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    FAQ/Walkthrough by wei135

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 02/07/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                             Star Wars Battlefront II
                                By:Chai Wei Lun
                          E-mail: nsa_spy99@hotmail.com  
                                  Ver: 2.2
                               Content Page
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     I.About The Game
     IV.Medals and Awards
     V.Game modes
      2.Space Overview
      3.Rise Of The Empire
     II.Galactic Conquest
      1.Birth of the rebellion
      2.The confederate uprising
      3.Republic sovereignty
      4.Dark reign of the empire
     III.Instant Action
    4.Version history
    5.Contact/Disclaimer and Thanks
    6.Extended Version
     I.Weapons EXT 
     II.Galactic Conquest EXT  
      1.Birth of the rebellion
      2.The confederate uprising
      3.Republic sovereignty
      4.Dark reign of the empire
     III. Instant Version
                               1. Introduction
         Hi, I am Chai Wei Lun from singapore. I am 14 this year. i hope 
    that everyone will enjoy my guide. I have this guide easy as possible.
    So if there is any easier way or I have put something worng, feel free 
    to contact me at my e-mail. (I know my spelling is damm poor so put it 
    up with me ok.)
                              I.About The Game
         This is the sequel to Star Wars Battlefront. Now you can fight as
    a jedi or heroes. From here onwards, i will put evrything (mostly
    Command Post -- This is where you and your man spawn from. Without this
    , be prepared to lose. You can win by either killing all the 
    reinforcements or capture all CPs. There is a timer of winning by CPs.
    You will see a 20sec timer under the mini map in your hud. You will see
    either when you are winning or losing with the victory or defeat.
    (SP -- How to capture it. Stand near the CP, you will see a icon on 
    the right. If it is a enemy's CP, you have to wait to deactivate the 
    CP. The red icon will slowly turn red. If it is a netural of you have 
    deacitvated the enemy's CP, it will now turn blue. Having more friendly
    units near the CP will speed up the activation or the deactivation. 
    When you are taking over a CP, enemy units cannot be around, or the
    progress will be paused.
    HUD -- For first timers, let me tell you what the HUD contains.
        Health and Stamina -- Your health and stamina. They are on the 
        bottom left conner.THe green one is the health while the yellow 
        below the health is the stamina.Running, rolling and jumping 
        deducts your stamina, and taking damage reduce you health. 
        Weapons -- Above the health and stamina is your primary and 
        secondary weapon indicator. It shows your weapon and how much 
        ammo is left.
        Reticle -- Your reticle is very important. It show wheather you 
        are aiming at a friend or foe. Blue colour is your colour, and red
        is your enemy colour. No matter which side you play, blue is always
        a friendly colour. A circle in the reticle means a normal shot, 
        while a crossed circle (or forked symbol) shows you scored a 
        critical hit. For normal units, the head is the critical point, 
        except that Droideka (Destroyer Droid) has no head, which means no
        critical hit. For vehicles, different vehicles have different 
        critical points. You can find where is their critical points in the
        vehicles section in this part. Lock on is also seen in the reticle.
        When you press the target lock button Q (the manual has printed 
        wrongly). There are a cut-off circle getting closer in the retice,
        once it's turned red, it will home on it.
        (SP -- This lock-on info is same in space battle.) The ammo and 
        reloading is also put together. The bar marks in the reticle is
        your ammo, bottom five red bars is the primary weapon reloading.
        The three red dots outside the reticle is secondary reload.
        Reinforcements and enemy health bar -- This is at the very top of 
        your HUD. You should see a bar and two sets of number beside it.
        Lets start from the left. On the left, you should see a number in
        blue. This is your reinforcements count. Everytime you or the AI 
        respawn, it cost a reinforcement point. You will have no more
        reinforcement if you use them up. Next to it is the enemy health 
        bar. It will only appear when you aim and shoot a enemy. On top of 
        it is the unit name of your current target. Next to the right, 
        enemies reinforcement count.
        (SP -- Sometimes, in campaign mode, instead of numbers for the 
        reinforcement count, there are unlimited reinforcement, which 
        means they will keep spawning until you complete the objective, 
        for more info, go to the campaign page. Next, space battle, you 
        will see a score number because you need to score points, for full
        info,go to space batle page in game mode.
        Mini map -- Next stop, mini map (or radar). This is found on the 
        very right on your HUD. It shows where you are, where are your CP 
        and your enemy CP. Blue and red marker displays your units. There 
        is also a bigger map by pressing the map key.Objective is shown 
        with flashing yellow circles.
        Target info -(Space battle only)- This info is available only in 
        space battle. When you lock on to targets (including capital ships 
        weak points, they can be lock-on), the starfighter model, health,
        name of the AI or player name and distance are shown on the bottom 
        Awards and kills -- On the left on the HUD, whenever you kill a 
        enemy unit, a note will flash on the left saying you kill bravo234
        for example. When you do what is needed for a award, it will flash 
        too saying example marksman. Your award will be shown below it. For
        info on awards check awards.
        Energy meter -- On the left below the award and kill notes, there 
        is a white energy bar. Mostly it show the jetpack energy. After 
        using it up, you have to wait until it charge up. The only 
        different usuage is for Droideka, it is the shield energy,unlike 
        jetpack, it will only decrease when shot.
     I guess this is it for you basic must-know HUD.
    Map -- As writen in the mini-map section, this is a better, bigger 
    version of your mini-map. It shows the whole battlefield. With the CP, 
    vehicles and friendly and enemy units. While pressing the use btton or 
    enter, it will show th current objective,althought it is shown in the
    map page. On the right, you will find all objective you have, grey is
    completed while the yellow highlighted one is your current objective. 
    (The objective part of this map section is only found in Campaign mode.
    There are four type of colours. White for unused, like vehicles with on
    one it in, blue and red,you should know it, and yellow for objective. 
    The game is not paused while you are in the map page, but it will when
    you press the objective key.
    Fusion Cutter Plates -- The Fusion Cutter tool is a freaking goo tool.
    When you find a plate with the wench icon on it. YOu can use the Cutter
    to construct turrets.
    Points -- Only three awards are given base on points. You score points 
    for killing units, destroying vehicles and taking CPs. Put points are 
    cutoff when you kill your own teammates.
    Items -- Only five items on the battlefield can be taken, and they are
    drop when enemies are kiled.
    White Container: Extra Ammunition
    Blue Tank:       Restores Health
    Yellow Tank:     Restores Stamina
    Green Tank:      Restores Defense
    Red Tank:        Enhances Attack
    What you control and what you kill, units!!! All sides have four normal
    units and two special units unlocked ny points. This 6 are for ground 
    battle. For space units, only two units are available.
                                     Ground Units
                   Republic    CIS      Rebel Alliance  Galactic Empire
    Ground Unit
    Normal trooper -- Clone Trooper/Super Battle Droid/Rebel Soldier / Stormtrooper
    Heavy trooper -- Heavy Trooper / Assault Droid / Rebel Vanguard / Shock Trooper
    Sinper -- Clone Tharpshooter / Assassin Droid / Rebel Marksman / Scout Trooper
    Engineer -- Clone Engineer / Engineer Droid / Rebel Smuggler / Imperial Engineer
    Commander -- Clone Commander / Magnaguard / Bothan Spy / Imperial Officer
    Special unit -- Jet Trooper / Droideka / Wookiee Warrior / Dark Trooper
    Space Units
    Pilot -- Clone Pilot / Droid Pilot / Rebel Pilot / Imperial Pilot
    Marine -- Clone Marine / Droid Marine / Rebel Marine / Imperial Marine
    There are quite a lot of vehicles in this game, so i will try my best.
    Included is the critical points!! Space fighter will be included, but 
    marker with a *.
    Republic Vehicles
    AT-TE -- One of the two only vehicles able to withstand more than three
    critical hits. Want to get Demolition medal, shoot this vehicle. This 
    vehicle is filed under the Heavy Assault Transport vehicle. It has 
    three sits, with its own firing position. It also serve as a CP. 
    (Critical Point, it is under the huge vehicle. On the bottom front part
    of the vehicle, there is a box and a can-like thing connected together.
    That's your Critical Point.)
    AT-RT -- A mini-scout looking like mini walker. Shoots laser and 
    (Critical Point, Connecting the legs and the body of this walker is a 
    gas-tank like object. There is your critical point.)
    *Arc-170 Fighter* -- Famous as a Multi-purpose starfighter. But can 
    only fit one pliot, unlike the movie, which can hold two. Sorry, no 
    critical hit.
    *Republic Starfighter* -- This is use for kill enemy starfighter, not 
    enough firepower to fight capital ships. No critical hits.
    *V-Wing* -- A good bomber with lousy laser. No Critical hits.
    *Republic Gunship* -- Space transport. Good for highjacking capital 
    CIS Vehicles
    Spider Droid -- A four (instead of eight??) legged spider?!? A nasty 
    spider, shoots laser, one is repeating and one is from the radar, i 
    (Citical Point, there are two. Connecting the legs to the ball body is 
    a object. It is your Critical Point. Since there are two are these, 
    there are two points of shot.
    Hailfire Tank -- The one that shoot a lot of rockets at all direction. 
    Naster. Not much info. (Critical Point, It is a laser gun below the 
    Armored Tank Droid -- Not much info too, but only the Critical point is
    important right? 
    (Critical Point, at the back of the tank is the critical point. But you
    have to shoot the circle on the sides. Thanks to my friend, jun hua for
    this info.)
    ATT -- Old school tank. (Critical Point, There is a panel at the back,
    shoot it. Info from jun hua too.)
    Strap -- A scout vehicle, not much info. No critical hit. One good 
    homing rocket will destroy it, why even shoot the critical, besides 
    there is no critical point.
    *Droid starfighter* -- Never got to use it before, so no info and no 
    *Droid Tri-fighter* -- Never got to use it before, so no info and no 
    *CIS Strike Bomber* -- Isn't this Grievous's ship on utapau in the 
    movie. No info & critical.
    *CIS Gunship* -- Use to invade enemy capital ships. This has passenger
    sits, so they can't do anything but ride. (i think)
    Rebel Alliance Vehicles
    Rebel Alliance AAc1 Landspeeder -- I love this speeder, with 90% rocket
    shoot and hit, mulit rocket shootable at once. (Critical point, 
    There is, but when i shoot it, it can't work, it is the two tanks
    beside the vehicle.)
    Snowspeeder -- Used in hoth, this is use to destroy AT-AT the movie
    way. Use the harpoon gun at the second seat and shoot the legs, then go
    round and round, after it will detach on its own and watch the AT-AT 
    trip. Old school way.
    74-Z speeder bike. Same, no info and one missle one kill type.
    Tauntaun -- This is an animal. Used in cold planet on hoth.
    *X-wing* -- Very famous, so no questions asked.
    *A-wing* -- Use to shoot fighters.
    *Y-Wing* -- Bomber.
    *Republic Gunship* -- This is odd, isn't republic changed to empire, 
    so how did they get this???
    Galactic Empire Vehicles
    TX-130S Landspeeder -- I don't know this speeder well. So no info. 
    (Critical Point, finally found this point, shoot the back hatch.
    AT-ST -- A better inproved version of AT-RT. Two sits in this vehicles.
    (Critical Point,Take note of the plate connecting the head and the 
    legs. Shoot the back of this plate.)
    AT-AT -- The second of two only vehicle able to take more then three 
    critical hits. Can be destroyed by Snowspeeder. (Critical point, this 
    is easy, shoot the neck.)
    *TIE-fighter* -- Not much info.
    *TIE interceptor* -- Very, fast, fast lock-on, easily shoot down.
    *TIE Bomber* -- Lord sidious must love TIE. This my fav ship. With 
    bombs and guided rockets. Best.
    *Imperial Lander* -- With passenger sits. Not much info.
    This is it for vehicles, if i missed out any, e-mail me. 
                          IV.Medals and Awards
    This is what you can get during the battle. Yo have to do the required 
    task in one life. When you get one medal for one category. You get 1 
    point. You need to get at least level 1 (4 points), to unlock the 
    Award. These are the levels. 
    Level 0 Green -- 0-3 points
    Level 1 Veteran -- 4-31 points
    Level 2 Elite -- 32-63 points
    Level 3 Legendary -- 64 points onwards (final level)
    Once you get level 1, the weapon will be unlock, but you only get to 
    use it when you get the medal. For example, my frenzy is 2 points. When
    i play in the battlefield and kill 12 units, i get the medal but not 
    the weapon as it is not level 1 which is 4 points. Now when i play, my 
    frenzy is 5 points, when i get the medal, i get the award which is the
    elite rifle. But, after i die, i lose the weapon, which mean i have to 
    repeat the kill to get it again. When i play a complete new round, i 
    have to fight for the award again. But, once legendary is obtain, the 
    award is stuck forever with you. So, when you play a new round, die and
    die and die, the award will always be yours. Note -- you have to change
    your primary weapon to use it. Example, i got a elite rifle, but i am 
    still using the normal rifle, so change to the pistol or anyother 
    second primary gun and change back to the main gun, now it will put 
    the AWARD in front of the gun. Below here is the info.
                        Awards                       What must you do
    Gunslinger      Precision Pistol                6 kill with pistol
    Frenzy         Elite Assault Rifle              12 kill with Rifle
    Demolition      Guidable Rockets          3 Critical Hits with rockets
    Technician     Vegicle Regenrate            Slice into enemy vehicle 
    Marksman           Beam Rifle             6 Headshots with sinper rifle
    Regulator        Flechette Shotgun             8 kills with shotgun
    Endurance       Energy Recuperation       get 8 points on battlefield
    Guardian          shieling                get 16 ....................
    War Hero         Damage increase          get 24.....................
    This is the ranks you get. The medals is counted in the total 9 
    categories above this.
    Private          Lead 1 man                      0-19 Medals
    Sargent          Lead 2 men                      20-99 medals  
    Captain          Lead 3 men                      100-299 medals
    General          Lead 4 men                      300 onwards
    For the lead man, aim at your units and press F4 button to toggle 
    follow me and move out.
                              V.Game modes
    There are three types of gameplay, with two different battle types. 
    First is campaign, this is the story mode like anyother games. Galactic
    conquest is the same, you can play as four different sides in two 
    different era. Instant action is like freeplay, you choose the map,
    game mode, era and set your own setting.
    This is main focus of this section, land battle and space battle. Land 
    battle -- This is the main attraction of the game. You can win in two 
    way, kill your enemies till thier reinforcement count is zero, the 
    other is capture all CP and hold them for 20sec.
    Space battle -- Instead of toe to toe battle, you fight in space. 
    You have to win only by scoring the most points. You score points by 
    destroying enemy's fighterplane, the frigate defence and their weak 
    points. (Note, the points are the game points, not your player points
    when you kill or destroy weak points. You can see your points which is
    replaced with the reinforcement count.Make sure your enemy do not score
    over the limit, or you will lose.) 
    Without weapons what do you fight with, fists??? This is no KOF or 
    Teken, but a battleground. They are filled by trooper class.
    Clone trooper, Super battle droid, Rebel alliance & Stormtrooper.
    Weapons -- Blaster rifle, blaster pistol and thermal detonators.
    SP -- For SBD only, they have different weapon.
    Wrister blaster, tri-shot & wrist rocket.
    Heavy trooper, assault droid, Rebel vanguard & Shock trooper.
    Weapons -- Rocket launcher, blaster pistol, thermal detonators & mines
    Clone Sharpshooter, assassin droid, rebel marksman & scout trooper.
    Weapons -- Sinper rifle, blaster pistol, thermal detonators & auto-turret 
    Clone Engineer, Engineer Droid, Rebel Smuggler & Imperial Engineer
    Weapons -- Shotgun, fusion cutter, detpack & health/ammo dispenser 
    SP -- For Imperial Engineer, instead of shotgun, they call it blast
    Clone Commander, Magnaguard, Bothan Spy & Imperial Officer
    Clone Commander weapon -- Chaingun, blaster pistol, rally & remote
    Magnaguard weapon -- Bulldog RLR, radiation launcher, neuro posion & 
                         remote droid.
    Bothan Spy weapon -- Incinerator, stealth, regeneration and timebomb.
    Imperial Officer -- Mortar launcher, geonosian sonic gun, rage & remote droid.
    Jet Trooper, Droideka, Wookiee Warrior & Dark Trooper
    Jet Trooper weapon -- EMP launcher, commando pistol & thermal detonators.
    Droideka weapon -- Reoeating blaster and shield emitter, and ablity to
    change to ball form, press 'C'.
    Wookiee Warrior weapon -- Bowcaster, grenade launcher, thermal detonators 
                              & remote droid
    Dark Trooper weapon -- arc caster, commando pistol & thermal detonators.
    Clone Pilot, Droid Pilot, Rebel Pilot & Imperial Pilot
    weapons -- commando pistol, fusion cutter & timebomb.
    Clone Marine, Droid Marine, Rebel Marine & Imperial Marine
    Weapons -- blaster rifle, rocket launcher & thermal detonator.
    AWARDS weapons -- Precision pistol, Elite assault rifle, guidable 
    rockets, particle beam rifle, flechette shotgun.
    I will put this guide on the campaign, Galactic Conquest and the instant action.
    On the menu, there will be training, space overview, new game or rise 
    of the empire and credits.
    Storyline -- You follow the footsteps of a solider of the 501st of the
    grand army of the republic, the elite soliders. You play as a clone to 
    a stormtrooper. From the republic to the empire. From 501st to Vader's
    See, i must be the only one making a guide on training. Anyway, i still
    doing it. Note () below this one line will be shown only once.
     (Title goes here) Attack of the clones             Planet -- Geonosis 
    You start in CP 1. First objective, follow the yellow arrows of the 
    circles in the mini-map to checkpoint alpha. Now second objective, 
    kill the three SBDs scouts. This should be easy, uless you don't know 
    how to shoot. Third objective, blow the hailfire tank. Remember, 
    critical point in the tip below the cockpit, or below the tank. You 
    have blow it with the thermal detonators. Next objective, go to the 
    second CP and take it.By now, the war has already started. Once you 
    capature the CP, you should get a ENDURANCE medal. New orders, change 
    to the engineer class solider. Stand close to the CP, press the use 
    button, a meun should appear, click on the clone engineer tab and 
    spawn. Use the fusion cutter to repair the nearby medical and ammo 
    droid. Next order, get to the AT-TE and drive the vehicle. Kill one 
    spider droid, shooting the critical point will make quick work out of 
    it. Next, change to the jet trooper class in the 2CP. Go fly on top on
    the CP, which is a ship and get the holocron, how to fly, press jump 
    twice. Take the holocron to checkpoint alpha. You can't fly when taking
    the holocron, it is considered a flag, when holding flags, units with 
    flight can't use their flight ability, including jedis. Now, go capture
    the 3CP on the cliff. After that, change to the sharpshooter class and 
    take down three droids. You might want to score 6 head shots on 6 
    droids to get the marksman medal. Change to the heavy class trooper 
    and take down a spider droid. Shoot a critical hit on the spider droid.
    One or two rockets should bring it down. Now the fun part, you need to
    play as a jedi. Use the lightsaber and kill 10 units. All jedis have 
    force speed and force jump. They can jump and sped for as long as their
    stamina can take them. After the 10 kills, take their bunker and the
    4CP. After this, you have completed training. 
                              2.Space Overview
    This is a video about space combat, not space training, space training
    is in the campaign game itself. Turn on the subtitles in the options 
    to get all the words, they are important.
                             3.Rise of the empire
    This is it, the game. As i said, you play as a member of the 501ST.
    There are two parts, one is the Clone war era, the other is the 
    rebellion era.
    To get to the section, highlight the section, copy it, press Ctrl+F 
    and paste it in and search.
    Content Page
    Part one:Fall Of The Old Republic
    Mission One Amongst the ruins
    Mission Two A desperate rescue
    Mission 3 Heart of darkness
    Mission 4 First line of defence
    Mission 5 A line in the sand
    Mission 6 Underground ambush
    Mission 7 Knightfall
    Part two:Rise Of The Empire
    Mission 8 Imperial diplomacy
    Mission 9 Preventative measures
    Mission 10 Tying up loose ends
    Mission 11 Changing of the guard
    Mission 12 Prison break
    Mission 13 Birth of the rebellion
    Mission 14 Recovering the plans
    Mission 15 Vader's fist strike back
    Mission 16 Revenge of the empire
    Mission 17 Our finest hour 
                         Part one:Fall Of The Old Republic
      Mission One Amongst the ruins                   Planet:Mygeeto
    Mission one, main objective get the energy core. First get a feel of 
    the battle field. Want to use the jet trooper and the commander, go 
    score 12 points, and you can use them. First objective, cross the 
    birdge and capture the CP in the building. There is a AT-RT before the 
    bridge you can use, or just get there on foot. You have a limited 
    reinforcement, while the CIS has unlimited. YOu get a small number of 
    reinforcement each time you complete a objective, but a few don't. 
    There are a medical and ammo droid in the CP. Next, destroy the
    Particle cannon turrets to clear way for the ki-adi-mundi.I suggest 
    changing to heavy class and use the rockets to blow the turrets. Now 
    you can play as the jedi, for first-timers, do it, press the F1 button.
    Next objective, destroy the shield generator behind the shield. You can
    access it by the building. You might want to change to jet trooper or 
    clone trooper, if you don't want to play as the jedi. When you destroy 
    the generator, see the nearby CP, take it. Now, go to the tall building
    and destroy the energy core. If you are using jet trooper or the jedi, 
    jump up in through the hole on top, or destroy the shield generator 
    behind and go in. After destroying it, get the sample and go to your 
    starting CP. This is a flsg, so don't be a superhero and jump down. 
    You can't use your flight when you hold the flag, including jedi. Jadi
     can force jump, so you can't do that. When you reach the CP building, 
    destroyer droids are coming to make your life difficult, find cover, 
    and shoot them. If they have not activated thier shields, quickly take
    the chance to kill them. Go to the gunship and you have completed 
    mission one.
          Mission Two A desperate rescue               Coruscant Space
    This is the training for space, so if you skip it, bad luck. You can 
    attack or skip space. If you skip space, highlight this skip space 1,
    use the find method to get to mission three. I will use the skip space 
    text to skip the mission to eliminate scrolling. Now to mission two.
    First objecive, very simple, get to a arc-170 and fly out of the 
    hanger. Use the pilot class, pilot can repair fighters during space 
    battle, which is good. Now, shoot down 5 CIS fighter, use the lock-on 
    Q button and home missles on them. After the 5 kills, destroy the 
    frigate, they appear as big blue or red ships o the map. After the 
    frigate destroyed, take down the shields on the capital ship. You can
    shoot the ship, or go in, find the shield generator and blow it. Fifth 
    objective, destroy the comms relay. A bomber is best suited to destroy
    this weak points, but no bomber, so use the missles. Now land in the 
    hanger. Go destroy the engine cooling tanks, it is a internal weak 
    point and is better. It is a easy target, not like the mutli engines 
    outside. Use the timebomb or rockets. If you need map on the inside. 
    The main room  you go from the hanger is the turrets room. The middle 
    of the room is the auto-turrets mainframe, destroy this and you will 
    have a flight free from auto-turrets. The left door leads to the engine
    cooling tanks. To the right, is the life support systems, shoot the 
    largest screen. For the tank, shoot the tank. In the front door, is 
    the shield generator. Only the generator and the mainframe and be 
    repaired using the fusion cutter. The other two can't. Once you destroy
    the cooling tanks, destroy the command bridge, you might want to 
    desrtoy the turret mainframe, so turrets won't be a problem. Need ammo,
    ammo droid in the hanger. Next grab a plane and blow the bridge. Next, 
    mission complete.
    skip space 1      Mission 3 Heart of darkness         Planet:Felucia
    This is mission 3, if you skiped the previous mission, man that was 
    fun. Anyway...Before all this, use the heavy class, trust me. First 
    objective, go to the AT-Te. You only have 30sec. Now kill 6 acklay. 
    Now you know why use the rockets. Home them. Now,defend the AT-TE for 
    2min. After the 2min, you can play as jedi. Go get the power cell.
    Now that the AT-TE is online, you can use it. Go destroy the turrets.
    After the five turrets are destroyed, mission complete. This must be a 
    really quick map.
            Mission 4 First line of defence               Kashyyyk Space
    skip space 2, another space mission, again the skip space this at the
    front. You have to destroy the frigate, use the v-wing at the left of 
    the hanger to bomb them. Next, destroy the heavy turrets, they are
    beside the CIS hanger. There are two. After those bombing, go back to
    your hanger and take the gunship. Fly it into the enemy hanger and 
    land. Upon entering, destroy the life support and cooling tanks. Next
    take the holocron from the shield generator room and take it back to 
    your capital ships turret room, and mission complete.
    skip space 2       Mission 5 A line in the sand        Planet:Kashyyyk
    Hold the beach for 3min. It is just the CP, you must not let the CP be
    changed to the CIS CP. Next, fall back behind the sea wall and hold 
    the attack. Then, you must hold the oil refinery for 4min. Dam cheat,
    if the wall is destroyed, vehicles can be let in and lots of trouble 
    created, i have a way to prevent it. There is a wench. If the wall is
    destroyed, use your fusion cutter to repair it. It is only a few 
    second, and wall is back online. But, you have to keep playing as a 
    engineer for that 4min. The wench is left to the sea wall. After the 
    4min, you have to take all CP. Just offence, no defence.
    You can play as yoda too. When you take all CP, you win the battle.
            Mission 6 Underground ambush                  Planet:Utapau
    Go to the 2-story building, then take the CP. Then, take the highway 
    CP. Once you take the highway CP, use obi-wan and take the hangar 10
    CP. Next, grevious comes, use your lightsaber and kill it. Final order,
    take down the ATX energy pilar. Use the tank or rockets to destory and,
    mission complete.
                    Mission 7 Knightfall           Planet:Coruscant
    This is the final mission for part one of the campaign.
    First order, take the jedi council room CP. When you go to the room, 
    jedis will jump down, they are now your enemys. Only vader is not an 
    enemy. Be quick, or be killed by the jedis. After the CP, change to 
    the engineer, the fusion cutter will be useful. Go to the library. 
    Then you have to defend it. After every wave of jedi is defeated,
    use the fusion cutter to repair as many bookcase as you can. You can't
    construct new bookcases. Once it is destroyed, there is nothing you 
    can do. After the 2min defence, go to the comm room. You can have some 
    fun with the detpack, place it infront and back off, once the jedi 
    come, blow it. There is a shortcut through the archive on the second
    floor by a door. Take the holocron and bring it to the starting point,
    there is a gunship. Now play as skywalker and kill the jedi holding the
    holocron. Take it and bring it to the same place. Last order, kill the 
    three jedi master. This is the end of part one of the campaign.
                         Part two:Rise Of The Empire
    This is part two of two of the campaign, if you seen the mission 7
    ending movie, you will know you are now changing and playing as 
             Mission 8 Imperial diplomacy               Planet:Naboo
    Get a feel of a stormtrooper. Take the CP in the direct front. 
    Somtimes, it is funny to hear other stormtroopers wistle the imperial
    death march. I heard it. Oh, aviod the central plazza at all cost.
    There is a big gun. Deadly. Now go to the other end of the map and 
    take the command post CP. Around the coner, there is a guard security
    post CP,take it too. Cheat, hide behind the pillar, the CP will be your
    and you have cover and can hide. Next, destroy the turret control. It 
    is at the top of the stairs. There are also some dumb sinpers, you 
    shoot them, they don't return fire. Use the detpack and blow the 
    controls. Now, a lot of jedi will come, destroy them all. Now, the 
    queen comes out. You have 3min to kill her, use a sinper and shoot her
    head. Two headshot should do it. Wait, one close shotgun shot did it.
    The mission is completed!!!
             Mission 9 Preventative measures           Mustafar Space
    skip space 3 welcome back to the clone wars. First things first, a
    driod gunship has landed on your hanger, use rockets or timebomb and 
    blow it. Change to the pliot class and take the interceptor and destroy
    8 fighter.Next, go back to the hanger and take a bomber, Bomb the 
    shields. Now, lord varder wants a CIS bomber. Take it in the CIS hanger
    and land it in your hanger in the red square, For your fun only, when 
    you land and they say mission complete, take-off and crash. The
    CIS bomber is destroyed, but the mission is completed, weird.
    skip space 3      Mission 10 Tying up loose ends     Planet:Mustafar
    Isn't the clone wars over???? Anyway, you have to go to the lava 
    observation room and take the CP. The only way in is through the right 
    door at the starting position. The left is locked. Then move down the 
    hall way to the left door, what a detour. The room is dead ahead. Now, 
    cross the bridge and take the walkway CP. Watch out, the bridge likes
    to go up and down unexpectely. Go down hit lava, go up cross bridge. 
    Now go to the collection stand, note there is a auto-turret, in the
    first door after the bridge. In the main control room, there are two 
    control panel with the protype, destroy these two. Next take the beacon
    from the meeting room, take it to the central antenna. Now, fall back 
    and watch the fireworks. It's raining bugs!!!!! You have clearance to
    kill all bugs and the leader, Gizor Delso, marked by the yellow arrow.
             Mission 11 Changing of the guard               Planet:Kamino
    At the start of the game, you can play as hero, boba fett. Use him to
    gain access to the door, but failed. Blast the panel with a detpack or
    wrist rocket. Then, go in and take a sample of DNA of our evil 
    brothers. Now, take the sample back to the ship asap. Next order, 
    take the center CP. Now, get back to the control center, and destroy
    five control panels. Next, two gunship are leaving in 5mins, bring 
    them down. Mission complete.
              Mission 12 Prison break                 Death Star Interior 
    Relax, this is no space battle, just a prison break. Who is happy at
    being shot at??? First objective, regroup with the 501ST who are 
    coming here. Next, you have 2min to defend the hanger. Next take the
    prison CP. Then one rebel dick has the death star plans, kil him, take
    the plans and return it to the prison CP. There is a grating along the 
    prison walkway. Remember the movie, how han solo and the gang escape,
    same thing.Now, the fire control room is now rebel control, take it
    back. You can watch the death star power as it shoots it 'superlaser'.
    Now, the rebel are escaping, in the hanger. Change to heavy class and 
    blow the ship. There is a 3min timer. Be quick. After the transport 
    ship, the leader a jedi will come up the stairs. Use the mines and 
    throw it on the stairs, and he will kill himself. Mission complete.
             Mission 13 Birth of the rebellion      Polis Massa Asteroid
    First obj, take the radar room. Second, take the holodisk form the 
    command post. You have to fight a dirty war in. When you get it, take
    it back to the radar room, you have to defend the room, as the uplink 
    takes time. For 2min. After that, you have to destroy the databank.
    The hard way , run all the way there, the easy way, take a tank and 
    drive to the hanger behind the databank. After the destruction, your
    hanger is over taken. Take it back. Then you have completed.
           Mission 14 Recovering the plans            Tantive IV Interior
    If you have watched episode IV, this is very easy. You start in the 
    blown door, in a crampy area. Very easy to get killed. First obj, 
    take the barracks command post. Once you take it, go to the tech room, 
    you can also play as lord vader.YEAY!!!! At the tech room, destroy all 
    the security console, there are about 7-9. Next, go to the othe end
    of the ship and get the access code and take it back to the tech room.
    At the turbine, you get get pass by jumping up or destroy the console
    to the right. Get the key, and get it to the tech room. Next, get 
    princess leia. You can find her in the escape pods. In the movie, she
    was hidden there, my poor friend can't find her. If you look at the
    big map, the escape pods is at the very bottom. You need to get her 
    alive, but no stun gun, just kill her, it will be the same like 
    stunning. Then the mission is complete.
              Mission 15 Vader's fist strike back         Yavin 4 space
    skip space 4 This is the final third mission of the enitre campaign.
    Use pliot, use bomber, bomb the five large transport, with a 3min 
    timer. Next, bring down the frigate defense with the same bomber. Now
    you have 10min to shoot down 10 plane. Fly back to the hanger and 
    take a interceptor or TIE fighter. After that, return the ship and take
    a bomber and bomb the heavy turrets. There are four turrets and the 
    timer is contiuned. Next destroy engines with contiuned time. 2dual 
    engines, 4 engines or go in and blow the cooling tank. Sorry, due to 
    locked doors, the cooling trick can't work. Blow the final engine.... 
    and mission completed.
    skip space 4       Mission 16 Revenge of the empire      Planet:Yavin 4
    Avenge your brothers aboard the death star. FIGHT!FIGHT!FIGHT!
    First obj, take the water fountain CP. Next take the CP under the 
    viaduct, or under the bridge. Expect a lot of rebels. Next, relfecting
    pool's CP. Next, defend the pool for 2min. After that, change to dark
    trooper and get to the mini temple to get the bomb. If you go there 
    and start killing, you will die. Just take it and bring it to the 
    temple's blast door. Be quick, be very quick. After the blastdoor is
    down, go in and kill the commander, the spys. Even if they are 
    invisible, you can see them with the arrow on top of their heads. 
    Talk about betrayal. This is the end of the mission.
          Mission 17 Our finest hour                      Planet:Hoth
    This is the very end of the end. The last mission.
    At spawning, use the AT-AT, its firepower!!!! is dam great.
    The secondary weapon has a so good blast radius, you can kill up to 
    10 enemies!!!! Take the outlook CP .The AT-AT is best for getting the
    War Hero medal. Once you are near the outlook, get out and take the CP
    by foot. Oh, there is a 20min timer for you to complete the enitre game
    until the ending part, where there is a new timer. Chop,chop. Be quick
    . Next take the forward bunnker CP. Next, use the AT-AT to destroy the 
    shield generator. If only the AT-AT can deliever little damage, the 
    only thing you want to use is the AT-AT. The destruction will be 
    replaced by a movie clip from the movie epsiode V. Now, take echo base.
    There are a lot of rebels, so park your AT-AT nearby the hanger, so if
    you die, you can spawn form the AT-AT. Instead from the farout CPs.
    Make sure your AT-AT don't blow up, or you have to do a lot of walking.
    After the echo base failure, take the shield consloe in the control 
    room. Use darth vader if you want. Next take the back hanger CP. Afer
    you take the CP, watch another clip. Now take the beacon and take it
    under the transport ship. Around the ship has a lot of turrets, it 
    kill my vader. Use rockets and blow them. After placing the beacon,
    defend it for the time left on your timer. A lot of crazy rebels will
    come and throw thermals at it. When a lot of rebel are together closey,
    throw a thermal, it should kill them all. If you die, you will spawn 
    near it. When you have completed this, Congraulations, you have 
    completed the Campaign section. Say goodbye to the 501ST and hello to 
    Galactic conquest.
                             II.Galactic Conquest
    There are four sides to this game. This is like a chess piece game.
    Your planets are like the CP. You can construct fleets over your
    planets, buy bonuses and units. At all start of the game, you have one
    a trooper, one pliot class, three planet, one fleet, 1000 credits and 
    no bonus. You also have to train your space combat skills, as they play
    a major role in Galactic conquest. There are a total of 13 planets. At
    different era, different planet will have different victory cost, like
    hoth is important in the rebellion era as it is the rebel base. But in
    the republic era, hoth is nothing but waste, so the cost  of winning 
    will be lower.
                                Tips and tricks
    My way of playing space round the winnable way.
    Use space pliot, First, destroy frigate defence. Second, land in enemy
    hanger and go destroy the cooling tank. Next, destroy the auto-turrets 
    mainframe. By this time, the shields should be destroied by your 
    friends. Next, destroy life support. Next, take a bomber and bomb the 
    remaining weak points, command bridge, comms array and sensor relay.
    Not enough points, kill fighters.
    When to use bonuses
    Space combat -- Sabotage
    Land Combat -- garrison, leader, auto-turrets, beta-tank, 
    combat shielding, supplies,enhanced blasters.
    Order of purchase of units
    First -- engineer, marksman
    Second -- heavy trooper
    third -- space marine
    fourth -- engineer, marksman (whichever you have not bought)
    then buy the last two in any oder you want.
    Tip 1
    Always aim for the enemy base planet. It gives you the most credits 
    and a big dent in the enemy pocket of money and solider.
    Icons on the map
    Blue balls, your planets, red balls, your planets.
    Blue ship over planet, your fleet, red fleet over planets, enemy's 
    fleet. empty spaces, space. If you engage a space battle over space, 
    no backdrop. If you fight over a planet, you can see the planet as a 
    back drop.
    Since there are no gurrante where the enemy will go, it is hard to
    make this guide. I will put the guide according to the order of the 
    game put.
                              1.Birth of the rebellion
    Your planets -- Hoth (BASE), Yavin 4, Dagobah.
                                     Victory resources    Planetary bonus
    Empire planets --  Endor (BASE)     1000 credits           100 credits
                       Coruscant         600                    30
                       Mustafar          600                    30   
                       Mygeeto           500                    30
                       Kashyyyk          500                    30
                       Felucia           500                    30
                       Tatooine          500                    30
                       Naboo             500                    30
                       Utapau            500                    30                
                       Polis Massa       500                    30
    I had my fleet over dagobah, each time you start a new game, it will
    ramdomly place your fleet over your planet. But who get the planets 
    will always be the same, take the chart above for refence. 
    Only one word, choose wisely the planet you want and the bonus you use.
                            2.The confederate uprising
    Your planets -- Mustafar, utapau, Geonosis (BASE)
                                        Victory resources    Planetary bonus
    Republic planets -- Kamino (BASE)      1000 credits        100 credits
                        Coruscant           600                 30
                        Naboo               600                 30
                        Tatooine            500                 30
                        Kashyyyk            500                 30
                        Felucia             500                 30
                        Yavin 4             500                 30
                        Mygeeto             500                 30
                        Polis Massa         500                 30
                        Dagobah             500                 30
    Had my fleet over Utapau. Good luck on your conquest.
                             3.Republic sovereignty
    Your planet -- Kamino (BASE), Coruscant, Naboo.
                                        Victory resources    Planetary bonus
    Enemy planet --     Geonosis           1000 credits        100 credits
                        Mustafar            600                 30
                        Utapau              600                 30
                        Tatooine            500                 30
                        Kashyyyk            500                 30
                        Felucia             500                 30
                        Yavin 4             500                 30
                        Mygeeto             500                 30
                        Polis Massa         500                 30
                        Dagobah             500                 30
                           4.Dark reign of the empire
    Your planets -- Endor (BASE), Coruscant, Mustafar.
                                    Victory resources    Planetary bonus
    Rebel planets --  Hoth (BASE)      1000 credits           100 credits
                      Yavin 4           600                    30
                      Dagobah           600                    30   
                      Mygeeto           500                    30
                      Kashyyyk          500                    30
                      Felucia           500                    30
                      Tatooine          500                    30
                      Naboo             500                    30
                      Utapau            500                    30                
                      Polis Massa       500                    30
    All the planets, are recomended first to conquer, last to take, by 
    their most credits awarded. For space battle, if you win you get 300
    credits, loser get 100 credits, all the same.
                              III.Instant Action
    Info are by the planets, of what they have. There are 18 land maps, 6
    space battle. You can set all the setting, like heroes, timer, 
    reinforcement count, number of flag to be taken......
    Types of play
    Conquest -- Fight and kill, the normal way of play.
    1-flag -- The weirdest game play to me, take the flag and return it to
              the enemy base??
    2-flag -- This is more like it, take the enemy flag and take it to your
    Hunt -- Only a few map have this. Take example, tatooine, tusken VS 
    Assault -- This is your normal space battle, execpt for tatooine, 
               where you fight as all the heros you want!!!!
    XL -- (Not in manual) This is a crazy deathmatch game.
    KEY -- C, conquest         Y, Yes
           1, 1-flag           N, No
           2, 2-flag
           H, hunt
           A, assault
           XL, XL
                                   Land Map
                     C / 1 / 2 / H / XL / A        Clone Wars / Galatic Civil War
    Coruscant        Y / N / Y / N / N  / N             Y     /       Y
    Dagobah          Y / N / Y / N / N  / N             Y     /       Y
    Death Star       Y / Y / N / N / N  / N             Y     /       Y
    Endor            Y / Y / N / Y / N  / N             N     /       Y
    Felucia          Y / Y / N / N / N  / N             Y     /       Y
    Geonosis         Y / N / Y / Y / Y  / N             Y     /       N
    Hoth             Y / Y / N / Y / Y  / N             N     /       Y
    Jabba's Palace   Y / Y / N / N / N  / N             Y     /       Y
    Kamino           Y / Y / N / N / N  / N             Y     /       Y
    Kashyyyk         Y / N / Y / Y / Y  / N             Y     /       Y
    Mos Eisley       Y / N / Y / Y / N  / Y             Y     /       Y
    Mustafar         Y / N / Y / N / N  / N             Y     /       Y
    Naboo            Y / N / Y / Y / N  / N             Y     /       Y
    Polis Massa      Y / N / Y / N / N  / N             Y     /       Y
    Tantive IV       Y / Y / N / N / N  / N             Y     /       Y
    Utapau           Y / Y / N / N / N  / N             Y     /       Y
    Yavin 4          Y / Y / N / N / N  / N             Y     /       Y
                                  Space Map
    All space map only have 1-flag and assault. I will put the maps by the
    Clone Wars
    Space Felucia
    Space kashyyyk
    Space Mygeeto
    Galatic Civil War
    Space Hoth
    Space Tatooine
    Space Yavin
    This is the end of the guide, hope it was useful in any way.
                               4.Version history
    Ver 1.0    9/11/05 -- Started this guide and completed half way about 
            & 10/11/05    the game and training.
    Ver 1.1 14/11/05 -- Continued with 'about the game' section, and 
                        completed it. Started on the campaign, finished to 
                        mission 6.
    Ver 1.2 15/11/05 -- Continued with mission 7-17, completing the 
                        campaign section. Started with the Galatic 
                        Conquest, completed the first two sides.
    Ver 1.3 16/11/05 -- Completed the Glalatic Conquest, moving on to 
                        Instant action. Completed this Guide. Changes and
                        updates will be put in future.
    Ver 2.1 01/01/06 -- Started in this ext guide! Finished the weapon Ext
                        page, moving to Birth of the rebellion &
                        The confederate uprising.
    Ver 2.2 06/02/06 -- Fixed bug problems.
                        5.Contact/Disclaimer and Thanks
    My E-Mail: nsa_spy99@hotmail.com
    Jun Hua -- Being my critical hits supplier.
    This guide is free. You can print, edit, delete, just don't sell it.
    If you have anything that can add to this guide, e-mail it to me.
    Ya, if you can do the big art for the guide, sent it to me.
    Grand Theif Auto San Andreas &
    Star Wars Battlefront 2
    This is to all splinter cell fans!
    Who ever play splinter cell, must wait for my double agent guide, which
    comes out this spring, as i live in singapore, the release will be
    Websites -- Where you can find this guide.
    I would appreciate if you ask me first if you use my guide for your
    website! Thanks.
    Www.gamefaq.com (this website is great, trust me.)
                              6.Extended Version
    This is a special edition of this Star Wars Battlefront 2 guide. There
    are two section for now, the planet guide for instant action and one 
    for the Galactic Conquest. Let me start with the planet guide for 
    Galactic Conquest. Section name with EXT behind is extended ver.
                                 I.Weapons EXT  
    In this section, i will put what a weapon can do and what it is best,
    with AWARDS Weapons!!
                                 Normal weapons
    Blaster rifle -- Your standard issued weapon. Different era can hold 
    different amount of rifle ammo. Only shooting auto and normal damage.
    Best for head shots.
    Rocket launcher -- Used for heavy damage to heavy vehicles. The better
    the vehicle, the lesser the damage. Have lock-on capability. Some 
    times, lock-on does not shoot the critical point. 
    Sinper rifle -- Good on high elevation, this is the sinper, shoot head
    shot for max damage.
    Shotgun -- Normal shotgun. Best when you are shooting close.
    Blaster Pistol -- Pistol with no ammo, very fast overheated.
    Chaingun -- Normal repeating gun, but need a lot of bullets to kill.
    Bulldog RLR -- Something like a cannon launcher.
    Radiation launcher -- Same like Bulldog.
    Nero posion -- Any one near you will get posion.
    Incinerator -- A burning flamethrower. Best used with stealth. Very
    little ammo per clip.
    stealth -- Makes yourself invisible.
    regeneration -- Your health will increase slowy.
    Mortar launcher -- Same like cannon launcher.
    Geonosian Sonic Gun -- I guess you know what this is.
    EMP launcher -- People love cannon launcher a lot, as this is one too.
    Repeating blaster -- Placed on the Droideka 'hands', this is a no ammo,
    overheat type blaster.
    shield emitter -- emitt shields, there is a limit.
    Bowcaster -- Use like the republic commando bowcaster. Hold to charge. 
    Grenade launcher -- Another cannon type gun.
    Arc caster -- Sort of like a electric tazer gun, hold to chain up to
    four people.
    Thermal Detonators -- Your bomb.
    Mines -- Do you need a explaination for this??????
    Auto-turret -- No explaination required.
    Detpack -- Like mine, just that it is remoted controlled.
    Timebomb -- Place it anywhere and watch the 5sec fireworks.
    Rally -- Increase defence.
    Rage -- Increase damage.
    Fusion cutter -- A basic tool, able to repair, hack and make turrets,
    Health/ammo dispenser -- Simple enough no explaination required.
    Remote Dorid -- Send out in the battlefield to recon.
    Elite assault rifle -- A better rifle then the normal one, a powerful
    three burst shot.
    Precision pistol -- A very good pistol, no overheating, even better
    and one good reason to use. 
    Guidable rockets -- Fun to use. Use this thing up in the air and zoom
    it down. You can control this rocket, get max damage by speeding it up.
    Particle Beam Rifle -- Better then sinper rifle. You can see a purple
    lazer as you shoot.
    Flechette shotgun -- Same purple lazer, but slower loading after each
    shot. Still perfer normal shotgun.
                            II.Galactic Conquest EXT 
    This is the planet guide. Same like the normal placing. PS note: THis
    guide can both apply to both invading and defending. 
                          1.Birth of the rebellion EXT
    Planet guide. Start with Naboo.
    Naboo -- You can start with buying marksman or the heavy class, or buy
    garrison, ehn blaster or bacta tank. Recomended, heavy class or 
    First spawn at CP4 and take CP5. Expect a lot of enemies. Next, CP6.
    If CP4, 5 or 6 is over taken, take it back. Recomended vehicle, 
    TX-130S Landspeeder. Important CPs, 3,4 and 5.
    Recomended way of wining -- hunt and kill.
    Hoth -- This is a difficult planet to defend as Rebels. Only recomended
    to use garrison.
    AT-AT, use the snowspeeder and shoot the cable, second seat. Then, go
    round and round, when it is enough, it will release by it self. The 
    AT-AT will fall and explode.
    The CP5 is a permerment CP, can only be destroyed and is control by 
    Rebels. Remove it by destroying the shield generator.
    This planet is difficult to defend, but if you win, 1000 credits are
    Recomended way of wining -- Hunt and kill
    Tatooine -- Very simple to take, use the sinper at the top of the 
    hanger bay (in the middle of the map) and sinpe down. Blaster rifles
    are also effective. Recomended -- Sinper class, auto-turret, ehn 
    blaster and supplies.
    Recomended way of wining -- Hunt and kill
    Yavin 4 -- This is a easy map, but one mistake can be costly. 
    Recomended -- Heavy, garrison, auto-turret. Spawn at CP7, there are 
    vehicles you can use. 
    Recomended win -- Hunt and kill
    Kashyyyk -- This too is a easy map, without the one mistake you will 
    die. You fail, go bang your head against the wall. 
    Recomended -- Everything is too good in here.
    Remember about the sea wall cheat. If it is destroyed, use the fusion
    cutter to repair at the wench. 2sec will do.
    At the start of the battle, if you are at the battlefront, get ready
    for a tough fight. Every one will start charging at you!!!!
    Recomended win -- Hunt and kill
    Felucia -- Here everyone has a common foe, the acklay. But there is
    one/5 chance you are kill by it. Recomended, heavy, sinper, garrison,
    Recomended win -- Hunt and kill
    Mygeeto -- Recomended, sinper, heavy, ehn blaster, supplies. This 
    should be a fair easy map, just kill.
    Recomended win -- Hunt and kill
    Endor -- This planet will kill you with their wining points. 
    Recomended, sinper, heavy, auto-turret.
    This is a quite difficult, the jungle will block most of your view. 
    Use 3rd person view.
    I still have no idea how to use the traps for the AT-ST. I tried
    shooting, it works sometime. If you know how, e-mail me.
    Other then the jungle, this is a easy map.
    Recomended win -- Hunt and kill
    Coruscant -- Easy map, but one slip, game over. Recomended, garrison,
    auto-turet, leader.
    This is a very small map. CP are all cramped. Go in anti-clockwise
    direction to conquer.
    Recomended win -- Hunt and kill
    Dagobah -- This is a very swampy area. But very easy to win. Recomended
    , sinper, leader, garrison.
    You can jump from branches to branches to reach high grounds.
    Recomended way of wining -- Take CP and wait,
    Mustafar -- A very lava planet. Very nice. easy to take. Recomended,
    If you love sinping, you will be intrested in CP4. With two sinping
    tower by jumping, this is the best.
    Utapau -- If you charge like hell, you have a 80% change of killing a
    lot of people and wining. Recomended, trooper, ehn blaster, 
    Recomended win -- Hunt and kill
    Polis Massa -- A very rocky one. A piece of advice, never go out,
    unless you are a droid. Recomended, trooper, garrison, leader.
    This is a very small one, you can easily shoot or get shot. Bombs can
    also work good too. 
    If you manage to push the enemies back, it will be a very easy battle.
    Recomended win -- Hunt and kill
    Space battle -- Recomended, sabotage, pliot.
    Pilot is best for dogfight, as they can repair their ship in air.
    It is also better then marines as their timebomb can do more damage 
    then 4 rocket and 2 thermal bombs.
    Different place has different no. of frigates, they only work when the
    heavy turrets are destroyed. Destroying key points from inside is
    easier the outside.
    Your CP ships can be landed in enemy hanger can spawn your man from 
    Here the planet guide for the Rebels is finished. Lets move on to 
    The confederate uprising.
                         2.The confederate uprising EXT
    Dagobah -- Using droids to fight in this area is difficlut, be more
    ready. Recomended, sinper, garrison, auto-turrets.
    Drioids are more difficult to control and shoot.
    Recomended win -- Kill all
    Geonosis -- For a drioid, this map is the easiest. Recomended, 
    everthing is good.
    Destroing the AT-TE should be your first priority, shoot the weak 
    point below the AT-TE, it is infront, below. About 10 rocket should do.
    Recomended win -- Kill all
    Naboo -- Another very easy map. Just take a AAT and keep killing.
    Recomended win -- Kill all
    Kamino -- Take this, and earn big bucks. Kamino is a difficult map, 
    with a lot of people on one platform. Being killed will be simple.
    Recomended, heavy, garrison, auto-turret, ehn blaster.
    Tatooine -- Recomended, sinper, supplies. Use those two together. They
    are good. Go on top of the hanger bay, you will be ensure with a win,
    if you can snipe.
    Recomended win, sinping.
    Kashyyyk -- Use the tank and blow stuff up. Simple.
    Space Battle -- 

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