the convoy.
     2) Rescue Corrion.
    Baker and Desola will give you cover fire, but don't go down the first road. 
    Those Germans have MP40s. Instead go down the side road, and prepare for some 
    heavy combat. Make good use of the cover lying around and take out everybody. 
    Then continue on to find out that Corrion is still alive. He'll head back to 
    Baker while you continue on.
     3) Take out the vehicle.
    Take out the MP40 gunners (take one if you don't already have one). Head over 
    to the field, where you'll meet Mac. Mac tells you to keep moving; take his 
    advice seriously. Have your troops fall in behind you, and run straight across 
    the field. Don't stop, as enemy mortar fire is going to be raining down on you. 
    Quickly make it to the other end of the field and then take out the guys firing 
    the mortar.
    Stay far away from the vehicle, if you get up close you're dead. If you're 
    good you can pick off the machine gunner with your rifle, or you could throw a 
    grenade at it. If you run out of grenades then send your whole team to charge 
    at him, and he'll probably die. After this it's finally over. Follow your 
    compass to Baker and crew.
    HELL'S CORNERS                                                            C104C
    I hope you liked your first taste of mortar fire as you're going to get some 
    more here. You also get access to the first sniper rifle which really helps. 
    This is a pretty long mission.
     1) Mark all supply drops with smoke flares.
     2) Rendezvous with Col. Johnson.
     3) Secure the cross roads.
     4) Eliminate the Germans on Col. Johnson's left flank.
     1) Mark all supply drops with smoke flares.
    As your group is under heavy fire, Campbell drops in to tell you to meet up 
    with Johnson on the other side of the field. But before that you have to mark 
    all the supply drops with smoke flares. You start this level with a new weapon, 
    the BAR.
    Head out into the field, ordering your squad to go into one of the craters. 
    This is the only real cover on the field. Now tell each squad to suppress one 
    enemy squad each. Run in and mow them down with your BAR, and then mark the 
    supply drop. Repeat this until you mark the first two drops.
    The third one is located near a barn. Quickly suppress and kill all nearby 
    enemies, mark it and run inside the barn for cover. The Germans will begin 
    launching mortar attacks around this area. Either leave your squad in the field 
    or have them take shelter inside the barn, as they will easily be killed by 
    mortar fire otherwise.
     2) Rendezvous with Col. Johnson.
    Pick up the K98 Sniper Rifle in the barn (drop your Carbine). Try to pick off 
    some enemies to the west, although it's pretty tough to do from this distance. 
    Run west, take out any enemies nearby then flank the machine gun/mortar 
    You can finally regroup now; tell your squad to fall in. Meanwhile, don't cross 
    the bridge quite yet. Instead use your sniper rifle to pick off enemies on the 
    other side. You can shoot through fences if you get really lucky. Once all the 
    enemies are killed, go ahead and cross the bridge.
    Some more Germans will pop up but will be quickly killed by Col. Johnson and 
    his men. He instructs you to go down by the river to clean up any remaining 
    Germans in the area.
     3) Secure the cross roads.
    Keep going and you'll be in a wide, wide open area. All the enemies are far 
    away, and it's tough to hit them even with your sniper rifle. Head west, using 
    craters and fences for cover. When attacking enemy craters make sure you 
    approach them from the side or back, so that you can get a free shot.
    There's an MG42 stationed in this area as well. Gradually move towards it from 
    the west, moving crater by crater. Don't get caught in the open field, and 
    don't try using the fence near the MG as cover! Walk along the edge of the 
    area, and take out the MG gunner from behind. You'll meet up with Johnson 
    again, who orders you to take out the Germans attacking his flank.
     4) Eliminate all Germans on Col. Johnson's left flank.
    It gets easier now. Head to the left, using fix/flank tactics to take out all 
    the remaining enemy troops. Also use the sniper rifle to take out enemies from 
    afar. They are hiding behind everything from logs to craters. Shouldn't be too 
    tough. After that, the chapter ends.
    CHATEAU COLOMBIERES                                                       C105C
    You start off with a small squad, but as the mission progresses you'll get aid 
    from a tank. Unfortunately it is very vulnerable to Panzerfaust-wielding 
    (as are you), whom are hiding in various places in the forest at night. This is 
    a tough one.
     1) Secure the chateau.
     2) Check and clear the area.
     3) Defend the chateau.
     1) Secure the chateau. 
    After the opening, head through the gate, and walk along the west side of the 
    map, using everything for cover. Sure enough, soon you'll hear Germans, along 
    with MG42 fire. Great. Keep going, making sure you're safe from enemy fire, 
    until you reach the building.
    Instead of going through the main gate (you'll just get mowed down by the 
    MG42), go through the big arched door to the side of it. You'll encounter more 
    Germans inside. Kill them as well as the MG42 gunner. Head towards the chateau, 
    killing enemies on the way.
    Go inside the northernmost door, take cover and kill the enemies inside. Then 
    head back out, go through the other door and through the other side of the 
    chateau. A tank comes out of nowhere! But don't be worried, he's an ally, and 
    he even blows away the nearby MG42.
     2) Defeat all the enemies near the chateau.
    The tank is invincible to machine gun and rifle fire, but two shots from a 
    panzerfaust will do it in. Oh yeah, they will also do YOU in, even on easy. 
    sure you don't attack enemies head on; always look for a way to shoot them from 
    the side/back. Remember, when an enemy is suppressed they are more likely to 
    Go down the straight path towards the enemy, and go to the side path to the 
    in order to take them out from the side. There will be two groups of enemies to 
    the east; watch out, as one group has Panzerfausts. Suppress them, and then 
    your tank move in for the kill.
    Continue east, using the strategy of suppress then tank charge. Eventually 
    you'll come across an MG42. But beware as there are enemy Panzerfaust units 
    the hill to the right! Make sure you suppress them before you send the tank to 
    take out the MG42. After a couple more enemy squads you'll be back at the 
    chateau. And guess who's there?
     3) Defend the chateau.
    Multiple enemy squads have set up camp in the chateau, and there's also a 
    tank! Also enemy mortar fire will be rained down randomly in the area, but it 
    shouldn't be anything to worry about. You should make your way towards the gate 
    to get a Panzerfaust if you don't already have one.
    Have everyone follow you towards the entrance of the chateau (where the enemy 
    MG42 was firing at the beginning of the battle). Pick up a Panzerfaust and use 
    your BAR to wipe out nearby enemy squads (don't forget about grenades too!). 
    Work your way through the enemies until you get to the tank.
    Unfortunately Kelly is a moron and has a hard time moving to engage the tank, 
    let alone engaging it. So order him to move towards it (telling him to charge 
    for some reason doesn't work out). While he is firing at it quickly move behind 
    the tank and shoot your Panzerfaust. If that doesn't destroy it then hopefully 
    Kelly will. There's more Panzerfausts lying around too, you just have to find 
    them (check on both sides of the gate).
    One group of enemies should be remaining, behind the truck outside the chateau. 
    You can easily kill them by ordering your tank to charge. After this, Kelly 
    drop by to pick you up. Congratulations! After a brief intermission, you talk 
    about Road 40 (what the previous game was based on).
    BLOODY GULCH                                                              C106C
    This mission is long and sure as hell bloody. An MG42, a mortar, and TWO enemy 
    tanks! Not to mention, the enemy has a new weapon: the STG44. It'll be a wild 
    ride here on Hill 30.
     1) Secure the chateau.
     2) Destroy the tanks.
     3) Defend Hill 30 until Baker arrives.
     1) Clear the left flank.
    Go ahead to the left, telling both squads to fall in. Soon you will come upon a 
    fallen tree. Tell both squads to take cover behind it. Two groups of enemies 
    will soon get into position; one behind a fence, the other behind another tree. 
    Tell each squad to fire at one.
    When both are suppressed, go to the right. Walk along the edge of the area 
    you get an open shot at the first group. Then head towards the other group, 
    taking cover behind the fence near them. There is a third group to the south 
    will start firing at you.
    Have both squads take a new position behind the log where the enemy was hiding 
    and lay down cover fire. Again, go to the west and take them out from the side. 
    They like to take off running though so track him down. There are more enemy 
    groups far off to the east, but among them is an MG42. It might look like you 
    can take cover behind the rocks in front of it, but you'll get slaughtered.
    Instead move all the way back to the bottom of the hill and go east, then climb 
    back up. Take cover behind logs and stuff as you climb. The first enemy group 
    behind a fence; your guns can shoot through it, but it'll take a while to kill 
    them. Keep going up, and you'll be at the enemy MG42 outpost. Wipe out everyone 
    You're now at the top of the hill. Follow the path, and the game will save. 
    both of your squads fall in and then charge the enemy towards the truck. They 
    will launch mortars at your squad, so don't stay still! Suppress them while 
    you're running and then get in close to wipe them out. The mortar team is on 
    other side of the truck.
     2) Destroy the tanks.
    If anyone was killed, reload from the previous save point, because in a second 
    the game will save again. Keep going and take cover behind the fallen tree. 
    out the unprotected Germans in the tall grass, and then take cover behind the 
    wall to the northwest; more enemies are in the distance. Suppress them from 
    and then go around them to the south in order for an easy assault.
    As you take their position you'll notice a tank down below in the open field. 
    The arrow on your compass points to German supplies, including Panzerfausts. So 
    have your squads fall in as you make your way towards the supplies. There are 
    three squads of enemies guarding it, so fix and flank your way around them. You 
    can't really flank the third squad easily so just charge them.
    This is where it gets ridiculous. You're at the Panzerfaust crates, but chances 
    are, so are the tanks! You need to lure them away. To do this, have your squad 
    get in close and then run; pray they aren't killed. As the tank chases them 
    a Panzerfaust from the back of the truck and fire at the back of the tank.
    You can only fire one Panzerfaust at a time, so you'll have to retreat back to 
    the crate after each shot. If it gets wounded enough, you can hop on the back 
    and throw a grenade in it. But this is pretty risky. If you're lucky the tanks 
    will be further away, so you're going to have to aim higher than normal before 
    firing, because these things fire in a wide arc.
    Once both of the tanks are destroyed, continue down the road, following the 
    arrow. You'll get a new objective.
     3) Defend Hill 30 until Baker arrives.
    Everyone aside from Mac is dead, including Legget. Just wipe out all the 
    advancing Germans, this part is easy. You'll get help from some tanks in a 
    little bit, and there's only a few enemy groups. After a minute or two the 
    chapter is over.
    EVICTION NOTICE                                                           C107C
    Well, Hartsock has been promoted, but the celebration is delayed thanks to the 
    mean Germans in town. This mission isn't very long but mortar fire is going to 
    make you hurry up with your decisions. Don't get caught for too long in the 
     1) Secure the trainyards.
     2) Secure the warehouses.
     1) Secure the trainyards.
    Enemy mortar fire rains down in town, and it's your job to make it stop. Head 
    out and you'll see a whole bunch of Germans in the train station. Hop on the 
    MG42 and suppress them all (if you get lucky you might kill one or two). When 
    they're all suppress have your squads move in to take cover behind the walls in 
    front of the station.
    Then move in yourself. Quickly take out the enemies on the far left outside the 
    station. Then, ordering your guys to suppress the Krauts inside, walk through 
    the door furthest left and lay waste to everything inside. Quickly order your 
    men inside the station. Hopefully none were unlucky and got hit by mortar fire.
     2) Secure the warehouses.
    Go through the door to the right and quickly take cover behind the train thingy 
    at the end of the tracks. Pick off the Germans from here and take their train 
    thingy (sorry, I don't know my trains very well). There are more enemies over 
    the warehouse.
    Now hurry up and get off the train tracks as the enemy mortar fire will get 
    faster and faster. Once you get in the yard around the warehouse it'll stop. 
    Take cover but beware of enemies coming in from the south. It's really easy to 
    flank them here.
    There will be many more enemies inside the warehouse too. Just go in from the 
    west side, if you go north you might get hit by the MG42 up above on the 
    Take cover behind anything (there are lots of things to take cover behind) and 
    push through the warehouse.
    Once you get to the other side you'll hear MG42 fire. Go through the southern 
    the two doors and have your squad take cover behind the boxes. Now quickly have 
    your squads go underneath the bridge. After getting to the other side, go right 
    and clear out any Germans in the area. You can shoot underneath the train 
    thingies and hit their legs too.
    Continue east and you'll come under more mortar fire. There is a warehouse 
    nearby, but again, you'll find more Germans inside. Clear them out quickly and 
    then take cover. Wipe out any other Germans inside and then leave the warehouse 
    via the northeastern door. Go east to find the second mortar squad, along with 
    another enemy group. Wipe the bastards out. Now go to Sgt. Baker (just to the 
    north) to end your mission. Hey, if he was right there, how come he couldn't 
    take out the mortar team?
    CLOSE QUARTERS                                                            C108C
    This mission is very short, but still not easy, as you have to face yet another 
    mortar team as well as a tank!
     1) Clear the remaining Germans out of Carentan.
     2) Take out the Germans in the field.
     1) Clear the remaining Germans out of Carentan.
    Take your squad with you as you follow the yellow arrow. Soon enough, you'll be 
    in a narrow street with Germans taking cover in destroyed buildings. Quickly 
    have your squads suppress them as you move through the building to the north 
    around for an easy shot.
    Quickly move down to the next area as mortar fire is bombarding this street. 
    enemy will quickly take cover behind boxes, so either hurry up and take them 
    or move through the field nearby to flank them. Another enemy squad will come 
    rushing in; kill them too.
    Follow the arrows until you get to another street filled with Germans. Take 
    cover behind the boxes near the car with the dead Germans in it. There are lots 
    of enemies to the north but a few are to the west as well. It's hard to kill 
    those ones so either order a squad to suppress them or chuck a grenade.
    There is also an unmanned MG42 to the north. Suppress everyone and then charge 
    for it; it'll make this battle a lot easier. More Germans will try to make 
    way down the street so rip them to shreds with the 42. The game will save once 
    all the Germans are dead.
     2) Take out the Germans in the field.
    Head to the west; you'll find a lot of Germans in the field. Crouch down and 
    wait for Baker and Corrion to arrive. A tank will follow soon after. The 
    Panzerfausts are located on the other side of the field (your arrow will point 
    to them). 
    In order to get into the field, you'll have to go through the wall where you 
    Baker. Send your squad to suppress everyone while you move towards the 
    Panzerfausts, making sure you take cover along the way. Make sure the tank 
    near the Panzerfausts. If it is, send your squad away to distract it. Then blow 
    the tank up from the back/side.
    After this, wipe out the remaining enemies and talk to Baker. Mission 
    accomplished, and you even get some alcohol!
    BAUPTE                                                                    C109C
    Well the battle starts with a doozy, thankfully your aim isn't affected (well 
    doesn't seem like it; regardless, it's hard to tell because it was already hard 
    enough to blast the damn Germans anyway). This mission is tough, as you'll be 
    facing lots of tanks in the end. Thankfully, you get a tank of your own here.
     1) Check and clear area.
     2) Secure the church.
     3) Save Doyle's ass.
     1) Check and clear area.
    You and your teammates start off on a bridge, under heavy fire by German 
    Order both squads to lay fire down on the nearest group and head to the right. 
    Go down the hill and flank them by going to the left (meanwhile try to avoid 
    fire being shot at you from your left).
    Order everyone down. There are two more groups in the area. I'd take out the 
    guys to the right first as they have Panzerfausts. After finishing them order 
    your tank to take out the other squad. Grab one of the FG42s if you want to, I 
    like them better than the gun you start out with.
    Head down the river and you'll see a couple of Germans in the open; mow them 
    down with your SMG. Continue on and you'll see two groups behind sandbags. Have 
    each team suppress a squad and then quickly take out the Krauts on the left 
    first as they have Panzerfausts. After that the tank can easily handle the 
    squad (its cannon can fire through sandbags).
    Shortly after this you'll be in town. Quickly look to the right to find two 
    germs on the wrong side of the bags. Wipe them both out with a single clip. 
    Follow the arrow through town, but beware, things are going to get a little 
    crazy. Leave your tank behind and pick up a Panzerfaust.
    As you move through town you'll come across an artillery gun, multiple squads 
    Germans and even a tank! If you're a good shot take out the artillery gun with 
    your Panzerfaust and then have your assault team find cover. With so many 
    buildings in the area it shouldn't be hard finding a good area to get a good 
    shot off at the Germans.
    Now, for the tank, you have to be careful. The Panzerfaust crate is just to the 
    northwest of the artillery gun. But the tank is probably right beside it. So 
    have your tank move in to engage the German tank. While the two are fighting, 
    grab a Panzerfaust and shoot the rear of the enemy tank. Then move up to it and 
    try to plant a grenade in it (if you can't you may need to shoot it in the rear 
     2) Secure the church.
    Head north but don't go east when the road ends. Instead keep going north and 
    lure down the tank. Then have your tank engage it from a distance. Yours should 
    win, but if not just keep going back to the Panzerfaust crate. Now head east 
    down the road to engage more nasty Germans.
    Another artillery gun is set up in front of the church and a lot of these guys 
    have Panzerfausts so leave your tank at a distance and put cover fire on the 
    enemies near the church. Meanwhile go south around the buildings to flank the 
    enemies south of the church.
    Now have your assault team follow you to where you killed those enemies (don't 
    go on the main road). Head around to the other side of the church, but beware 
    more enemies along the way. Once you get to the other side, rush into the main 
    yard of the church and kill everyone. Church secured.
     3) Save Doyle's ass.
    Follow the arrow to the road but go ahead and cut through the grass. You'll 
    some allied survivors, among them is Doyle. An allied tank gets blown up by the 
    enemy, but don't worry. Luckily there is a Panzerfaust crate just to the left 
    it. No real strategy required here, just have some fun. Two tanks show up as 
    well as a few infantry squads. Keep blastin' them and don't let them flank you. 
    Once the tanks are dead you can have your tank move in to finish off everyone.
    HEDGEROW HELL                                                             C110C
    This mission is sort of a breather from previous ones, but it's still a 
    challenge. You'll have to blow your way through hedges and even an 88 to win.
     1) Check and clear area.
     2) Take out the 88 and the remaining German forces.
     1) Check and clear area.
    Well you start off right in the thick of things, with a crapload of Krauts due 
    east. Quickly have your team fall in and head towards the hedges and place a 
    satchel charge. After the wall blows up, ignore the Germans and quickly head to 
    the left and place another charge. While you're waiting for it to blow up order 
    your team to lay down fire.
    Quickly run through the opening. Now, you should see two fences. Have each team 
    find cover behind each fence and lay down suppressing fire to each German squad 
    across from them. Meanwhile you should go around to the left in order to take 
    them out (you'll have to blow up another wall).
    After finishing them hurry up and blow up the wall to the southeast. Have both 
    squads go in this area and wait. There will be an enemy 88 going around back to 
    the place where you just killed the Germans and for now you stand no chance. 
    Wait for it to reach the sandbag area, because once it gets there the gunners 
    will get off of it. Now you can take them out with ease.
    Continue down the path to the southeast, engaging many groups of Germans on the 
    way. There will be a small stone wall nearby which won't provide your troops 
    with much cover but it beats nothing. While they are suppressed keep going 
    along the path and take them out from across a fence. Look out for another 
    behind a fence to the northeast as well.
    Eventually you'll get to a small barn. There is an 88 nearby, and the game 
    you some advice on what to do when you encounter an active one. Blow this one 
    and be careful from here on out.
     2) Take out the 88 and the remaining German forces.
    As you continue on you'll see a tree get knocked down. You could have a team 
    the tree for cover but that's too risky as they can still get hit. So I'd leave 
    both my teams behind for this part. Head northeast to get to a secret road that 
    leads behind the 88. Along the way, though, you'll walk past a group of Krauts 
    in a crater. Throw a grenade in to finish them quick.
    Continue and blow up the wall to the northwest. You'll be at the side of the 
    Either throw a grenade or take them out with bullets. Blow up the 88 and recall 
    both squads. Go southwest and have the fire team take cover behind the barrels 
    and boxes before blowing up both walls nearby.
    There will be an enemy group behind the sandbags across the wall. When then are 
    suppressed have your assault team take them out from the left side. After this 
    crapload of Krauts will begin an attack from the rear! Quickly have your fire 
    team hide behind the sandbags near the destroyed 88.
    It might seem hopeless going up against all those enemy vehicles but Cassidy 
    will show up just in the nick of time to help. All you need to do is hold out. 
    The infantry will try to advance on your position so take them out and don't 
    them get you from the side. When all the enemies are dead go down to Cassidy to 
    end the mission.
    Afterwards you'll get another short break, before Hartsock tells his story 
    St. Sauveur.
    RUN OF THE MILL                                                           C111C
    Just as Paddock guessed, more 88s. Doyle will take Paige, McConnelly and Marsh, 
    leaving you with Paddock, Friar, Campbell and Andrews. Let's get it on!
     1) Secure the right flank of the St. Sauveur mill house.
     2) Meet with Doyle.
     3) Destroy the 88 at the bottom of the hill.
     4) Destroy the 88 on the bridge.
     1) Secure the right flank of the St. Sauveur mill house.
    Start off on the road. Your tank can take care of the first enemy group but 
    don't have it go too far down the road because of enemy artillery. Go behind 
    houses in order to take all the enemies here out. The Krauts here drop FG42s 
    equipped with scopes, which are very nice.
    Continue past the broken wall and take out the enemies below. Leave your tank 
    behind as there is more artillery in this area (further to the west). Again use 
    buildings and suppressing fire to get into a good position. Once the enemy 
    and artillery are dead try to cross the bridge to the southwest. It will blow 
     2) Meet with Doyle.
    Leave your tank behind as you head southeast from the bridge. There is more 
    artillery stationed up on the hill. Take cover behind the sandbags nearby and 
    take it out. Continue and you'll find Doyle, as his tank gets wiped out.
     3) Destroy the 88 at the bottom of the hill.
    Leave everyone behind as you continue down the path following the yellow arrow. 
    Take cover behind the stone walls in the field and quickly suppress all the red 
    icons. One team will try to flank you so move into a better position (behind 
    wheelbarrow) to kill them.
    Now quickly run downhill and then over to the right in order to take cover 
    behind the house. Rush down towards the artillery, killing everyone along the 
    way. When you get to the artillery kill them from a distance with your scoped 
    machine gun or a grenade, as there's an 88 set up a little bit further.
    Hopefully Doyle's team has come down the hill and will serve as a distraction 
    (sometimes this doesn't happen though). Move to the other side of the house and 
    charge the 88, but look out for enemies hidden to the left. Blow up the 88 once 
    you've cleared out everyone.
     4) Destroy the 88 on the bridge.
    This next part is even harder. There is an open field and another 88 is at the 
    end of it, on top of a bridge. Ignore what the game says about the tank and 
    leave it behind, along with your assault team. Like the previous one you'll 
    to do this by yourself.
    Set up behind the first tree and quickly move north, and take cover there. Take 
    out the infantry behind the wall (this will take a while). Now head down the 
    hill making sure you're safe from 88 fire. You need to make it down to the 
    stairs below the 88 as if you charge it from the bridge you'll just get blown 
    away. Once you get to the stairs it's easy access to the 88.
     5) Secure the mill.
    One last part to this killer mission; secure the mill. As you head down the 
    you'll find the road blocked by an artillery piece to the left and sandbag-
    covered Germans to the right. Enter the mill area via a small hole to the east. 
    Head northeast but watch out for Germans and the MG42 in the distance. Also 
    there's a Kraut on top of the mill. 
    Once you get to the supply truck face northwest and take out the artillery unit 
    and then run behind the bushes near it. Head northeast along the bushes and 
    you'll have an open shot at some Germans near a building southeast. Be careful 
    though as there's artillery northeast of that! In order to take it out go along 
    the fence to the north and wipe out the Krauts from behind.
    Finally there's the pesky MG42 gunner in front of the mill. You'll have an easy 
    shot at him if you've followed my directions. Once everyone near the mill is 
    dead go talk to Doyle to finish a tough, tough mission.
    THE ALL-AMERICANS, PART 1                                                 C112C
    Well, you're here. St. Sauveur. Doyle takes some men and goes off on his own, 
    leaving you to take this part of St. Sauveur.
     1) Secure St. Sauveur, Part 1
     2) Secure St. Sauveur, Part 2
     1) Secure St. Sauveur, Part 1
    Send both squads up to take cover as you'll be immediately hit by Krauts. Head 
    south through the destroyed house to the east and flank the Germans on the left 
    (you should have a clean shot on the other group too). There are really two 
    paths to take here. The right leads to an MG42 and the left to a tank. 
    Decisions, decisions!
    By using Situational View you'll see that the Panzerfaust crate is in a 
    destroyed building between the two. To get there, first you wanna lure down the 
    tank. To do this, set up a squad somewhere (make sure they are well-covered!) 
    and then shoot the tank to make it follow you (enemy infantry are hiding behind 
    some rubble along the way). Lure it to your squad, and while it is distracted 
    grab a Panzerfaust and shoot it in the back. Now keep taking Panzerfausts and 
    blow up everything in sight, including the MG42.
     2) Secure St. Sauveur, Part 2
    If you look ahead you'll see enemy infantry far in the distance. Stand near the 
    Panzerfaust crate and fire until you kill both squads. If you go even further 
    you'll find another infantry unit as well as an MG42. Retreat to the 
    crate and take them out as well (this takes forever but is easier).
    Now grab one more Panzerfaust and head towards the enemy. There are lots of 
    Germans in this small area, including another MG42 as well as a tank. 
    you can lure this tank too - lure it back towards the previous Panzerfaust 
    crate! It'll get stuck towards the end of the road so it'll take forever to 
    it. It's cheap, I know, but all's fair in war!
    With the tank out of the way this chapter becomes a lot easier. I would just 
    grenade the last MG42 gunner. There are more infantry units in the back of this 
    area; one is behind a car, the other behind the big wall. After killing 
    a bomber blows up part of the wall. Enter it to finish the battle... or at the 
    least, the first part of it.
    THE ALL-AMERICANS, PART 2                                                 C113C
    This is it. You ready?
     1) Secure St. Sauveur, Part 3
     2) Secure St. Sauveur, Final Part
     1) Secure St. Sauveur, Part 3
    No introduction this time. Move both teams out on the street behind cover. 
    are two enemy groups in front of you, one to the right and one to the left. 
    your fire team attack the group to the right while you and the assault team go 
    left through the destroyed building.
    Kill both squads (might take a while). While doing this you might have noticed 
    the 88 to your left. You can easily flank this from the west; kill the guys 
    it and blow it up. East of the 88 is an MG42; flank it by going through the 
    building to the northwest. Have your allies fall in.
    You'll momentarily meet up with Doyle and Paige before some more tanks come 
    storming in. (The game gives you another useful tip: destroy the tanks!) After 
    the cutscene, rush (and I mean RUSH) towards the wall nearby the closest tank. 
    Then open up Situational View and head for the Panzerfaust nearby. Quickly pick 
    it up and shoot the tank in the back, then lob a grenade to kill the sons of 
    Stay near the Panzerfausts and lay waste to EVERYTHING you see. Another tank 
    will eventually swing by, so nuke the crap out of it as well. Once everything 
    blown to bits follow the yellow arrow (grab another Panzerfaust first!).
     2) Secure St. Sauveur, Final Part
    Tell both squads to take cover as they lay down fire upon the squad in front. 
    Take them out with the Panzerfaust and go grab another one. Have them climb the 
    hill while you go around and flank the few remaining enemies from the right. By 
    the way, the air support here is harmless.
    Fire your Panzerfaust at the 88 and then take out any other enemies with your 
    other weapon. If you're low on health, which you probably are, have your squads 
    charge the remaining Germans out of St. Sauveur. After everyone is dead, throw 
    an orange smoke grenade and watch the credits roll.
    ||                                                                           ||
    ||                        IV. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                     ||
    ||                                    C200C                                  ||
    ||                                                                           ||
    Have a question? Ask a message board before asking me at victoryfaqs@yahoo.com. 
    They are almost guaranteed to give you your answer faster than I can. The 
    message boards at GameFAQs.com are especially helpful.
    Q: What version should I get? 
    A: PC, as I hear the PS2/XBox versions have technical issues (lag, bugs, etc). 
    But I even noticed a couple of bugs in the PC version (such as tanks being 
    upside down).
    Q: Is there co-op? 
    A: Yeah, on the PS2/XBox.
    Q: How do I unlock Authentic mode? 
    A: Beat the game on Difficult.
    Q: Should I get this or Road to Hill 30? 
    A: Umm, I don't know. Ask someone on the boards. They both have the same 
    gameplay pretty much.
    Q: How do I aim better, I always seem to miss!
    A: I seem to do better zoomed out. Make sure you set your crosshairs on in the 
    options menu. Then line the enemy up right in the middle. Also, it usually 
    a couple of shots to bring down a Kraut. You know if you hit him if they move 
    around oddly (sometimes leaving their cover to charge you!).
    Q: What does "Super Squad" do? 
    A: Makes your squad invincible. However sometimes they are randomly killed by 
    tanks. Also your tanks are not invincible.
    ||                                                                           ||
    ||                                  V. CODES                                 ||
    ||                                    C300C                                  ||
    ||                                                                           ||
    Enter your name as 2ndsquad to have access to all the hidden stuff.
    Here's a list of all the stuff you can unlock. You have to beat the level on a 
    certain difficulty in order to unlock it: 
    Bookends 1: 
    S.L.A. Marshall Biography (Easy)
    Ghost Recon 3 Game Trailer (Automatically available)
    Blazing Angels Game Trailer (Automatically available)
    Roses All the Way:
    AAR - The Convoy Ambush (Easy)
    The Paratrooper Equipment (Normal) 
    Lieutenant Colonel Cassidy Biography (Difficult)
    The 101st in Normandy (Authentic) 
    Action at St. Martin: 
    The Dialogue Creation Process (Easy)
    The M3 "Grease Gun" (Normal)
    St. Martin de Varreville (Difficult)
    Sgt. Matt Baker (Authentic)
    Three Patrol Action:
    The German Half-Track (Easy) 
    Three Patrol AAR (Normal) 
    Maps and Photos of the Three Patrol Area (Difficult) 
    Ranks and Insignias (Authentic)
    Hell's Corners:
    La Baraquette Locks: Then, Now, and In-Game (Easy) 
    Historical Director John Antal (Normal) 
    Hell's Corners Aerial Reconnaisance (Difficult) 
    Development White Boards (Authentic)
    Chateau Colombieres:
    The Chateau Then, Now, and In-Game (Easy)
    Allen and Garnett Death Certificates (Normal) 
    Recreating the Weapons of 1944 (Difficult) 
    EIB Art Department (Authentic)
    Bookends 2:
    Sgt. Joe Hartsock (Easy)
    Bloody Gulch:
    The Battle of Bloody Gulch (Easy) 
    West Point Military Academy (Normal) 
    The Panzerfaust (Difficult) 
    EIB Level Design Department (Authentic)
    Eviction Notice:
    The City of Carentan (Easy) 
    Recreating the Building of 1944 (Normal) 
    The Challenges of Urban Combat (Difficult) 
    EIB Programming Department (Authentic)
    Close Quarters:
    Sgt. "Mac" Hassay (Easy) 
    The Browning Automatic Rifle (Normal) 
    Recreating Carentan (Difficult) 
    EIB Additional Talent (Authentic)
    The Village of Baupte (Easy) 
    The M10 Tank Destroyer (Normal) 
    FTX2 (Difficult) 
    EIB Production Team (Authentic)
    Hedgerow Hell:
    Choosing a Title (Easy) 
    The German 88 (Normal) 
    The German FG42 Rifle (Difficult) 
    EIB Support Staff (Authentic)
    Bookends 3:
    Muzza's Letter Home (Easy)
    Run of the Mill:
    The M1 Garand Rifle (Easy) 
    Hartsock's 2nd Squad (Normal) 
    Voice Actor Comparisons (Difficult) 
    Orchestral Score 1-4 (Authentic)
    The All Americans Part 1:
    The MG42 Machine Gun (Easy) 
    St. Sauveur le Vicomte (Normal) 
    The Brothers in Arms March - Carentan (Difficult) 
    Orchestral Score 5-8 (Authentic)
    The All Americans Part 2:
    History of the 82nd Airborne (Easy) 
    Ed Peniche Biography (Normal) 
    The Tanks of Normandy (Difficult) 
    Orchestral Score 9-12 (Authentic)
    "Old Movie" Cheat: Beat the game on Easy
    "Infinite Ammo" Cheat: Beat the game on Normal
    Unlock "Authentic" Difficulty: Beat the game on Difficult
    "Super Squad" Cheat: Beat the game on Authentic
    ||                                                                           ||
    ||                                 VI. CREDITS                               ||
    ||                                    C998C                                  ||
    ||                                                                           ||
    I'd like to thank 
    Jorg Seyfferth, for the ASCII Generator that provided me with the "beautiful" 
    ASCII at the top of the FAQ. This can be found at http://www.network-
    science.de/ascii/ .
    CJayC, the others in charge of FAQs now, and GameFAQs in general, for hosting 
    my FAQ as well as (hopefully!) giving me $50 for writing for video games.
    Gearbox, for making war games one step closer to realism.
    You guys for reading it.
    And to all those that have fought or are currently fighting for their country.
    ||                                                                           ||
    ||                               VII. LEGAL STUFF                            ||
    ||                                    C999C                                  ||
    ||                                                                           ||
    Contact me at victoryfaqs (at) yahoo (dot) com if you want to publish this FAQ 
    on your site for no charge. This FAQ is copyrighted material and failure to 
    obtain the owner's permission before publishing it is in violation of the law. 
    As of January 31, 2006 only www.gamefaqs.com has the rights to publish this 
    guide on the internet.
    Copyright 2006 by Victory

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