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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dctalk

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 02/19/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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       "Need for Speed:  Most Wanted"
       Walkthrough by reno812
       Based on the Xbox version
       v0.5  [02/19/06]
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       (ASCI "tapes" design by:  Jeff Jamieson)
       ***   IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ!   ***
       Ok, everybody is been asking about the status of the guide.  I know that
       I have been working on other things that left me without any time at all
       to write in the guide.
       It's been just impossible to combine college with FAQ writings, so I rather
       college than this, but hey, it doesn't mean that I want to finish this
       So, I never thought that I would actually say this, anyone reading this
       out there, who believes that has writing skills and wants to co-write this
       guide with, please send me an e-mail.  
       Yes, you read that well, I'm asking to anyone who's willing to share
       credits with me on the writing of this guide, to send me a request, and
       please include an example of your work.
       Here's what I'm asking:
       -  One person to finish the Career mode.
       -  One person to finish the Challenge mode.
       If you think that you can handle both, then tell me, I will read all of
       the request and then I will decide.
       I'll be waiting for colaboration requests until 03/04/2006.  Please refer
       to the Contact section for info on how to contact me.
       Remember, your name will appear as the co-writer of this guide!
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       Hello there!
       This is not my first FAQ for the NFS series, although this is the first
       one in English that I do for the series...  Last one was for 
       "NFS:  Porsche Unleashed", in Spanish of course.
       This new 'episode' in the series seems like the NFS games are going back
       to his roots, you know, exotic cars, police...  That's especially good for
       all those who didn't liked the 'Underground' twist of the game (mainly the
       people who doesn't like the import tuner scene).
       For those who did liked that, we still have 'tuners' in this game, but they
       are not the main reason of the game, so we'll have 'muscle' cars and as I
       said, a lot of exotics are back on the game.
       I've played car games since the NES days, and never get tired of them,
       on the last months I've played games like "Midnight Club 3:  DUB edition",
       "Juiced", "Forza Motorsport" (best game of them all in my opinion), and of
       course, "NFS: Underground 2", so I believe that I'm ready to start a new
       game, and write a FAQ in the process...
       I'm still working on my FIFA 06 FAQ, so I need to split my time into this
       two guides, the good thing is that I'm finishing school in about a week,
       so I will have time to spare, and that means more time for the guide!
       I always say this:  keep in mind that I do have a life outside videogames,
       so don't assume that I spend the whole day playing with my Xbox.  Actually
       I share the Xbox with my girlfriend (yeah, she loves to play too), so you
       put yourself in my shoes and be kind enough when asking for faster updates!
       With that said, let's get into business and start right away!
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       [1.0]   Copyright
       [2.0]   Version history
       [3.0]   E-mail policy
       [4.0]   Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
       [5.0]   Game modes
         [5.1]   Quick play
         [5.2]   Custom race
           [5.2.1]   Circuit
           [5.2.2]   Sprint
           [5.2.3]   Drag
           [5.2.4]   Lap knockout
           [5.2.5]   Speedtrap
         [5.3]   Split screen
           [5.3.1]   Circuit
           [5.3.2]   Sprint
           [5.3.3]   Drag
           [5.3.4]   Speedtrap
       [6.0]   Car List
       [7.0]   Challenge Series
       [8.0]   Career mode
         [8.1]   Safehouses
           [8.1.1]   Rap sheet
         [8.2]   Shops
           [8.2.1]   Parts shop
           [8.2.2]   Car lot
         [8.3]   SMS and communications, Pursuit breakers and SpeedBreakers
           [8.3.1]   SMS and Communications
           [8.3.2]   Pursuit Breakers
           [8.3.3]   Speed Breakers
         [8.4]   Walkthrough
           [8.4.1]   Intro
           [8.4.2]   Blacklist Members
             []  Blacklist Member 15:  Ho Seun (Sonny)
             []  Blacklist Member 14:  Vince Kilic (Taz)
             []  Blacklist Member 13:  Victor Vasquez (Vic)
             []  Blacklist Member 12:  Isabel Diaz (Izzy)
         [8.5]   Parts list
       [9.0]   Final words
       Use the 'search' function on your text editor or web browser to find a
       specific part of the guide.  Just put the number assigned to any section
       and you are done!
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       COPYRIGHT                                                             [1.0]
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       This guide is for personal and private use.  No part or whole of this guide
       can be reproduced in any way whatsoever.  You can use this document as long
       as it is not used in any commercial purpose, and can not be altered or 
       edited without the explicit permission of the author (that means me!).
       I'm not affiliated in any way to EA Games or any company involved in the 
       making of this game.  All names and trademarks used in this game are 
       property of their respective owners.
       This are the only sites where this guide can be displayed:
       If you want to have this guide on your site, please send me an e-mail (see
       E-mail policy) and I will most of the times give you my permission.
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       VERSION HISTORY                                                       [2.0]
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       11/16/05  -  [v0.1]   -   14 KB
       Started from scratch.  Just started main sections and beginning with the
       walkthrough.  More sections to come later.
       11/18/05  -  [v0.2]   -   20 KB
       Advanced from challenge 5 to challenge 12.  Also added a couple of 
       questions to the FAQ section.  List of cars to come in the next 
       11/19/05  -  [v0.3]   -   37 KB
       Started a couple of new sections.  The "List of cars" section is finally
       11/20/05  -  [v0.31]   -  39 KB
       Started to get emails so I'm answering common questions and adding them
       to the FAQ section.  Added some more cars to the car list and a new
       site has permission to host this guide.
       11/24/05  -  [v0.32]   -   42 KB
       Something creepy happened to my xbox three days ago, so right now I'm
       still waiting for 'him' to come back from the hospital!  =p
       Added more questions from you people, and made some corrections due to
       errors that some kind guys found on my guide!
       12/02/05  -  v[0.4]    -   69 KB
       After a long period of time I'm back again, and hopefully this time I will
       add everything is needed here (which is a lot!).
       12/06/05  -  v[0.45]   -  137 KB 
       Added some challenges and the parts list.  Sounds not too much, but 
       believe me, it took me a lot of time to write it down!!!
       12/19/05  -  v[0.47]   -  172 KB
       Added some more challenges...  we're almost in the middle of the challenge
       mode now!  Also resumed the Career section walkthrough, now we are at
       blacklist member #14.  Added a new 'cheat' thanks to David Gray for that!
       01/19/05  -  v[0.5]    -  209 KB
       Jesus, it's been a month since the last update!  I want to apologize for
       the lack of updates lately.  I got back to school, and everything is been
       just a mess, so I couldn't write anything on the guide.  I really want to
       finish this guide, because this will be probably my last FAQ for the Xbox
       and I don't plan to write another until I get a PS3 or XBOX360, so it will
       take a year or so until there's a price drop or something...
       Anyway, this guide may take another month (or even more) before it's
       finished, so I ask to everybody reading this to be patient!  I've never
       let something unfinished, and I don't expect this to be the first time!
       On this update I'm closer to finish the Challenge mode (less than 20), and
       advanced a little more on the Career mode walkthrough.  
       Some other minor changes added, like grammar and spellcheck, I'm sorry for
       all the typos around the guide!  You know, my English is not that good, 
       but I'm always trying to improve!  :P
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       E-MAIL POLICY                                                         [3.0]
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       If you have a question, please read the whole guide.  I always say:  if you
       have time to waste on videogames, then you have time enough to read this
       If you think that your question is not answered within the guide, I will be 
       glad to help you out.  Please note that I'm not a NFS guru, and that this 
       guide is based on the Xbox version, and some things may differ from one 
       system to another (specially regarding controls), but still I'm open to 
       help you if you need it.
       Please write "NFS FAQ" in the subject, if you don't, I can't guess which
       one of my guides you are talking about, or if you have luck enough, your
       e-mail may get filtered by my SPAM filter...
       Replace the "at" with "@" and "dot" with ".", I just put it that way to 
       avoid having my e-mail stolen by spammers.  
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       FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                           [4.0]
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       ***  NEW CHEAT DISCOVERED   ***
       I was surprised when David Gray told me about this cheat.  I wasn't 
       convinced at first, but then I tried and it worked for me.  I'm not sure
       if this works for all the versions, but it worked fine on XBOX.  I will
       just copy and paste his e-mail, so you can read exactly what he told me!
        Try this and let me know if it worked for you.
        In career mode look and the races that you need to complete (like a 
        sprint race), then go to custom race and find that same race and set 
        the traffic to none. 
        Race that race then go straight back to your career mode and race that 
        same race and there should be no traffic.
        This also worked for me on lap knockout I set the cars/lap to one, 
        go back to career mode and started race there were three cars at start 
        of race but only one lap...
        Check it out and let me know what you think
       Q/  Ok, I have played several NFS games, will this be like previous NFS
       A/  Yes.  My first impressions are that this game feels a lot like
           previous games, specially NFS:U2, but don't be fooled, it doesn't
           mean that everything's the same.  You'll find a lot of things
           different, actually I found this game to be more fun that NFS:U2, but
           that's just my opinion, play it for yourself!
       Q/  Could you write down the controls used in the game?
       A/  Nope.  Read the game manual.
       Q/  I'm not good at racing games.  Can you tell me how to win race X?
       A/  Nope.  I'm not here to teach you how to play the game.
       Q/  This is a FAQ, right?
       A/  Yes =p.  But that doesn't mean that I will take you by the hand on
           everything!  A guide is that, a guide, I'm here just to provide you
           with some advice, not winning the races for you!
       Now, seriously...
       Q/  What are those blue circles that appears on the mini-map during
           a chase?
       A/  When the cops are falling behind, you can hide from them to lose your
           wanted level.  Those circles are hide places that you can use.  Just
           stop on one of them for a little period of time and you will then
           just have to escape as if no one would be following you!
       Q/  What happens when I get busted?
       A/  If you are in a challenge, you will fail it and you will need to 
           If in career mode, you will be taken into the police car and you
           will have to pay for all the infractions you just did.  There are
           several ways to get out of jail though.  You can pay the infractions
           with your bank, or if you haven't enough funds to pay it, you will
           lose your car.  And there is a third way to get out of jail, and that
           is with one of your 'markers', which will be kind of favors that 
           others can do for you, but don't think that it will be too easy 
           every time you get busted, because at the beginning you will have
           3, and earning more will cost you a lot of hard work!
       Q/  Why when I'm on split screen mode I don't get pursued by cops?
       A/  I didn't noticed this at first, until Alex Mancilla drop me a line
           and told me about this.  I tried different race events and never got
           the cops into the action.  Apparently it is not possible to have cops
           in this multiplayer modes, but if someone know a way to make it
           possible, please let me know!
       Q/  Is there a way to turn off traffic on Drag races?
       A/  Nope.  This was something that I was missing, until Anna Stewart told
           me about.  I still haven't unlocked all of the Drag tracks, but as
           far as I can tell, no, you can't turn off traffic on Drag races.
           That was made that way probably to make this races harder, but I 
           believe that we should have been let with the option to turn it on or
           off, don't you think?
       Q/  How do I enter the shops?  I place the car in the circles but nothing
           happens!  What can I do?
       A/  You need to press up on the D-Pad in order to enter a shop.  Place
           the car near a color circle and you will see the engage system asking
           you to press up.
       Q/  How can I make easy money?
       A/  In career you can return to previous blacklist rivals and re-race 
           any race you want, no matter if you already won it, you have the
           chance to race it again and get the prize again.  Actually, there's
           no limit and you can make tons of money racing the same races over
           and over again.
       Q/  What's the "Fast and Furious" trick that can be performed in the game?
       A/  If you watched the glorious "The Fast and the Furious" movie (who
           doesn't?), I believe you remember the scene where the girl takes her
           Honda Civic underneath a trailer without crashing it.  Well, that 
           nice trick can be performed in the game.  What do you need?  Obviously
           you will need your car and a truck with a trailer attached to 
           perform it.  You need to set your speed almost the same with the truck,
           and then "change lanes" with the trailer, avoiding to get stuck with
           the trailer.  Probably you will need to do it several times to master
           it, but believe me, it is worth to see it when you are in pursuit and
           the cops are like "What the hell???"  =p
       Q/  How do I get (put infraction here)?  
       A/  Is my fault to don't give this info before, but I've been busy and 
           haven't been able to work on many aspects of the guide.  Fortunately
           'dark_lord_troz' wrote it down for us.  Thanks for that Troz! =p
           "Figured there'd be a lot of people wondering how for the sake of the 
            infraction milestones.  With the exception of resisting arrest all of 
            them have to be in view of a police vehicle and I'm pretty sure it has 
            to be pretty much right on you.
            Driving Off Roadway - Simply drive anywhere that isn't a street, 
                                  this also includes a lot of parking areas.
            Resisting Arrest - Evade the pursuit and get into cooldown mode
            Damage to Property - Hit any destructible object in the game except for 
                                 a police or civilian vehicle
            Hit and Run - Hit any civilian vehicle and keep going
            Ramming a police vehicle - Hit any police vehicle while traveling 
                                       over 65 MPH
            Speeding - Travel over 150 MPH.  Most people miss this one because at 
                       levels 1 and 2 the cars can't keep up with you but it is 
            Excessive Speeding - Travel over 180 MPH although you can get this 
                                 while in a level 1 pursuit it becomes easier to 
                                 accomplish at level 4
            Reckless Driving - Travel over 200 MPH this is best achieved when being 
                               pursued by the Corvettes as they are the only cars 
                               that can keep up at that speed
            I hope this helps you and your readers,
            (and it certainly helped!)
       If you have a question that is not covered through the guide (specially
       now that I'm just starting the guide), please send it to me, I will do
       my best effort to answer you!
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       GAME MODES                                                            [5.0]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       This game has several game modes besides just Career mode or Challenge 
       series, and they can be played at any time!
       I'll give you info and some explanations about the way this game modes
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       QUICK PLAY                                                            [5.1]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       This game mode is perfect for those just starting the game!  Please note
       that this game mode will select the race event for you, and it will do it
       Also the car will be selected randomly.  You can press Y to randomize all
       again, and the game will select another race event and another car.
       You can't just randomize the car or the race event, the game will randomize
       both, so if you don't like the idea, you should head to the other game
       modes, where you can have more control over this!
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       CUSTOM RACE                                                           [5.2]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       In this game mode you have more control over the configuration of the race 
       event you want to race.  There are thousands of combinations to make a 
       complete custom race.
       I will explain all the kind of race events that you can set up, and for
       that I will need to split this section into many sub-sections.
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       CIRCUIT                                                             [5.2.1]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Circuit races are when you have to complete a certain number of laps
       before you finish the race.  This races can be configured with the
       following options:
       AVAILABLE TRACKS:  28  (3 unlocked at the beginning)
       # of laps:  1 - 8
       Traffic level:  None, minimum, moderate, maximum
       Opponents:  1 - 3
       Difficulty:  Easy, medium, hard
       Catch up:  On, off
       Remember that to unlock all the tracks you need to advance through the
       career mode.  Once you start to advance there, you can came back here and
       you will have more tracks available.
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       SPRINT                                                              [5.2.2]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Sprint races are point-to-point races, and during the race you have in 
       your HUD the current percentage completed.  This races can be configured
       with the following options:
       AVAILABLE TRACKS:  44 (1 unlocked at the beginning)
       Traffic level:  None, minimum, moderate, maximum
       Opponents:  1 - 3
       Difficulty:  Easy, medium, hard
       Catch up:  On, off
       Same as circuit races, to unlock the remaining tracks you need to advance
       in your career.  
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       DRAG                                                                [5.2.3]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       This popular race mode that we first saw on "Need for Speed: Underground"
       is back again.  On this races you have to watch the gears and engine revs,
       but the hard part is that we have to manually change gears.  Watch the
       tutorials for more info on this.
       The settings available for this race mode are as follows:
       AVAILABLE TRACKS:  11 (2 unlocked at the beginning)
       Opponents:  1 - 3
       Difficulty:  Easy, medium, hard
       Catch up:  On, off
       Play your career profile to unlock the remaining tracks!
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       LAP KNOCKOUT                                                        [5.2.4]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       This game mode is basically a circuit race, but the difference is that 
       after a lap finishes, the last place automatically is knocked out of the
       If you are in last place when you cross the line, you will fail to win the 
       race, so watch out your position during the race!
       Available options for this game mode are:
       AVAILABLE TRACKS:  20  (1 unlocked at the beginning)
       Opponents:  1 - 3
       Laps:  (this will be automatically set to the # of opponents)
       Traffic level:  None, minimum, moderate, maximum
       Difficulty:  Easy, medium, hard
       Catch up:  On, off
       Play your career profile to unlock the remaining tracks!
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       SPEEDTRAP                                                           [5.2.5]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
        (Thanks to Jacco and Marius Caloianu for the corrections in this section)
        (Additional info thanks to Kim Andre)
        Speedtraps are police cameras spread around the city.  They appear in the
        map as camera flashes.  The objective of this races is to be photographed
        by this cameras at high speeds.  
        The car with the highest speed after passed all of the speedtraps will
        be the winner.  And different to what I said before, no, your speed 
        record isn't erased after the first car crosses the finish line.  But be
        aware that once the other cars crosses the finish line, the screen will
        start to flash, and your speed will start to decrease after every second.
        Options for this game mode are as follows:
        AVAILABLE TRACKS:  31  (1 unlocked at the beginning)
        Traffic level:  None, minimum, moderate, maximum
        Opponents:  1 - 3
        Difficulty:  Easy, medium, hard
        Catch up:  On, off
        Remember, play your career profile to unlock the unlocked tracks!
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       SPLIT SCREEN                                                          [5.3]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       This game mode is when you want to play against someone else in the same
       TV set, and it will depend on how many controllers you have!
       I only have 2 controllers, so I don't know if this mode supports up to
       4 controllers.  If someone could confirm me this, I would appreciate that!
       Again, I need to split this into many sub-sections to explain individually
       every possible situation with this game mode.
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       CIRCUIT                                                             [5.3.1]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       This game mode works the same than in single player, and the available
       options are:
       AVAILABLE TRACKS:  28  (3 unlocked at the beginning)
       Laps:  1 - 8
       Traffic:  None, minimum, moderate, maximum
       Remember to play your career to unlock the remaining tracks!
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       SPRINT                                                              [5.3.2]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Point-to-point races against human players!  Is there anything more fun
       than that?  Well, probably yes, but this is fun anyway...
       Available options are:
       AVAILABLE TRACKS:  44  (1 unlocked at the beginning)
       Traffic Level:  None, minimum, moderate, maximum
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       DRAG                                                                [5.3.3]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       I must say that drags in split screen tend to be a mess, because most of
       the times you end watching your opponent half, but for someone that can
       actually concentrate in his own car, I believe won't have any trouble 
       at all!
       Available options for this game mode:
       TRACKS:  11  (2 unlocked at the beginning)
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       SPEEDTRAP                                                           [5.3.4]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Again with the police camera stuff.  You know what you have to do!
       AVAILABLE TRACKS:  31  (1 unlocked at the beginning)
       Traffic level:  None, minimum, moderate, maximum
       Don't forget that to unlock the remaining tracks for this and all of the
       game modes you need to advance in your career!
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       LIST OF CARS                                                          [6.0]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       There are a total of 32 cars available in this game.  There is a cheat to
       unlock a secret car, but it can not be used in Career mode.  
       #     Car                                       (How to unlock...)     
        1    Lexus IS 300                              Already unlocked       
        2    Fiat Punto                                Already unlocked       
        3    Chevrolet Cobalt SS                       Already unlocked       
        4    VW Golf GTI                               Already unlocked       
        5    Audi TT 3.2 quattro                    Beat blacklist member 15  
        6    Audi A3 3.2 quattro                    Beat blacklist member 15  
        7    Mitsubishi Eclipse                     Beat blacklist member 14  
        8    Audi A4 3.2 FSI quattro                Beat blacklist member 14  
        9    Toyota Supra                           Beat blacklist member 13  
       10    Renault Clio V6                        Beat blacklist member 13  
       11    Mazda RX-8                                Already unlocked       
       12    Cadillac CTS                           Beat blacklist member 12  
       13    Ford Mustang GT                           Already unlocked       
       14    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII       Beat blacklist member 11  
       15    Mercedes-Benz SL 500                      Already unlocked       
       16    Pontiac GTO                            Beat blacklist member 10  
       17    Vauxhall Monaro VXR                    Beat blacklist member 10  
       18    Porsche Cayman S                       Beat blacklist member 10  
       19    Subaru Impreza WRX STi                    Already unlocked       
       20    Mazda RX-7                             Beat blacklist member 9   
       21    Mercedes-Benz CLK 500                  Beat blacklist member 8   
       22    Lotus Elise                            Beat blacklist member 8   
       23    Aston Martin DB9                       Beat blacklist member 7   
       24    Porsche 911 Carrera S                     Already unlocked       
       25    Dodge Viper SRT-10                     Beat blacklist member 6   
       26    Lamborghini Gallardo                      Already unlocked       
       27    Porsche 911 Turbo S                    Beat blacklist member 5   
       28    Corvette C6                            Beat blacklist member 5   
       29    Lamborghini Murcielago                 Beat blacklist member 4   
       30    Ford GT                                Beat blacklist member 4   
       31    Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren              Beat blacklist member 3   
       32    Porsche Carrera GT                     Beat blacklist member 3   
       33    BMW M3 GTR *                             Black Edition only      
       34    Chevrolet Camaro SS *                    Black Edition only      
       35    Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG *                Complete challenge 68    
       36    Corvette C6.R *                        Get 100% game completed   
       37    Porsche 911 GT2 *                      Complete all challenges   
       38    Castrol Ford GT                                 Cheat            
       The cars listed with * are bonus cars and can only be used in custom
       races.  Thanks to Jindrich Mouka, who noticed that I actually missed them
       when I posted the original list of cars!
       The Cheat to get the Castrol Ford GT is as follows:
       Before pressing any button on the "Press Start" menu, use the D-pad to
       enter the following code:
       L, R, L, R, U, D, U, D
       You will get a confirmation if you entered the correct code.  This cheat
       is for the Xbox version, and this car is not available for Career mode,
       so don't go looking for it!
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       CHALLENGE SERIES                                                      [7.0]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       I decided to start first with the Challenge series than with the Career,
       since this requires less work, and because it is a pick-and-play scheme
       based, so it is a lot easier to cover than the Career, but don't worry,
       Career will get most of our attention later!
       Well, there are 68 challenges that you must complete to beat this game
       mode.  What do you unlock after that?  Don't ask me that yet!  I just got
       this game and I think is too soon for me to beat the game (2 days for God
       sake!).  But we will find out that, of that I'm sure.
       Since this is a race game, I won't give you much strategy to win the 
       races, that depends 99% on your skill, so don't blame if you can't beat
       certain challenge after reading this guide.  
       What I will do is to give you full info about any challenge, and of course,
       a few tips to just give you a hand so you can beat the challenge for
       Since I want to cover Career and other game modes before focusing on only
       this game mode, this section will progress a little bit slowly, so probably 
       you will be far ahead by the time you are reading this.
       And one last thing.  I will use a difficulty meter system to 'measure' the
       hardness of a challenge, so you can have an idea on how tough a challenge
       is.  This is how it works:
       *       :  Piece of cake!
       **      :  Well, that was kind of easy...
       ***     :  Man, that was tough!
       ****    :  I'm not having much fun here...
       *****   :  That was sick!
       Ok, let's start!
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  *
       Car:  VW Golf GTI
       Objective:  Get to the three tollbooths in less than 2.40
       Unlocks:  03/68, 04/68
       Since this is the first challenge, it will be really easy.  You will also
       see a tutorial before it starts so you can get an idea on what you need
       to do to beat it.
       You need to get to the three tollbooths before the time runs out.  You
       already have a tricked out Golf, so things are really going your way here.
       Be aware that just after you reach the second tollbooth the cops will be
       after you, but don't worry, they will be more worried about finishing 
       their donuts than chasing you!  =p
       "Pursuit Length"
       Difficulty:  *
       Car:  VW Golf GTI
       Objective:  Evade police pursuit (1 minute)
       Unlocks:  03/68, 04/68
       You start the pursuit with the car already in movement, so get ready to
       take control of the car!
       Four cops will be pursuing you, so be careful and try not to be packed by
       them, or you will be in trouble.  
       After you completed the minute without being caught, you will have to
       escape from them.  If you don't want this to be too long, don't get into
       the highway, because cops will follow you very closely.  Instead, try to
       escape into the town (try to destroy the donut store, is really fun and
       very painful for the cops!).
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  *
       Car:  Mazda RX-8
       Objective:  Get to the three tollbooths in less than 2.45
       Unlocks:  05/68
       (Thanks to Aden and Marco Flaquer for the corrections about the car used 
        in this and the next challenge)
       Again you start with a nice car.  Remember that the nitro automatically
       reloads after a few seconds.
       A little bit after the first tollbooth you will find the first cop, and
       the pursuit will start.  The road splits into two paths, and the cop will
       most of the times take the one at the left, so you can take the right one.
       If you did right, you will lost the cop, and you will reach the second
       tollbooth without any trouble.  Is then when you will start being chased
       by two very persistent cops.  You will have them following you until you
       reach the third tollbooth, so don't screw up and you won't have any
       trouble really.
       (People started to ask me where did I came with the Honda S2000, and
        actually I can't remember why!  Anyway, as soon as I can confirm this I
        will correct that!)
       Difficulty:  *
       Car:  Mazda RX-8
       Objective:  Evade the police and get a bounty of 1,000
       Unlocks:  ---
       The car will be already in movement, so get ready when starting the race.
       A couple of cop cars will be behind you, and eventually they will catch
       you up.  
       Now, the way to raise the bounty is by doing some infractions, you know,
       like destroying property, ramming police cars, etc, etc, etc...
       When you complete the bounty, you need to evade the police.  Just do as we
       did on the last challenges when you needed to escape from them, or you 
       could just hide as well.
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  *
       Car:  Pontiac GTO
       Objective:  Get to the three tollbooths in less than 3.30
       Unlocks:  06/68, 07/68
       You have a very powerful car and time to spare in this challenge.  Take the
       path to the right at the beginning and continue straight until you reach
       the first tollbooth.
       A minute after you passed the first tollbooth you will find the first cop,
       and of course, the chase will begin.  Another cop will join him shortly and
       things will get more interesting.  Just keep pushing the gas and they
       will have a hard time trying to catch you up.  If you are lucky enough,
       they will take a shortcut, and they won't be able to keep up with you.
       When you reach the second tollbooth take the path to the right, because in
       the left one you will be seen by another cop.  That will give you a few
       time of peace, but when you exit the tunnel you will then be seen by 
       another cop.  Soon there will be two cops chasing you.
       Keep pushing the gas and they won't be able to catch you.  And finally you
       will get to the third tollbooth.
       "Pursuit evasion"
       Difficulty:  **
       Car:  Pontiac GTO
       Objective:  Evade the police in less than 5 minutes
       Unlocks:  08/68, 09/69
       The car will be already in movement when you take control of the challenge,
       so be ready or you may lose important speed!
       Drive straight and you will get to a ramp, use it and you will then see
       how the camera changes to take a better look of your jump.  If you are 
       lucky enough you will land without trouble and this way you may get away.
       If not, then just use your skill and do whatever it takes to escape from
       the cops.  You have enough room to escape, just don't use the highways or
       you will more likely have the cops all the time around you.  
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  *
       Car:  Porsche Carrera 
       Objective:  Beat the 3.00 time posted by someone in the blacklist
       Unlocks:  ---
       Ok, that Porsche is really fast.  All the way to the first tollbooth will
       be a walk in the park, and after you passed it you will then hear in the
       radio that the cops are preparing to pursue you, so get ready.
       If you sort all the turns you will be reaching the second tollbooth in no
       time and with no cops at sight yet.
       A little after the second tollbooth we'll find the first cop.  And believe
       it or not, their 'generic' patrol cars can get a Porsche in trouble...
       Just after that you will get to the third tollbooth, and after you passed
       it, another cop will join the pursuit.  I would use the nitro only if they
       start to hit your car, so you can have a little advantage and get away.
       You will have to deal with them a while, and finally you will get to the
       last tollbooth.
       "Cost to state"
       Difficulty:  **
       Car:  Porsche Carrera
       Objective:  Make 25,000 in damage with your car
       Unlocks:  10/68  
       The car will be already in movement.  As soon as you start you will need
       to wreck your car, so don't hesitate to trade some paint to do it so.
       Taking down all the road signs will be a nice beginning, and you can 
       follow hitting the incoming traffic, of course, always aware that you are
       being pursued and that you can't be packed by the cops or you will be
       If you can get to the stadium and activate the tramp, you will be done and
       all you will need to do is escape.
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  *
       Car:  Corvette
       Objective:  Beat the trial in 2.50 to hold the record
       Unlocks:  ---
       We have a very powerful and fast car this time.  All the way to the first
       tollbooth is really simple, just avoid losing control on the corners.
       Almost no traffic, and the only cop that you will found will be when you
       are reaching the last tollbooth, so I believe this is the easiest time
       trial we had so far!
       Difficulty:  **
       Car:  Corvette
       Objective:  Dodge 2 roadblocks and evade police
       Unlocks:  11/68
       The challenge will start with the car already in movement, and with a lot
       of cops behind you.
       Finding the roadblocks can be frustrating at first, because they don't
       appear at first in the mini-map, so you need to go to the highways, because
       it will be more easy to find roadblocks there than in the town.  
       The roadblocks appear in the mini-map as a bunch of cops in a single point,
       so when you see one head over to it, and as soon as you get closer you
       will then see the whole road blocked by police cars.  Ram them in a part
       where you can still pass through, because if you fail to pass them you 
       will be packed and probably get busted too!  Remember that you need to
       pass 2 roadblocks, and after that you need to escape the police, we already
       did that on past challenges, so no need to explain that again!
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  *
       Car:  Mitsubishi Eclipse
       Objective:  Complete the time trial in less than 3.30
       Unlocks:  13/68, 14/68
       Another time trial.  This time is a little longer than previous ones.  
       Is a long way before you get to the first tollbooth, so just push the gas
       and keep the speed up, because there will be no cops for a while.
       If you are lucky enough there will be no cops at all in this time trial,
       because it seems that the games generates them randomly.  I had to restart
       this time trial because I got busted the first time, and the second time
       there was no cops at all!  So probably this will happen a lot during this
       "Trade paint"
       Difficulty:  ***
       Objective:  Tag 5+ police vehicles
       Unlocks:  ---
       You will be already in the middle of the road with a bunch of cops packing
       your car.  That is actually a good thing here!
       All you have to do is hit 5 police cars to complete this challenge.
       Now, the 'tough' part comes when you complete the challenge and you need
       to escape, because we are in the highway, and lose cops in the highway can
       be a little hard sometimes, but we have done that before so I don't believe
       we'll have much trouble with this!  Be aware that there might be roadblocks,
       but we already know how to evade them =p
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  **
       Car:  Toyota Supra
       Objective:  Complete the time trial in less than 3.45
       Unlocks:  15/68
       Probably the most important thing to state here is that finally we have
       pursuit breakers available on challenges.  They will help a lot because 
       now police gets a lot more tough than before.
       You should not have much trouble getting to the first three tollbooths,
       after the third or even the fourth, you will start a pursue with several
       police cars.  As I said, now we have pursuit breakers, so use them wisely
       and try not to get packed by them.  Remember that you can't lose the cops
       in this challenges, so just try not losing speed and eventually you will
       get to the finish line.  
       Another thing, traffic is moderate in this challenge, and there's a high
       chance that you will hit a couple of cars in the way.  Time will be very
       important here, so avoid all you can, because you will get to the finish
       line with just a few seconds left!
       Difficulty:  **
       Car:  Toyota Supra
       Objective:  Escape the police with at least 4 infractions
       Unlocks:  ---
       This is an easy challenge.  Do whatever you want, ram the police,
       drive off-road, the point is to get 4 infractions and then get away
       from the police.  We have done that before, so I assume that you won't
       have much trouble with this challenge.
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  *
       Car:  Subaru Impreza WRX STi
       Objective:  Complete the tollbooth in less than 4.00
       Unlocks:  16/68, 17/68
       Another time trial.  There are 4 tollbooths you need to complete within
       the marked time or you will have to restart the race!
       Cops as usual will appear around the second tollbooth, although if you 
       are lucky enough, they will appear way more later (or they could appear
       sooner, you never know!).
       "Spike strip"
       Difficulty:  ****
       Car:  Subaru Impreza WRX STi
       Objective:  Dodge 2 spike strips and then evade the police
       Unlocks:  18/68, 19/68  
       Things certainly start to get more interesting!  This is our first spike
       strip challenge.  Also, this is the first
       time we have a helicopter above us!
       Remember to use the pursuit breakers when needed, and if you want to make
       your life easier, don't waste your SpeedBreaker, since we will need it
       to get through the spikes!
       Spike strips won't be waiting for you, you need to piss off the police
       officers before they set up them.  Drive around and cause a big mess, and
       eventually you will found them.  They will appear in the mini map like the
       road blocks do, so when you see cops parked in certain part of the 
       highway, head to it, and use your SpeedBreaker wisely to avoid lose your
       wheels.  Do it twice and you are done!  Then comes the hard part, because
       you will need patience to lose the police.  If you have to restart several
       times this test, it's ok.
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  *
       Car:  Cadillac CTS
       Objective:  Complete the challenge in less than 3.20
       Unlocks:  ---
       Four booths and a sweet car to complete this challenge.  Time is enough
       to make it to the four booths, so don't go fooling around and you won't
       have much trouble with this.
       Police?  Yes, sooner or later you will begin a pursuit, but don't worry,
       they won't be as aggressive as the last challenge!
       "Pursuit evasion"
       Difficulty:  ***
       Car:  Cadillac CTS
       Objective:  Evade the police within 4 minutes
       Unlocks:  20/68  
       This challenge can be either really easy, or really hard.  It depends on
       how lucky you are.  At the beginning you will have just a couple of police
       cars behind you, but as you advance you will be amazed with how much cars
       can be chasing you.  My best advice is to use all the pursuit breakers you
       can, and use them wisely, because if you fail you will have to race a lot
       to find another, since you are in the middle of an area that has almost no
       pursuit breakers.  If you fail to escape the police in less than 4 minutes
       you will need to restart this challenge.
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  **
       Car:  Lamborghini Murcielago
       Objective:  Complete the challenge in less than 4.05
       Unlocks:  20/68
       This challenge is a little harder than it should.  The car looks great,
       but as soon as you start driving it you realize that it sucks, so that's
       why I give this challenge 2 stars rather than 1. 
       This tollbooth trials are starting to get a little longer every time, and
       this time we have to complete 6, so it will take us a few more time.
       Police will be pursuing you almost from the beginning, but they won't 
       bother you that much, so there's not much to worry about.
       "Pursuit length"
       Difficulty:  ***
       Car:  Lamborghini Murcielago 
       Objective:  Keep in pursuit for at least 7 minutes
       Unlocks:  21/68, 22/68
       Prepare yourself for a long challenge.  Remember that you can't escape if
       you haven't lasted at least 7 minutes.  If you do, you will fail the
       challenge.  Just drive around without being busted and when you complete
       the time mark, escape!  Probably that's the hard part, but you have done
       it before, so you'll manage to escape!
       Is a good idea to drive in the highway during the first 7 minutes, and
       then going into the town when you need to escape, so you can use the
       pursuit breakers to take advantage.
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  ***
       Car:  Dodge Viper SRT-10
       Objective:  Complete the challenge in less than 4.00  
       Unlocks:  23/68, 24/68
       This challenge is a little shorter than the last time trial we had, but
       don't be fooled, this time we won't have to worry about that, but what
       we need to worry about is the incoming traffic.  There are lots of 
       traffic, that together with the police can make this challenge just a
       little annoying.  If you can manage to avoid incoming and ongoing
       traffic (someone played the Burnout series?) you will complete this
       challenge without much trouble.
       Time is enough, but note that just enough, there will be little time 
       for mistakes, so keep focused!
       Difficulty:  **
       Car:   Dodge Viper SRT-10
       Objective:  Dodge 6 police roadblocks then escape the police!  
       Unlocks:  23/68, 24/68
       At first it seems that this challenge will be tough, but trust me, it 
       isn't that hard.  This time the raodblocks are way more easier to come by
       than the last challenge we did.  As soon as you start begin to mess with
       the cops and they will set up the roadblocks quickly.  If you are lucky
       enough you will make the 6 roadblocks within a couple of minutes.  And
       then comes the hard part, escape the police.  The car is really great and
       they seem to have a lot of trouble keeping up with you, so just push the
       gas and enjoy that super car!
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  **
       Car:   Lexus IS 300
       Objective:  Complete the challenge in less than 3.15
       Unlocks:  25/68
       Again traffic seems to be the major problem here.  There will be moderate
       traffic, but it will enough to cause you lose a lot of time.  Chances are
       that you will have the police chasing you before you reach the first 
       tollbooth, so add that to the traffic and we have a nice challenge here.
       Time is just enough like in the last challenge, so avoid traffic as much
       as you can!  And I must warn you, this car has a nasty habit of flipping
       up, so try not to hit the walls or probably you will have to restart.
       Difficulty:  **
       Car:   Lexus IS 300
       Objective:  Evade the police with at least 5 infractions
       Unlocks:  25/68
       This is a fairly easy challenge.  By now you should know how to do most
       of the infractions in this game, so just pick 5 and have a little fun with
       the cops.  As soon as you complete the 5 infractions, stop fooling around
       and get away.  The best place to escape is in town, not in the highways,
       I've said that a lot of times and I will keep saying it, because it is
       a matter of fact.  So use pursuit breakers and a little of nitrous to
       escape and the challenge is finished.
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  ***
       Car:   Renault Clio V6
       Objective:  Complete the challenge in less than 4.00
       Unlocks:  26/68, 27/68
       I believe that the easy tollbooth trials are finished, because this one
       isn't piece of cake by the way.  Now we have three things to worry:  
       traffic, police, and most important of all, time.  Even if you race a
       nearly perfect race you will have problems with the time.  Nitrous will
       become critical here, so don't waste it.
       Don't be surprised if you need to restart a couple of times, it happened
       to me!
       "Trade paint"
       Difficulty:  ***
       Car:  Renault Clio V6
       Objective:  Tag 8 police cars and then evade the pursue!
       Unlocks:  28/68, 29/68
       Not a hard challenge, you will already be almost packed by a lot of
       cops.  You can either try to stop a little and trade some paint with
       them, or you can keep the gas up and do it the hard way.  
       You need eight, after that you are free to escape the police in any way
       possible.  My advice:  get into the town to use pursuit breakers, it 
       will make your life easier.  If you decide to get your chances on the
       highway...  well, good luck!
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  **
       Car:   Chevrolet Cobalt SS
       Objective:  Complete the challenge in less than 3.30
       Unlocks:  28/68, 29/68
       This is a relief after the last time challenges we had, because lately we
       have been struggling with the clock.  Don't get me wrong, this time we 
       don't have time to spare, but at least we don't have lots of traffic like
       in the last ones.  Anyway, we have a sweet supercharged vehicle, which 
       can top the speed without losing breath, which is great!
       Cops will begin pursuing you around the second tollbooth, so don't let
       them tailgate you, instead use your nitrous to keep the top speed all the
       time you can.  
       "Cost to state"
       Car:  Chevrolet Cobalt SS 
       Objective:  Cause a 50,000 mess, and then escape the police!
       Unlocks:  30/68
       It's been a long time since the last 'cause-a-mess' challenge.  Causing
       damages for 50,000 isn't that hard, but what's hard is escape after that.
       It seems like the police is improving their skills to catch you, sometimes
       they can even found you when you are hiding, so be careful when you are
       at the hidings.
       The best place to perform this challenge is in town.  Ram everything is in
       sight, try to destroy a couple of police cars with pursuit breakers and
       that will be pretty much all you will have to do.
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  ***
       Car:   Porsche 911 Carrera S
       Objective:  Complete the challenge within 3.00
       Unlocks:  30/68
       Lots of traffic.  Also the police will be after us almost from the 
       beginning, and there's just the time enough to complete the challenge
       without a mistake.  That means a tough challenge.  Get ready.
       The three first tollbooths are crucial.  You need to make an almost
       perfect run between them.  Avoid traffic, and make sure to keep your speed
       up even with the police bothering you.  After you reach the third one, 
       you will have a little more than a minute for the last one.  But don't
       get relaxed, the last one is still far away and probably you will get there
       within just milliseconds if you keep the speed up.
       Difficulty:  ***
       Car:  Porsche 911 Carrera S 
       Objective:  Raise your bounty to 50,000 and then escape the police
       Unlocks:  31/68, 32/68
       Well, for those who still don't understand what 'bounty' means, let me
       explain.  Bounty isn't the same that 'cost', so this challenge is not
       about how much damage you cause, but for how long you escape the police.
       In your getaway you need to destroy several police cars, and that will
       make your bounty raise.  Destroy property won't make your bounty raise,
       only how long your pursuit is and how many police vehicles you destroy.
       Keep in mind that the hard part is not raising the bounty, but getting
       away after that!  
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  ***
       Car:   Aston Martin DB9
       Objective:  Complete the time trial within 3.45
       Unlocks:  33/68, 34/68
       We all agree that the tollbooths trials are starting to get a little
       harder every time, and now we have a nice car with a decent top speed,
       but not a good acceleration, so it may take some time to get to the right
       speed.  Use nitrous when needed, just remember to save a shot for the
       last seconds before getting to the tollbooths.
       And if you don't want to restart this challenge like 10 times, please
       use shortcuts!  They will make your life easier.  Actually the first one
       is just in front of you when starting the race!
       The police will be as usual following you, so be careful because there
       are lots of traffic and that means that we will have crowded streets!
       "Pursuit evasion"
       Difficulty:  ***
       Car:  Aston Martin DB9 
       Objective:  Evade the police pursuit in less than 3 minutes
       Unlocks:  33/68, 34/68
       This challenge has a lot to do with luck.  The police tactics are just
       starting to get insane.  Don't be surprised if you are packed by 20 police
       vehicles, if they have to do it to stop you, they will without hesitate!
       If you don't want to have a headache with this challenge, just stay in
       town and use all the pursuit breakers that you can, eventually you will
       have luck and you will have enough time to hide.  Get into tunnels or 
       alleys, if you have luck, the helicopter won't see you!  
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  **
       Car:   Mazda RX-7
       Objective:  Complete the time trial in less than 3.30
       Unlocks:  35/68
       This tollbooth, unlike the previous ones, won't be that hard.  We have a
       powerful car, the dream of any import tuner, the RX-7.  Don't care about
       the police here, because they just won't be able to keep up with this 
       beauty.  Time will be our first enemy here, because we need to score an
       almost clean race if we don't want to run out of time.
       Traffic won't be massive as before, but there still will be some, so be
       careful because one hit and this car becomes a drift beast, causing you
       to lose precious seconds!
       Difficulty:  **
       Car:  Mazda RX-7  
       Objective:  Dodge 8 roadblocks then evade the police
       Unlocks:  35/68
       I love this car, I really do!  The best way to complete this challenge
       is to stay in the highway, and mess a little with the police.  Once you
       find the first roadblock, stay in the same direction and all the roadblocks
       will appear one after another.  Really easy.
       Getting away with this car is just awesome, you can do it really easy even
       by staying in the highway, so is up to you if you try to escape with speed
       or you try to get into town and use pursuit breakers.  Either way you won't
       have much trouble, because police is not going to get you unless you let
       them do it!
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  ****
       Car:  Lamborghini Murcielago
       Objective:  Complete the time trial in less than 3.35
       Unlocks:  36/68, 37/68
       Ok, I had to rewrite the walkthrough for this tollbooth.  First of all,
       this car sucks.  No offence to all Lamborghini enthusiasts out there, but
       the handling of this car IN-GAME (please note that) is just ridiculous.
       It will take more time than you think get used to this car, so probably
       you'll just have to restart the first two times you race this challenge.
       To complete the first two tollbooths you need to race an almost perfect
       race, I've been saying that for a while now, and this time won't change.
       Now, the hard part comes when you approach the stadium area.  You  need
       to use your SpeedBreaker if you want to pass through those pillars without
       crashing, or take your chances of not using it, is all up to you.  
       Police will start bothering you at that area, so avoid them, because
       there's a little equation for that:   police + traffic = crowded streets.
       "Trade paint"
       Difficulty:  ***
       Car:  Lamborghini Murcielago
       Objective:  Tag at least 12 police vehicles then escape!
       Unlocks:  38/68, 39/68
       First thing you will notice is that there are like 20 police cars behind
       you.  You can slow down a little and have a little fun with them, or you
       can do it the hard way.  Twelve cars...  and as soon as you complete that
       number, do whatever you need to escape them.  By now you should have your
       very own technique for that, so use it!
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  ****
       Car:  Porsche 911 GT2
       Objective:  Complete the time trial in less than 3.35
       Unlocks:  38/68, 39/68
       If you thought that this car would make this challenge easier, you're 
       totally wrong.  I can't believe that those police cars can keep the 
       300+ km/h pursuit...  Anyway, we're not discussing that here.
       I need to state that "a perfect race" will become the rule on the
       tollbooths from now on.  The time marks are so tight that there's little
       room for mistakes now.
       Once you get to the first tollbooth, be aware that the next two are just
       a few seconds ahead, so avoid the oncoming traffic and the police (they
       will be a pain in the ass), and hopefully you will manage to get to them
       all without much trouble.  The others tollbooths are more easier than
       this three first tollbooths.
       Difficulty:  ****
       Car:  Porsche 911 GT2
       Objective:  Get at least 6 infractions, then evade the police.
       Unlocks:  40/68
       Ok, first things first.  If you don't know how to perform certain 
       infractions, or just don't know at all what an infraction means, head 
       back to the "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)", where you will found all
       the infractions 'available' in this game, and of course, how to perform
       them all.  
       After you read that, head back to this challenge and do whatever you want,
       then as soon as you get the 6 infractions, the easy part:  escape the
       police.  Use your technique for that, ok?  Alright!
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  ****
       Car:  Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
       Objective:  Complete the time trial in less than 2.40
       Unlocks:  40/68
       There's just one little warning about this challenge:  massive traffic!
       I don't know if there wasn't a better way of programming challenges than
       just load lots of cars and rubber-band AI police cars, but I must say that 
       EA has a lot of work to do with this.
       Anyway, we need to apply our 'perfect race' rule here again.  Traffic is
       going to be crucial here.  If you want to succeed, you need to avoid 
       crashing, whatever it takes!  Crashing will mean in most of the cases in
       restarting the race, so you are warned!
       The police is going to be ready to stop you.  If you are lucky (and I
       mean really lucky) the police won't show up in the whole challenge, but
       chances are that they will, so be ready, because they are not here to bust
       you, just to make you lose precious seconds.  Use nitrous wisely, it will
       be very important when we're running out on time, or we need to get away
       from the police.
       One last thing, I know many people believe that this challenges deserves
       a 5 star difficulty level, but hey, there are more difficult challenges
       ahead, so stop complaining!
       "Pursuit length"
       Difficulty:  ***
       Car:  Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
       Objective:  Last at least 10 minutes in pursuit, then evade the police!
       Unlocks:  41/68, 42/68
       This is more like an endurance race than a pursuit.  Get comfortable and
       relax, this is going to take some time.  
       My advice, if you want to take it, is to get on the highways, and drive
       around for 10 minutes, just watch around for roadblocks and nailstrips,
       and eventually avoid the SUVs coming in the opposite direction.  When you
       complete the challenge, get into town and use PursuitBreakers or just 
       hide away from the police.  That will be the easy part.
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  ***
       Car:  Pizza delivery vehicle
       Objective:  Deliver the pizza in less than 4.33
       Unlocks:  43/68, 44/68
       Did I miss something?  When did I became the pizza delivery boy in my way
       of becoming the biggest street racer ever?  That was sarcasm, but I'm just
       thinking that someone at EA ran out of ideas when doing this game...
       Anyway, this car sucks.  The handling is just a mess, and try not to hit
       any walls, because this car will stick to them like glue.  Nitrous is 
       almost useless, because it lasts like 2 seconds and isn't that powerful
       at all.  With all that said, it still won't be that hard like the previous
       time trials we had.  Just remember, no one likes to have a cold lunch, so
       you better be quick and deliver that pizza before it gets cold!
       Difficulty:  ***
       Car:  Pickup truck
       Objective:  Dodge 6 roadblocks and then evade the pursuit.
       Unlocks:  43/68, 44/68
       Now a pickup truck...  well, it isn't as bad as it seems.  Why?  Because
       that truck is way more heavier than the cars we are used to drive in this
       game, meaning that it will have not much trouble dodging the roadblocks.
       Yeah, you heard well, flip a police cars was never easy as now, so enjoy
       that because it's payback time!  :P
       The hard part comes when you need to escape, because this isn't a fast
       vehicle, meaning that we'll need to use a lot of PursuitBreakers and 
       hiding spots.  I'm sure you will manage to get out of this without any
       "Tollbooth time trial"
       Difficulty:  ***
       Car:  Minivan
       Objective:  Beat the 4.30 record posted by a blacklist member
       Unlocks:  45/68
       The list of funny challenges increases.  Now we have a nitrous powered
       minivan and a difficult time mark to beat.
       But funny doesn't mean easy, and you will notice that very soon.  The time
       mark is really tight, and surprisingly enough, we need to use our famous
       'perfect race' rule here.  Never though I would use that in these
       challenges, but is true.  Nitrous will be very important, so use it wisely
       to keep the top speed all the time you can.  Avoid the oncoming traffic,
       and most important, keep the police away, they will just bother you to 
       lose speed.  If you can, use SpeedBreakers on the way.  
       "Spike strip"
       Difficulty:  ***
       Car:  Police cruiser
       Objective:  Dodge 6 spike strips using a police cruiser, then evade!
       Unlocks:  45/68
       Ever wanted to switch sides and be a cop?  This is your chance.  I can't
       complain about this challenge, actually I liked it a lot.  Those police
       cruisers are really fast!
       But besides the fact that we are driving a police vehicle, the challenge
       is like any other spike strip challenge we've done before, so it won't be
       that hard.  Remember to avoid step into one of those strips or your car
       will be useless.  Complete 6 and then you need to escape.  Easy...
       I'm updating this section with more challenges on the next update, but
       for now I'm focusing on the Career section!
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       CAREER MODE                                                           [8.0]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Finally EA has done a great job with Career mode.  I must admit that at
       first I was expecting just a cheap Career like NFS:U or even NFS:U2, when
       they just gave us a lot of comic-style based cinematics...
       But as I said, this time they have finally gave us a much better and
       enjoyable Career mode.  Probably my only complain is that we never have
       the chance to "influence" in the story, but hey, this is not RPG!
       Ok, before starting there are a few things you need to know, and that will
       be very useful.  Knowing how to use them will make your going through the
       game a lot easier.  If you already played the challenge mode you will be
       pretty much used to them, but if you picked the Career right from the
       beginning, you need to know what you are dealing with.
       This section will take a little time to develop, because in order to have
       a well-explained Career section I need to play a lot with the game, and
       then post here my findings.  People already sending me info on their
       careers have gave me a lot of useful hints and tips, which is why I need
       to explain certain things before starting our "payback" trip through the
       blacklist members.
       Let's start with the basics on the Career mode then...
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       SAFEHOUSES                                                            [8.1]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       You will always have a safehouse near you in any part of the city.  At the
       beginning you will have only one, but after you start unlocking other
       parts of the city, you will have more safehouses, because it would be
       pointless to drive through the entire city just to get to your safehouse.
       At safehouses you can do almost anything.  Actually, you could finish the
       career mode almost without using the free roam feature and just engaging
       the races directly from your safehouse.  And I say 'almost' because you 
       probably would need to leave your safehouse to get a new car in a car lot
       or get parts for your ride at any shop.
       Here's what you can do at your safehouse (basically is a menu):
          Gets you back to your map and you are free to explore
       -  BLACKLIST 15
          Takes you to your current rival, and shows you what you need to do
          before you can race him (keep reading for more info)
       -  CAR SELECT
          When you have more than one car, you can switch between them by
          entering this section..
       -  RAP SHEET
          You're not only a street racer, but you are a hacker that can
          infiltrate Rockport's Police Database!  (keep reading for more info)
       -  SAVE
          If you don't have the Autosave feature activated, you should use this
          option to save your game.  
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       RAP SHEET                                                           [8.1.1]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Eventually you will have access to the Police Database, through a little
       device that somebody will give you in Career mode (I just want to avoid
       spoilers for those that still haven't played the game!). At this database 
       you will have access to your personal file on the police records.
       When you use it you will see how it "hacks" into the database.  You can 
       skip that by pressing A by the way.  After that you enter to the screen
       where you can keep a track of your actions.
       I'm not good at ASCII works, but I will try to give you all an idea on how
       it looks and what you can get from this database.
      (Data in this chart is all made up, it will vary on your profile)
        Name:  Monna                           Bounty:           631,500        
        Cost to State:  614,025                Fines Due:         19,450        
        Cars impounded:       0                Pursuits evaded:       21        
        Cars monitored:       3                Busted:                 1        
        MAIN MENU                                                               
        []  SUMMARY                                                             
        []  VEHICLE DATABASE                                                    
        []  INFRACTIONS                                                         
        []  COST TO STATE                                                       
        []  TOP 5 PURSUITS                                                      
        []  RANKING                                                             
       Here's a brief explanation of this options:
       []  SUMMARY
           This is where most important info is compilated.  Things like how many
           police cars you have immobilized, or damaged.
           Cops aren't that dumb at all, they keep a close track of your actions,
           and they know every detail about all your cars.  Even those that they
           only suspect you to drive appear here.
       []  INFRACTIONS
           Every single infractions you have done is registered here.  If someday
           you get busted, you will have to pay for all the infractions listed
       []  COST TO STATE
           Pursuing you isn't free.  All the mess you cause has a price, and it
           is all here.
       []  TOP 5 PURSUITS
           Your best five pursuits are here.  No, there are no videos, but you
           have info like the length, and the bounty for those five best pursuits.
       []  RANKING
           Your best efforts are compared to the other members of the blacklist,
           and you can even cycle through certain periods by pressing Y.
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       SHOPS                                                                 [8.2]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       There are just two kind of shops spread around the city:  The car lot, and
       the parts shop.
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       PARTS SHOP                                                          [8.2.1]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       This shops are located in the map with the yellow shop icon.  In this
       shops you can purchase visual upgrades and performance parts for your
       ride.  Just like in NFS:U2.
       The new stuff is the way you purchase the items.  Now it seems like you
       were buying in any online store.  There is a "cart" where you can place
       your items and keep shopping, and when you are ready you have to pay for
       everything that you placed on the cart.
       Also, during the game you will be rewarded with special performance items
       or visual upgrades.  To claim those rewards you need to enter any shop,
       and once in there you need to press Y, and you will be then in the shop's
       "backdoor".  You will have many items to choose from, and again you will
       have to add those items to your cart (in case you have more than one
       reward awaiting).  When you are ready you will see the cart and the items,
       the difference is that the price for the parts you picked will be $0.00!
       Here's an example on how the shopping cart looks after you have everything 
       you need:
        Items                                            Trade in     Price     
        X    Custom Gauges:  Apex                                       500     
       (Heat level)          Cost of items                             500     
                             Trade in total                              0     
                             Subtotal                                  500     
                              Player cash remaining                  85,300     
       [B]  Back      [A]  Checkout         [X]  Remove         [Y]  Clear all
       If you want to remove an item, scroll down and select it, and then push
       X.  If you want to clear all, press Y.
       When you are ready to buy those items, press A and you will be billed.  
       The list of parts was moved to the end of the guide, because it was too
       big to fit into this sub-section!  Scroll down to the end of the guide to
       see it!
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       CAR LOT                                                             [8.2.2]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       This is the place to come when you need a new ride, or when you just want
       to spend your money in a brand new vehicle.
       To find a car lot look for a blue icon on your map.  Now, if what you want
       is to sell your car, you can do it at your safehouse.  Just press Y, and
       you will see how much the game will pay you for your car.  
       I must say that it is not a good idea to sell a car if what you are 
       looking for is get a new one, because you will get a very low price for
       your current ride.  The only case I recommend selling a car is when you
       win a pink slip, because you didn't spent anything on that car and no 
       matter how much the game pays you for the car.
       And before starting right away with Career, let me just give you some few
       useful hints and tips!
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       SMS AND COMMUNICATIONS                                              [8.3.1]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Just like in the previous NFS, we will be in touch with other racers via
       our communication systems.
       Our inbox will look something like this:
       Mail Boxes >                             [ VOICE ]         [ TEXT ]      
          Message 1                                                             
          Message 2                                                             
          Message 3                                                             
             [B]  Done              [A]  Read               [Y]  Delete
       To access this inbox during free roam press right on your D-Pad.  When you
       have a new SMS or Voice message incoming (usually after a race), the screen
       will automatically pop up and you will then be able to read or listen to
       your messages.
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       PURSUIT BREAKERS                                                    [8.3.2]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Pursuit breakers are like police-traps spread around the map.  You will
       recognize them because of an orange-icon next to a building, a tower, or
       any structure that can be smashed with your car.  When you activate them, 
       the structure will go down, and hopefully it will keep cops busy and you 
       will have a little time to escape before they get behind you again.
       Now, in order to get them work, you need to have a correct timing when
       activating them.  This means that you need to calculate the time so that
       when the structure gets down, the police cars will be in the right place
       and receive all the damage.
       A good hint is to have the cops on your tail, not at your side when 
       activating them.  If you did right, the cop cars in the map will turn into
       white, meaning that the car is no longer capable of keep in pursuit.
       Sometimes the structures won't fall on the police cars, but still will do
       a great job blocking the street, forcing the cops to stop.  
       Here's an e-mail I got from Foxphoenix, he kindly wrote for us some hints
       to take full advantage of pursuit breakers, spike strips, etc...
       "Hello. I'm Foxphoenix. I don't know if someone already sent you these so 
        here they are.
        About spike strips.
        The general rule for roadblocks is to do a speedbreaker. Cops level 4 
        and above use spike strips to stop you. Falling in one is basically an 
        automatic busting. How to avoid them? Here's two things. Fist, on the 
        radio, the cop will announce the strips and where they are. To the left 
        or right. If you didn't hear it, the other way is to notice if the next 
        roadblock has big empty spaces. Those spaces are where the spikes are. 
        Don't go there. Simply ram the car. Sometimes you will fully stop but it 
        is better than falling on the spikes. In very rare ocassions, you will 
        see PCs protected by spike strips. So when you try to ram the car, you 
        will fall in the strips. Clear these by going to the side of the road, 
        almost touching the wall. I have seen at least one of these situations 
        in my game and I just beat career mode so these are extremely rare.
        How to completely disable a PC* in one hit.
        Normally, PC's take several hits before being disabled. There's two ways 
        to do this in one hit. The first is the already known pursuit breakers. 
        These will disable any PC's behind you and sometimes those next to you. 
        But the other, less known way to do it is with your own car. If you have a 
        car with powerful acceleration and top speed, you can ram PCs from their 
        side. This will flip them and render them useless. You can do this even 
        against level 5 Corvettes but I don't recommend trying it on SUVs.
        PC = Police Car "
        Pretty nice huh?  Thanks again to FoxPhoenix for that!  =p
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       SPEED BREAKERS                                                      [8.3.3]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Have you ever played Max Payne games?  Remember the "Bullet time" feature
       that slow down the time around you and let you do things not humanly
       possible?  Well, we don't have "Bullet time" on this game, but we have
       "Speed breakers", that works exactly the same way, slowing down the time
       around you and letting you escape from certain situations when you need to
       do complicated maneuvers in almost no time.
       How to activate the SpeedBreaker?  Pressing X will activate it, and you
       will see then a bar in the lower part of the screen that will show you how
       much time you have left.  If you have your SpeedBreaker bar totally full,
       when you activate it will last just a few seconds, so use it wisely.
       Where is the SpeedBreaker located when not activated?  It is attached to
       your gauges.  Is an orange bar and it will recharge automatically after you
       used it.  Remember that it takes a lot more time to recharge, so don't go
       around wasting it.
       When to use it then?  My favorite situation to use SpeedBreakers is when 
       I need to pass road blocks.  They are perfect for that situation, because
       road blocks will always have a small "hole", and with this feature we can
       get almost perfectly into those spaces without losing speed.
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       WALKTHROUGH                                                           [8.4]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Ok, finally after all the info we covered before, I believe we are ready 
       to start with our Career!
       When you start with your new file, you will see the cinematics start, and
       is not just another intro, because you will have to play several races in
       that intro before entering the Career itself.
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       INTRO                                                               [8.4.1]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       *  SIX DAYS AGO...
       The story starts showing you what happened six days ago.  You're the new
       kid on town and as you can see, there will be tough competition here.  
       There's this cute girl on her Mazda RX-8, and of course, you can't resist
       and you follow her.  But suddenly you get blocked by a police car, and the 
       girl disappear!  
       Here you will be introduced to Sergeant Cross, a tough, black police
       officer, who seems tired of chasing street racers.  You are about to get
       busted, but then her assistant gets a call on her radio, meaning they have
       to let you escape!
       But before they leave, Sgt. Cross messes with your paintjob!  Bastard!
       *  FOUR DAYS AGO...
       Two days later you are in your ride, and then this guy in a yellow Supra
       shows up.  His name is Ronnie McCrea, and he acts more like a clown than a
       street racer, but still he wants to race you, so here's our first race...
       RACE # 1
       Reward:  $10,000
       Difficulty:  *
       This is the first race you have on career, and yes, is extremely easy.  
       And if in top of that we add that we are racing our BMW M3 GTR, well, 
       things are truly going our way here!  Not a lot to explain here...
       When you finally beat him, the story continues and you are slowly getting
       into more trouble.  McCrea failed, and there's this guy that is not happy
       at all with that.  Meet Razor Callahan, the guy that started it all.  For
       some reason he believes nobody can mess with him, and you certainly are
       messing with him.
       Then, you see her again.  Her name is Mia Townsend, the girl we saw two 
       days ago in the RX-8.  She's obviously impressed with you and she doesn't
       care to argue with Razor.  After a lot of words from one side to another,
       Razor decides that you are not ready to race him, so you will race with
       this other guy called Toru Sato.  He's driving a black Mercedes...
       RACE # 2
       Reward:  $10,000
       Difficulty:  *
       Again we face another piece-of-cake race.  Avoid traffic and keep the gas
       all the way, and the Mercedes won't be able to keep up with you.
       *  TWO DAYS AGO...
       Ok, your reputation is somehow starting to grow, and this guy driving his
       red GTO calls you.  He doesn't tells you his name or anything, all he says
       is that you are going to race against him and another guys.
       RACE # 3
       Circuit  (2 laps)
       Reward:  10,000
       Difficulty:  **
       This time we have to work a little harder to win this race, but luckily 
       not too hard!  At the beginning you will have this guys around you, but
       as the race continues they will start to lose speed.  Complete the two
       laps and you are done.
       After the race, you meet Razor again.  Enjoy.
       *  PRESENT DAY
       The big day has come.  You are about to pink slip against Razor.  He is
       in his black Mustang GT and you are in your usual BMW M3 GTR.  Mia asks
       him for his pink slip, and then asks yours.  Razor promises to take your
       car, and your girl (which we don't know yet).  
       RACE # 4
       Reward:  -
       Difficulty:  **
       The race begins and everything seems fine.  After a while, when you reach
       around 73% of the race, Mia will call you, telling you that there's a 
       problem with your car, and you need to finish quickly.
       when the race reaches 80%, your car stops.  There's nothing you can do...
       Again we face Sergeant Cross, and her assistant too.  You just lost your
       ride and your girl, you got to see her with Razor after he beats you, but
       to be honest, she's not as hot as Mia =p
       Sgt. Cross arrests you, and you're on your way to jail.
       Mia is coming to pick you at jail.  You are free again, but you have no 
       car, you have no girl, and have no place where to stay.  Life sucks.
       But Mia is a nice girl and she calls a friend to get you a safehouse 
       where you can stay, and to plan your payback against Razor.  She explains
       you that to get your ride back you need to earn reputation and beat all
       the members of the so-called "Blacklist".  They are 15.
       Welcome to the car lot!  If you played "Need for Speed:  Underground 2"
       you will get an additional $10,000 in your account.
       *  YOUR FIRST CAR
       Before starting our payback, we need to pick a new ride.  You will have
       already $30,000 for the previous races that we did.  If you got the NFS:U2
       bonus, you will have $40,000.
       There are only 4 vehicles available to start your career:
       -  LEXUS IS 300     ($27,000)
       -  FIAT PUNTO       ($27,000)
       -  COBALT SS        ($26,000)
       -  GOLF GTI         ($35,000)
       After you picked your car, you will get your first SMS, it's from Mia of
        From:  Mia
        Subject:  I'll meet you there
           Hey, it's me.                                                        
           Check out your map.  Head up to the location I told you about.       
            I'll meet you there.                                                 
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       BLACKLIST MEMBERS                                                   [8.4.2]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Welcome to your safehouse!
       After you got your first car, you followed the location Mia told you about,
       and it lead you here.  This will be your first safehouse.  
       If you need info about what to do here, look for the "Safehouse" section
       above in this guide.  
       Mia shows you the chart with all the blacklist members, and in the top of
       the list is Razor, but before you can take revenge, you need to beat other
       14 blacklist members.  
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       BLACKLIST MEMBER 15:  HO SEUN (SONNY)                             []
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Name:  Ho Seun
       Alias:  Sonny
       Ride:  VW Golf GTI
       Strength:  Circuit races
       Bio -------
         This here is Sonny.  
         He's dumped a whole lot of cash into his car. That ride is worked, 
         so don't be fooled, it's a rocket.
         He does anything he can to get a hold of parts before they hit
          the streets.
       In order to challenge him, you need to complete the following:
       Target ---------------------
         Race Wins:         3     
         Milestones:        3     
         Bounty:       20,000     
       You can complete the races or the milestones in the order you want, no
       matter which did you take first.  I'm going to make them in the order they
       appear in the game, but you are free to race them when you want.  Also,
       please note that when the game asks you a target number of races or
       milestones, you can choose to race the ones you like the most, instead of
       racing them all.  This time we don't have that chance, because there are
       only three races available, but as we advance we'll find more choices and
       it will make easier to skip those race events we don't want.
       Race events --------------
         Available:  3
         Target:     3
       RACE # 1
       Circuit (Ironwood Estates, 2 laps)
       Reward:  $1,500
       Difficulty:   *
       If you already bought some engine upgrade, this will be an easy race.  If
       you don't, it still we an easy race.  The other cars will be bothering you
       at the beginning, but during the first lap they will fall behind.  Not a 
       lot to explain here.  Not a lot of traffic, and certainly no police around,
       so enjoy the first race!  
       After you finish the race, you will receive a message from Rog.  Remember 
       that guy on the red GTO?  Well, he's Rog.
        From:  Rog
        Subject:  Working your way up the Blacklist
           Get to the top of the Blacklist & take Razor down.  The Blacklist
           is reached from your Safe house & your in-game engage system.
            It keeps track of your progress & what's needed to challenge a
            rival.  How?
            RACES - 2 ways:  enter by driving to the flag icons on the map
            and use the engage mechanic OR bring up the Blacklist, enter the
            Races page & select a race.  Either way, you're good to go.
            MILESTONES - Each Blacklist rival will make you prove you can
            handle the heat before they race you.  View the milestones by
            bringing up the Blacklist & entering the Milestone page.
            BOUNTY - Your bounty level indicates how wanted you are by the
            police, and affects your notoriety with Blacklist members.  It
            increases by completing milestones, for every second you are in a
            pursuit - higher heat levels increase it more quickly - and if you   
            happen to immobilize any police vehicles during a pursuit.  Your     
            bounty only increases if you get away from the police.  You can      
            start a pursuit by accessing the Bounty page on the Blacklist.       
       Good advice, isn't it?  Let's head to the next race.  Remember, you can
       use your world map to access them, or through your safehouse.  Either way
       is ok.
       RACE # 2
       Sprint (Diamond & Union)
       Reward:  $1,500
       Difficulty:  *
       This is a short race.  And there's going to be police, so be ready,
       although is not really hard since they will just ram your car, because
       of the heat levels being low at this time.
       After you end the race, get ready to escape from them, because this isn't
       Grand Theft Auto and you don't lose the wanted level after the race 
       RACE # 3
       Lap Knockout (Hickley Field)
       Reward:  $1,500
       Difficulty:  *
       If you don't want to be bothered by the other racers, you should have all
       the available performance upgrades already installed on your car.  This
       way this race will be a walk in the park.  If don't, probably you won't
       have much trouble, but it won't be as easy.
       Three laps, four opponents.  Remember that in the K.O. races you need to
       avoid finishing laps in last place, or you will be knocked out, and this
       meaning you will have to re-race the same race again.
       No police, just minimum traffic, so don't fool around and this will be
       a piece-of-cake race!
       Milestones --------------
         Available:  4
         Target:     3
       The milestones are like specific challenges that you need to accomplish in
       order to raise your bounty level, and of course, your reputation, so you 
       can race against the blacklist members.  Please note that the milestones
       can be accessed through the safehouse, or during the free roam.  Also, when
       you finish a race and you have the police attention, no matter if the
       race already finished, you still have to escape police.  So, this means
       that you can accomplish the milestones along with the races, nice huh?
       There are 4 milestones available, and you are required to complete at 
       least 3.  This means that you can leave one without completion and you
       can still challenge the blacklist member.  I'll cover all the milestones,
       but you can select only the ones you want, and once you can challenge a
       blacklist member, I recommend you to do so.  
       And also please note that you can accomplish all 4 milestones in the same
       "race" (it's not exactly a race, but we'll call it that way).  Sometimes
       while you are trying to complete a milestone you will be already doing
       some other that is in the list, so don't be surprised!
       MILESTONE # 1
       "Trade paint"
       Objective:  Tag at least 2 police cars and evade the police
       Bounty:  5,000
       Difficulty:  *
       At the beginning there will be only one cop following you.  You need to
       ram his car and keep messing around to make more cops coming for you.
       Once you 'tagged' two police cars, you need to escape.  Stay in town 
       so you can escape easily.  Use shortcuts or pursuit breakers to lose
       police.  Once the "Cooldown" bar appears, just use a hiding spot, or
       stay away from the sight of police, and the bar will fill up quickly.
        From:  Mia
        Subject:  Basic rules for evading the police.
           The Rockport police are always looking for street racers.  Here's
           some advice:
            DISTANCE - to escape, get some distance between you & the
            police.  Until you're out of their sight, you can't get away.  Take a
            route where you can make some quick moves & use traffic to
            your advantage to lose the police.  Don't assume you can outrun
            them on the highways.
            HIDING - once you're out of sight, the police will be looking for
            you.  Find a hiding spot or watch your radar & stay away from the
            police for a while.  Hiding spots appear as blue circles on your
            PURSUIT BREAKERS - if the police are hot on your tail, look for
            the pursuit breakers that can quickly lose the police.  Pursuit
            breakers appear as triangles on your minimap.
            BACKUP - whenever the cops following you are getting low on
            numbers, they'll call for backup.  Make sure you get out of sight    
            before the backup arrives or you'll have more police to deal with.   
            You can see the backup timer on the pursuit bar                      
       MILESTONE # 2
       "Pursuit evasion"
       Objective:  Evade the pursuit in less than 4 minutes
       Bounty:  5,000
       Difficulty:  *
       A really easy milestone.  You need to do this when there's only one or
       two cops following you.  Better yet if you are in town, this way you can
       take advantage of traffic and corners, you know, use the city to your
       advantage.  Just get out of their sight and if you can, hide!  Note that
       the "Cooldown" bar (the blue bar that appears when you are in hide mode)
       will fill up really quick, so just stay away from their sight enough time
       and you will be done!
       MILESTONE # 3
       "Pursuit time challenge"
       Objective:  Last at least 2 minutes in pursuit, and then evade!
       Bounty:  5,000
       Difficulty:  *
       Another easy milestone.  Fool around during 2 minutes with the police
       behind you.  Just avoid being busted, and don't forget that you need to
       stay in pursuit to complete the milestone.  If you escape before the time
       is complete, you will fail the milestone.  Once you finish the 2 minutes
       mark, the milestone will be complete, but you still will need to escape
       the police.  We have done that before, so I don't need to explain again.
        From:  Rog
        Subject:  The regs for racing the Blacklist members.
           Listen closely 'cause I'm only goin' over this once.
            Whenever you go up against a ranked racer, the pink slips go up
            for grabs.  Now if you win, you get to choose 2 markers.  Those
            markers represent anything from parts to favors to get you
            outta trouble with the cops.  Included somewhere in those
            markers is the pink slip.  You just gotta get lucky and pick the 
            right one.                                                           
            Simple, right?  We'll see.                                           
       MILESTONE # 4
       "Photo ticket"
       Objective:  Get clocked at over 130 km/h to complete the challenge
       Bounty:  4,000
       Difficulty:  *
       Probably the easiest milestone of this blacklist member.  Just push the
       gas all the way down, and drive to the camera icon on the minimap.  When
       you get there, you will be photographed by a hidden camera.  If you are
       at the right speed, your speed will be clocked, and you will complete the
       milestone.  If you are not at the right speed, you will get a "Too slow!"
       message, meaning that you need to get to that point at a higher speed.
        From:  Rog
        Subject:  Sonny's lookin' for a run.
           Hey man, that chump Sonny is lookin' for a run.  He's still pretty
           fresh on the Blacklist, so now's your chance.                        
            Don't blow it.                                                       
       And now we are ready to challenge our first blacklist member.  If you
       haven't completed the bounty requirement for that blacklist member, but
       already finished all the races and milestones, use the "Bounty" option in
       the safehouse to raise your bounty and get access to the blacklist member.
       When you are ready, return to your safehouse and the game will ask you to
       press X if you want to challenge the blacklist member.  If you still want
       to do something else before challenging the blacklist member, you can skip
       that and navigate through the menu.  
       When you press X, you will see the challenges the blacklist member has
       for you, usually more races.  But we'll call them challenges, since the
       game already call them that way, but we know that are races.  Keep in mind
       that you can not choose the order you will race them, you just will be
       taken into them, so just get ready.
       Circuit (Campus way)
       Difficulty:  **  
       Remember "Need for Speed:  Underground"?  Well, this race will make you
       feel like those days are back again.  The AI (artificial intelligence) 
       will use a cheap catch-up and the traffic will be there to stop you if you 
       are driving too good.  No matter if you have all the upgrades on your
       vehicle, that GTi is going to catch you even if it crashes and stumbles
       all around.  Really cheap.
       Anyway, if you need to restart this race, don't hesitate to do it, it will
       be very usual when challenging blacklist members.   
       Two laps, just cross your fingers to get some luck and hopefully you won't
       have a lot of trouble with this race.
       Circuit (Highlands)
       Reward:  $5,000
       Difficulty:  **
       Same warning:  cheap AI.  Avoid crashing with the oncoming traffic, or 
       hitting the walls.  Try to keep your speed all the way up.  And still 
       that GTi is going to catch you...
       You need to use your skills to stop that guy.  If that doesn't work, then
       play dirty, simply as that.  Try to make him crash the traffic, or look 
       at your rear-view mirror, and use your car to stop him when he's coming.
       Two laps, and you need to pay special attention to the second, where is
       when he's going to use his catch-up skills.  
       Congratulations, you have defeated Sonny!  The first blacklist member is
       out now.  You need to choose two markers from this rival.  If you want the
       pink slip, use your two markers on the "?" signs, and if you are lucky, 
       you will get his car.  Otherwise, just pick whatever you want.
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       BLACKLIST MEMBER 14:  VINCE KILIC (TAZ)                           []
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Name:  Vince Kilic
       Alias:  Taz
       Ride:  Lexus IS300
       Strength:  Sprint races
       Bio -------
         This crazy fool is a major heat score.  Blacklist  
         gave him the name "Taz".  He hates cops and
         they hate him.  Watch yourself around this
         guy.  He prowls the streets of Rosewood
          looking for newbies
       In order to challenge him, you need to complete the following:
       Target ---------------------
         Race Wins:         4     
         Milestones:        3     
         Bounty:       50,000     
        From:  Rog
        Subject:  New cars and parts.
           Now that you've beat Sonny, the local shops are gonna help you
           out with parts and upgrades to your ride.  There'll be new cars to
            buy too, if you're interested.
            Remember to choose smart 'cause cash ain't always easy to
            earn.  Plan out which cars you want and what upgrades you're
            gonna make.  Don't assume you can buy everything or that drivin'     
            a stock car will get you to the top.                                 
        From:  Rog
        Subject:  Taz put out the challenge.
           Taz just sent me a list of the races and milestones that you need
           to beat to get a shot at his Blacklist position.
            Taz isn't new to this game so you're gonna have to prove you're
            ready to race him by winning races, beating the milestone            
            challenges and racking up more bounty with the police.               
       Before starting with this blacklist member, you already heard that there 
       are new parts and stuff for you to check out in the stores, so if you want
       to check out what's new, this is the time.  Get back to your safehouse 
       when you are ready.  Remember that the bounty you already raised with the
       last blacklist member isn't erased with every new blacklist member, so
       this is a relief.  
       Race events --------------
         Available:  6
         Target:     4
       As I said before, as we advance through the blacklist members, there will
       be more races available, meaning that you will no longer have to race all
       of the races to challenge the blacklist member.  You can choose 4 of the
       next races, pick the easiest ones for you.  
       RACE # 1
       Circuit (Petersburg, 3 laps)
       Reward:  $2,000
       Difficulty:   **
       I must admit it, I don't like circuits.  So that's why I'm always
       complaining about them.  If you already bought all the parts available
       for your ride, you should have no problem, specially now that nitrous
       is available.
       The other cars sometimes will catch you up, but is easy to get away
       from them though.  Use the shortcuts that you can see on your minimap,
       some of them will save you some big seconds.
        From:  Rog
        Subject:  If you need parts...
           Yo, it's Rog.
            If you need any parts or think you got enough for a new ride,
            head over to one of the shops.  I told them you're a friend, so they
            should be cool.                                                      
            They're on your map.  Check it out.                                  
       RACE # 2
       Sprint (Highway 99 & State)
       Reward:  $2,000
       Difficulty:  *
       An easy race.  The other three cars maybe will bother you at the beginning,
       but once the race is on its second half you will have enough room to keep
       the gas all the way down, and they will have a lot of trouble to keep up
       with you.  Use shortcuts, since the AI controlled cars seems to don't like
       them, and you can use that to your advantage.
        From:  Rog
        Subject:  Pursuit breakers
           When you're being chased by the 5-0, take a look at your map,
            you'll see a bunch of icons.  These are structures you can use to
            shake the cops off your back.  You just smash into them - instant
            Pursuit Breaker moment.  If the cops aren't damaged, they'll
            probably stop to provide assistance.                                 
            Trust me, they work.                                                 
       RACE # 3
       Sprint (Clubhouse & Hollis)
       Reward:  $2,000
       Difficulty:  *
       Another easy one.  Three opponents, and the police.  There's not much to
       worry about here.  Probably the things will get a little messy when the 
       cops shows up, but just avoid being packed by them, and of course, none
       of your opponents takes advantage of it, and you are done.
       RACE # 4
       Lap Knockout (Rosewood College, 3 laps)
       Reward:  $2,000
       Difficulty:  *
       Just remember to never finish a lap in last place and you won't have any
       trouble with this.  Also there won't be any cops around, so it makes this
       race even easier.  No need for long explanations here.
       RACE # 5
       Tollbooth (Skyview & Campus)
       Reward:  $2,000
       Difficulty:  *
       If you haven't played the challenge series, and this is the first time you
       try to race a tollbooth race, you better watch the tutorial.  
       Other than that, this will be really easy.  Three tollbooths and time to 
       spare, also the highway will be nearly empty, so no annoying traffic to
       avoid :P
       RACE # 6
       Circuit (Heritage Heights, 2 laps)
       Reward:  $2,000
       Difficulty:  *
       Each lap should take around 2 minutes or less, so we're talking about a
       short circuit.  The opponents are small time, so don't waste your time on
       them, drive like if you were alone, they will barely bother you.  
       No police, but just a little traffic, probably a crash or two, but nothing
       to worry about.  Another easy 2,000 bucks!
       And that's it, now you just have to complete the milestones and you are
       ready for another challenge!
       Milestones --------------
         Available:  5
         Target:     3
       MILESTONE # 1
       Objective:  Raise your bounty to 1,000 and then escape the police
       Bounty:  6,000
       Difficulty:  *
       Play with the police a little.  Use a couple of PursuitBreakers, ram
       them, whatever it takes to raise your bounty.  Once you reach the 1,000
       mark, escape.  Really easy.
       MILESTONE # 2
       "Cost to state"
       Objective:  Cause $15,000 in damage and then escape the police.
       Bounty:  6,000
       Difficulty:  *
       Destroy everything at sight.  Use PursuitBreakers and destroy police
       vehicles.  That way you will raise the damage counter really quick, and
       once you reach the $15,000 escape.
        From:  Mia
        Subject:  About Razor...
           Hey, what's up?  It's Mia.
            Looks like Razor's keepin' tabs on you.  I guess he never figured
            he'd see you again.
            I like the idea that he'll be lookin' over his shoulder from now on.
            Keep layin' it down out there.
            I'll call later.                                                     
       MILESTONE # 3
       "Infractions challenge"
       Objective:  Evade the police with at least 3 infractions  
       Bounty:  6,000
       Difficulty:  *
       Just drive around and do whatever you want.  Three infractions is an easy
       target.  Check the FAQ section if you don't know what to do or how to 
       perform certain infraction.  After that, escape!
        From:  Rog
        Subject:  Some info you might need.
           Nice Run.   
            Alright, here's the deal. Razor's left the borough. He's racin' in
            Rockport. To get him, you've gotta go through the ranks of
            the Blacklist and clean out each area. There's three areas known
            as boroughs. This here is Rosewood. Camden Beach is on the
            coast and Rockport is right after it.
            Unless you have enough rep', you can't get into the next level of
            racin'. To do that, you've got to win. There's no second place
            here. Just keep plowin' through your objectives until you can
            challenge a Blacklist racer.
            I'll feed you more info as I dig it up. Later.                       
       Please note that the last 3 milestones can all be done in a same run, you
       just need a little experience, since this isn't that hard.
       MILESTONE # 4
       "Photo ticket"
       Objective:  Get clocked at over 150 km/h  
       Bounty:  4,500
       Difficulty:  *
       I believe I would need a new star rating for this milestone.  And that 
       would be like 0.1* !!!  Is so easy.  Just push the gas and maybe some
       nitro and you will be done!  
       MILESTONE # 5
       "Photo ticket"
       Objective:  Get clocked at over 145 km/h
       Bounty:  4,500
       Difficulty:  *
       Just avoid going into one of the alleys or you will have to restart this
       milestone.  Nothing hard here, just push the gas!
       Once you complete the target goals, you will get this voice message from
       Rog, telling you that you are ready to challenge the next Blacklist member.
       Challenge him whenever you are ready.
        From:  Rog
        Subject:  You're buildin' hype.
           Your wins have generated some hype and got the attention of
            Taz. He's the next Blacklist racer. Guy's nuts and a major heat
            score, so whatch yourself. He's waitin' for your call
       When you are ready, go to your safehouse and challenge the blacklist member.
       He's got 2 challenges for you.  Both are mandatory, and you can't chose the
       order you're going to race them, so get ready because you have to finish
       them once you begin!  Here we go...
       Sprint (Stadium & Highway 99)
       Difficulty:  *
       I was hoping for something more challenging than the races we did before,
       but this was another easy race.  Although the catch-up AI is there, you
       just need to avoid crashing or losing speed and he won't be able to 
       catch you up.  No reward for beating this race.
       Sprint (Rosewood & State)
       Reward:  $6,000
       Difficulty:  *
       Same than last race.  Nothing challenging.  Taz keeps crashing and 
       fooling around, so you just have to push the gas and leave him eating the
       Congratulations, you just beat the Blacklist Member #14!!!
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       BLACKLIST MEMBER 13:  VICTOR VASQUEZ (VIC)                        []
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Name:  Victor Vasquez
       Alias:  Vic
       Ride:  Toyota Supra
       Strength:  Pursuit Length
       Bio -------
         This dude's been holding it down in the #13  
         slot for a while now. He can't break out of his
         rut and no one can run him out. He's slack and
         dangerous but knows how to handle his ride.
          He'll smoke you if he gets the chance
       In order to challenge him, you need to complete the following:
       Target ---------------------
         Race Wins:          4    
         Milestones:         3    
         Bounty:       100,000    
       As soon as you pick the markers on the last blacklist member (and
       hopefully you got the pink slip), you will see all the bio on this new
       blacklist member.  Also there will be a new cutscene.  
       Mia is concerned about you, and now she gives you a PDA with access to
       Rockport's Police Departament database.  That means that now you can keep 
       track of your rap sheet (see the introduction to this walkthrough for 
       more info about this).
       Razor shows up also, but nothing to worry about.  Mia knows how to handle
       him!  :P
       After the cutscene, you will get this voice message...
        From:  Rog
        Subject:  Taz didn't see that comin'.
           I'm impressed. Taz underestimated you and paid the price. Make
            sure you never do the same.
            I'll hook up with you later.                                         
       Unfortunately there isn't any new parts or performance upgrades available
       at this point, so we'll have to manage to face the next races with the
       same ride...  :( 
       Race events --------------
         Available:  7
         Target:     4
       RACE # 1
       Sprint (Rosewood & Lyons)
       Reward:  $2,500
       Difficulty:  **
       Things start to get a little more interesting.  This time the opponents
       will push the cars even further than before, so don't expect to run alone
       to the finish line.  There's a slight possibility of cops, but it will be
       more likely that they won't show up, so that is a plus.  If you picked 
       a performance upgrade as a marker from the last blacklist member you will
       probably have a better advantage in this and the upcoming races.
        From:  Rog
        Subject:  You wanna see the ocean?
           Hey, it's Rog!
            Here's the deal. The next Blacklist racer holds the key to Camden
            Beach. Smoke'm and the next borough is yours.
            I'll see if I can dig something up on him.
            We'll talk later                                                     
       RACE # 2
       Lap Knockout (City Center, 3 laps)
       Reward:  $2,500
       Difficulty:  **
       Here is where officially the cheap catch-up system shows up.  It won't
       be as hard as it will be ahead, but this is just a taste...
       The other three opponents are good drivers, but their cars are just too
       much.  They can be losing by ten seconds and at the next second they will
       be just two seconds behind.  Anyway, avoid finishing last in any lap and
       you will be done!
        From:  Vic
        Subject:  Stay out of my way and we're cool.
           Yeah, it's Vic here.
            Keep your mouth shut and listen up. It don't matter to me what
            you got goin' on with the other guys. You just make sure you stay
            outta my way. These are my streets, you got that?
            You just bow out when you're told and everything will be cool.       
       RACE # 3
       Lap Knockout (Rosewood Drive, 3 laps)
       Reward:  $2,500
       Difficulty:  **
       You will have to work your way out on the first lap.  The opponents will
       be especially tough on that lap.  After that you will start gaining time
       over them, and on the last lap you should be far away from them.  But don't
       get too comfortable, remember the catch-up, and if you crash or something
       that last car is going to take you out.  So watch out!
       RACE # 4
       Tollbooth (Highway 99 & Highlands)
       Reward:  $2,500
       Difficulty:  *
       This will be easy.  There won't be cops or almost any traffic, and we have
       enough time, so relax and enjoy the ride!
        From:  Mia
        Subject:  Camden Beach.
           Hey, you're really holdin' it down out there.
            I can't believe how deep this thing goes. I can't wait to see what
            the set up is in Camden Beach. I heard the odds might be better.
            We'll see.
            Keep smokin' these guys out. Razor's out there, it's just a matter
            of time.
            I'll see ya'.                                                        
       RACE # 5
       Tollbooth (Highway 4 & Forest Green)
       Reward:  $2,500
       Difficulty:  *
       Another walk in the park.  There won't be cops, and certainly no traffic,
       so we have another easy 2,500 bucvks
       RACE # 6
       Speedtrap (Diamond & State)
       Reward:  $2,500
       Difficulty:  **
       Don't get confused.  We have Speedtrap milestones and Speedtrap races. 
       We just don't have to get at a certain speed to the camera, we need to 
       race and keep the highest average speed of all.  
       The key to win this races is to don't get packed by the opponents, their
       mission is to stop you so you lose all your speed before reaching the
       camera, so avoid being packed by them!  Always save the nitro so you can
       gain extra speed before hitting the camera.  Those spry shots are very
       useful, so don't waste them!
       RACE # 7
       Speedtrap (Forest & Ironwood)
       Reward:  $2,500
       Difficulty:  **
       Same than last race.  Avoid the opponent cars and save the nitro for
       the seconds before reaching the cameras.  You won't have much trouble
       with this!
       Milestones --------------
         Available:  5
         Target:     3
       MILESTONE # 1
       "Trade paint"
       Objective:  Tag at least 4 police vehicles and then escape
       Bounty:  11,000
       Difficulty:  *
       MILESTONE # 2
       Objective:  Get a 5,000 bounty and then evade the pursuit
       Bounty:  11,000
       Difficulty:  *
       Get the cops attention and do many infractions as you can.  That sure will
       raise your bounty, and once you reach the 5,000 asked bounty, you will have
       to escape.  
        From:  Mia
        Subject:  Straight up.
           Hey, it's me.
            Look, I'll be straight. I'm all for helpin' someone who's been
            cheated, but I gotta get somethin' outta this deal. You flush out
            the Blacklist and I'll provide you with safe houses. In return, you
            turn a blind eye to any side bets I put down on ya'. It's a perfect
            deal, you'll see.
            Get that Rog guy to help you out. Just don't let him figure out
            what's goin' on.
        From:  Mia
        Subject:  Inside scoop on the cops.
           It's Mia.
            I got some info on the cops that might help out. You can
            lose the cops by ducking out in hiding spots. You just gotta make
            sure you're outta their line of sight. the're scattered throughout
            the world. Cruise around and scout 'em out.
       MILESTONE # 3
       "Pursuit evasion"
       Objective:  Evade the police in less than 4 minutes
       Bounty:  11,000
       Difficulty:  *
       Just get away from the police.  You don't need to do anything else, just
       get away.  The worst place to perform this milestone is in a highway, so I
       recommend you to get into the town and use alleys and PursuitBreakers.
        From:  Rog
        Subject:  Pursuit milestones info.
           Hey, I've got some news about those pursuit milestones.
            Apparently, these things are thrown out there by Blacklist
            racers. The're challenges to anyone who thinks they got what it
            takes to beat their records. If you wanna get your name out
            there, this is the way to do it.
            The more pursuit milestones you beat, the more notorious you'll      
            become in the Blacklist                                              
       MILESTONE # 4
       "Photo ticket"
       Objective:  Get clocked at over 175 km/h
       Bounty:  5,000
       Difficulty:  *
       I love this milestones.  They are so easy!  Just push the gas and avoid 
       losing speed on the turn, and you are done dude!
       MILESTONE # 5
       "Photo ticket"
       Objective:  Get clocked at over 170 km/h
       Bounty:  5,000
       Difficulty:  *
       This is an easy one too.  Just remember to use the nitro as soon as you
       start, because the camera icon is really close to the starting line.  It
       won't be any trouble anyway.
       When you're done with the races and milestones, you will get this voice
       message from Rog, meaning that you are ready to challenge the next 
       Blacklist member.
        From:  Rog
        Subject:  Vic's ready to race.
           Alright, Vic's up. He's the meathead I was tellin' you about -
            Razor's knock around guy. He's callin' you out.
            Run 'm off the Blacklist. That should send a message to Razor
            and his crew.
            I'll watch your back until you get this done.                        
       If you have anything to do before challenging this blacklist member, do it
       before, and when you're ready, come here again.
       Sprint (Union & Hollis)
       Difficulty:  **
       Vic is a consistent driver.  He won't lose your tail during all the race,
       although beating him is not that hard.  You need to race a clean race,
       without crashing or hitting walls, and use the nitro when needed only, 
       because that Supra is very capable to top the speed.
       Sprint (Heritage & Campus)
       Difficulty:  **
       I must admit that Vic is a great driver.  Unlike the other Blacklist 
       members we have raced before, he doesn't play cheap.  He drives fine, and
       in order to beat him, you need to drive even better.  Be aware that in
       straight line that Supra is going to beat you, so you better save your
       nitro for that!
       Congratulations, you have beaten Blacklist Member #13!  Remember that if 
       you want the pink slip on the car you need to pick the markers with the
       "?" symbol.  If you are lucky enough, you will have a new car on your
       Also, Camden Beach is now available!  Go and explore it!
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       BLACKLIST MEMBER 12:  ISABEL DIAZ                                 []
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Name:  Isabel Diaz
       Alias:  Izzy
       Ride:  Mazda RX-8
       Strength:  Lap knockout races
       Bio -------
         Izzy is definitely a chick you don't want to  
         mess with. She knows everything there is
         about cars, on and off the road. She's got her
         ride wired tight. She comes from a long line of
          race fanatics. Everybody she runs with is 
          either a cousin, friend or uncle. They all stick
          close so don't get on her bad side.
       In order to challenge her, you need to complete the following:
       Target ---------------------
         Race Wins:          4    
         Milestones:         3    
         Bounty:       180,000    
       As soon as you beat Vic, you have new performance and body parts available
       on the shop.  Make sure you check out everything, we don't want to fall
       behind on the next races.
        From:  Mia
        Subject:  Nice job.
           Hey, it's me.
            I heard you got into Camden Beach. Good work. Looks like that
            Rog guy is pullin' his weight.
            I hooked you up with another Safe House closer to the coast. It
            saves you from havin' to drive back to Rosewood. Long way to go
            if the cops are on your tail.
            Stay alert. You don't want to get caught off guard.
       Ok, this is it for now.  Keep checking for new updates soon!
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       PARTS LIST                                                            [8.5]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       This is the list of parts available to buy and install in your car, also
       when you can unlock the locked ones.  If there's a mistake please let me
       know!  =p
        BODY KITS                            Price     Unlocked after beating 
         Stock                                    0           Unlocked        
         Body 1                               5,000           Unlocked        
         Body 2                               5,000           Unlocked        
         Body 3                               7,500     Blacklist member #13  
         Body 4                              10,000     Blacklist member # 9  
         Body 5                              15,000     Blacklist member # 6  
       There are 2 spoiler categories:  Sport and Tuner.  Cycle through them by
       using your left/right triggers.
        SPOILERS                             Price     Unlocked after beating 
         Stock                                    0           Unlocked        
         Reaper                               1,000           Unlocked        
         Slingshot                            1,000           Unlocked        
         Groundmaster                         1,000           Unlocked        
         Rocker 5                             2,000     Blacklist member #13  
         Fishtail                             2,000     Blacklist member #13  
         Viper                                2,000     Blacklist member #13  
         Ripper                               3,000     Blacklist member #11  
         Banshee                              3,000     Blacklist member #11  
         Airforce                             5,000     Blacklist member # 9  
         Dragon                               5,000     Blacklist member # 9  
         Mystic                               5,000     Blacklist member # 9  
         Arrow                                1,000            Unlocked       
         Barracuda                            1,000            Unlocked       
         Switchblade                          1,000            Unlocked       
         Jorgen                               2,000     Blacklist member #13  
         Scarab                               2,000     Blacklist member #13  
         Lynx                                 2,000     Blacklist member #13  
         Borra                                3,000     Blacklist member #11  
         Ghost                                3,000     Blacklist member #11  
         Tornado                              3,000     Blacklist member #11  
         Fishtail                             3,000     Blacklist member #11  
         Wildfire                             5,000     Blacklist member # 9  
         Tandem                               5,000     Blacklist member # 9  
         Joker                                5,000     Blacklist member # 9  
         Venom                                6,000     Blacklist member # 8  
         Impact                               6,000     Blacklist member # 8  
       Remember that you can select the size of your rims by using your
       left/right triggers, and this doesn't changes the price.
        RIMS                                 Price     Unlocked after beating 
           FN01TR                             1,000           Unlocked        
           SUPERSIX                           1,500     Blacklist member #15  
           5ZR                                3,500     Blacklist member #13  
           GN+                                4,500     Blacklist member #11  
           GRAVIS 1                           6,000     Blacklist member # 9  
           ADRENALINE                         1,500     Blacklist member #15  
           EMPIRE                             3,500     Blacklist member #13  
           GT-SPORT                           4,500     Blacklist member #11  
           M SPORT                            6,000     Blacklist member # 9  
           SOKUDO8                            9,000     Blacklist member # 6  
           GT                                 1,000           Unlocked        
           RS GT                              1,500     Blacklist member #15  
           LM                                 3,500     Blacklist member #13  
           CH                                 4,500     Blacklist member #11  
           RK                                 6,000     Blacklist member # 9  
           RX                                 9,000     Blacklist member # 6  
           NT03+M                             1,000           Unlocked        
           J SPEED 3                          1,500     Blacklist member #15  
           ES-TARMAC                          3,500     Blacklist member #13  
           WRC TARMAC                         4,500     Blacklist member #11  
           BLATANT                            1,500     Blacklist member #15  
           IMAGINE                            3,500     Blacklist member #13  
           THEORY                             4,500     Blacklist member #11  
           LDR                                9,000     Blacklist member # 6  
         RACING HART                                                          
           MULTI C4                           1,500     Blacklist member #15  
           CX                                 4,500     Blacklist member #11  
           CP                                 6,000     Blacklist member # 9  
           SUPERLEGGERA                       1,000           Unlocked        
           SUPERTURISMO                       1,500     Blacklist member #15  
           OPERA                              3,500     Blacklist member #13  
           SUPERLEGGERA III (MULTIPIECE)      6,000     Blacklist member # 9  
           LEONARDO                           9,000     Blacklist member # 6  
           TE37                               6,000     Blacklist member # 9  
           CE28                               9,000     Blacklist member # 6  
           GT-P                               9,000     Blacklist member # 6  
           FORMULA 1                          1,000           Unlocked        
           FORMULA 7                          3,500     Blacklist member #13  
           FORMULA 2                          4,500     Blacklist member #11  
        HOODS                                Price     Unlocked after beating 
         Stock                                    0           Unlocked        
         Overdial                             1,500           Unlocked        
         Trident                              1,500           Unlocked        
         Fusion                               1,500           Unlocked        
         Colix                                1,500           Unlocked        
         Airomax                              2,500     Blacklist member #15  
         DJM Hyde                             2,500     Blacklist member #15  
         Double-V                             2,500     Blacklist member #15  
         Tri-Slot                             2,500     Blacklist member #15  
         Speed                                2,500     Blacklist member #15  
         Factor X                             3,500     Blacklist member #13  
         Speedline                            3,500     Blacklist member #13  
         Tremor                               3,500     Blacklist member #13  
         Overdial                             3,500     Blacklist member #13  
         Trident (Fiber)                      3,500     Blacklist member #13  
         Fusion (Fiber)                       3,500     Blacklist member #13  
         Colix (Fiber)                        4,500     Blacklist member #11  
         Airomax (Fiber)                      4,500     Blacklist member #11  
         DJM Hyde (Fiber)                     4,500     Blacklist member #11  
         G-Force                              4,500     Blacklist member #11  
         Mongoose                             4,500     Blacklist member #11  
         Twister                              5,500     Blacklist member #10  
         Eraser                               5,500     Blacklist member #10  
         Tsunami                              5,500     Blacklist member #10  
         Double-V (Fiber)                     5,500     Blacklist member #10  
         Tri-Slot (Fiber)                     5,500     Blacklist member #10  
         Speed (Fiber)                        7,500     Blacklist member # 9  
         Factor X (Fiber)                     7,500     Blacklist member # 9  
         Speedline (Fiber)                    7,500     Blacklist member # 9  
         Tremor (Fiber)                       7,500     Blacklist member # 9  
         G-Force (Fiber)                      7,500     Blacklist member # 9  
        ROOF SCOOPS                          Price     Unlocked after beating 
         Northeast                              500           Unlocked        
         Jetstream                              500           Unlocked        
         Headwind                               500           Unlocked        
         Riptide                                500           Unlocked        
         Windtunnel                             500           Unlocked        
         Blastback                              500           Unlocked        
         Airstream                              500           Unlocked        
         Cyclone                                500           Unlocked        
         Tempest                                500           Unlocked        
         Twister                                500           Unlocked        
         Northwest Offset                     1,000     Blacklist member #14  
         Jetstream Offset                     1,000     Blacklist member #14  
         Headwind Offset                      1,000     Blacklist member #14  
         Riptide Offset                       1,000     Blacklist member #14  
         Windtunnel Offset                    1,000     Blacklist member #14  
         Blastback Offset                     1,000     Blacklist member #14  
         Airstream Offset                     1,000     Blacklist member #14  
         Cyclone Offset                       1,000     Blacklist member #14  
         Tempest Offset                       1,000     Blacklist member #14  
         Twister Offset                       1,000     Blacklist member #14  
         Northwest Dual                       1,500     Blacklist member #12  
         Jetstream Dual                       1,500     Blacklist member #12  
         Headwind Dual                        1,500     Blacklist member #12  
         Riptide Dual                         1,500     Blacklist member #12  
         Windtunnel Dual                      1,500     Blacklist member #12  
         Blastback Dual                       1,500     Blacklist member #12  
         Airstream Dual                       1,500     Blacklist member #12  
         Cyclone Dual                         1,500     Blacklist member #12  
         Tempest Dual                         1,500     Blacklist member #12  
         Twister Dual                         1,500     Blacklist member #12  
         Northwest (Fiber)                    2,000     Blacklist member #10  
         Jetstream (Fiber)                    2,000     Blacklist member #10  
         Headwind (Fiber)                     2,000     Blacklist member #10  
         Riptide (Fiber)                      2,000     Blacklist member #10  
         Windtunnel (Fiber)                   2,000     Blacklist member #10  
         Blastback (Fiber)                    2,000     Blacklist member #10  
         Airstream (Fiber)                    2,000     Blacklist member #10  
         Cyclone (Fiber)                      2,000     Blacklist member #10  
         Tempest (Fiber)                      2,000     Blacklist member #10  
         Twister (Fiber)                      2,000     Blacklist member #10  
         Northwest Offset (Fiber)             3,000     Blacklist member # 8  
         Jetstream Offset (Fiber)             3,000     Blacklist member # 8  
         Headwind Offset (Fiber)              3,000     Blacklist member # 8  
         Riptide Offset (Fiber)               3,000     Blacklist member # 8  
         Windtunnel Offset (Fiber)            3,000     Blacklist member # 8  
         Blastback Offset (Fiber)             3,000     Blacklist member # 8  
         Airstream Offset (Fiber)             3,000     Blacklist member # 8  
         Cyclone Offset (Fiber)               3,000     Blacklist member # 8  
         Tempest Offset (Fiber)               3,000     Blacklist member # 8  
         Twister Offset (Fiber)               3,000     Blacklist member # 8  
         Northwest Dual (Fiber)               4,000     Blacklist member # 6  
         Jetstream Dual (Fiber)               4,000     Blacklist member # 6  
         Headwind Dual (Fiber)                4,000     Blacklist member # 6  
         Riptide Dual (Fiber)                 4,000     Blacklist member # 6  
         Windtunnel Dual (Fiber)              4,000     Blacklist member # 6  
         Blastback Dual (Fiber)               4,000     Blacklist member # 6  
         Airstream Dual (Fiber)               4,000     Blacklist member # 6  
         Cyclone Dual (Fiber)                 4,000     Blacklist member # 6  
         Tempest Dual (Fiber)                 4,000     Blacklist member # 6  
         Twister Dual (Fiber)                 4,000     Blacklist member # 6  
       Those were the body parts, now let's see the performance parts...
        ENGINE                               Price     Unlocked after beating 
         RACE                                 5,500          Unlocked         
           * Cold air intake (AEM)                                            
           * Sports muffler (APEXi)                                           
           * Intake manifold (AROSPEED)                                       
         PRO                                 14,200     Blacklist member #12  
           * Forged pistons (GReddy)                                          
           * Racing Throttle Body (Venom)                                     
           * Racing Crankshaft (Skunk2)                                       
         SUPER PRO                           29,800     Blacklist member # 7  
           * Racing valves (Skunk2)                                           
           * Cat-back exhaust system                                          
           * Replace headers (Venom)                                          
         ULTIMATE                            98,000     Blacklist member # 3  
           * Racing pistons                                                   
           * High flow fuel injectors                                         
           * High capacity oil cooler                                         
             (DC Sports)                                                      
        TRANSMISSION                         Price     Unlocked after beating 
         RACE                                 4,800          Unlocked         
           * Short throw shifter                                              
           * Lightweight flywheel                                             
           * Racing transmission (ACT)                                        
         PRO                                 12,200     Blacklist member #13  
           * Upgraded differential (ACT)                                      
           * High performance clutch                                          
             (Clutch Masters)                                                 
         SUPER PRO                           32,000     Blacklist member # 9  
           * Limited slip differential                                        
           * Twin disc clutch                                                 
         ULTIMATE                            75,200     Blacklist member # 5  
           * Racing clutch                                                    
             (Clutch Masters)                                                 
           * Racing flywheel                                                  
             (HP Racing)                                                      
        SUSPENSION                           Price     Unlocked after beating 
         PRO                                  3,600     Blacklist member #15  
           * Strut tower bars (DC Sports)                                     
           * Sport springs and shocks                                         
             (Eibach springs)                                                 
           * Front and rear sway bars                                         
         SUPER PRO                            7,600     Blacklist member #11  
           * Large diameter sway bars                                         
           * Racing shocks (Koni)                                             
         ULTIMATE                            10,000     Blacklist member # 6  
           * Engine torque damper                                             
           * Camber kit (H&R)                                                 
           * Coll-over suspension system                                      
        NITROUS                              Price     Unlocked after beating 
         PRO                                  4,900     Blacklist member #15  
           * Dry shot of nitrous                                              
             (Nitrous Express)                                                
         SUPER PRO                           12,500     Blacklist member #11  
           * Wet shot of nitrous                                              
             (Nitrous Express)                                                
         ULTIMATE                            18,000     Blacklist member # 6  
           * Direct port nitrous system                                       
             (Nitrous Express)                                                
        TIRES                                Price     Unlocked after beating 
         PRO                                  1,400     Blacklist member #14  
           * Sport tires                                                      
         SUPER PRO                            4,800     Blacklist member #10  
           * High performance tires                                           
         ULTIMATE                            11,800     Blacklist member # 8  
           * Racing tires                                                     
        BRAKES                               Price     Unlocked after beating 
         RACE                                 3,100          Unlocked         
           * Street compound pads                                             
             (KVR Performance)                                                
           * Stainless steel brake lines                                      
         PRO                                  5,200     Blacklist member #13  
           * Cross drilled rotors                                             
           * Sport compound pads                                              
             (KVR Performance)                                                
         SUPER PRO                           11,400     Blacklist member # 8  
           * Slotted and drilled rotors                                       
           * Titanium brake kit                                               
             (HP Racing)                                                      
         ULTIMATE                            26,800     Blacklist member # 5  
           * 6 piston racing calipers                                         
             (HP Racing)                                                      
           * Ceramic brake kit                                                
           * Racing compound pads                                             
       NOTE:  Not all the cars are the same, in ones you can buy Turbo upgrades,
              and in others you can buy Supercharger upgrades.  But you can't
              have both in the same car.
        SUPERCHARGER                         Price     Unlocked after beating 
         PRO                                  5,400     Blacklist member #14  
           * Stage 1 supercharger                                             
         SUPER PRO                           25,000     Blacklist member #10  
           * Stage 2 supercharger                                             
         ULTIMATE                            76,000     Blacklist member # 3  
           * Stage 3 supercharger                                             
             (DC Sports)                                                      
        TURBO                                Price     Unlocked after beating 
         PRO                                  5,400           Unlocked        
           * Stage 1 turbo (HKS)                                              
           * Racing intercooler (APEXi)                                       
         SUPER PRO                           25,000     Blacklist member #10  
           * Stage 2 turbo                                                    
           * Upgraded turbo manifold                                          
           * Blow off valve                                                   
         ULTIMATE                            76,000     Blacklist member # 3  
           * Stage 3 turbo                                                    
           * Custom wastegate                                                 
       And finally we have the visual parts...
        PAINT                                Price     Unlocked after beating 
         GLOSS                                  500           Unlocked        
           * 80 colors to chose from                                          
         METALLIC                             1,000     Blacklist member #15  
           * 80 colors to chose from                                          
         CUSTOM                               1,500     Blacklist member #12  
           * 40 colors to chose from                                          
        VINYLS                               Price     Unlocked after beating 
           Flame 1                              500           Unlocked        
           Flame 2                              500           Unlocked        
           Flame 3                              600     Blacklist member #15  
           Flame 4                              600     Blacklist member #15  
           Flame 5                              600     Blacklist member #15  
           Flame 6                              600     Blacklist member #15  
           Flame 7                              600     Blacklist member #15  
           Flame 8                              600     Blacklist member #15  
           Flame 9                              600     Blacklist member #15  
           Flame 10                             600     Blacklist member #15  
           Flame 11                             600     Blacklist member #15  
           Flame 12                             600     Blacklist member #15  
           Tribal 1                             500            Unlocked       
           Tribal 2                             500            Unlocked       
           Tribal 3                             700     Blacklist member #14  
           Tribal 4                             700     Blacklist member #14  
           Tribal 5                             700     Blacklist member #14  
           Tribal 6                             700     Blacklist member #14  
           Tribal 7                             700     Blacklist member #14  
           Tribal 8                             700     Blacklist member #14  
           Tribal 9                             700     Blacklist member #14  
           Tribal 10                            700     Blacklist member #14  
           Tribal 11                            700     Blacklist member #14  
           Tribal 12                            700     Blacklist member #14  
           Tribal 13                            700     Blacklist member #14  
           Tribal 14                            700     Blacklist member #14  
           Stripe 1                             500            Unlocked       
           Stripe 2                             500            Unlocked       
           Stripe 3                             500            Unlocked       
           Stripe 4                             500            Unlocked       
           Stripe 5                             500            Unlocked       
           Stripe 6                             500            Unlocked       
           Stripe 7                             600     Blacklist member #15  
           Stripe 8                             600     Blacklist member #15  
           Stripe 9                             600     Blacklist member #15  
           Stripe 10                            600     Blacklist member #15  
           Stripe 11                            600     Blacklist member #15  
           Stripe 12                            600     Blacklist member #15  
           Stripe 13                            600     Blacklist member #15  
           Stripe 14                            600     Blacklist member #15  
           Stripe 15                            600     Blacklist member #15  
           Stripe 16                            600     Blacklist member #15  
        RACE FLAG                                                             
           Race flag 1                          500            Unlocked       
           Race flag 2                          500            Unlocked       
           Race flag 3                          600     Blacklist member #15  
           Race flag 4                          600     Blacklist member #15  
           Race flag 5                          700     Blacklist member #14  
           Race flag 6                          700     Blacklist member #14  
           Race flag 7                          700     Blacklist member #14  
           Race flag 8                          700     Blacklist member #14  
           Race flag 9                          700     Blacklist member #14  
        NATIONAL FLAG                                                         
           Argentina                            800     Blacklist member #12  
           Australia                            800     Blacklist member #12  
           Brazil                               800     Blacklist member #12  
           Canada                               700     Blacklist member #14  
           China                                800     Blacklist member #12  
           Denmark                              800     Blacklist member #12  
           France                               800     Blacklist member #12  
           Finland                              800     Blacklist member #12  
           Germany                              700     Blacklist member #14  
           Great Britain                        700     Blacklist member #14  
           Greece                               800     Blacklist member #12  
           Italy                                800     Blacklist member #12  
           Japan                                800     Blacklist member #12  
           Korea                                800     Blacklist member #12  
           Mexico                               800     Blacklist member #12  
           Netherlands                          800     Blacklist member #12  
           Poland                               800     Blacklist member #12  
           Portugal                             800     Blacklist member #12  
           Spain                                800     Blacklist member #12  
           Sweeden                              800     Blacklist member #12  
           Thailand                             800     Blacklist member #12  
           USA                                  700     Blacklist member #14  
           Body 1                               500            Unlocked       
           Body 2                               500            Unlocked       
           Body 3                               500            Unlocked       
           Body 4                               800     Blacklist member #12  
           Body 5                               800     Blacklist member #12  
           Body 6                               800     Blacklist member #12  
           Body 7                               800     Blacklist member #12  
           Body 8                               800     Blacklist member #12  
           Body 9                               800     Blacklist member #12  
           Body 10                            1,000     Blacklist member #10  
           Body 11                            1,000     Blacklist member #10  
           Body 12                            1,000     Blacklist member #10  
           Body flame 1                       1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body flame 2                       1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body flame 3                       1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body flame 4                       1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body flame 5                       1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body flame 6                       1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body flame 7                       1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body flame 8                       1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body flame 9                       1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body stripe 1                      1,000     Blacklist member #10  
           Body stripe 2                      1,000     Blacklist member #10  
           Body stripe 3                      1,000     Blacklist member #10  
           Body stripe 4                      1,000     Blacklist member #10  
           Body stripe 5                      1,000     Blacklist member #10  
           Body stripe 6                      1,000     Blacklist member #10  
           Body stripe 7                      1,000     Blacklist member #10  
           Body stripe 8                      1,000     Blacklist member #10  
           Body stripe 9                      1,000     Blacklist member #10  
           Body stripe 10                     1,000     Blacklist member #10  
           Body tribal 1                      1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body tribal 2                      1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body tribal 3                      1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body tribal 4                      1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body tribal 5                      1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body tribal 6                      1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body tribal 7                      1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body tribal 8                      1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body tribal 9                      1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Body tribal 10                     1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Unique 1                           1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
           Unique 2                           1,200     Blacklist member # 8  
        CONTEST WINNERS                                                       
           Cablazn                              500           Unlocked        
           RedBlade                             500           Unlocked        
           GrafClown                            500           Unlocked        
           Michael Lam                          500           Unlocked        
           Tesi Rodolphe                        500           Unlocked        
       NOTE:  In order to apply Rim paint, you must first install rims to your
              car.  You can't paint stock rims.
        RIM PAINT                            Price     Unlocked after beating 
         POWDER COAT                            500           Unlocked        
           * 60 colors to chose from                                          
        WINDOW TINT                          Price     Unlocked after beating 
         Light black                            500           Unlocked        
         Light green                            500           Unlocked        
         Medium black                           500           Unlocked        
         Medium green                           500           Unlocked        
         Medium blue                            500           Unlocked        
         Medium red                             500           Unlocked        
         Medium green                           500           Unlocked        
         Dark black                             550     Blacklist member #14  
         Dark green                             550     Blacklist member #14  
         Dark blue                              550     Blacklist member #14  
         Dark red                               550     Blacklist member #14  
         Dark yellow                            550     Blacklist member #14  
         Dark aqua                              550     Blacklist member #14  
         Dark coral                             600     Blacklist member #12  
         Dark orange                            600     Blacklist member #12  
         Dark magenta                           600     Blacklist member #12  
         Dark lime                              600     Blacklist member #12  
         Dark purple                            600     Blacklist member #12  
         Dark gold                              600     Blacklist member #12  
         Dark pearl black                       600     Blacklist member #12  
         Dark pearl green                       750     Blacklist member # 9  
         Dark pearl blue                        750     Blacklist member # 9  
         Dark pearl red                         750     Blacklist member # 9  
         Dark pearl yellow                      750     Blacklist member # 9  
         Dark pearl aqua                        750     Blacklist member # 9  
         Dark pearl coral                       750     Blacklist member # 9  
         Dark pearl orange                      750     Blacklist member # 9  
         Dark pearl magenta                     750     Blacklist member # 9  
         Dark pearl lime                        750     Blacklist member # 9  
         Dark pearl purple                      750     Blacklist member # 9  
         Dark pearl gold                        750     Blacklist member # 9  
       NOTE:  The next decals can be applied to windshield, rear window, left and
              right doors, left and right quarter panels.  They even appear in 
              the same order and has the same price, no matter which part of the
              car you are installing it!
        DECALS                               Price     Unlocked after beating 
         5Zigen                                 100     Blacklist member #14  
         A'PEX Integration                      100     Blacklist member #14  
         ABS Dynamics                           100     Blacklist member #14  
         AC Autotechnic                         100     Blacklist member #14  
         ADR Wheels                             100     Blacklist member #14  
         Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT)       100     Blacklist member #14  
         Advanced Engine Management (AEM)       100     Blacklist member #14  
         Alpine                                 100     Blacklist member #14  
         Apex Springs                           100     Blacklist member #14  
         Araxis Performance                     100     Blacklist member #14  
         Arospeed                               100     Blacklist member #14  
         Audiobahn                              100     Blacklist member #14  
         Avus                                   100     Blacklist member #14  
         B&M Racing                             100     Blacklist member #14  
         BBS                                    100     Blacklist member #14  
         Bilstein                               100     Blacklist member #14  
         Borla                                  100     Blacklist member #14  
         Brembo                                 100     Blacklist member #14  
         Bride                                  100     Blacklist member #14  
         Castrol                                100     Blacklist member #14  
         Ceramicool                             100     Blacklist member #14  
         Chrom & Flammen                        100     Blacklist member #14  
         Clutch Masters                         100     Blacklist member #14  
         Cold Fusion                            100     Blacklist member #14  
         Comptech                               100     Blacklist member #14  
         Crower Cams                            100     Blacklist member #14  
         DC Sports                              100     Blacklist member #14  
         Distilled                              100     Blacklist member #14  
         Do-Luck                                100     Blacklist member #14  
         Edelbrock                              100     Blacklist member #14  
         Eibach Springs                         100     Blacklist member #14  
         Elaborare                              100     Blacklist member #14  
         Endless USA                            100     Blacklist member #14  
         Enkei                                  100     Blacklist member #14  
         Eurolite                               100     Blacklist member #14  
         Extreme Dimensions                     100     Blacklist member #14  
         Extreme Technologies                   100     Blacklist member #14  
         Fastbrakes                             100     Blacklist member #14  
         Fidanza                                100     Blacklist member #14  
         GReddy                                 100     Blacklist member #14  
         Gentera                                100     Blacklist member #14  
         H&R Springs                            100     Blacklist member #14  
         Hedman Hedders                         100     Blacklist member #14  
         Henshin Auto                           100     Blacklist member #14  
         HKS USA                                100     Blacklist member #14  
         HP Racing                              100     Blacklist member #14  
         Iceman Intakes                         100     Blacklist member #14  
         Import Racer                           100     Blacklist member #14  
         Import Tuner                           100     Blacklist member #14  
         Injen                                  100     Blacklist member #14  
         Intrax Suspension                      100     Blacklist member #14  
         Jackson Racing                         100     Blacklist member #14  
         Japan Tuning                           100     Blacklist member #14  
         JIC - Magic                            100     Blacklist member #14  
         JL Audio                               100     Blacklist member #14  
         JSP America                            100     Blacklist member #14  
         Kenwood                                100     Blacklist member #14  
         Koni                                   100     Blacklist member #14  
         Konig                                  100     Blacklist member #14  
         KVR Performance                        100     Blacklist member #14  
         KYB America                            100     Blacklist member #14  
         KZR Performance                        100     Blacklist member #14  
         Lowenhart                              100     Blacklist member #14  
         Magnaflow                              100     Blacklist member #14  
         Matrix Racing                          100     Blacklist member #14  
         Maxi Tuning                            100     Blacklist member #14  
         Modified Magazine                      100     Blacklist member #14  
         Momo                                   100     Blacklist member #14  
         Neuspeed                               100     Blacklist member #14  
         NFS Most Wanted                        100     Blacklist member #14  
         Nitrous Express                        100     Blacklist member #14  
         Nology Engineering                     100     Blacklist member #14  
         O.Z. Wheels                            100     Blacklist member #14  
         PIAA                                   100     Blacklist member #14  
         Power Slot                             100     Blacklist member #14  
         Racing Hart Wheels                     100     Blacklist member #14  
         Rev Hard                               100     Blacklist member #14  
         Revo Technik                           100     Blacklist member #14  
         RKSport                                100     Blacklist member #14  
         RO_JA Wheels                           100     Blacklist member #14  
         Sport Compact Car                      100     Blacklist member #14  
         Scorpion Exhausts                      100     Blacklist member #14  
         Skunk2 Racing                          100     Blacklist member #14  
         SLP Performance Parts                  100     Blacklist member #14  
         Sparco                                 100     Blacklist member #14  
         Super Street                           100     Blacklist member #14  
         Stillen                                100     Blacklist member #14  
         Stoptech                               100     Blacklist member #14  
         Stratospeed                            100     Blacklist member #14  
         Thermal                                100     Blacklist member #14  
         TODA                                   100     Blacklist member #14  
         Toyo Tires                             100     Blacklist member #14  
         Tuner Transformation                   100     Blacklist member #14  
         Turbonetics                            100     Blacklist member #14  
         Unorthodox Racing                      100     Blacklist member #14  
         Venom                                  100     Blacklist member #14  
         VIS Racing                             100     Blacklist member #14  
         VOLK                                   100     Blacklist member #14  
         Weld Racing                            100     Blacklist member #14  
         XS Engineering                         100     Blacklist member #14  
         Yokohama                               100     Blacklist member #14  
         ZEX                                    100     Blacklist member #14  
        NUMBERS                              Price     Unlocked after beating 
         NUMBERS                                100     Blacklist member #12  
           * Chose from 00 to 99                                              
        CUSTOM GAUGES                        Price     Unlocked after beating 
         Sonic                                  500     Blacklist member #14  
         Apex                                   500     Blacklist member #14  
         Warp                                   500     Blacklist member #14  
         Vision                                 600     Blacklist member #11  
         Boost                                  600     Blacklist member #11  
         Double-Clutch                          800     Blacklist member # 9  
         Brakestand                             800     Blacklist member # 9  
         Hairpin                              1,000     Blacklist member # 7  
         Glint                                1,000     Blacklist member # 7  
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
       FINAL WORDS AND CREDITS                                               [9.0]
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /
       Well, again I'm finished with another FAQ.  It has become a nice experience
       to start a new game and write a FAQ in the process, I like to share my
       little gaming experience, and I believe this is the best way to do it.
       I'm sure there's a million of people out there better than me when it comes
       to play NFS or any other game, but very few people takes the time to sit
       down and write down to share with other people their knowledge.  
       What I'm trying to say is that I'm doing an effort to encourage more
       people to write FAQs.  I love reading FAQs, that's why I started writing
       them, and even though I'm not as good as I would like to be, I feel that 
       I'm improving my style with every new FAQ I release.
       And before finishing this guide I want to thank all the next people, who
       have helped me in a way or another in the writing of this guide:
       Alex Mancilla, Troz, Dave, Ned, Anna Stewart, npsiegfried, Jindrich Mouka,
       Jordan, jman5900, Cody Melton, Glen Stockdale, Matt Fesler, Sakmo, Edasx,
       Kim Hudson, eXile, Raymond Ku, Richard Li, Matthew Morris, Emmanuel Alonzo,
       x x, Al Masorong, Nicholas Schwarting, James, Jacco, Jeff Jamieson, Zed,
       Ricardo Green, Edward Chew, Aden, Chris Pineda, Mitch Keene,
       Marius Caloianu, Ryan S, J Lof, George Richard, Joe Vicram, Thomas Swenor,
       Jeseng Wang, George C, cartman123654, Marco Flaquer, Scott Tabako, Darren,
       Tristan Hall, Jamal Langley, David Gray, Kevin Foo, Kevin Laster,
       Mr. Arthur, Damian Yeung, Kim Andre, Andrew Stevens, dark_lord_troz, 
       Shaun Buckley, Kyle Price.
       (The order they appear doesn't mean anything)
       I'm sorry if I missed someone, but is not easy handle such quantity of 
       emails you know?  If you sent me something and your name isn't credited
       here or in the section where it belongs, please let me know and I will be
       glad to give you the credit!
    ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  /// //
    ///  ///  ///  POLICE LINE  ///  ///  ///  ///  ///  DO NOT CROSS  ///  ///  /

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