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Reviewed: 01/03/08

Unreal Tournament : The story board edition.

Well, I picked up this game excited; I love the Unreal and Unreal Tournament games. I still own the first Unreal Tournament in big box fold out edition. Unfortunately, I got a big surprise when I loaded this beast up.

Let me explain:

Story 4/10

Story? Huh? This is Unreal Tournament. Well yes there is a story in single player, you still have instant action but it lacks the progress you had with the other games in the series.

Instead of the time old working your way up the ladder to becoming the best warrior in the tournament scenario, you’re placed in an "I must get revenge on the evil aliens" scenario and it completely ruins the feel all the other tournament games had. Now you just get the odd cut scene about what the next plan is and a globe with a "mission" you must complete but for some reason I just can't get to grips with it.

Being told that capturing the enemies flag several times slowly decreases the power their respawners have until they finally stop working just does not work, at the end of the day it capture the flag and all your capturing is a flag on a pole. You get a little speech before each mission to explain what’s going on but it just does not fit the game play in the slightest.

If you’re looking for the old get in there and win trophies you will not like this campaign mode what so ever.

Graphics: 8/10

Well, if you have the machine to run this game maxed out you will find the graphics absolutely beautiful, it has the problem which suffers another not to be named by me epic game recently released using the unreal engine, loading textures in game but its not a big deal, couple of seconds and you will see all the glory the game has to offer.

I have unfortunately dropped a few points here due largely to the fact that Anti-Aliasing is not included in the game, you can force it apparently editing some of the files but for people who don't know how to do that its inaccessible and that just is not right these days when its a staple for a game to have at least 4x.

Models and level designs are fine tuned to look absolutely brilliant and I can not fault the game here at all. Guns look perfect and characters do to. Shame the character customisation has been slightly destroyed, your options are limited, to get a little more for your buck I suggest you use the codes to unlock all the characters if you’re going online or instant action.

Sound 9/10

Love the sound in this game, nothing better than getting up close and personal with an enemy, whipping out the old flak cannon and blowing them into a thousand little fleshy pieces, all whilst listening to the sound of the flak cannons glorious roar.

As you can tell I think the guns sound effects are perfect, now the environments are a little different, sometimes the environmental sounds just don't fit the area you’re stood in but you can not have everything.

Game play 9/10

Well there is not really that much I can say here, if you have played other game sin the series you know exactly what to expect here, fast paced over the top frag fests, if you haven’t played an earlier incarnation of the series, its simple.

You get dropped into a small enclosed space and given two options, shoot the enemy or be shot. There are a few exceptions where the arena turns into large outdoor landscapes.

These are the vehicular capture the flag and warfare modes. VCTF is simply CTF with vehicles, now warfare is different and new.

Your team and naturally the enemy team has a power core in your base, and between your core and the enemies, there are little control nodes, you must capture and hold these nodes, effectively creating a link from your core to theirs in your teams color. When this is accomplished, you can then damage their core but only for as long as you control the nodes.

This opens up a strategic game type of defend and attack, working in close teams is the only way you’re going to win.

The game types offered are:
Death match
Team Death match
Capture the flag
Vehicular Capture the flag

Duel being 1 vs. 1.

Yes no assault mode here, a terrible loss.

Multi-player 10/10

Multiplayer is as easy as it always has been, go to the server browser choose the game type you want to play, and then search for a game to join, nothing to it.

The game play you get in single player is the exact same as online, except you should expect people online to be a lot better than the AI could ever be.

Overall 8/10

I have to mention one serious thing before I recommend this game; there is a bug with most NVIDIA graphics cards that makes the game crash mainly on the Torlan maps so you must get the Beta drivers 169.28, not 169.25. You can find the links for these by simply searching for it in your favourite search engine or going to the boards here on gamefaqs.

Now I can only recommend that you buy this if you love Unreal Tournament games and if you’re new, still buy it. This game will not disappoint, just don't expect ground breaking new game play because if you do, then I guess you will be disappointed.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Unreal Tournament III (Special Edition) (EU, 11/23/07)

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