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"Does this Need for Speed game even up with the previous ones?"

Every year or so, there is a new Need for Speed game. They have gotten more faster, and more intense throughout the years. More cars, more customization, and more modes to create the ultimate racing game out on the market. With Need for Speed games becoming more darker, and more underground, they decided to place cops back in this version. Was that the best choice they could have done?

Gameplay - 9/10
Very exciting and new modes, and even cops chasing you which you have to evade or else your car gets impounded. Losing the cops is one of the most fun things in this game, and it really emphasizes on it. There is nothing really bad about the gameplay, they just should have kept the old modes, like drifting and URL races which some other players were expecting. The controls have been a little tweaked to make it feel like the car is actually on the road, unlike many previous Need for Speed games where it felt like you were driving on wet roads constantly. The lack of cars and modifications are a real draw back from NFSU2. It feels like they stripped the game of cars and mods and replaced it with cop cars and a bigger map. Only the real good cars are in this game, no more of the old cars.

Story- 7/10
Not much of a storyline, except the new list you have to go through to make it to #1. While the storyline isn't that great, it still is better compared to the other racing games out there.

Graphics and Sound- 8/10
The graphics are very good, with car reflections being amazing. The shadows are a little drawback if you have certain graphics cards, they look pixelated and need a coat of AA. The car engine sounds sound full of horsepower and the environments look amazing.

Play Time and Replayability-
You will probably want to play this game again, and select different cars and go online. The play time of the career is long, yet it doesn't take that long if you want to rush everything. Sometimes you just have to play around with the cops and get spike strips and roadblocks to bash through.

Final Recommendation-
If you are a racing fan, or even just like the intense feeling of being chased by ten cops that are trying to push you into the wall or box you in, I would definitely recommend this game. If you are looking for an action game where you can get out of your car, or do missions like delivering packages to places, I would not get this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/23/05

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