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"Best Promotion Management Game Ever"

Total Extreme Wrestling 2005 Review
After months of my life taken away from playing Extreme Warfare Revenge, i was of course looking forward to the new TEW game. TEW 2004 was Adam Ryland's first real proffesional wrestling sim, it looked sharper but the navigation was hell and took away most of the fun from playing it. Would TEW 2005 be any better? The answer? Yes.

Gameplay 9.1/10
Brilliant. So realistic that you feel you really are the head booker of your promotion. Everything you could dream of. Its the perfect text-based wrestling simulator. You can sign wrestlers on open or written contracts, choose your promotion style, negotiate with TV Networks over new TV Shows, everything is there. The main feature is probably the booking. For each show you can choose the matches, angles, storylines etc for your show. Or if your too lazy just make one of your staff auto-book it for you. Brilliant.

Graphics 7.1/10
This is a text-based simulator. So dont expect to be watching the matches or storylines! Despite this it looks really nice, and all the graphics are pretty sharp. Some of the wrestlers have pictures (animated) to so that adds to the imagination.

Lifespan 9.8/10
If you like text-based sims and wrestling...this will last you years. Nothing is ever the same, you could play the same game save file for 100 years non-stop...well unless there is an alien invasion but you know what i mean..

Sound 5.0/10
Lets get this straight. Its a text-based game so sound isnt really a major factor. There also seems to be problem with the background music so you might need a patch to fix it.

Roster 6.5/10
Ok. Greydog Software is a new company and isnt EA Sports. Due to the fact they cant afford the licenes to the major brands its all fantasy. So thats a bit of a let-down.

Options 8.5/10
The editing option is brilliant. You can edit just about everything in the game. Whether its adding a new promotion or adding a new wrestler everything is accessable.

OVERALL: 7.7/10
This is an amazing game. But the lack of official licenses to real promotions lets it down. Also some new sounds would be nice in-game..

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Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/30/06

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