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    FAQ/Walkthrough by alevel17

    Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 11/14/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       X3: Reunion - Storyline Mission Walkthrough with Spoilers
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         By: Psycho-Cannon | Alevel17@Hotmail.com | 14/11/2005
    Revision History:
    14/11/05: Version 1.0.0 - First Draft
    Welcome to my first ever F.A.Q and Game Walkthrough
    This is currently a first draft walking you through the X3 Storyline as it
    stands at patch 2.0
    Version 2.01(a semi-patch to fix a few urgent game problems) has just been
    released and this guide will be updated accordingly shortly.
    Patch Version 3.is due out end of this month and will address the final
    mission bug and a lot of performance issues.
    Feel Free to Re-use this guide anywhere as long as you give me credit
    (and maybe mention Game Faqs for hosting it!)
    Do Not try to use this guide for profit, this is a FREE FAQ and it will stay
    that way.
    Feel Free to Email me corrections comments or suggestions at:
    If you are suffering bugs or issues in game submit it to the Egosoft X3 Forums
    not me!
    I will only be excepting mails relevant to this Guide and only until this guide
    is polished and Egosoft have fixed all the game breaking bugs.
    I will be adding more in depth game guides later but for now this is the
    Storyline Mission walkthrough WITH SPOILERS.
    I will add a shorter, spoiler free walkthrough later.
    To Jump to a specific part of the walkthrough run a search on the text string
    next to the section you want to read about.
    Mission 1 		 [X3WTM0101]
    	Mission Briefing [X3WTM0102]
    	Home Of Light 	 [X3WTM0103]
    	Red Light	 [X3WTM0104]
    	Cloud Base SW	 [X3WTM0105]
    Mission 2		 [X3WTM0201]
    	Mission Briefing [X3WTM0202]
    	First Waves	 [X3WTM0203]
    	Second Waves	 [X3WTM0204]
    	City Chase	 [X3WTM0205]
    	Space Sequence	 [X3WTM0206]
    Mission 3		 [X3WTM0301]
    	Mission Briefing [X3WTM0302]
    	Farnham's Legend [X3WTM0303]
    Mission 4		 [X3WTM0401]
    	Mission Briefing [X3WTM0402]
    	Freedom's Reach	 [X3WTM0403]
    	Space Race	 [X3WTM0404]
    Mission 5		 [X3WTM0501]
    	Mission Briefing [X3WTM0502]
    	Home of Light	 [X3WTM0503]
    	Turret Defence	 [X3WTM0504]
    Mission 6		 [X3WTM0601]
    	Mission Briefing [X3WTM0601]
    	Ocracoke’s Storm [X3WTM0602]
    	Spy Drone	 [X3WTM0603]
    	News Feed	 [X3WTM0604]
    Mission 7		 [X3WTM0701]
    	Mission Briefing [X3WTM0702]
    	Thurrock’s Pride [X3WTM0703]
    	BB		 [X3WTM0704]
    	Silicon Mine	 [X3WTM0705]
    	Teladi Gain	 [X3WTM0706]
    	Pleasure Complex [X3WTM0707]
    	First Life Pods	 [X3WTM0708]
    	Final Life Pods	 [X3WTM0709]
    Mission 8		 [X3WTM0801]
    	Mission Briefing [X3WTM0802]
    	  Yaki Missile Fab 		[X3WTM0803]
    		Bala Gi's Joy 		[X3WTM0803a]
    		Olmancketslat’s Treaty	[X3WTM0803b]
    		Argon One		[X3WTM0803c]
    	  Blue Crystal	 		[X3WTM0804]
    		Emperor Mines		[X3WTM0804a]
    		Elena's Fortune		[X3WTM0804b]
    	  Black Crystal	 		[X3WTM0805]
    		Xenon Sector 101	[X3WTM0805a]
    Mission 9		 [X3WTM0901]
    	Ore Belt	 [X3WTM0902]
    Mission 10		 [X3WTM1001]
    	Priest Rings	 [X3WTM1002]
    Mission 11		 [X3WTM1101]
    	Mission Briefing [X3WTM1102]
    	Nyana's Hideout	 [X3WTM1103]
    Mission 12		 [X3WTM1201]
    	Mission Briefing [X3WTM1202]
    	Emperor Mines	 [X3WTM1203]
    	Paranid Prime	 [X3WTM1204]
    	Duke's Domain	 [X3WTM1205]
    Mission 13		 [X3WTM1301]
    	Mission Briefing [X3WTM1302]
    	News Feed	 [X3WTM1303]
    	Duke's Domain	 [X3WTM1304]
    	Paranid Convoy	 [X3WTM1305]
    	Crystal Splitter [X3WTM1306]
    	Kha'ak Waves	 [X3WTM1307]
    	Hero of the Day, Again	[X3WTM1308]
    [X3WTM0101] Mission 1
    The Game will start in Argon Prime with you in your "Buster" M4 class ship by
    the Argon Capital Ship, the "Argon One"
    Ban Dana will hail you to give your first assignment.
    Because of the war with the Kha’ak there are precious few experienced pilots
    in the fleet and there is a squad of rookies fresh out of the academy that Ban
    would like you to walk through a patrol.
    You will complain that it’s a bit below you but Ban will talk you into the
    mission and ask you about your father which you brush off.
    	[X3WTM0102] Mission Briefing
    The Mission Briefing will start showing you that the patrol starts near the
    North Gate in the Home of Light moving through the West Gate to Red-light
    then the South Gate to Cloud Base South-West.
    You will need to check for Kha’ak activity in these sectors and eliminate
    them if you find them.
    You will be sent a Message with all this information on so you can refer back
    to it at anytime by looking in your options under "Pilot > Messages".
    This will be the case for all missions.
    You will start with the South Gate to Home of Light already targeted and in
    front of you.
    Fly through here to meet up with the squad of rookies.
    	[X3WTM0103] Home Of Light
    Once you Enter Home Of Light Gamma Flight leader will hail you and tell you
    that he and his squad of 5 rookies are waiting for you to the West of the North
    gate (Which you just came in through)
    Again you will automatically target Gamma Flight Leader so just follow your
    (They are 11km West and North a little of the North Gate Directly North of
    Crystal Fab M Beta)
    Once you get close enough (1.17KM) the patrol will start with a brief bit of
    radio chatter.
    Your Target is the West gate to Red Light.
    For this mission you can just select Gamma Flight Leader (or any Gamma squad
    member) and set your self to follow or autopilot (U by default) and follow them
    through the patrol route.
    You can fly it manually if you want to get some practice in though.
    You have to let Gamma Flight leader go through the gates first though or they
    will sit in the sector you left them in waiting for you to come back before
    they continue.
    (Guess you’re leading from the rear today)
    As you get near to the West Gate Kha’ak Ships will appear and your squad will
    scramble to engage.
    Follow them and take out as many as you can, show ‘em how it’s done!
    They can handle it on their own if you leave them to it though but you may want
    to get your own hands dirty to speed it up and get some practice in.
    Once you’ve finished them off the patrol will resume (with you giving one of
    the rookies some advice).
    You can follow the patrol, or head to the West Gate by yourself and wait for
    Gamma Flight Leader to get there and Jump, either way, follow him through.
    	[X3WTM0104] Red Light
    In Red Light you need to follow the patrol again heading to the South Gate for
    Cloud Base South-West.
    The Kha’ak will attack before you get there with a cluster warping in behind
    you and taking out one of your rookies (The video sequences seems to suggest
    its Gamma 5 that goes down but in my game it was Gamma 2 That actually got it),
    just break and clear them out again and avenge the rookie.
    You will notice that the Kha’ak ship that made up the base of that cluster  is
    a Kha’ak Fighter rather than a scout like the rest of them and is a bit tougher
    than the other targets.
    	[X3WTM0105] Cloud Base South-West
    Once you’ve cleared them out follow the remains of your squad through the South
    Gate to complete the mission.
    Gamma Squad should go and rendezvous with the Capital ship Renowned.
    [X3WTM0201] Mission 2
    For these next missions Fight Software MkII (with auto aim assistance) may be
    Also if you suffer from poor game performance in version 1.2 you may want to
    set your graphics to low resolution for this mission sequence to make life
    After Mission one, Noah Gaffelt, a Goner Priest that your character knows from
    the pervious X series, will hail you asking to meet him in the Goner Temple to
    ask you a favour.
    The Goner Temple is located to your South East just South-West of the East Gate.
    Select it from the Sector Map and either dock with it or hail the station from
    8KM or closer, and talk to Noah.
    The Game will auto save your game when you speak to Noah.
    	[X3WTM0202] Mission Briefing
    Noah will ask you to help in transporting some valuable cargo which they are
    worried will be attacked by some of the Pirates that have been plaguing the
    area recently.
    As the Monks are sworn against violence they need you to man the defences on
    their ship (They seem to be allowed to ask others to do violence on their
    behalf you see)
    Saya will hail you; turns out she’s in on this one as well, as is one of their
    monks who will introduce himself as Dogan.
    After the chatter you will get transported to the rear turret of the transport
    Saya will release some Drones for you to practice against to give you a feel
    for the Turret.
    The drones will fan out, and then take it in turns to rise up and swoop down at
    you firing some rather weak lasers at you.
    Shoot them down to get a feel for the turret and energy levels on your weapon.
    As of Version 1.2 you will get cash rewards for destroying these if you hold an
    Argon Police licence as if you were shooting down Pirates or Kha’ak (or anyone
    else the Argon Empire is an Enemy with)
    Also if you don’t shoot them down by the time they reach you they are meant to
    go round and start the attack run again but most of them will just crash into
    you destroying themselves.
    Once you’ve destroyed them all, or they have destroyed themselves, Saya will
    comment on your gunnery skills and take off.
    	[X3WTM0203] First Waves
    Dogan, your priest, will mention how quiet it is and no sooner has Saya told
    him never to say that in space, Pirates appear behind you and demand the
    (Looks like Murphy’s Law applies in space as well, will we never be free!)
    Shoot them down before they pass you because this time they wont go round and
    try again or ram into you, they will stay in front of the ship where you can’t
    get them and start eating at your shields with their lasers.
    If too many get past, its game over as they overwhelm your shields and blow you
    to bits ruining your day (and making off with the crystal of course)
    You will get one small wave then a 2nd big wave with 4 groups in.
    Take them all out and you will go through a jump gate towards your destination.
    	[X3WTM0204] Second Waves
    In the next Sector you will get more pirate waves just like the first so shoot
    them all down and don't let too many get past you.
    Once you clear them all Dogan will hurl his guts up on the control panel, guess
    he’s not made for this pirate hunting life.
    As he’s cleaning that up Saya will land on the destination planet and start
    unloading the stone in a video cut scene.
    As she does this another pirate ship attacks her on the ground and snatches the
    crate away.
    You are forced to chase with Dogan flying and you in the turret on back leaving
    Saya behind.
    	[X3WTM0205] City Chase
    A lot of people have trouble with this scene as its a Rail shooter with very
    VERY bad FPS and jerky.
    Patches are set to improve this but for the time being putting the game into
    it's lowest settings may help enough that you can actually shoot the pirates
    down and not die!
    Also Fight Software MKII with its auto-aim feature helps a lot
    As you chase the Pirate that stole the crystal yet more Pirates will fall in
    behind you trying to shoot you down.
    You have unlimited Weapon power now so just hold down the trigger and blast
    them out the sky.
    If you have auto aiming software that makes it even easier as you need only
    point your gun in their general direction and the software will do the rest.
    As long as you shoot down enough pirates you will survive and chase the thief
    into space.
    	[X3WTM0206] Space Sequence
    In Space the Argon Forces will try to help and chase the thief.
    Turns out the thief has got a few missiles disruptor missiles that will kill
    power and electrical systems (though leaving hull undamaged) and will take out
    a few ships including yours.
    You Eject and tell Dogan to jump as well but the ship looses power so he can’t
    transport into his space suit, he bids you farewell calmly as he crashes out of
    control into an asteroid.
    You’re now in space in your suit but it’s been damaged with only 90 seconds
    before the visor will fail leaving you at the mercy of an airless void.
    Your computer is starting to glitch but it will manage to detect a ship 3 KM
    away, the True light seeker, that’s a goner ship.
    Once you’re within a K of the ship Ion (Pronounced E-On), one of the goner
    monks will hail you and open an airlock for you.
    Keep approaching and the cut scene will kick in a few 100 meters out from the
    You should make it with a few seconds to spare but you’re not in great shape.
    You will be put into medical recovery and told Saya is waiting for you with
    your ship.
    [X3WTM0301] Mission 3
    Once your feeling better you will get back in your ship and meet up with Saya.
    Have lots of Energy cells in your cargo for this mission as you will be jumping
    a lot chasing the stone.
    Ion tells you that he was sent here to help you by Noah.
    	[X3WTM0302] Mission Briefing
    It turns out the crystal was part of a weapon built by the ancients and now
    that the Pirates have it Ion would like you to retrieve it for him.
    He explains that a Pirate called Don Marani has taken the stone and is aboard a
    damaged ship (The Talon) that he has taken for repairs at the Pirate Base in
    Farnham’s Legend.
    	[X3WTM0303] Farnham's Legend
    You are in the Sector Antigone Memorial, to get to Farnham’s Legend you need to
    go through the South Gate to The Hole then East to Atreus’s Clouds and South
    again to Farnham’s Legend.
    Once you enter Farnham’s legend Saya will contact you to remind you that Ion
    has pointed you at the Pirate base to the West.
    Head towards the "Marauder" Pirate base which is west of the North Gate.
    Once you get within a few K’s the "Talon", Don’s ship, will make a run for it.
    You will hail him and tell him to hand over the crystal but he will send a wave
    of Pirates at you.
    Drop them and he will Jump drive away, or if you take too long he will jump
    Once you drop enough of the pirates Saya will follow and send you the
    co-ordinates that he jumped to.
    To use them go into your menu (Enter by default), Navigation, Jump Drive.
    You get a choice of choosing from the map or jumping to the location Saya sent
    you; choose the location Saya sent and repeat the process, approach the Talon,
    fight of the pirates he sends at you and he will jump again until he runs out
    of energy to jump and Saya takes his shields out then targets his engines.
    If you fail to keep up with him on any of these jumps he will get away and Saya
    will berate you then go get more energy cells.
    Once she is ready she will send you a message telling you to meet her in
    Farnham’s legend again.
    Start the mission back from the start.
    During the chase you will see a ship phase in and out of sight and sensors, you
    will comment on it before it vanishes.
    Ignore it for now and carry on the chase.
    Eventually you will convince the Don to drop the crystal to save his own bastu.
    Saya will pick it up and you will both high tail it out of there.
    Ion will contact you and take the crystal in exchange for his thanks.
    You will see the ghostly ship again and Saya will offer to check it out while
    you go to talk to Noah to warn him about the ship in case it poses a threat to
    the stone.
    [X3WTM0401] Mission 4
    Go back to Noah at the Goner Temple.
    He gives you some bad news; Ion, The priest you just helped, was the one that
    stole the first of their stones in the first place.
    The Don’s stone was the 2nd of these stones which Ion Needed.
    Looks like Ion told you a bit of a porky and just used you to steal another
    stone for him.
    	[X3WTM0401] Mission Briefing
    Noah Tells you they will need to speak to a guy named Thomas (Pronounced
    Toe-Mass) from Freedoms reach however he is a recluse.
    You will have to speak to a friend of his on the Trading station in freedoms
    reach to find out where he is.
    Noah will go with you and jumps on ahead in his ship.
    Noah doesn’t send you the location as he says he will in the comms chatter so
    you will have to make your own way there.
    	[X3WTM0403] Freedom's Reach
    From Cloud Base South-West either jump drive back to Farnham’s Legend and
    follow the directions below starting at Farnham’s legend or from Cloud Base
    South-West go
    East to Herron’s Nebula
    East to The Hole
    East to Atreus’s’ Clouds
    South to Farnham’s Legend
    East to Bala Gi’s Joy
    South to Olmancketslat’s Treaty
    South to Brenan’s Triumph
    South to Danna’s Chance
    South to Freedoms Reach
    On entering Freedoms reach Noah will tell you that Thomas’s friend is a Teladi
    trader on the trading station here and that you should dock here.
    You will automatically Target the station.
    Once you’ve docked Noah will hail Thomas’s friend and ask where to find him.
    Turns out he isn’t so friendly and lost money and face because of Thomas
    loosing in a space race.
    If you want info on where he is your going to have to win the race Thomas lost
    for the Teladi to regain his profits and pride.
    	[X3WTM0404] Space Race
    You will be ejected from the station in one of the racing ships not your own (a
    Paranid Pegasus)
    Fly towards the race start point which will be auto targeted for you.
    It will appear as a small blue circle with an X in it.
    Once there the race will start against 4 other racers that will all be slower
    than you so don’t worry too much if one or two pull ahead at you at the start
    as you should be able to win this race easily once you know what to do.
    You will have to fly through a series of way points that will automatically be
    targeted in sequence as you fly through them (try not to hit any targeting keys
    or you will loose the target and have to manually re-lock onto the waypoint
    costing valuable time)
    Just take it easy and remember you don’t need to hit the points spot on, just
    get close enough to trigger the next point.
    If you loose the Teladi will get mad at you and you will have to wait till the
    next race.
    When the next race is on he will message you so come back and try again.
    The race is fairly easy if you know how to do it.
    Full speed your doing 429KM/s and you shouldn’t have to slow down once during
    the race.
    Given that you don’t have boost extension on this rig you don’t want to anyway
    as getting up to speed is a tedious process.
    Space is 3D so you’re going to be going in all directions and drift is in
    effect in all directions so it’s much like a car racing SIM but with drift in
    all directions not just sideways round corners.
    Keeping with the driving SIM idea the best way to hit the way points is to over
    steer and have the nose pointing past the way point to get your ship level with
    it quickly then bringing it into line to point at the way point as you level
    out and get closer...did that make sense?
    If your using Mouse and Keyboard control then some of the tighter turns can be
    hard on the mouse so you may want to use the much sharper keyboard controls
    (arrow keys) to make the meat of any big turns then fine tune your direction
    with the mouse (So to make a sharp dive press the Up arrow on your keyboard to
    make a sharp dive then once you can see the waypoint use your mouse to fly
    through it)
    You shouldn’t need a hand on the throttle controls at all as you can do it all
    on full throttle easily.
    Your last two way points will be by the rim of the gate like circle you started
    in and then a very sharp dive into the Centre of that circle.
    [X3WTM0501] Mission 5
    When you win the race in Mission 4 the Teladi will be impressed and offer you a
    job as a racer and tell you to come back anytime if you want to make big money!
    This is bugged as of 1.2 and you can’t actually participate in the race so
    don't bother with it and just go on with the mission.
    	[X3WTM0502] Mission Briefing
    It turns out Thomas is in the East Nebula in the Ore Belt.
    You came through the Ore Belt on the way here (its East of Cloud Base
    Go back there and find Thomas.
    When you enter the Ore Belt Noah will tell you that you have to find him fast.
    He is in the ship "Solitas" just south of the East Gate.
    Hail his ship, you won't get a response (Recluse remember) but after a while of
    hailing him he will finally respond only to tell you to stop hailing him or he
    will do unpleasant things to you with your radio.
    Noah tells him about Ion and it turns out Thomas warned them about him already.
    He offers to help you though if it gets you to leave him alone.
    He tells you that you can find Ion but as soon as you get close he will run.
    You decide that Ban Dana may have something that can help you with that so you
    need to go talk to him.
    Head back to Argon Prime and hail Ban on the "Argon One".
    Ban will offer you the use of some spy drones to use to listen in on Ion but he
    needs you to help him with a convoy first.
    You will comment on how one day someone will help you just because they like
    you but for now you’re going to have to work for the help.
    	[X3WTM0503] Home Of Light
    Home of Light is your next destination, seems this convoy group, unlike your
    first escort mission, is a rag tag mix of different ships so they may spread
    out due to different speeds.
    It tells you to go to the Terracorp Nividium plant in Home of Light but this is
    a bug, there is no Terracorp Nividium plant full stop let alone in Home Of
    Ban also tells you to say hello to the squad leader.
    Go through the South Gate, once you’re in Home of Light find the ship
    "Terracorp flight leader" and hail it.
    It turns out the flight leader is our friend Saya again.
    After a little chat the convoy will start to move, Just follow them like
    Mission 1 letting them jump first and taking out the enemy that try to get in
    your way.
    	[X3WTM0504] Turret Defence
    When the Convoy enters Ore Belt Kha’ak will attack.
    You will be teleported into the gunnery turret of one of the big ships (with
    virtually unlimited weapon power, it will recharge almost as fast as you can
    use it) so feel free to keep that trigger down and take them out.
    You may find that as you swap between turrets the computer set to "Target
    nearest enemy" may select enemies on the opposite side of the ship that you
    can’t shoot, If this is the case hit "Nearest Target" again to select the enemy
    on your side of the ship then start blasting.
    As you clear the Kha’ak on each side of the ship you will get teleported to
    another turret facing more Kha’ak.
    Once they are all down you will complain about being a sitting duck in the
    turrets and go back to your own ship to clear out the last of the Kha'ak so
    just fly round and blow the remaining enemy into space debris..
    [X3WTM0601] Mission 6
    Once you’ve cleared out all the Kha’ak Saya will thank you for the help then
    mention that she will meet you in Ocracoke’s Storm.
    This is a new sector near Paranid Space.
    	[X3WTM0602] Ocracoke’s Storm
    Go to Cloud Base South-West.
    Go South to Emperor Mines
    Go East to Paranid Prime
    Go South to Empire’s Edge
    Go West to Savage Spur
    Go South to Ocracoke’s Storm
    When you enter Ocracoke’s Storm you will see a lot of Pirates but you won’t get
    close because of their disruptor missiles (the ones that took out your ship in
    Mission 2)
    You take cover in the asteroids and drop a drone when you find Ion and lock
    onto his homing signal.
    You will have to fly the drone remotely through the base.
    	[X3WTM0603] Spy Drone
    There are lots of sensors inside this asteroid that look like laser beams.
    You have to fly through without tripping any of them.
    Try to take it steady as bouncing off the walls will bring you to a halt and
    almost certainly make you trip the sensors but you don’t have to worry about
    blowing up at least.
    Also expect Saya to keep butting in on the comms with obvious advice, normally
    when you are trying hardest to concentrate!
    It looks like the HUD is turned off for this mission by default but if you want
    to bring it back up to see your speed and any sensors nearby on the gravidar,
    press Shift-H
    If you trip a laser you have to start over with a fresh drone but you don't
    have a limitless supply so do be careful.
    The first set of obstacles will see 2 sensors on the floor and ceiling covering
    the path you need to take.
    You’re going to have to time your run and go through the middle where the
    lasers are least dense, preferably as the lasers reach the end of their "sweep"
    and stop before going the other way.
    The next set will see one sensor on the wall sweeping up and down and one on
    the ceiling sweeping back and forward.
    Wait until the first sensor is pointing up at the ceiling and the 2nd is at the
    end of its sweep pointing away from you.
    This will give you a clear run under both sensors.
    Carry on through the Gate like object in front of you.
    The Next sensor is in a dip in the floor projecting beams across the entrance
    of the corridor that you need to get down.
    Wait for a clear space and try to get through as high as you can where the
    lasers are less dense.
    The next one is sweeping up and down on the wall again however this time on the
    wall is a metal tube that you will need to go through.
    Wait until the laser is sweeping away from the tuve and get into it but take
    your time!
    Go slow and make sure you get in without bouncing or you will hit the lasers
    (Slow and steady wins the race)
    Once you’re out the other side follow the tunnel further to the other side (it
    gets tight and may require some rolling) and through another pipe.
    Follow the tunnel round on the other side to the next sensor which is sweeping
    side to side on the wall.
    The trick to this one is to get up on the pipe that goes under the sensor and
    simply go under the lasers (so you are between the pipe and the sensor)
    You may need to get farily close to the laser before there is enough room above
    the pipe for you to squeeze your drone into it.
    Go through to another pipe and through a gate and you’re through the base.
    Once your drone has shown the clear way in you will follow in your space suits.
    Ion will detect you there and talk to you and Noah.
    You will see a device at the centre of the asteroid and it turns out Ion has
    found a way to Earth and how to build a gate!
    You will leave in a hurry and decide to get this information back to Argon.
    On your way out you see the ghostly ship again.
    Noah goes to speak to Thomas and Saya will go to find more on that ship.
    	[X3WTM0604] News Feed
    A cut scene will show a news feed and it shows the Paranid have suffered a bad
    Kha’ak attack.
    The Paranid blame the Humans for brining this plague down on them and will shut
    their borders off from the world in the hope that isolation from the humans
    will help avoid future attacks.
    Suffice to say they threaten to destroy any non paranids that ignore the
    blockade and try to get in anyway and all governments will start pulling their
    people out.
    At this point your standing with the Paranid will be shut down to Tainted
    Wanderer (if it was higher than that to start with) and cannot go above this.
    This standing however is only virtual and will be in effect from now until the
    last mission and your "real" standing will be saved in the background and still
    change dynamically.
    The best way to explain this is:
    If your standing drops below "Tainted Wonderer" then it will show and effect
    you as normal.
    If you raise it above Tainted Wonderer it will still show as Tainted Wonderer
    and you will be treated as a Tainted Wonderer but when the standing lock is
    released it will bounce back to your "real" standing.
    You will also get the correct "Lost/Gained Standing" messages (Showing your
    "real" standing) when you hit certain "Real" standing levels.
    [X3WTM0701] Mission 7
    To start the next part of the story line head back to Farnham’s Legend to see
    our old friend the Don who will go ballistic at you and start hurling insults
    at you accusing you of being a Yaki Pirate.
    (If he is not there, just wait around and he will enter from the North Gate in
    his ship "The Talon" and a few pirate escorts)
    He will want the crystal back and send pirates to attack you
    Once you destroy his pirate friends he will start asking if you’re really that
    low that you can sentence a little girl to death.
    You try to explain you’re not Yaki and ask him what girl he is talking about.
    	[X3WTM0702] Mission Briefing
    Turns out the Yaki kidnapped his daughter and that’s why he stole the stone,
    they blackmailed him into it in exchange for his daughter’s life.
    When he realises your not Yaki AND you don’t have the stone he flips realising
    this means they have no reason to keep his girl alive.
    He promises that if you help get his girl back he will help you.
    She was last seen on the trading station in Thurrock’s Pride which is in Split
    	[X3WTM0703] Thurrock's Pride
    To get there go Atreus’s Clouds,
    North to Rolk’s Fate
    North to Menelaus Frontier
    East to CEO’s Buckzoid
    East to Teladi Gain
    East to Family Whi
    South to Family Zein
    South to Thurrock’s Pride
    When you enter Thurrock’s Pride Saya will comms you and you will fill her in on
    the details.
    Saya will tell you she will look around in the system as well and that you
    should check the "BB", that’s the Bulletin Board in the station or BBS or
    Message Board as some people call it.
    You will find that you need to be at least "Creature" standing with the Split
    to be allowed to dock with the trading station.
    The best way to get this standing is to kill pirates in Split space or if your
    of high enough standing to trade with them and have some cash to space, Buy a
    few ship loads of Energy Cells.
    There is a Pirate base in the South-West part of Rhonkar’s Clouds that you can
    grind in.
    To get there you can either go:
    East to Family Pride and South to Rhonkar’s clouds
    South to Rhonkar’s Fire and East to Rhonkar’s clouds.
    	[X3WTM0704] BB
    When you have creature status, Dock with the Trading station here and you will
    see that she is not aboard.
    Check the BB like Saya suggested and you should see a message from one "Miria
    Marani, that’s Don’s last name, guess this is his girl!
    As of version 1.2 there is a bug where if you take too long to get your
    standing up like for those of us that went capturing Split ships and have
    really low standing, Miria’s Message will get rotated off the BB in the normal
    flow of messages and because it was "spawned" by the quest starting and isn’t a
    message in the normal rotation it won’t come back leaving you stuck without the
    If this happens just ignore this bit of the quest, also if you don’t want to
    mess about getting your standing up you can skip this clue as well, and go onto
    the next step
    The BB Message is:
    Posted by: Unknown
    Transport pilots needed
    Contact the manager at the silicon mine for details.
    Union and trade members only.
    Miria Marani.
    Well your no union member but let’s go see the Silicon Mine manager anyway,
    it’s in the North East.
    Undock and go and either dock with or hail the Silicon mine in this sector and
    talk with the manager.
    If you got the BBS message Saya will hail you and you will tell her the crumbs
    lead here and talk to the manager.
    If you didn’t get the BBS message you go straight to the talk with the manager.
    	[X3WTM0705] Silicon Mine
    The Split Manager denies having anything to do with her at first until you
    mention you’re here from the Don and threaten him.
    He tells you that he told her not to fly through Teladi gain as there are a lot
    of pirates in that area.
    Last he heard she had been taken by the pirates and was in a Pleasure complex
    (as a slave girl)
    Turns out Saya got offered a lot of money to be a slave girl in one of these
    places by a Teladi once; he’s not walked straight since.
    You can’t attack the place or you risk killing the girl so you come up with a
    Saya will be bait and allow herself to be caught so she can get in and see
    what’s going on.
    	[X3WTM0706] Teladi Gain
    Go to Teladi Gain which you flew through on the way here.
    When you enter you will talk to Saya who tells you not to follow her but not to
    get closer than 5 KM or you will scare the pirates away.
    We will do better than that, just kill engines, sit there at the gate and read
    a book!
    She will get caught and taken to the pleasure complex; you don’t need to follow
    them you can see them from the east gate which you will have come in through.
    Once she is caught and docked with the complex she will ask you to make a
    distraction so she can escape and suggests you destroy the mines around the
    You will automatically target them but as of version 1.2 you do not get the
    targeting brackets up around them so you will need to fumble your way towards
    the mine (when you are pointing away from it you will get the arrows pointing
    you back in the right direction)
    Don’t get too close or they will blow you up, once your close enough you will
    get the aim helper up (if you have fight software activated and your HUD up)
    which you can use to destroy the mines, there are a few mines around so get
    them all, you automatically target the next mine after destroying the first one
    and each mine should take out a few of the ones neartest to it with the blast.
    If you want you can just stay sitting at the gate, she will eventually escape
    by herself anyway.
    Either way once Saya tells you she’s escaped and you should get away before
    someone notices you, you explain it’s too late for that and you cut to a scene
    to show a rather large number of pirates coming at you which your going to have
    to fight off.
    If you destroyed the mines then the closest and first pirate that will be auto
    targeted for you is the one you need to drop but you can go after the others
    first if you want, if you sat at the gate and let Saya rescue herself you will
    have no choice and have to fight yourself to this pirate (he is sitting by the
    asteroid the complex is on)
    Either way, as soon as you drop this "trigger" pirate you will see a cut scene
    of you chasing him and he crashes into one of the stations structural pipes
    blowing a hole in it.
    At this point Saya tells you she has the girl but they can’t teleport out due
    to a dampener on the station and for some reason they are loosing air (oops)
    Looks like you need to go in and save them
    	[X3WTM0707] Pleasure Complex
    The game will auto save and you will find yourself in your space suit and Saya
    will warn you about the lasers inside.
    If your enemies with the Teladi you will keep getting "your ship is under
    attack" messages as the Teladi’s attack your ship you left outside.
    Don’t worry it’s considered "docked" and is invulnerable.
    When you finish this mission and get back in it and are still under attack
    though is another matter!
    Enter the station through the "back door" you’ve made.
    Be careful as your suit is very fragile, one bump and your dead.
    You will see your aim helper is already locked onto Saya’s ship which is parked
    Follow it into the station and into the large cylindrical drum where the ships
    are parked.
    Do NOT go through the door on the other side in your suit or the lasers Saya
    mentioned will blow you to bits.
    It turns out the reactor is going to blow so they want you to be quick.
    Saya and the girl are in the lifepods but they are jammed and you need to get
    in, drop the force fields and blow the hatches on the life pods to release them.
    Once you’re in Saya’s ship fly it into the tunnel on the other side where you
    can see the blue force field blocking your way.
    The generator generating that force field is the big sphere on your left, blow
    it up.
    There are 2 laser turrets on the opposite side where the force field is/was,
    take them out or fly past them, they shouldn’t be able to get through your
    shields in the time it takes to get past.
    Once the field is down go into the tunnel and it will turn to go up
    You can bounce all you like and you won’t take damage but it will slow you down
    a lot.
    Remember this place will blow soon so you don’t want to spend to long bouncing
    off the walls!.
    You can take these turns at about 150km/s which is plenty fast enough.
    A trick to get through these 90 degree turns fast is to go in then press up or
    down depending on which way the tunnel is going.
    In this case the tunnel is going up so enter it and point your nose up at the
    ceiling before the turn but press down on the keyboard (S by default)
    You will drift towards what is now the floor of the bend and come out flat
    facing the correct way into the tunnel at the end of the turn almost as if you
    were coming down in a lift.
    This is because of the drift effect, even though you turn to face the wall
    (that was previously the ceiling) you are still drifting in your original
    direction and it takes a little while to start moving in the new position you
    are facing,
    When you come out though you will still be drifting towards what is now the
    floor so you may need to counter that by pressing up (W by default) as you exit
    the turn.
    You will get the idea / hang of it playing for yourself but this technique
    really helps especially with the S bends later.
    After this turn you will see a fork in the tunnel.
    The right is a dead end, the left, with the red arrows and lots of neon signs
    is the way you want to go but it’s got another 2 laser turrets.
    Either pass over them quickly or shoot them.
    At the end of this tunnel is another fork, on the left (blue arrow) is another
    force field, I guess we have another generator to blow.
    Go Right down the S bend and into another 90 degree bend into a tunnel with a
    laser turret.
    Kill the turret or fly past it into the 90 degree bend and follow the tunnel
    straight to the last turn on your left (the others are all short dead Enders as
    you can see if you look down them)
    This will take you into another tunnel with a Laser Turret on the roof, take
    care of it however you want and go through and take a left to the last
    Blow this one and you will now have the last shield down which allows the
    homing beacons for the life pods through and you will hear the beeping as you
    get closer now.
    There are 2 sets of life pods you will need to release.
    Head back the way you came, That’s turn around and head right, down the
    corridor and take a  right, all the way to the end and left into the 90 degree
    bend which leads to a corridor another 90 degree bend and an S Bend.
    At the top of this S bend follow the blue arrows right and you will see the
    force field is now down but has 2 laser turrets where it used to be.
    	[X3WTM0708] First Life Pods
    Drop them and carry on through to the first set of 6 Life Pods (the Circles on
    the left side wall)
    A short burst of fire at the latches on each pod will release them out to space.
    Once you have all 6 carry on through to the exit on the opposite side to which
    you entered (it’s the one that leads to a tunnel that turns 90 degrees on its
    side that makes it look like you need to roll to get thorough, you don’t, its
    big enough for you to fly through flat but having said that the tunnels on the
    other side are aligned in the same way so you may as well roll on your side to
    make life easier.
    Turn Right in here (down the long corridor, not to the 2, 90 degree bends) and
    turn right at the end of this through the 90 Degree bend.
    The next tunnel will turn on its side then on its side again,you may be tempted
    to barrel roll through but you can just fly through flat.
    In a short while you will face some nasty turns that require you to roll on
    your side then go through a 90 degree bend then roll and do it again in quick
    succession so you may want to roll through these anyway as a sort of practice
    at doing 2 quick sideways rolls one after the other.
    Go through another 90 Degree bend then turn left, there will be a pair of laser
    turrets here to drop then another pair beyond them.
    Combined they will do some damage to your shields if you hang around so its
    best to drop them in pairs rather than try to run through unless your confident
    you can get through the tunnel at the other side without bouncing.
    Whichever way you handle this, once you are through, carry on over the gentle
    bend and left through another flip side corridor (roll this time) and go
    through a 90 degree bend then roll  on your side again and go through another
    90 Degree bend.
    Feel free to take this slow if your not confident in your flying ability.
    	[X3WTM0709] Final Life Pods
    Go down another corridor then down a 90 Degree bend into the last set of life
    Blow them the same way you did the last lot and complete this part of the
    mission, Saya and the girl will be in the last pod you blow, you yourself
    escape by flying out the tubes the life pods used to be in.
    Outside you will eject from Saya’s ship and ask her to teleport you (now
    floating in space in your suit) back to your ship.
    (You won't be attacked by hostile Teladi during this sequence so don't worry)
    Once there you will find out Don’s little girl isn’t so little, she’s 22 and
    quite feisty.
    Miria thanks you personally and tells you she looks forward to meeting you.
    It also appears you picked up a cargo full of slave girls rescued from the
    ship’s pods too which wasn’t in the plan.
    Miria suggests dropping them off to Don and Saya doesn’t thing that would be a
    good idea (handing them over to another pirate).
    Miria insists its ok as the Don isn’t that bad and he will do what she tells
    Saya will jump to Farnham’s legend, go there and approach the Marauder.
    You will get a scene with the Don when you’re close enough (if not just hail
    him on the Marauder to start it).
    You will find out the Yaki want 2 more crystals and the Don knows where they
    Saya wants to take this information to Noah in Goner Temple in Cloud Base
    South-West while Miria wants to come with you to help you and get revenge on
    those that would make her a Slave.
    Miria will be in her ship the Tempestine and tells you that she will let you
    know when she is ready then uses her Jump drive to leave the sector.
    In some instances Miria will Jump drive out of the sector then a short while
    later she will jump back and sit in space near the North Gate and not do
    This is wrong and will mean your storyline will hang here.
    No Known fix for games that are affected by this bug yet.
    What’s meant to happen is she Jump drives out of the sector and will NOT come
    She will radio a little later to tell you she is ready at "her papa’s place",
    the Marauder.
    If you Dock with the Marauder (or hail it from 8KM or closer) Miria will be
    there and you can talk to her to start the next mission)
    Sadly if you get the bug you will have to start a new game or wait for a patch
    to fix this.
    [X3WTM0801] Mission 8
    If you cannot start this mission please see the note at the end of Mission 7
    After a while Miria will radio you and tell you to meet her at her papa’s (The
    Marauder in Farnham’s Legend).
    Either Dock or Hail the station from 8KM out and talk to Miria.  (Hailing the
    Don also seems to work)
    Miria will launch and you will get a briefing from the Don on the information
    his contacts got him.
    	[X3WTM0802] Mission Briefing
    There are 2 more Crystals out there and the Yaki Disruptor Missile Factory for
    you to take care of.
    The First Crystal is the "Blue Sculpt Crystal" which is with a Paranid called
    Armanchelssilon in Paranid Prime.
    The Problem is that the Paranid have locked up their home sector tight and are
    blowing up anything non Paranid that tries to come in.
    The 2nd "Black Crystal" was aboard a Xenon M0 Ship that got blown up some time
    ago in Nopileos Memorial.
    The Xenon towed it to Xenon Sector 101.
    The Yaki apparently went after this but got beaten up bad by the Xenon.
    The Last target in this briefing is the Yaki Disruptor Missile plant in
    Olmancketslat’s Treaty.
    It’s heavily protected and will be hard to get into, your best of asking Maria
    how to get in as she’s good at using her head.
    Once the briefing is done Miria will ask you which of these you want to do
    I’m listing the walkthrough in the order I did them but you can do them in any
    order you want.
    	[X3WTM0803] Yaki Disruptor Missile Factory
    Fly or Jump to Olmancketslat’s Treaty.
    Once you enter the sector Miria will hail you, after a brief chat she will tell
    you that:
    1)       If you try to fly into the base yourself you will get blasted
    2)       If you bring a Fleet with you and blow the place up you won’t learn
    anything about the missiles
    She asks you if you have any smart ideas, You tell her that you do, ask her,
    that’s what the Don Suggested anyway.
    Miria won’t be impressed and will make you squirm a bit before she tells you
    what to do.
    	[X3WTM0803a] Bala Gi's Joy
    She wants you to get 10,000cr worth of computer components and meet her in Bala
    Gi’s Joy.
    What could she be planning?
    If you don’t have 10,000 credits your going to have to go earn them.
    It shouldn’t be too hard, either go and do some small trade runs (buy from a
    factory that is full of a product as they will sell cheap and sell these on to
    a factory that needs them but is empty and will pay high for them).
    You will be hard pressed to capture any ship that is worth less than 10,000cr
    so you can go harass some pirates into donating their ships to your cause.
    If you have the Police licence for any given race you could just go blowing
    them up and forget about their ships as you will roll cash in that way,
    whatever the case just raise 10,000cr.
    The Nearest Computer Plant is in Priests Pity (Paranid Space) and you need to
    be of standing "Paranid Nomad" to buy from them but your standing is locked at
    "Unholy Nomad" in this sector for the time being so we need to go to another
    race for the parts.
    The next closest Computer plant is in:
    Argon: Cloud Base South-West
    Boron: Rolk’s Drift (5 Sectors North of Cloud Base South-West (Kingdoms End)
    and East)
    Split: Thuruk’s Beard (3 Sectors South of Thuruk’s Pride)
    Teladi: Greater Profit (1 Sector West of Thuruk’s Beard (as above) then 3
    Sectors North)
    Computer Components will cost you roughly 1,300each so you will need roughly 8
    Computer components.
    They will take up 1 Cargo Unit each and are "small" cargo so you will only need
    8 cargo spaces free on any ship.
    Buy the components you need then head to Bala Gi’s Joy which is East of
    Farnham’s Legend.
    When you enter Bala Gi’s Joy with the parts you will hail Miria and ask her
    what the plan is.
    It turns out Miria knows a computer expert in the sector who did some work for
    her before.
    When you ask her what work it was she hints that it was work that didn’t do
    anyone with savings in the PXK Bank any favours, Hmmmmmm.
    He is on the Quantum Tube Fab so go and dock there.
    As soon as you dock the Computer Expert, Jesan, will hail and greet Miria.
    Personally I think he sounds more like a surfer dude than a Computer geek!
    Miria will explain that this is a flying visit and they need some weapons plans
    off a space station, she also mentions that you have bought Computer components
    as a Thank you.
    Jesan will tell Miria that it’s not the computer components he’s interested in
    (Now I KNOW he’s not a computer geek!)
    He will freely offer his help but you will need to take his ship as it’s the
    only one with the right equipment on it.
    As he will be operating the equipment he hints to Miria that he will need a
    Miria tells him sure, You will fly him!
    Jesan seems a little disappointed at that for some reason. (Don’t take it
    Miria tells Jesan that she will meet him back here when he is done and to
    remind you to check the "stuff" her dad sent you as you can get a bit lost
    sometimes. (There is a log in your messages)
    	[X3WTM0803b] Olmancketslat’s Treaty
    The Log tells you to scan the station in Olmancketslat’s Treaty which is
    through the South Gate.
    You will be flying a Mamba with 2x25MJ Shields, 2BPACS, to AHEPTS and 157ms top
    When you enter Olmancketslat’s Treaty target the Disruptor Missile Fab Alpha
    which is directly South of the North Gate that you just came in through.
    As soon as you get within 8KM of the station Jesan will tell you to fly slow
    and not look suspicious, you try to explain to him that flying slowly around
    their station in a Pirate sector IS looking suspicious.
    Sadly it seems that because the station is shielded he will need you to get
    close to the station for him to scan it.
    The Scan will take about 60seconds during which time you can’t go faster than
    120 m/s or he will loose the lock.
    He doesn’t say exactly how close you need to be but you mention something about
    giving the station a haircut and that sounds pretty close to me.
    The problem is that your indicated speed it not necessarily your true speed.
    Doing say 116 m/s forward then hitting your strafe drive will send you over 120
    m/s because of the extra thrusters but your speed display will still show 116
    m/s which is what your engines are doing forward not counting the extra
    thrusters so best to keep it slow and don’t use your lateral thrusters.
    Sharp turns with the mouse will have the same effect so be gentle.
    The best bet is to just fly up to the station, right up to central point where
    your target reticule is locked when you have the station targeted.
    If you sit here you can sit facing the Docking clamps which will slowly release
    Fighters and you can shoot at them and take most of them out before they even
    launch and you wont have to worry about going to fast as you don’t have to move
    at all.
    The Yaki Pirates use a lot of missiles, usually silk worms and those will do
    major damage if they hit, 2 or 3 will kill you outright so make sure to take
    them down and be ready to dodge if you have to (sitting right in the centre of
    the station will mean you are shielded a bit from missiles by the station
    itself which helps)
    As for Lasers they mostly use IRE’s so aren’t much threat to your 50MW of
    shields there it’s just the numbers and the Missiles you need to watch out for.
    They have a pretty endless supply of Pirates so just sit tight for 60 seconds
    and if you play it right you should be done and heading out of there before
    they get a 3rd wave off at you and the first 2 should have been dead before
    they left the docking clamps!
    You’re faster than the Yaki ships as well so getting away shouldn’t be hard,
    just Head for the North Gate back to where Miria is waiting for you.
    Dock with the Quantum Fab to Finish this Leg of the Quest.
    If you Hail Miria in her "Tempestine" before docking with the Quantum Tube Fab
    she will ask you what you want and you will be forced to tell her you want to
    do one of the other 2 (if you’ve not done them yet) missions and you can’t
    cancel the dialogue.
    Don’t worry though, choose one and you can still dock and finish this part of
    the Mission and you won’t have to re-do it.
    Miria will have a quick chat with Jesan who will tell Miria that she is a
    better Pilot than you and that you should stick to flying passenger routes
    (Where was that passenger eject button again?)
    Miria will promise Jesan that she will see him soon, though she doesn’t sound
    very sincere.
    You will mention that you should show Ban the plans to see what he thinks of
    them so head back to "Argon One" in Argon Prime and talk to Ban Dana.
    	[X3WTM0803c] Argon One
    Ban will welcome you but tells you that Miria will not be allowed on board.
    He tells you he will have the plans analysed for you but in the mean time he
    asks if you want to see your Father, you don’t really have a choice in the
    matter and he has you escorted down.
    You see a video scene with you looking at your dad suspended in a Med Tube.
    Saya is there too, apparently her mother likes her to drop in when she can.
    You explain how you never really met your Father, how he’s been in this state
    since you’ve known him and all because of Earth.
    Dogan is dead because of Earth, you are having to deal with Ion because of
    Earth, you wonder why its all worth it.
    Saya will give you a HoloSphere, something of your fathers
    It’s an Image of Earth; apparently it was given to your Father to remind him of
    You sound shocked when you realise that this Image of Earth Is not the planet
    you were looking at through Ions Device, whatever planet he has found, its not
    Saya wonders what planet it really is then but you decide it doesn’t matter,
    you have to stop him.
    You will find yourself in your ship again and Miria will ask you why the Yaki
    want these crystals so bad.
    You tell her about how they are part of some device built by the Ancients and
    ask her if she would trust them with such a device.
    It turns out she wouldn’t trust a Yaki with blunt spoon and wants to stop them.
    You will now get to choose what Mission to do next if you have any left to do.
    	[X3WTM0804] Paranid Sculpt Crystal (Blue)
    When you choose to go for the Blue Crystal which is held by the Paranid Maraia
    tells you that all you need to do is talk to a Paranid in Paranid Space.
    Apparently its simple in a no way you can do it kind of way.
    Miria recommends you speak to Paranid Border Control at the East Gate in
    Emperor Mines which leads to Paranid Prime but warns that the Paranid are about
    as friendly as a SQUASH mine and you’ve encountered those before haven’t you.
    	[X3WTM0804a] Emperor Mines
    Head to the Emperor Mines East Gate.
    South to Home Of Light
    West to Red Light
    South to Cloud Base South-West
    South to Emperor Mines
    Approach the East Gate.
    Paranid Border Patrol will hail you to tell you that this sector is closed to
    all traffic and that you need to Halt your approach or be destroyed.
    Miria mentions that this at least means that the Yaki aren’t in there.
    She has a contact on the Trading station in this sector, He only has 2 Eyes
    which in Paranid Society (they all have 3 eyes) makes him about as popular as
    gas in a space suit and he will do anything to raise the cash for the operation
    to get a third eye.
    The Paranid all consider themselves Superior Life forms and the Unholy 2 Eyed
    races as inferior beings.
    You have a philosophical moment and say "And in the land of the locked out the
    two-eyed Paranid is King".
    Go Dock with the Trading Station and Miria will contact Nolman.
    Nolman will offer to take a message to the Paranid with the Crystal for you in
    exchange for 30,000cr.
    I’m afraid you’re going to have to go earn that money if you don’t have it.
    Miria will ask you if you have 30,000cr, If you say no then you have no deal,
    you will mock Miria’s "lead" but she will insist its your fault for not
    bringing any credits along on your first date and you won’t get to dance so you
    should get your skinny hide out there raising the Credits.
    When you do have 30,000cr come back and hail Nolmancketnun and transfer the
    Nolman will take your message but Miria points out that if Nolman wanted 30k
    then Armanchelssilon won’t ask for pocket change and you should go make some
    money while you wait for him to come back with the Paranid’s response.
    	[X3WTM0804b] Elena's Fortune
    It seems you will need to have or raise 200,000cr and meet him in Elena’s
    You can either go and Raise the funds or I can spoil the fun and tell you that
    things will happen that mean you won’t need the funds, Either way you will need
    to go to Elena’s Fortune, that’s:
    North to Cloud Base South-West
    East to Ore Belt
    East to Cloud Base South-East
    North to Presidents End
    East to Elena’s Fortune
    Once you enter Elena’s Fortune the Paranid will hail you and tell you to meet
    him immediately by the trading station.
    You will automatically target his ship, the "Age of Oedipus"
    Go to him and Hail his ship.
    Miria will insist you "play nice" so you do just that.
    Miria comments on how well you kiss bastu and she invites you over to hers if
    you ever want to kiss....then The Paranid butts into the conversation.
    The Kha’ak jump in and are attack the Paranid, He insists you "lower life
    forms" take care of the problem for him or there will be no deal and runs for
    his life.
    Start taking out the Kha’ak.
    Miria will insist you tie up here fast so that you can finish the deal with the
    cowardly Paranid when the Ghostly ship makes another appearance.
    You tell Miria to keep an eye on it and she asks you what it is, you explain
    that that’s just what you would like to know.
    It will vanish again and Miria will ask where it went but you don’t know.
    After you finish off the Kha’ak the Paranid will accuse you of controlling the
    Kha’ak and trying to use them to kill him so you can steal the Crystal (despite
    the fact that you clearly just took them out for him while he ran with his tail
    between his legs).
    He promises you will regret this then explodes as he flies into the gate.
    It seems the Ghost ship can not only hide but make illusions too.
    It made the Gate look like an asteroid and the asteroid look like the gate, and
    the Paranid fell for it and flew into the asteroid.
    The ship does not show up on the sensors but then it tries to swoop in and pick
    up the Crystal from the wreckage.
    You are too fast for it and it chases you through the gate as you escape with
    the Crystal.
    	[X3WTM0805] The Black Crystal (Xenon M0)
    If for some reason you have already been to this sector and gotten this crystal
    your game is now bugged and cannot continue.
    This should be fixed in patch 1.3
    Miria will mention that the M0 in question was destroyed by Kyle Brenan, your
    Looks like you both have famous dads.
    You will tell her that hers didn’t save the universe and she should try living
    up to that.
    She disagrees that you can’t live up to it and reminds you that Hey, you saved
    her universe, err and all those other girls too.
    You laugh that, well we all make mistakes, she isn’t to impressed with that one!
    	[X3WTM0805a] Xenon Sector 101
    You will find Xenon Sector 101 by going:
    South to Split Fire
    East to Brenan’s Triumph
    South to Danna’s Chance
    East to Nopileos’ Memorial where the M0 was destroyed
    South to Xenon Sector 101
    Once you enter Xenon Sector 101 you will want to head towards the centre of the
    sector where there will be a lot of abandoned crates.
    Once you get close enough you tell your computer to scan the crates but the
    Xenon will start attacking you and you don’t want to have them firing at you
    when you drop your shields to pick up the crates.
    They spawn endlessly and they have a cap ship roaming around as well so try to
    be quick and grab the crates as quickly as you can but thin their numbers if
    you get a chance.
    Faster firing weapons and Ion Disruptors will make this a lot easier as they
    are fast ships but not very strong.
    The L’s are pretty tough though so the Ion Disruptors help with them.
    Missiles are tempting but with the massive amount of incoming fire here your
    likely to have them blow up in your face especially when combined with the
    amount of dodging you will be doing.
    There are usually lots of allied ships in this area fighting the Xenon so you
    shouldn’t have too much trouble with getting swamped if you can lure them away
    to the allied ships (which will also keep spawning).
    Flying in the area with the crates seems to trigger the spawning of Xenon ships
    faster than normal so pull out of there if your going to be thinning their
    numbers out then sweep back in for a crate.
    It can take a while and be very frustrating but stick with it.
    Sweep into grab a crate then get out and start working their numbers down for
    the next sweep.
    Alternatively lure them into the allied ships in the area and while they are
    distracted with them go back for more crates.
    Be careful that you don’t ram the crates with your shields up or it will
    explode, likewise try not to get them shot!
    If the crystal is destroyed consider your game broken, reload time!
    Once you have the crystal and get out of the Xenon Sector (I jumped to
    Farnham’s Legend) Maria will hail you and congratulate you on eventually
    getting all the bits and ask you where you are going to go now.
    You tell her that you will go to the Goner Temple as they are the ones that can
    put all the bits of the puzzle together.
    Maria tells you that the two of you make a good team and that you should pop by
    sometime and make the team work a bit more personal.
    Her dad has been messaging her every 3 seconds so she decides to go check on
    him; before she leaves she wishes you Good luck with the Yaki.
    [X3WTM0901] Mission 9
    Go back to Cloud Base South-West and head towards the Goner Temple.
    When you’re close enough Noah will hail you and congratulate you on getting the
    He will ask you to dock and tell you that Thomas and Saya are there with him.
    Dock and Hail Noah (If you hail Saya you will speak to Noah anyway).
    Noah will want to know how Ion was going to use the crystals.
    You come up with the idea that if you let slip to Ion that you are transporting
    the crystals you can set up an ambush as he tries to take them off you.
    Thomas will offer to leak this news for you and Saya will go to get the ships
    you will need.
    She will tell you to meet her later.
    There is nothing to do now but go kill some time.
    Eventually you will get a message telling you the fleet is ready and to get
    back to the Goner Temple.
    Go back and hail Noah.
    Saya will ask you if you’re not with Miria and you tell her how amazed you are
    to find someone that speaks more than her!
    	[X3WTM0902] Ore Belt
    You will be heading to the Ore Belt so fire up your thrusters and watch the cut
    scene as the decoy arrives.
    The Yaki will realise it’s a trap and Fire their Disruptor Missiles but they
    wont work.
    You’re going to have to fight them the old fashion way so get out there and
    shoot them down.
    During the fight the Ghost ship will make another appearance.
    Ion's Ship, the "True Light Seeker" is here, once you get his shields down he
    will surrender and you will take Ion Prisoner.
    Ion will protest that you can’t do this and you don’t understand, but you also
    don’t care, he is arrested for Treason having cost many peoples lives and
    allied himself with the Pirates.
    You will explain to Ion that the planet is not Earth and it takes the Hologram
    of Earth and backup from Saya whose mother is also from Earth to convince him
    he’s been used and this "Projector" does not lead to Earth after all.
    He apologises but asks you to understand that he did this for Earth, Noah tells
    him that it is not his intentions that matter but his Actions.
    It turns out he was being used by a creature called Sargon.
    [X3WTM1001] Mission 10
    You will enter a mission briefing explaining the rather large task ahead of you.
    You will need to recover something called a "Seed" that is buried deep within
    an Asteroid in Paranid Space which is still locked down and off limits.
    You need to build a Super factory on this asteroid to get to the seed but
    that’s no small task.
    Saya will say that she can call some contacts in Terracorp but even they aren’t
    being allowed in to Paranid space.
    It looks like you will need to use your contacts for a change, a concept that
    surprises Saya.
    Your Contact is aboard the trading station Emperor Mines.
    Dock with the station and talk with Saya.
    You will tell her that you know this guy through Miria.
    Nolman will recognise you and not be too impressed that those that help you
    seem to end up dead.
    Nolman can provide you with a Mine but he will charge you for it, he doesn’t
    seem to actually tell you how much he wants but it will be 200,000 credits, the
    200,000 credits the original Paranid wanted.
    Once you’ve paid him you’re going to have to kill some time and wait for Nolman
    to get back to you to tell you his has made arrangements for your Mine.
    He will contact you to confirm that he has made arrangements to have you
    allowed into Paranid space and wants to see you on the Trading station in
    Emperor Mines.
    Dock and speak to him again.
    It turns out that he has the money he needs to get his operation so he never
    wants to hear from you again, oh and by the way, because your name would have
    raised objections from the family of the Paranid that got killed in your deal
    gone wrong he gave you an Alias, Julie.
    	[X3WTM1002] Priest Rings
    You may as well get over to Priest Rings where the mining operations will take
    place (East 2 Sectors)
    A short while later your Mine manager will send you a message telling you that
    the mine is up and running.
    This will show up as "Your Ore Mine M Alpha".
    Eventually they will extract the "seed" from the asteroid and you will pick it
    up in a cut scene.
    The Paranid running the mine for you will be reluctant to give it up but he is
    soon convinced to part with it.
    Once you have it go meet Saya in the Emperor Mines, she will Hail you as soon
    as you enter the sector and you will discuss events.
    [X3WTM1101]Mission 11
    You will get a news feed showing the Kha’ak attacking central Argon sectors and
    In the next mission briefing Ban Dana tells you that your father has regained
    consciousness but before Ban could talk to him he stole a ship with details of
    the AP Gunner, a Ship from X2, and headed off.
    The moment the Kha’ak arrived his brainwaves matched the Kha’ak Jump Events and
    that’s when he regained consciousness and fled.
    The Senate have heard about this and think that he is being influenced and have
    ordered the fleet to search for him with orders to shoot if he resists.
    Ban can’t delay the search for ever but doesn’t believe Kyle, Your Dad, is a
    traitor and he wants you to head to Nyana’s Hideout where you found the AP
    Gunner to try and find your dad and bring him home safe.
    	[X3WTM1002] Nyana's Hideout
    Saya will take the "seed" back while you go to Nyana’s Hideout.
    To get there go:
    North to Cloud Base South-West
    East to Ore Belt
    East to Cloud Base South-East
    North to Presidents End
    East to Elena’s Fortune
    South to Split Fire
    East to Brenan’s Triumph
    South to Danna’s Chance
    East to Nopileos’ Memorial
    East to Hatikvah’s Faith
    North to Thuruk’s Beard
    North to Family Rhonkar
    North to Rhonkar’s Fire
    East to Rhonkar’s Clouds
    East to Tharka’s Sun
    East to Cho’s Defeat
    South to Patriarch’s Keep
    East to Two Grand
    South to Profit Centre Alpha
    East to PTN Headquarters
    South to Scale Plate Green
    East to Nyana’s Hideout
    When you Reach Nyana’s Hideout fly North from the West Gate that you just
    entered through until you see the ship your Dad stole, the Nova called
    "Midnight Star".
    When you get close enough (4KM) your game will Auto save and you will see a cut
    You Hail the ship and decide to pose as Argon Security instead of Julian, his
    son and tell him to stop.
    He tells you that you don’t know what your doing then flies into a nearby
    asteroid followed by Kha’ak.
    You decide he must still be in his Coma and get your computer to scan the
    asteroid; looks like it’s the same sort of asteroid that you found the AP
    Gunner in, the ship that almost got you killed.
    You don’t have a choice; you have to follow him in.
    As of version 1.2 this is bugged and the mission will start with you flying
    through the tunnel in the asteroid but you will end up Outside the asteroid.
    You can get back in through a segment near the blocked start of the tunnel but
    you will bounce off the rest of it.
    Get back into the tunnel by finding this hole then you can carry on through.
    Also note that your HUD will be disabled for this mission and you can’t get it
    Your speed and handling also seems to be rather seriously reduced and you have
    to hold down your boost extension to move.
    If you don’t have boost extension your going to be stuck sitting there looking
    at the pretty scenery.
    You will however be invulnerable for this mission.
    You have to finish this mission in a time limit or you will get game over
    Once you get far enough through the tunnel you will see a load of Kha’ak trying
    to create a Jump Horizon and your dad tells you that you need to get out of
    here before they jump or you will get stuck in Kha’ak space.
    When you’re clear you will ask Kyle what that was all about and he will tell
    you he was getting answers.
    You ask him what answers but he insists on seeing Ban Dana before he will go
    for your Interrogation.
    As you are about to jump to see Ban the REAL Argon Security Forces will turn up
    and the lead ship "Eagle 1" will hail you and ask for you to identify
    You tell them that it’s OK and that you have it under control, their response
    to that is to arm their weapons and repeat their request for you to identify
    You identify yourself as Julian Brenan and Kyle Brenan; your dad will be
    surprised naturally.
    They confirm your Identity and are about to jump out when more Kha’ak appear
    and you’re forced to fight.
    Drop the Kha’ak and the Argon Security forces will escort you as detainees.
    Your Dad will start to talk to you but you insist you don’t do it on an Open
    Comm. so you save the conversation for later.
    You will ask your Father if he knew a priest called Dogan.
    Kyle doesn’t recall ever meeting Dogan.
    You tell him about how the Priest Ion thought found Earth and that it got Dogan
    Kyle will ask you if you think that’s his Fault.
    You tell him that you lost your past because of him, your best friend because
    of the Kha’ak and 2 more are dead because of Earth.
    You will ask Kyle "What’s it worth"
    Kyle will simply ask you "What if you lost everything" and you tell him that
    you already know what that’s like.
    Your dad comments on how it’s strange, that the Kha’ak come out of nowhere,
    don’t say anything and start attacking.
    You suddenly make the link, Nividium? Could that be the cause?
    Your Father insists you go talk to Ban Dana.
    [X3WTM1201] Mission 12
    Get back to the "Argon One" in Argon Prime, and Hail Ban Dana.
    In the discussion that follows you learn that the Kha’ak remained pretty much
    alone through time
    Then one day the AP Gunner went crashing through the middle of their system
    The Kha’ak followed this ship back and found "us".
    	[X3WTM1202] Mission Briefing
    They observed and learnt about this new life they discovered and they saw this
    as OK because this life didn’t know they existed.
    Then the Paranid started sending in Recon ships into Kha’ak space which the
    Kha’ak saw as threat.
    They attacked indiscriminately at first because they didn’t see difference
    between races.
    The Paranid have always used Nividium but this stuff is normally only found in
    tiny quantities.
    Then the Paranid did find Nividium in large quantities in Kha’ak space.
    It turns out the reason we can’t find their home world is because we are
    stealing what’s left of it (The Nividium Asteroids)
    Terracorp alone has made 15 massive shipments of Nividium for the Paranid
    You mention that you don’t think Nividium is actually really used for anything
    so why are the Paranid so crazy for the stuff.
    It looks like it’s time to find out
    This job is one for you as you have access to Paranid space
    Ban Dana wants you to do some recon, they are going to set up a ship
    specifically for this task on the Argon One and then tell you when it’s ready.
    It’s that time again; go kill some more time until they are ready.
    When Ban tells you the ship is ready go back and talk to him.
    Saya has put together some info for you based on Terracorp Records and thinks
    that you should start with the Installation in Emperor Mines
    The equipment on the ship you’re flying is pretty ancient and you will need to
    get real close to the Nividium Plant to scan it.
    You will be in a Boron Barracuda with 6 BIRE’s, 2 BPACS’s and a top speed of
    142KM/s and 2x25MJ Shields, it doesn’t however, have a SETA drive!
    	[X3WTM1203] Emperor Mines
    Head to Emperor Mines, when you enter the sector Saya will tell you it’s over
    to the East.
    Head to the Nividium Processing Plant, once you get within 3KM Saya will tell
    you that you need to get closer because of the Shielding and that she will mark
    the areas you need to scan (their Storage and Processing areas etc).
    You need to get within 100Meters for the scanner to get through the shielding
    so scoot on up to within 100M of the target lock and Saya will start the Scan,
    she will take about 60 seconds and find nothing.
    You wonder that if it may have been moved by the Paranid, and if it was moved
    and hidden then it means the Paranid knew all along that this was the cause of
    the attacks, nice of them to tell us about it!
    You wonder what’s worth so much they let so many suffer so much.
    	[X3WTM1204] Paranid Prime
    The next installation is in Paranid Prime.
    Before you can get over there to scan it the Family of the split trader that
    got killed trying to sell you the crystal showed up and try to take revenge.
    You explain that it was not you that killed him but they won’t listen, They
    will be in heavy M3 and M6 Ships which you will not take down with your poor
    BIRE’s, even if you have kitted the ship up they are endless in numbers and
    will respawn as fast as you drop them so just run.
    Once you make it into Paranid Prime Saya will tell you to head north.
    It seems the Paranid never place these plants close to anything, She wonders if
    they are doing something dangerous.
    You always thought it was just metal.
    Head North of the West Gate where the Nividium Plant is sitting out on its own.
    Once you’re 3 KM away Saya will tell you to take her in again and see what she
    can pick up but at the same time more Paranid come in to attack you and it will
    be the same as last time, M3’s and M6’s which outnumber and out match your ship
    and they are endless in numbers the only problem is this time we haven’t
    scanned the station yet so we can just run and we can’t just sit 100M out from
    the station as you won’t last 6 seconds let alone 60.
    You’re going to have to ignore the Paranid and do some fancy flying around the
    same part of this Nividium plant as we sat at last time.
    If you can get to the target lock you will see where a Leg of the station
    connects to the main body with arms and supports sticking out around it.
    Fly round this and the superstructure will shield you from most of the incoming
    Keep hugging the structure and slow to 70 or so KM/s if it makes it easier for
    you and just keep going round taking whatever evasive action you need to but
    keeping close to the structure for Saya to do the scan.
    It looks like this station is empty as well with only trace amounts of Nividium
    left so they either moved it or used it all very fast but you don’t know what
    it is they could be doing that would of used that much Nividium that quickly.
    	[X3WTM1205] Duke's Domain
    The last station is in Dukes Domain so get over there by going:
    South to Empire’s Edge
    East to Duke’s Domain
    When you get there you will question Saya’s qualifications as the head of
    Logistics for Terracorp when it turns out the station is not here.
    Looks like the biggest installation Saya has ever been to has gone, there is no
    debris to indicate it has been destroyed and it could not have been towed away.
    As you are pondering this a Transport is detected heading out into seemingly
    empty space where the station should be, when it gets close enough to dock it
    reveals the station but it was under the same ghostly invisibility effect as
    the ghost ship you have been seeing.
    As it becomes visible Saya’s scanners start working and pick up huge amounts of
    Saya has heard rumours that the Paranid had developed a cloaking device she
    thought it didn’t work.
    You decide that this isn’t the only time you’ve seen this effect.
    With typical great timing more Paranid ships enter through the gate with friends
    Your going to have to get back to argon one to tell ban
    On your way back Ban will contact you to ask you to come back as there have
    been "developments"
    [X3WTM1301] Mission 13
    As of version 1.2 when you finish this mission you will be stuck in this sector
    without a ship.
    This will be fixed in 1.3
    If you want to carry on playing until they fix this DO NOT DO THIS MISSION
    When you Enter Argon Prime the Argon security forces will escort you to Argon
    They will tell you to lower your shields so you can be transported aboard.
    You sense that this means Trouble.
    Just as you suspected you’re arrested for the Murder of Armanckessilion.
    The Paranid are accusing you of his murder and of stealing the "seed" and are
    threatening to declare war over this and are already in discussions with the
    Despite all you have found the Politicians have decided to hand you over to
    your certain deaths and the Senator and the Senate signed the official orders 2
    hours ago.
    Ion, you and your father are to be transferred to your ships, BUT as a sign of
    honour Ban Dana has ordered that you will be allowed to fly there yourself and
    are transferred to your ship.
    	[X3WTM1301] Mission Briefing
    He suggests that you DON’T try to escape, and if you WERE to escape and find
    evidence then you would be on your own.
    He also suggests that IF you ran to Don Marani, well, that might confirm your
    guilt no matter how HELPFUL it may be.
    I’m sure that if he COULD nudge wink at and kick you over the video feed
    without making it any more obvious what he is suggesting I’m sure he would.
    You will find that your ships Jump drive has been disabled and you are going to
    be escorted by the Argon Security Services (You didn’t think it would be that
    easy did you!)
    Your dad will offer to try to fix the Jump Drive while you fly.
    If you deviate away from the escort Ban Dana will warn you that to continue
    will mean the Security forces will open Fire.
    Ignore him and make a break for it and dodge fire long enough for your Dad to
    fix the Jump Drive.
    He will only take a minute (I’m tempted to say this is a bug but then again
    your dad is from Earth so maybe he still uses that old phrase instead of the
    modern Mizura)
    Once he’s fixed it you will automatically Jump to Farnham’s Legend and meet Don
    and Miria.
    Ban Dana will hail you over secure comms and tell you that the Argon Senate and
    Paranid have declared you Renegade meaning you will have to stay out of sight
    of Argon and Paranid alike.
    To make it worse because both are talking to other races it will not be long
    until at least the Boron will also declare you Renegade.
    He tells you the Don will help you get what you need.
    The Argons suspect you are right and that the Paranid have a cloaking device
    which the Argons failed to create and they had been wondering how.
    They suspect it was with the help of the Alien Sargon but why he stopped
    working for Paranid and went to Ion is unknown to them.
    Whatever they are doing must use huge amounts of energy and cost a lot so it
    must all be worth a lot.
    The Senate have promised to return the seed you took from the Asteroid and they
    will be handing it over to a Paranid Convoy, he wants you to find out what they
    are doing and come back when you can prove it.
    You come out of the briefing and ask the Don why you were told to go to him and
    Miria tells you that her Daddy has gone straight and went to Ban Dana to offer
    his help.
    The Don will insist it’s just a business deal.
    Ion will but in to and mock you by saying "Now who’s recruiting pirates"
    You will tell Don and Miria that this is Ion, the priest that hired the Yaki
    and got Miria Kidnapped.
    You tell Ion to be quiet or you will hand him over to the Don but Miria insists
    you hand him over to her.
    Moving back onto topic the Don and Miria have arranged some fake ID for you and
    you are going to need to go to Dukes Domain again.
    	[X3WTM1303] News Feed
    A news feed will cut in to show you the latest developments with the dramatic
    escape of You, Ion and your father.
    The Paranid are accusing the Argon senate of colluding with you and are
    threatening military action.
    The Argons counter this claim saying that the Paranid withheld vital
    information about the Kha’ak invasion.
    You will need to pick up a spare jump drive enabled ship from the Don’s base so
    dock at the "Marauder".
    Miria will tell you to take this ship with her while Kyle and Ion take another.
    Ion will tell Kyle that it’s good to meet him again but Kyle disagrees as he
    heard about how his scheme cost Dogan his life.
    Ion believes Dogan would have been happy if he knew about Earth and would have
    died for it
    You snap in to remind him that he didn’t die for Earth.
    You ask Ion if he knew of any link between Sargon who used him and the Paranid
    but he does not.
    You cannot pass it off though as they have similar tech and know of the seed
    You ask Miria what this ship is and she will tell you its expensive then start
    the Jump sequence
    	[X3WTM1304] Duke's Domain
    You Enter Dukes Domain and Miria feels that this should be far away enough to
    avoid sensors but you point out its also too far away to see anything.
    It turns out Miria has a plan, apparently its standard military protocol to
    send patrols to far away where can be captured so we just need to wait here for
    one of them then capture it and use it’s ID to get into their secure space.
    Miria complains that everyone thinks being a pirate is fun and exciting when in
    reality you spend most of it sitting on your butt getting good at solitaire.
    Eventually a Paranid patrol all on his own will come along and try to blow you
    Drop his shields with the Ion Disruptor your ship is equipped with and he bails.
    You will use his ship and approach the cloaked station, it seems this ships
    sensors pick it up when it’s cloaked, it must highlight it so you don’t crash
    into it.
    You will need to disable cloaking device, Ban told you that it will take a lot
    of power so you decide to knock out its power source while Miria takes care of
    the Paranid.
    Just leave her to it and target the "Unknown Object Alpha’s" that are scattered
    about to drop their power and their cloaking device.
    Once the station is visible you will scan it again and detect all that Nividium.
    It turns out they are making gates with it, Miria will tell you that she
    thought we couldn’t make gates.
    You will explain that we can create gates it’s the jump event that we can’t
    You’re guessing the Paranid intend to use the seed crystal but they only have
    one, so why make so many gates.
    	[X3WTM1305] Paranid Convoy
    A Paranid convoy starts forming and you will follow it.
    You find out that the Paranid are trying to manufacture more seed crystals and
    that’s why they kept this all a secret.
    If the Paranid can build their own gates they can make their own trade routes
    and control the economy, it’s all about the credits! That’s probably why they
    told the alien to take a hike.
    Ion will say that they are dealing with they don’t understand, and then you see
    them start to loose control of one of the Jump event.
    Ion explains that the Event will tear itself apart and destroy every thing for
    sectors unless it has a gate to hold it in place,
    Gates needs an Energy Spine or they will collapse and send out shockwaves that
    destroy matter for sectors.
    You explain to Ion that you failed science so he puts it simply:
    "No spine; Gate go Boom Boom."
    	[X3WTM1306] Crystal Splitter
    You will need to get onto the construction platform with Ion to get a spine
    into place, Sargon told him a bit of how it works and he thinks he can do it
    but think is not good enough.
    Head towards the "Paranid Crystal Splitter Fab Alpha".
    When you target the Crystal Splitter Fab you will the Large Target Brackets
    around the station and a Smaller set of brackets targeting the platfrom (size
    of your ship) that you need to get to.
    Once you get close enough Ion will be able to stabilise the Event and Miria’s
    pirates will offer to pull the gate into place.
    Don’t bother fighting the Paranid; they will be your allies shortly.
    You ask what you are going to do about the other side but your father
    volunteers for that and jumps through the gate before you can protest, Ion
    insists you don’t follow until the other sides is capped.
    Kha’ak will start to flood into the sector at the same time that Miria gets in
    Don helps Miria while you get the Kha’ak.
    After some time the Argon One jumps in and talks to Paranid down with orders
    from their Pontifex and the Argon Senate telling them they are under his
    command now.
    It turns out that there were massive power readings that were easy to find due
    to Kyle entering the event and it looks like the Paranid and Argons have
    patched up relations for a bit.
    	[X3WTM1307] Kha'ak Waves
    Ban tells you that you should be arrested but instead he would like you to help
    You tell him you would prefer an apology and a bank full of credits.
    You will have to go fight Kha’ak waves and they will jump in cap ships but Bans
    fleet will deal with them.
    After you have cleared this lot you will comment that it looks like the major
    Kha’ak attack everyone was expecting is starting
    Argon is already engaged on several fronts so Ban can’t call in any more help,
    with that being the case you wonder who it is that IS jumping into help, it’s
    Saya and Borron Help.
    Fight off another wave then the Redoubt capital ship looses weapons; Ban will
    ask you to cover her while she makes repairs.
    Another wave of Kha’ak will appear and at the same time Ion tells station is
    moving off course.
    Sargon is pulling the station with a tug into the gate, there are also Kha’ak
    ships coming from all sides but you think Sargon is more important and leave
    your allies to it and follow after Sargon.
    Ion will tell you that you will have to destroy station by blasting the 4 power
    nodes, the large generators much like the ones powering the force fields in the
    Pleasure complex.
    You will overload the power core and cause the station to explode.
    Ion will go down with the ship with no regrets knowing he does it for Earth.
    	[X3WTM1308] Hero of the Day..Again.
    Your will be forced to eject from your ship.
    You will see a cut scene with yet more Kha’ak jumping in and Ban trying to hail
    his two other cap ships.
    He will be forced to call a retreat to defend Argon and abandon Earth but they
    get cut off and are forced to fight to the death.
    Just when all looks lost another fleet jump in via the gates, it’s the Earth
    Fleet! Kyle managed to bring them back.
    They fight off the Kha’ak saving the Argon.
    Ban Dana will give them their thanks but the Humans cut him short and tell him
    that they are not welcome here and any attempts to come through will be met
    with force.
    They pull back to Argon Prime to discuss the situation and Kyle will tell you
    that he is going back to Earth with the fleet to try and negotiate the start of
    Diplomatic talks with the Earth Humans who are still very suspicious.
    That’s it you saved Earth (with a little help).
    You will see another news feed showing that the Kha’ak are falling back and
    many people are celebrating but the Senator (who hung you out to dry) telling
    us that its never a good time to relax.
    Earth is the hot topic now as it was previously only Myth and religion; also
    they are making new peace with the Paranid (who I will personally be wiping out
    of the Universe in my game later).
    Ban Dana however feels we can still contact the Kha’ak and make peace with them
    Saya will meet up with you and have a chat while Miria wants you to hurry up
    and meet her so you can take her to the Party they are throwing in your honour!
    After this cut scene, welcome to the last and most fatal bug!
    You fly away in your ship in the cut scene to go to the party.but in actual
    fact they leave you sitting in space in your suit, they took your ship but you
    weren’t in it DOH!!!!
    Oh and you can’t leave the sector either, looks like that event folded space so
    any attempt to use the gates or jump out of this area fold back and dump you
    back here where you started the mission.
    They will fix this in Version 1.3

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