Review by Govvy

Reviewed: 05/10/05

2D At its best, Ownage! :)

Simple yet brilliant. You are a pilot in a small flying sorcer, with your primary laser (left click) and have a compliment of three secondary weapons; bouncy, missile and the big bad bomb, known as a grenade.

The graphics seem smooth, but then again it is a 2D action game and that keeps it simple. I wouldn't go to the extreme lengths saying that the graphics could be better, because people have written graphic patches for ARC. I call them skins myself, but this is yet another way to make the game better. I do suggest you try them.

The sound is pretty basic so I like to play music in the background, so I suggest you play what ever takes your fancy and I am telling you know, the right or wrong music will effect your game play. But for those basic sounds, I think the NexGen patch will sort that out. That skin/patch has the best weapon, explosion attack sounds.

Now here is the important part and its game play. Once you start any game you will be a newbie, but being a newbie on ARC isn't very nice and you will get blasted to dust really very quickly. So you respawn and die again... and again. Until you learn to dodge and retreat and spin and shunt left and so on. There is a hell of a lot of different tactics you should try in the game play and that is what makes this game work. When you get your tactics right and you are winning it will be hard to put this game away and can get very addictive.

This game is built around a very good community that have created clans and leagues. Once you are in a clan you can train with them and improve your game play. Then you can get your clan into a league and prove you are the best. This takes a lot of doing and I have found fighting in the leagues very hard. You will come across some of the best players on ARC and you will get pummeled. But rest assured, keep at it and you will succeed.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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