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Unreal Tournament 3
Ok I've been a fan of the unreal series for about a year now. I've got all the other games and play ut 04 quite a lot. So I saw this at EB as I was actually looking for Call of duty 4, since EB didn't have that I decided to pick up this. I've had it for about a day and played it nonstop. Had a few problems with actually getting online. But now that that's fixed, I'm loving it. So here's my review

Game play: 9
There is still a lot for me to see on this but, pretty much. In single player you got your campaign and vs. against bots. Online is exactly the same but instead of bots you got humans. A pretty cool thing is that you can play though the campaign online. Either way it's a FPS and the array of guns you have are pretty much the same weapons from UT04 but some of their design changed. And others their alt fire changed i.e. Stinger miniguns new alt fires heavy slugs that can be used to pin other players.

Also features have been added from the old UT like been able to play dead. When you press "F" (that's the default) it activates your characters death animation. They fall to the ground and remain there. This adds a unique twist. As half way through fight you can pretend to die. Your opponent runs by you get back up and blow they ass to kingdom come. Either way I always now shoot a dead body in the head just to make sure.

But the main draw to the game would be the online play. Although there aren't a lot of people online atm. You have to keep in mind that the game isn't that old and you have to give it more time so peoples computers can get up to scratch to be able to run it.

Sound: 8
the sound effects in this are awesome, like moments when you have bombs whistling down from the sky, miniguns and flak cannons going off near you and a tank out your base shooting left right and centre. The sound plays brilliant and you really start to get into it. However the music its self isn't that good. It's just a kind meh blend that seems to take a back seat to the sound effects during battle.

But as most would agree you don't really want to have some music blasting your ear drums when you need to keep an ear out for some kind of weapon fire! So you can't blame them for that. It's really just nit picking for the sake of it. And the music isn't really needed.

Controls: 9
while the controls work well. Unreal is a FPS on PC (for me, haven't played any other version) and as such it doesn't really bring any new way to play. Your basic set up it move with WADS, aim with the mouse, Shoot with left click, Alt fire with right click, And use the wheel or numbers to choose your weapons and space to jump. I'm not saying these controls are bad. They work extremely well. But like I said there isn't anything new to it. But then again creating a new way would be a case of “fixing what ain't broken!”

Graphics: 10
there are no two ways around it. This game is a beautiful looking game. Its scenery and back grounds are awesome. The characters are even better! Everything to do with the animations, graphics, cut scenes everything you see really. It's just extremely well done. It's no wonder that the game is so hard to run!

Take an easy to use control system + cool gun fire sound effects + breathe taking graphics and exhilarating game play. And you have unreal tournament 3 (that and probably a lot of other games). If you are a fan of the unreal series or just FPS I recommend this game to you. I put it up next to call of duty 4 and a must to have in your collection!
Final scores:
Gameplay: 9
Controls: 9
Graphics: 10
Sound: 8
Final score: 9

Originally posted: (1/15/08) Game release: Unreal tournament 3 (Aus 11/29/07)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/18/08

Game Release: Unreal Tournament III (AU, 11/29/07)

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