Review by SpunkyMan1

Reviewed: 09/22/06

The Greatest RTS I've Ever Played... Ever!!!

Let me first say that Company of Heroes is a fantastic game, and is a prime example of how the RTS genre is meant to be. The first time I sat down and played this game, I was constantly being awed by the realism the developers put into it. Everything from troops moving from cover to cover, to artillery blowing up dirt and sparks. Company of Heroes shines far above the rest, and I can say that, because I've played them all. Company of Heroes features 15 amazing single-player missions, which are fun to play over and over and over again. I'm still not tired of the beach landing at Omaha on D-Day.

The graphics are the absolute best I've ever seen in a strategy game. Water reflections look great, the effects look great, the detail on units and buildings are all fantastic. But the shocking part is, that isn't where this game truly shines.

The realism is jaw-droppingly amazing. Troops react to their environment, shouting out when they're being attacked, and what they're being attacked by. The effects look so real that even now, after I've played the game through twice, I'm still being awed by them. Your troops will use their environment to their advantage, automatically moving to the best nearby cover available when engaging an enemy. Tanks are vulnerable at the rear, which made me smile when I discovered it the hard way. Sticky bombs actually stick to enemy armor and vehicles. Buildings actually crumble and leave enemies garrisoned inside them exposed, thanks to the completely dynamic destructable environment. Artillery leaves craters (Which your troops can jump inside of and use as cover). Your troops can be pinned down by enemy MGs and tanks, and will jump out of the way of artillery or tank shells (or anything explosive for that matter). I could go on and on, but if I haven't gotten your attention yet, then there HAS to be something wrong with you. One last thing I can say, is that I love the dynamic difficulty progression in single-player mode. Some missions are easier, while other missions are extreme. The game doesn't get progressively more difficult, one way or another, which is one more small thing I love about this game.

The sound is amazing, especially with the bass turned up and speakers blasting. The sound alone will make you believe that you're actually surrounded by Nazis, in a war-torn town during World War 2, fighting an epic battle to shape the future of the world. Absolutely all of the sounds are top-notch, completely realistic, and will leave you breathless time and time again. Your soldier's shouts are drowned out by incoming artillery and the battle that surrounds them, while the radios simulate static if there's alot going on around the soldiers using them. Order an artillery strike, move the camera as far away from the strike as possible, and you'll still be able to hear the faint *CRACK* of the shell hitting the ground, which grows louder (Or quieter) the closer or further away you move to the strike.

All in all, this game is definately one to buy, not just rent. You'll want to play it over and over, until you can distinctly tell every battle sound apart.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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