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    Vehicle Guide by annoyingjk3

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                              _,.-R           R-._
                         ,--''    |           |   ''-,
                         I        |           |      |   ______
                         I        |           |      I---      \
                         I        |           |       ___ ()->  \
                        I         |           |      I   -------\(-
                         \___( O )_________( O )____/
                             | @ |         | @ |
                             |[ ]|         |[ ]|
                             |[ ]|         |[ ]|
                             ( O )         ( O )
                             | @ |         | @ |
                             |[ ]|         |[ ]|
                             |[ ]|         |[ ]|
                             |[ ]|         |[ ]|
                            /-----\       /-----\
                            =))-((=       =))-((=
                           --------      ---------
        ____      _____  ______          _____   ____   ___   ____         _____
       /    \   /|   |     |     /      /       /      /   \ |    | |\   |   |
      /     /  / |   |     |    /      /____   /___   /___/  |    | | \  |   |
     /      \ /--|   |     |   /      /       /      /   \   |    | |  \ |   |
    /_____ / /   |   |     |  /____  /_____  /      /    \   |____| |   \|   |
                               _______   _______
                                  /         /
                                 /         /
                                /         /
                            ___/___   ___/___
    |Order of Content|
    Legal Stuff
    Version History
    Scout Vehicles/Bikes
    1.1.1 STAP
    1.1.2 Speeder Bike
    Medium Attack Vehicles
    1.2.1 IFT-X/IFT-T
    1.2.2 AAT
    1.2.3 AAC-1
    1.2.4 AT-RT
    1.2.5 Armored Tank Droid
    1.2.6 Hailfire Droid
    Assault Vehicles
    1.3.1 AT-ST
    1.3.2 Spider Walker
    Command Walkers
    1.4.1 AT-TE
    1.4.2 AT-AT
    Space Fighters
    1.5.1 Scout Fighters
    1.5.2 Bombers
    1.5.3 Multi-Purpose Fighters
    1.5.4 Troop Transports
    1.6.1 Laser/Beam Turret
    1.6.2 Sonic Turret
    1.6.3 Hoth Anti-infantry Cannon
    1.6.4 Hoth Anti-Vehicle Cannon
    1.6.5 Concussion Cannon Turret
    1.6.6 Yavin Tower Turret
    1.6.7 Particle Cannon Turret
    1.6.8 Tauntaun
    1.6.9 Snowspeeder
    1.7.1 Locations Chart
    Miscellaneous Submissions
    Note: Hit "Control + F" and type in the code next to the vehicle you want to 
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    Version History
    1.00 Completed - 11/10/05 - First submitted to GameFaqs. 
    1.01 Added     - 11/14/05 - Fixed AT-TE faction, CIS to Republic, silly me
    1.11 Added     - 11/14/05 - Added Turrets/Other section in place of Snowsp.
    1.16 Added     - 11/14/05 - AT-AT vs. Snowspeeder strategy contributed
    1.21 Added     - 11/15/05 - Ship slicing info added
    1.22 Added     - 11/15/05 - I found a new AT-AT strategy
    1.28 Added     - 11/16/05 - AT-AT strategy and spelling added
    1.32 Added     - 11/17/05 - Added Particle Cannon Turret
    1.47 Added     - 11/19/05 - Added more from Rork and added Misc. Sub.
    1.52 Added     - 11/23/05 - Added Spudtrooper submission
    1.57 Added     - 11/18/05 - short ver. Of legal stuff, added 'copyright'
    1.95 Added     - 12/08/05 - Submissions, added chart and will fill it out.
    2.15 Added     - 12/11/05 - My ASCII, tntn. Snwsp. In chart, new organization
    2.20 Added     - 12/11/05 - Finished organization.
    2.25 Added     - 12/13/05 - Richard Scinto's submission
    2.30 Added     - 12/15/05 - Added to "Contact Me"
    2.62 Added     - 01/07/06 - edited copyright, wording, and submissions
    -My Personal Version System-
    .01     - Small update (spelling, etc.)
    .05-.09 - Added submission, rewrote certain vehicle, new vehicle
    .10-.20 - Good sized- to large update
    1.0	  - total rewrite
    Note: These are approximations I usually adhere to. The number may vary 
    because I see the change as being bigger or smaller than the suggested 
    Guide Summary: I created this guide about vehicles for Star Wars: Battlefront 
    II. I will do my best to help you fight and fight from these fabulously 
    useful items.
    Name: what the name of the vehicle is
    Faction: what faction this vehicle belongs to
    Crew/Passengers: how many soldiers it can hold and what they can do inside
    Weaponry: what kind of firepower the vehicle has and how much
    Critical Hit Location: where to hit the vehicle for extra damage, if there is 
    a place to.
    Piloting it: all the strategies I have for driving this vehicle.
    Fighting it: my tips for destroying this vehicle
    Jedi: how to kill Jedi with this vehicle and how to kill the vehicle with 
    Slicing: the easiest way I have found to hack this vehicle with an engineer-
    type class.
    Notes: any notes I have
    Scout/Bike Vehicles
    STAP (1.1.1)
    Faction: CIS
    Crew/Passengers: 1
    Weaponry: 2 laser cannons
    Critical Hit Location: None
    Piloting it: The STAP has very smooth, quick, forward motion. Its lateral 
    movement is very bad, as well its reverse movement. My strategy is to take 
    strafing runs against the thickest part of the enemies, make a U-turn WHILE 
    STILL MOVING by just turning the R-stick. The weaponry overheats in about 3 
    seconds or so, so begin the firing just as you hit the group. The cannons do 
    not have "explosive laser" effects like vehicles did in Battlefront I. NEVER 
    Fighting it: If you can manage it, the IFT-X laser cannons can do the job 
    quickly, assuming you manage to hit the STAP. As a heavy trooper (missile 
    launcher), you will have to be extremely lucky to land a hit if it is still, 
    it may move at the last minute. You will have to be even luckier if the STAP 
    is moving, unless it is headed straight towards you or away from you. 
    Engineers can plant detpacks and hope the STAP goes over them. Mines work 
    too. Good snipers can pick off the drivers then use the STAP as bait to get 
    others. In any case, you can grab a pistol/rifle/shotgun and get personal 
    Jedi: Jedi with this can be tricky, as you can't risk strafing runs too much 
    because they might slice you in half. Fire the lasers slower than usual while 
    backing up (the lasers should slow them down) to whittle away their stamina 
    until they can't block any more bolts. Once you see a few bolts go in, hold 
    down the trigger and lets loose.
    Killing it with Jedi can be frustrating because this vehicle is quick. What 
    do I do? Saber throw or do the dash-attack (sprint then R-trigger while 
    Slicing: hacking can be frustrating because of the speed of the STAP. I try 
    to sneak up on it. All the scout vehicles are hacked in increments of 50% so 
    it won't take to long.
    Speeder Bike (1.1.2)
    Factions: Rebel Alliance, Republic, Galactic Empire
    Crew/Passengers: 1
    Weaponry: 1 rapid-fire laser cannon
    Critical Hit Location: None
    Piloting it: Just like the STAP, this vehicle also has pitiful lateral and 
    reverse movement. My strategy is to take strafing runs against the thickest 
    part of the enemies, make a U-turn WHILE STILL MOVING by just turning the R-
    stick. The weaponry overheats in about 3 seconds or so, so begin the firing 
    just as you hit the group. The cannons do not have "explosive laser" effects 
    like vehicles did in Battlefront I. NEVER STOP MOVING!!!
    Fighting it: Basically the same strategy as the STAP. But now you can use the 
    Armored Tank Droid, with its shotgun-like rounds.
    Jedi: Jedi with this can be tricky, as you cant risk strafing runs too much 
    because they might slice you in half. Though you can be a little risky and 
    try to impale them on the front of the bike Fire the lasers slower than usual 
    while backing up (the lasers should slow them down) to whittle away their 
    stamina until they cant block any more bolts. Once you see a few bolts go in, 
    hold down the trigger and lets loose.
    Killing it with Jedi can be frustrating because this vehicle is quick. What 
    do I do? Saber throw or do the dash-attack (sprint then R-trigger while 
    Slicing: Sneak up on it very fast. If you can catch it when its stationary 
    except for rotation, it's yours.
    Notes: You can impale people on the front of your bike.
    Medium Attack Vehicles
    IFT-X/IFT-T (1.2.1)
    Factions: Galactic Empire, Republic
    Crew/Passengers: 2
    Weaponry: 2 laser cannons
              2(concussion?) missile launchers
              1 beam turret 
    Critical Hit Location: the circle on the rear panel of the tank.
    Piloting it: the missile launchers are valuable against clusters of infantry 
    and enemy tanks. They fire in pairs, so don't miss. For tank-to-tank 
    engagements, strafe a lot, boost behind your enemy, or both. If you see 
    you're going to lose, ditch out and try to hack/detpacks/time bomb the enemy 
    if you can. You are at a supreme disadvantage if your turret isn't manned in 
    a tank battle. It clears away infantry and does damage to enemies quickly.
    Fighting it: try to get behind the tank near the Critical Point while 
    shooting the turret controller, if present. This tank can rotate fast enough 
    be annoying. In a tank, you NEED to dodge those missiles!!! As a soldier, 
    make sure no one gets in that turret once it's empty and unload your 
    ordinance into it. If you want to, you can jump onto the tank, and get behind 
    it. It is great for gloating against other human players.
    Jedi: You can charge Jedi with the boost and hopefully damage them seriously, 
    but they can jump high. You need to make sure you're unloading your missiles 
    at their feet and blasters at their head (or body). You need to protect you 
    gunner, as he is very important. Should the Jedi get behind you, boost away 
    and turn around and nail them.
    Killing an IFT-X/IFT-T can be interesting as a Jedi. Dash forward and jump in 
    the air and do an air attack to kill the gunner (it will take some practice). 
    You need to stay behind the tank at all costs. If it boosts away, dash after 
    it. Make sure to kill the occasional soldier to keep your "Hero Bar" up.
    Slicing: Just make sure the gunner is dead and stay behind the tank. If it is 
    going to get blown up, don't let someone else get the kill! Slap a detpack on 
    that sucker and run! Make sure you put it on or near the circle if you can.
    Notes: the Beam Cannon has a zoom function for the bored gunner ready to nail 
    people at long distance!
    AAT (1.2.2)
    Faction: CIS
    Crew/Passengers: 2
    Weaponry: 2 blaster cannons
              2 missile launchers
              1 big turret on the top
    Critical Hit Location: back panel under cockpit.
    Piloting it: In a tank-on-tank battle, if your turret isn't manned, you're in 
    serious trouble. Switch back and forth between the turrets massive gun and 
    the main tank's concussion missiles. This tank has wonderful overall movement 
    with good strafing once you get momentum. The rotation on the turret and tank 
    Fighting it: Sadly, there is no gunner you can shoot out of this puppy. Just 
    duke it out while avoiding the big gun and missiles. As infantry, bomb the 
    panel in the back like there's no tomorrow.
    Jedi: Killing Jedi is once again important to your tank's survival. Make the 
    missiles explode at their feet and the lasers at their bodies. Boost away if 
    they're behind you. (Getting repetitive a little, isn't it?)
    As previously said, there is no gunner to shoot out this time. The gunner 
    won't help the tank too much once you get under the turret and start 
    Slicing: slicing is simple as long as no soldiers are shooting at you or the 
    tank boosts away. Just stay under the turret.
    Combat Speeder (AAC-1) (1.2.3)
    Faction: Rebel Alliance
    Crew/Passengers: 2
    Weaponry: 2 laser cannons
              2 particle cannons
              2 missile launchers (operated by one gunner)
    Critical Hit Location: Black horizontal barrels on sides
    Piloting it: YES!!! This baby has a turret that rapid-fires 12 missiles. 
    TWELVE!!! This thing is great, though the particle cannon is weaker than 
    missiles, but it has a faster fire rate. It isn't slow but it's not fast 
    either, just slow enough to be an effective platform for the main attraction, 
    the missile turret. The strafing is good once you get it going. Rotation is 
    great too.
    Fighting it: this tank can be frustrating to kill with such a small Critical 
    Hit spot. But the main thing to do is DODGE THOSE MISSILES!!! The particle 
    cannon is damaging too, but the missiles are scary. If you some how manage to 
    get on top, you can shoot it from there. This tank can also be attacked by 
    detpacks/time bombs.
    Jedi: Killing Jedi is fun in this one. The boost is good enough to get you 
    far away enough you wont get splash damage from your missiles. If you are out 
    of boost and a Jedi starts smacking the sides, just rotate the Critical Spot 
    away from him/her.
    As a Jedi this is interesting. Try to get on top and dice it from above. I 
    don't know if you can deflect the missiles or not. If anyone finds out, email 
    Slicing: Get behind the tank, and don't let it turn around and vaporize you.
    AT-RT (1.2.4)
    Faction: Republic
    Crew/Passengers: 1
    Weaponry: 1 laser cannon
              1 mortar launcher
    Critical Hit Location: the cylinder between the legs
    Piloting it: ooh, this one is fun. It's like being on a tall AT-PT, except 
    people can snipe you out. Use the boost when you can because it is kind of 
    slow. The strafing is a little weird. From a standstill, starting to strafe 
    is slow unless your walker is already pacing sideways. It is generally safer 
    to start out walking forwards a bit then ease into the strafe. Sometimes 
    switching between left and right can cause the walker to rotate, with is 
    annoying. The laser cannon isn't anything new, but the mortar launcher is. 
    Remember, it fires in an arc, so aim higher than your target.
    Fighting it: unless you get behind it or cover, or take it out quick, your in 
    trouble. The AT-RT can unload a lot of pain fast, but if it doesn't kill you, 
    you get a couple seconds of impunity. There are 4 mortars in a clip, the clip 
    isn't shown however. You can snipe the driver out and dash into it if you 
    want to. Good old pistol or rifle fire works too. A critical rocket is an 
    instant kill, so don't miss.
    Jedi: Killing a Jedi in this can be very risky. Unload all of your mortars 
    into but only some of the laser cannon. If you are all out of everything, 
    don't let them get close until you have weapons again. If they get close, 
    either boost or if it's about to blow up, ditch and run.
    Killing AT-RTs may be one of the most fun things to do as a Jedi. Dash up 
    close, jump up, do an aerial attack on the driver, and you're done. If you're 
    no good at aerial attacks, just get behind it and slash at the legs and 
    cylinder. Make sure you have saber block up if you don't dash.
    Slicing: Slicing this isn't too hard, the slicing goes in increments of 10%. 
    The only problem is getting to the walker without getting blown up. Just run.
    Armored Tank Droid (1.2.5)
    Faction: CIS
    Crew/Passengers: 1
    Weaponry: 2 giant shotguns
              2 mortar launchers (4 mortars per clip)
    Critical Hit Location: Side of the rear tread cylinder
    Piloting it: this tank is so much fun. The shotguns tear up tanks AND 
    soldiers. The mortars are handy too. The forward motion is pretty good. The 
    rotation is better than you'd think. Since this tank only has on tread, there 
    is no strafing whatsoever. Remember this. My strategy against enemy tanks: 
    boost in (it's really quite fast) and unload mortars on the way so you don't 
    get splash damage. Fire your shotguns while backing up. And then put more 
    mortars on it. Finish it off with whatever you have.
    Fighting it: Take advantage of this tanks inability to strafe. Just strafe 
    around it, watching it turn around and around and around. Don't get too 
    Jedi: Jedi are dangerous to you. If you don't kill them in the first pass, 
    they can jump on top of you and you're toast. Charge while firing your 
    mortars, the shotguns aren't useful until you're up close and personal.
    If you can sneak up on this tank or simply jump and avoid its fire, land on 
    top of it of hit the rear cylinder.
    Slicing: this one is fun. Sneak up behind it, jump on top and crouch and 
    Hailfire Droid (1.2.6)
    Faction: CIS
    Crew/Passengers: 1
    Weaponry:  Twin Missile Magazines (16 missiles/clip)
               1 machine gun
    Critical Hit Location: Protrusion under tank
    Piloting it: Missiles. Missiles. Missiles. This thing is fun. With 16 
    missiles firing one after another, this thing can slag a big area. The 
    missiles don't really lock, as far as I know, they just bombard a large area. 
    The machine gun is only good for taking out troops, and none to good at that. 
    No strafing on this thing. The rotation is good, which is important so you 
    can expand the slagged area. Don't lets infantry get too close, if they do, 
    just use a short boost to get away. The best way to get around in this thing 
    is through short bursts.
    Fighting it: The Hailfire Droid isn't super accurate, but you have to watch 
    out for the occasional good machine gunner. Go up to it from any direction 
    and aim low, for the critical point if you can see it. Don't let it get a 
    bead on you if you are in a tank. The missiles might get you.
    Jedi: It is frustrating to kill Jedi with this simply because the machine gun 
    overheats fairly quickly. Aim at them with the missiles, and hope you're 
    lucky while using the machine gun. The Critical Hit spot is easy for them to 
    hit, so watch out.
    The Hailfire Droid can be hard or easy. If you have a stupid driver at the 
    wheel just get behind and slash at the Critical Hit spot. If they are good 
    you may have to do some complicated dashing/jumping.
    Slicing: Hailfires are slightly annoying to slice because they are so quick 
    they can get away. Not much you can do other than sprint after it and hope 
    you don't have to start over.
    Assault Vehicles
    AT-ST (1.3.1)
    Faction: Empire
    Weaponry: 2 laser cannons
              2 particle cannons
              1 gunner-guided missile launcher
    Critical Hit Location: Block behind and under cockpit (between legs)
    Piloting it: The speed on this is a moderate one, not to fast, not too slow. 
    The cannons on this baby last about 4 seconds before overheating. The 
    particle cannon provides the firepower necessary to take down turrets and the 
    occasional snowspeeder. The particle cannon as the "explosive bullet" effect, 
    so use it on groups of enemies. The secondary position, the rocket 
    controller, isn't super for direct contact fights, so just have your gunner 
    firing missiles at all times. Groups of enemies are great with this. Make 
    sure your gunner boosts the rocket all the way before impact.
    Fighting it: The head doesn't turn all the way on its neck like some sort of 
    owl, and this is what you need to take advantage of. The AT-ST has fair 
    rotation, but this can be nullified. Just stay behind it and shoot for the 
    block. In a snowspeeder, don't travel in a straight line, the particle cannon 
    is very strong.
    Jedi: With explosive bullets, lasers, and a missile launcher, only the best 
    Jedi survive. Unless you are just really bad, but that is what we're trying 
    to change, right? Anyway, unload everything on the Jedi, with the particle 
    shots and rockets the his/her feet. That's about it.
    The armor on this thing isn't as tough as you'd think against a lightsaber. 
    You can slice at the legs, jump up and slice at the Critical Hit spot, or, 
    for complete safety (except from snipers), just jump on top.
    Slicing: Slicing here is pretty straightforward. Just stay in the back.
    Spider Walker (1.3.2)
    Faction: CIS
    Crew/Passengers: 1
    Weaponry: 1 blaster cannon
              1 beam cannon
    Critical Hit Location: joint where legs meet body
    Piloting it: Fortunately, the Spider Walker's speed has been slightly 
    upgraded since BFI. In general, the movement is smoother too. There is no 
    immediate strafing. If you want to strafe, just hold down one side on the L-
    stick and keep going. If you want to strafe in the other direction the whole 
    Spider Walker has to rotate. The left stick controls the movement while the 
    right stick controls the guns. There is no boost on the Spider Walker like 
    there is on the AT-ST. Your biggest threat is from people behind and under 
    you. Try to attack at longer ranges with the beam cannon and use the laser 
    rifle only when enemies get close.
    Fighting it: The Spider Walker's glaring weakness is its inability to attack 
    things right on top of them (or rather, under them). The rotation seems to be 
    faster than BFI, so just being behind it isn't a guarantee any more. Use 
    rockets etc. to hit the joints where the legs meet the body.
    Jedi: Jedi are evil when you are in this. They simply are too fast to really 
    get a lock on when they are next to you and far away. If you still have a 
    good amount of health and your walker is about to be totaled, just ditch it 
    and kill the Jedi.
    Spider Walkers are so easy. Just dash up and start slashing. If you want to 
    show off, jump on top of the ball cockpit and slash form there.
    Slicing: Also not too difficult. The only real threat if you stay under the 
    tank is enemy soldiers and your teammates firing on the walker with 
    explosives or bad aim.
    Command Walkers
    AT-TE (1.4.1)
    Faction: Republic (Not CIS like I put, thanks to Kieran Patel for correction)
    Crew/Passengers: 3
    Weaponry: 2 forward-firing laser cannons
              2 forward-firing particle cannons
              1 heavy-duty particle cannon turret on top
              2 rear-firing machine guns
    Critical Hit Location: box under front of AT-TE
    Piloting it: Kind of bulky. The forward lasers pack a fair punch, and the 
    particle cannons have a bigger one. The pilot needs to remember that not only 
    is his job to get a good command post and assault, but also to set up good 
    shots for both of his gunners (yes his, they're all clones). The big turret 
    on top may be more or less powerful that it seems to be, but it can still 
    blow up enemy vehicles really nicely. The machine guns in the back are only 
    good for infantry, so if you see a nice clump of infantry, rotate that puppy, 
    and let loose. I haven't found a way to strafe other than moving forward and 
    diagonally. If you do, let me know.
    Fighting it: AT-TE's can be a little troublesome to attack as an infantryman. 
    I recommend a rocket launcher, and nothing else. Stay off to the side away 
    form the front and back, and hopefully the turret wont notice you. Don't go 
    up close unless they hardly have any reinforcements left, otherwise they will 
    spawn and kill you. If in a tank, stay in the back of up close away from the 
    front. Sometimes the turret will have trouble getting you.
    Jedi: You can't really stop Jedi once they get at you, so don't try. Just 
    pray your teammates will get them. You can blow the Jedi up, way up, if they 
    are stupid enough to be in front of you. As always, aim the particle cannons 
    at their feet.
    Once you get past the guns, it' all cake. You can either stay on the bottom 
    and slash at the Critical Hit spot or jump on top and kill the gunner and 
    anyone foolish enough to get in. I prefer the latter choice, as it helps keep 
    your Hero Bar up while you damage the AT-TE by means of its turret.
    Slicing: AT-TE's cannot be sliced
    Notes: AT-TE's also function as spawn points, but not as official command 
    posts. (i.e., if the enemy captures all 'real' command posts, they win, even 
    if you have an AT-TE.
    AT-AT (1.4.2)
    Faction: Galactic Empire
    Crew/Passengers: 1
    Weaponry: 2 heavy laser cannons
              2 particle cannons
    Critical Hit Location: Neck behind head
    Piloting it: Finally. One of the games biggest behemoths in the game is 
    yours. But the bigger they are, the harder they fall, right? Let's just not 
    fall, okay? The heavy laser cannons do a good amount of damage, supposing you 
    hit the enemy directly. No explosive lasers here. But the particle cannon is 
    a different story. Nice big explosion big enough to blow a turret to Timbuktu 
    in one hit. These sick puppies are fast (the bullet) and accurate. A good 
    shot can take down a snowspeeder from across the map. It is a one hit kill, 
    by the way. Enemies will undoubtedly try to get under you by sneaking and/or 
    tauntauns. Blow them up. Blow them all up. I have a new snowspeeder strategy 
    I found. The AI's are bad at the tow cable shots, and some humans are too. 
    When the speeder comes around the front, find the right angle to fire at and 
    take a pot shot. Then, once you know the angle, begin firing the primary 
    cannons right before he gets there. Use the particle cannons and see if you 
    hit with those too.
    Fighting it: The dish turrets work surprisingly well if you get fully charged 
    shots on this giant beast's neck (not too hard). You can't fire a cable shot 
    from a snowspeeder and then switch back (as far as I know), so use the 
    snowspeeder's particle cannons. Use the cable if you have a competent gunner. 
    Don't any sort of infantry and try and kill it up close unless they have very 
    little reinforcements. Rockets are generally accurate enough to hit it, and 
    if you're lucky, its neck.
    Submitted by tom.atkins@comcast.net (I put in a couple grammar/spelling 
    I just read the BFII vehicle guide, and I have something to add to the AT-AT 
    vs. snowspeeder w/ tow cable thing. Wait till it comes around, then nail it 
    with a particle shot out a laser. Or, if another human (your side) is by a 
    dish turret (Hoth) tell him to get in it and blast the snowspeeder (one shot 
    kill, played a Hoth game as rebels and found this out (a few rebel pilots 
    went home in body bags that day). Works good against infantry, too) the 
    turret that looks like a column with a barrel on top will not work! It is a 
    turret similar to those gray, doggy kibble bowl shaped things (similar in 
    fire rate/style, bad against aerial targets (snowspeeders, X-wings, etc.) 
    hope it helps.
    Jedi: Jedi are only dangerous should get close and/or get on top of you. If 
    you keep your eyes open, they won't get close. Should they get close, you 
    can't do anything about it, so either hope your soldier buddies get him or 
    just get out and do the job yourself.
    The first thing you need to do to kill the monster with a Jedi is get out of 
    its view/range. All you have to do is approach from the sides. Try jumping on 
    top of it to attack with impunity.
    Submitted by mikeTherob:
    As a Jedi, just hop on their head and throw your saber at its neck rinse, 
    lather, and repeat.
    Slicing: AT-AT's can't be sliced.
    Notes: AT-AT's function as mobile SPAWN POINTS, NOT command posts.
    Space Fighters
    Submitted by Guy Rork (with some grammar/spelling changes):
    I just wanted to let you know that all space craft and snow speeders can be 
    sliced.  This is mainly evident if your hanging around in the hanger as a 
    pilot/engineer and a AI gets in a ship (they always seem to wait like 3 sec 
    before taking off). in space its very helpful for transports, because usually 
    either everyone will bail before you slice it fully or they take off without 
    full load the increments of the slice I believe was 10%.
    More by Rork: slicing a space craft and snowspeeders are only good to get 
    either human pilots to take off w/o a co-pilot (or just take off fast, I've 
    seen a couple peeps since boost into a wall) or sometimes people will get out 
    and try killing you. I haven't tried slicing snowspeeders while there moving, 
    basically cause there stupid easy to shoot down with the AT-AT guns.
    Scout Fighters (1.5.1)
    Scout fighters are extremely similar, so I will just put a summary and what 
    makes them different from each other.
    The Scout Fighters generally have good speed and maneuverability. The common 
    traits are:
    Good speed
    Good maneuverability
    Primary gun
    (Homing) Concussion missiles
    Light armor
    The Tri-Fighter has a machine gun instead of lasers and fires three sets of 
    three concussion missiles.
    The Republic Starfighter (Jedi Starfighter) fires five pairs of two and uses 
    The TIE Interceptor fires its 10 very quickly, so if you want to fire just 
    one, do a tiny tap. I like it in bursts or pairs. Four laser cannons.
    The A-Wing fires a short burst of missiles, no more than six. (I'm not sure 
    how many exactly) and it uses lasers.
    Note: Scout Fighters have no Critical Hit Location.
    Bombers (1.5.2)
    Heavy armor
    The Y-Wing has a gunner position for a machine gun turret and it fires its 
    bombs as three pairs of two. The bombs also fly forward more than some other 
    bombs. It fires a particle cannon.
    The TIE Bomber has a second seat for a remote rocket gunner, and its bombs 
    (it carries 6 in a 'clip') can be fired in one cluster or one at a time. The 
    bombs also fly forward more than some other bombs. It fires a particle 
    The V-Wing fires a sort of shotgun instead of a particle cannon like the 
    others. Its six bombs are a little heavier than the Galactic Civil War bombs, 
    but not heavier than the CIS Strike Bomber's bombs. The bombs can be fired 
    one at a time or all in quick succession.
    The CIS Strike Bomber has the heaviest bombs and therefore they fall faster. 
    It also uses a particle cannon. The 6 bombs can be fired one at a time or 
    very, very, quickly in succession.
    Note: Bombers have no critical hit location.
    Submitted by ahollyho@aol.com:
    Anyway I notice that the v-wing is faster then any other bomber. I'd think 
    you should put that in the guide(I'm not entirely sure that the v-wing 
    is fastest).
    Notes: It seems a little faster, doesn't it?
    Multi-Purpose Fighters (1.5.3)
    Multi purpose fighters include the X-Wing, TIE Fighter, ARC-170, and the 
    Droid Starfighter. Their features are:
    6 Proton Torpedoes, fired in pairs
    Laser cannons
    Medium armor
    Note: the X-Wing has 4 laser cannons instead of two, which the others have. 
    No critical hit location.
    Troop Transports (1.5.4)
    Troop transports have at least two gunner positions. They have heavy armor 
    and powerful weapons. They just can't do the complicated evasive maneuvers 
    starfighters can.
    Have turrets
    Heavy armor
    Can't do complicated evasive man.
    Are spawn points when the land.
    Droid Gunship has a beam cannon, five pairs of conc. Missiles, guided 
    rockets, two turrets, and room for two passengers. Critical Hit Location: 
    rear panel
    The Republic Gunship (also Rebel ship) has proton torpedoes, a particle 
    cannon, guided rockets, and two beam turrets. Critical Hit Location: cockpit
    The Imperial Shuttle has two particle cannons, a burst conc. Missile 
    launcher, guided rockets, a rear machine gun turret, and room for three 
    passengers. Critical Hit Location: under neck
    Laser/Beam Turret (1.6.1)
    Factions: All
    Crew/Passengers: 1
    Weaponry: 1 Laser cannon
              1 Beam cannon
    Critical Hit Location: none
    Piloting (using) it:
    Laser Cannon: Fires about 15 lasers in succession before overheating. I 
    recommend firing in two's, three's, or four's, to prevent overheating while 
    still keeping up the fire rate. It has a scope for longer ranges. If someone 
    gets up close, get out. It's the smart thing to do, seeing as they can shoot 
    you out and run around you in circles.
    Beam Cannon: does OK vehicle damage, but a whole burst can kill a soldier, 
    and you can sweep the beam across large groups back and forth. If they are 
    too far away, don't go for headshots unless you're feeling lucky. Medium fire 
    Fighting it: sniper rifle, grenades, rockets, detpacks, time bombs, blaster 
    Jedi: honestly, only engage Jedi in this if they are a pretty good distance 
    away. If not, just bail. If they are a good distance, just shoot away.
    These turrets are easy. Just find the direction the fire is coming from, turn 
    on saber block, and go. Once you get close enough, just jump in the air and 
    do an aerial attack or get behind the turret and close in.
    Slicing: Can?t be done.
    Sonic Turret (1.6.2)
    Faction: CIS/Geonosians
    Crew/Passengers: 1
    Weaponry: 1 Sonic Cannon
    Critical Hit Location: none
    Piloting it: Pretty strong. The blasts are quite powerful, though they travel 
    slowly and are hard to hit with. It's great for unsuspecting enemies. Just 
    watch your back. I don't think it damages CIS troops.
    Fighting it: sniper rifle, grenades, rockets, detpacks, time bombs, blaster 
    Jedi: It's awkward. Just don't let them get close, as usual.
    Dash, jump, slash!!!
    Slicing: Can?t be done.
    Hoth Anti-Infantry Cannon (1.6.3)
    Faction: Rebels/Imperials
    Crew/Passengers: 1
    Weaponry: 1 heavy anti-infantry cannon
    Critical Hit Location: none
    Piloting it: Fire in two's or three's. You are completely protected form 
    small arms fire. (YOU, NOT the turret. It is a massive target for grenades 
    and rockets, so watch out. If the AT-AT head looks directly at you, bail out. 
    The particle cannons on that sucker can blow you away. The fast fire rate is 
    great for large groups of infantry.
    Fighting it: rockets, grenades, AT-AT's, AT-ST's, dish turrets
    Jedi: pretty good against Jedi, so long as they don't get close.
    Dash up to the turret, and once you are close, just keep slashing, the turret 
    can't get you.
    Slicing: Can?t be done.
    Hoth Anti-Vehicle Cannon (1.6.4)
    Faction: Rebels/Imperials
    Crew/Passengers: 1
    Weaponry: 1 heavy-duty anti-vehicular cannon
    Critical Hit Location: none
    Piloting it: it's not called an anti-vehicle cannon for nothing. This sweet 
    puppy can blow the stuffing out of AT-ST's and AT-AT's, and it is even better 
    if you hit the Critical Hit spots. This gun can charge up really nice, and 
    don't forget it. If there is an infantry rush, either go for an anti-infantry 
    cannon or pull out your trusty sidearm. It can blow up turrets, too!
    Fighting it: grenades, rockets, other dish turrets, get behind it and kill 
    the gunner.
    Jedi: it sucks against Jedi. That's all I have to say.
    This is easy to dodge fire from. But the stupid gunner who still fires at the 
    Jedi running at him may get a lucky shot, so keep an eye out.
    Slicing: Can?t be done.
    Concussion Cannon Turret (1.6.5)
    Factions: All (I think)
    Crew/Passengers: 1
    Weaponry: 2 explosive launchers
    Critical Hit Location: none
    Piloting it: These projectiles fire in an ARC. Don't forget it. It can take 
    apart vehicles quickly. This gun isn't super against infantry, so go for 
    vehicles first. Pretty good armor protects you in general, but the occasional 
    accurate shooter may get you.
    Fighting it: don't fight this thing in a tank. It's not smart. It's stupid 
    unless you spend your entire life strafing around, these guns will blow you 
    up. Just use rockets. You can't get close enough to throw grenades unless 
    there is an inattentive gunner.
    Jedi: not that great. It's ok, but it could be better.
    Sprint up to this turret, just in case the gunner gets a lucky shot. Slice 
    and dice the turret and/or its gunner.
    Slicing: Can?t be done.
    Yavin Tower Turret (1.6.6)
    Faction: Rebels
    Crew/Passengers: 1
    Weaponry: 1 laser cannon
    Critical Hit Location: None
    Piloting it: the high elevation of this type of turrets does provide some 
    advantages over unsuspecting troopers. It has a scope, so use and don't let 
    anyone get under your minimum range. Watch out for snipers.
    Fighting it: dash up and set a detpack, launch a rocket, or snipe the gunner
    Jedi: ok against Jedi, but if they get close, you're toast.
    Dash up and slash
    Slicing: Can?t be done.
    Particle Cannon Turret (1.6.7)
    Faction: Neutral
    Crew/Passengers: 1
    Weaponry: 2 Particle Cannons
    Critical Hit Location: none
    Piloting it: The Particle Cannon Turret has rotation decent enough to track 
    tanks, which is what you should use it for. The turret does have a minimum 
    range, and it's pretty big, so watch out. Only try for infantry if there is 
    nothing else to shoot at. Don't mistake this for the Concussion Cannon Turret 
    like I did. I found this turret on Mygeeto.
    Fighting it: in a tank, just strafe a lot. On foot, sneak under its minimum 
    range or find cover. Then lob grenades.
    Jedi: Killing Jedi in this is difficult. Unless you are a really good shot at 
    the time they don't have saber block up, you're stuck. Once they get up 
    close, bail out and shoot them yourself.
    Just dash or jump into the minimum range. Piece of cake.
    Slicing: Can?t be done.
    Tauntaun (1.6.8)
    Faction: Rebel Alliance
    Crew/Passengers: 1
    Weaponry: none
    Critical Hit Location: none
    Piloting it: since you have no guns, tauntauns are just a means of 
    transportation. Don't get shot.
    Fighting it: mines, sniper rifles, and blaster rifles are all good choices 
    (besides the walkers)
    Jedi: You don't have guns, either get off or run
    Tauntauns are pretty quick. Just dash over to them and slash.
    Slicing: Can?t be done.
    Snowspeeder (1.6.9)
    Faction: Rebel Alliance
    Crew/Passengers: 2
    Weaponry: 2 laser cannons
              2 particle cannons
              1 gunner controlled tow cable launcher
    Critical Hit Location: none
    Piloting it: if you don't have a cable gunner, you have to stick to lasers 
    and particle cannons to hit the AT-AT's neck. The laser cannons can harass 
    troops, as well as the particle cannons. Watch out for the AT-AT's own 
    particle cannons, as they can blow you out of the sky in one hit. Use the 
    particle cannons to take down enemy turrets harassing your troops, leave the 
    other ones intact for your soldiers to use. The Snowspeeder can now roll and 
    do the maneuvers the starfighters can, so use 'em.
    Fighting it: Snowspeeders are fast and maneuverable. Missile attacks rarely 
    hit. I always use the AT-AT's particle cannons.
    Jedi: Killing Jedi with this is pretty ordinary. Particle cannons at feet, 
    lasers at the body.
    I have yet to find a way to kill this with Jedi other than a lucky saber 
    Slicing: I heard this can be sliced, if flown low enough. If anyone has help 
    on how to do that effectively, please submit it.
    Vehicle Locations (1.7.1)
    The first number is the number of vehicles, the second (and possibly third) 
    is which command post(s). If there is only one, it is zero and the vehicle 
    can't spawn. This is a section I will probably need a lot of corrections on, 
    so keep them coming. The Command Walkers don't need a CP.
            |Endor |Felu. |Geo. |Hoth |Kash. |Myg. |Naboo |P.M. |Utapau |Yavin 4
    STAP    |  0   |  0   |  0  |  0  | 2,1+3|  0  |  0   |  0  |   0   | 1,2
    Sp. Bike|      |      |     |     |      |     |  0   |  0  |   0   |
    IFT-X/T |      |      |     |  0  |      |     |      |  0  |       | 
    AAT     |      |      |     |  0  |      |     |      |     |       |
    AAC-1   |      |      |     |  0  |      |     |      |     |       |
    AT-RT   |      |      |     |  0  |      |     |      |  0  |       |
    Arm. TD |      |      |     |  0  |      |     |  0   |  0  |   0   |
    Hailfire|      |      |     |  0  |      |     |  0   |  0  |   0   |
    AT-ST   |      |      |     |     |      |     |      |  0  |   0   |
    Spider W|      |      |     |  0  |      |     |  0   |  0  |   0   |
    AT-AT   |  0   |  0   |  0  |  2  |  0   |  0  |   0  |  0  |   0   |   0
    AT-TE   |  0   |  0   |  1  |  0  |  0   |  0  |   0  |  0  |   0   |   0
    Tauntaun|  0   |  0   |  0  |     |  0   |  0  |   0  |  0  |   0   |   0
    Miscellaneous Submissions
    Submitted by Vermillionwing: 
    I have a few things I can add about some of the vehicles(I can't spell 
    >.<)Anyway against the AT-AT as a Jedi, you can actually manage to jump onto 
    the joint connecting the leg to the side of the AT-AT, it makes you vibrate 
    back and forth constantly and negates almost all sniping and missile 
    attempts. If you can get yourself there you can slash at it pretty safely. 
    The easiest way to get onto those legs is to force speed while lined up with 
    the trenches facing you horizontally. The trenches usually have a little 
    ramp/bump that will launch you up a long and high distance for the value of 
    one force jump. Its an easy way to get to the AT-AT fast Also the mine glitch 
    is still there. If you plant mines in front of the AT-AT and it steps on 
    them. 4 mines do about 1/4-1/3 damage to an AT-AT, so the tricky part is just 
    getting to the AT-AT. Finding ammo is also no problem because of the infantry 
    that spawn around it. As an AT-AT, I've found this very effective in BF1 and 
    2. When you get hooked by a snowspeeder, use your radar and time the flight 
    properly. Just as it loops around go into reverse a few steps, it will 
    usually cause the snowspeeder to either slam into the AT-AT or disengage its 
    harpoon, not many people can hold onto one right after that. Against the IFX 
    fighter tank there is also another weak point. If you rush the tank head on. 
    Yes I said RUSH the tank. If you can get into the wedge right between the 
    laser/missile launchers your basically safe from most damage. The tank can't 
    boost away, and all it can do is reverse, and you sprint after it as it does 
    this for easy slicing. If you get shot by infantry or grazed (I've never 
    actually been solidly hit by the lasers) Just switch to the health dispenser 
    and throw it in front of you, the Slice meter will only drop a few percent at 
    best. In a space fighter when you get a missile lock on you, when the missile 
    is around 200-500 meters (depends) away, do a loop maneuver. If you are lucky 
    you can send the missiles right back at the ship that fired them because they 
    are usually tailing pretty close to you.
    Note: I would like to point out that the tank can boost into YOU, and kill 
    you, so watch out.
    Submitted by Spudtrooper:
    The Guided Rockets (available on some vehicles, also as the award for the 
    Demolition medal) can use the same evasive maneuvers as starfighters. This 
    means if you miss your target, you can hit the maneuver button twice, hit any 
    direction, and your rocket will flip a 180 and give you another pass.
    Submitted by Timmeh:
    On the AT-TE, I think there might be another critical hit spot in the lovely 
    mesh behind the heavy armor. Go up on the side on aim into the back when the 
    leg extends forward. Aim it in and knock it down.
    Also, I wanted to note that Heavy Cannons in space are not protected in space 
    by shields (except for the campaign). The normal flight plan for me in space 
    is hitting the heavy cannons, dropping in with a transport, and then 
    disabling auto turrets. If there's time I'll destroy shields from the inside. 
    After that, feel free to show the amazing small frigates whose boss. Also 
    notice that the tip of the victory star destroyer is amazing small. Nice try 
    Lucas. Like that is habitable. Destroy the systems on the ship or just enjoy 
    the killing with your fighter. I think that if you put the reinforcements to 
    250 dudes for the space assault you should have to dogfight a little (or just 
    have the computer do it all). Also a note that killing a unoccupied fighter 
    still gives points. Even better to plant a time bomb and watch it blow up 
    right when it goes out. Hilarious. Marine rockets kill the scout and I think 
    the heavy fighter (x-wing and tie-fighter) when hit right.
    Notes: in Space Assault there are no reinforcements, just points.
    More by Timmeh:
    The Y-wing might have a critical hit spot. The reason why I say that is that 
    if you time bomb it on the very back of its engine it doesn't get destroyed. 
    Yet if you put it by the space between the engines right around the body it 
    will get destroyed. Just something to check out.
    Notes: My thoughts are that the nacelle may either take less damage, not 
    count as part of the fighter when landed and the fighter takes some distance 
    damage, or he is correct.
    Anonymous submission:
    for the combat speeder in Polis Massa you can go though the force field and 
    hit the enemy from behind or run away
    Richard Scinto (regarding snowspeeders):
    If your a Jedi and your skilled with the light saber throw it is fairly easy 
    to take them out. as they make a pass with a tow cable you can throw your 
    lightsaber at them and it does considerable damage. Human pilots catch on 
    quickly but the A.I. isn't very smart.
    Also on the at-at. If you are Luke and you time your jumps right it is 
    possible to jump onto the top of the at-at and if you are careful you can 
    stand on its 
    neck and deliver a deadly barrage of lightsaber attacks.
    Submitted by owentwr@aol.com:
    Sorry, but I found out that on the IFT-X/T another good strategy is to jump 
    on it as a sniper and walk up to the turret. The blasters wont hit you and if 
    you can get a headshot on the guy in the turret with a sniper rifle or pistol 
    (I prefer the precision pistol for this), he wont have time to hit you. or 
    you can jump on as an engineer and shoot the guy in turret with a shotgun 
    then attach a detpack, run away and blow up the detpack this usually works. 
    Submitted by Zuranamee:
    I have found that you can kill people by running over them with the STAP, but 
    you either have to be boosting or they have to be jumping.
    Submitted by mikeTherob/Stargazer/gag gfgd(mike was first, but I forgot to 
    put it in):
    (This is a summary, not word for word, sorry):
    Snowspeeders can be sliced.
    Submission by VXY:
    I am a big fan of battle front 2, and I read your guide. I saw that you 
    needed information on slicing snow speeders. It you become an engineer 
    and go into the wing where they are held, you can jump on one. Stay on it 
    until a rebel goes into it. There, start the slicing. It goes up by 10% at a 
    time. Once it takes off, you may want to crouch, because the door out is just
    the right hieght to knock you off of it. If you can time it right, the 
    people will fall out and die. The main problem is that the ship will crash to 
    the ground and may kill you depending on the altitude of the fall.
    Submission by Ham:
    Hello first of all you did a great job on the guide ! Now down to 
    business you can kill snowspeeders by getting on the top AT-AT. When they 
    slow down to try to harpoon the thing you can do two things throw your 
    lightsaber which is easier since you are higher up than the snowspeeder 
    or you can attempt to jump on to the snowspeeder and attack in midair or 
    land on it and whack at it. Now listen carefully while throwing the 
    lightsaber from right there makes it extremely easy jumping is very hard 
    it took me about  2 hours before I could land on one close enough to hit 
    it mid air .Out of 100 tries only about 40 times did i hit it . You can 
    land on it and stand on it like your surfin and hit it which is awesome 
    agianst other people online. If they have a voice chat they start 
    screaming and yelling and carrying on about you managed to get on the 
    snowspeeder mid flight.
    Submission by Shadow Archmagi:
    1st. You can hack a snowspeeder, and if your quick you can hack a starfighter
    in the hangar. 
    2nd.  In mygeeto, there is a large dome in the middle, with a small 
    pathway going around the inside of it, with a healthbot and ammobot 
    and stairs at one end, and a smaller entrance at the other end with a ramp. 
    With a tank you can boost the ramp and go inside the dome. 
    3rd. Interestingly enough, vehicles can be force-choked.
    4th. Putting a time bomb on the far end of a Y-wing (the part with the 
    big flaming engines) will only damage it halfway, whereas putting it near 
    the R2 or the cockpit will fully destroy it. 
    Submission by D. Brennan:
    For Hoth you should try landing a snow speeder on top of the AT-AT 
    and then cut away at it. if you start to fall you should then get into 
    the snow speeder and take off as you are falling.
    try this first it might not work. And also try to cut close to your ship.
    Submission by Verbatim:
    One Idea would be to jump on to the tank if you (usually done by sprinting
    first)and Hiding between the arms of the missile launcher then starting to
    slice. This allows you to hide from enemy fire for their fear of possibly
    blowing up the AAC, If you start to run low on health, place a detpack and
    jump clear of the tank.
    Submission by Extremesauce:
    I have recently figured out a way to easily destroy any vehicle. I have 
    only tried this on Kashyyyk though. First what you do is, as rebels, spawn 
    as a vangaurd (forget spelling) and get out your mines. Go up to the speeder 
    bike and place a mine on the front of it. Then boost all the way up to any 
    type of enemy or enemy vehicle and BOOOM!!! You take no damage but the enemy 
    blows up!.
    Submission by sirkeith007@yahoo.com:
    1st of all I'd like to compliment you on your great guide. Its helped me live 
    an encounter with 2 tank droids on kashyyyk while I was Yoda... poor droids.
    Secondly I'd like to add that the V-wing is as fast as the X-wing according 
    to the Prima official stratedge guide (both go 1050 kph) Also the "shotguns" 
    on the tank droid are acually called "shock rifles." The GCW bombers are esy 
    to slice against the AI because they will wait for a gunner/copilot.
    Written by Tyler Eason.
    George Lucas first, of course, for creating the faraway galaxy we all know 
    and love.
    Pandemic and Lucasarts Teams
    And Everyone else who did something good for this game and Star Wars!!!
    Kieran Patel
    Guy Rork
    Richard Scinto
    Shadow Archmagi
    D. Brennan
    NOTE: All but a very few of the Jedi strategies were thoroughly tested, a few 
    were just with my experience with a Jedi and the vehicle itself, and NOT 
    tested. If it sucks and/or you can't be a Jedi on a level with that vehicle, 
    please let me know.
    Contact me 
    If you have anything to submit to the guide or any comments email me at 
    No flaming, just corrections, ASCII art, slicing for the Snowspeeder, etc.
    Label the Subject something like 'BFII Vehicle guide' or something of the 
    sort!!!!! It would also be helpful if you put the specific subject in the in 
    the mail (STAP, AAT, IFT-X, etc) in the subject; it helps me sort the stream 
    of mail. Don't forget to tell me how to credit you.
    BIG note: I RARELY EVER look into my "Bulk" folder, so don't send prewritten 
    messages that will get dumped into it. If you don't have time to write an 
    honest, thought-out letter, chances are you probably won't get permission.
    Copyright 2005-2006 to Tyler Eason

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