Review by delita21

Reviewed: 11/28/05

A.R.C. Once a shining game, now dulled by age.

First of all i would like to say that A.R.C. is a great game, but with some Major shortcomings of the game, and the people. I have played arc Since I was 11 , and I am now 17. Now for the review.

Storyline- 0/10 None. At least a side story would have been nice, but they have left this field empty, and most likely always will.

Graphics- 5/10 The graphics are okay, but get old as you play. They never change, and are reused over and over again.

Control- 8/10 The controls really fit the game well, they are the best thing about this game. You use the mouse to aim and shoot and use the directional arrows to move around. You will get used to this quickly.

Sound- 2/10 Simply Terrible. There is no music at all , the only thing you will hear is lasers being shot , and people/ bombs blowing up which is annoying. This game would be much better if it had at least some type of music..

Gameplay- 7/10 You are a spaceship, your objective is to blow up any players not on your team ( red, yellow, blue, and green) by shooting them,while at the same time trying to get their flag to your base. its a simple system that fits well.

Maps 4/10 This is the major downfall of the game. There are few maps to play on, ( 16 as i just counted) and most of them are either years old, or just not fun at all to play on. Some maps allow people to sit behind the spawn point and allow people to shoot at you while you are respawning, while you cannot shoot back because of a shield the have over the open spot. There are around 20-30 maps usually up, while some are duplicates, and others cannot be accessed.

The Community.... - 1/10 This is the Biggest downfall of this game. Many people either Insult you constantly, and simply refuse to be quiet and let everyone enjoy the game. Cheating is large here, Many people godmode, which entirely ruins the game, or use a new glitch to let them grab the flags and put them in spots impossible to get. Complaining of lag is large, and many many MANY people play on what seems 28.8k which makes them very hard to hit, and gives them air, which is when they shoot even if you were not hit, you are damaged usually to the extent that you are about to die.

Overall- 4/10 This game is fun, but only in small doses. Usually you will get a good 5-15 minute gameplay until someone starts to mass camp you. Within around a 30 minute session you will most likely get booted from the server. I really can't recommend this game to new players, as they really aren't welcome. Im surprised this game lasted as long as it did, but I do not see anything great in it's future.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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