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"Great Overall Racing Game, Great for car fans"

The first I want to to say is this:
If you like cars, designing them, or just racing around getting chased by cops, this is one of the games you want.

Game Play 10/10
Every once and a while you may get stuck, but everything in this game can be beaten after a couple tries. The races do get harder much quicker than you can get better, but they are beatable. The cops are easy, and the wanted level system is rather nice, it works just like real criminals car (I don't suggest become a criminal racer) would disappear from being noticed. What I'm saying is that when you change your car's style and body parts it's wanted level goes down, just like if you got your car painted if the police were looking out for your car.( In real life. (again I DO NOT support criminals, and neither shall you))
The challenges, instead of career mode are also exciting. All of the things that the challenge asks you to do are usually exciting. There's police challenges where you have to dodge a number of roadblocks or spike strips, but overall the challenges are just as exciting as the career mode.
The other thing that I think is only used for practice, or testing out a customized car that you made yourself, is the quick race. You can there either do a race that has been randomly picked, all you do is pick your car, or you can make your own race. I really like the customizable race because I like choosing the laps and traffic so I can test my skills. The only problem is with each Blacklist member you beat you get a pack of races in the race selection. That means if you want to try doing the map that the Blacklist member will be racing you on, you will have to beat him first, which I believe is fair, but then you can't practice.

Story 5/10
Thee is no story to this except that there's this one cop trying to nail you for street racing, and that you have to beat all the Blacklist member to get to their leader. I personally don't car because I just like the racing and customization of the game. There is also a street racer named Mia that helps you out.

Graphics 10/10
Everything in this game is well made, I have the Black Edition, and it came with an extra disc. In this disc was the making of the game and you can tell that every graphic is a millimeter from perfect. As in all of the Need For Speed games the cars have no under-carriage, it is there in shape, but there is no coloring, or any extreme details in the shape. Another thing, the graphics are good, but if your going to fast, some graphic cards cannot load quickly enough, creating graphical lag. Graphical lag is annoying in all Need For Speed game because the game stops completely, and you usually take your hands off your keyboard/controller, and then if your going around a turn or are near one, you will most likely crash and burn.

Overall 9/10
Need For Speed: Most Wanted is a great racing game. It is truly based on all aspects of street racing; cops, designing and managing cars, and of course, street racing. I truly believe this is EA's Need For Speed crew has made one of the best racing games out there today.

I give Need For Speed: Most Wanted a 9 out of 10 for it's great game-play and graphics.
*I do not believe a story line is need in an all out street racing game*, so that factor is not put into my grading of NFS:MW (You can quote me on the words in between the *s.)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/30/06

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