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"Not Perfect but fun game."

Story: The single player is awesome, you'll love the campaign. Its not boring and it is challenging. You can earn medals by completing tasks during a game. In one of the missions I got a Ranger promoted and later earned a medal when I won that mission. Kinda cool, you can choose to redo the missions to try and earn those medals or you can skip it, totally optional.

Gameplay: This is fun gameplay, it is very nice and simple like many of the other good RTS game. It has shortcut keys that you can use, but is optional, you can control everything with the mouse. It runs smooth without any lag. Everything has a button that you press to get them to do things much like other RTS games in general. Nothing much new in gameplay from other RTS games sadly.

Sound: Awesome sound, units will have some funny things to say, like a Tank that is badly damaged might say "Drive, just drive!" lol. The Artillery and Tanks sound awesome when they fire and hit things. There are differences between gunfire. You'll recognize a Sniper, Infantry or Machine Gun fire. I haven't seen any problems with sound yet.

Graphics: This is where it excels in, the game has great graphics. Artillery and Tanks will even leave craters in the ground as it fires. Buildings will fall apart piece by piece until the building can no longer hold its roof up. The roof will fall and destroy anyone inside. You can zoom in and see things up close or zoom out. Most of the units are not out of place, you wont see wardogs or pigs that blow themselves up here because they could have existed in the Roman army.

However there is one odd unit, the Goliath, which is supposedly a remote control car, very small and it blows itself up with a huge blast. It can be used to destroy bridges or do damage to buildings and tanks. The Goliath seems out of place though. It only costs munitions, not manpower and you can use it like a unit. But Germans didn't have remote control cars, they had wire control. That means a few men had to be there to control the car with direct line of sight. The game doesn't mirror real life here. It would have been better if 2-3 infantry squad was carrying the Goliath until they got into range of something to kill, they would hide most likely and sent the Goliath in to try to destroy it. Think it would have been nice if Goliaths cost manpower too.

Multiplayer: While multiplayer is fun for awhile, it wont take you too long to figure out the basics and the commands and doctrines. But, once you play many multiplayer games you'll come to an understanding that once Germany has tanks like the Tiger, its over. That is to say the gamebalance is so skewed in Germans favor by the 10 minute mark, that it would take someone of vastly less skill to get defeated by Allies.

The problem is, of what you will hear and figure out on your own, is that Allies are supposed to be powerful in the first half of the game, and Germany in the later half of the game. Which Allies are not even close too powerful in the first half while Germany becomes this gigantic monster of Tanks, every 3 minutes a Tiger comes out, and takes you 5 minutes to destroy at the very least. You can throw everything you've built up as Allies, since the start, at these Tigers and still come out on the losing side. Once Germany has Tigers, there is nothing, and I mean nothing that is cost effective against them. ATs can be easily flanked and destroyed by one of their infantry, while you had no choice but to spam ATs just to stop one Tiger. If I could build the counter unit, one Anti-Tank gun and build some protection for my AT and still defeat his Tiger I would be happy. But one Anti-Tank Gun taking out a Tiger or Panther without dieing is almost impossible to any Axis player with skill.

The German Tanks from Ostwinds to Tigers have no cost effective counters, so this game lacks in Gamebalance.

Gamebalance: One of the worst I've ever seen. If Germans are supposed to pop out with a Tiger at the 10-15 mark and retake the entire map, then what should Allies be given in the first half to take the entire map? It doesn't look like this game will be balanced soon or if at all. Unless you like playing as Germany and beating down on USA easily then you wont enjoy Multiplayer.

If they reduced the cost of everything on the Allies side by half, you just Might have a balanced game. But, unlikely they would go to that extreme, so German Tanks will always win out unless the whole line is nerfed. But, thats completely unlikely aswell. I will never recognize this game as a decent Multiplayer game, I believe it to be skewed so bad for them to Balance the game to where Allies can not compete late game and win given equal resources ect ect.

If there is one thing, just one that I think could make a difference, it would be something in resources, like Germans inability to make observation posts, while Allies cost no manpower to make OPs. Everything on Germans side should cost allot of extra manpower an fuel, about 30% more for everything. That would illustrate real life better because German had less resource than the Allies. Plus Tigers should cost 2000 manpower not a cheap 1000, because Tigers do way more than 2000 manpower in damage just by themselves, and with some support, there goes everything you worked for from the start as Allies.

Overall: 8/10 A great single player. Great graphics. Great gameplay. Awesome sound. Horrible multiplayer gamebalance issues (which can be rebalanced with patches, hopefully)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/25/07

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