Review by Mafiafun

Reviewed: 08/09/07

A wonderful RTS that takes skill

I first saw this game through commercials, and I thought it looked amazing. I started to become curious about this game and started doing some research on it. I heard it was an extremely difficult game. So I got the game to satisfy my curiosity.

Gameplay 10/10
The gameplay is terrific. There are two sides Axis and Allies (its WW2...). There are two game types, Victory Point Control (you must control a certain spot until the other team's points run out) and Annihilation (destroy all the buildings).

Anything can be used for cover, slight hills, walls, craters, destroyed vehicles, trees... Anything in the map can be destroyed by artillery or vehicles.
There are three resources in this game, Manpower, Munitions, and Fuel. Unlike other RTS, you gain resources and population caps by capturing territory. (Except Manpower, this is generated by your HQ).

In both sides you gain XP which fills a circle, once full you gain one point. With this one point you can choose one of the three power-ups. With the Allies it’s between Infantry, Airborne, or Armor. The Axis powers choose between Infantry, Blitz, and Terror. Personally I see the Allies gaining receiving the best powers ups.

But the advantages that the Axis gets are the best units. The Axis' barracks start out with being able to build snipers (which are infantry killing gods). But Germans also can build Grenadiers, which can be upgraded with either 2 light MG 42s, 2 Panzers, or one of each. The light MG 42 is perhaps the best machine gun in the game for infantry, it works just like the MG infantry unit except there is no time spent to set it up. The Panzers are wonderful against any vehicles and don't take long to travel around the way the AT guns do. But for one (one mg or panzer) it costs 75 munitions, which if you ask me is expensive if you mass infantry the way I do.

The Allied infantry can be upgraded with a BAR, which is not as effective as the Light MG 42, but it is a single upgrade for ALL Riflemen.

Balanced or not? Personally I say it is because the Allies receive so many wonderful things that it is ok to sacrifice the best units in the game to use them.

The only thing that this game needs is A LOT MORE MAPS!!!! You start out with a very limited amount of maps.

Now the Difficulty, YES it was extremely hard in the beginning. I was unfamiliar with the units and did not know how to counter anything and made bad investment choices. But after watching a few replays and trying new things, I can beat the computer on hard in only a half hour.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics are amazing. You see everything blow up, the units falling when they die. You can zoom in on anything and see the details on all units, vehicles, buildings, or foliage. My only complaint is that I would like the camera to be able to zoom out even further, it seems a bit close.

Sound 10/10
When one of your units is under attack they will talk and tell you something useful, whether they are suppressed or pinned, you will know. Gunshots sound like gunshots, explosions sound like explosions what else do you want?

Story 1/10 (I will not add this to the score of personal belief with RTS and story lines...)

You follow able company around, from Omaha beach, to the end of the war. Been there done that. Not interesting, then again I have not encountered a RTS game with a good storyline...

+ Great gameplay
+ Plenty of units
+ Everything can be countered
+ Allied special stuff is interesting and fun
+ Great Graphics
+ Pretty difficult and definitely tests your skills

- Axis special stuff bores me and not as good.
- Camera should zoom out more.
- The campaign isn't worth even being in the game...

Purchase it or not?
Well you cannot rent it so if you like RTS games then this is a must. If you are trying to enter into RTS games, then this is a great start. If you want a game with a story stay away, otherwise DEFINITELY BUY!

Final Verdict 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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