How do I solve Tear of Ossir?

  1. On the mini mission - Tear of Ossir - where can I find the tear to win the game? I've conquered all towns and defeated all enemy heroes, been at every signpost and the whole map is open. What have I missed?

    User Info: donal123

    donal123 - 8 years ago

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  1. It just so happens I did this the other day. You have to go to the sign posts in order. If you don't, they won't point anywhere and will just spout nonsense. I don't think the designers intended anyone to actually wipe out the Dungeon faction, but it sure is easier that way (though it sure gets boring without them). The game saved your place (check your Objectives) and you probably checked the sign in question before it was its "turn". To wit:

    The sign near your home base...
    ...near the lake (northeast of your base)
    ...near the graveyard underground by the western garrison
    ...near the Sylanna's Ancient (level-up tree) northeast of the second town.
    ...near the south-west Dungeon town.
    ...near the sanctuary northeast of the third Sylvan town (I think).
    ...near the stream southwest of the third Sylvan town.
    ...near the redwood observatory past the Haven garrisons.
    ...near the Gold Mine south of the third Sylvan town.
    ...near the underground entrance on the eastern landmass.

    At this point the sign will point you towards the Tear. In my case (it probably varies or else it would be too easy) it was at a certain signpost, specifically it was directly behind it. Just find out where you left off the signs and follow them.

    User Info: Blackdrazon

    Blackdrazon - 8 years ago 1 0


  1. Well I did this and the sign indicated (in two games); Take two steps back and start digging.

    I did just that (in both diertions front and back of sign) dug and got nothing. Any suggestions???

    User Info: bknight2602

    bknight2602 - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Here's what should be a helpful addition for some:

    When I triggered the last signpost I followed its instructions and took 2 steps back, then began digging. After digging a star cluster around the sign post in every direction and no Tear to be had, I also did this:
    - Take two steps back in the signpost order to find your dig spot. That placed my dig spot:
    ...near the redwood observatory past the Haven garrisons.

    At which point my dig attempts began giving me helpful hints of "its south of here" or "its east of here". Three digs later I had the Tear.

    User Info: StressTestJunky

    StressTestJunky - 6 years ago 0 0
  3. my last sign gave me a "story ends where it begun" and the epic coment by Ossir "I deeply believe in harmony but this makes me want to kill somebody!"

    User Info: Jaudija

    Jaudija - 3 years ago 0 0

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