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"If this is what America's Army is going to be like in 2013, then this country is doomed."

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter is a game set in 2013 with a realistic view of what soldiers will be like then.

After hearing such good things about this game, it's intense combat, and realism, I decided to pick it up.

I regret it.

Graphics 7/10

Although the game on the back bills itself with neat-o graphics, and explosions and other ADD attention-catching paraphernalia, it simply doesn't live up to these pictures. The graphics, while not the kind you'd expect it to be, isn't bad either. The look real, the lighting is done well, and the Havok physics aren't prone to sending things skyrocketing into the Sun at 40000000mph like other games are.

Sound 6/10

The sound is, for the most part, annoying. The guns sound like I'm firing a plastic toy, which would explain why shooting an enemy in the face doesn't kill him. The 'dramatic' music that plays when you're racing toward a critical objective is cheesy at best, making the whole game seem like some Direct-to-video sci-fi war movie. You know, the ones where people use guns that you can tell are fakes and they just took the orange cap off. Wait...

Controls 4/10

For being such a high-tech system of supposed easy use, it sure seems like it's running on a Windows ME. It's not exactly user-friendly when you're trying to point out where to attack, just to get shot in the head by a sniper.

Try to imagine being in love with a Windows, and I mean really in love with one. You have lube on your desktop, but it isn't for porn. You write fanfics about you and Bill Gates. Your whole house is nothing but glass. You get the idea. Now, try to imagine that Windows exploding and being replaced by the oldest Linux in existence. Your knowledge of it would be a bout the same as how to use the command system in this game effectively.

As for the looking around and shooting, It's the standard WASD configuration, so no problems there.

Gameplay 5/10

I find war quotes helpful to summarize this game's fun factor.

"The greatest weapon on the Battlefield is not courage, the will to survive, or a weapon itself. It's knowing when not to stand in front of a manned machine gun, which is never."-- Myself.

Your allies love enemy guns. A lot. So much, they'll let the machine gun take their legs, arms ,life , virginity, etc. They won't even make an attempt to take cover when under fire by anything really. I'm sorry, the Leeroy Jenkins charge isn't a valid method of warfare outside Azeroth.

"Why did I join the army? Because I own in Counterstrike. It's just like the game, but with no lag! Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go sit in that spot for 5 hours."--American soldier.

Multiplayer isn't exactly a blast. Instead of intense firefights breaking out all over the map, it's just one big camping game. And when it takes about 3 bullets to take anyone down, it's not very hard to die as soon as you walk out into a street. Everything's out to get you.

"I'm not the only person who has X-ray vision. Non-Americans do to. Seriously. But theirs is like, low quality. They'll give you cancer. And stuff."--Superman.

Although it would seem America has the enemy beat with their high-tech gear and highly trained (ha.) soldiers, the enemy is one step ahead of you. Even without high-tech gear, they still know where you always are, and will shoot or camp accordingly. Since your whole squad has the combined IQ of a gnat, you're basically on your own against enimies with supervision. Great.

Overall Score 5/10

So, this is what America's infantry is going to be like in 2013, huh? I'm moving to Canada.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/09/06

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