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"Need For Speed Underground: With Cops!"

I've always been a fan of the Need For Speed series. Somehow they always found a way to get slightly better with every game they make. NFS: MW isn't an exception.

Graphics: 9

The Graphics in this game are very good. Car models look excellent and so do the surroundings. It has very good effects too and the lighting is well done too. My only problem is that when you're viewing your cars in the main menu it seems they are so bright you can't see anything on the car like the decals, paint etc. This can be turned down but looks really bad afterwards so you should leave it on. The cutscenes are very well done in this game. The realism they tried to bring to it is evident here.

Sound: 7

Now the sound effects in this game are OK. I haven't got a problem with them. The problem I have is with the soundtrack. Although some of the songs sound good, I have never heard of any of them ever before I played this game. Just a bit of advice to EA, next time choose a soundtrack with some songs that people have heard of before.

Story: 8

Even though it's really just a racing game it actually has a pretty good storyline. It seems you used to be the top racer around and at the top of a list of the greatest street racers called the blacklist 15. Then you race some guy named Razor and what you don't know is he meddled with your car before the race. This makes you lose and you get kicked out of the blacklist while he uses your car to make it to the top. What do you have to do then? Simply make your way back to the top. But you have to get through the other 14 blacklist racers before you can get revenge over Razor but you also have to watch out for cops.

Gameplay: 9

The controls in this game are similar to the other Need For Speed games which is good. One new thing added to the Controls is the Racebreaker. Using this slows down the gameplay gradually allowing you to make that swerve at the last second to avoid smashing into that truck or to drive through a gap in a police roadblock. There are all new race types in this game such as Trade Paint, Tollbooth Trail and others but they have taken away Drift and those Underground Racing Leagues. Sprint, Circuit and Drag are still there as well as the return of Lap Knockout where the last person at the end of each lap gets eliminated. Another new and pretty cool feature is the challenge series. There are 68 challenges (69 if you have Black Edition) and just gives you a bit more to do in the game. Cops also return in this game giving you a bit of an extra challenge in races. If they chase you during a race and you win you the race just won't end. You still have to get rid of the cops. Although this may get annoying it makes the game more realistic.

Replayability: 8

Career Mode, Challenge Series and Single Races will keep you occupied for a long time. You can also get cars you've unlocked and modify them to your liking with the parts you've unlocked already in the My Cars menu. If you don't like racing the CPU all the time then go online and find some challenging opponents to race or just race your friends.

Overall: 8

This is a very good racing game from EA and with all it's new features it will keep you busy for a ong time to come.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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