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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Grawl

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    Half-Life 2: Episode One Guide by Grawl
    grawler (@t) gmail (d0t) com                          
    07/22/07 - Version 1.3
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    6) Mailing me to tell how good the guide is, is appreciated ;p You can write
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    To make searching easier, I added search-codes in the TOC. Just press CTRL + F
    and enter the code to jump to that part immediately.
    Table of Contents                                                   [HL.00.00]
    * Table of Contents.................................................[HL.00.00]
    * History & Next Version............................................[HL.01.01]
    * Introduction......................................................[HL.02.01]
    * Walkthrough.......................................................[HL.03.01]
      * Prologue........................................................[HL.03.02]
      * Chapter 1: Undue Alarm..........................................[HL.03.03]
      * Chapter 2: Direct Intervention..................................[HL.03.04]
      * Chapter 3: Lowlife..............................................[HL.03.05]
      * Chapter 4: Urban Fight..........................................[HL.03.06]
      * Chapter 5: Exit 17..............................................[HL.03.07]
      * Coming Soon.....................................................[HL.03.08]
    * Cheats & Secrets..................................................[HL.04.01]
      * Console Cheats..................................................[HL.04.02]
    * Weapons...........................................................[HL.05.01]
    * Enemies & Bosses..................................................[HL.06.01]
    * Allies............................................................[HL.07.01]
    * FAQ...............................................................[HL.08.01]
    * Conclusion........................................................[HL.09.01]
    History & Next Version                                              [HL.01.01]
    Version 0.1 (06/02/06) - Everything is new. (17,4KB)
    Version 0.2 (06/03/06) - Updated walkthrough, added more FAQs, Weapons
     section added, Enemies & Bosses section added, Allies section added, labelled
     the walkthrough with chapters, introduction changed. (38,3KB)
    Version 1.0 (06/04/06) - Finished walkthrough, updated Allies section, updated
     Enemies & Bosses section, updated Weapons section. (60,6KB)
    Version 1.1 (06/07/06) - Fixed the name of Chapter 4 and some more silly
     mistakes, added some puzzle tactics, added cheats, added an FAQ. (63,8KB)
    Version 1.2 (10/21/06) - Added a strategy in the part where the elevator goes
     down and you need to protect Gordon and Alex from upcoming trash. (64,0KB)
    Version 1.3 (07/22/07) - Added a cheat. (64,1KB)
    Introduction                                                        [HL.02.01]
    Taken from the official site:
    "Half-Life introduced the world to bespectacled young physicist Gordon 
    Freeman, Ph.D. A simple research assistant at the Black Mesa Research 
    Facility, Gordon is thrust into the center of a cosmic war by a teleportation 
    experiment gone badly wrong. Alien creatures from distant alien hellholes 
    scramble through a shattered dimensional barrier and set about butchering the 
    Black Mesa staff as a prelude to exterminating life on Earth. Government 
    forces quickly arrive to eliminate the alien threat. Unfortunately, their 
    methodical killing spree targets every human witness as well. Thanks to an 
    experimental hazard suit, Gordon is able to navigate this violent confusion 
    of creatures, staff, and homicidal soldiers, finally reaching then destroying
    what appears to be the monstrous source of the infestation. The victory is 
    short-lived, however. Gordon's heroics catch the attention of a sinister 
    interdimensional bureaucrat. The G-Man, as he's come to be called, seals 
    Gordon in stasis far from Earth, thought, and time itself.
    Gordon emerges from the darkness, nearly two decades removed from his last 
    conscious thought. The G-Man has reawakened him, though the briefcase-toting 
    official's intentions are murky at best. Gordon is back on Earth, but it is an
    Earth marred almost beyond recognition by a succession of alien overlords 
    known as The Combine. Gordon finds himself a powerless, faceless citizen of 
    City 17, a grim metropolis in what was once Europe. Whether through luck or 
    the G-Man's subtle influence, he's soon the center of a burgeoning resistance
    movement led by rebel scientists from Black Mesa, including Gordon's friends,
    Drs. Isaac Kleiner and Eli Vance. More importantly, Gordon is reunited with 
    his protective hazard suit. With the help of Vance's daughter, Alyx, and her 
    enormous pet robot, Dog, Gordon embarks on a fugitive journey that pits him 
    against Combine war machines, alien horrors, and the modified human 
    collaborators who enforce The Combine will. Though he is able to rally the 
    resistance into open war against their totalitarian oppressors, Gordon ends up
    imprisoned in a massive Combine fortress called The Citadel. Here he meets the
    Combine's traitorous human liaison, Dr. Wallace Breen. Gordon escapes, and 
    with Alyx at his side, puts an end to Breen's treachery by destroying The 
    Citadel's teleport reactor. As the blast engulfs Alyx and Gordon, the G-Man,
    his mysterious goals apparently satisfied, reappears to once again toss his 
    pawn into timeless cold storage.
    Consciousness returns. Gordon and Alyx discover they've somehow escaped both 
    the reactor explosion and the G-Man's malevolent grasp. Before they can ponder
    their miraculous survival, the crippled Citadel lurches back to life just long
    enough to initiate a self-destruct sequence. With Alyx at his side, Gordon 
    must flee a city in chaos before the Citadel's final detonation turns City 17
    into a toxic, mutant-infested crater."
    Walkthrough                                                         [HL.03.01]
    Some hints and tips to get you started:
    * Remember to check out the controls. Some features won't be discussed 
      anywhere, so you might miss the zoom-function of the suit, for example 
      (that's the Z-button, by the way).
    * Run, walk or crawl while shooting, that way you're harder to hit.
    * Save often, but not when you're low on health.
    * Even if I don't tell you to do things, you can still try them out. There's
      nothing wrong with trying to talk to someone, unless I tell you not to do
    * Reload your gun when you're not in battle to be sure you won't start the
      next battle with just one bullet before you have to reload.
    * Aim for exploding barrels, because they'll blow things up, including 
      enemies that are near. Don't take cover behind one of these barrels 
      yourself, obviously. When Combines roll them towards you, shoot them before
      the barrels arrive.
    * If you need health, it's fine to go back a few rooms to get it. You get the
      idea? You can also do this for ammo, suit energy or whatever you want to
    * Most weapons (only the Crossbow) don't have a zoom-function. However, there
      is a way around it. Zoom with your suit (Z-button), aim, go back to the
      original view, and shoot. It's not a way to quickly snipe Combines down,
      but it works.
    In the walkthrough, I'll add *Loading* quite a few times. This means the game
    will load a new area and you'll have to wait a few moments. Not only for that
    reason I decided to add it, but it'll also make searching more easier. I've
    seen Half-Life 2 guides, but they aren't really organised, so it can be hard
    to find the spot you need.
    Sometimes, in levels with a lot of walking, I won't describe every corner for
    you. If you see an enemy, just shoot it. Don't let it attack you, just because
    I didn't tell you to defend yourself. If I tell you to get from A to B, I 
    assume you're able to go there without too much trouble.
    And the biggest note; THIS GUIDE CONTAINS SPOILERS! Don't use it if you don't
    want the game to be spoiled for you.
    Prologue                                                            [HL.03.02]
    "Tell me, Dr. Freeman, if you can. You have destroyed so much. What is it,
     exactly, that you have created? Can you name even one thing? I thought not."
    A little speech by Dr. Breen. Soon after we'll see the end of Half-Life 2.
    The core is exploding and Alyx is in the middle of all the trouble. However,
    suddenly vortigaunts will show up and teleport Alyx away. G-man shows up and
    will tell you he'll see about that.
    Chapter 1: Undue Alarm                                              [HL.03.03]
    Some light, some rubbish. Dog will soon dig you out and you and Alyx will
    rejoice. Hooray! Dog will give you your Gravity Gun back, which is a weapon
    you'll be using for a long time, until you finally find a normal gun. Alyx
    can jump onto the ledge ahead, but you can't. On the side you'll find a few
    planks holding back a gate. Shoot them off, and the gate will drop, allowing
    you to head onto the ledge and find Alyx again.
    Alyx will contact her father, and obviously there's trouble up ahead. The
    citadel is about to explode, and you're way too close to make that a 
    comfortable explosion. However, there is one way: inverting the core. Of
    course Alyx and Gordon accept this quest.
    Dog will create a new path. Follow it, making sure you shoot away and rubbish
    that's in the way. Once you reached the other side, Dog will show up, and even
    come up with an idea. He'll run away again, and throw a car your way. Be sure
    you avoid it.
    The idea Dog has, is to put you two into the car, and throw you into the 
    citadel. Seems like a fine idea to me. Step into the passengers seat and Dog
    will throw you. However, he doesn't really put you into a safe position, so
    the car will go for a short roller coaster ride.
    Step out of the car when it's standing still. As soon as Alyx gets out, the
    thing will fall down and make a big boom. Good thing Gordon Freeman is such a
    cool guy. Take a look to your left, and head that way. Something will explode,
    but ignore it. Follow the path from there.
    Alyx states you two need to find a way down the core. Way to go Alyx! Jump off
    the platform onto the lower ground, and Alyx will follow you. Continue until
    you find a shield, and two Stalkers behind the glass. Alyx can't open it, but
    notices the Roller Mines. Head into that direction, and follow it until you
    find an elevator going up and down. Don't take it, but keep going until you
    find a button. As soon as you press it, all the Roller Mines will drop down
    and start to attack you.
    Press the button, and run back. Use the alternative attack of the Gravity Gun
    to get hold of one (right mouse button) and head to the elevator. Take it up
    and show the thing to Alyx. She will modify it, so it'll attack the Stalkers.
    Let go off it, and let it do the work. Once Alyx has disabled the field,
    continue your journey.
    After a short walk you'll notice some Combine Soldiers running over a bridge,
    but they won't survive it. Just keep going until you find out your path is
    blocked. Start shooting the objects, and more Combines will run it. However,
    some weird device will activate itself and electrify them. Ah well, that's
    nice too.
    When you keep going, you'll find a bridge, and some Combines running over it.
    However, the devices on the side of it will knock them off. Time your run,
    and hold Shift to sprint. Make it to the other side, and let Alyx follow you.
    If you keep going you'll end up in a room with a load of red lasers. Jump
    Alyx will check the console, and suddenly find a stream of Dr. Breen. However,
    it's just a recorded movie, so no need to worry. Something to worry about is
    the thing that appears on the screen. It'll pass you buy underneath the
    glass floor, and then be launched into the air. Both you and Alyx seem to 
    react quite strange to the sounds and noise it makes.
    After a short walk you'll find yourself in a room with more strange devices.
    Gordon will throw the Gravity Gun away, and the thing will be upgraded, just
    like it was upgraded at the end of Half-Life 2. Now you can shoot your
    enemies with it, drag them towards you and pick and blow away heavier objects.
    At the end of the hall is...
    Nothing special. Heal yourself, and then find the bridge that's not activated
    yet. With your improved Gravity Gun you can drag energy balls towards you.
    Grab one (don't hold them for too long or they'll explode) and shoot it
    towards the device underneath the bridge on the other side. Once you do this,
    Combines will charge towards you and Alyx. Get rid of them, and find the next
    'broken' bridge.
    Fix it, and more Combines will join the fun. At the final bridge, you'll
    notice there is a glass shield in front of one of the devices. The key is to
    make the energy ball bounce between the glass and the wall, until it hits the
    device. Follow the path when it's fixed for more trouble.
    After a while you'll see a Strider (if you're fast enough) and a big ship
    floating, flying and crashing. Just follow the path until you find a room on
    your right side. Enter it and Alyx will open the door.
    Keep going until you find a big elevator. Grab an energy ball and enable it
    by shooting the ball into the device. Be sure to heal yourself first if 
    needed. When the elevator is going down, rubbish will start to fall down.
    If the big things hit the elevator, it's game over. Grab an energy ball and
    use that to shoot the rubbish, and change it's course. After two pieces the
    elevator will stop moving. You can also grab the debris when it comes close
    enough, and then simply shoot it away.
    Note: The rubbish is coming from above, so look up.
    Look for the device. It's behind glass. Drag the computer away and then shoot
    an energy ball, letting it bounce onto the wall into the device. When you go
    down, you'll need to shoot another piece of rubbish away. Soon after, the lift
    will stop again.
    Remove the machines and shoot an energy ball into the device. However, a 
    Stalker will mess things up. Shoot it and then active the device for a second
    time to go down again. When the elevator is all the way down, run away from
    it, since a lot of things will fall down. Heal yourself and then enter the
    door ahead.
    Chapter 2: Direct Intervention                                      [HL.03.04]
    On the other side of the doors you'll find machines. Alyx will check them out,
    and finds out the Combines are actually planning to blowing up the reactor.
    She'll open the elevator for you, and after some emotional moments you'll go
    The first thing you'll notice is the Stalker on the other side of the room.
    Use your Gravity Gun to get an energy ball and blow him away. Watch out for
    its laser, since it hurts.
    You'll notice more of the "bridge-devices". One is on the other side of the
    room (yes, active it), and one is behind you. This will create the first
    bridge for you. Cross the room and active the device that's now in your line
    of sight to active the second bridge. Cross it, and find the device with a
    red button. When you active it, the bridges will turn, and lead to the 
    central part of the room.
    Head there and climb up the ladder. Once up follow the path to enter a room
    with Combines. Get rid of them, since they are annoying. Heal yourself and
    notice the device above the window. Go back into the main room, grab a ball
    and use it to active the device. Remember the ball won't stay onto your gun
    forever, so hurry up a bit. What'll happen is that a machine will pop up from
    the big plate on the floor, and shoot something at the core. Whatever it is,
    it helps us.
    When you did this, a door will open. Simply keep following the path, getting
    rid of the Combines, until you find a closed door and some sort of electrical
    pillar with one energy ball into it. Grab the ball to open the door, which'll
    lead to the core again.
    Now comes a tricky part. Note how the core explodes and then implodes again.
    If you touch the core you'll die. Time it properly, and sprint to the other
    side of the room. From here keep going, getting rid of even more Combines
    until you find a room with a "2" and another device. Active it, and then find
    the elevator.
    Head up, heal yourself and keep fighting, battling, screaming and cursing
    until you end up in the room with the core again, this time above the core.
    Jump from the balcony you're on, onto one of the four panels that are 
    turning around the core.
    As soon as you step onto a panel Combines will rush in, plus a truckload of
    Manhacks. Grab the Manhacks and hit them onto something solid to get rid of
    them. Note how Alyx is following every move you make from the chamber she's
    in. When you're done, jump onto the other balcony and keep on fighting.
    Eventually you'll end up in chamber 3, and some Combines will greet you. Show
    them you don't like them and then grab an energy ball from chamber behind
    the broken glass and use it to activate the device. The machine will come up,
    but stop working. Head down into the room where the machine was, and you'll
    notice the pillars aren't working. Grab energy balls and shoot them at the 
    three pillars. Make sure you're standing on the elevator (just stand in the
    hole where the machine came from) when you're activating the third pillar. Go
    up and activate the device again. This time it'll work and the core has been
    deinterventioned (or something).
    Another door will open and it'll lead back to our lovely Alyx. Alyx will show
    you something in the room with the elevator about Judith. Be sure to heal
    yourself too if needed. As soon as Alyx copies this sensitive information,
    the alarm will go off. Just follow Alyx. She'll tell you your Gravity Gun
    changed back into your trusty ol' one. Ah well... Keep on going.
    Combines will show up, but you're obviously no match for them with no serious
    weapon. Just run down the hall and Alyx will shut the door shut (what a
    lovely sentence did I just make). When you continue, two Roller Mines will
    show up. Grab them both with your Gravity Gun and move them to Alyx. She'll
    make them friendly, so they won't harm you two anymore.
    In the room ahead some Combines will show up. Alyx will open the door, and the
    Roller Mines will do the rest for you. It's time to board the train when the
    Combines are gone. Heal yourself and hop inside.
    At first Alyx is happy, until she discovers you're both in a Stalker train.
    Things ain't so nice in there. Something bad will happen and the train will
    crash. To make things worst the Stalkers will awaken and scream their lungs
    out. One is even attracted to Alyx and is trying to kiss her. Keep pulling
    him off with your Gravity Gun until Alyx is freed. Hop out of the train and
    crawl in the next room.
    Chapter 3: Lowlife                                                  [HL.03.05]
    Remember Ravenhold from the original Half-Life 2? This is much more fun. After
    Alyx is done catching some breath, it's time to move on. Now the main idea
    here is to Alyx do the shooting. To begin with, you don't have a gun next to
    the Gravity Gun and she has unlimited ammo - you won't. Let her shoot off the
    zombies while you just act like a real man... stand back and let the woman
    do the work. There are Hopper Mines around, which you can use to speed things
    Head to the other side of the big room and enter the door. You'll be in a
    small hall, Silent Hill style. Nothing will happen though. Put your flashlight
    on ('F') and find the locked door. Alyx will be sad, but look around until you
    find an airduct. Alyx will tell you a little story, before she moves out of
    the way. Remove the protection and crawl into the duct.
    Go around the corner and head left. You'll end find another protection. Remove
    it and shoot the Headcrab below until it dies. It's safe to go down now. Note
    how there is a protected area with a fence, but it's not complete closed.
    Using the Gravity Gun you'll be able to get the items here, including a 
    Pistol. Finally a normal gun. Make sure you still let Alyx do most of the
    work though.
    Look for the lock that's preventing the gate from being opened. Shoot the lock
    off with your Pistol and then activate the powerbox. Alyx will come in and
    note your Pistol. Good work Alyx! Open the door that was closed before, 
    which'll lead into a dark room. Your task is to use the flashlight, so Alyx
    can see where she is shooting and what. 
    As soon as you go in, head left to find a dead body and the Shotgun. I still
    suggest you let Alyx do the shooting though. Now proceed through the dark 
    hall, letting Alyx do the shooting while you show her what's going on. 
    Eventually you'll end up in an area with some lights and a Combine turned into
    a Zombie, but behind a glass door. From now on, thanks to Alyx, I'll label
    them as Zombines. Soon enough, the thing will crawl up, grab a grenade and
    run towards the door. Move away and let him do his tricks. Behind the door
    is another dark room. You know what to do.
    You'll end up finding a powerbox. Turn it on, and keep going.
    In the next room there'll be trouble ahead. Find the wheel. Start turning it,
    and Antlions will show up. As long as you don't block their way through,
    they'll keep going. Equip your Gravity Gun and shoot the car onto the hole.
    This will stop the foul creatures. Turn the wheel again, and this time two
    Black Headcrabs will come out. Get rid of them, and when they are gone,
    turn the wheel until it doesn't go any further.
    The next room will have more cars, but no Antlions. However, when you look
    to your left (fenced area), you'll notice A LOT of Barnacles. Shoot the 
    crates and barrels you find around here onto their tongues, but don't get rid
    of all yet. After a short while a group of Zombies will show up and come
    towards you. Once again, let Alyx do the dirty work. When they are gone,
    follow the path and find the stairs.
    Go up to the new area, making sure Alyx doesn't stay behind. You'll see
    three Zombines battling an Antlion. Let them do their work, while you head to
    the end of the hall and then enter the room where they are having fun.
    There are various holes where the Antlions come from in this. You can find
    one car at this level, so use it as quick as you can. If Alyx ever gets 
    overwhelmed by the creatures, you can knock them over, making her job easier.
    Head up to the second floor to find another car. Enter the door to get behind
    the car and use your Gravity Gun to shoot it down. From there, put it above
    another hole. When that's done go all the way up. Walk over the narrow bars,
    and keep walking forward, until you drop down again. Turn the wheel all the
    way and put the final car over the final hole.
    When this is done, go find Alyx. On the upper floor there is another wheel.
    Use it to open the gate and follow the path to find some stairs. Go down
    first and get rid of the Zombie find some supplies. After that head up and
    enter the new room, filled with water.
    As you may expect, you'll find even more enemies here. Get rid of all of them
    and enter the final, big, room. After Alyx pretended to be a Zombie, you'll
    discover an elevator. Once Alyx activated it though, she'll find out it 
    doesn't work for long.
    Well, time to find a powerbox. Opposite of the elevator you'll find two doors
    with a plank to block them. Remove the plank and enter the room. Activate the
    powerbox inside and get ready for quite some fun. You two need to wait for
    the elevator, and in the meantime you can both practice your skills on a wide
    variety of Zombies. Equip your Shotgun and flashlight and start shooting like
    crazy. Once the elevator arrived run to it and board it, leaving the Zombies
    behind. Follow Alyx onto the surface.
    Chapter 4: Urban Fight                                              [HL.03.06]
    Alyx will try to open the big gate, but it's locked. Look around for a wheel
    you can turn. Open the gate and find a new wheel something in a corner. Take
    it to Alyx and connect it to the orange socket near the gate. Now turn the 
    wheel to open the gate.
    Walk up the stairs to see City 17 in ruins. Dr. Isaac will start a speech on
    a screen (you can also see this scene in the main menu, when you're currently
    at this level). From where you go up the stairs, head left and find the big
    boards. Remove them with your Gravity Gun and continue.
    You'll soon be 'attacked' by Scanners/Flashers. Take them out and go around
    the corner. Remove the boards here and move ahead to be attacked by Combines.
    Once you took them out you'll be able to grab a SMG (Sub Machine Gun) from
    them, which is much better than any of your current weapon in this situation.
    Note the big blue barrier ahead of you. When you come close to it, it'll 
    start to move. Wait until it's done moving and then head to the other side.
    A single civil medic is shooting at the Antlions here. There are a few holes
    open here, so shoot the cars to block them. A few Combines will join the
    party too, but chances are they'll just be busy shooting at the Antlions.
    Walk to the end of the street and find the blue door that's blocked by two
    planks. Remove them and open the door. Inside are a few Combines and some
    Laser Mines. Equip your Gravity Gun, grab a chair, fire it onto one of the
    red lines of a Laser Mine and move away. As soon as something touches the
    red laser of a Laser Mine, it'll blow itself. By triggering one you'll take
    out the Combines and cause a huge fire. Enter the room when the scary sounds
    are gone, and there're probably two more Laser Mines left. Throw something
    inside of the lasers, take cover and be a happy man. In the other side of the
    room you'll find a long pipe with some stuff on the left side. Put as much
    junk as you can on the left side of the pipe, then sprint to the other side
    and jump to reach the platform. It may takes a few times. Turn the wheel here
    to get rid of the gas, and thus the flames.
    Note: Another thing that works is to pile stuff up underneath the side of the
    pipes that go down as you walk over it. If you do this, the pipes won't drop
    when you walk over them, and you don't need to do it the hard way.
    Find Alyx and she suggest you both get upstairs. NO THEY WON'T HAVE SEX. That
    being said, go up. There are more Laser Mines here, and a Zombie who doesn't
    care about them. It'll walk through the lasers, causing them to explode, so
    stand back. Once the Zombie got its punishment go up again and take care of 
    more Zombies.
    Head down the stairs when this is done (also make sure you convert the Roller
    Mine) and... PANG! Watch out for the Combine Sniper and turret. Outside are
    a few Antlions and Roller Mines. Try to convert the Roller Mines, since they
    distract both the turret and Combine Sniper. If you can't, just shoot the 
    mines miles away.
    From the opening where you are standing, run towards the building on the right
    side. From there, run to the red car and crawl to avoid getting shot at. 
    From here run past the blue car and hide behind the building that's located
    here. You can now take out the Combine that's gunning at you, your mines and
    Alyx. Once this is done, either grab a Roller Mine or a Grenade and toss it
    into the hiding place of the sniper. If there are any mines left, it's best
    to run now, since they'll explode.
    Alyx will show up and climb into the room where the sniper was located. She'll
    cover your back, while you'll continue your journey up ahead. She claims to be
    a bit rusty, but shoots a ladder down in a single shot. Climb it and jump down
    As soon as you move ahead a lot of zombies will come out of their hiding place
    and start to attack you. Take care of the Leaper yourself, since it's
    annoying, but try to save ammo by letting Alyx do the dirty work. Looking from
    where Alyx is located, head into the building on the left first for some
    supplies, then enter the building on the right.
    When you enter and look on your right side you'll find some supplies. Watch
    out, since there is a Black Headcrab hiding here too. Go upstairs to find more
    Zombies marching your way. Shoot the planks away with your Gravity Gun on
    your left side, so Alyx can do the work for you.
    Follow the path and you'll find some broken stairs. Hop down and head outside
    again. Combines will keep coming from the barrier up ahead, but Alyx will do
    the work for you, so no worries there. Note the big metal hideout. Alyx will
    be aiming at this. Remove the obstruents with your Gravity Gun, so a sniper is
    suddenly uncovered. Alyx will get rid of him, which is good, since he's good
    at getting you killed.
    Walk (or run, whatever you like) to the barrier ahead. When Combines come out
    to kill you, kill them instead and use the opening to get to the other side
    of the barrier. Now protect yourself until Alyx is over at your place.
    Suddenly the reactor will get back on track and is getting ready to explode.
    Alyx will remove the force field, so head inside (make sure you get the
    Grenades first).
    There is only one way to go and it involves killing Combines. Do so until you
    end up in a slightly bigger room. Do NOT heal yourself yet. Alyx will notice
    a beeping sound, and soon after both doors will explode and Combines will 
    rush in. To make things worst, they are carrying Pulse Rifles, which is a nice
    weapon for you to take over. When the Combines are taken out, patch yourself
    up and continue.
    You'll end up with a view to the outside world. Drop down and get ready for
    a nice boss battle. Combines will be attacking an Antlion Warrior, but don't
    really succeed in doing so. Use the explosive barrels that are around to your
    advantage and get rid of the monster yourself.
    When it's dead, don't just idle around, since Antlions are still coming from
    two holes. Block their holes with cars and then walk back to Alyx, who will
    position herself behind a turret. Let her do the dirty shooting and take care
    of the Combines up ahead. Once the coast is clear, move behind the barrier,
    just to find even more Combines showing up. Kill them and drop down and enter
    the building up ahead.
    Be sure to make the Hopper Mines around here friendly and note the door ahead
    is blocked and heavily protected. Find the duct and enter it. If you want some
    fun, take the path to the right first, and the whole shaft will fall down. 
    Alyx will make a semi-funny comment 'Of, back so soon?' and then it's time to
    just get serious. Take the path to the left, and after a while the thing will
    fall down here too, in the middle of Laser Mines and explosive barrels.
    Shoot the protection above you away, but make sure it doesn't hit any laser.
    Leave the duct and note in how much trouble you are. Jump from barrel to
    barrel until you entered the elevator.
    Gordon is in more trouble, not only because of the dead body, but also
    because the elevator will fall down. Make yourself an opening by shooting the
    door on top of the elevator away and swim up. Step onto the side, so Gordon
    is away from the water again.
    You'll be looking at a room with lots of lasers and barrels. Use the Gravity
    Gun to pull a barrel, so a laser gets triggered and the whole room will 
    explode. If you feel unsafe you can jump into the water.
    Enter the room (don't get picked up by the Barnacles) and then hop into the
    tiny chamber, taking care of the Black Headcrab. Move the barrel next to the
    duct and use it to enter the duct. You'll end up a bit higher, but back in the
    elevator area.
    Jump to the right and then climb the ladder all the way up. From here you can
    jump to another duct. Enter it and keep crawlin' crawlin' crawlin'. You'll
    drop down into a room filled with Hopper Mines. Convert them all, so nobody
    gets hurt. Then find the powerbox so Alyx can enter. Continue.
    Head up the stairs and wait for the beep to stop beeping, and the door to
    start exploding. Get rid of the Combines and make sure you grab the Crossbow
    one will drop. Equip your Gravity Gun and pull the plug, so the force field
    you may have noticed earlier is removed. Head down the stairs and go up to
    the streets.
    Convert the Hopper Mine and then move down the street, killing Combines. After
    a while you'll find the RPG (Rocker Propelled Grenade) and a man of the rebels
    will show up. He knows how to get out of City 17, so follow him.
    You'll end up inside a building with more rebels, and Isaac holding more
    speeches. Head up the stairs until something gets blown. Remove the planks 
    from the door and step inside. Get rid of the two Zombines and enter the
    When you step onto the floor, you'll fall throw it and be overwhelmed by
    Zombies. Get rid of them and go back towards the stairs. On your way you'll
    hear a conversation of two rebels, who don't trust Isaac and pretty much the
    whole Black Mesa crew. That's that you're doing it for, I guess. Remove the
    plank and return back to the room where you fell through the floor.
    Avoid falling down again and keep on walking until you find a closed door. 
    You'll meet Barney! =D There is not much time to talk though, so he'll tell
    you the route, open the bridge and give you the Crowbar back. Best part of
    the game.
    Don't use the Gravity Gun to get rid of the big plank on the other side of the
    bridge. Gordon wouldn't do that! Use the Crowbar. When you run to the other
    side, make sure you watch out for the Gunship. 
    Find the stairs. When you go down you'll find some supplies. Up the way to
    go, and you'll find a lot of Black Headcrabs as a bonus. If you keep going
    you'll also find some Zombies. Just get rid of them and move on.
    You'll end up on a roof, but watch out for the Gunship again. When it's gone
    you can remove the plank from the wheel, so the bridge will drop down. Get 
    rid of the Combines and enter the hospital.
    Move on ahead to find a combination of Zombies and Combines, first taking care
    of each other, then taking care of you and Alyx. Shoot them and move on into
    the hall.
    The Gunship will be shooting from the windows, so stay close to the wall while
    you move further down the hall. At the end of the hall you'll find some stairs
    that lead up. Go there, and note how the rebel falls down. If you, for some
    reason, didn't get the RPG yet, now is your chance.
    It's time to battle the Gunship. If you run out of ammo for the RPG you can
    return to the upper level and take rockets from the big green box. Note how 
    the Gunship is able to get rid of your rockets, so this may take a while.
    Once the ship is destroyed it'll crash down. Drop down and have a chat with
    Alyx. After she's done being amazed, the door will blow open and you can shoot
    Combines again. Enter the hall and pull the box towards you to get rid of the
    Laser Mines. Around the corner you'll find a Hopper Mine and two more Laser
    Mines. You know what to do.
    Alyx will grab a shotgun and open the force field. Move on for some fighting
    between Combines and Zombies. Walk down the hall and head left into the next
    hall, taking care of any enemy that annoys you.
    At the end of the hall, a Zombie will suddenly burst open a door, so watch out
    for that. After that enter the hall behind the two red double doors. Once
    again you'll find Zombies and Combines fighting each other, so let them have
    their fun and kill the survivors.
    At the end of the hall (hey I just said that too!) you'll find the next hall
    and a red door. Enter the room behind the red door first, get rid of the
    Black Headcrabs and get any supplies. After that step into the next hall. It
    surely is a boring hospital.
    Note the two white doors with tons of Zombies behind them. Opposite of the
    doors are a few Zombies too, so watch out. Explore both rooms that are at the
    end of the hall and then return to the white doors again. This time the
    Zombies will burst the door open and rush towards you. Take them out if you
    feel like it (I used a core from the Pulse Rifle - great fun) and enter the
    room behind.
    Alyx wants you to drop down the hole first, so just do that. You'll crash
    further down and land into the water. Great. Swim down and head to the other
    side of the room, where a Black Headcrab is waiting for you. Shoot it and
    get out of the water. Now follow the path and find the broken catwalk. Get to
    the other side of it and pull the lever. This will open a door and... put 
    electricity on the water, making it deadly for you to touch.
    Kill the two Barnacles above you and hug the wall to your left. Sprint to the
    end of the catwalk (it'll go down) and jump to the next broken part of the
    catwalk. On your right (facing the door) you'll see a small room with a wall
    completely gone. Get rid of more Barnacles and the Black Headcrab and go
    there. You can now crawl through the window and reach the door.
    Note: There is a blue barrel here too. You can put it underneath the catwalk,
    so it won't drop down when you walk over it.
    Go up the stairs and find Alyx. Head down the hall and enter the room to your
    right. At the floor below is a Piggy Tail Zombie, so take it out and drop down
    yourself. The second you get down Zombies will start to attack the room from
    both sides and enter the room. Help Alyx killing off the Zombies until there
    isn't a single one left. Follow the path until you find a hall again.
    Note the trail of blood. It can be your blood too, since there are Sentry
    Guns set up at the other side of the room, plus a lot of Hopper Mines are on
    the ground. Luckily you can hide from the Sentry Guns when you hug the wall.
    To start off, hug the wall on the right and some Zombies will cross the room
    in order to get you. Some will get shot by the Sentry Guns, some by Alyx, the
    rest by you.
    Sprint to the room where the Zombies came from and more will come from another
    room. Same story... just make sure you get rid of them. Cross to that room and
    rest a bit. You must be tired.
    Grab a Hopper Mine with your Gravity Gun and shoot it towards the Sentry Guns
    to take them out. After that you can use your Gravity Gun to pull the plug and
    lower the force field. Continue.
    Chapter 5: Exit 17                                                  [HL.03.07]
    The final chapter already. It's time to get out of City 17 before things get
    nasty (or at least, more nasty). Open the door and step into the room. At 
    first you'll hear Isaac with more boring talk, but soon enough the camera will
    focus on you and you'll see the strange enemy on the monitor again. Remove the
    planks and step outside to meet Barney again.
    Follow Barney to get your first squad behind you. Head to the other side of
    the area and enter the shed here. Follow it to find the train station. From
    here head left to find the next exit (there'll be a turret here) and follow it
    to get to your goal. On some supply crates you can find the Magnum here.
    Alyx will mount the turret and it's your goal to get your next squad.
    When you head back you'll be attacked by various things. My tactic is to just
    ignore that and run back to Barney. He'll give you your second, slightly 
    smaller, squad. Take them through the train station, nothing special will
    As soon as you go back for the third squad you'll notice the Combine sniper.
    Take him out with your RPG, or just get close and lob a Grenade inside. You
    can now take your third squad with you, so do so. Enter the train station
    again and a Super Combine will shoot the train down. Shoot him down to punish
    him for his actions.
    Walk up the stairs and another Super Combine (and a normal Combine) will show
    up on the train ahead. Take them out and jump down. Bring your third squad
    to the secured location.
    Go back towards Barney, and this time the Combines will have an ATV installed,
    trying to bother you. It'll shoot with a turret and shoot rockets, making it
    quite annoying. You need to shoot the thing quite a few times with your RPG
    in order to get rid of it. The best tactic is too hide in the shed and only
    go out for a quick shot and to get ammo.
    Once the tank is gone you can get the last squad. Barney will join the action
    too. Enter the train station and the door on the other side will blow open,
    allowing more Combines to enter. Head up and take care of even more (Super)
    Combines. Just get to the secured location.
    Barney will take this train while you and Alyx will go after another one, to
    draw the attention of the Combines away from them. Follow Alyx and walk around
    until you find a wheel.
    Start to turn it, but stop as soon as Alyx is in the next room. A Strider will
    show up and mess things up really bad for you. Wait until it's done shooting
    and find the opening it created.
    Go there and get rid of a few Combines. Remove the wooden things that are
    blocking the entrance and go there. Ahead of you you'll see a long container.
    Enter it and get rid of the crates in order to continue.
    Now keep entering containers until you are in one that suddenly falls down.
    This will also release two Black Headcrabs, so watch out for that. Sprint
    across the containers until you are back to where you already was, just on a
    higher level. 
    Jump to the other container and continue your path up. Sprint across the
    containers again and jump on the platform. The Strider will notice you and 
    start shooting around. It'll also shoot at some barrels, causing the crates
    ahead to explode ~ good job Strider!
    Run over the platform until you can jump down, behind a container. The Strider
    will shoot at the container, causing it to be blown back a bit. Continue your
    journey to find two Combines. Kill them and take care of the explosive barrels
    coming your way.
    On your left you'll see two trains, with a small gap between them. Use this
    gap to head to the other side of the trains. Climb the stairs and get ready
    for your second and last boss-fight. You need to shoot quite a few rockets at
    the Strider to take it down. Hide as much as possible and take your time.
    When you took it down, head down the stairs and greet Alyx. Hop on the train
    and... watch the ending.
    Coming Soon                                                         [HL.03.08]
    This will be played after the credits. It shows a bit about Half-Life 2:
    Episode Two. Alyx is alive, most likely in trouble and the Combines are going
    to strike back with new enemies waiting for you. Good job, you beat this game!
    Cheats & Secrets                                                    [HL.04.01]
    Console Cheats                                                      [HL.04.02]
    Open the console (~-key), and enter sv_cheats 1. After that, use any of the
    following codes:
    * No damage: god
    * Never Die: buddha
    * Infinite power for your suit: infinite_aux_power
    * All weapons and ammo: impulse 101
    * Kill all npcs in the area: npc_kill
    * Enemies don't attack: notarget
    * Walk through walls: noclip
    * Spawn a scout car: ch_createjeep
    * Spawn an airboat: ch_createairboat
    * skulls: impulse 102 
    * Wire frame models: mat_wireframe1
    * Only objects effected by physics are wireframe: vcollide_wireframe 1
    * Draw game triggers: showtriggers_toggle
    * Draw normal maps: mat_normalmaps 1
    * Draw surface materials: mat_normals 1
    * Turn off bump mapping: mat_fastnobump 0
    * Remove weapon model from the screen: impulse 200
    Use "give xxx", where xxx is one of the following:
    * item_healthkit
    * item_healthvial
    * item_box_buckshot
    * item_box_mrounds
    * item_box_sniper_rounds
    * item_box_srounds
    * item_battery
    * item_suit
    * item_ml_grenade
    * item_ar2_grenade
    * weapon_annabelle
    * weapon_ar1
    * weapon_ar2
    * weapon_bugbait
    * weapon_cguard
    * weapon_molotov
    * weapon_manhack
    * weapon_immolator
    * weapon_irifle
    * weapon_crowbar
    * weapon_extinguisher
    * weapon_flaregun
    * weapon_frag
    * weapon_gauss
    * weapon_alyxgun
    * weapon_hopwire
    * weapon_iceaxe
    * weapon_physcannon
    * weapon_physgun
    * weapon_pistol
    * weapon_rpg
    * weapon_shotgun
    * weapon_smg1
    * weapon_smg2
    * weapon_stickylauncher
    * weapon_stunstick
    * weapon_thumper
    * weapon_sniperrifle
    * weapon_rollerwand
    * weapon_slam
    * weapon_hmg1
    * weapon_cubemap
    * weapon_binoculars
    * weapon_ml
    * weapon_brickbat
    Use "map xxx", where xxx is one of the following. Use it to load a different
    * d1_canals_01
    * d1_canals_02
    * d1_canals_end
    * d1_tempanals_02
    * d1_town_01
    * d1_town_02
    * d1_town_03
    * d1_town_04
    * d1_town_05
    * d1_trainstation_01
    * d1_trainstation_02
    * d1_trainstation_03
    * d1_trainstation_05
    * d1_under_01
    * d1_under_02
    * d1_under_03
    * d1_under_04
    * d2_coast_01
    * d2_coast_02
    * d2_coast_03
    * d2_coast_04
    * d2_coast_04_dx60
    * d2_coast_05
    * d2_coast_06
    * d2_coast_07
    * d2_coast_08
    * d2_prison_01
    * d2_prison_02
    * d2_prison_03
    * d2_prison_04
    * d2_prison_05
    * d3_c17_03
    * d3_c17_04
    * d3_c17_05
    * d3_c17_06a
    * d3_c17_06b
    * d3_c17_07
    Source: IGN
    Weapons                                                             [HL.05.01]
     Ammo: N/A
     Hotkey: 1
     Description: This is the famous Half-Life weapon, although you won't use it
     all that much. You'll mainly using it to break stuff, and to keep Man Hacks
     away from you.
    Gravity Gun
     Ammo: N/A
     Hotkey: 1
     Description: The most fun gun in the game. You can play with gravity, by
     grabbing objects, and putting them down, or just throwing them away. The 
     primary attack button will shoot things away, the secondary attack button
     will grab things. At a certain point of the game, you'll get a much stronger 
     version of the Gravity Gun, which'll be able to kill enemies and carry even 
     heavier stuff. Sadly, you won't have it for long.
     Ammo: 18/150
     Hotkey: 2
     Description: A simple pistol, that's nice when out of ammo for other guns.
     Ammo: 6/12
     Hotkey: 2
     Description: This weapon will blow your enemies away, literally. Most enemies
     will also die from one good shot with the Magnum. 
    Sub Machine Gun (SMG)
     Ammo: 45/225 + 3 Grenades
     Hotkey: 3
     Description: I won't make the Sarah Michelle Gellar joke again, see my Doom 3
     guide for that. Instead, let me just tell you this is a pretty good gun, 
     which you'll get early in the game, and you'll love it for a while. It shoots
     pretty fast, so enemies will die faster too. The primary attack button fires
     the SMG, and the secondary attack button fires a grenade.
    Pulse Rifle
     Ammo: 30/60 + 3 Cores
     Hotkey: 3
     Description: This is a quite a good gun, but it can't hold much ammo. The
     primary attack button will fire, the secondary will fire a core. The core
     will take out large groups of enemies, but it's also possible to kill 
     yourself or allies with it.
     Ammo: 6/30
     Hotkey: 4
     Description: My favourite weapon from Doom 3 for it's power. This isn't Doom
     3 though, it's Half-Life 2. Still, this weapon is great for taking out 
     enemies quickly. The primary attack button fires one shot, and the secondary
     attack button fires two shots.
     Ammo: 1/10
     Hotkey: 4
     Description: The only weapon that has a zoom-function. Use it, because this
     weapon is great for taking out enemies from a distance. The primary attack
     button will fire, and the secondary attack button will zoom in.
     Ammo: 5
     Hotkey: 5
     Description: Well, what to say? Don't wait too long, or you'll blow your hand
     of, and be sure to actually throw the grenade, not just the pin. This is a 
     nice weapon if you need to take care of large groups of enemies, or when you
     find a Combine behind a turret. The primary attack button will throw a 
     Grenade, the secondary attack button will roll on.
     Ammo: 1/3
     Hotkey: 5
     Description: A Rocket Launcher. It's the only weapon that can take the 
     Gunships down. Also good for taking out big groups of enemies.
    Enemies & Bosses                                                    [HL.06.01]
    Drones - Flying enemies, that come in various forms. Most of the time, the
    Gravity Gun works fine against them.
     Scanners - In the beginning of the game they might be harmless, after a short
      time they'll become annoying machines that'll blind you and find you, so the
      Combines can easily spot you.
     Man Hacks - These are updated version of the Scanners. Not only do they fly,
      but they also have a small blade spinning around, which isn't nice at all.
      Just keep slashing it with your Crowbar to take it down. The Gravity Gun
      also works fine against them.
     Drones - Flying things, that'll drop Hoppers down.  
     Flashers - They are annoying little things. They'll move towards you, and try
      to blind you. If you just look away from them, you're fine though.
    Civil Protection - The enemy you'll battle most. They are some sort of super
    human (ber-menschen (the army Hitler wanted to create back in WW2), perhaps?
    Who knows.), and are available in various tastes and smells.
     Combines - These are the guards of City 17, and are the main enemy throughout
      the game. They are dressed in black, and appear to be human, but who knows.
      Sometimes they are only equipped with a stun-stick, others are equipped with
      heavy weapons. There are various of these Combines, ranging from the city
      version, to the prison version. Not enough difference to discuss, though.
     Combine Snipers - You'll notice them by the blue laser. Take them out by
      tossing a grenade or mine in their hideout.
     Super Combines - White Combines, that are stronger than any other Combine you
      encounter in the game. They are the only Combine that'll use the secondary
      attack of the Pulse Rifle.
    Headcrabs - The annoying enemies from the original Half-Life. Most will die
    from one hit with a Crowbar, though.
     Headcrab - Annoying little creatures. They are small, and will jump at you as
      soon as they see you.
     Black Headcrab - These Headcrabs are venomous, and when they hit you, you'll
      get poisoned too. When you got hit, just stand still until the suit healed
     Super Headcrab - They move faster, and can jump further. You can identify
      them by their long legs.  
    Civil Protection Equipment - The vehicles and other unfriendly things the
    Combines will use against you.
     ATVs - These tanks will shoot missiles at you. Just keep moving and
      you'll be fine. Fire at the missiles, so they'll miss you, when you really
      need to.
     Gunships - These are even more annoying than the Helicopters. They'll fly
      around and shoot at you. Only the RPG can take them down. They require 6
      rockets before they go down.
     Strider - Big creatures, that have long legs. You probably know them from
      various Half-Life 2 screenshots or movies. They require 6 rockets, before
      they'll go down in normal mode, 3 in easy and 9 in hard. This means you'll
      need to find one of those boxes with unlimited rockets in them.
     Sentry Guns - Turrets you can just pick up, place somewhere, and they'll
      shoot the enemy. You can easily take them down with Gravity Gun, or by
      throwing something towards them.  
    Zombies - Huuuuuuuuuuuuuh... that's the sound they make. Some are slow, others
    are fast. Shoot them in the head, if you can.
     Zombies - These poor guys got attacked by a Headcrab, and turned into 
      Zombies. They'll throw things at you, so be sure to watch out. When the 
      Zombie died, the Headcrab might still live, so watch out.
     Leapers - These aren't your average Zombies, they are way faster, and are
      able to climb. Take them out with your Shotgun.
     Zombine - A Combine that became a zombie. When it feels like it, it'll grab
      a grenade, hold it in its hand and then explode. Quite handy when it's 
      away from you, since it'll take down his friends too.
     Piggy Tail Zombies - Even stronger Zombies. These guys have a load of Black
      Headcrabs on them, and won't hesitate to throw them at you. Take it down 
    Mines - What needs to be said? Step on them, and get yourself killed.
     Roller Mines - Strange enemies, and easy too. Pick them up with your Gravity
      Gun, and shoot them as far away as possible. Alyx can modify them, so 
      they'll attack the enemies.
     Laser Mines - See the red beams? Don't touch them, because a mine will
      explode if you do.
     Hopper - An advanced type of mine. They'll only attack enemies. However, if
      you pick them up with your Gravity Gun, and place them back on the ground,
      they'll work for you.
    Antlions - A mix between an ant, and lion, as the name suggests. They just 
    keep coming, and coming, and coming.
     Antlions - Like the name makes you suspect, this is a mix between a lion, and
      an ant. They'll fly, and attack you. They'll keep coming, so move away from
     Antlion Warrior - This is the advanced version of the Antlion. They'll summon
      Antlions and rush at you, trying to hit you.
    Barnacles - You should know these enemies from the first Half-Life. They just
    hang at the ceiling, with their tongue out of their mouth. As soon as they
    feel something touched their tongue, they'll slowly move the object towards
    their mouth and try to eat it.
    Stalkers - They used to be people, but now they are just slaves of the 
    Combines. Watch out for their lasers.
    Allies                                                              [HL.07.01]
    Barney Calhoun - The security guard from the original Half-Life. Although you
     saw many of his clones, in this game, there is only one Barney, and he seems
     to remember you ("Hey Gordon, it's me, Barney, from Black Mesa").
    Dr. Isaac Kleiner - Another old friend from the original Half-Life. This time,
     there aren't clones, but just one Dr. Kleiner. He has a pet, Lamarr, and he 
     seems to care more for her, than for his own life.
    Alyx Vance - The daughter of Eli Vance (more about him in a few seconds). She
     helps you in the game at various points, and see seems to be a better shooter
     than most other allies. Also, many gamers have a crush on her.
    Dr. Eli Vance - The father of Alyx Vance, as stated above. He has a strange
     leg, but he's friendly, so don't worry.
    Dog - The pet of Alyx Vance. It's not a real dog, but a robot. It's extremely
     strong, and help you in various ways.
    Dr. Judith Mossman - Don't want to spoil the original Half-Life 2 for you.
    Rebels - They contain the most stupid A.I. of the game, but it's still better
     than nothing, right? You can take up to 4 with you, and they'll aid you by
     shooting enemies, and giving you health (the medics will do this, obviously).
    Vortigaunts - They were enemies in the original Half-Life, but that's because
     they were slaves of Nihilanth. Since you saved them, by defeating Nihilanth,
     they are friendly now.
    FAQ                                                                 [HL.08.01]
    Q: Blablablablabla. Can you help me?
    A: Are you using an illegal version? Then please don't even bother mailing
       me, since that version comes with more problems than anything else. This is
       not because of the game, but it's because it's the illegal version.
    Q: I'm at <enter location>, and I'm stuck, because the A.I. doesn't do a 
       single thing!!!11
    A: See above. I'm not going to help you because you downloaded the game. This
       is a problem that only occurs to the downloaded version. But in case this
       happens to your legit copy, save your game, open the console (~) and enter
       ai_norebuildgraph "0". Then re-load the game and it's fixed.
    Q: If I download Half-Life 2: Episode One, will my Steam account get banned?
    A: Yes, that might just happen.
    Q: Can I disable the title screen's background? Loading the title screen takes
    A: Yes, find the file valve.rc in the /hl2/cfg dir, and add // in front of
       startupmenu . This will fix it. Just to be sure, it'll look like this:
       // display the startup level
       // startupmenu
    Q: My sound stutters, what can I do?
    A: There is a patch that should fix a few things, but if that doesn't work, 
       you can try the following things:
       * If you're using more than 2 speakers, go back to 2 speakers.
       * Lower the sound quality.
       * Lower your graphical settings, including AA, resolution and texture
    Q: Do I need the original Half-Life 2 to play this?
    A: No.
    Q: Can Alyx die?
    A: Yes, and the game acts as if you died if she does.
    Q: How do I heal myself?
    A: In the beginning of the game you'll find black/orange boxes on walls. When
       you use these ('E'), they'll heal you. You'll also be able to find normal
       medstations and various healing items spread throughout the world.
    Conclusion                                                          [HL.09.01]
    I hope you enjoyed my guide, since I put a lot of work in it. If you encounter
    problems, feel free to mail me. Also suggestions, feedback, comment etc. are
    accepted, the mail addy is on top of this file.
    Thanks-list: ZenCaser, Rodie83, Greg Mueller, Unworldly, Rudys, Billy, Marc
    And especially you, for reading this.
    For other guides, you can check this link:
                 Copyright (c) 2006-2007 by Grawl. All rights reserved.

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