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"Able Company Moveing out Sir!"

Welcome to my review for Company of Heroes for the PC.

Company of Heroes is a new type of Real Time Strategy game that shares alot with its father game, Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War. These are a brand of RTS games that are more focused on combat and tactics then resource collecting or base construction.

Relic Delivers us another masterpiece by takeing Dawn of wars gameplay and mixing it with World War 2 and pits Allies (America) vs the Axis (Germany) during the Normandy invasion period.

Anyway Enough of that onto the review.

Gameplay 9/10
The gameplay in Company of Heroes is simply amazeing your troops take cover during firefights to survive longer (you can order them where to take cover if you wish) and anything from Craters to stone walls can be used as cover during a heated infantry battle. That said, Company of Heroes is a Infantry combat game thats focused around battle tactics and quick reaction to whats going on in the battlefield. This game favors the offensive player as defensive players will NOT prosper in this game due to its Innovative new game mode, Victory point control.
While being new to the RTS Genre this mode has been in the Battlefield series (first game: Battlefield 1942) since its beginning and pretty much plays the same, You take control of "Victory points" on the map and when you have more then your enemy his "Ticket points" begin to drop (the more you have then him the faster they drop) so a defensive player will have to change his tactics for this game.

A typical game starts out with your HQ and one squad of your basic building all perpose units (Engineers for Allies and Pioneers for Axis) and you start from their.

You dont get resources in this game by building resource buildings and get them by captureing territory and then you get a continuous stream of resources from that territory. Their are three types of resources: Manpower, Munitions, and fuel and each territory on the map gives you one of these three when you own it so get to pushing back the enemy!

The game features a full on Physics engine so when you kill a guy his body will behave like it would in real life (no death animation crap) and you can blow up ANYTHING in the game.

Grahpics 9/10
WOW for an RTS this has amazeing grahpics (almost as good as Half life 2!) and everything is very detailed you can zoom down really far and see your soldiers faces and even see their mouths move when they talk!. All that said you do need a powerful system to run the game too its full potential however this game runs well on even older systems so you can still enjoy it.

Sound 9/10
Also amazeing, everything from a Allied riflemens M1 Garand to a German MG 42 sound like they did in real life and it adds insanely to the experience and makes it feel like your their on the front lines.

Story 7/10
You think that an RTS would never have a really good story...but this one has a Saveing private Ryan experience too it, you follow a fictional company called Able company through the invasion of Normandy starting with the invasion of Omaha beach all the way to the final battle against the German invaders. The game has cutscenes in between each mission that are pretty well done and get you pumpin for the mission at hand.

In the end
This game is simply an achivement in modern RTS development and should be in any serious gamers collection.

Final score 9/10

Buy: YES!!!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/14/06

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