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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Elfhugh

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 12/16/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Star Wars Battlefront II
    Game Walkthrough/FAQ
    Author:  Elfhugh
    Email:  elfh@att.net
    Copyright 2005  Jeff Cooper
    Version 3.0
    Table of Contents
    I.  Introduction
    1.  How to Play
      A.  Controls
      B.  Factions
        1.  Rebel Alliance (Rebels, Humans)
          a.  Units
          b.  Vehicles
          c.  Heroes
        2.  Galactic Empire  (Empire, Clones/various hosts)
          a.  Units
          b.  Vehicles
          c.  Heroes
        3.  Republic  (Old Republic, Clone Army, Clones/pure)
          a.  Units
          b.  Vehicles
          c.  Heroes
        4.  CIS (Separatists, Trade Federation, Droids)
          a.  Units
          b.  Vehicles
          c.  Heroes
      C.  How to Play (and win)
        1.  Command Posts
          a.  Capturing Command Posts
          b.  Losing Command Posts
          c.  Reinforcements
        2.  Medals
      D.  Galactic Conquest
      E.  Instant Action
        1.  1-Flag CTF
        2.  2-Flag CTF
        3.  Hunt
        4.  Assault
        5.  Conquest  
    2.  Rise of the Empire
      A.  Training
        1.  Geonosis:  Attack of the Clones
      B.  Campaign - Clone Wars
        1.  Mygeeto:  Amongst the Ruins
        2.  Coruscant Orbit:  A Desperate Rescue
        3.  Felucia:  Heart of Darkness
        4.  Kashyyyk Orbit:  First Line of Defense
        5.  Kashyyk:  A Line in the Sand
        6.  Utapau:  Underground Ambush
        7.  Coruscant:  Knightfall
      C.  Campaign - Galactic Empire
        1.  Naboo:  Imperial Diplomacy
        2.  Mustafar Orbit:  Preventive Measures
        3.  Mustafar:  Tying up Loose Ends
        4.  Kamino:  Changing of the Guard
        5.  Death Star:  Prison Break
        6.  Polis Massa:  Birth of the Rebellion
        7.  Tantive IV:  Recovering the Plans
        8.  Yavin Orbit:  Vader's Fist Strikes Back
        9.  Yavin:  Revenge of the Empire
        10. Hoth:  Our Finest Hour
    3.  Other Stuff
      A.  Cheats
      B.  Contributions
    I.  Introduction
    Well!  First walkthrough, and what better game to start with!  
    Personally, the only good Star Wars game where you spend most of 
    your time as a trooper instead of an all-powerful Jedi, although 
    you can play as them in this game.  So, without further ado, the 
    1.  How to Play
    A.  Controls
    Note:  These controls are the default for the game (called "Obi-
    wan" controls for some reason.  Go figure.)Personally, I changed 
    only the reload/target tracking buttons since that makes the 
    basic controls the same as the original Battlefront.  Also, the 
    last two buttons do nothing for Jedi.
    Left thumbstick......................Move/Strafe
    Left thumbstick clicked down.........Hold to sprint
    Right thumbstick.....................Feelook
    Right thumbstick clicked down........Zoom
    A....................................Jump-In air, Jets/Force 
    B....................................Crouch/Roll while running
    Y....................................Action/Enter Vehicle
    X....................................Target Tracking
    Left Trigger.........................Secondary Attack
    Black button.........................Secondary Next
    Right Trigger........................Primary Attack
    White button.........................Primary Next/Saber Block
    Back button..........................Toggle Map Modes
    Start button.........................Pause Menu
    D-pad Down...........................Reload 
    D-pad Up.............................Squad Commands
    Left thumbstick......................Throttle/Strafe
    Left thumbstick clicked down.........Hold to boost
    Right thumbstick.....................Pitch/Turn
    Right thumbstick clicked down........Zoom
    A....................................Jump (Speeder bikes mostly)
    B....................................Evasive maneuver
    Y....................................Exit Vehicle
    X....................................Track Target
    Left Trigger.........................Secondary Attack
    Right Trigger........................Primary Attack
    Black button.........................Switch Position 
    Back button..........................Toggle Map Modes
    Start button.........................Pause Menu
    D-pad Up.............................Squad Commands
    Left thumbstick......................Pitch/Turn
    Left thumbstick clicked down.........Zoom
    Right thumbstick......................Throttle/Roll
    Right thumbstick clicked down.........Hold to Boost
    A.....................................Land/Take Off
    B.....................................Evasive Maneuver(s)
    Y.....................................Exit Vehicle
    Left Trigger..........................Secondary Weapon
    Right Trigger.........................Primary Weapon
    Black button..........................Switch Position
    Back button...........................Toggle Map Modes
    Start button..........................Pause Menu
    D-pad Up..............................Squad Commands
    Right thumbstick......................Freelook/Aim
    Right thumbstick clicked down.........Zoom
    Left thumstick........................Zoom Adjust
    Left thumstick clicked down...........Zoom
    Y.....................................Exit Turret
    Right Trigger.........................Primary Attack
    X.....................................Track Target
    Back button...........................Toggle Map Modes
    Start button..........................Pause Menu
    B.  Factions
    Their four factions, or armies, in Battlefront II, just like in 
    the original.  They are the Republic, the CIS, the Empire, and 
    the Rebel Alliance.  They are from two different time periods, 
    and you cannot mix them; for instance, you can't have 
    Stormtroopers fighting against Clones or CIS.
        1.  Rebel Alliance (Rebels, Humans)
    These are the guys in the original Star Wars movies who are 
    fighting against the Empire.  This is the team who Luke 
    Skywalker joins.  They are led by senators like Mon Mothma and 
    Princess Leia, who do not agree with the harsh doctrine the 
    Imperials have imposed.
    a.  Units
    Rebel Soldier
    Book Description:  The Rebel soldier is effective against 
    infantry, especially when they empoly squad-based tactics.
    Equipment:  Blaster Rifle, blaster pistol, thermal detonators
    Lowdown:  Basic trooper, just like every other factions.  
    However, I can't claim to have ever seen them employ "squad-
    based tactics".
    Rebel Vanguard
    Book Description:  Vanguards are called upon to punch holes in 
    an Imperial vehicle brigade.  The heavy weapons they carry 
    provide the means to take down menacing enemy air and ground 
    Equipment:  Rocket Launcher, blaster pistol, thermal detonaters,
    Lowdown:  The go-to guy for taking down vehicles.  Especially 
    the Command vehicles that act as mobile Command Posts, since 
    they can actually take them down some of the time.
    Rebel Marksman
    Book Description:  Rebel marksmen have the specialized task of 
    finding and eliminating targets from a safe location.  Their 
    recon droids are capable of a deadly self-destruction near enemy 
    Equipment:  Sniper Rifle, blaster pistol, thermal detonators,
        auto-turret dispenser
    Lowdown:  Funny how they're called Marks"men" and they happen to 
    be the only female character in the game!
    Rebel Smuggler
    Book Description:  Whenever there is a need to slip past an 
    Imperial fleet undetected, just look for a smuggler.  For a fee, 
    the smuggler is willing to take the risk of running contraband 
    right unter the Emperor's nose.  The smuggler can also repair 
    items as well as slice enemies out of vehicles using his fusion 
    cutter.  In addition to this, he can also destroy enemy mines 
    quickly and has the unique ability to be invisible to enemy 
    Equipment:  Shotgun, fusion cutter, det-pack, health/ammo 
    Lowdown:  No, you don't actually have to pay for the (except in 
    Galactic Conquest).  And, as far as I know, all "engineer" 
    classes have the ability to be invisible to enemy mines.  But 
    I'm not going to be the one to find out.
    Bothan Spy
    Book Description:  The cunning Bothans are known throughout the 
    galaxy for their spying capabilities.  On the battlefield they 
    sneak behind enemy lines, causing chaos and wreaking havoc, and 
    then fade into the environment.  The Bothan Spy also has the 
    unique ability to regenerate health.
    Equipment:  Incinerator, stealth, regeneration, timebomb
    Lowdown:  The Rebel's unique "Commander" Class.  The 
    regeneration is an area effect, and I'm pretty sure the stealth 
    feeds off of your stamina.  Unfortunately, and even though it is 
    a wide-area gun, the Incinerator takes a full clip to destroy a 
    basic warrior at full health, so don't use it if you might die 
    while you're reloading.
    Wookie Warrior
    Book Description:  The Wookiees joined the Rebel Alliance after 
    the Empire invaded their home planet, Kashyyyk, and enslaved 
    their people.  Wookiees fight with unmatched ferocity and 
    loyally support troops with health and ammo.
    Equipment:  Bowcaster, grenade launcher, thermal detonators,
        remote droid.
    Lowdown:  TTTTTThhhhhhheeeeeeeyyyyyyy mmmmmmooooooovvvveeeeee 
    sssssoooooo ssssllllllooooowwwww!  Seriously.  However, they are 
    tougher than a basic trooper.  But they don't give out health 
    and ammo, and, if you think about it, they weren't a part of the 
    Alliance in the movies.  Oh well.
    Rebel Pilot (Space Only)
    Book Description:  Rebel pilots automatically regenerate the 
    health of whatever vehicle they occupy and are capable of 
    repairing damaged vehicles, droids and turrets.  They also carry 
    a powerful timebomb.
    Equipment:  Commando Pistol, fusion cutter, and timebomb
    Lowdown:  I prefer these guys in space because they can fix 
    their ship pretty fast, and the timebomb actually does more 
    damage than the rocket launcher, and shipboard attacks are all 
    about damage.
    Rebel Marine  (Space Only)
    Book Description:  Rebel Marines provide the last line of 
    defense on capital ships, repelling enemy attacks with heavy 
    Equipment:  Blaster Rifle, rocket launcher, thermal detonator
    Lowdown:  Better for anti-troop fighting than anti-ship attacks.  
    And, since most of the enemy will be out in space, stick with 
    the pilot.
    b.  Vehicles
    Speeder Bike
    Fast vehicle.  Very fast.  However, it is incredibly hard to not 
    crash, so don't boost in a forest.  It's already fast enough.  
    Also, it now has a limited jump ability (The rebels are still 
    looking for a practical application for this new ability.  So 
    far, they ain't got squat.)
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Blaster Cannon
    Secondary Weapons:  None
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    Tauntaun (Hoth Only)
    A bit slower than a speeder bike, but a lot faster than you.  It 
    can, and has, meant the difference between losing a Command Post 
    and blasting that sneak to bits.  (The tauntaun did not do the 
    blasting)  Too bad you can't shoot from its back.
    Positions:  Rider
    Primary Weapons:  None
    Secondary Weapons:  None
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    Alliance ARC-1
    A new tank for the Rebels, it has a good deal of weapons.  If 
    you can get a secondary gunner, you can own.  Everything.
    Positions:  Pilot, Gunner
    Primary Weapons:  Laser Cannons (Driver), Missiles (Gunner)
    Secondary Weapons:  Particle Cannon (Driver)
    Critical Hit Location:  Black coolant tanks on the sides
    A-Wing  (Space Only)
    The Rebels' dogfighting ship (Ship-to-ship).  It's somewhat in 
    the shape of an A.
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Laser Cannons
    Secondary Weapons:  Homing Rockets
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    X-Wing  (Space Only)
    Like the A-wing the X-wing is also good at dogfights, though not 
    as well since it is the Rebel multi-purpose craft (it can act as 
    a bomber or dogfighter).
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Laser Cannons
    Secondary Weapons:  Proton Torpedoes
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    Y-Wing  (Space Only)  
    This is a bomber.  Hence, it's often called the Y-Wing bomber.  
    This is the ship the Rebels use to assault enemy capital 
    Positions:  Pilot, Gunner
    Primary Weapons:  Laser Cannon (Pilot), Cannon (Gunner)
    Secondary Weapons:  Proton Bombs (Pilot)
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    Alliance Assault Craft (LAAT/i Gunship) (Space Only)
    I don't know why they couldn't create a different one from the 
    clones (see below).  This is the Alliance's Dropship.  It acts 
    as a spawn point when it is landed.  Including in the enemy 
    ship.  Comprende?
    Positions:  Pilot, Co-Pilot, Right Turret, Left Turret
    Primary Weapons:  Particle Cannon (Pilot), Remote Rocket (Co
        Pilot), Beam Cannon (Left and Right Turret)
    Secondary Weapons:  Proton Torpedoes (Pilot)
    Critical Hit Location:  Cockpit
    c. Heroes
    The better-than-the-average trooper guys, more often than not 
    Jedi.  I don't know for certain which level each one is on.  
    When you can play as one, it will say on the bottom of the 
    screen "Play as________"  and the left and right buttons of the 
    D-pad labeled on their respective sides as Yes and No.  Hit the 
    Yes and pick a Command Post to spawn at. 
    Luke Skywalker/Pilot Luke:  Jedi
      Equipment:  Lightsaber, Force Push, Saber Throw.
    Leia Organa:  Non-Jedi
      Equipment:  Sporting Pistol, Thermal Detonators, Invincibility
    Han Solo:  Non-Jedi
      Equipment:  DL-44 Blaster, Det-packs, Rally, Fusion Cutter
    Chewbacca:  Non-Jedi
      Equipment:  Bowcaster, Remote rockets, Rage, Timebomb
    2.  Galactic Empire  (Empire, Clones of Various Hosts)
    These are the "Bad Guys" in the original movies.  Basically, 
    they are the Clones only from different sources and under an 
    openly evil leader.  So they're nothing like the Clones except 
    that they are clones.  Mostly.
    a.  Units
    Book Description:  The iron will of the Emperor is personified 
    in the stark white armor of the feared stormtrooper,.  They are 
    highly disciplined and fanatically loyal to the Emperor, making 
    them an excellent front line assault force.
    Equipment:  Blaster Rifle, blaster pistol, thermal detonators
    Lowdown:  The same as the other armies' basic troopers.
    Shock Trooper
    Book Description:  The shock trooper offers powerful support to 
    the blaster-based troops by carrying a small portable missile 
    launcher.  This weapon fires explosive charges that are highly 
    effective against vehicles or tight formations of infantry.
    Equipment:  Rocket Launcher, blaster pistol, thermal detonators,
    Lowdown:  I've seen those launchers.  Portable, yes, small, heck 
    Scout Trooper
    Book Description:  Scout troopers use concealment, probe droids 
    and patience to target faraway enemies and eliminate them with 
    their high-powered sniper rifles.  Their recon droids can self-
    destruct in a mighty blast, decimating enemy forces.
    Equipment:  Sniper Rifle, blaster pistol, thermal detonaters,
      auto turret dispensers
    Lowdown:  Their costumes change on forest/jungle levels.  Look 
    cool, too
    Imperial Engineer
    Book Description:  The Empire's engineers focus on repairing 
    friendly equipment and establishing defenses, while working to 
    demolish the emplacements of the Rebellion.
    Equipment:  Blast Cannon, fusion cutter, det-pack, health/ammo
    Lowdown:  Same as all the other engineer classes.
    Imperial Officer
    Book Description:  These Imperial tacticians support the troops 
    in the field with a mortar launcher capable of leveling rebel 
    resistance.  The officer's unique training allows for increased 
    weapon damage.  Officers also carry extra health and ammo 
    supplies into battle.
    Equipment:  Mortar Launcher, Geonosian sonic gun, rage, remote
    Lowdown:  The Empire's Commander class, his area effect is rage 
    (which increases damage).  However, just like the Wookie, he 
    doesn't actually have extra ammo or health. Lies.
    Dark Trooper
    Book Description:  Dark troopers use their jetpacks to "jump" to 
    their targets (tap the A button to jump, then tap again to 
    engage the jump pack).  Once in position, their charged arc 
    caster can scorch groups of enemies.
    Equipment:  Arc Caster, commando pistol, thermal detonators
    Lowdown:  "tap again to engage the jump pack".  I don't know 
    whether to say I'm not ready for that kind of commitment, or to 
    say I'll wear a suit.  Anyways, the new gun is awesome.  If you 
    hold it down to charge it, the rays jump from body to body, up 
    to a possible of four.  Sweet, huh?  However, the rays don't 
    distinguish between friend and foe, so don't fire if a friend is 
    nearby (unless you turn friendly fire off.  Don't though.  It's 
    sissy.)  This is the Special Trooper class for the Empire, if 
    you couldn't figure that out.
    Imperial Pilot
    Book Description:  Imperial pilots automatically regenerate the 
    health of whatever vehicle they occupy and are capable of 
    repairing damaged vehicles, droids, and turrets.  They also 
    serve as capital ship saboteurs.
    Equipment:  Commando Pistol, fusion cutter, and timebomb
    Lowdown:  Same as every other pilot class.
    Imperial Marine
    Book Description:  The Empire's Star Destroyers are fortified 
    with these fearless troopers who repel any invading forces.
    Equipment:  Blaster rifle, rocket launcher, thermal detonator
    Lowdown:  Plastic men with rockets.  Whoooo.
    b.  Vehicles
    Speeder Bike
    Same as the Rebel version under the same name.
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Blaster Cannon
    Secondary Weapons:  None
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    TX-130T Fighter Tank
    The Imperial version of the Rebel tank.  Doesn't have as many 
    missiles though.  Too bad.
    Positions:  Pilot, Gunner
    Primary Weapons:  Blaster Cannons (Pilot), Beam Cannon (Gunner)
    Secondary Weapons:  Concussion Missiles (Pilot)
    Critical Hit Location:  Circle at rear
    The infamous chicken walker.  They seem a lot tougher in this 
    game.  They also seem bigger.
    Positions:  Pilot, Co-Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Blaster Cannon (Pilot), Remote Rocket 
    Secondary Weapons:  Particle Cannon (Pilot)
    Critical Hit Location:  Rear block between legs
    The legendary walkers that totally pwn Hoth.  Thats right.  I 
    said pwn.
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Heavy Laser Cannons
    Secondary Weapons:  Particle Cannon
    Critical Hit Location:  Neck between body and head
    TIE Interceptor (Space Only)
    The Imperial dogfighter, and arguably the coolest.
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Laser Cannons
    Secondary Weapons:  Homing Rockets
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    TIE Fighter  (Space Only)
    The Imperial multi-purpose craft (yeah right).  I love that 
    whining sound.
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Laser Cannons
    Secondary Weapons:  Proton Torpedoes
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    TIE Bomber (Space Only)
    As the name suggests, it is the bomber for the Imperial army.  I 
    guess it was to help the undergraduates understand its 
    Positions:  Pilot, Gunner
    Primary Weapons:  Proton Torpedo (Pilot), Remote Rocket (Gunner)
    Secondary Weapons:  Proton Bomb (Pilot)
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    Theta-class Shuttle  (Space Only)
    This is a toned down, not as lush as craft as the Lambada class 
    shuttle seen in the original trilogy as the Emperor's personal 
    transport ship.  It is also the lander for the Imperials, and 
    can act as a spawn point when landed.
    Positions:  Pilot, Co-Pilot, Main Gunner, Passengers (3)
    Primary Weapons:  Particle Cannons (Pilot), Remote Rocket 
      (Co-Pilot), Repeating Blasters (Main Gunner), None 
    Secondary Weapons:  Proton Torpedoes (Pilot)
    Critical Hit Location:  Lower neck
    c. Heroes
    Darth Vader:  Sith
      Equipment:  Lightsaber, Saber Throw, Force Choke
    Emperor:  Sith
      Equipment:  Lightsaber, Force Lightning, Force Choke
    Boba Fett:  Non-Sith
      Equipment:  EE-3 Blaster Rifle, Flamethrower, Wrist Rocket, 
    Anakin Skywalker:  Sith
      Equipment:  Lightsaber, Saber Throw, Force Choke
    3.  Republic (Old Republic, Clone Army, Purebred Clones)
    My favorite army out of all four.  Not because of the heroes.  
    Not because of the Special Troops, although they are cool.  Just 
    because they rock.  And so does their armour.
    a. Units
    Clone Trooper
    Book Description:  Genetically designed for superior fighting 
    capability, clone troopers are best at fighting other infantry 
    units toe-to-toe.
    Equipment:  Blaster Rifle, blaster pistol, thermal detonators
    Lowdown:  "superior fighting capability".  'Nuff said.
    Heavy Trooper
    Book Description:  The Advanced Recon Commando specializes in 
    anti-vehicular combat.  These units carry a powerful rocket 
    launcher, but its effectiveness against infantry is limited.
    Equipment:  Rocket Launcher, blaster pistol, thermal detonators,
    Lowdown:  "effectiveness against infantry is limited" HAH! Not 
    the way I play 'em!
    Clone Sharpshooter
    Book Description:  The sharpshooter is a long-range threat to 
    infantry with the sniper rifle, and uses the recon droid to 
    engage a destructive self-detonation.
    Equipment:  Sniper Rifle, blaster pistol, thermal detonators,
        auto turret dispensers
    Lowdown:  Outfit changes depending on the level.  Otherwise, the 
    same as all sniping classes.
    Clone Engineer
    Book Description:  The Republic's engineers support the army by 
    repairing friendly equipment and establishing defenses, and when 
    the need arises, they demolish CIS emplacements with their det-
    Equipment:  Shotgun, fusion cutter, det-pack, health/ammo 
    Lowdown:  Just like other engineer classes.  BTW, the shotgun is 
    good only at close range.
    Clone Commander
    Book Description:  The commanders are specially designed to lead 
    the clone troops into battle.  They can temporarily empower 
    nearby ranks with confidence.
    Equipment:  Chaingun, blaster pistol, Rally, remote droid
    Lowdown:  The Commander class for the Republic (go figure), 
    their area effect is rally (raises defense), and they have a 
    shoulder-mounted chain-gun.  With infinite ammo.  I'm going to 
    engage it.
    Jet Trooper
    Book Description:  This highly mobile trooper has a jet pack 
    that allows brief but rapid bursts of flight (tap the A button 
    to jump, then tap again for a short flight).  He is a master at 
    ambushes and disruption with his EMP launcher.
    Equipment:  EMP launcher, commando pistol, thermal detonators
    Lowdown:  The Republic's Special Trooper Class, they are 
    basically flying heavy troopers.  Plus, he actually flies 
    farther (so it's not that short) than the original, but it's 
    slower than sprinting (so it's not that rapid).  I wonder if the 
    guy who wrote this played both games...
    Clone Pilot (Space Only)
    Book Description:  These troops have the unique ability to 
    automatically repair any vehicle they occupy.  They can also 
    repair vehicles, droids, and turrets on the field with their 
    fusion cutters, as well as set up powerful timed explosives.
    Equipment:  Commando pistol, fusion cutter, timebomb
    Lowdown:  Same old, same old.  Hope they don't repair enemy 
    Clone Marine (Space Only)
    Book Description:  The clone marines are similar to standard 
    clone troopers, but carry a rocket launcher for versatility 
    against different targets.
    Equipment:  Blaster Rifle, rocket launcher, thermal detonators.
    Lowdown:  Too bad I didn't write that.
    b.  Vehicles
    BARC Speeder
    The Republic speeder bike is exactly the same as the above 
    three, except it's ugly and fat and hideous.  It's the one major 
    thing I don't like about the Republic.
    Positions:  Pilot 
    Primary Weapons:  Blaster Cannon
    Secondary Weapons:  None
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    TX-130S Fighter Tank
    Exactly like the Empire tank, just under a different name.  
    Pretty boring if you ask me.
    Positions:  Pilot, Gunner
    Primary Weapons:  Blaster Cannons (Pilot), Beam Cannon (Gunner)
    Secondary Weapons:  Concussion Missiles (Pilot)
    Critical Hit Location:  Circle at rear
    A smaller, forefather to the AT-ST, this is a single man, open 
    cockpit walker.  Perfect for destroying those pesky Droidekas.
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Laser Cannon
    Secondary Weapons:  Mortar Cannon
    Critical Hit Location:  Cylinder between legs or pilot
    Granddaddy of the AT-AT, this bad boy whips Spider droids like 
    nobody's buisness, and acts as a mobile Command Post.
    Positions:  Pilot, Main Gunner, Co-Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Heavy Laser Cannons (Pilot), Particle Cannon
        (Main Gunner), Repeating Blasters (Co-Pilot)
    Secondary Weapons:  Particle Cannon (Pilot)
    Critical Hit Location:  Cylindrical area along the underbelly
    Republic Starfighter (Space Only)
    Same ship the Jedi had in Episode III.  Personally, I don't like 
    it very much.  It looks too...not clone.  Anyways, this is the 
    Republic's dogfighting craft.
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Pulse Lasers
    Secondary Weapons:  Homing Rockets
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    ARC-170  (Space Only)
    This ship is changed into the X-Wing.  Guess that six stuff 
    wasn't working out.  ARC-6 wings  AT-TE-6 legs  X-Wing-4 wings  
    AT-AT-4 legs.  Must cost extra.  This is a multi-purpose craft, 
    just like the X-Wing.
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Laser Cannons
    Secondary Weapons:  Proton Torpedoes
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    When I see the V-Wing, I don't get the bomber vibe, although it 
    is the Republic bomber.  I get the idea of a sleek and deadly 
    dogfighting ship.  The pointed frame just makes it look like it 
    could rip other ships apart.  Oh well.
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Shock Cannon
    Secondary Weapons:  Proton Bombs
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    LAAT/i Gunship
    This is correct.  It just seems wrong that the Alliance has the 
    exact same ship.  They must lack creativity.
    Positions:  Pilot, Co-Pilot, Left Turret, Right Turret
    Primary Weapons:  Laser Cannons (Pilot), Remote Missile 
        (Co-Pilot), Beam Cannon (Both Turrets)
    Secondary Weapons:  Missile Launcher (Pilot)
    Critical Hit Location:  Cockpit
    c.  Heroes
    Yoda:  Jedi
      Equipment:  Lightsaber, Force Pull, Force Push
    Mace Windu:  Jedi
      Equipment:  Lightsaber, Force Push, Saber Throw
    Obi-Wan:  Jedi
      Equipment:  Lightsaber, Force Push, Saber Throw
    Aayla Secura:  Jedi
      Equipment:  Two Lightsabers, Force Pull, Saber Throw
    Ki-Adi-Mundi:  Jedi
      Equipment:  Lightsaber, Force Pull, Saber Throw
    4.  CIS (Separatists, Trade Federation, Droids)
    Evil side of the Clone Wars.  They actually include a wide range 
    of main groups, including the Banking Clan, the Commerce Guild, 
    and the Geonosians.
    a.  Units
    Super Battle Droid
    Book Description:  After the debacle at the Battle of Naboo, the 
    Trade Federation ordered a stronger, more independent battle 
    droid, officially designated the B2.  Resembling hulking, 
    reinforced battle droids, super battle droids are far superior 
    to their skeletal-looking counterparts.
    Equipment:  Wrist Blaster, tri shot, wrist rocket
    Lowdown:  Basic infantry, but the tri shot is like a shotgun 
    with infinite ammo, and it's super hard to get head shots on 
    Assault Droid
    Book Description:  Under the control of the Separatists, assault 
    droids serve as a cheap yet effective solution to the fast-
    moving threat of Republic vehicles.  Essentially mobile missile 
    launchers, these droids allow the Separatists to handle tough 
    Equipment:  Rocket Launcher, blaster pistol, thermal detonators,
    Lowdown:  Seem like a waste of money, no matter how cheap they 
    are, since Supers have wrist rockets, Which are just as good as 
    Assassin Droid
    Book Description:  Assassin droids are specifically programmed 
    and designed with advanced targeting capabilities that allow 
    them to take down targets at extreme range.  Their recon droids 
    feature powerful self-detonators that can be used against 
    Republic forces.
    Equipment:  Sniper Rifle, blaster pistol, thermal detonators,
        auto turret dispensers
    Lowdown:  It's in their name twice, and that's what they're a 
    pain in.
    Engineer Droid
    Book Description:  These droids support the army by repairing 
    CIS equipment, as well as performing demolitions on Republic 
    emplacements with their det-packs.
    Equipment:  Shotgun, fusion cutter, det-pack, health/ammo
    Lowdown:  The same as every other armies' engineer.  Really.
    Book Description:  These enhanced droids serve to protect 
    important figures in the CIS army, such as General Grievous.  
    Their deadly neuro poison can cripple any enemies in a radius 
    around them.
    Equipment:  Bulldog RLR, radiation launcher, neuro poison,
        remote droid.
    Lowdown:  The CIS Commander class, this guy's area effect 
    actually harms the enemy for a period of time, but doesn't hurt 
    the droids.  Oh, and shoot at the ground near an enemy with the 
    RLR.  It's too hard to hit if you use it as a pistol.  
    Book Description:  Even feared by Jedi Knights, the crab-like 
    droideka is equipped with a personal shield and two powerful 
    repeating blasters instead of arms.  The droideka transforms 
    into a wheel in order to cruise rapidly around the battlefield.
    Equipment:  Repeating blasters, shield emitter
    Lowdown:  The CIS' Special Trooper class, they are (I think) 
    toned down a little from the first game because:  The blasters 
    overheat much faster (or is that my imagination?), the shield 
    has a life amount over it (greatly appreciated by us clone 
    players), and the shield seems to be a lot weaker.  Another 
    point of interest is that to roll, you don't hit Y, you hit B.  
    It's really annoying until you get the hang of it (and for 
    noobs, hit B again to come out of wheel mode).  Overall, tough, 
    but not as tough as it seemed in the first game.
    Pilot Droid  (Space Only)
    Book Description:  Pilot droids automatically regenerate the 
    health of whatever vehicle they occupy and are capable of 
    repairing damaged vehicles, droids and turrets.  They also carry 
    deadly explosives for disabling enemy ships.
    Equipment:  Commando Pistol, fusion cutter, and timebomb
    Lowdown:  These guys are exactly the same as every other pilot 
    class.  I promise, they don't have any special powers.
    Droid Marine  (Space Only)
    Book Description:  The droid marine is an all-purpose fighting 
    machine designed to drive back enemy boarding parties.
    Equipment:  Blaster Rifle, rocket launcher, thermal detonator
    Lowdown:  Again, exactly the same as every other faction's.
    b.  Vehicles
    They CIS equivalent to every other factions' speeder bike, the 
    only difference is in the appearance.
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Blaster Cannons
    Secondary Weapons:  None
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    Much faster when you use the boost, this is a vehicle that can 
    tear apart both infantry and tanks.  It's the tan coloured 
    vehicle that was seen on Naboo in Episode I.
    Positions:  Pilot, Main Gunner
    Primary Weapons:  Laser Blasters (Pilot), Laser Cannon (Main
    Secondary Weapons:  Missile Launcher (Pilot)
    Critical Hit Location:  Rear panel
    Armored Tank Droid
    I've also heard them called "CAT"s, these are the tanks on 
    Kashyyyk and Felucia that have a giant tread down their middle 
    that moves them.  Better against infantry than tanks.
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Shock Rifles
    Secondary Weapons:  Mortar Cannon
    Critical Hit Location:  Rear tread cylinder
    Droid Tri-Fighter  (Space Only)
    This is the CIS dogfighting ship.  It makes a wierd sound when 
    it's flying, but it's missiles look really cool.
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Repeating Blasters
    Secondary Weapons:  Homing Rockets
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    Droid Starfighter  (Space Only)
    The CIS multi-purpose craft, it's pretty cool how they jump off 
    the deck to take off, but you can't actually walk around with 
    them on the deck.  It would be pointless, but neat.
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Blaster Cannon
    Secondary Weapons:  Proton Torpedo
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    CIS Strike Bomber  (Space Only)
    This is, as the name implies, the CIS Bomber.  Apparently, most 
    factions want to make sure that their troops know which one is a 
    Positions:  Pilot
    Primary Weapons:  Particle Cannons
    Secondary Weapons:  Proton Bombs
    Critical Hit Location:  ?
    CIS Gunship  (Space Only)
    This ship is the mobile spawn point craft for the CIS, and was 
    in the original Battlefront, but it wasn't as cool-looking as 
    this one is.
    Positions:  Pilot, Co-Pilot, Left Turret, Right Turret, 
        Passenger (2)
    Primary Weapons:  Beam Cannon (Pilot), Remote Rocket (Co-Pilot),
        Particle Cannons (Left and Right Turrets), None (Passengers)
    Secondary Weapons:  Homing Rockets (Pilot)
    Critical Hit Location:  Rear panel
    c.  Heroes
    Emperor:  Sith
      Equipment:  Lightsaber, Force Lightning, Force Choke
    Darth Maul:  Sith
      Equipment:  Two-sided Lightsaber, Saber throw, Force push
    General Grievous:  Sith (?)
      Equipment:  Four Lightsabers, Rage
    Count Dooku:  Sith
      Equipment:  Lightsaber, Force Lightning, Force Choke
    Jango Fett:  Non-Sith
      Equipment:  Westar-33 Blaster, Flamethrower, Wrist Rocket,
    C.  How to Play (and win)
    1.  Command Posts
    Command Posts are almost always the center of each battle, 
    except in Space battles where you cannot capture command posts, 
    or in specialty matches like Capture the Flag and Hunt.  They 
    are tactical positions on the map, and are important because all 
    Reinforcements are deployed at them (see below), you can change 
    your class at any friendly Command Post by pressing Y when 
    facing it, and your enemy will begin to loose reinforcements 
    when you control a majority of the Command Posts on the map.
    a.  Capturing Command Posts
    Command Posts have a light above them that is either blue, 
    white, or red.  Blue means you already control it, white is 
    neutral and can be claimed by anyone, and red indicates that it 
    belongs to the enemy.  You can capture any Command post that is 
    not already under your control just by standing near it.  
      An icon, in the shape of a plus sign with a circle in the 
    center will appear on your screen when you are close enough to 
    claim it.  The icon will slowly change colour, either from red 
    to white to blue if it is an enemy Command Post, or from white 
    to red if it is neutral.  When the icon becomes completely blue, 
    it will disappear and will now belong to your faction.  Usually, 
    the army Commanders' voice will tell you that your faction has 
    captured a Command Post.  
      Some Command Posts cannot be taken away from the enemy, but 
    can be destroyed, like the Shield Generator on Hoth, or the 
    mobile command posts like the AT-TE.  Mobile command posts 
    usually respawn after they are destroyed, but the do not count 
    towards owning all Command Posts on the map.
      If a player can capture all the Command Posts on the map and 
    hold them for 20 seconds, that player's team will win.  A timer 
    will appear on the screen counting down how much longer the team 
    must hold the Command Posts.
    b.  Losing Command Posts  
    Conversely, the enemy can and will take Command Posts from your 
    team, and the same penalties and bonuses will apply when this 
    happens.  The army Commanders' voice should announce that a 
    Command Post has been lost.  Look at your map to find out which 
    one it is.  Any Command Post can be taken and lost an infinite 
    amount of times in any given battle, although it is often better 
    to take a different Command Post if you can instead of pouring 
    troops into one.
    c.  Reinforcements
    This is the number on your screen that is in the mid-left in 
    blue and mid-right in red.  The blue is how many reinforcements 
    your team has, and red is how many your opponent has.  More 
    units can join the game as long as there is at least one 
    reinforcement point left and their is one friendly Command Post 
    on the map.  When a trooper dies, one point is deducted from 
    their team's reinforcement total.  If the Reinforcement total 
    reaches zero, that team loses.  In Space and some Campaign 
    missions, one or both sides have infinite reinforcements.
      When a team's number of Reinforcements equal the total number 
    of units on the battlefield, the team will no longer loose 
    reinforcements automatically, even if they do not control the 
    majority of Command Posts on the map.
    2.  Medals
    When you do something outstanding during the course of the game 
    in one life (like getting 8 Kills with a shotgun), then you earn 
    a medal.  These medals stay with you forever, as long as your 
    profile exists.  You start out with the rank of "Green" in all 
    medals, and that rank changes depending on how many medals you 
    have in an area.  Once you gain four medals in one category, you 
    attain Veteran status and unlock the bonus for that medal (such 
    as the beam rifle for Marksman).  The bonus stays with you for 
    one life, unless you die within thirty seconds of attaining the 
    bonus, in which case you come back to life with that bonus.  You 
    cannot earn a medal more than once in one life, or while you 
    have the award except when you have it permanently.  Heroes 
    cannot gain awards except in Mos Eisley Assault in Instant 
    Action.  Once a player gains 33 medals in a category, they gain 
    Elite status as well as a 3/4 reduction on the amount necessary 
    to gain the medal (instead of needing six pistol kills, the 
    player would only need 4).  If the player gets 64 medals in a 
    category, the player becomes Legendary in that skill and unlocks 
    the bonus permanently.
      The player also has a rank that changes depending on the total 
    amount of medals that player has.  The player starts out as a 
    Private, then becomes a Sergeant, then Captain, and finally a 
    General.  This affects how many troops a player can get to 
    follow him.  A private gets one, a Sergeant two, a Captain 
    three, and a General four.  To get a trooper to follow you, 
    point your targeting reticle at a friendly trooper and hit the 
    squad command button.  Do this again to make the trooper stop 
    following you.
      Award:  Precision Pistol
      Requirements:  6 kills with a pistol  (4 if Elite)
      Play in Space as a pilot and board the enemy ship.  Now shoot 
    the auto-turrets near the critical system and every enemy you 
    can find.  Shouldn't be too hard.  The award pistol has one 
    level of snipe and kills most enemies in 2-3 hits.  However, it 
    has ammo so you will have to reload and restock after a while.
      Award:  Elite Rifle
      Requirements:  12 kills with a blaster rifle  (9 if Elite)
      Select Tantive IV or any Space and have at the enemy with your 
    rifle.  The award is as good as Boba Fett's blaster, and will 
    kill almost anything in one trigger pull (it shoots in quick 
    bursts of three shots) if you hit the enemy with at least two.
      Award:  Remote Rockets
      Requirements:  4 Critical Hits on a vehicle (3 if Elite)
      Play on Hoth as Rebels and take a Rocket launcher to those AT-
    AT's necks.  It's not hard.  The award is exactly the same as 
    the rockets in space that TIE Bomber gunner's have.
      Award:  Vehicle Regeneration
      Requirements:  Slice into 1 Vehicle (1 percent faster if 
      Play Kashyyyk as Clones and Slice any Droid Tank you see.  
    Just don't stand in front of it.
      Award:  Particle Beam Rifle
      Requirements:  6 Headshots with a Sniper Rifle  (4 if Elite)
      Play Mos Eisley and either take of the hangar and change to a 
    sniper or spawn at the hangar as a sniper.  Get up onto the side 
    of the "bowl" and take aim.  Use the turrets as easy headshots.  
    The award only has one level of snipe instead of two, but will 
    kill just about anything in one hit, anywhere on their body.
      Award:  Flechette Shotgun
      Requirements:  8 kills with a shotgun  (6 if Elite)
      Just play as an Engineer all the time since their only gun it 
    the shotgun (whether under that name or not).  The award works 
    the same as a regular shotgun, but is much more powerful.
    Endurance, Guardian, War Hero
      Award:  Energy Regain, Shielding, Damage Increase
      Requirements:  12, 24, and 36 points  (9, 18, 27 if Elite)
      Easy.  You get points for doing certain things in any battle, 
    like capturing the flag, capturing a Command Post, killing 
    enemies, etc.  Play a Space level and destroy all the critical 
    and other systems you can on the enemy capital ship from the 
    inside.  Once you become good at the game, you'll get these 
    medals all the time.
    Private:  0 Medals total, lead 1 man
    Sergeant:  20 Medals total, lead 2 men
    Captain:  100 Medals total, lead 3 men
    General:  300 Medals total, lead 4 men
    D.  Galactic Conquest
    This is much different than the original Battlefront Galactic 
    Conquest, but I think this is better.  Now, you try to take 
    control of planets and dominate the Galaxy, as any army you 
    want, but now you must recruit the units in your army, and move 
    your fleet(s) around to attack planets instead of just choosing 
    one.  Troops cost anywhere from 800 credits to 1800.  That may 
    sound like a lot, but it isn't that much.  Bonuses can also be 
    bought to enhance your army or to weaken the enemy, and can be 
    anywhere from 200 credits to 800.  You gain money for winning or 
    losing a battle (more for winning), as well as from the planets 
    you control when you fight.  When you conquer a planet, you gain 
    the credits for that planet as well as roughly 100 credits for 
    each other planet you control.  For Space battles, you always 
    earn 300 credits for winning and 100 for losing.  If you loose a 
    battle, your fleet is destroyed and you will have to build or 
    use another.
      You will always start with 1 fleet and your factions basic 
    trooper for both ground and space, as well as 1000 credits.  
    This thousand can buy anything except for two troop types, so 
    spend it wisely.
    Energy Boost
      Makes your units energy recharge faster than normal.
      Cost:  200 credits
      Gives you more ammo for all weapons, both primary and 
    secondary weapons.
      Cost:  200 credits
      Ground only, the bonus gives you anywhere from 20-30 extra 
    reinforcements when you fall below about thirty.
      Cost:  200 credits
      Better for ground, it deploys the same kind of autoturrets 
    that a sniper can at any Command Post you control, or if it is 
    neutral after it belonged to you, but your enemy has not 
    captured it yet.
      Cost:  400 credits
    Bacta Tanks
      Slowly but constantly heals you and your troops back to full 
      Cost:  400 credits
    Combat Shielding
      Gives your troops extra health to start with when they spawn.
      Cost:  400 credits
      Good for space battles, as it damages ALL enemy ships when 
    they spawn in.
      Cost:  600 credits
    Enhanced Blasters
      Makes any blaster-type weapon do more damage.  Kind of like 
    Rage, but for blasters only.
      Cost:  600 credits
      Lets that faction fight with their leader in that battle, 
    changing depending on which planet you're fighting on.  Ground 
      Cost:  800 credits
    Since you start with 1000 credits, you could buy any of these 
    bonuses to start with, but I don't suggest it since they will 
    only help you for the battle you use them in, and you have to 
    buy them again if you want to use them.  Units, however, will 
    stay with you for the rest of the campaign.  Hint hint.
    Main Infantry
      You start with it.
      Cost:  Free
    Rocket Infantry
      These guys are helpful, but not terribly so, since vehicles 
    can be taken out just as easily with grenades or other vehicles.
      Cost:  1000 credits
    Sniper Infantry
      Again, helpful but you might want to but something else first.
      Cost:  1000 credits
    Engineer Infantry
      I always buy these guys with my first 1000 credits.  Why?  
    Because they are the guys that can give out health, can repair 
    vehicles/turrets/droids, and have shotguns.  They are almost as 
    important as the basic infantry.
      Cost:  1000 credits
    Commander Class
      These are the guys with the area effects, and are very 
    important as they can help you troops greatly, but you can't buy 
    them right off the bat.
      Cost:  1800 credits
    Special Trooper Class
      These are the elite troops that can usually take out a lot of 
    enemies before they go down.  You can't start with them though.
      Cost:  1800 credits
    Pilot Class
      Good thing you start with these guys.  It'd be annoying to 
    have to spend credits on them when you started.
    Marine Class
      I don't see the reason in buying them as the enemy rarely 
    boards your capital ship, and the pilot is better for sabotage 
      Cost:  800 credits
    Since I suggest buying troops first, decide before hand what to 
    buy in what order.  Since I don't have the patience to wait for 
    1800 credits (usually 2 ground battles in the beginning), I go 
    with Engineers, then Rockets, then Snipers, and then the 
    Commander class, followed by the Special Trooper class, and 
    finally the Marines.
      You could also buy another fleet with your first 1000 credits, 
    as I find in easier to win space battles than ground, and most 
    of the time the three planets you start with aren't very close 
    to each other.  In order of price, fleets are (no difference 
    between faction):
    1  0 credits
    2  1000 credits
    3  2000 credits
    4  3000 credits
    and on and on.
    E.  Instant Action
    This is what a good deal of people play since the campaign and 
    Galactic Conquest take so long to complete.  You get to choose 
    the battle and the area, as well as the type of game you play.  
    You can also change the way the battle will be played (as in 
    more reinforcements/point quota).
    1.  1-Flag CTF
    You score points by taking their flag and entering the enemies 
    base.  Their base is marked with an objective marker.  Heroes 
    are turned on by default, although you can change that and the 
    amount of points needed to win in the Options menu.  This can be 
    played in Space or on the ground.
    2.  2-Flag CTF
    Now, you capture the enemy's flag and return it to your base, 
    both of which are marked with an objective marker.  Heroes are 
    turned on by default, and you can change that and the points 
    needed to win in the Options menu.  Playable in Space and on the 
    3.  Hunt
    One of the best new additions to the Battlefront world, the 
    objective is to get to a certain point amount in a certain time 
    limit, both of which can be changed in the Options menu.  Heroes 
    are not applicable, and you can only do this on the ground.  
    Why's that?  Because one of the teams is that planet's native 
    species!  Here are all the Hunt levels that are available (too 
    bad you can't be ackalys on Felucia, or Gamoreans in Jabba's 
    Geonosis:  Geonosians vs. Clone Sharpshooters
      Usually, if you sit by and do nothing, the Geonosians win.  In 
    fact, the Geonosians sometimes win when you're a sharpshooter 
    actively killing them!
    Kashyyyk:  Wookies vs. Magna Guards
      Nothing special.  Really.
    Endor:  Ewoks vs.  Scout Troopers
      Ewoks almost always win.  In fact, an ewok player will be hard 
    pressed to get kills in this.
    Tatooine (Mos Eisley):  Jawas vs.  Tusken Raiders
      Don't know why these two would be fighting, but this is the 
    only time you see Tuskens in Battlefront II.  Jawas usually win 
    (be careful not to shock your teammates).
    Hoth:  Wampas vs. Rebels
      No, it's not a misprint.  You can play as Wampas!  They rock, 
    and are really hard to kill.  They will almost never loose.  As 
    an added bonus, the fight takes place mostly on the new area of 
    Hoth from the campaign.
    4.  Assault
    It's akin to Hunt; you race to gain a set amount of points 
    before your opponent does.  This limit can be changed from the 
    Options menu.  The Heroes On/Off is not applicable because this 
    is for Space only, except for Mos Eisley.  Why, wouldn't you be 
    able to toggle Heroes?  Nope.  That's because this is the only 
    map where it is Heroes ONLY.  Good versus evil, it is a lot of 
    fun since heroes from different time periods get to fight each 
    other.  However, don't play it too much since it really isn't 
    the spirit of Battlefront to play as Heroes.
    5.  Conquest
    Ground only, this is the basic fight, just like all the ground 
    battles in Galactic Conquest.  You can toggle Heroes and change 
    the amount of Reinforcements from the Options menu.  Objectives?  
    Capture all enemy Command Post/kill all opposition.  That's it.  
    Simple, and yet delightfully fun.
    Finally, they say, we get to the actual walkthrough.  Well, here 
    it is, the story of the Rise of the Empire in two Acts.  After 
    the training.  Note:  If an objective is marked with this:  
    (Informal), that just means that it is necessary to complete the 
    previous or next objective, but it is either not stated as part 
    of an objective or it is the second of a two part objective.  It 
    could also mean that your Commanding Officer tells you verbally 
    to do something, but the game does not stop and print it out in 
    front of you.
    A.  Training.
    Unfortunately, the only Space help you get does not actually let 
    you pilot a ship.  However, even if you don't want training, 
    play it for an idea of what this new objective-based campaign is 
    like as well as a little more of the 501st's story.
    1.  Geonosis:  Attack of the Clones
    The 501st is finally seeing combat, but it is nothing like the 
    simulations that they had spent so much time in.  Now, they'll 
    be lucky just to survive.
    Spawn as the only option you have; a regular Clone Trooper.
    1st Objective:  Follow the yellow Objective Arrow to Checkpoint 
      Easy enough.  You shouldn't even come under fire.  If you 
    want, you can practice how to sprint.
    2nd Objective:  Destroy the droid scouts in the area with your 
    primary weapon before they report your position.
      It's unlikely that you'll die.  If you do, make sure the enemy 
    AI is on Normal, not Elite.  You'll be congratulated on your 
    success at having destroyed your first droids, both of the war 
    and of your life.
    3rd Objective:  Destroy the damaged Hailfire droid with your 
    thermal detonaters.
      Very easy.  Just walk over to it and throw (Left trigger) your 
    grenades at it.  They stick, so you don't have to throw them on 
    the ground.  Remember not to stand too close to the grenades 
    when they go off.
    4th Objective:  Capture the Downed Techno Union Ship to secure a 
    stronger foothold for our troops.
      This is the first Command Post you will capture (unless you 
    didn't start with training).  Follow the objective marker to the 
    inside of the ship and stand close enough that an icon appears.  
    When the icon is completely blue, the objective will be 
    complete.  There will be some droids in the area, but as long as 
    you dodge the blaster shots you shouldn't have to worry about 
    them (you troopers will take them out).
    5th Objective:  Change to the Engineer class at the downed 
    Techno Union ship Command Post.
      Since you should still be near the Command Post, all you have 
    to do is press the Y button when you are facing it (the Command 
    Post) and select the Engineer (yellow).
    6th Objective:  Repair the Health and Ammo recharge Droids.
      This could be somewhat difficult, as their are many more enemy 
    troops now.  To repair the droids, walk over to them and switch 
    from your shotgun to your fusion cutter.  Hold down the right 
    trigger to heal the droids.  The ammo droid is the tan box 
    shaped one (when repaired) and the health droid is the tall 
    grayish black one (when it is repaired).
    7th Objective:  Go to the AT-TE and get inside it.
      The AT-TE is the box-shaped ship that has six legs.  It acts 
    as a mobile Command Post for your troops.
    8th Objective:  Use the AT-TE to take out one of the Spider 
    Walkers before they cause some serious damage.
      There are two spiders that are available, so take your pick.  
    They should go down relatively easy.  Remember to use both 
    Primary and Secondary attacks, and use the AT-TE's one level of 
    snipe if you are missing a lot.
    9th Objective:  Change your unit class to the Jet Trooper at a 
    Command Post.
      The closest friendly Command Post is the downed Techno Union 
    Ship.  Change to the Jet Trooper (green) once you are inside.
    10th Objective:  Acquire the Sith Holocron.
      Who knows why a Geonosian was entrusted with a Sith Holocron, 
    but he died and dropped it on top of the downed Techno Union 
    ship.  Use your Jet Pack to get on top of it, and walk over the 
    "Holocron" (looks like any other kind of objective).
    11th Objective (Informal):  Take the Holocron to Checkpoint 
      Remember Checkpoint Alpha?  Carefully dodge droid attacks and 
    run over to it to complete the previous objective.  If you die, 
    the Holocron will fall where you died, so just pick it up and 
    carry on from where you left off after you respawn.
    12th Objective:  Get up to and capture the Cliff Bunker.
      Run and/or fly up to the Cliff Bunker.  Droids will actively 
    try to stop you from capturing the Command Post, so keep trying 
    if you die.  Remember, if the symbol indicating how much longer 
    you have to wait until you capture the Command Post is blinking 
    red or blue, that means there are enemies in the area you must 
    defeat before you can continue to take that Command Post.
    13th Objective:  Change to the Sniper Class at any Command Post.
      It only makes sense to use the Command Post you just captured 
    and change to the Sharpshooter (red) class.
    14th Objective:  Use your sniper rifle to take out 3 droids.
      You really have to take out droids, because the game doesn't 
    count Geonosians.  You should be safe, and it is unlikely an 
    enemy sniper will see you.
    15th Objective:  Change to the Heavy Trooper class at any 
    Command Post.
      Again, use the Command Post behind you since it is the closest 
    to change to the Heavy Trooper (blue) class.
    16th Objective:  Destroy a Spider Walker with the Rocket 
      The Walker should go down before you run out of rockets, but 
    if you do, there is an ammo droid nearby.  Also, you should not 
    die as for some reason, enemy snipers do not consider you to be 
    a big threat.
    17th Objective:  Use your lightsaber to destroy 10 enemy droids.
      You will now play as Mace Windu (the game pretty much forces 
    you to).  It is very unlikely you will die, as you get "Health" 
    from killing your opponents.
    18th Objective:  Capture the CIS bunker to the north.
      It is likely that you will still be playing as Mace Windu, so 
    run over to the Command Post and Capture it.  If the droids are 
    too far away for you to kill them, the try using the Saber Throw 
    move or blocking.
    Hero:  Mace Windu
    B.  Campaign - Clone Wars
    1.  Mygeeto:  Amongst the Ruins
    This mission is vital to the 501st as, not only are they taking 
    out a CIS manufacturing plant, they have to recover unique power 
    crystals for the Chancellor's super weapon while under the 
    watchful eye of Ki-Adi-Mundi.  Oh, and your troops get new 
    armour now.
    1st Objective:  Cross the bridge and capture the Forward Command 
    Post inside the Central Building.
      There are wholes in the bridge so make sure you don't fall 
    through them.  Also, see if you can't use one of the single-man 
    walkers that are deployed at your base.  They help out, but the 
    droid defenses aren't incredibly tough so you don't really need 
    2nd Objective (Informal):  Destroy the Particle Cannon turrets 
    to make room for general Ki-Adi-Mundi to land.
      It's easiest to switch to the Heavy Trooper class at the 
    Command Post you just captured and then take out the turrets.  
    Just use the Objective Markers if you can't see the turrets and 
    you don't feel like leaving the safety of the Command Post 
    3rd Objective:  Destroy the Generator that powers the Energy 
    Shields so our vehicles can be moved towards the Energy 
      You now have the option to play as Ki-Adi-Mundi, and it is a 
    good idea to take it. The only reason not to is that you don't 
    gain medals as a Hero (The rest of the walkthrough for this 
    level is written under the assumption that you chose to play as 
    the Hero and were able to keep him alive through the end of the 
    level).  The objective is actually behind the green shield, so 
    get back there and hack at it with your lightsaber.  It 
    shouldn't take long.
    4th Objective:  Capture the Northwestern Command Post, which 
    will serve as a launching point for our troops' assault on the 
    energy collector.
      Easy enough.  If any droids are shooting at you and are out of 
    reach, use Force Pull or Saber throw to kill them.
    5th Objective (Informal):  Destroy the shields protecting the 
    Energy Collector's Core.
      There are two of these, and they are around the outside of the 
    tall structure.  On your way, you can take down the other 
    generator that is blocking your vehicles movement (although you 
    don't have to).
    6th Objective (Informal):  Destroy the Core
      Very easy with a lightsaber.  Just smack it a few times and it 
    should blow up.  (Use grenades or rockets if normal infantry).
    7th Objective:  Acquire a sample of the Power Crystals from the 
    destroyed Energy Core.
      Like acquiring the Sith Holocron, just walk over it to pick it 
    up.  This also triggers a number of troopers to follow you, 
    depending on your rank.
    8th Objective (Informal):  Take the Crystals back to the 
      Use your sprint whether you're a Jedi or not, and your should 
    make it there in no time.  Again, remember to watch for holes in 
    the bridge.
    Hero:  Ki-Adi-Mundi
    2.  Coruscant Orbit:  A Desperate Rescue
      This will be your first actual Space battle unless you skipped 
    right to Galactic Conquest or to Instant Action.  This is the 
    same battle that was seen in the beginning of Episode III, 
    although not quite as deadly (to you anyway).
    1st Objective:  Get to an Arc-170 and take off into space.
      Play as a Pilot or marine (pilot suggested) and take off.
    2nd Objective:  Destroy 5 CIS fighters.
      Actually, it's better to practice how to fly before you do 
    that.  Once your ready, remember to use the X button to track an 
    enemy ship, both so your missiles can lock on and so you now 
    where it is.  Make sure you watched to Space Overview video for 
    tips on how to dogfight effectively.  Also, stay away from the 
    enemy ships and frigates to avoid being killed by auto-turrets.  
    It's okay if you die, but your enemy has unlimited 
    reinforcements, and you do not.  This is the most common case 
    for Space battles in the campaign, so try not to die too much.
    3rd Objective:  Attack and destroy the enemy frigate with your 
    lasers and torpedoes.
      The frigate is marked with a yellow objective arrow, so go to 
    it and attack.  Use your lasers, but they won't do too much.  
    Stick with the torpedoes, and try to attack it from its 
    underbelly to avoid being shot.
    4th Objective:  Disable the shields on the Trade Federation 
      Again, use the lasers, but they don't do too much, so 
    concentrate on the torpedoes.  Also and again, attack from the 
    underbelly if you can to avoid being shot out of the sky by 
    5th Objective:  Attack and destroy the Communications Relay on 
    top of the Trade Federation Cruiser.
      Now it is unavoidable, so journey to the topside of the 
    Cruiser, and attack the system under the yellow Objective arrow.  
    Try to aim for its base as missiles and lasers sometimes go 
    through the various bars that make up this system.
    6th Objective:  Make your way into the CIS hanger and land your 
      The easiest way to do this is to aim for the high- or low-
    middle of the entrance (there is one on both sides of the ship, 
    unlike yours that only has an open hangar on one side).  Try not 
    to hit any enemy ships by going in the sid that is not facing 
    one of your cruisers.  Once inside, pull back on the throttle 
    and press A to land.
    7th Objective:  Leave your ship and use your explosive weapons 
    to destroy the Engine Cooling Tanks inside the Trade Federation 
      Okay.  Use the yellow objective marker to guide you to the 
    elevated platform with two doors on it.  Go inside either one.  
    You can destroy the auto-turret defenses for the Cruiser by 
    placing two timebombs or shooting a few rockets on the pillar in 
    the middle of the room, which could be helpful since you will 
    have to go back out into space again.  Once you're ready, make 
    sure you have either 3 timebombs or 4 rockets and go into the 
    room that the yellow objective marker is behind.  Place or shoot 
    all of your ammo at the green tanks in the back of the room to 
    destroy the engines.  That is how sabotage works.  Always 
    remember, if using timebombs, to stick them onto the surface 
    your are trying to destroy for maximum damage.  If you run our 
    of ammo, there is an ammo resupply droid in the main room.
    8th Objcetive:  Deliver the Killing blow and destroy the 
    targeting command bridge of the Trade Federation Cruiser.
      If your 170 has not been destroyed yet, get into it and get 
    out of the hangar.  If it has, then steal a droid starfighter 
    and take off.  The entire raised part of the hull of the Cruiser 
    is the bridge, so let loose with everything you've got to 
    destroy it.
    Hero:  None
    3.  Felucia:  Heart of Darkness
      This is probably one of the hardest missions on your morale.  
    Not because it is hard to complete, or because it is really 
    long, but because it has a high probability of you dying.  A 
    whole ton.  In fact, the journal wasn't lying when it said you 
    also got the worst of the war.
    1st Objective:  Get to the AT-TE
      Spawn (best as an engineer or normal trooper) and follow the 
    objective to the AT-TE while under fire only from the spooky 
    transmissions you receive over your commlink.
    2nd Objective:  Kill 6 Acklay.
      Yeah, the things from Attack of the Clones.  It might seem 
    like common sense to use a rocket, but they aren't effective 
    enough as well as taking too long to reload for them to be of 
    much use.  As long as they don't get too close to you, they 
    can't kill you, but they will kill you in one hit if they close 
    the distance.
    3rd Objective:  Defend the AT-TE
      Another simply put objective, it might be best just to be an 
    engineer and keep healing the AT-TE for the 2 minute time limit 
    as your troops can take down most of the enemies.
    4th Objective:  Acquire the Power Cell
      You can now play as Aayla Secura, and I suggest you do as her 
    sprint makes this a very simple objective.  Just follow the 
    yellow objective marker, pick up the "power cell", and return to 
    the AT-TE.
    5th Objective:  Destroy the CIS Defense Turrets at the Fungal 
      Jump in to the now active AT-TE and walk forward and up the 
    cleared hill to your right.  Ignore the troops and acklay, and 
    fire at the points right beneath the yellow objective markers 
    until they are destroyed.  Remember to use primary and secondary 
    weapons, and make sure you don't miss any (4).
    Hero:  Aayla Secura
    4.  Kashyyyk Orbit:  First Line of Defense
    Another Space battle, this time you are trying to break through 
    the Seperatist blockade of the planet.  Without dying too much.
    1st Objective:  Droid Frigates are inbound, destroy them 
      Get in a V-wing (not an Arc or a Starfighter) and start 
    bombing them (they are under yellow objective markers).  They 
    are moving and rapidly, so make sure you don't crash into them.  
    Ignore enemy fighters, since you don't have too much time.  Once 
    you are done with one, immediately move on to the second.  
    Attack from the bottom of the ship to avoid their turrets.
    2nd Objective:  Destroy the CIS heavy turrets.
      These won't target you, and each one can be destroyed in one 
    run by a bomber whose payload does not miss them at all.  (Two 
    runs total, at best).  Try to use rolls and alternate your speed 
    to dodge the ship's auto-turret defenses.
    3rd Objective:  Take an LAAT/i Gunship into the enemy hangar and 
    establish a secure drop point.
      This is one of the smartest things to do when fighting a Space 
    battle in Instant Action or Galactic Conquest.  You can't do any 
    evasive maneuvers in this ship, but it shouldn't take long to 
    cross the gaps between the capital ships.  Once in the hangar, 
    park in the back-left corner if you can, farthest away from 
    enemy ships and the doors into the critical system rooms.  Also, 
    make sure no allies are in the ship when you land, as they will 
    take off after you leave.
    4th Objective:  Destroy the internal systems that control their 
    Life Support and Engines.
      It is exactly the same for each one.  A full amount of ammo of 
    either rockets or timebombs will destroy these systems.  Watch 
    out for the auto-turrets mounted on the ceiling, as they can 
    kill you pretty quick.  And don't stay too long, since they 
    slowly rebuild themselves no matter how many times you destroy 
    them.  Use an ammo resupply droid after destroying one of the 
    5th Objective:  Steal the Kashyyyk holocron, and return it to 
    the Command Room.
      Now, the plans are just inside the Shield Generator room 
    (which you can destroy, but it takes a long time and more than a 
    full ammo load's worth).  Pick them up and get back into the 
    droid hangar.  Jump into any droid starship you want, and zoom 
    back to your ship.  Then run into the Command Room and into the 
    blue circle in the middle to finish the Objective.
    Hero:  None
    5.  Kashyyyk:  A Line in the Sand
    Having broken through the CIS blockade, the 501st now must 
    reinforce the Wookies and drive the Separatists of the planet.
    1st Objective:  Hold the beach for 3 minutes until defenses are 
    set up behind the Sea Wall at the Wookie Base.
      It is probably best to be an engineer, since they can both 
    heal themselves (or others), and slice enemies out of annoying 
    vehicles.  It will get very hectic as the droids begin to cross 
    the water.  Just remember that you only have to keep it from 
    falling into their hands.  It's okay (but not great) if it is 
    2nd Objective:  Fall back behind the Sea Wall and fortify your 
      Flee!  Flee for your life!  Actually, it's very unlikely that 
    you have to fall back, but orders are orders.  If you die, just 
    respawn there and save yourself some trouble.
    3rd Objective:  Defend the Oil Refinery for 4 minutes.  Watch 
    out for Snail Tanks.
      This objective is actually not as hard as you may think.  Make 
    sure your class is engineer, and go stand next to the Gate 
    Winch.  The droids will try to destroy this to let their 
    vehicles in, since the Refinery has such a large amount of 
    health.  Kill any droids you see, but if the Sea Wall is 
    breached, switch to your fusion cutter and repair the winch.  
    The gate will then close again.  Repeat this until the time 
    limit is up.  It may not seem like a very sportsman like way to 
    win, but the refinery just about can only be destroyed by the 
    CIS vehicles, which can only get in through the wall.  Get my 
    4th Objective:  Take over all CIS Command Posts and force them 
    off the planet.
      You now have the option to play as Yoda, and I definately 
    suggest you take it.  Follow an orderly pattern, capturing the 
    closest Command Post to you without going in the water (Yoda's 
    so short he could drown).  Yoda has both Force Pull and Push, so 
    use him wisely.  If he "dies", continue on as any class you deem 
    Hero:  Yoda
    6.  Utapau:  Underground Invasion
    This is the final move towards destroying the Separatists.  This 
    includes General Grievous, who is believed to be on the planet.  
    It's time to end this war.
    1st Objective:  Go to the Command Post in the two-story building 
    to the southwest.
      Run over there and start shooting.
    2nd Objective:  Go upstairs and capture the Lookout Command 
      The stairs are on either side of the building, and it is 
    unlikely you will be met with resistance on the second-story, so 
    you could just stand back and capture it.  But then you wouldn't 
    get any kills.
    3rd Objective:  Move down the Highway and capture the Command 
    Post there.
      Use your allies to destroy the droids, and concentrate on 
    staying alive.  Beware of snipers on the elevated walkway 
    opposite the Command Post.
    4th Objective:  Move into Hangar 10 and secure that Command 
      You can now play as Obi-Wan, and of course I suggest you do 
    so.  Run down to hangar 10, and take the Command Post there.  
    Use Saber throw or just block if you can't reach a droid.
    5th Objective:  General Grievous is stationed in Hangar 10.  
    Take him out.
      Use Force Push to knock him over, then destroy him with normal 
    slashes.  If he's blocking, wait till he stops.  If you die, 
    play as an Engineer or a Clone Commander, and only shoot him if 
    he's not blocking.
    6th Objective:  Destroy the AA guns in Hangar 10.
      If you're still Obi-Wan, this is easy.  Just hack n' slash 
    them both.  If not, a couple of rockets will do the job.
    7th Objective:  Destroy the ATX Energy Pillar to the West.
      Jump in the tank in the back of the hangar and get over there.  
    It shouldn't take too long to destroy.
    Hero:  Obi-Wan-Kenobi
    7.  Coruscant:  Knightfall
    The dreaded moment, infamous in the history of both the Jedi 
    Order and the Old Republic.  You will now destroy the Jedi, once 
    and for all.  The only solace is that it seems many of the 
    clones did not think it was the right thing to do.  It is also 
    one of the few missions where you might not succeed.
    1st Objective:  Capture the Jedi Council Chamber.
      Play as an engineer, as their shotguns can take out a Jedi in 
    one hit.  Run down the hall, all the way into the Council 
    Chamber.  When the Jedi try to jump you, use the shotgun the 
    second they are not blocking, and when they are jumping.  Use 
    your det-packs to take out the enemy turrets.  If you die, keep 
    2nd Objective:  Go to the Library.
      Do not wait for this objective to come to you, since you need 
    all the time you can get.  Run back out the way you came.  When 
    the Jedi try to jump you, ignore them if you can.  Keep watch to 
    your right.  When you see the Library, run into it, shooting any 
    enemy you see.
    3rd Objective:  Defend the Library and its contents till scan is 
      Shoot all the enemies in the library, but the Jedi especially.  
    You must keep at least one of the shelves intact until the timer 
    runs out (two minutes).  This is very hard if you don't know how 
    to do it.  Since you should be playing as an engineer, you can 
    heal the shelves.  Actually, it should be "shelf".  ONLY guard 
    one.  This may seem risky, but it is a lot easier than trying to 
    keep them all intact.  This is not to say that you shouldn't try 
    to protect the others, but try to concentrate on one.  Also, the 
    Jedi attack only once more, at about one minute left.  Use this 
    to your advantage.  You could also plant det-packs or mines to 
    help protect the shelves.
    4th Objective:  Retrieve the Holocron from the Comm center and 
    bring it to the Veranda.
      From this point on, if you die, respawn as a Clone Commander 
    or Engineer.  This is because the Chaingun is incredibly 
    effective against Jedi.  Now, you could go up the stairs and 
    through an eerie green room to get to the Comm center, and this 
    is faster, but not safer.  Many Jedi will try to stop you from 
    this route.  Instead, go back like you're going to the Council 
    Chambers and take a left down the hallway and up the stairs.  
    Two or three Jedi will jump you right in the room, but that is 
    less than if you'd gone into the green passage.  Kill them and 
    pick up the Holocron.  Now run back to the Veranda, the very 
    first place you started.  Ignore any Jedi that try to jump you 
    if you can, and keep pushing to get to the Veranda.
    5th Objective:  Kill the Jedi with the Holocron and return it to 
    the Veranda.
      You now have the option to play as Anakin Skywalker, and you'd 
    be a fool not to.  It is quite possible he'll die early on, but 
    he can still help.  Only use Choke on single enemies, as it 
    takes to long when you're under fire.  Use block well and the 
    don't worry if the Jedi with the Holocron is blocking, as your 
    lightsaber attacks can knock him down and then you can kill him.  
    Once he's dead, pick up the Holocron and get back to the 
    Veranda.  Again, try to ignore any Jedi that get in your way.
    6th Objective:  Kill the 3 Jedi Masters.
      Very difficult.  Play as an engineer or Commander if Anakin is 
    gone.  Use the Yellow Objective markers to locate the masters, 
    since they look just like any other Jedi.  Keep an eye on your 
    reinforcements, as they are likely quite low at this point, but 
    don't hesitate to shoot a friend to get a master.
    Hero:  Anakin Skywalker
    C.  Campaign - Galactic Empire
    1.  Naboo:  Imperial Diplomacy
    The Empire is now completely built, and the fighting men of the 
    501st have been put under the direct command of Lord Vader.  
    Soon, the will earn the feared title of Vader's Fist, but for 
    now, they must squelch an uprising on the planet of Naboo as an 
    example to other planets that the Empire will not tolerate 
    1st Objective:  Capture the Plaza Security Post.
      Spawn as a normal trooper or an engineer (better), and make 
    your way to the Command Post.  If you played the original 
    Battlefront, this level is exactly the same except it is now 
    always night.  It's possible you might die as both sides will be 
    heavily manned and determined.  If you're an engineer, not have 
    any qualms on healing yourself.  Remember, they have unlimited 
    reinforcements, but yours are dangerously low at this point.  
    The only way to get more is to complete objectives.
    2nd Objective:  Take over the Plaza Command Post.
      Go back the way you came and take a right.  Follow this area 
    around to the yellow objective marker.  As you pass the center 
    passage, your Commanding Officer will tell you to stay out, as 
    the auto-turret defense grid has not been taken out yet.  Do as 
    he says.  Once there, capture the Command Post and switch to the 
    Dark Trooper class (after capturing, of course).
    3rd Objective:  Capture the Guard Security Post.
      Get in the tank and plow over there.  Destroy any other tanks 
    and turrets before you begin taking the base.  The Dark 
    Trooper's arc caster if very helpful at this point, but make 
    sure not to shoot your friends.  Capture the Command Post.
    4th Objective:  Destroy the Security Grid Console.
      Reload the arc caster, and charge it up all the way.  Now go 
    up the ramp and release the powered shot into the enemy 
    formation.  Use either the caster or your pistol to take out the 
    rest of the guards.  You could use thermal detonators of the 
    console, but using the arc caster is just as good.
    5th Objective:  Kill the Jedi Guards.
      Just when you thought all the Jedi were dead, this happens.  
    So, use the arc caster and take them out.  After you take out 
    about six (or after a period of time and at least a few kills) 
    the next objective will come.
    6th Objective (Informal):  The Queen is trying to run.  Kill 
      Don't dawdle, as you are probably running low on 
    reinforcements at this point, and you only have two minutes to 
    kill the queen.  Ignore the Jedi using your jump pack, and shoot 
    her a few times to take her out.  Conversely, you could be a 
    sniper and pick her off like in the cutscene.  But you don't 
    have to waste your time if you don't want to.
    Hero:  None
    2.  Mustafar Orbit:  Preventive Measures
    As it were, a lone Geonosian has restarted a hidden droid plant 
    and is planning to use them against the Empire.  So, the 501st 
    has been sent in to quell the uprising rather than fight another 
    War.  But first, you have to get out of your hangar and destroy 
    their orbital defenses.
    1st Objective:  The droids have invaded the ship.  Destroy their 
    landing craft and repel the assault.
      You could be a pilot or a marine.  It doesn't matter either 
    way, since the marine is better against troops, but the pilot 
    will be able to destroy the dropship faster.  I pick pilot, so 
    this is written for that.  Go out and ignore the droids in the 
    ship.  Just throw timebombs under the ship or on the floor under 
    the ship.  If you run out before it is destroyed, go back into 
    the Command room and stand near the ammo droid.  Don't worry 
    about the enemy survivors either, since your troops can pick 
    them off and you have more important things to do.
    2nd Objective:  Destroy 8 enemy fighters.
      Hop in an Interceptor and take off.  Watch out for the 
    asteroids, and stay away from their capital ship to avoid the 
    auto-turrets.  Other than that, use your missiles and target 
    3rd Objective:  Destroy their shields.
      It's faster to go back to your hangar and take a TIE bomber, 
    so do and bomb both from as far away as possible for maximum 
    damage and use rolls to avoid auto-turret fire.
    4th Objective:  Land in the hangar and take the designated 
    bomber and return it to our hangar.
      The only hard part is dodging the asteroids and enemy fire, so 
    remember to use your boost and rolls, and this should be a cake 
    Hero:  None
    3.  Mustafar:  Tying Up Loose Ends
    Having broken through their defenses, you must now destroy both 
    the new droid prototype schematics as well as the bug who made 
    1st Objective:  Seize control of the Lava Observatory Room.
      There are many locked doors on your way, as well as a few 
    ceiling mounted auto-turrets.  Otherwise, this is an all-too 
    familiar enemy.  Play as a normal trooper or engineer, and leave 
    the starting Post by the right hand door (the other's locked).  
    Travel through the twisted halls and watch out for auto-turrets.
    2nd Objective:  Proceed forward across the bridge and take 
    control of the Walkway.
      Another Command Post you have to capture.  Go out there and 
    watch the door.  Droid Assassins will come through, but they are 
    so close to you that it's easy to kill them.  From this point on 
    if you die, play as a Dark trooper if you can.
    3rd Objective:  Battle out to the Collection Base and take 
    control of the Overlook Command Post.
      ANOTHER Command Post.  This time, stay to the right (don't go 
    down the ramp) and watch for the two auto-turrets on the 
    4th Objective (Informal):  Destroy the Droid Prototype 
      No, you won't fight any new kind of droid.  Apparently, Delso 
    never got around to building them.  Go around the way you didn't 
    come (not up the ramp) and follow the yellow objective markers.  
    there are two "schematics", one on each side of the room.  Use 
    det-packs (more effective) or thermal detonators to take them 
    5th Objective:  Retrieve the Orbital Strike Beacon dropped by 
    your ally, in the Conference Room.
      Again, use the yellow objective marker to navigate your way to 
    the Beacon.  Pick it up.
    6th Objective (Informal):  Place it on the Antenna Array.
      Do it, and don't worry about falling off.  Just stay in the 
    middle of the area, and then get ready to run.
    7th Objective:  Clear the Antenna Array.
      Run back the way you came, making sure all of your weapons are 
    fully loaded, and prepare for a fight that you might not win.
    8th Objective:  Kill anything that moves, but you must destroy 
    Gizor Delso.
      The bug looks just like any other Geonosian, but has a better 
    gun and much more health.  Concentrate your fire on him and he 
    should go down.  If you die, be an Engineer or Dark Trooper.  
    Their guns are more damaging at close range.
    Hero:  None
    4.  Kamino:  Changing of the Guard
      Another insurrection you are called upon to put down, this 
    time you are stopping a "behind the books" Clone Rebellion.  
    This is probably my all time favorite level in the Campaign, 
    since you get to play as Boba Fett!
    1st Objective:  Proceed Southwest to the Main Entrance of the 
    Upper Cloning Facility and use Boba Fett to Gain Entry.
      Play as Boba, and forget any qualms you have about killing 
    your brothers.  Run/jet up to the objective marker for your next 
    2nd Objective:  Use Boba Fett's destructive abilities to blow 
    that panel and gain entry to the Facility.
       His "Access Codes" are actually his det-packs, so place one 
    ON the panel and back up from the door, then detonate it.  If 
    you are starting to die, shoot the auto-turrets on the ceiling 
    or the Clones to gain more "health".  Otherwise, ignore the 
    auto-turrets as most of them shouldn't really target you.
    NOTE:  You only get two chances to play as Boba Fett.  If he 
    dies once, you can choose him once more, and that's it, so use 
    him wisely.
    3rd Objective:  Retrieve a sample of Clone DNA to ensure that 
    the Kaminoans can never again clone themselves an army.
      Get to that yellow objective marker, and pick it up.
    4th Objective (Informal):  Take the sample to the dropship.
      Go back outside and use the yellow objective marker to run 
    over to the dropship.  Get close to it to complete the 
    objective.  Remember that you can't use your jet pack when 
    carrying a "flag", so you'll have to run.  The opposition should 
    slow and drop off entirely as you get closer to the dropship.
    5th Objective:  Destroy the 5 Clone Life Support Systems to 
    further annihilate the Kaminoan Clones.
      Get back into the building you were just in.  See the huge 
    recessed panels in the wall?  They actually are doors that open 
    when you get close.  The easiest way to destroy the pods is with 
    det-packs, as it only takes one.  There is an ammo droid in the 
    room when you run out.  Remember not to stand too close when you 
    pull the trigger the second time to detonate them.
    6th Objective:  Destroy the 2 Gunships.
      The Kaminoans are trying to escape, so you have to stop them.  
    You have plenty of time.  Both are marked with yellow objective 
    markers; one is in the air already and flying around, and the 
    other is still on the ground.  Use det-packs to destroy the 
    parked one and watch out for enemy opposition, and use wrist- or 
    normal rockets to destroy the flying one.  Find an ammo resupply 
    droid if you run out of ammo.  Remember to lead the flying ship 
    a little to make sure you hit it.  Alternatively, you could find 
    a well placed ammo droid and take both out with a virtually 
    endless supply of rockets.  Your choice.
    Hero:  Boba Fett
    5.  Death Star:  Prison Break
      The final major rebellion put down, the 501st is now stationed 
    on the Death Star.  However, things go from boring to deadly as 
    a prison riot turns into a rebel escape plan.  And they somehow 
    found plans to the Death Star.
    1st Objective:  Meet up with the rest of the 501st in the 
      Okay, spawn as a regular trooper or a marksman.  The door down 
    to the hagar is in the back of the room.  Get down there and 
    take cover behind the boxes.
    2nd Objective (Informal):  Defend the Hangar.
      Most of the opposition will come through the blast doors 
    opposite the way into space.  However, at one point, they will 
    come down from your left, so watch out.  If you die, just 
    respawn.  After two minutes, get ready to recover some ground.
    3rd Objective:  Capture the Detention Block Command Post.
      Once you get to the large circular room with the abyss in the 
    middle, take a right and take the Command Post inside.  Rebels 
    will come from the hallway in front of you and the side passage 
    to your right.  Once it's done, begin moving forward down the 
    center hallway.
    4th Objective:  Secure the stolen plans.
      Keep an eye out to the left of you as you go down the hall.  
    When you see the grating, shoot it a few times until it breaks.  
    DO NOT GO THROUGH.  This is for later.  Instead, go the rest of 
    the way down the hall and kill the rebel with the yellow 
    objective marker on him.  Take the plans and return them to the 
    Detention Block Command Post.
    5th Objective:  Retake the Fire Control Room.
      Now, remember the grating you destroyed earlier?  Go back to 
    it and jump in.  This leads to a Garbage Compacter.  If you die, 
    try it again.  It's very slow and you shouldn't die more than 
    once.  Go across to the other side and hang a right, then a left 
    at the top of the ramp.  Another left, and you will be on your 
    way to the Firing Control Room.  Get to the Command Post and 
    take it.  Watch for Rebels, as they could come from both behind 
    you (the way you came in) and in front of you (the way you will 
    leave).  After taking it, switch to the Heavy Trooper class.
    6th Objective:  Destroy the shuttle in hangar 85G before the 
    Rebels are able to escape with it.
      Ignore any rebel attacks at this point, and just keep moving.  
    Use the Yellow Objective Marker to help navigate the twisting 
    hallways.  Remember to leave the Firing Control room through the 
    door you DIDN'T come in through.  Once you get to the hangar, 
    start shooting at the shuttle with your rockets and throwing 
    7th Objective:  Exterminate the Rebel's Jedi Leader.
      The final Jedi enemy in the campaign.  Use your rocket by 
    shooting at his feet (a good tactic for Battlefront, the 
    original).  If he gets close, use your pistol.  If you die, 
    respawn as an engineer or a Dark Trooper and use your yellow 
    Objective Marker to locate him (he moves around a lot).
    Hero:  None
    6.  Polis Massa:  Birth of the Rebellion
    The new enemy of the Imperium is beginning to show its face.  It 
    is well organized and deadly.  Currently, the stolen plans, 
    which were not actually secured, are believed to be on this 
    planet.  The 501st, now being taken around by Vader for their 
    punishment, are assaulting the planet.
    1st Objective:  Capture the Radar Facility.
      Move out from the hangar.  Dodge any fights you can, and stop 
    only once you are taking the Command Post.  If you want, you can 
    take a shortcut by hoping in a vehicle and traveling through 
    space over to the Command Post (use the yellow objective marker 
    to find the right hangar).  DO NOT GO OUTSIDE.  You will die in 
    a matter of seconds.
    2nd Objective:  Retrieve the Holodisk from the Command Center 
    and return it to the Radar Facility for uplink.
      Run.  Don't stop to fight.  The Rebels have far to many men on 
    the map for you to win in the long term.  Once you've grabbed it 
    (wasn't as hard to find as the cutscene made it out to be) get 
    back to the Command Post you just took.
    3rd Objective:  Defend the Radar Facility till uplink.
      This is easy.  You have many men in this area, and the rebels 
    rarely even come down one of the three hallways leading to the 
    Command Post.  The hardest part is probably waiting for the time 
    to run out.  Then get ready to move.
    4th Objective:  Destroy the databank in the Caverns
      Again, if you can get to a vehicle, it makes your trip short.  
    If not, avoid any fights you safely can, and make your way down 
    that huge flight of stairs.  Using the objective marker to guide 
    you, get to their databank.  Once their, use det-packs or 
    grenades to take it out.  For grenades, make sure you throw them 
    onto the actual base of the thing for the maximum damage.
    5th Objective:  Capture the Hangar and get off this rock.
      Now, I recommend taking a vehicle this time, as you will 
    otherwise have to travel all the way around the facility.  Go 
    out the way you DID NOT come in (up a ramp of sorts) to get to 
    the vehicle hangar.  Then just zoom across the area to the 
    hangar, marked by a yellow objective marker.  Once up there, 
    shoot down any opposition and take it.  Watch for snipers on the 
    side walls.
    Hero:  None
    7.  Tantive IV:  Recovering the Plans
    The plans on Polis Massa were not the correct ones, but Lord 
    Vader has finally located a person who does have them:  Princess 
    Leia Organa of Alderaan.  Now, find her and capture her.  Alive.
    This is a mission that may be too difficult to win on the first 
    try, so be prepared to try it again.
    1st Objective:  Capture the Barracks Command Post.
      You will almost certainly die at least once before even making 
    it into the room with the Command Post.  Spawn as a normal or 
    heavy trooper and stand back from the door.  When it explodes 
    open, throw grenades or shoot rockets at the enemy on the other 
    side.  Once you clear the dropship, throw a grenade around the 
    corner.  Then move down the stairs and into the room on your 
    right.  Capture this Command Post, and be watchful of your 
    2nd Objective:  Make your way to the Tech Room.
      You can now play as Darth Vader, and do so.  Go out the door 
    in the left side of the room (from the way you came in).  Go to 
    the area with the yellow objective marker.
    3rd Objective:  Destroy the Security Mainframes in the Tech Room 
    so we can gain access to the engine room.
      See those little wall computers?  Hack n' slash at them.  You 
    have to destroy them all.  They should go down in a few slashes, 
    but don't forget about the enemy.  Kill them if they get 
    annoying.  Make your way up and into the "Bridg" of the ship.  
    Their are more terminals in this area and to the right.  Destroy 
    them all.  You will only get the next objective after you 
    destroy the last terminal, so go back and make sure you didn't 
    miss any if you don't get the next objective.  Watch your 
    4th Objective:  Acquire the Access codes and return them to the 
    Security Terminal in the Tech Room.
      Objective markers are vital in navigating the ship.  Once you 
    gain entry to the Engine room (it's grey and has a huge spinning 
    turbine in it) you will have to complete another objective 
    before completing this one.
    5th Objective (Informal):  Disable the Turbine to clear a path 
    to the terminal.
      Throw your lightsaber at the panel to the right of the stairs 
    that lead up to the platform that goes through the energy of the 
    turbine.  This shuts it off and lets you go up the stairs (left) 
    and onto the platform on the wall.  Once there, go right and 
    make a sharp right after going out the little hallway.  Destroy 
    this terminal and pick up the "Access Codes".  Return them to 
    the tech room, the place you had to destroy the terminals in.  
    Use the Objective Marker to help guide you.  Watch your 
    reinforcements; they could be dangerously low at this point.
    6th Objective:  Find and capture Princess Leia and bring her to 
    Lord Vader.
      Okay, there is no helpful objective marker this time, so you 
    have to play it by ear.  It's difficult to know where each 
    player is, but there is a relatively easy way to find the escape 
    pod room.  Find your way back to the place where you first 
    boarded the ship.  Go down the stairs and up the ones the other 
    side.  Turn left.  Now try every door you see.  When you find 
    one that is grey and HAS RED LIGHTING, that's the one.  Find 
    Leia and kill her.  Yes, kill.  It's the only way to capture 
    Hero:  Darth Vader
    8.  Yavin Orbit:  Vader's Fist Strikes Back
    The Rebel's have managed to destroy the Death Star, and the 
    501st's remainders have met up with the rest of the surviving 
    Imperial fleet and launched an attack on the planet before the 
    majority of the evacuation is complete.  But before they crush 
    the leaders on the planet, they must keep the Rebel fleet from 
    This is the hardest Space mission you will ever fight, as many 
    of the objectives have time limits, some of which do not renew 
    after completing the objective.  Mercifully, the last two levels 
    are not as difficult.
    1st Objective:  Use a TIE Bomber to destroy their transports 
    before they can make the jump to light speed.
      Speed boost is very critical to this mission, as is precision 
    bombing.  Their are 7 ships, all of them moving actively to get 
    past your capital ship.  One good bombing run should take each 
    out, but they are far apart, so be prepared to move as soon as 
    each one is destroyed, as you only have a certain amount of 
    Then set your course for the Frigates on the sides of the 
    Capital Ship.
    2nd Objective:Destroy the Corellian frigates.
      This is the only objective you don't have a time limit for.  
    But still, move quickly.  There are two of these, and the should 
    go down after a couple of bombing runs.  As soon as they are 
    destroyed, boost and fly as quickly as you can back to your 
    hangar.  Or just die (I don't suggest it).
    3rd Objective:  Destroy 10 enemy fighters.
      From this point on, you will have only ten minutes.  This time 
    will not renew or get bigger as you complete the objectives, so 
    do it fast.  As soon as you get to your hangar, jump into an 
    Interceptor.  Target tracking is the key here.  Make sure that 
    you are chasing an X-Wing or A-Wing, since they are easier to 
    destroy than the Y-Wings.  Also, try to stay away from their 
    capital ship to avoid the auto-turrets.  This Objective should 
    not take you any more than 4 minutes at maximum, and that is 
    pushing it.  As soon as the tenth fighter bites the dust, get 
    back to your hangar as fast as possible.
    4th Objective:  Use a TIE Bomber to destroy their heavy turrets.
      Once you're back in the hangar, jump into a Bomber and take 
    off.  Their are four heavy turrets, two on each side.  They 
    should go down with on run apiece, so remember to roll.  This 
    objective should take more time to get to firing range than to 
    complete (final time should be no later than 4 minutes to go, 
    and the only people who could complete it at that point are 
    those who should never be in a situation like that.)  Start 
    flying for the back of the ship as soon as the last turret goes 
    5th Objective:  Stop the Alliance from jumping to lightspeed;  
    Destroy their Engines.
      The final objective of the mission, this is hard.  Their are 6 
    engines total, two of which are dual engines.  All this means is 
    that you have more room to hit, since their health is linked 
    together.  Their four engines on the extreme back, set up like a 
    square, and two dual engines a little ways forward, one dual 
    engine on each side.  Take these out, starting with one side, 
    going to the back, and finishing at the other side.  The only 
    thing that can really help is accuracy and time.
    Hero:  None
    9.  Yavin:  Revenge of the Empire
    Having broken through the fleet, Vader's Fist is now destroying 
    as many Rebels as possible, peaking at their leadership that was 
    unable to escape the planet.
    1st Objective:  Capture the Water Fountain.
      This is another map that did not change.  The only thing I 
    noticed is in Instant Action/Galactic Conquest, where one of the 
    Command Posts is moved.  Anyway, spawn and head to the Command 
    Post under the Yellow Objective Marker.  Take it.  You should 
    not meet any serious opposition.
    2nd Objective:  Capture the Viaduct.
      This is another Command Post that you must capture.  You have 
    to stand on the elevated platform to take it.  If you die, 
    respawn and try again.  It should not take more than 2, 3 tries 
    at most.
    3rd Objective:  Capture the Reflecting Pool.
      This one is a little harder.  Get up to it (follow the yellow 
    objective arrow).  Once you are taking it, do not stop moving, 
    or you will die.  The turrets shooting at you are numerous.  
    Move back and forth across the pool.  If you can, take out the 
    turret closest to you.  Resistance on the ground is what you 
    should watch out for.  There isn't much, but they will try to 
    jump you.
    4th Objective:  Defend the Reflecting Pool for 2 minutes.
      Again, move back and forth, dodging turret fire.  The rebel 
    counterattack is lame, but if the turrets kill you, then they 
    WILL take it, so stay alive.  If you die at any point from here 
    on, spawn as a Dark Trooper.  This will help greatly later.
    5th Objective:  Bring the Breaching Bomb to the Temple Doors.
      Now, as a Dark Trooper, jump in the tank that is just outside 
    of the pool  travel over to the base of the small pyramid that 
    holds the bomb (under a yellow objective marker).  Now, get it 
    and jump back in the vehicle.  Drive up to the temple wall 
    (yellow objective marker) and get out.  The bomb is placed 
    automatically.  Get back into the vehicle and back up away from 
    the doors.  NOTE:  if, at any time, your vehicle's health is 
    low, jump out and just complete the objectives on foot, dodging 
    all the fights and fire you can.
    6th Objective:  Destroy the Rebel Leadership.
      Go into the now open temple.  Go all the way to the back and 
    up the stairs (on either side).  Charge your arc caster all the 
    way up and go into the room with all the green boards.  There 
    appears to be nothing under the objective markers, but just 
    release the shot at them.  Bothan Spies will materialize as they 
    Hero:  None
    10.  Hoth:  Our Finest Hour
    Despite what the cutscene makes it sound like, this is the last 
    level in the campaign, and is very easy to beat compared to some 
    of the previous levels.  Vader's Fist, under the command of 
    Vader himself is assaulting the Rebel base on Hoth.
    Note:  There are some movie cutscenes during the battle after 
    completing some of the objectives; this is not the end of the 
    1st Objective:  Capture the Outlook Command Post; it will serve 
    as a launching point for our ground troops.
      Spawn and jump into an AT-AT.  Now use your primary fire to 
    pick off the turrets around the objective marker, whether they 
    are occupied or not (except when they are occupied by your 
    troops).  When they are destroyed, jump out and go over and 
    capture the Command Post there, keeping a watchful eye on 
    enemies trying to kill you (kill them back).
    2nd Objective:  Capture the Forward Bunker.
      Again, jump in the AT-AT and destroy all the turrets in the 
    vicinity of the Command Post (this time, move forward while you 
    shoot).  Then take a hike over there and capture it.  Again, 
    opposition is minimal.
    3rd Objective:  Destroy the Shield Generator.
      Get back to an AT-AT.  Use the zoom (while moving forward) to 
    make sure your shots are accurate.  If you're lucky, at least 
    one will be far enough forward for you to begin shooting right 
    away.  Otherwise, walk it forward and take the Generator out 
    (remember to use both Primary and Secondary weapons).
    4th Objective:  Capture Echo Base.
      This is relatively hard.  An Engineer is best, as they can 
    heal themselves.  Get in there.  If you die (likely), respawn 
    and try again.  Eventually, you'll take it (usually, you have 
    enough reinforcements at this point for a prolonged assault).
    5th Objective:  Destroy the shield console in the Echo Base Tech 
    Room to gain access to the back hangar.
      Play as Lord Vader at this point.  Go to the right and forward 
    (opposite the entrance).  Take a right.  Use your sprint to make 
    the trip short.  When you get there, destroy the console (under 
    a yellow objective marker).  Now go back.
    6th Objective:  Capture the back hangar Command Post.
      Remember that glowing green wall blocking your path?  That is 
    now gone, and you need to go that way.  Using the Yellow 
    Objective Marker to guide you, get to and capture the Command 
    Post there.  Watch out for the auto-turret on the Falcon, and 
    use Saber Throw if enemies are two far away to kill.
    7th Objective:  Acquire the bomb beacon and place it under the 
    transport ship so we can lock in on your current position.
      Grab the beacon (objective marker).  Now, go outside the 
    hangar (opposite where the Falcon was) and SPRINT! SPRINT FOT 
    YOUR LIFE!  Really, there are too many auto-turrets and enemy 
    troops.  The place you have to put the beacon is inside a 
    trench, so get in there and take cover.
    8th Objective:  Defend the bomb for one minute so we can lock on 
    to your current position.
      Very easy.  In fact, you don't have to defend it at all, so 
    it's okay if you die as Darth Vader here.  It is still a smart 
    idea to defend it, since even though I've never seen them 
    destroy it, there's no reason to give them the chance.  Once the 
    minute is up, get back to the hangar.
    Hero:  Darth Vader
    Yay!  You're done.  Now go Conquer the galaxy and tear apart 
    worlds at your leisure.  I hope you had as much fun with this 
    game as I did.
    3.  Other Stuff
    A.  Cheats
    Really, this is not a game that you should need to cheat on.  I 
    include them because on some games I will cheat, but only if I 
    borrowed the game from blockbuster and have to give it back 
    To enter a cheat, pause the game (after starting a level) and 
    enter the correct combination.  You should hear a sound if you 
    entere4d it correctly (if you don't, enter it again.  Sometimes 
    it takes two tries.):
    Infinite Ammo:  U, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, D, L, R
    Invincibility:  U, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, L, R
    Lo-Res Soldiers:  D, D, D, U, L, D, D, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, L, R
    No HUD:  U, U, U, U, L, U, U, D, L, D, U, U, L, R
    Party time hit effects:  U, D, L, D, L, R
    Slo-mo:  U, U, U, L, U, D, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, D, D, L, R
    (sound effects)
    B.  Contributions
    If anyone has any questions, sees a problem, or just wants to 
    help, email me at elfh@att.net  I will probably email you an 
    answer to your question if you need help, since I don't 
    especially want to update this now that it's done.  And ask if 
    you want to borrow something from me.  I'll pretty much let you, 
    but if you don't ask first, then I'll fight you to the death 
    (not legally; I take fencing).
    Madbird:  For many of the "Hard Facts" (Names of Weapons, 
      position names, etc.).  Check out his walkthrough (It kicks 
    the pants off of mine, I just finished first).
    Apac4245, timbad:  For suggesting a better navigation.
    Mr Phantom:  For helping wiht spileng.  (I did that on propuse).
    mike Therob:  The art at the beginning of the walkthrough 
    (rocks, doesn't it?) 
    Rich Scinto:  For pointing out that I forgot the droideka!
    Gamefaqs:  For having such a great site and community.
    George Lucas:  For inventing one of the greatest fantasies of 
    all time.
    Pandemic:  For creating such great games!

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