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    FAQ/Walkthrough by azrealhk

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/20/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    (THQ/Iron Lore)
    Version 1.1
    Version History
    0.8: 11th of Aug 2006 íV The main base information of the guide completed, 
    some information to be verified. To do : some monsters to be filled in; 
    quest details for epic and legendary.
    0.9: 30th of Aug 2006 íV Corrected some mistakes, added comments to skills and 
    filled in more of the rewards for quests, updated and corrected monster 
    list. Corrected location of second bag.
    1.0: 4th of Sept 2006 -  Completed all quest XP. Added some skill 
    descriptions,and also added some points to types of damage. Added Max stats 
    for each character class, and max stats for epic/legendary items. Added tiny 
    section on Sets in item section. Add top bonus for items section.
    1.1: 28th Sept 2006 íV Corrected some figures in mastery tables. Added some 
    1.2 patch changes. Finally removed Hermes' Sandals from Charms.
    1. General Information
    	1.1 Introduction
    	1.2 What is Titan Quest
    	1.3 Differences compared to Diablo
    2. Walkthrough
    	2.1 A troubled village
    	2.2 Spartans at war
    	2.3 The words of the Oracle
    	2.4 The source of the monsters
    	2.5 The Order of Prometheus
    	2.6 The Blindness of the Gods
    	2.7 The Invocation
    	2.8 A Telkein in Egypt
    	2.9 The Sickle of Kronos
    	2.10 Hunt for the Sickle
    	2.11 Journey to the Jade Palace
    	2.12 Under Wusao Mountain
    3. Items and equipment
    	3.1 Weapons, armor and rings types
    	3.2 Relics and charms
    	3.3 Shrines
    4. Monsters
    	4.1 A troubled village
    	4.2 Spartans at war
    	4.3 The words of the Oracle
    	4.4 The source of the monsters
    	4.5 The Order of Prometheus
    	4.6 The Blindness of the Gods
    	4.7 The Invocation
    	4.8 A Telkein in Egypt
    	4.9 The Sickle of Kronos
    	4.10 Hunt for the Sickle
    	4.11 Journey to the Jade Palace
    	4.12 Under Wusao Mountain
    5. Skills and skill trees
    	5.1 Character class table
    	5.2 Skills
    	5.3 Mastery attribute bonuses
    	5.4 Defense Mastery Skill Bonuses
    	5.5 Earth Mastery Skill Bonuses
    	5.6 Hunting Mastery Skill Bonuses
    	5.7 Nature Mastery Skill Bonuses
    	5.8 Rogue Mastery Skill Bonuses
    	5.9 Spirit Mastery Skill Bonuses
    	5.10 Storm Mastery Skill Bonuses
    	5.11 Warfare Mastery Skill Bonuses
    6. Combat and character builds
    	6.1 Combat
    	6.2 Character builds
    	6.3 Difficulty levels
    	6.4 What am I doing wrong?
    7. Hints and Tips
    	7.1 General
    	7.2 Exploration
    	7.3 combat
    	7.4 Inventory
    	7.5 Character building
    8.0 Interesting little things
    	8.1 Cheats?
    	8.2 Final things
    9.0 Credits
    Disclaimer and terms of use
    The author of this guide is not affiliated in any way with THQ or Iron Lore. 
    This FAQ is (c) azrealhk. You are not allowed to alter this FAQ in any way, 
    nor post on any site without my approval.
    Current sites posted:
    This document is given for free to the community of Titan Quest players and 
    cannot be used for any commercial or monetary gains. This document is 
    provided as is, and the author is under no obligation to update or correct 
    this document.
    All statistics in this document is based upon the TQ 1.11 build, Iron Lore 
    may change the these values to balance the game in later patches, and the 
    author makes no guarantee to their accuracy.
    If you want to post this guide on your site, mail me at azrealhk at bigfoot 
    dot com. The author is under no obligation to read or reply to any emails.
    For those who send thanks and other similar emails to me, I will just say
    thanks in advance, but will most likely not return your emails for various
    1. General Information
    1.1 Introduction
    Information from this guide is mainly based on the playing experience of the 
    author, as well as information given from mod tools and some information 
    from various gaming forums.
    I will use N,E,W,S,NE, etc to mean direction points of the compass where N 
    is the top of the screen. Since some of the maps are not big open areas, but 
    winding paths etc. It is difficult to give exact directions. In general the 
    directions are relative to a certain landmark (which would be described), or 
    relative to the center of the area (if no relative point described). Since 
    most maps areas are linear with one entry and one exit, it is hard to get 
    The side quest title description has the following format
    Side quest : <side quest name> : <source of quest> : <destination of quest>
    Source of quest: where the quest is given
    Destination of quest: Where the quest is fulfilled
    Final note, please do not play a pirated or illegal copy. If you like the 
    game, buy it (even if it is the only one you buy). Then Ironlore will have 
    more incentive to make an expansion and maybe even a sequel. â║ 
    What is Titan Quest?
    The Greeks Gods of Mythology came to power by defeating the Titans, however 
    something has disrupted the imbalance and monster seem to be going wild. 
    What is going on?
    That about sums up the story. So here is some information of what to expect 
    from TQ.
    For those who are unfamiliar with the Diablo style "action-RPG", here is a 
    basic description. It is not a RPG, don't expect amazing story unfolding 
    before you, or interesting dialogs and conversation trees with NPCs, don't 
    expect an interesting world, full of guilds, people going about their lives, 
    don't expect inventing potions etc. TQ is action , which means it 
    concentrates on pure combat, both melee and ranged. There is no amazing 
    skills with the mouse or the keyboard, just click to kill ( and click to 
    talk and click to pick up items), and there is plenty to kill; hence the tag 
    of "click-feast". So what's so good about just clicking and killing, well, 
    the answer is you get to build the ultimate killing machine.
    TQ is about creating a character that can basically kill all beasts as 
    quickly as possible, with weapons of choice, skills and special items that 
    add bonuses to your attack or defense. Unlike "normal RPGs", TQ is quick 
    paced, in less than ten seconds, pick up another weapon, whack a few 
    enemies, and decide if the weapon is worth keeping. There's lots of weapons 
    and items and skills such as armor, shields, special bonus enhancing stones 
    etc, which boost you attack speed, damage, defense, or attributes. This 
    means there is many many possible ways to tweak your killing machine, and it 
    is a constant and fast pace. You will always find a weapon that is slightly 
    better, in damage it does, or speed, or range, but also items which are 
    slightly just beyond you characters attributes, eg. Not enough strength, or 
    dexterity or level, which makes you think about your character planning. So 
    everything to improve your character is right before your eyes, but just 
    slightly out of reach.
    TQ is all about picking up and improving your character so that it kills 
    monsters faster (Oh there is the story as well). This is not a game for 
    everyone, but a lot of people will like it, just because you can basically 
    play it without any learning curve. No special skills, just click to kill. 
    Do not expect a game where you talk about the amazing story, or fantastic 
    adventure, but do expect to talk about how you killed 10 enemies in 15s with 
    your super hunter with an ultra enhanced longbow.
    It is a game where you can sit down and play for hours without noticing time 
    going by, or just play for 30mins and know that after the 30mins you 
    character will be better (more dangerous to the monsters of TQ) than it was 
    30mins ago.
    1.3 Difference compared to Diablo
    This section deals with slight variations in game play from Titan Quest and 
    Diablo (LOD). This is intended for Diablo players, and things which they 
    will find helpful whilst playing Titan Quest (TQ). Players, who have not 
    played Diablo, may skip this section, although there is some information 
    that may be useful.
    Character differences:
    The first major difference is that there are NO classes. You are male or 
    female, and you give them a name, that is all to it in character generation. 
    This means there does not seem to be any character advantages or 
    disadvantages to each character.
    You class is determined by your skills. On level 2 you will choose one 
    mastery out of eight, which determines your main class, e.g. fighter, magic 
    user, etc. Then at level 8 you can choose your secondary mastery, which 
    fixes your class. Your second mastery can be same as you first (one mastery 
    character) or different (2 mastery character), giving a total of 36 
    different classes, each with their own skills that they can master. (See 
    section 3.1).
    Although there are no classes, so to say, when you add skill points to 
    certain mastery tiers (see next section), you get bonuses on your attributes 
    e.g. a skill point on Warfare tier will give you attribute points added to 
    strength, dexterity and health.
    The skill section is also slightly different. As well as the standard skill 
    tree, you will also get mastery "tier". The "tier" is like a special skill 
    allocation that does not allow you to put points into a higher-level skill 
    until you have "unlocked" a tier.
    For example,
    The first tier requires 1 skill point, so you need to invest 1 skill point 
    into the tier to unlock all first level skills of the mastery. Once unlocked 
    you will be able to allocate your remaining skill points to skills on the 
    first tier.
    The second tier requires 4 skill points, that means in addition to the first 
    skill point to unlock the first tier, you need to use three more skill 
    points to unlock the second tier skills. Of course instead of using three 
    points to unlock the second tier, you can always spend it on all first level 
    Inventory and loot:
    In TQ the first thing you notice is that there is no stash. You carry 
    everything, including your gold. You cannot store items in your stash until 
    you have enough level or attributes to use them; you have to keep it in 
    inventory. I do not know why there is no stash, but I guess it is because in 
    TQ you are always moving forwards as opposed to Diablo return to camp. Since 
    in TQ you are moving from one place to another, it would be strange if your 
    stash would appear in the village ahead, so I guess that is why it is not in 
    TQ. As you advance in the main story you will add extra "bags" which allow 
    you to carry more and by the time you get to the last part of the single 
    player quest your character has three extra bags for loot.
    Items and equipment is pretty similar to Diablo, all color coded, and 
    different levels of rarity. There is one nice touch and that is the "ALT" 
    key only shows "normal" or better items, so broken, cracked, damaged items 
    are not shown when you use the "ALT". However there are two more keys, one 
    that shows all items (including damaged), and one to only show special items 
    only (nice touch).
    The inventory is pretty similar except no shoes/sandals whatever, and no 
    belt/sash. All potions take up room in your inventory.
    There are special items later on to increase the size of your inventory.
    Equipped items can now be compared with each other. In TQ whenever you mouse 
    over an item, it will display the properties of that item AS WELL AS the 
    corresponding item you have equipped. This means you can compare the two 
    items to see which one is better. This is a great little feature.
    Other differences:
    No corpse: One thing (which may be a blessing), is that when you die, you 
    get reborn at a rebirth fountain. But you DON'T loose any of your equipment, 
    so you DO NOT have to recover your corpses (yippee). However you do loose 
    experience even at normal level.
    No arrows: Actually infinite arrows wow. You do not have to keep on "equip" 
    arrows because there are no arrows. Once you equip a bow, you can fire as 
    many arrows as you like.
    No stamina: There is no stamina, so you do not "walk", and do not worry 
    about running out of speed.
    No durability: Weapons and stuff do not wear out.
    Potion delay: After you use a potion, there is a delay before you can drink 
    another potion. When I first read this in the manual I said WTF. But then 
    realized it is a nice feature; the delay is short and it prevents the 
    dreaded "potion panic" of Diablo where you drink too many potions at once íV 
    wasting them.
    Skills delay: Some skills, like potions have a delay after each use. Slow 
    skill delays are quite long, so beware.
    Infinite portals: In Diablo, people always stocked up their tome of portals. 
    TQ has done away with this altogether and decided to give you infinite 
    portals. You can open a portal anytime and go to any of the "main" portals 
    found at various points in the game.
    Portals don't stay around. When you die your last portal is gone. You cannot 
    open a portal outside a boss screen, and when you die, use your portal to go 
    back quickly. That is because when you die so does your portal, also you get 
    reborn at your last activated rebirth fountain and not near a main portal 
    2. Walkthrough
    Just one note before we start. I think I have seen different amount of XP 
    awarded, for the main quests. I am not too sure, but I know I have modified 
    a few figures , maybe that is why main quest XP is not shown in the quest 
    window . This may mean the XP may be character level related or something, 
    so the values shown should act as a guideline rather than a true figure.
    2.1 A Troubled Village
    Map areas:
    	Road to Helos
    	Helos (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Helos farmland
    	Helos Woods 
    When you walk up the path you will find a guy (Timaeus) next to a field. He 
    will say his horse in being attacked by monsters. If you enter the field two 
    satyrs and a boar will be attacking a black horse. This quest is easy, as 
    the enemies will just attack the horse (I do not think the horse can die, 
    but I have never just watched anyway). Kill the enemies and return to the 
    character to complete the quest. There is no reward, and Timaeus will say 
    that in the village ahead more people need help etc.
    NOTE: Timaeus is name of a text by Greek philosopher Plato, which describes 
    the formation of the Universe. Appropriate for the start of the game?
    Note: In Greek mythology Satyrs are the companions of Dionysus, the god of 
    wine, and they spent their time drinking, dancing, and chasing nymphs. (so 
    where are the nymphs???)
    Proceed up the path, and you will see some soldiers fighting some satyrs (or 
    already killed the satyrs, if you were slow in rescuing the horse). If they 
    are still fighting, you can join in the fight).
    Enter the village (Helos), and activate the rebirth fountain. You can go 
    around taking to people in the village. One will be the village leader 
    (Diomedes) who will tell you of your next quest, the "satyr shaman". East of 
    Diomedes in the village is a merchant, take note as you can sell some of 
    your loot later on and also buy new equipment here. SE of the village is a 
    portal, which you need to activate, but cannot go anywhere yet (first 
    portal), and also the way out of the village (which you cannot pass until 
    you kill the Satyr shaman).
    OK so to kill the shaman, proceed N of the village over a bridge and into a 
    field (Helos farmland). Kill all the beasts and the satyrs you find. There 
    are also some chests lying around so open them for some goodies; you should 
    equip the best items and go back and sell the rest for some gold (and maybe 
    buy some better equipment, if you have enough gold). Continue to proceed 
    north to the camp. You will also probably gain a level during this trip so, 
    level up before you proceed into the camp.
    The Satyr Shaman (Dark Satyr) cannot be missed; it's a big Satyr that can 
    throw fireballs. This should be easy, just run around killing the minions as 
    they get in the way, and then kill the Shaman for the equipment. There is a 
    also a chest, so open it after you've killed the shaman. Grab the goodies 
    and return to village and talk to Diomedes for reward.
    	Normal: 1000 Gold and 150 XP (experience points).
    	Epic: 50000 gold and 30000XP.
    	Legendary: 650000 gold and 30000XP.
    Now trade your stuff for more gold, buy some more equipment before moving to 
    the next quest, looking for General Leonidas.
    Note: Leonidas was a Spartan King who led armies against the Persians lead 
    by Xeres.
    2.2 Spartans at war
    Map areas:
    	Helos (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Laconia (rebirth fountain)
    	Laconia woods
    	Laconia hills (rebirth fountain)
    	Spartan Road
    	Spartan war camp (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Pellana Valley
    	Spartan Highlands (rebirth fountain)
    When you're ready, go SE of the village of Helos where the portal is 
    located. Now that you killed the Shaman the guards will let you pass through 
    and exit to the wilderness. I will not describe which path to go since it is 
    quite linear. The map basically only has one route, with a few side routes 
    leading to "dead ends"e.g. cave/ruins etc. This means you basically cannot 
    go wrong; also main routes are marked by braziers/torches on side of roads. 
    This is typical of the whole map in TQ. You basically battle your way 
    through until you reach the Spartan camp. This is basically a level up and 
    equipment gathering part, and allows you to up you character and establish 
    your mastery.
    There are four side quests.
    Side quest: Monstrous brigand: Helos : Laconia
    The first side quest is presented to you when you first exit the village. A 
    guy (Nicostratus) will run up to saying his friend has been captured and put 
    into a cave by Satyrs. The cave is near the village and easy to find, just 
    follow the red marker. Enter the cave kill everyone and you find the guy 
    (Tellis) in the NE corner. Talk to him for reward.
    	Normal: Magic jewelry and 300 XP
    	Epic: Magic jewelry and 25000XP
    	Legendary: Magic jewelry and 55000XP
    Side quest: Cornered man: Laconia Woods: Laconia Woods
    During your journey you will find the satyr camp, and further on you will 
    come across a small farm, lots of Satyrs inside. The farm is on the right 
    side of the road, and not hard to miss especially since you will see the 
    Satyrs and instinctively rush in to kill them (even before you see the guy). 
    Again just kill the Satyrs, talk to the guy you just rescued (Lycus) for 
    your reward.
    	Normal: 1500 Gold, 300 XP
    	Epic: 60000 gold and 27500XP
    	Legendary: 60000 gold and 60000XP
    Side quest: Medicines Wayland: Laconia Hills : Laconia Hills
    On your way, you will find a guy (Euphadimus) next to a cart. He explains he 
    is taking medicines to a sick village but creatures and a big monster blocks 
    the road. The road is ahead of you and there is no other path. The big 
    monster (Satyr íV brute) , is simple, but again ready your potions. Just kill 
    the big guy, clean up the remaining Satyrs, and go back and talk to the 
    Euphadimus for reward.
    	Normal: Replenish Life and Energy, some potions, 350 XP
    	Epic: Replenish Life and Energy, some potions, 27500XP
    	Legendary: Replenish Life and Energy, some potions,60000XP
    Side quest: The lost dowry: Laconia hills : Laconia hills
    Along your way to the Spartan camp, you will find a lonely guy (Theages) in 
    the middle of nowhere, talk to him and he will say his village was raided 
    and the creatures stole his daughter's dowry. OK, go E and fight some 
    creatures, before you reach a cave. Enter the cave, battle your way through 
    and kill the creature (Pandarus íV Thieving Eurynomus) that has a aura 
    surrounding it for the dowry. Don't forget the loot all around the place. 
    Return the item to the guy for reward.
    	Normal: Relic, 400 XP
    	Epic: Relic, 30000 XP
    	Legendary: Relic, 65000XP
    Finally we reach the Spartan camp. Leonidas is to the N but his tent is 
    guarded, talk to guy (captain Brasidas) just to the E of the entrance to the 
    guarded tent and he will explain that you are unworthy to see great General 
    Leonidas, and he is too busy. However, there is one thing you can do to 
    prove your worthiness, kill the great Centaur Nessus, as they the Spartan 
    warriors (with a camp full of warriors) cannot spare anyone. So there's your 
    quest. But before you go, there is a rebirth fountain and a portal to the SE 
    of the captain, and then further SE a merchant and an archanist (for magical 
    items), so stock up and buy/sell before you go, but some health potions just 
    in case.
    Note: Nessus, the Centaur of Greek mythology. He kidnapped and tried to rape 
    Heracles's wife. Heracles killed him, but on his dying breath he trick the 
    wife to spread his blood mixed with his semen on Heracles (which was 
    poison). It was this tainted blood poison that killed the great hero 
    Heracles. Don't you just love Greek mythology?
    As you exit the camp (NE from the center of the camp), just past the rebirth 
    fountain (there is another exit E, but we will not get the side quest), a 
    soldier (Euthycles) will tell you that he heard a great warrior and mentor 
    was lost in the valley (lol), this is the "Ancient of War" side quest.
    Anyway the Centaur camp is to the NNE of the Spartan camp. You will know you 
    have found it because you enter a fenced camp with a large Centaur (with 
    aura) surrounded by his centaur minions. If you kill the minions Nessus will 
    just call more on his horn. The best technique I have found was to kill the 
    minions, then lure Nessus away, so when he calls his minions, they will 
    appear in the camp and not see you. Note: Nessus will throw some "windmill" 
    traps, which are annoying, destroy them if you have time. Back to Nessus, 
    once you have lured him away, you can kill him which every way you like; 
    Nessus will run back to camp if you run too far, so you need to keep running 
    towards him to attract him and to keep him from running back to camp. Nessus 
    is quite tough, and I found ranged weapons work best because he does some 
    mean damage with melee, but this takes time. My melee character did better, 
    I just bashed until my health was low, then changed to a bow to finish him 
    off, which was quick and I did not need to use any potions (read the tips 
    section 7 for hit and run tactic). Kill Nessus, grab the goodies, especially 
    the armor (which will benefit your melee character at least until you get 
    the archnos chitin armor) and return to Captain Brasidas.
    On return and talking to Brasidas to get reward and see Leonidas.
    	Normal: 1 extra skill point and 750 XP.
    	Epic: 1 extra skill point and 32000 XP.
    	Legendary: 1 extra skill point and 70000 XP.
    Leonidas gives a long boring speech that leads to next part of the quest. 
    Seek the Oracle in Delphi.
    2.3 The Words of the Oracle
    Map areas:
    	Spartan war camp (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Pellana Valley
    	Spartan Highlands (rebirth fountain)
    	Mycenean Ruins (rebirth fountain)
    	Spartan woods
    	Village of Tegae (rebirth fountain)
    	Tegea Forest
    	Tegea Graveyard
    	Megara Bluff (rebirth fountain)
    	Megara Coast
    	City of Megara (rebirth fountain, portal) 
    	Megara Outskirts
    	Kerata Forest
    	The Old Eulesis
    	Halcyon Coast (rebirth fountain)
    	Ambrossos Farmland
    	Chirons Grove
    	Village of Ambrossos (rebirth fountain)
    	Helicos Valley 
    	Helicos Pass (rebirth fountain)
    	The Olive Groove
    	Phocian Swamp
    	Lower Delphi
    	Crisaeos Falls (rebirth fountain)
    	Delphi Highlands
    	City of Delphi (portal)
    Off we go again, (if you have not done the "ancient of war" side quest, you 
    might as well do it, and return to sell your loot and buy/sell your stuff 
    before moving on.
    Side quest: Ancient of war: Spartan war camp: Pellana Valley
    This is not much of a quest, as it just involves wandering around Pellana 
    Valley until you find a guy surrounded by dead monsters, talk to the guy 
    (Hippias) who is the mentor, who says that he just slained the creatures and 
    taking a rest. Return to Euthycles at the Spartan War Camp for reward.
    	Normal: 2000 gold and 500 XP
    	Epic: 70000 gold, 25000XP
    	Legendary: 65000 gold, 60000XP
    Note: Hippias was a cruel ruler, enemy of the Spartans, and was exiled. 
    Later to be killed in the battle of marathon. Not so great a warrior after 
    Again the next part is pretty linear. You will find ruins and caves that 
    have lots of loot, and encounter zombies and skeletons, Lich etc. It is wise 
    to stock up on your potions. Lich are a pain in the backside at this stage 
    and it is wise to lure the skeleton warriors away from the lich, and kill 
    them off first as they are easy, and then get back to the lich and kill it 
    The map is a bit less linear than the first part but there is only one main 
    path. The rest will lead to dead ends, ruins or a cave, so you cannot go 
    wrong. It is worth exploring every part of the map to get the loot, and 
    experience. You will encounter the Mycenean Ruins to the NE of the camp, 
    which is good for loot, but this is where you will first meet the skeletons.
    After the ruins you will find a village (Tagea).
    Side quest: The poisoned spring: Village of Tagea : Tagea Forest
    On entering the village Tagea a guy (Olorus) will tell you of a strange 
    plague and all villagers getting ill. This is your quest.  Journey out the W 
    of the village to where the guards are, to start the quest (Tagea Forest). 
    Note: You can lure creatures back to these guards and let them kill it, but 
    you will not get experience. This is good, if you are overwhelmed etc.
    This is where you first meet the spiders (arachnos), lots of different ones, 
    and the nice arachnos chitin armor. The destination is to the NNW, where you 
    will find Pagaea the water nymph; she says the source of the poison is in 
    the cave to the N (Fetid Lair). Enter the cave, explore and kill the boss 
    with the aura. Note: For non-melee characters you will meet spinners, which 
    can throw a net trap that stops you from running. You will not be able to 
    run away and will be surrounded by spiders, so beware.
    Kill all spiders and go out and talk to water nymph for reward.
    	Normal: Extra health points and 1500 XP.
    	Epic: Extra health points , 30000 XP
    	Legendary: Extra health points , 70000 XP
    Back to the village and everyone is getting better. Leave the village from 
    one of the other exits, it does not matter, as it will merge into one big 
    area with one "exit" any way (Megara Bluff). Proceed with your quest 
    battling through camps and ruins etc.
    Back to the main quest; as you continue onwards, you will reach the coast 
    (Megara coast). Keep on battling until you reach the City of Megara. In the 
    city you will find merchants and arcanist. You should talk to the people, 
    one of which is Timon, who will tell you that you need to give an "A proper 
    offering" to the Oracle (side quest) or she will not grant you an audience; 
    this will trigger the addition of your first extra bag in your inventory. In 
    addition you will find a stranded sailor (Anton) who will give you one side 
    quest, about a shipwreck, and lost treasure ("News of a ship wreck). Also, 
    you will find a guy near the entrance to the city (Nireus) will talk about 
    being invaded by skeletons, you will see two guys at a doorway of the house, 
    just above where Timon stands. Talk to Autolycus first (as he has the ! on 
    his head) and then to the second guy (Meikiades) and they will say the 
    source of the undead are in a ruin at "The Old Eleusis". Proceed up the path 
    from the two guys to find the portal and the rebirth fountain. This is the 
    "Skeletal raiders" side quest.
    Side quest: Skeleton Raiders: City of Megara : The Old Eleusis
    On your way out of the city, you'll pass a small village and a forest, and 
    to the N/NE is "The Old Eleusis". Enter the ruin and down the stairs, to 
    battle the three princes who have been terrorizing the city. The three 
    princes are pretty simple; they are just big red skeletons. You will also 
    find a blade trap, which shoots blades in "all" directions; they fire at 
    fixed angles, so if you move slightly off one of the angles, you can pick it 
    off using a ranged weapon without getting hurt. One prince uses a bow (Menon 
    íV prince of bow), and is very ineffective at close range, one uses melee 
    (Polypas íV prince of blade) and the last uses magic (Aristeus íV prince of 
    storm). I found the magic user most problematic, I think because it had the 
    most health (if that could be said about the undead). They are in separate 
    sections of the ruins, so you do not battle all three at once. After you 
    killed them all, loot the ruins for some nice loot. Return to city and talk 
    to guys (Autolycus or Nireus) for reward.
    	Normal: 2500 XP
    	Epic: 35000XP
    	Legendary: 75000XP
    Now let's go back to the main quest. After the ruins, to the N is a bridge 
    (Halcyon Coast). Assuming that you have just killed the three princes and 
    went back at the city, it is wise to sell your loot, and stock up on 
    potions, because the next part is hard. You should leave some room in your 
    inventory, as there will be some good loot. As you cross the bridge after 
    the ruins, you'll see some soldiers running forwards (N), follow them and 
    you meet Polyphemus (the original Cyclops). He is one bad mother, and kills 
    the soldiers with ease. Polyphemus is hard, both for melee and ranged 
    attackers, but the run and shoot tactic should work. The Cyclops will not 
    cross the bridge further than the two braziers, so ranged weapons is best. 
    Shoot it, and run past the braziers, and the Cyclops will turn it back and 
    walk back towards is original position. Now cross over the bridge attack it 
    again whilst his back is turned (he will turn around and move towards you), 
    and when he is approaching, run back pass the braziers and he will not 
    attack (walk back). This method is slow, but saves potions and works quite 
    well in quite a few places. When you kill him, go NNE from the bridge to his 
    cave for loot.
    Note: The famous Polyphemus, son of Poseidon the sea god, the original 
    Cyclops. Tricked by Odysseus in Homer's Ilyad, to poke out his only eye. In 
    his rage he threw a great rock from the coast of Megara at Odysseus's ship. 
    (Explains the shipwrecked sailor as well??).
    To the N (next to the Polyphemus's cave), is a path that leads down to the 
    beach (Megara coast). Note the two braziers on the side of the path. At the 
    bottom, do a U-Turn to find the shipwreck loot.
    Side Quest: News of a shipwreck: City of Megara : Halcyon Coast
    On the beach (after you U-Turn), you will find the loot, but a load of 
    "drowned sailors" will spawn and attack you. Kill them and collect the loot, 
    and experience 
    	Normal: 2000 XP
    	Epic: 18000XP
    	Legendary: 40000XP
    Proceed back where you can from and up (N-NW) the coast. Keep following the 
    coast, and there are two exits, both lead to same place (Boetia).
    Keep going until you reach the Ambrossos Farmland. At the end to the N is a 
    small bridge leading to the village of Ambrossos. If you do not cross the 
    bridge but go due E you will find a centaur NPC (Chiron) next to the field 
    and in the shade of the trees for a side quest.
    Side quest: The Good Centaur: Ambrossos : Chirons Grove
    Talk to Chiron for the quest (need to do it twice). Well a mean Maenad has 
    stolen his bow, boohoo. Cross the bridge and into the cave to retrieve it. 
    Your will battle some Maenads but your target is the one that keeps on 
    running further into the cave. Keep following until the dead end and kill 
    her off. She is quite easy, collect the bow and the loot and return to 
    Chiron for the reward. Note: The bow is a quest item, and although you can 
    redo the quest (after a reload), you cannot give it to Chiron a second time. 
    You cannot use it or sell it.
    	Normal: 2 extra attribute points, 3000 XP
    	Epic: 2 extra attribute points, 35000 XP
    	Legendary: 2 extra attribute points, 80000 XP
    From Chiron, go west and you will see a bridge, go across into the village.
    Across the bridge until you reach the Village of Ambrossos. You will find a 
    rebirth fountain, and merchant here. Also there is a guy (Admetus) who tells 
    you of a blacksmith for the "A master blacksmith" side quest, but we do not 
    have to worry about this for a while. Near the exit you there is a guy 
    (Asimidas) who says he lost all his goods when attacked by skeletons, as far 
    as he is concerned anyone who finds it can have it (Abandoned goods side 
    Leave the village and keep going until you reach a bridge at Helicos Pass. 
    Across the bridge is a rebirth fountain (this area has two rebirth 
    fountains, one here and one at the "end" of the area). 
    Talk to the old guy ( Eurytimus) to update a side quest -A Proper Offering. 
    He says the Olive groove just ahead (to the N), but over run by monsters.
    Side Quest: A proper offering: City of Megara : The olive groove
    Proceed into the olive groove. The spiders should not give you too much 
    problems, and keep clearing the area until you reach the stone steps. By 
    this time you would have noticed Arachne íV Spider Queen. Mean green spider, 
    which has a mean melee and cast spells as well, has a lot of HP and 
    relatively fast. She is tough (almost as bad as Polyphemus), but again the 
    hit and run tactic works, as she only follows you to the main Olive trees 
    (back up the path), before turning back. However, the little spider minions 
    she summons can go pass the invisible boundary, but they are not much of a 
    problem. Kill Arachne and proceed up the stone steps into the ruins. Click 
    the "pedestal" to get the "olive branch" for the quest. All open the other 
    chests for loot.
    	Normal: +5% Bonus resist, when offered the branch at Delphi.
    	Epic: +7% Bonus resist, when offered the branch at Delphi.
    	Legendary: +5% elemental resist, when offered the branch at Delphi.
    Note: Arachne was a mortal who claimed to be better at weaving than the 
    Goddess of weaving (Athena). To cut a long story short, the Goddess turned 
    Arachne into a spider.
    Exit the olive groove and proceed W until it turns south, at the bottom, you 
    have a choice of E or W. Go W for "Goods Abandoned" side quest, otherwise 
    proceed E
    Side Quest: Abandoned Goods: Village of Ambrossos: Helicos Pass
    If you go W you will find ruins with some skeletons and maybe some zombies. 
    Not as bad as the merchant described and should be a pretty easy clean up. 
    Kill the monsters for reward.
    	Normal: 1000 XP
    	Epic: 18000XP
    	Legendary: 40000XP
    Proceed E until you reach the second rebirth fountain in Helicos Pass, at 
    the edge of the Phocian Swamp. There is a cave to the N of the rebirth 
    fountain but you do not need to go there if you do not wish. Go E across the 
    swamp to Lower Delphi. At lower Delphi you will see a bridge. At this point 
    you can do the blacksmith side quest or cross the bridge to continue the 
    main quest.
    Side quest: A master blacksmith: Ambrossos Village: Lower Delphi
    Not much of a quest at all. If you do not cross the bridge at Lower Delphi 
    but instead you will find the blacksmith who is just a short distance 
    further up the path to complete the quest. Note: The blacksmith offers item 
    which are a few levels beyond normal merchants, and you will find some high 
    level, but expensive items. However this is only when you complete the 
    quest. After you complete the quest and leave the area (or reaching the next 
    rebirth fountain or after a certain time; I am not too sure which), the 
    blacksmith becomes a "normal" merchant.
    	Normal: 1500 XP
    	Epic: 20000XP
    	Legendary: 55000XP
    Cross the bridge and there is a cave to the SW, again you do not need to go 
    there. Continue along the path (NW), keep going pass Delphi highlands until 
    you reach the City of Delphi. On the way you will met a lot of Maenads (you 
    probably met some before, but not as many as here).
    Note: Maenads are also minions of Dionysus, the god of wine, just like 
    Satyrs. They are also known for their wild crazy behaviors. They were the 
    subject of Euripides's play "The Bacchae"; Bacchae being roman for the 
    Maenads. They also wear leopard skins, and if you zoom in TQ also skinned 
    them with leopard skins.
    At the city of Delphi, visit the Oracle. If you have the "branch of the 
    Olive tree" talk to the temple attendant (Astyoche) for reward, but this is 
    not necessary.
    The oracle will give a long speech, but basically saying you need to 
    continue your journey (Parnassus Caves) etc. Complete.
    *****Note: Delphi, city of Apollo (Apollo Delphius), was famous for the 
    Oracle of Apollo.
    	Normal: 2000XP
    	Epic: 40000XP
    	Legendary: 90000XP
    In Delphi you will find merchants and archanist, also you will see your 
    first mystic (Pausanias) who can redistribute your skill points (for a 
    price). There is a portal, but no rebirth fountain in Delphi. If you wander 
    around you will meet Iodame for the "Grieving widow" side quest.
    Congratulations you are now a quarter of the way through the game.
    2.4 The source of the monsters
    Map areas:
    	City of Delphi (portal)
    	Parnassus Foothills
    	Parnassus Caves (rebirth fountain)
    	Parnassus Hinterlands (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Cephesus Woods
    	Lower War-Camp (rebirth fountain)
    	Upper War-Camp (rebirth fountain)
    	Pythian Caves (rebirth fountain)
    	Athenian Passage (rebirth fountain)
    	Kephisos Valley
    	Athenian Swamps
    	Monster Encampment (rebirth fountain)
    	Athenian Mortuary
    	Athenian Battleground
    	City of Athens (rebirth fountain, portal)
    Leave the City of Delphi, kill the monsters and follow the marker until you 
    reach the Parnassus Caves, enter and there should be rebirth fountain near 
    the entrance.
    Side quest: The Grieving widow: City of Delphi: Parnassus Cave
    If go NNE from the rebirth fountain you will find a small narrow passage 
    leading to a cave with a boss (Cephasus, Master of the Flame) . Just kill 
    the monster and collect the loot and go back to Iodame for the reward.
    	Normal: 3000 XP
    	Epic: 35000XP
    	Legendary: 85000XP
    In the Parnassus cave, keep moving eastwards and eventually you will find an 
    exit to the Parnassus Hinterlands and another rebirth fountain. Near the end 
    of this area is the "Parnassus" portal, with a Satyr merchant, for all the 
    loot you will find in the next section. From here just keep going, through 
    the Lower war camp (which updates your quest) and upper war camp. There in 
    nothing special in these areas, except a cave due E in Parnassus 
    Hinterlands, and a cave due NE in the lower war camp.
    There are quite a lot of monsters in these areas so stock up with potions 
    and remember to activate the rebirth fountains.
    After battling through the Lower war camp, you will reach some stone steps 
    and the entrance to the upper war camp. You will see a guy crawl out of the 
    bushes (Hylas), you can talk to him for a main quest update. There is a 
    rebirth fountain so activate it. The steps lead to an area mostly populated 
    by skeletons. Not hard but there are a lot of them. The exit is actually NW 
    but turns back round to the SE. You basically go up and then back down the 
    other side where the camp is. The camp is a large ground area, again full of 
    monsters. Whilst battling in the lower grounds, you will see some statues of 
    people (and a big giant) , this is a warning of things to come. You should 
    clear the upper war camp, then portal, unload your loot and stock up on 
    potions, before continuing.
    Once you have cleared the upper war camp, follow the stone path with the 
    statues and you will get to the Pythian caves. There is a big set of heavy 
    wooden doors, are you ready? If so open the doors and walk through, once 
    you're passed the doors will shut and then become locked (no way out). 
    Inside are the three Gorgon sisters, Medusa with bow and magic skills (can 
    freeze with her eyes), Euryale with a bow, and Sstheno with a spear. If you 
    attack them all at once you are most likely to get killed. Even my 15 level 
    slayer had problems hand to hand (even with just one). The best method is 
    used ranged attacks (hit and run works). Lure each one, one at a time and 
    used the ranged attack with the hit and run tactic, the cave has just enough 
    room for you to do this, but be careful not to run around too much or you 
    will attract the others. Killing all three should be easy, but slow.
    Note: Gorgons were creatures in Greek mythology that can turn a person to 
    stone if they stared the gorgon in the face. The three gorgons Stheno (the 
    mighty), Euryale (the far-springer) and Medusa (the queen), only Medusa is 
    mortal, and was killed by Perseus. There is also one male gorgon mentioned 
    in mythology, who is the guard of Zeus.
    After you've killed the Gorgons, a NPC will appear (I am not sure but she 
    was a stone staue before?), anyway talk to her (Fei Yan íV you will met her a 
    few times more later) twice to update your main quest. 
    Reward: (Talk to Fei yan)
    	Normal: 3000XP
    	Epic: 40000XP
    	Legendary: 90000XP
    There is a set of heavy doors to the W of the NPC, proceed to continue. 
    Through the doors, are filled with normal Gorgons which are pretty easy to 
    kill, although the magic users can be a real pain. Go through, grab the loot 
    and move E to find the exit to the caves (Athenian Passage).
    Once outside activate the rebirth fountain (you do not want to go through 
    the upper war camp and Gorgons again). There ia also a merchant; how 
    appropriate after all the loot. Keep going and you will find a bridge into 
    Kephisos Valley. Again a monster bash, the exit is to the N, but NNW there 
    are some spartan warriors for some side quests. The first soldier(Pausanias) 
    talks about the trapped limos and gives the "Trapped in the Ruins" quest, 
    and the other (Isarchus) talks about a lost patrol and gives the "Spartans 
    Lost" which you do a bit later.
    Side quest: Trapped in the Ruins: Kephisos Valley: Kephisos Valley
    After talking to the soldier, proceed to the stone structure (W íV where a 
    bunch of soldiers are standing in line) and you will see an ancient Limos. 
    If you have met the "normal" version of Limoses already, then you know they 
    are a real pain, especially the life leech, this one also throws poison and 
    has a very high health. The hit and run tactic works very well, in fact 
    melee characters will have a big problem because it can do big damage as 
    well. However the Limos is fast, so you will only get one or two shots 
    before you have to run. The Limos will not pass the row of guard soldiers. 
    After you kill it talk to Pausanias for reward.
    	Normal: magical weapon, 3000 XP
    	Epic: magical weapon, 35000 XP
    	Legendary: magical weapon, 85000 XP
    On with the quest, by going E from the soldiers, to a pass and a rebirth 
    fountain (Monster encampment). If you keep going eastwards you will reach 
    the Athenian swamps. There is nothing here and just one big dead end. 
    However this is where you find the lost soldiers. On legendary difficulty 
    here is where you find the Hydra. The hydra is fast and has lots of attacks 
    making it a very difficult opponent. Slow attacks is the best method to stay 
    alive and kill it. Magic users have the advantage, as they can do more 
    damage at a distance. This is the monster with the multiple heads on the 
    front of the game box, if you did not know. I found it harder than the end 
    of level bosses, but a lot of fun.
    Side Quest: Lost Spartans: Kephisos Valley: Athenian Swamps
    Go NE to find the spartans, at the NE edge, talk to soldier, then go back to 
    Isarchus in Kephicos Valley, to tell him they are OK for a reward. Note: 
    Easy for Normal, on epic and legendary, you will met the Hydra here.
    	Normal: 4000 XP
    	Epic: 37500XP
    	Legendary: 85000XP
    The monster encampment is big area full of monsters, lots of them and quite 
    a variety. The exit is to the NE of the big area leading to the Athenian 
    battleground. However you will most likely stumble into the Athenian 
    mortuary to the NNW, which is another big dead end for loot. I think there 
    is a ruin to the N in the Athenian Mortuary.
    Once you reach the Athenian battleground, you are almost at the Athens, but 
    this area is big and has lots of monsters, and the map design means you have 
    to zigzag. Just battle your way through until you reach Athens. You will 
    find Brasidas and General Leonidas here, talk to them for a speech about the 
    Spartans foolishness (how they go here so fast I have no idea, and they 
    should have killed the Gorgons for me). Reward: (talk to Leonidas)
    	Normal: 2500XP
    	Epic: 25000XP
    	Legendary: 50000XP
    At the entrance of Athens is the rebirth fountain, which is easy to miss.
    In Athens you will find a portal and merchants, arcanists and a mystic. Also 
    Athens seems to be in a bad state and there are pockets of monsters all 
    around the place but nothing you cannot handle. Find Kypos and talk to him, 
    for the next part of your journey.
    2.5 The Order of Prometheus
    Map areas:
    	City of Athens (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Acropolis (rebirth fountain)
    	The Parthenon
    	Athens Catacombs level 1 íV 5 (rebirth fountain)
    	Athens Docks (rebirth fountain)
    	Knossos Beach
    	Village of Herakleion (rebirth fountain, portal) 
    	Herakleion Highlands
    	Omphalion (rebirth fountain)
    	Tritons Ridge
    	Kairatos Bluff (rebirth fountain)
    	Knossos Palace
    	Court of the Kings
    	Minaon Labyrinth
    	Room of the Conduit
    	Knossos Landing
    As you wander around Athens and cleaning out the pockets of monsters in the 
    city you will encounter a big stone stairway with Spartan guards, follow the 
    stairway all the way up to Acropolis. Just kill the monsters and follow the 
    marker on the map to reach the Parthenon. Go NE down the stairs into the 
    Athens catacombs.
    Note: Parthenon is one of the greatest buildings of ancient Greece, and if 
    you go there for a holiday, you should definitely visit it. It is a temple 
    dedicated to the Goddess Athena (Athena Parthenos), it was believed to house 
    a massive 30ft gold status of Athena in the center . Do you see the statue 
    in the game.
    The Athens catacombs have five levels, and you descend each level by stairs. 
    There is nothing major to note, except to look for the rebirth fountains. 
    The map of each level is small so there should be no major problems. On the 
    last level you will met the boss (Alastor íV Scourge of Archeron). This guy 
    quite tough, high health and magic user and also summons skeletons. I found 
    melee pretty difficult, best way was to used ranged attacks and switch to 
    melee for the skeletons. Having said that A;astor seems to have good 
    elemental resistances so physical damage seems to be more effective at 
    reducing health. This was slower but used less potions (also he seems to be 
    susceptible to elemental attacks).
    After you kill the boss, a guy appears at the doorway to the E. He is 
    Phaedrus, the Philosopher of the Order of Prometheus. Talk to him for the 
    main quest update and continue through the doorway he came from to continue 
    the quest.
    	Normal: 5000XP and magical item
    	Epic: 40000XP and magical item
    	Legendary: 100000XP and magical item
    Out into Athens Docks, proceed until you reach the Docks (W). Once there you 
    can talk to a ship captain to sail to Knossos, Fei Yan is here as well and 
    you can talk to her if you want, to reveal that she is of the Order of 
    Prometheus. You will land on Knossos Beach, and if you proceed N you will 
    find the Village of Herakleion; rebirth fountain, portal, merchants. Talk to 
    Hippocoon for the "Xanthippus the healer" side quest and the other guy 
    (Diotimus) for the second side quest "The undead tyrant"
    If you go west it leads to a dead end (docks), but you will see a big statue 
    of a Minotaur, you will see these soon. Go through the second exit to the 
    village (E) into the Herakleion Highlands, then to Omphalion and keep going 
    until you reach a stone bridge into Tritons ridge. From the bridge there are 
    you can go W to a dead end, E for a side quest and N to the next area.
    Side Quest : Xanthippus The Healer : Village of Herakleion : Triton's Ridge
    You will find Xanthippus outside a cave; talk to him and he will say he 
    cannot help the villages until he has his staff that is in the cave next to 
    him. Enter, and batlle your way through and retrieve the staff. Go out and 
    talk to Xanthippus again for reward.
    	Normal: 5x health and energy potions, health energy restored, 5000XP.
    	Epic: 5x health and energy potions, health energy restored, 40000XP.
    	Legendary: 5x health and energy potions, health energy restored, 90000XP.
    From the stone bridge head N (narrow passage leading up on the N wall), and 
    keep going. You should see a marker on the map that leads to a cave; this is 
    the general direction you should go. The cave is for the "The Undead Tyrant" 
    side quest. Outside the cave and due W is the exit to the area.
    Side Quest: The undead tyrant: Village of Herakleion: Triton's Ridge
    In the cave, kill the monsters until you find the boss (Leucus I, Tyrant of 
    Crete). Kill the boss, to complete the side quest.
    	Normal: 6000 XP
    	Epic: 40000XP
    	Legendary: 95000XP
    West of the cave is the exit to the next area ( Kairotos Bluff). There is a 
    rebirth fountain and a merchant here. Keep going until you reach Knossos 
    palace. Enter through the short court of the kings and into the Minoan 
    Labyrinths. In Epic/Legendary you will find Talos, here just before the 
    "Court of Kings". He is so bad, and first time I met him, he killed me 
    before I knew he was there. The key is to learn the animations of his 
    attacks, and know when to move away. Of course slowing his attacks is the 
    best as you can avoid most of his most dangerous attacks. Stun resists is a 
    must otherwise rebirth time. Magic users will have a slightly easier time 
    because he is slow, and as you stay roughly away, you can dodge most of his 
    attacks. Also there is a narrow passage between two buildings just to the W 
    of the eastern set of steps. Talos cannot attack you there and cannot enter 
    so you can slowly fire off you ranged attack. Also Like all automatoi, Talos 
    seems to be susceptible to Lighting attacks.
    Note: In Greek mythology, Talos (alt. Talus) was a bronze automaton whom 
    Zeus gave to Europa. In one telling he was forged by Hephaestus and the 
    Cyclopes. According to Apollodorus and Argonautica he may have been a member 
    of the Bronze Generation who had survived to the age of the demigods. Europa 
    took him to Crete and he stayed there, circling the island's shore three 
    times daily while guarding it. He threw stones at any approaching ship.
    Talos is said to have heated himself red-hot and clasped strangers in his 
    embrace as soon as they landed on the island.
    The Labyrinths are not much of a labyrinth, and like much of TQs maps there 
    is basically one path to go, so if you explorer all the areas, you are bound 
    find the right way. There are many rebirth fountains (just in case you get 
    lost), and also braziers to mark the right way. You will not get lost, but a 
    thing to note is that there are all types of creatures here, so you are 
    bound to met some monsters which you have difficulty with, regardless if you 
    are a melee or ranged character. Point of note is that there are lots of 
    groups of monsters, including 6-7 Minotaurs in groups and it is wise to 
    proceed slowly. You know you have found the exit when you find the big metal 
    double doors with the symbol of the Minotaur on the front. Portal back to 
    village drop/sell etc, and buy lots of potions, because the next part is 
    Let use turn our attention back to the double doors. Once enter there is no 
    way out (unless you die). Enter to meet the Mintoaur Lord. He is slow and so 
    is his attack, so it is not as hard. However his attacks do a lot of damage 
    and he has high defense and health as well and takes a long time to kill. 
    However what is harder (and more annoying) is that there are four blade 
    traps in the room. These do more damage than the Minotaur. I found this much 
    easier if you destroy the traps first, as these are a pain, the Minotaur is 
    slow so keep running and note the spots where the traps do not touch you. 
    Once the traps have been destroyed, keep your distance and kill the Minotaur 
    (easy), which may take some time. Do not melee because of his high defense 
    and damage.
    Note: Minotaur. There was one Minotaur in Greek Mythology, and to cut a 
    story short, King Minos, angered the God Poseidon, because he did not 
    sacrifice a White bull to the God. The God cursed Minos's wife to fall in 
    Love with the bull, and she gave birth to the Minotaur a half man, half bull 
    creature. To hide his guilt (this creature), Minos built the labyrinth and 
    put the Minotaur in it. Theseus killed the Minotaur sometime later in 
    another story above love.
    That was not the hard part. Portal back, and sell loot, and stock up on 
    potions again, as the next part is the hard part. Portal back and enter the 
    other side to the Room of the Conduit, and proceed to the end where you will 
    see the Big Boss (Megalesios - Telkine). He first casts a spell that will 
    animate the statues. The statues are slow, but do lots of damage, I found 
    physical attacks best as they seem to be immune to elemental attacks. These 
    four are easy, so don't go heroic and waste your potions; save it for the 
    Telkine. After you killed the statues, just in time for the Telkine to 
    destroy the conduit to the Gods, (talk about timing). Now the Gods cannot 
    hear the prayers of the people; anyway you still have to defeat the Telkine.
    The Telkine is hard, very high health and high armor, and powerful magical 
    attacks, lightning being one, and also summons limos that will sap your life 
    away. There is no good way of fighting and magical and physical attacks both 
    do only a small amount of damage. I have yet to find a good way of killing 
    it except just a long and slow process of attacking it and healing myself in 
    the process. Melee, range and magical all do damage but very little. 
    Kill the Telkine and talk you a guy (Kyros) who was "hiding" to update your 
    	Normal: Health restored, relic,7500XP
    	Epic: Health restored, relic,45000XP
    	Legendary: Health restored, relic, 110000XP
    Leave in the newly revealed passage out into Knossos Landing and talk to 
    Apollodorus to sail to Egypt.
    Note: I do not know much about the Telkines, but from my searches, they may 
    me the Telchines or Telkhines (which I did not know about from my Greek 
    Mythology studies). From shat I gathered they were spirits or demons which 
    also hated the Olympian Gods. You can try the search yourself.
    Congratulations you are half way through Titan Quest.
    2.6 The Blindness of the Gods
    Map areas:
    	City of Rhakotis (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Rhakotis slums (rebirth fountain)
    	Rhakotis Library
    	Library Archives (rebirth fountain)
    	Library Vault
    	Hathor Basin (rebirth fountain)
    	Wadjet Canyon
    	Nile Floodplain (rebirth fountain)
    	Village of Sais (rebirth fountain)
    	Temple of Sais (portal)
    	The Lower Nile (rebirth fountain)
    	Memphis Outskirts
    	Memphis Plaza (rebirth fountain, portal)
    City of Rhakotis, as you leave the ship talk to Imhotep to update your main 
    quest (retrieve the scroll of Invocation). Talking to Imhotep after killing 
    the Telkine seems to trigger your second extra bag in your inventory. 
    Activate the portal and rebirth shrine and do your normal housekeeping of 
    inventory before heading N (Rhalotis slums) to start the next part of your 
    quest. Just before the exit is Anherru who gives you the "The family 
    heirloom" side quest. By the way, this is Egypt and you will mean a whole 
    set of new monsters.
    Side quest : The family heirloom : City of Rhakotis : Rhakotis slums
    The slums are an area outside the city, which doubles back to the city (on 
    the other side). In the slums you will find a Jackelman boss; kill him to 
    retrieve the sword.
    	Normal: Relic shard + 6000XP
    	Epic: Relic shard + 40000XP
    	Legendary: Relic shard + 95000XP
    The slums start off NE and then turns around back to SW direction, back to 
    the other side of the city. You will know because the name changes back to 
    "City of Rhakotis" and you will see stone steps leading to a rebirth 
    fountain, and a large stone building (Library). Just before the stone steps 
    there is an alleyway (N) leading to a cave that you can visit for loot if 
    you want. Go round the outside of the library to find the entrance and enter 
    Rhakotis Library. Kill the few monsters around and you find Neb-ka-n-ra, who 
    will update the main quest if you talk to him (basically the library is full 
    monsters). Go down the steps into the Library archives. Activate the rebirth 
    fountain, and enter. This part is full of rooms and IMHO more of a maze than 
    the labyrinth. Find the stairs leading down to the Library vault and find 
    the large double doors. Again advised to portal back and do some 
    housekeeping and buy potions before enter the next area.
    Behind the doors is Scarabaeus , a scarab boss. He is like the guy that held 
    that priest hostage. In other words long battle. The scarab does not move 
    around much but does have a ranged poison attack and throws out little 
    scarabs. The little scarabs are irritating and should be clear out. I found 
    melee against it much more easier, as it's poison and baby scarab spawning 
    is much less when you attack it directly. However expect to use a lot of 
    potions. Once you killed, there is a door to the N of the room, enter to 
    open a chest for the scroll of invocation. A passage will open up to lead to 
    Hathor basin, the next area.
    Hathor basin, is a large open area, however the exit is in the general NW 
    direction. This area is just combat training, and there is nothing much 
    here, except some new creatures. There is a cave here that leads to a 
    lookout area, but I am not sure what purpose it holds. The following areas 
    you know you are going in the right direction because of the braziers 
    (torches) You will eventually enter Wadjet Canyon and meet some traveler. 
    One of them (Sebu) will tell you about a great monster for the side quest 
    "The beast of legend" (worth doing because of 2 skill points reward). The 
    area is pretty much like Hathor basin. There is a cave due N from the 
    traveler for the side quest and the exit if due NW from the traveler at a 
    stone bridge.
    Side quest : The Beast of Legend : Wadjet canyon : Wadjet Canyon
    The is a cave to the N, right at the end of the area, near the exit (stone 
    bridge), the cave is reached by a small path south of the cave entrance. 
    Enter the cave and you will eventually find the "Ancient Scorpos" which is a 
    big scorpion (and I think it can actually stand on two legs). Anyway, he's 
    not too tough so kill it for the reward.
    	Normal: 7500XP, 2 skill points.
    	Epic: 40000XP, 2 Skill points
    	Legendary: 95000XP, 2 Skill points
    Exit Wadjet Canyon across the bridge into the Nile floodplains. Again the 
    exit is to the NW direction, and the is a cave in the N direction, again 
    leading to a lookout which does not seem to serve any purpose. The next area 
    is the village of Sais with a rebirth fountain. There is one guy Anpu who 
    will give you a side quest " Plight of the Nile". This one is easy, and can 
    be done now. The exit to the village is to the N.
    Side quest: Plight of the Nile: Village of Sais: Village of Sais
    To the W of the village is a beach, follow the beach S and clear all the 
    monsters. Go back to the village and find and talk to Makara for the reward. 
    	Normal: 8000XP and a partial charm.
    	Epic: 40000XP and a partial charm.
    	Legendary: 100000XP and a partial charm.
    Outside the village is a merchant, and further on is the Temple of Sais. You 
    will find the portal here too. Anyway talk to the guy Thuti for update of 
    main quest. Thuti will tell you Imoteh is not here, and also that the temple 
    has been destroyed by another Telkine (Oh no). You will have to find Imhotep 
    at Memphis, so off we go.
    Lower Nile, another big area where the exit is in the NW direction, If you 
    want to avoid most of the stuff, just go W from the temple and follow the 
    coast up to the exit. However if you go N you will find a "Old Kingdom 
    ruins" and also one to the E.
    Side Quest: A Promethean surrounded: Lower Nile: Lower Nile
    To the N direction just before the exit to the Lower Nile area is a small 
    camp. Kill the monsters and the boss and talk to Inen, a NPC you just 
    rescued for the reward.
    	Normal: magic jewelry, 7500 XP
    	Epic: magic jewelry, 38000 XP
    	Legendary: magic jewelry, 95000 XP
    Memphis outskirts, again this is just a big area, with lots of monsters, 
    proceed in a general N,NW direction to Memphis.
    Side quest: The Lowest of the Lows: Beggars Quarter: Beggars Quarter
    Just before you get to Memphis there is an area Beggars Quarter, where you 
    will find a beggar (Merab) for a side quest. Basically there is no one that 
    is willing to protect the beggars. Kill the monsters in the following area. 
    You will find lots of shadow stalkers. These are fast and have a fast 
    attack, and you will find you are easily surrounded and taking a lot of 
    damage. However the good thing is that they only have average health. Kill 
    them all, and return to Merab for reward.
    	Normal: Magical ring, 8500XP
    	Epic: Magical ring, 45000XP
    	Legendary: Magical ring, 100000XP
    Finally journey into Memphis (Memphis plaza). You will find Imhotep to the N 
    next to a camel. Talk to him, and he will tell you that you need two items 
    to cast the invocation spell; The Eye of Chaos and Hand of Balance. That 
    will be the next part of the main quest.
    	Normal: 8000XP, magical item
    	Epic: 45000XP, magical item
    	Legendary: 110000XP, magical item
    To the W of Imhotep you will find a priest (Zazamankh) for the "The High 
    Priest's Request" side quest (you may need to talk to him twice). Around the 
    place you will find "Tathari" for another side quest "The missing brother", 
    again you have to talk to her twice. Stock up and manage your inventory for 
    the next part. You will find a few Gates "The Gate of the Sphinx", "The Gate 
    of the Palm" and "The Gate to Thebes" (Quest Locked) in the plaza; you have 
    to click on them to open them.
    2.7 The Invocation
    Map areas:
    	Memphis Plaza (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Outer Giza (rebirth fountain)
    	Giza Plateau (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	The Great Sphinx (rebirth fountain)
    	Pyramid of Khufu
    	Fayum Passage
    	Artisan's Quarter (rebirth fountain)
    	Desert Waste (rebirth fountain)
    	Sobek Plateau
    	Canyon of Isis
    	Fayum Desert
    	Fayum Oasis (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Sandswept caves
    	Temple of Atum (rebirth fountain)
    There is one exit in Memphis Plaza to the NE leading to the Outer Giza íV " 
    The gate of the Sphinx", just outside of this exit is a rebirth fountain 
    (The other available exit NW íV "The gate of the palm" leads to the Artisans' 
    Quarter). This is a big area but the exit is due E between two torches, into 
    Giza Plateau. There is a rebirth fountain here. This area (Giza plateau) is 
    a bit difficult to explain, because there are a few places to note, and is a 
    relatively big empty area. First the directions from the starting point 
    (rebirth fountain). Move due E towards the red marker till you reach the 
    entrance to a tomb. Enter it (The Great Sphinx). There are two rebirth 
    fountains in here, one at the entrance, and the other near the "end" so to 
    say. After you find the second fountain, keep going a bit more until you 
    reach a set of double doors. If you are low on potions, portal back and 
    stock up.
    Main quest: Defeat Pharoah's Honor guards. Through the double doors and you 
    will meet a lot of undead, soldiers and magical users. Kill them all (they 
    will respawn), so clear as much out as possible. Also in the room are four 
    "obelisk" type devices, each one generates a few of the undead. However do 
    not destroy them all. Each time you destroy one of the Obelisks, one of the 
    big stone statues (Pharoah's honor guards) will become active (if you look 
    closely when you destroy the obelisk you will see a ghost like creature 
    leave the crumbling obelisk and into the statue before it comes alive).
    The statues are hard, and the undead gets respawned, however the statues are 
    harder than the undead, so dealing with one big statue and some undead is 
    better than dealing with four statues and no undead. The statues are hard 
    because of the high damage and high health, but are slow. However they seem 
    to be mostly immune to elemental damage as my poison, fire or cold damage 
    seems to do hardly any damage. The best method is just hit and run because 
    they are so slow; you get a hit or two before it raises it arm or foot to 
    attack. Warning, its reach is quite long, so run further. This method is 
    slow, so expect to spend some time to destroy all four.
    After you destroyed them all, you can open the doors on the other side of 
    the room, don't worry the worse has passed. Click the Sphinx to get the Hand 
    of Balance, and get an update of the main quest. Exit the Great Sphinx head 
    due E of the "Great Sphinx" tomb (purple marker) is the Giza portal; you may 
    want to activate it. Keep going E (red marker) you will reach a cave "Fayum 
    passage". You now have two choices, continue the main quest or do the side 
    quests, if you continue the main quest, just enter the Fayum passage (and 
    skip the side quests below).
    If you do the side quest, I assume you do them all (three of them) as I will 
    describe the general direction one after the other.
    Side Quest: The missing brother: Memphis Plaza: Giza Plateau
    Do not enter the cave. Instead follow the wall (SE direction) till you find 
    another cave. Enter and kill the monsters until you find the woman's brother 
    (Una). Talk to him, and he will say a monster has gone crazy, so go through 
    the double doors and kill the boss (Nesy-su-neb-ef or something similar), 
    who is basically a giant Jackal. It is fast and has high attack and fairly 
    high health. However it is susceptible to most damage so it should not be a 
    problem. Kill it, grab the loot in the chest, and go back out to talk to the 
    brother. Now portal back to Memphis and talk to the woman (Tathari) to 
    complete the quest. You should stock up on potions as well, before your 
    portal back, and leave the cave.
    	Normal: powerful ring, 10000XP
    	Epic: powerful ring, 42000XP
    	Legendary: powerful ring, 100000XP
    Side Quest: The high priest's request: Memphis Plaza: Pyramid of Khufu
    Side Quest: The Khufu's curse: Pyramid of Khufu: Pyramid of Khufu
    If you are following this guide, you should be outside the second cave. 
    Proceed in a W,SW direction until you reach the pyramid of Khufu area (there 
    is no torches of paths, the Giza Plateau just merges with the Pyramid of 
    Khufu area). Once there it should be easy to find the big pyramid. Find the 
    entrance, and there will be a guy ( Tekenu), who will talk about a curse to 
    give you the "Khufu's curse" side quest. Both the quests are completed 
    inside the Pyramid (Tomb of Khufu) so enter it.
    After a few rooms, you will enter a passage with three large doors. The 
    first one has just monsters (and loot). The second (middle) one has a boss. 
    Kill it to complete the "Khufu's curse" quest. The third room has two 
    obelisks and lots of undead. Kill them all, click on the coffin in the 
    middle to get "Staff o Khufu". As you are about to leave four big Liches 
    will appear. Kill them and go back to Memphis, to complete the quest.
    Khufu's curse reward:
    	Normal: 12500XP
    	Epic: 50000XP
    	Legendary: 100000XP
    The high Priest's request:
    	Normal: relic, 9000XP
    	Epic: relic, 42000XP
    	Legendary: relic, 100000XP
    Main quest: Off we go, now depending if you took the side quests or not you 
    should be in Memphis plaza (side quests) or Fayum Passage (no side quests). 
    If you are in Fayum passage, just exit at the other side into "Fayum 
    Desert". If you are in Memphis, you have two choices, one quick method, is 
    just to portal back and go back to "Fayum passage" or the second method, 
    which is longer but new areas for loot and XP. The second option you will 
    see there are a set of large double doors NW íV "Gate of the Palm" (not the 
    gate of the priest, but the wooden ones further along), which you can go. If 
    you go through this set of doors then you enter into Artisan's Quarter. Keep 
    following the general path, moving from area to area activating the rebirth 
    fountains when you see them. I will not go into too much detail but you 
    should pass through the Desert Waste through Sobek Plateau, and Canyon of 
    Isis until you reach Fayum Desert. You know you are going the right way, 
    because of the torches (and there are no other exits).
    You should now be in Fayum desert. You should have arrived at Fayum desert 
    from one of the two paths described, but no matter which way you came, a 
    little exploring and you will find Fayum Oasis (a town in the middle of 
    Fayum desert). Enter to stock up, ready for the next part. You can talk to 
    Menemnakht (or Pa neb) for "Caravan Woes" side quest and another guy Asri 
    for the "A hidden treasure" side quest. 
    Side Quest: Caravan Woes: Fayum Oasis: Fayum desert
    If you leave Fayum Oasis in the desert you should see a Dune Raider camp 
    just to the north. There is a boss there. Just kill all the monsters, to 
    complete the quest.
    	Normal: 12000XP
    	Epic: 45000XP
    	Legendary: 100000XP
    Side Quest: A hidden treasure: Fayum Oasis: Fayum desert
    If you leave Fayum Oasis and proceed in a NW direction right to the edge of 
    the area you will find a cave (Mysterious tomb) indicated by the red marker 
    on the map. Enter it and kill everything and find the loot (treasure) for 
    	Normal: 9000XP
    	Epic: 30000XP
    	Legendary: 65000XP
    In the roughly NE direction from Fayun Oasis is the sandswept caves. The 
    cave is just a normal loot, XP cave on Normal, but on Epic or Legendary, you 
    will find the Manticore here, just another special monster you see along the 
    way. I would definitely avoid him, until you complete Epic, and come back. 
    He is HELL, like all the other non-game special bosses. Not really worth 
    losing XP over, but if you want to kill him, here is what I found. Max up on 
    your poison resists and lightning resists, melee characters will also have 
    Hell to deal with, so buy lots of potions. Slow enemy attacks will allow you 
    to see his attack animation and run away faster. As for all monsters with 
    energy based skills, have some energy drain attacks, also it seems it is 
    also susceptible to pierce damage so boost this as well. However my best 
    adviceíK.Leave him.
    To continue the main quest, stock up on potions, and exit Fayum Oasis into 
    the desert and proceed in a NE direction until you find the Temple of Atum. 
    There will be a single set of steps leading up to the temple. After killing 
    some monsters you will meet NehebKau íV Scorpion King. This big scorpion is 
    fast and has big attack damage. However it seems to have weak resistances so 
    it should not be hard with potions. On harder levels, having slow monsters 
    will be a great help. Kill it, proceed NW and get the Eye of Choas, and 
    loot. Portal back to Memphis Plaza.
    Back at Memphis plaza, talk to Imhotep twice (who is at the big gates now, 
    near the priest). The main quest is updated. Oh no, the Invocation did not 
    work; now you cannot call the Gods for help, and have to kill the Titan(s) 
    yourself. After the talk Imhotep says you should find the Telkine, who is 
    seeking something, but whatever it is it must be important. 
    	Normal: 10000XP + 2 Attribute points
    	Epic: 50000XP + 2 Attribute points
    	Legendary: 130000XP + 2 Attribute points
    2.8 A Telkein in Egypt
    Map areas:
    	Dahsur (rebirth fountain)
    	The Upper Nile (rebirth fountain)
    	Thebes Outskirts
    	Temple of Seti (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Highland Pass (rebirth fountain)
    	Place of Truth
    	Valley of Kings (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Tomb of Thutmes
    	Tomb of Amenhetep I
    	Tomb of Amenhetep I
    	Tomb of Amenmeses
    	Tomb of Merenptah
    	Tomb of Seti I
    	Tomb of Ramses
    The golden gates (where the priest stands) in Memphis plaza should now be 
    open to you. Open them and proceed into Dahshur and activate the rebirth 
    fountain, then to the upper Nile, where near the end there is another 
    rebirth fountain. The general direction is NW, until you reach the Thebes 
    Outskirts. Note: There are two caves in the region, one roughly to the NW, 
    and the other N (from the entrance to the area), they only contain monsters 
    and loot. If you keep following the general NW direction, you will pass two 
    huge statues, and further on is the Temple of Seti. 
    At the Temple, you will find a portal, rebirth fountain, merchants etc here, 
    so rest and stock up. Talk to priest guy Amen-nahte for side quest (Search 
    for the Corrupt priest).
    Leave the Temple, into the Highland Pass.
    Side Quest: The Corrupt Priest: Temple of Seti: Meretseger Ridge
    At the start of the Highland pass, if you proceed E you will eventually 
    reach the Meretseger Ridge, at the far end is a tomb, and in the tomb is 
    Neb-kemi the corrupt priest, who is now an undead priest. He should be quite 
    easy, especially if you have any + damage to undead. Kill him, and return to 
    the priest at the Temple of Seti (Amen-nahte) for reward.
    	Normal: magical weapon + 15000XP
    	Epic: magical weapon + 50000XP
    	Legendary: magical weapon + 125000XP
    To exit to the Highland pass is to the N where you will find a rebirth 
    fountain. Proceed down the slope to the place of truth. Keep following the 
    general direction of the map to you finally reach the Valley of the Kings, 
    which has a portal and a merchant.
    In the valley you will find lots of tombs of past Pharaohs, only one is the 
    correct Tomb. Since you are reading this walkthrough I assume you want the 
    quick way,so I might as well tell you the correct one; Tomb of Ramses. The 
    Tomb of Ramses is in the area to the NW of the portal (Not the Northern 
    tomb, but further W when you hit the northern wall). Enter the tomb of 
    Ramses. The other tombs are just XP and loot.
    Inside the tomb are lots of monsters but they should not be a problem. 
    Proceed until you reach the double stone doors; you know what to expect. 
    Portal back and stock up on potions if you need to, before entering the 
    The Egyptian Telkine (Aktaios), is just like the previous Telkine except it 
    does not summon those life sucker Limos. However it has many other spells, 
    including the ability to clone himself. Anyway, I found this one easier than 
    the previous Telkine, for all my games. Maybe that is because by now I had 
    good equipment and a lot of resistance to elemental magic. Note: My melee 
    character that usually has problems with magic users, had no problems 
    neither, but I did have a high damage fast weapon with a 33% slow enemy 
    attacks, which I am sure helped a lot. I always use slow enemy enhancements 
    for my melee weapons, it helps a lot, and stacking these means your enemy 
    will basically be so slow that you can kill it before they even have time 
    for first attack. For bow users this is less helpful, but instead you should 
    look for slow movement enhancements.
    	Normal: 12000XP + 2 Skill Points
    	Epic: 55000XP + 2 Skill Points
    	Legendary: 140000XP + 2 Skill Points
    After you kill the Telkine , grab the Cuneiform Tablet and the other loot, 
    and portal back to the Temple of Seti, where you will find Imhotep. He reads 
    the Cuneiform tablet and discovers that the Telkine is looking for the 
    Sickle of Kronos, a powerful weapon used by the Titans with the power even 
    to kill Gods. To stop them you have for get the Sickle before the Telkine, 
    and best way is to use a portal at the Temple of Hatshepsut. The N door is 
    now open to you.
    2.9 The Sickle of Kronos
    Map areas:
    	Hatshepsut Path (rebirth fountain)
    	Temple of Hatshepsut (rebirth fountain)
    	Hall of Prometheus
    	Gardens of Babylon (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Temple of Marduk(rebirth fountain)
    Leave the Temple of Seti, into Hatshepsut Path, and to the Temple of 
    Hatshepsut. Enter the temple and you will find lots of monsters, and a few 
    Dark Obelisks to make your life more difficult. The monsters are mostly 
    undead so bonus damage to undead weapons will be useful in these sections. 
    Keep going until you reach the Hall of Prometheus, and there are three 
    paths. I found this area quite hard for most of my characters, maybe because 
    there are some many monsters in such a confined space. To help you out, the 
    correct path is to the NE. You will eventually find a room with a boss (Sand 
    Wraith Lord íV Nightmare of the Desert), this one is easy (compared to the 
    monsters you found in the Hall of Prometheus). Kill it and enter the portal 
    and to the Orient.
    The Orient, Gardens of Babylon, for most new players this is where things 
    start getting hard. This will be the first part. As well as monsters you saw 
    before in a new form (different name and stronger, and more skills), you 
    will meet a lot of new creatures that can be deadly to both melee and ranged 
    Activate then portal and rebirth fountain, trade and buy potions. You should 
    see if the merchants have any better equipment, as you will need it. Talk to 
    the Order of Prometheus guy if you want.
    When you are ready proceed SE, along the Gardens. The first new problem you 
    will encounter is that you are now traveling in a south direction (SW,S, 
    SE). In previous stages you where were moving N most of the time. TQ main 
    screen has perspective, which means the bottom (S) is closer to you and 
    bigger, and the N part of the screen is further away and smaller. This means 
    the N part you can see farther and also more area than the bottom. Since now 
    you are moving south, you have two problems; one, once you see monsters they 
    are too close, and two, monsters see you before you see them. This is a real 
    pain, especially later on, but too bad, you cannot change the camera angle, 
    maybe IronLore intentionally made it this way so this last part is a lot 
    Proceed up the garden, basically zigzag up the stairs until you get to the 
    top and the entrance to the Temple of Marduk, where you will find a rebirth 
    fountain. I will not describe this area in too much detail. Although each 
    level is like a maze, there is basically one entry and one exit, so there is 
    not much to say. Just be careful and kill all the monsters, in case you have 
    to run back. There are four levels to the temple, and on the fourth, if you 
    proceed slowly you will see two traps by the door. You should destroy these 
    two first (before you enter the room ahead). Once destroyed, you should 
    stock up on potions.
    After destroying the two traps, you will enter a long rectangular room 
    (there are two more traps on the other side); there is a Chimera in the 
    middle. The Chimera is hard, high health, fast and has fire and lightning 
    damage. For melee characters, high resistances and defense is helpful. For 
    ranged characters, just keep dodging and watch out for the traps on the 
    other side. Again slow down attack or slow movement is very important for 
    these fast creatures. After you killed the Chimera, and the two traps 
    proceed and you will find a room with a symbol, step on it to open the door 
    if you have not figured that out yet. In the next chamber you will find an 
    injured Feiyan. Talk to her because this triggers the addition of your third 
    and final inventory bag. She says she is not strong enough and the Telkine 
    almost killed her with one blow. The Telkine has the Sickle. Anyway, it's 
    now your job to hunt down the Telkine and get the sickle back.
    Reward : Talk to Fei Yan
    	Normal : Relic + 15000XP
    	Epic: Relic + 60000XP
    	Legendary: Relic + 145000XP
    Congratuations you are now 75% through Titan's Quest.
    2.10 Hunt for the Sickle
    Map Areas:
    	Babylon Outskirts (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Parthian Highlands (rebirth fountain)
    	The Silk Road
    	Bactrian woods
    	Amdo Region
    	Shangshung Village
    	Natu La Pass
    	Natu La Ridge (rebirth fountain)
    	Amdo Region (rebirth fountain)
    	Chumbi Valley
    	Tsongmo Peak
    	Tsongmo Ice Cavern (rebirth fountain)
    	Khantai Mountains (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Orkhan Valley
    	Outer Mongolia (rebirth fountain)
    	Mongolian Plateau (rebirth fountain)
    	Village of Guanzhong
    	The Great Wall
    	Shaanxi Province
    	Village of Zhidan (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Jingyang Woods (rebirth fountain)
    	Shaanxi Fields
    	Chang'an Outskirts
    	City of Chang'an (rebirth fountain, portal)
    Welcome to the final part of TQ. Before I go into detail of the quest, let 
    me say a few things about this level. This level is hard, and as well as the 
    moving South direction problem, you will meet some monsters which are hard 
    and fast, and lots of them, so ranged attackers will find that they are 
    surrounded easier. To make things even more difficult, you will visit a lot 
    of forests. Forests are a pain, nice graphics with lots of tall trees and 
    foliage. This makes the game harder because even with the transparencies, 
    you will find may places where monsters are hidden because of the tree 
    trunks and tree tops. Before you know it you will find four or five high 
    melee creatures surrounding you. However, if this is your first time be 
    prepared to meet more cool monsters.
    General guidelines have a few weapons, some for beasts, some of undead, and 
    have slow movement and slow attack enhancements, more than one for harder 
    levels. Bows are best with poison/bleed and slow movement; whilst with melee 
    find a very fast weapon (with enhance attack speed, and slow monster 
    attack). Also make sure your resistances are high since you will find lots 
    of monsters with various attacks. Even on Epic level I found 2x +60% damage 
    to undead sometimes still need two hits to kill some wraith lords, so be 
    OK on to the quest. Babylon outskirts proceed to find a clearing with some 
    villagers. Activate the portal, and stock up, and housekeep your inventory. 
    Buy a few different types of weapons if you need to, and pump up your 
    offense and defense and resistances. You will find Appa, for an update of 
    main quest, saying the Telkine with a sickle passed through. Also you will 
    find a guy (Immeru) for a side quest: The seed of Destruction. Proceed to 
    the E to the farmlands.
    Side Quest: The seed of destruction: Babylon outskirts: Babylon outskirts
    Clear out the farmland area of all monsters, and go back and talk to Immeru 
    for reward.
    	Normal: 18000XP
    	Epic: 50000XP
    	Legendary: 145000XP
    Keep following the area until you reach a bridge, cross the bridge into the 
    Parthian highlands. You will see a few NPCs, talk to them if you want, they 
    will just say the Telkine passed this way. Keep going, you know you are 
    going the right direction if you see bridges (cross them of course). Keep 
    going through the "Silk road", "Bactrian woods", "Amdo region", until you 
    reach "ShangShung village", activating any rebirth fountains you see along 
    the way. This section is just a big battle and a glimpse of things to come. 
    You can start to familiarize yourself with the monsters since you will see a 
    lot more of them and in larger groups.
    In ShangShung Village, stock up, and also change weapons. The previous 
    section will give you an idea of what monsters you will face and this 
    village allows you to tweak your equipment to these monsters. Talk to Pasang 
    Do ma for the "A gargantuan Yeti" side quest and Kilu Tam ba for "Mystery in 
    the mountain" side quest if you wish.
    Go E from the village, you will come to a bridge. Continue through Natula 
    Pass, and Natula ridge, crossing the bridges as you see them. At Natula 
    ridge you can go E for a side quest, otherwise, proceed N to the torches and 
    Side Quest: Caravan in trouble: Natula Ridge: Natula ridge
    If you decide to go E you will find a guy (Gong Li) chased by some monsters, 
    which will lead to a cave. You cannot talk to the guy yet, and he will just 
    stand there. Go in the cave, kill everything (including the boss), grab 
    loot, now go out and talk to the guy for reward.
    	Normal: Powerful Ring + 18000XP
    	Epic: Bug : Epic/Legendary has bug which prevents you from talking to Gong 
    Li, so this quest is inaccessible.
    	Legendary: Bug : Epic/Legendary has bug which prevents you from talking to 
    Gong Li, so this quest is inaccessible.
    The exit from Natula Ridge is to the N and eventually you will enter the 
    other side of the Amdo region. Keep going eastwards until you reach the 
    Chumbi Valley where there is a rebirth fountain. Keep going until you reach 
    a bridge. If you want to continue the main quest, cross the bridge 
    otherwise, take the following detour.
    Side quest update: Mystery in the mountain: Village of ShangShung: Chumbi 
    Do not cross the bridge but instead, go NW up a slope, until you see a small 
    house, with a guy (Ang Tshe-ring). He will say something about his son going 
    after some magical weapons or something. Go E from the guy until you reach a 
    cave. Enter the cave and kill everything, until you find the Wraithlords and 
    the three magical cases. You cannot open the cases. Anyway, go back to Ang 
    Tshe-ring, and tell him the magical items are gone. That's it for this part 
    of the quest; this quest will continue later on.
    Turning our attention back to the bridge. Across the bridge is a large area, 
    with a Neanderthal village and monsters, proceed in NE direction. Tsongmo 
    Side Quest: Mystery in the Mountains: Shangshung village: Tsongmo Peak
    You will meet Da-Wa Phu-ti (the son) for an update on the quest and a marker 
    to the cave (N direction). Go to the cave and battle the monsters, with two 
    or three Neanderthal bosses. Eventually you will exit the cave into an open 
    area, where you will met the big boss. This boss has high health, the shock 
    attack (which you first saw from the Cyclops, polyphemus), and some cold 
    attacks. He is quite tough, especially with his minions swarming you at the 
    same time. It will take some time but should be able to beat him. Melee 
    characters have the advantage, if you have high enough defense, and stun and 
    cold protection. Clear the minions out first if you can. Grab the loot at 
    the other side of the area. Portal back to ShangShung village and talk to 
    Kilu Tem-ba for reward
    	Normal: 22000XP
    	Epic: 55000XP
    	Legendary: 160000XP
    The exit to this area is another cave further N, which leads into the 
    Tsongmo Ice caverns and a rebirth fountain. Keep going following the steps 
    and eventually you will meet a giant Yeti.
    Side Quest: A gargantuan Yeti: Snagshung village: Tsongmo ice caverns
    Kill it for reward. This guy is tough, so patience is the key. He can do 
    quite some damage as well as having a cold attack. Hit and run works, but in 
    the end should not be too difficult.
    	Normal: 20000XP
    	Epic: 55000XP
    	Legendary: 160000XP
    Keep going until you exit the cave into Khantai Mountains, and a bit further 
    on you will find a portal, a merchant and rebirth fountain. There is 
    basically one path, which winds around, with two caves around the area, 
    eventually leading into Orkhan Valley. Orkan Valley has a cave to the N that 
    you can also visit, for XP and loot. On to Outer Mongolia (with rebirth 
    fountain), then to Mongolian Plateau and another rebirth fountain, and keep 
    going until you reach the Village of Guanzhong.
    At the Village of Guanzhong, you will meet the Yerren for the first time. 
    They are like another version of the Neanderthals, but much more faster and 
    deadly. They have average health, but high speed and high attack damage, all 
    of them (melee, archers and magical users). Without saying much, try to lure 
    them out one by one or it will be a quick death for you if you get swarmed. 
    They are tough, so be carerful.
    Side Quest: Child of the Raptor: Village of Guanzhong : Village of Guanzhong
    Eventually you will enter a village with a woman Chang-Er. Talk to her for 
    the quest. Go N kill the raptor,who is fast, but raptor is by itself so no 
    minions, unless you run too far and attack other monsters. The technique is 
    generally hit and run, use slow down weapons to slow it down. Also only run 
    into areas you have already visited, so you do not bump into new creatures. 
    Kill it and a child appears and run back to the Mother. Talk to the mother 
    for reward.
    	Normal: 23000 EXP, Magical Jewelry
    	Epic: 55000 EXP, Magical Jewelry
    	Legendary: 170000 EXP, Magical Jewelry
    Keep following the road until you reach the Great wall and a rebirth 
    fountain. Talk to Zi Chan for the side quest "Peng problems", which you have 
    to do anyway, because it is along you path.
    Side Quest: Peng problems: Great Wall: Great Wall
    Talk to soldier (Zi Chan) and follow the great wall, and kill all the Peng, 
    including a boss Peng (Xiao íV Collosal Peng). Kill it, and continue on to 
    the next tower, where you exit and find a rebirth fountain. Talk to the 
    other soldier Bai Li Xi (commander) for reward.
    	Normal: 23000 EXP, Magical Weapon
    	Epic: 55000 EXP, Magical Weapon
    	Legendary: 175000 EXP, Magical Weapon
    Keep moving SE direction until you reach the Shaanxi Province. Keep going 
    till you reach a bridge, and eventually you will reach the Village of 
    Zhidan. Phew. Stock up, and adjust your equipment etc. More nasty monsters 
    to come, so keep them relics, charms, armor and weapons in tune or you will 
    find it harder and harder. Talk to a guy (Fan ye) for quest update íV Telkine 
    passed through here íV doh. Talk to Bao-Er for side quest "Stalker in the 
    woods", and talk to Lu Buwei for side quest "The Wealth collector".
    When you have rested and tuned up your weapons and staves for maximum damage 
    (plus a few spare in inventory for different monsters), we can proceed. N to 
    Jingyang Woods, which you basically follow the road (you know you are in 
    right direction when you see the torches). There are three side quests here, 
    if you want to skip them, just follow the road.
    Side Quest: Lesson in Despair: Jingyang Woods: Jingyang Woods
    At the entrance to Jingyang Woods, just follow the west edge, killing the 
    creatures. Eventually you will reach an area, with a guy. Kill the monsters, 
    and talk to the guy a few times for easy reward. I am not too sure why this 
    side quest exists, it seems pretty pointless, maybe someone can explain this 
    quest to me.
    	Normal: 25000 XP
    	Epic: 60000XP
    	Legendary: 180000XP
    Side Quest: Stalker in the Woods: Village of Zhidan: Jingyang Woods
    From the entrance of Jingyang Woods, proceed in a E/SE direction. In the 
    forest you will eventually find a big boss tropical Arachnos (or whatever). 
    Kill it for reward.
    	Normal: 27000XP
    	Epic: 70000XP
    	Legendary: 190000XP
    Side Quest: A Wealthy Collector: Village of Zhidan: Jingyang Woods
    From the entrance of Jingyang Woods, proceed in a E/SE direction until you 
    reach a cave. Go inside kill the monsters and get the Jade figurine from the 
    chest, and other loot. Portal or walk back to Lu BuWei in the Village for 
    	Normal: Powerful ring + 25000XP
    	Epic: Powerful ring + 55000XP
    	Legendary: Powerful ring + 175000XP
    Follow the road until you reach a bridge which faces N with a rebirth 
    fountain on the other side. Keep going through Shaanxi Fields and to 
    Chang'an Outskirts cross the bridges and activating the rebirth fountains. 
    Eventually you will reach the City of Chang'An. At the entrance is a woman 
    (Huan Ye), talk to her for a quest update. Make your way east until you 
    reach the city.
    At the City talk to the soldier Ma Feibai for the side quest "The Emperor's 
    Clay Soldiers" and the other soldier Wai Zhen for the other side quest 
    "Terra Cottas At Large". You will also find Feiyan here, fully healed; you 
    can talk to her for a main quest update (to talk to the Yellow Emperor) to 
    complete this part of the main quest. Anyway, talk your time to activate the 
    portal and re-equip, etc. Talk to Fei Yan to complete this part of the main 
    	Normal: 10000XP, powerful amulet
    	Epic: 40000XP, powerful amulet
    	Legendary: 90000XP, powerful amulet
    Before you continue you can do the two side quests that are relatively easy. 
    You will also find that there are two doors/gates that are "quest locked", 
    you can ignore them for now.
    Side Quest: Terra Cottas At Large: City of Chang'an: City of Chang'an
    Just clear all the monsters in the surrounding areas and go back and talk to 
    Wai Zhen for reward. Note: The door to the north of Wai Zhen has a lot of 
    Terra Cotta soldiers, but also leads into a Palace. You do not have to go in 
    the palace for this quest, but is in fact part of the other side quest.
    	Normal: Magical Weapon + 26000XP
    	Epic: Magical Weapon + 60000XP
    	Legendary: Magical Weapon + 180000XP
    Side Quest: The Emperor's Clay Soldiers: City of Chang'an: City of Chang'an
    To the N of Ma FeiBai is an area with a lot of Terra Cotta soldiers, whose 
    only difficulty is that they have a lot of health. Anyway, if you did the 
    other side quest, this area will be cleared. Right at the end is a palace; 
    enter the palace to battle the boss (Bandari íV terra Cotta Sorceror) . In 
    the palace you will meet the sorcerror boss, and a lot of Terra Cotta 
    soldiers. Melee characters will find him hard, because he will teleport if 
    you hand-to-hand, so ranged characters have the advantage. Anyway, keep 
    killing the terra Cotta soldiers and avoid the sorcerers spells until all 
    the terra cotta soldiers are destroyed then kill the Boss. Talk to the 
    Emporer spirit and then to Ma FeiBai for reward.
    	Normal: 30000 XP, 2 Attr points, Powerful Amulet
    	Epic: 80000 XP, 2 Attr points, Powerful Amulet
    	Legendary: 200000 XP, 2 Attr points, Powerful Amulet
    2.11 Journey to the Jade Palace
    Map areas:
    	City of Chang'an (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Chang'an Farmland
    	Shrine of Zhang Kui
    	Quinba Bamboo Forest
    	Village of Binxan (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Jinghe River Valley (rebirth fountain)
    	Qiyun Ascent (rebirth fountain)
    	Mount Qiyun
    	The Jade Palace
    	Jinghe wetlands
    On with the main quest, compared to the previous part, this part is quite 
    short. There are two double doors that are quest locked, but the exit is a 
    bit hard to find. If you find the SE wall of the city, you will find a 
    section of a crumbled wall that is the exit to Chang'an Farmland. Keep 
    following the route through an area with huts, until you reach Quinba Bamboo 
    Forest. In the middle of the area (towards the S at a small pass) you will 
    find a "naked" man (Ran Ju). Talk to him for the side quest "A general in 
    repose". The exit however is a general SW direction from Ran Ju.
    Side Quest: A General in repose: Quinba Bamboo Forest: Quinba Bamboo Forest
    To the SE of the guy Ran Ju is a cave. Kill the monsters and find the chests 
    for the reward for this quest. There are two exits to the caves; one is to 
    the E, which leads to Shrine of Zhang Kui (monsters for XP and loot), the 
    other leads to another exit to Quinba Bamboo Forest (SE of the original 
    entrance to the cave). The shrine has nothing on normal level, but on Epic 
    and legendary you will find the Dragon Lych here, have some fun and gain the 
    XP, but beware he has skill disruption and stun attacks.
    	Normal: 26000XP
    	Epic: 65000XP
    	Legendary: 180000XP
    Keep going in the general S direction to find the Village of Binxan. Here 
    you will find a portal and also rebirth fountain. You can talk to guy (Xiao 
    Yishan) for the "Hermit mage" side quest. A bridge is to the W of the 
    village. Further on across the bridge to reach the Jinghe River Valley. The 
    exit to the area is in the S direction, across a bridge, rebirth fountain; 
    there is only one exit so you cannot go wrong.
    The next part is hard. Lots of monsters, all fast and high damage, so be 
    prepared, I hate the next section regardless of difficulty or character.
    Ready? Cross the bridge (to the W of the village), some tigermen, lure them 
    back and let the soldiers of the village help you. This is an indication of 
    how difficult the next section is; fast tiger men, archers, and magic users, 
    and pack leaders, high damage, lots of them and high health. See inventory 
    tips for more information. On the other side of the bridge in the S 
    direction you see another guy (Liu Xu), talk to him for the "Behind the 
    waterfall" side quest.
    The next section is big but the general direction is SW (bad). You will meet 
    the tiger men again, plus some dragonians (or whatever). The red ones with 
    one blue magic caster are hard; high damage and fast casting/shooting. Avoid 
    them if you can. You will also find more tigermen with a little camp that 
    you have to pass through which is tough.
    Side Quest: Behind the waterfall: Jinghe River Valley: Jinghe River Valley
    Go in the W/SW direction from Lui Xu and you will find a cave, enter the 
    cave/waterfall and kill the four (I think) shades, and return to Lui Xu for 
    	Normal: Powerful amulet, 28000XP
    	Epic: Powerful Amulet, 70000XP
    	Legendary: Powerful Amulet, 190000XP
    Side Quest: Hermit mage: Village of BinXin: Jinghe River Valley
    Pass the bridge with the rebirth fountain, going S direction is a village, 
    pass the village in the SW direction is a waterfall, and some tigermen. Kill 
    the tigermen, and you will find a small shelter with some chests. Open the 
    chest and loot to complete the side quest.
    	Normal: 28000XP
    	Epic: 70000XP
    	Legendary: 190000XP
    Keep going S direction to reach the bridges and into Qiyun Ascent. Across 
    the bridge is a woman (Yi shan) who will give you the "Three Sisters" side 
    quest that is later on. Keep going crossing the bridges as you see them 
    until you reach Mount Quyin.
    Across one of the bridges you will meet Yao Guai an ancient demon bull, with 
    fire attacks, and also summon shadow stalkers. They all do quite a lot of 
    damage, and if you are a warfare character the battle standard is useless, 
    because they will hack it down. The bull is quite tough, because it is fast. 
    Best players can do is to slow it down. Just make sure you have enough 
    potions, as it can be a long battle. After you killed it, proceed N passed 
    another bridge and into The Jade Palace. Enter the jade palace and talk to 
    the Yellow emperor, who will update the main quest (and complete this part 
    of the quest). He will mention the last great Titan Typhon, and where he is 
    	Normal: Powerful ring, 25000XP health and energy restored
    	Epic: Powerful ring, 80000XP, health and energy restored
    	Legendary: Powerful ring, 225000XP, health and energy restored
    This part of the quest is basically complete. You can take the easy way and 
    portal back to the City of Chang'An and talk to Fei Yan to continue the 
    quest (if so skip to next section). However you can take the slow way as 
    described by the Emperor by following the passageways behind the palace. 
    Choosing the passageways means you can complete the "Three sisters side 
    If you choose the passageway you basically go through the Passageway into 
    Jinghe wetlands, and then the NE direction through the Chang'an farmlands, 
    and back to the City of Chang'An through one of the double doors that was 
    previously locked.
    Side Quest: The Three Sisters: Mount Qiyun: Jinghe Wetlands
    This is a big area, and to the N/NE direction is another woman (Ru zhao) the 
    second sister. Talk to her to update the quest, telling you the third sister 
    is in trouble. Go E direction to a small village and kill the tigermen. The 
    N end of the village is the third sister (Lui Hua). Talk to her, and she 
    will explain the situation. Go back to Ru Zhao (W) and talk a few times, and 
    then back to talk to the rescued sister Lui Hua for reward.
    	Normal: 30000XP and magical jewelry.
    	Epic: 75000XP and magical jewelry.
    	Legendary: 200000XP and magical jewelry.
    2.12 Under Wusao Mountain
    Map areas:
    	The Jade Palace
    	City of Chang'An (rebirth fountain, portal)
    	Forest of the Ancients (rebirth fountain)
    	Wusao Barrens
    	Wusao Caverns
    	The Obsidian Halls
    	Lower Olympus
    	Olympus Summit
    This is the final part of the main quest. First return back in Chang'An. The 
    previous locked door leading to area with monsters is now open, so enter the 
    area, and to the NE wall is the exit into the Forest of the Ancients. There 
    is a cave to the NE but just monsters and loot. Keep going until you reach a 
    bridge made from a fallen tree trunk. Cross it into Wusao barrens. Keep 
    going N and up to the portal and the cave entrance. Enter into the cave 
    (Wusao Caverns) and the scary music starts.
    You should keep battling and following the exit points. You will go through 
    a few set of stairs until you reach an area with a bridge made of black 
    shiny rock (Obsidian made from cooled down lava). There is only one exit, so 
    keep following it till you reach the Obsidian Halls.
    The exit is to the E but you have to go N first then SE to reach it. You 
    will reach a long passage with a rebirth fountain at the other side. This 
    level the destination is also to the E but again you have to go S then NE to 
    get there. You will find a big broken double door.
    You should portal back and re-equip and buy potions, if you are short.
    Enter and you will be just in time to see the Telkine (so that's what a 
    Telkine looks like under the robes) release Typhon, and Typhon will enter a 
    portal. Nothing you can do about it. Go down and kill the Telkine. This 
    should be quite easy if your character has handled all the creatures up to 
    now. This Telkine has a telekinetic attack that can grab rocks and throw at 
    you as well as elemental attacks and summons some Fire sprites (with bigger 
    health) and some kind of freeze attack. Again kill the summoned creatures 
    first then work on the Telkine. Ranged attackers have limited room to move, 
    and melee characters must have strong armor (or the rocks which kill you). 
    Best attack is area attacks, which is specialty of magic users. My magic 
    user (Earth) just ran around casting ring of fire, boring but it did the job 
    (run + cast, run + cast, did not even need to aim). Kill it and enter the 
    Lower Olympus, rebirth fountain. This is the Typhon run, in other words, the 
    part people play (after they complete the difficulty), just to kill Typhon 
    again and again for the magical drops.
    Proceed up the steps, which have probably been damaged by Typhon on it's way 
    up. You will meet some nasty Minotaurs (and Minotaur lords), which are fast 
    and have massive damage. Keep you distance and use the hit and run tactic 
    (they have a range before turning back), melee is hard unless you have high 
    health and a lot of potions. Further up you will meet the Cyclops Elders. 
    These are easy because they are slow. Do not get hit because they do massive 
    damage, and keep your distance because of the shock attack. 
    Keep going until you get to Olympus summit and you met Typhon.
    Typhon is quite easy but he/it has some massive damage attacks, especially 
    the fire attacks. High melee characters can just go bashing, as long as you 
    have high resistances and damage. However watch out for the fire attack, and 
    the frost Liches he summons. Ranged players can run around but this will 
    take time to kill, but there is plenty of room and Typhon is slow. There are 
    some shrines (not the statues) at the outer edge of the area, battle marker, 
    regeneration etc. Select the ones that help you out the most. When Typhon is 
    nearly dead, choose the Experience shrine for that extra experience boost 
    (do not know if it multiplies the XP, but should not hurt to use it).
    If you are wondering the four statues of the Gods actually gives Typhon 
    extra skills. You can destroy these if you have problems with Typhon. Each 
    of the statues grants Typhon a power for a limited time (so no, they don't 
    last forever, he reverts back to his flame breath/melee combo soon 
    afterwards (probably around 10-20 seconds) unless he hits another statue 
    with one of his other powers).
    Hades - Abyssal Liche Summons, Life Suction
    Demeter - Thorns, Ranged Poison Attack, Stone Hand (comes up and grabs you 
    and holds you, disabling movement and attacking)
    Zeus - Ranged Thunder Attack
    Apollo - Meteors, Energy Suction
    Wonder why the Gods didn't come out and help me out?? Too scared???
    Congratulations you have completed the TQ single player quest, grab the 
    loot, and listen to the explanation of why you do not see the Greek Gods 
    interfering with the lives of men anymore.
    	Normal: 30000XP
    	Epic: 70000XP
    	Legendary: 300000XP
    >>>> END OF WALKTHROUGH <<<<<
    3. Items and equipment 
    3.1 Weapons, armor and rings types
    Normal and magical items have a base type
    e.g. bow, short sword, reinforced leggings, garland, etc.
    This determines the base properties of the item, such as damage range, 
    In addition they may have a quality, such as copper, bronze, iron, or in 
    case of bows, pine ash or oak. These determine the quality of the item, for 
    example for armor, these may affect the armor rating of the item.
    Finally they have magical pre- and post-fixes, eg. Pupil's simple wraps, 
    where "simple wraps" is the base type, and "Pupils" determine the magical 
    Rare, epic and legendary items normally have special names.
    I will not go into too much detail of each item type as there are too many. 
    I am sure some one else will someday produce one. There are so many types of 
    items and modifiers that it will probably require another document just as 
    big as this one to describe. I will instead give a general outline of each 
    type of item you will find in TQ. The descriptions below are in general for 
    normal (white) and magical (yellow) items, damaged (grey) items can be 
    considered to be inferior versions of normal, and rare or above have special 
    modifiers which may sway it from the standard properties.
    I have listed the max requirement of each class of weapon, the max damage 
    because damage is relative to the speed, and enemy resistances, it should be 
    used as a guideline to see if you base damage is near the top end of the 
    scale. Note: These requirement statistics figures are generated therefore 
    there is some adjustment +/- depending when it was generated, therefore use 
    figures as a rough guide only. 
    3.1.1 Swords/Knives:
    The bladed weapon and a general all round melee weapon. They have speed 
    which range from average to very fast (sabers) and there damage is related 
    to speed, the faster the less damage. In general they have average damage 
    and great for single weapon melee fighters. Having slow enemy attack 
    enhancements make swords deadly, as slowing enemy will not only decrease 
    your damage, but also increase the damage you do, and allow poisons and 
    bleeding to work as well. Increasing attacking speed can also be a help and 
    can make an average speed high damage blade into a deadly high speed high 
    damage blade. Swords also have a piercing damage percentage which should 
    also be a consideration in choosing the right sword.
    Highest requirement sword:
    	Thunderbolt, Lord Seth's Chaos blade, Thyestes' theme, Zhanlu, 
    Theseus' Inheritance, Stymphalian Talon, Amen-Ra's magebane, Mindrazor, 
    	Str:	307
    	Dex:	250
    Highest damage sword: Huo Qubing's ceremonial sword (Str:307, Dex:250)
    Damage:	128-134
    Pierce:	10%
    Highest Pierce % sword: Kydoimos (Str:307, Dex:250)
    Damage:	116-124
    Pierce:	15%
    3.1.2 Axes:
    Axes are slow to average speed melee weapons, and suited for the high damage 
    fighter. Everything that applies to swords will apply to axes, however, the 
    need to offset the slower speed is important.
    Highest requirement Axe:
    	Erysichthon's Hunger, Persephone's Caress, The furies, Phoenix, 
    Acheron's touch, Axe of Tereus, Cerberus's bite.
    Highest damage Axe: Persephone's caress (Str:407, Dex:150)
    Damage:	188-201
    3.1.3 Clubs and maces:
    These are average speed "blunt" axes. Their damage is also in between axes 
    and swords. In D&D terms these items are weapons of monks and clerics, and 
    normally has bonuses to attacking undead. However I do not think this 
    applies in TQ. These weapons also have a "spiked" version which can increase 
    damage inflicted by this type of weapon.
    Highest requirement mace:
    	Sapros the corruptor, Scepter of Thanatos, Areithous' mace, Glacial 
    maul, Hand of Hephaestus, Horn of Hiamat, Kraken's Fist, Orion's Mace, 
    Prometheus' gift, Agamennon's scepter.
    	Str:	452
    	Dex:	136
    Highest damage Mace: Horn of Tiamat (Str: 452, Dex:136)
    Damage:	200-231
    3.1.4 Bows:
    This is the only general ranged non-magical weapon (excluding the Rogue, 
    throwing knife). They are generally very slow to slow, but because they are 
    ranged, it is not a major factor except for fast monsters. "Over time" 
    enhancements work very well with bows, as well as slow movement (not slow 
    attack), as it reduced the time the monster takes to reach you, effectively 
    increasing damage done by poison and bleed, as well as allow you to get more 
    shots. Also increasing attack speed, will speed up the bows, as well as 
    increasing projectile speed. Bows also have a piercing % which should be 
    Highest requirement Bow:
    	Apollo's curved bow, Artemis' Silver bow, Atalanta's bow, Bow of 
    Herakles, Helios' fury, Nemesis' recurve, Painweaver, Qin Warbow, Serpent 
    Str: 136
    Dex:	378
    Highest damage bow: Bow of Herakles (Str:136, Dex:378)
    Damage:	130-154
    Pierce:	25%
    Highest Pierce % bow: Hyksos Compound bow(Str:113, Dex:263)
    Damage:	55-66
    Pierce:	50%
    Highest Pierce damage bow: Bow of Herakles (Str:136, Dex:378)
    Damage:	130-154
    Pierce:	25%
    3.1.5 Spears:
    Spears are the slowest of the melee weapons and tend to have high damage, to 
    offset. They are only effective one-on-one, because the slow speed really 
    makes it a weapon to be avoided, especially since it melee (and you will get 
    surrounded). If you use a spear, then all information about axes apply, and 
    also note the importance of slow enemy attack, or boost damage to get that 
    one-hit kill. Spears also have pierce %.
    Highest requirement Spear:
    	Achilles' spear, Ares' wrath, Blood of Ouranos, Fury of the Three 
    amazons, Kwan Yin's final mercy, Onuris' spear, Peleus' ashen spear, 
    soulharvest,Telamon's boar skewer. 
    Str: 150
    Dex:	350
    Highest damage Spear: Ares' Wrath (Str:150, Dex:350)
    Damage:	185-216
    Pierce:	30%
    Highest pierce % Spear: Alexander's Spear (Str:150, Dex:350)
    Damage:	188-201
    Pierce:	25% (+26% pierce damage)
    Highest pierce damage Spear: Alexander's Spear (Str:150, Dex:350)
    Damage:	188-201
    Pierce:	25% (+26% pierce damage)
    3.1.6 Staff:
    The magic users choice. Staves generally come in three forms, cold, 
    lightning or fire. They can also be "base" which means single base damage or 
    have damage which is ranged e.g. 3-9 fire damage. The different types of 
    staves, I think is generally just an indication of how much damage the staff 
    can inflict. I do not think staves can be used as melee as it always seem to 
    fire a magic bolt. You can add other enhancements to stave attacks, but in 
    general using the default attack does not use up your energy (by itself). 
    Staves are slow.
    Highest requirement Staff:
    Archon's Judgement
    Int:	467
    Highest Fire damage staff:
    	Hades' Scepter (Int: 464)
    	140 base fire
    Highest Cold damage staff:
    	Fingerbone of Boreas (Int:464)
    	133-144 Cold damage
    Highest Lightning damage staff:
    	Cadeus (Int:464)
    	89-190 Lightning damage
    3.1.7 Shields:
    The important fact for shields is the chance to block, and to judge the 
    "quality" of the shield, just look at this figure. Damage is less important 
    and only used for characters with the defense mastery that can use the 
    shield for attack as well. In general choose the shield with the best block 
    chance. You would probably change your shield around once every "quarter" of 
    the main quest as better shields start appearing. Enhancements can be 
    anything, and pierce protection, increase armor is find, but remember do not 
    put critical enhancements to shields, or you will loose it when you change 
    Highest requirement Shield:
    	Abyssal Shield, Alexander's pelta,Hector's shimmering shield, 
    Hephaestus' molten shield, Hera's shield, Priam's gate, Scale of the Black 
    Dragon,Golden shield of Pelaron, Hades' Aspis, Spectral Defender, Crest of 
    Taurus, Chi Gon's resolve, Athena's mirrored shield, Ancile, Venomhusk 
    shield, Ajax' bronze tower, Achilles shield, Zeno's third paradox.
    	Str: 407
    Highest Shield block: Ajax' Bronze tower
    51% of block 280 damage
    Highest shield damage: Achilles' shield
    160 damage
    3.1.8 Head gear:
    Head gear comes in type types, the melee class (helms) and the magic user 
    class (garlands, circlets), where the magic user class usually has less 
    armor and have more dependency on intelligence (as opposed to strength for 
    melee class head gear). For head gear add enhancements which are not too 
    critical to your character, as you will change these a lot.
    Highest requirement helm:
    	Alexander's Plumed helm, Hu Qubing's helm, Dark justice of Tartarus, 
    helm of the Nemean lion, Conqueror's brain cage, Agamemnons Deathmask, Ares' 
    warhelm, Helm of darkness.
    	Str:	486
    	Hesione's golden veil.
    	Str:	150
    	Dex:	378
    	Archmage's diadem
    	Dex:	150
    	Int:	378
    Highest armor rating:
    	Strength: Dark Justice of Tartarus, Helm of the Nemean lion, Ares' war 
    ( str: 486) 245 armor
    	Dexterity: Assassin's shroud, Tracker's hood
    (Dex:364) 170 armor
    	Intelligence: Archmage's Diadem
    	(Int: 378) 138 armor
    3.1.9 Torso armor:
    Similar to head gear and comes in two types, one for melee and the other for 
    magic users. Again Torso armor is very important, and according to manual, 
    more likely to get hit (40% chance compare to other armor which has 20% 
    chance). Again choose best armor over anything else, as you will change this 
    every time you have a chance. Enhancements follow the same rule, less 
    important enhancements as you will change your torso armor a lot.
    Highest requirement torso armor:
    	Abyssal Plate, Black cage of Tartarus, Alexander's cuirass, Hu 
    Qubing's cuirass, Pelt of the Nemean Lion, Conqueror's plate, Penumbra 
    plate, Odysseus's armor, Overlord's iron shell, Minoxian armor, Horus' 
    refuge, Armor of Achilles, Ferrus Gnosi, Armor of Peleus, Shroud of Eirene, 
    Verdant plate
    	Str:	486
    	Assassin's harness, Tracker's armor
    	Str:	150
    	Dex:	364
    	Archmage's mantle, Calypso's cover, Feng Zhao's meditation robes, 
    Iris' scintillating robes, Mantle oa Amun-ra, Mindrage robe, Robe's of 
    Sidiros Loros, Vestment of the Overlord,
    	Dex:	150
    	Int:	378
    Highest armor rating:
    	Strength: Overlord's Iron shell(Str: 486)
    250 armor
    	Dexterity: Assassin's harness(Dex: 364), Tracker's armor(Dex: 364)
    170 armor
    	Intelligence: Archmage's mantle(Int: 378), Calypso's cover(Int: 378), 
    Feng Xao's meditation robes(Int: 378), Iris' scintillating robes (Int:378), 
    Mantle of Amun-ra (Int:378), MindRage Robe (Int:378), Robe's of Sidiros 
    Loros(Int:378), Vestment of the Overlord (Int:378)
    	138 armor
    3.1.10 Arm bands:
    Again two types, but armor is less important than for head gear and torso 
    armor, so start considering other benefits of the item, e.g. resistances 
    etc. I like to add enhancements such as pierce and bleeding protection to 
    these as they are rare (compared to all elemental resistances). You should 
    change these when you get a better item, but armor is not the major issue 
    with arm bands.
    Highest requirement arm bands:
    	Inexorable Grip of Tartarus, Abyssal bracers, Alexander's bracers, Hu 
    Qubing's armguards, Phobos, Bracers of the Nemean Lion, Conqueror's bracers
    	Str:	486
    	Assassin's bracers, Trackers gloves
    	Str:	150
    	Dex:	364
    	Archmage's clasp, Black pearl bracklet, Braclet's of Aman-Da, Senbi's 
    Clasp, Truesilver bracelet.
    	Dex:	150
    	Int:	378
    Highest armor rating:
    	Strength: Inexorable Grip of Tartarus, phobos, bracers of the Nemean 
    (str: 486) 245 Armor
    	Dexterity: Assassin's bracers, Tracker's gloves
    (Dex: 364) 170 armor
    	Intelligence: Archmage's clasp(Int: 378), Black pearl braclet(Int: 
    378), Braclet of Aman-Da(Int: 378), Senbi's clasp (Int:378), TrueSilver 
    Braclet (Int:378)
    	138 Armor
    3.1.11 Leggings:
    Again two types, the less important of the armor items, in respect to armor. 
    Choose leggings for it's other protection properties. Once you get a decent 
    part of leggings add so good enhancements to it, such as 
    elemental/poison/bleed/vitality/stun/skill disrupt protection. You should 
    not need to change these often. Also I found +xx% slow enemy 
    attacks/movement and +xx% damage to undead/demons etc also useful on these 
    items as they allow you to apply the enhancement to both your primary and 
    secondary weapon.
    Highest requirement Leggings:
    	Abyssal greaves, Unyielding shackles of Tartarus, Alexander's greaves, 
    Hu Quibing's greaves, Greaves of the Nemean Lion, Conqueror's buskin
    	Str:	486
    	Assassin's greaves, Tracker's leg guard
    	Dex:	150
    	Int:	364
    	Archmage's leggings
    	Dex:	150
    	Int:	378
    Highest armor rating:
    	Strength: Unyielding shackles of Tartarus, greaves of the Nemean lion,
    (str:486) 245 armor
    	Dexterity: Assassin's greaves, tracker's leg guard
    (Dex:364) 170 Armor
    	Intelligence: Archmage's leggings
    	(Int: 378) 138 armor
    3.1.12 Rings and amulets:
    You rely on these for the best protection, more than leggings, so when you 
    find a good ring or amulet, add the best enhancements on them as you should 
    not need to change these. They take up small amount of space, so having a 
    few different resistance types in inventory is a very good idea. What is 
    good? Well + all resistances, +x skills etc are the best. You are likely to 
    keep these for a long time and once you find a good one, add some extra 
    critical enhancements to it, and you are set. Also I found +xx% slow enemy 
    attacks/movement and +xx% damage to undead/demons etc also useful on these 
    items as they allow you to apply the enhancement to both your primary and 
    secondary weapon.
    	Ring's highest requirement: Required level 45
    	Amulets's highest requirement: Required level 48
    3.1.13 Sets: Sets are a set of equipment, such as helm, torso, armor, 
    leggings, armbands, weapons etc. They share the same name such as Abyssal 
    Armor, Abyssal Plates, Abyssal greaves, Abyssal shield. Each set may have a 
    different type of items, and different number of items. What makes sets 
    different is that when you equip more than one item in the same set you get 
    special bonus, and when you complete all the items in a set you get a bigger 
    bonus on to of the special bonuses.
    This document sill not cover sets as there is already a good guide on TQ set 
    items on the internet. However here is a summary of the max requirements for 
    the types of sets found in TQ. Note: These are max stats, some sets require 
    less requirements, but may be more suited for your character, so use it as a 
    guideline. By no means below is the complete list of sets, but they are the 
    top of the stats range.
    Strength sets:
    	Abyssal, Tartarus, Alexander, Huo Qubing, Children of Ares, Nimean 
    Lion hide, Conquerers canoply.
    Strength	486
    Dexterity Sets:
    	Assassins cover, Trackers armor.
    	Dexterity	364
    Intelligence sets:
    	Archmages regalia.
    	Intelligence	378
    3.1.14 Best ring/amulet bonus 
    The following is a list of best bonuses from rings and amulets. The reason 
    why I just list from rings and amulets is because they are more flexible, in 
    the sense that you can swap them in an out, without changing your armor or 
    damage etc. It is much easier to store special rings and amulets for that 
    special occasion because they take up a small amount of space. Note: The 
    below does not include stats for "Chance of one of the followingíK."
    + Health
    	692: Aphroditre's Favor : Level 48
    + % health
    	14%: Prokopios : Level 35 
    + health regen per sec
    	+2.0 : Aeon : level 40
    + % health regen
    +142%: Amulet of Hygeia : Level 40
    + Energy
    	+238: Shavo's Relic : Level 47
    + % Energy
    	20%: Thoth's Mark: Level 40
    + energy regen per sec
    	+1.0: Eye of Horus : Level 45
    	+1.0: Celestial band : level 40
    	+1.0: Serenity : Level 38
    + % Energy regen
    	+98%: Ring of Gaia : Level 40
    - % recharge
    	-17%: Eye of Horus : Level 45
    - Energy cost
    	-27 : Seal of the high priest : Level 36
    - Energy reserve cost
    	-28 : Seal of the high priest : Level 36
    - % energy cost
    	15%: Polaris : Level 40
    + Str
    	+45 : Tyrvidar's Might: Level 37
    + Int
    	+48: Archimedes Cogwheel : Level 45
    + % Int
    	21%: Thoth's Mark: Level 40
    + Dex
    	+47: Apollo's Will : Level 45
    + % dex
    	+11% : Adroit Loop : Level 37
    + offense ability
    	+101 : Mark of Ares : Level 45
    + % offense ability
    	+10% : Adroit Loop : Level 37
    + defense ability
    	+82: Essense of Styx : Level 47
    + % defense ability
    	+11% : Adroit Loop : Level 37
    + % fire resistance
    	62%: Eye of Flame : Level 40
    + % cold resistance
    	111% : Tibetan Necklace : Level 38
    + % lightning resistance
    	117%: Shavo's Relic : Level 47
    + % elemental resistance
    	51%: Essense of Styx : Level 47
    + % damage resistance
    	10% : Tibetan Necklace : Level 38
    + % pierce resistance
    	+53%: Chiron's Loop : Level 40
    + % poison resistance
    	+52%: Apollo's Will : Level 45
    + % stun resistance
    	122%: Serenity : Level 38
    + % skill disruption resistance
    	+25%: Crest of Murong : Level 38
    + % Vitality damage resist
    	39%: Myrmidon's Pendant : Level 46
    + % life leech resistance
    	105%: Band of Souls : Level 45
    + % energy leech resistance
    	118%: Shadowformed Band : Level 38
    + % bleeding resistance
    	+23%: Crest of Murong : Level 38
    + % reduced freeze duration
    	100%: Frostshield talisman : Level 38
    + % chance to dodge
    	+7%: Chiron's Loop : Level 40
    	+7%: Shifting Beads : Level 33
    + % armor
    	31%: Essense of Styx : Level 47
    + % shield block
    	5%: Captain's Signet : Level 22
    + Burn damage
    	117 over 3.0: Seal of Hephaestus : Level 45
    + fire damage
    	21-36: Eye of Flame : Level 40
    + % fire damage
    	71%: Seal of Hephaestus : Level 45
    + cold damage
    	34-43: Thundrite Charm : Level 38
    + % cold damage
    	34%: Crystal totem : Level 36
    + % lightning damage
    	18%: Storm Eye : Level 6
    + elemental damage
    	+23 : Polaris : Level 40
    + % elemental damage
    	46%: Shavo's Relic : Level 47
    + % pierce damage
    	+103%: Apollo's Will : Level 45
    + % vitality/life leech
    	82%: Band of Souls : Level 45
    + % energy leech
    	67%: Band of Souls : Level 45
    + Poison damage
    	90-120 over 6: Venom heart : Level 22
    + % poison damage
    	32%: Jade band : Level 26
    + % Stun damage
    	+50% : Adroit Loop : Level 37
    + % attack speed
    	+19%: Shifting Beads : Level 33
    + % casting speed
    	90%: Cartouche ring : Level 16
    + % Projectile speed
    	+58%: Apollo's Will : Level 45
    + % movement speed
    	+19%: Shifting Beads : Level 33
    - % slow movement
    	-34% over 3: Frostmoon : Level 10
    - % requirement for armor
    	-25%: Captain's signet : Level 22
    - % requirement for weapons
    	-25%: Captain's signet : Level 22
    - % requirement for shields
    	-25%: Captain's signet : Level 22
    + all skills
    	+2: Aphroditre's Favor : Level 48
    + damage
    	+37 : Mark of Ares : Level 45
    + % damage
    	36%: Myrmidon's Pendant : Level 46
    + % damage to undead
    	70%: Phantom Bane : Level 33
    + % less damage from undead
    	+44%: Signet of Hope : Level 33
    + % damage to demons
    	70%: Phantom Bane : Level 33
    + % less damage from demons
    	+44%: Signet of Hope : Level 33
    + % less damage from Titans
    	25% : Tyrvidar's Might: Level 37
    + % Energy absorption
    	13%: Archimedes Cogwheel : Level 45
    + % Damage to Health
    	17%: Necklace of Harmonia : Level 45
    + % experience
    	10% : prokopios : Level 35
    	10% : Loadstone : Level 33
    3.2 Relics and charms
    These are little stones and stuff that can be used to add enhancements to 
    your equipment. Only one enhancement can be put onto a single piece of 
    equipment. Once you enhance a piece of equipment, you can only add the same 
    enhancement to that item. When it max the enhancement, you may get a bonus.
    Note: Bonuses seem to be random (or character level based), so you do not 
    get the same bonus every time you complete a relic or charm. I have listed 
    the ones I have found, there may be more. This also means that you should 
    complete the relic/charm before using, so that you can see the bonus you got 
    before using it. I have also seen completed relic/charms without bonuses 
    (boo hoo).
    I will list them in alphabetical order, as it is easier to reference; note 
    that I remove the "the", so "The Valor of Achilles" is under V for Valor. 
    Relics can be stacked up to three and charms can be stacked to five. The 
    comp bonus is the bonus you get when you stack to the maximum number.
    3.2.1 Relics
    There are actually three types
    Essences (Ess), Embodiment (Emb), Incarnation (Inc) , the difference being 
    the power, bonus and the level requirement.
    Amum-Ra's Glory: armor
    Type	Level req	Health		Energy
    Ess	12		20/40/60	20/40/60
    Emb	32		40/80/120	40/80/120
    Inc	44		60/120/180	60/120/180
    Comp bonus : +x Health, +x Int, +x armor, +x% Lightning resist, +x% Cold 
    resist, +x% Fire resist, +x Energy, +x% Elemental resist
    Ankh of Isis: rings & amulets
    Type	Level req	Health regen
    Ess	12		35/70/105%
    Emb	32		50/100/150%
    Inc	44		65/130/195%
    Comp Bonus: +x Health, x Energy Leech for x seconds, +x% Lightning resist, 
    +x% Cold resist, +x% Fire resist, +x Energy, +x% Elemental resist
    Anubis' Wrath: weapon
    Type	Level req	attack damage to health
    Ess	12		2/4/6%
    Emb	32		3/6/9%
    Inc	44		4/8/12%
    Comp Bonus: +x% Damage, x Life leech for x seconds , x Fire Damage, +x% 
    Damage to Demons, +x% Damage to Undead, x-x Damage, x% chance Stun for x 
    seconds , x Energy Leech for x seconds, x% slower Attack Speed for x 
    seconds, +x offense, +x% Attack Speed
    Archimedes' Mirror: shield
    Type	Level req	chance 50% damage reflected	
    Ess	3		3/6/9%
    Emb	25		4/8/12%
    Inc	40		5/10/15%
    Comp bonus: +x% Cold resist, +x% Fire resist, +x% Lightning resist, +x% 
    Pierce resist , +x% Poison Resist, +x health , +x Str, +x% x-x Pierce 
    retaliation, +x% armor, DA,+x% Life Leech retaliation
    Artemis' Bowstring: Bows
    Type	Level req	Pierce damage	Attack speed
    Ess	3		3/6/9		2/4/6%
    Emb	25		6/12/18		3/6/9%
    Inc	40		10/20/30	4/8/12%
    Comp Bonus: +x% Damage, x Poison Damage for x seconds, x-x Damage, +x% 
    slower Attack Speed for x seconds, +x Dex, +x offense, +x% Attack Speed, x-x 
    Pierce Damage
    Code of Hammurabi: rings & amulets
    Type	Level req	Intelligence
    Ess	18		6/8/12
    Emb	36		9/18/27
    Inc	48		12/24/36
    Comp Bonus: +x% Int, -x% recharge, +x% Lightning resist, +x% Cold Resist, 
    +x% Fire resist, +x Energy, +x% Elemental resist
    Dionysus' Wineskin: rings & amulets
    Type	Level req	Damage resist	Health
    Ess	3		2/4/6%		15/30/45
    Emb	25		2/4/6%		40/80/120
    Inc	40		2/4/6%		75/150/225
    Comp Bonus: +x defense, +x health, +x Str, x% chance Stun for x seconds, +x% 
    armor, +x% Cold Resist
    Djed of Osiris: weapon
    Type	Level req	damage to undead
    Ess	12		7/14/21
    Emb	32		12/24/36
    Inc	44		16/32/48
    Comp Bonus: +x% Damage, x Life leech for x seconds, x Fire Damage, +x% 
    Damage to Demons, +x% Damage to Undead, x-x Damage, x% chance Stun for x 
    seconds, x Energy leech for x seconds, x% slower Attack Speed for x seconds, 
    +x offense, +x% Attack Speed
    Domain of the Dragon-Kings: armor
    Type	Level req	Fire resist
    Ess	18		8/16/24
    Emb	36		10/20/30
    Inc	48		12/24/36
    Comp bonus: +x Health, +x armor, +x% armor, +x Dex, +x% Life regeneration, 
    +x Energy, +x% Elemental resist
    Golden Fleece: armor (body) 
    Type	Level req	- Energy cost
    Ess	3		5/10/15%
    Emb	25		7/14/21%
    Inc	40		10/20/30%
    Comp Bonus: +x Int, +x Defence, +x health , +x% Lightning Resist, +x% Cold 
    Resist, +x% Fire Resist, +x Energy, +x% Elemental Resist, -x% recharge
    Guan-Yu's Grace: armor (body)
    Type	Level req	Defense ability		Chance to dodge
    Ess	18		5/10/15			2/4/6%
    Emb	36		10/15/20		3/6/9%
    Inc	48		15/30/45		4/8/12%
    Comp Bonus: +x Defense, +x% Attack Speed, +x armor, +x Dex, +x% Movement 
    Speed, +x% Pierce Resist
    Hecate's Crescent: rings & amulets
    Type	Level req	Energy 	Energy regen
    Ess	3		2/4/6%	20/40/60%
    Emb	25		3/6/9%	30/60/90%
    Inc	40		4/8/12%	40/80/120%
    Comp Bonus: +x Int, x Energy leech over x seconds, +x% Lightning Resist, +x% 
    Cold resist, +x% Fire resist, +x Energy, +x% Elemental resist, -x% recharge
    Herakles' Might : armor
    Type	Level req	Strength
    Ess	3		4/8/12
    Emb	25		8/16/24
    Inc	40		12/24/36
    Comp Bonus: +x% Damage, +x armor, -x armor over x seconds, +x% Pierce 
    Resist, +x Defense, +x health, +x Str, x% chance of Stun for x seconds, x%  
    Attack Speed for x second, +x Offense
    Jade Emperor's Serenity: armor
    Type	Level req	Lightning resist
    Ess	18		7/14/21%
    Emb	36		10/20/30%
    Inc	48		15/30/45%
    Comp Bonus: +x Health , +x Int, +x armor, +x% armor, +x% Lightning resist, 
    +x% Cold resist, +x% Fire resist, +x Energy, +x% Elemental resist
    Li-Nezha's Guile: armor
    Type	Level req	Dexterity
    Ess	18		6/12/18
    Emb	36		9/18/27
    Inc	48		12/24/36
    Comp Bonus: +x defense, +x% Attack Speed, +x armor, +x Dex, +x% Movement 
    Speed, +x% Pierce resistance
    Monkey King's Trickery: rings & amulets
    Type	Level req	reduced 	Element	skill disrupt
    			res 4s		resist	protection
    Ess	18		2/4/6		2/4/6%	5/10/15% 
    Emb	36		3/6/9		2/4/6% 	8/16/24%
    Inc	48		4/8/12	2/4/6% 	12/24/36%
    Comp Bonus: +x defense, +x armor, +x Dex, +x% movement Speed, +x Int, +x% 
    Pierce resistance
    Prometheus' Flame: weapon
    Type	Level req	Fire Dam		Burn over 3s
    Ess	3		5/5/5%			9/18/27
    Emb	25		10/10/10%		18/36/54
    Inc	40		15/15/15%		30/60/90
    Comp Bonus: +x% Damage, x-x Fire Damage, +x% Fire Damage, +x% Damage to 
    Demons, x-x Damage, +x% Fire Resist, +x% Slow Attack Speed for x seconds, +x 
    offense, +x% Attack Speed
    Set's Betrayal: armor
    Type	Level req	Pierce damage		33% of x pierce retaliation
    Ess	12		6/6/6%			7/14/21
    Emb	32		9/9/9%			9/18/27
    Inc	44		11/11/11%			13/26/39
    Comp Bonus: +x% Bleed, +x armor, +x Int, +x Dex, +x defense, +x offense, x 
    Life leech for x seconds
    Shen-Nong's Dark Medicine: weapons
    Type	Level req	Poison over 5s		Reduce resist 5s	
    Ess	18		15/30/45		4/8/12%
    Emb	36		25/50/75		5/10/15%
    Inc	48		35/70/105		6/12/18%
    Comp Bonus: +x% Damage, +x% Poison damage, x-x Damage, x% chance Stun for x 
    seconds, x% slower Attack Speed for x seconds, +x offense
    Udjat of Horrors: armor
    Type	Level req	Armor	
    Ess	12		4/8/12
    Emb	32		7/14/21
    Inc	44		10/20/30
    Comp bonus: +x armor, +x% Cold resist, +x% Fire resist, +x% Lightning 
    resist, +x% Pierce resist, +x% Poison resist, +x defense, +x% armor
    Valor of Achilles: weapon
    Type	Level req	Damage			Attack speed
    Ess	3		5/5/5			4/8/12%
    Emb	25		15/15/15		5/10/15%
    Inc	40		25/25/25		6/12/18%
    Comp Bonus: +x% Damage, +x Dex, x Reduce armor for x seconds , x-x Damage, 
    Stun, x% slower Attack Speed for x seconds, +x Str, +x Offense , +x% Attack 
    Speed, x% chance Stun for x seconds
    Yeng-Lo-Wang's Bloodletting: weapon
    Type	Level req	Bleed over 3s		Bleed damage
    Ess	18		15/24/36		4/8/12%
    Emb	36		21/42/63		6/12/18%
    Inc	48		36/72/108		8/16/24%
    Comp Bonus: +x% Damage, x Life leech for x seconds, x-x Fire, +x% Damage to 
    Demons, +x% Damage to Undead, x-x Damage, x% chance Stun for x seconds, +x% 
    slower Attack Speed for x seconds, +x offense
    Zeus' Thunderbolt: weapon
    Type	Level req	lightning Dam		Lightning dam
    Ess	3		5/5/5%			1-7/2-14/3-21
    Emb	25		10/10/10%		3-12/6-24/9-32
    Inc	40		15/15/15%		6-15/12-30/18-45	
    Comp Bonus: +x% Damage, +x Cold Damage, x-x Lightning Damage, +x% Lightning, 
    x-x Damage, x% chance Stun for x seconds , x Energy Leech over x seconds, x% 
    slower Attack Speed for x seconds , +x Dex, +x offense, +x% Attack Speed
    3.2.2 Monster charms
    Type: N= normal, E= Epic, L=Legendary
    Level = level required
    Bat fangs: weapons
    Type	Level		Life leech over 3s
    N	3		3/6/9/12/15
    E	25		6/12/18/24/30
    L	40		9/18/27/36/45
    Comp bonus: +x% Damage (Physical), x-x Fire Damage, +x% Damage to Demons, x-
    x Damage (Physical), x Energy leech over x seconds, +x% slow Attack, +x 
    offense, +x% Attack Speed
    Boar hide: armor
    Type	Level		Armor
    N	3		1/2/3/4/5
    E	25		2/4/6/8/10
    L	40		3/6/9/12/15
    Comp Bonus: +x% Resist Cold, +x% Resist Pierce, +x defense ability , +x 
    Demon Blood: rings & amulets
    Type	Level		vitality dam resists%		Stun resist %
    N	5		5/10/15/15/15			5/10/15/20/25
    E	25		7/14/21/21/21			7/14/21/28/35
    L	40		10/20/30/30/30			10/20/30/40/50
    Comp Bonus: +x% Stun resistance, +x% Fire resist, +x% Elemental resists, +x% 
    Damage to Demons, +x% vitality damage resists, +x% energy leech resist, +x 
    Diseased Plumage: armor
    Type 	Level		Poison damage %
    N	5		2/4/6/8/10
    E	25		3/6/9/12/15
    L	40		4/8/12/16/20
    Comp Bonus: +x% Poison damage,+x armor, +x Dex, +x Offense, +x Defense
    Hag Skin: armor
    Type	Level		Pierce resist %		dexterity
    N	12		6/6/6/6/6		2/4/6/8/10
    E	32		8/8/8/8/8		3/6/9/12/15
    L	40		10/10/10/10/10	4/8/12/16/20
    Comp Bonus: +x armor, +x% Fire resist, +x Dex, +x% Pierce resist, +x 
    defense, +x% armor
    Lupine claw: weapons
    Type	Level		Pierce damage
    N	12		2/4/6/8/10
    E	32		4/8/12/16/20
    L	44		6/12/18/24/30
    Comp Bonus: +x% Damage, +x Pierce Damage, +x% Damage to Demons, +x% Attack 
    Speed, x-x Damage, +x Energy Leech over x seconds, +x% Slow attack for x 
    seconds, +x offense, +x% Attack Speed
    Mechanical Parts: torso armor
    Type	Level		Total speed %		Strength
    N	10		1/2/3/4/5		0/0/0/0/0
    E	25		2/4/6/8/10		0/0/0/0/0
    L	40		2/4/6/8/10		3/6/9/12/15
    Comp Bonus: +x armor, +x Str, +x Dex, +x Offense , +x Defense, +x% armor
    Peng Claw: weapons
    Type	Level	Damage
    N	18	1-4/2-8/3-12/4-16/5-20
    E	36	3-7/6-14/9-21/12-28/15-35
    L	48	5-9/10-18/15-27/20-36/25-45
    Comp Bonus: +x% Damage, x-x Pierce Damage, +x% Attack Speed, +x Dex, -x 
    armor over x seconds, x-x Damage, x Energy leech over x seconds, x% slower 
    Attack Speed for x seconds , +x offense
    Pristine Plumage: armor
    Type	Level		poison resistance%
    N	3		4/8/12/18/20
    E	25		6/12/18/24/30
    L	40		8/16/24/32/40
    Comp bonus: +x Defense ability, +x armor, +x Dex, +x offense ability, +x% 
    Resist Poison
    Raptor tooth: rings and amulets
    Type	Level		damage %
    N	18		2/4/6/8/10
    E	36		3/6/9/12/15
    L	48		4/8/12/16/20
    Comp bonus: +x% Damage, x-x Pierce Damage, +x% Attack Speed, +x offense ,  
    +x Str, -x armor for x seconds, x-x Damage, x% slower Attack Speed for x 
    seconds, +x offense
    Rigid Carapace: shield
    Type	Level		pierce resistance %
    N	12		4/8/12/16/20
    E	32		6/12/18/24/30
    L	44		8/16/24/32/40
    Comp Bonus: +x% Energy leech resist, +x% Fire resist, +x% Stun Resist, +x% 
    Pierce resist , +x Health, +x Str, +x% armor, +x defense
    Saberclaw: Saberlions: shield
    Type	Level		Bleed over 3s
    N	18		9/18/27/36/45
    E	36		15/30/45/60/75
    L	48		21/42/63/84/105
    Comp Bonus: +x% Damage, x-x Pierce Damage, +x% Attack Speed, +x% Bleed, +x 
    offense, x-x Damage, x Energy leech over x seconds, x% slower Attack Speed 
    for x seconds
    Spectral matter: rings & amulet
    Type	Level		energy leech over 2s	energy leech resist %
    N	5		6/12/18/24/36		10/10/10/10/10
    E	25		10/20/30/40/50		15/15/15/15/15
    L	40		16/32/48/64/80		20/20/20/20/20
    Comp Bonus: +x% Energy drain, +x Int, +x% Damage to Undead, +x Energy, x 
    Energy leech over x seconds
    Turtle shell: shields
    Type	Level		Shield block %	shield recovery time %
    N	3		1/2/3/4/5	-5/-5/-5/-5/-5
    E	25		2/4/6/8/10	-10/-10/-10/-10/-10
    L	40		3/6/9/12/15	-15/-15/-15/-15/-15
    Comp Bonus: +x% Pierce resist, +x Health, +x Str, +x% armor, +x defense , +x 
    Venom sacs: weapons
    Type	Level		Poison over 5s
    N	8		6/12/18/24/30
    E	25		14/28/42/56/70
    L	40		23/45/68/90/113
    Comp Bonus: +Offense , x% chance Stun for x seconds, -x Reduce reduced armor 
    for x seconds, x Poison Damage for x seconds, -x% slower Attack Speed for x 
    second, +x% Poison
    Vile Ichor: rings & amulets
    Type	Level		Vitality		vitality
    			Damage %		damage
    N	12		2/4/6/8/10		5/5/5/5/5
    E	32		3/6/9/12/15		7/7/7/7/7
    L	44		4/8/12/16/20		9/9/9/9/9
    Comp Bonus: +x offense, x% Stun for x seconds , +x reduce armor for x 
    seconds, +x Poison over x seconds, +x% slower attack for x seconds
    Viny growth: armor
    Type	Level		health regen %
    N	18		10/20/30/40/50
    E	36		15/30/45/60/75
    L	48		20/40/60/80/100
    Comp Bonus: +x armor, +x health, +x% health regen, +x% Pierce resist , +x 
    defense, +x% armor
    Yeti Fur: armor
    Type	Level		Cold damage %		Cold resist %
    N	18		5/5/5/5/5		4/8/12/16/20
    E	36		5/5/5/5/5		6/12/18/24/30
    L	48		5/5/5/5/5		8/16/24/32/40
    Comp Bonus: +x armor, +x% Resist Cold, +x Str, +x defense , +x% armor, +x 
    3.3 Shrines
    Shrines have different properties are depending where your are.
    1: Between the start and Megara which I will call Greece1
    2: After megara to the end of Greece which I will call Greece 2
    3: Egypt
    4: Orient
    5: Typhon
    The following are shrines which have the same properties throughout the 
    game, regardless of location or level of difficulty.
    Battle Shrine:
    +100% physical damage;
    +75% elemental damage;
    +60% attack speed;
    +5% movement speed.
    Duration: 60 seconds
    Shrine of Healing
    instantly refills health
    Regeneration shrine
    regenerates health/energy at 7% per second (8 meter radius).
    Duration = 40 sec
    Shrine of Experience
    increases experience gained by 50%.
    Duration: 60 sec
    Energizing Shrine
    increases energy regeneration rate by 800%
    The following are shrines that are dependant on location and level of 
    Each hit xx cold/slowing per second, for 6 seconds.
    Total speed slowing = 75%.
    Duration = 60 sec.
    Xx bleeding damage per second, for 3 seconds.
    Duration = 60 sec 
    Xx bonus to all skills.
    Energy cost reduction = 25%.
    Duration = 60 sec 
    The following are the "xx" numbers for the above shrines
    Shrine Type	Greece1	Greece2	Egypt		Orient	Typhon
    Frostbite	8	15	20		25	6
    Thorns 		11	17	24		32	13
    Mastery		4	4	6		6	n/a
    Shrine Type	Greece1/2	Egypt		Orient		Typhon
    Frostbite	33		40		45		17
    Thorns	 	47		53		67		35
    Mastery		8		8		8		n/a
    Shrine Type	Greece1/2	Egypt		Orient		Typhon
    Frostbite	50		55		60		31
    Thorns 		86		93		106		65
    Mastery		10		10		10		n/a
    4. Monsters
    Monsters in TQ, come in three forms.
    Normal spawned creatures, those you see running around all over the place. 
    You can ignore these if you wish.
    Special creatures. Special creatures that have a name, and not really part 
    of the quest. They tend to be unique and have special powers e.g. 
    Polyphemus. You can ignore these if you wish but they normally have high XP 
    when killed.
    Special bosses and minions. These are special unique characters that have 
    special names and are part of a quest or side quest. If you do not kill 
    these, you will cannot proceed with main quest or complete a side quest.
    Normal monsters, have a type, e.g. Beast, Undead, etc which determines their 
    type. In addition to the type you will have the creature species, e.g. 
    Satyr, Centaur. Each species will have a class that determines its mode of 
    attack (some creatures do not have a class, such as carrion crows). Finally 
    some have a skill level e.g. Elite, Veteran etc.
    	Beastman: Dark Satyr - shaman 
    	Beastman: Dark Satyr - Soldier 
    	Beastman: Dark Satyr - Veteran peltast 
    Spawn monsters are character level related as well as setting e.g. Greece, 
    Egypt, Orient, so sometimes it is more difficult and sometimes not. As some 
    monsters are random, I will describe some monsters roughly in the order you 
    will meet them. You may encounter them on your journey, or you may not. 
    Also, in regards to health and attack, both are described relative to the 
    approximate level you met them, e.g. ratmen have can do some damage to a low 
    level character, but by the time you met them you damage and defense should 
    make them easy.
    Types are as follows:
    	Beasts: General wild creatures; birds, hyenas, boars etc.
    	Beastmen: Half man half beats; satyrs, centaurs, ratmen etc.
    	Construct: These are monsters made from inorganic matter e.g. 
    Automatoi, statues.
    	Demons: Creatures of the underworld e.g. sprites, orthus etc.
    	Devices: These are traps, standards etc.
    	Insectoid: Insect type creatures e.g. spiders, mantids, scorpions etc.
    	Magical: Mythical characters (and unclassed) monsters e.g. Cyclops
    	Plant: Plant creatures e.g. Quill Vines, bog dwellers etc.
    	Undead: Creatures of the spirit realm e.g. skeletons, Liches, wraiths, 
    zombies etc.
    You may find items which allow you to do special damage to specific types of 
    monsters (e.g. +30% damage to undead), or skills which do the same e.g. 
    Hunting íV Call of the Hunt which give +33% damage to beasts and beastmen.
    4.1 A troubled village
    Carrion crows: Beasts : Fast, not much damage but once in a group they can 
    give you a good pecking. Low HP makes them easy.
    Ravenous boars: Beasts :Don't be fool by their appearance, these are fast 
    mothers, and can surround you quickly. They have average damage but once 
    they surround you, your health goes down quickly. They also have a good 
    amount of health. Sometimes drop "boar hide" for your armor enhancements.
    Satyrs: Beastmen : Average speed; generally low health, and low speed. 
    Damage is low but spell casters can be a pain. Ravagers have higher health 
    but should not pose a bit problem.
    4.2 Spartans at war
    Awakened dead: Undead : They appear from the ground. These are pretty fast 
    but have low health, but the spell casters can be a problem, having damaging 
    attacks and higher health. Watch out for the frost Liches; some ice 
    protection would be nice. Captains can have damaging attacks. Note: I have 
    read somewhere skeletons are immune to pierce damage.
    Brush Harpies: Beasts : Just a larger version of a crow with more health. 
    Should not be a major problem, as at most only two or three.
    Cave Bats: Beasts : Just like carrion crows, but you find them in caves. 
    They may also drop Bat Fang charms.
    Centaurs: Beastmen :These are fast and can deal some damage. However their 
    damage is average as well as their health. But hard to outrun, making range 
    attacks quite hard. Elders have more health and have some warfare skills.
    Eurynomus: Demon : These are like little goblins. They have average speed, 
    and low health making them easy targets.
    Festering zombies: Undead : These are slow, with average health. Easy to 
    pick of at range because they are so slow, even the captains are pretty 
    easy. Releases poison gas when killed.
    Plague birds: Beasts :Just like crows but leave a trail of poison when move 
    as well as release poison when killed.
    Zombies: Undead : These are slow undead monsters, which average health but a 
    high damage. Because they are slow, they should not be a big problem.
    4.3 The words of the Oracle
    Arachnos: Insectoids : Spiders, large and small. Some are average speed, 
    like the drones, and the little ones are quite slow. They all have 
    relatively low health, even spell casters so they can be easily killed. 
    Their armor is great for an early warrior too. Sometimes drop "venom sacs" 
    for your weapons enhancements.
    Arachnos Minions: Insectoids : These as small spiders that usually accompany 
    an Arachnos. They should not pose much of a problem.
    Baleful Arachnos: Insectoids : These are just bigger version of Arachnos, 
    with higher health, and more damage. Magenta in color.
    Cavern crawlers: Insectoids : Just like Arachnos minions, they are pretty 
    easy to kill, but has a special magic attack (red mist, maybe life leech, or 
    fire damage)
    Coastal Icthians: beastmen : These lizards are fairly fast, and can deal 
    some damage. The spell casters are a real pain. They have higher health and 
    seem to be able to heal, making killing them quite a long process.
    Dark Satyrs: Beastmen : Upgraded satyrs and just as easy to kill.
    Exhumed dead: Undead : Upgraded version of Awakened dead.
    Fen Icthians: Beastmen : These are the swamp equivalent of the coastal 
    Highland Centaur: Beastmen : Just an upgraded centaur, can be just as 
    deadly, so be careful around these.
    Maenads: Beastmen : fast but very low health (you should have good damage by 
    the time you met them). Average damage making them quite easy, contrary to 
    Orbed Weaver: Insectoid : These look like large black widows (except they 
    are not black). They have a ranged attack which shoots sticky web, but apart 
    from that they are pretty harmless.
    Orthus : Demon : These are large demon like dogs and are pretty fast, with 
    high damage and average to high health. Their speed makes them quite 
    dangerous, and also has a flame surge attack. They are nasty when a few 
    surround you, so try to kill them individually. If you are a melee 
    character, hit them a few times, and move off, as they will most likely use 
    their flames surge attack, and go back and hit them again, repeat.
    Rock Harpies: Beasts : Upgraded Brush harpies, can be a bother to get rid 
    of, but not too bad.
    Ratmen: Beastmen : They are fast, but apart from that nothing special. They 
    are hard to outrun so they may pose some problems for ranged attacks. Low 
    health, and attack makes them easy.
    Salt spitters: Beasts : Slow but they have high armor and health, so even 
    though they move a snails pace, you are in trouble if you get surround by a 
    few of them. Sometimes drop "turtle shells" for your shield enhancements.
    Wraiths: Undead : They appear from the ground/sea. Slow, with slow speed, 
    but can deal some damage. Should be picked off at range. Melee fighters 
    should handle one or two at a time.
    4.4 The source of the monsters
    Boarmen: Beastmen : These are bad; I met one or two first in the monster 
    encampment and then four in the Athens battlegrounds. They are big and fast, 
    and have high damage and health, as well as a lightning attack that saps 
    your health. They should be easy one on one, but I encountered them with a 
    group of other fast monsters. I used melee that dealt with them quicker but 
    used a lot of potions in the process.
    Catacomb crawlers: Insectoids : Upgraded cavern crawlers.
    Crag Harpies: Beasts :The upgraded brush harpy.
    Deadly Orbed Weaver: Insectoids : Same as the orbed weavers, just upgraded. 
    I think these slow you down when you walk over them.
    Desecrated dead : Undead : Upgraded skeletons. Again nothing special, but 
    more health, and seem to have more magical resistances.
    Dusky boars: Beasts : Upgraded Ravenous boars.
    Gorgons: Beastmen : These have average attacks, although again magic users 
    cause problems if your resistances are low. They are slow so they should not 
    be any problem. The magic users have quite high health and tend to stay 
    behind. I used my bow that had about 70 damage over 6 sec, shot them and ran 
    off, and let the poison do its work. After about three shots they died from 
    the poison. This is a slow method but it is effective. The bow works great 
    with Centaur elders as well, but you have to keep running with centaurs.
    Limos: Demon : These are fast , life leeching creatures, with relatively 
    high health. This is one monster which I find difficult both as melee 
    because of life leech, and as range because of the speed.
    Malevolent Arachnos: Insectoids : These are just bigger version of Arachnos, 
    with higher health, and more damage. Grren in color.
    Mountain Satyrs: Beastmen : Next upgraded satyrs and just as easy to kill.
    Mud spitters: Beasts : An upgraded version of the salt spitter turtles, just 
    more health.
    Scrawny Ratmen: Beastmen: I think just a tougher version of the normal 
    4.5 The Order of Prometheus
    Just a few new monsters to add to the Greek setting.
    Automatoi: Theses are in sense robots, and they are slow. The do average 
    damage, but have high armor and health. I had a bow with burn and poison 
    damage, which seemed effective. Because they are slow, you can easily pick 
    them off. They seem to be susceptible to lightning attacks.
    Minotaur: These have high health, and pretty big damage, but average speed 
    (they have a charge skill which makes them quick). You can get surrounded by 
    them easily so best to kill them one by one.
    Orbed Brood mother: These are orbed weavers and pretty similar. I do not 
    know if they have any special attacks because they are easy to kill.
    4.6 The Blindness of the Gods
    Egypt and a whole new set of monsters.
    Bone scarab : Insectoid : These are like small beetles, and are quite fast, 
    but have low damage and low health. They can be a problem with later 
    difficulties, because of their numbers (small so more can surround you).
    Colossal Scorpion : Insectiods : These are big scorpions, they have higher 
    health, and because of their size, they are still slow, and you can get a 
    few ranged shots before it gets close.
    Crypt worms : These are maggot like creatures, and there are two types, a 
    smaller type and a large type. The large type have a bite which can do some 
    damage, but are slow, and no ranged attack. The small ones are opposite, 
    they have a ranged poison attack, which can be deadly, and limited short 
    range attack.
    Dark Obelisk : Device : This is the only "spawning" object you will mean. 
    They are like a small pillar and have the power to spawn hideous plasma, 
    which are a pain. If you do not destroy these, monsters will keep spawning. 
    Once the obelisk is destroyed all monsters created by the Obelisk will be 
    destroyed as well. It is best to destroy the obelisk rather than destroy the 
    hideous plasma. However in later difficulties, this may be difficult.
    Desert crones : Beasts : These are just like harpies of the desert. There is 
    another variant the sandwing, but I cannot really tell the difference 
    between the two.
    Desert Hag : another sandwing/desert crone type. Just the same, I cannot 
    tell the difference.
    Desert witch : Beasts : Just like the desert crone, but with magical powers. 
    Usually one in the midst of a few desert crones and sandwings.
    Desiccated dead : undead : These are the next type of undead. They look like 
    mummies. They are slow, and do not cause as much problems are skeletons.
    Diseased vultures: Beasts : the carrion crow of the desert.
    Dune raiders : Demons : They are fast monsters, and have mounted and trapper 
    types which makes them dangerous. Their health is average, but the common 
    "soldier" type has a funny spin attack which is fast and can do some damage.
    Embalmed dead : Undead : Another type of Dessicated dead, again slow, and 
    looks like a mummy. Should not be a problem.
    Gruesome bone scarab : Insectoid : These are big beetles and can do a bit of 
    damage. But they usually appear as a single one, in midst of groups of the 
    smaller less deadly bone scarab beetles.
    Hideous plasma : undead : These are glowing skeletons spawned by Dark 
    Obelisks. They have high health and fast. They have physical and magical 
    attacks and can be a big problem. It is best to ignore these and concentrate 
    on the dark obelisk, as destroying the Obelisk will destroy all the hideous 
    plasma it spawned. However in harder difficulties, you can either avoid it, 
    or lure the hideous plasma away, destroy it, and run back for a few more 
    shots at the obelisk. Repeat until the Obelisk is destroyed.
    Hyena beasts : Beasts : They are the boars of the desert. They are fast and 
    have a bite attack that can do some high damage.
    Jackalman : Beastmen : Just like ratmen, pretty fast but easy to kill off.
    Poisonous Scorpions : Insectoids : These ware scorpions with a melee poison 
    attack. They only have average health and average speed.
    Reptilians: Beastmen : These are big lizards; they are not very fast, but 
    some Centurions or above have high health and big attacks. Magic, poison, 
    burn attacks seem to work well. Melee is possible but they have high 
    defense, and a pretty strong attack. Magic users are again a pain. The huge 
    Centurions drop armor with high armors suitable for none fighter characters 
    (require high intelligence).
    Sandwings : Beasts : Equivalent to the lower level harpies. They have a 
    funny 360 degree vertical flip attack which can do some high damage.
    Salivating Hyena Beast: Beast : I cannot confirm this type, but it seems to 
    be just a normal Hyena beast. I just saw it in the midst of some dune 
    raiders and Hyena beasts.
    Shade : undead : These are like ghosts, or spirits, they are quite fast and 
    can surround you very quickly. They also have magic user types, and when 
    mixed together can be a big problem. However on the positive side, they have 
    low health so they can be easily killed.
    Shadow Stalkers: Demons : Fast, with fast attack, but average health. The 
    attacks can do quite some damage, and also can enter "shadow" state with 
    cannot be attacked (but they cannot attack you neither). They are very 
    dangerous because of high damage and speed.
    Stygian Scorpions : Insectoid : These have low health, but have a poison 
    attack, some larger scorpions have medium to high health.
    Tomb Guardian íV Hound of Annubis : Undead : Mummified dogs/jackels. They are 
    just like hyenas but of the undead class, so probably has some resistances 
    normal beasts do not have. Again these can be quite fast and have high 
    damage so be careful.
    Tomb rot: Magical : These are magical creatures, and are pretty slow. They 
    have medium health and a poison ranged attack, which is quite fast. Not too 
    4.7 The Invocation
    Ant Lions: These look like giant lice. Really big and quite fast, average 
    health but do massive damage. However they only operate within a small area, 
    which makes killing them easier, and no ranged attacks.
    Blood wing : Beast : Just like harpies or desert crones etc. They can be 
    fast and pretty nasty if you are surrounded.
    Fire beetles: Insectoids :There are lots of these and they have quite high 
    defense and health (especially the bigger ones). They are quite fast (not 
    very), and have melee and ranged fire attacks. However they should not be 
    Magma beetles : Insectoids : These are big beetles, and quite fast. They 
    have a flame surge attack which can be dodged quite easily. I found these 
    actually easier than the smaller fire beetles, although they should be 
    bigger and harder. This is because they only spawn singly on a group of fire 
    beetles and lack a proper long range attack.
    Revolting Zombie : undead : The upgraded zombie, again poisonous gas when 
    killed. They are very slow, but best to clear them out as their attack 
    damage is quite high.
    Sandwraiths : Demons : These are strange wraiths which come out of the sand. 
    They seem to be bound by a small area, and will not go very far from where 
    they spawned. They have ranged magic attack and close range melee attack. 
    They are fast, but should be easy to kill, but be careful when surrounded.
    Scorpus : Insectoids : two legged scorpions? These are quite fast and have 
    high damage. However they have average health and susceptible to all forms 
    of damage so you should be able to take them out easily. However because if 
    you get surrounded or your health will be quickly reduced by three or four 
    of these.
    4.8 A Telkein in Egypt
    Gilded Dead : undead : The next upgrade in skeletons. Just general 
    skeletons, fast and archers are a real pain. Nothing new.
    Sandstone Guardian : Construct : You met these before in the pyramid of 
    Khufu. This time they are the smaller non boss version. Again due to their  
    slow speed, you should not have problems.
    Scorpus Manslayer: Insectoids : You may have met these earlier. These are 
    larger scorpus, just as fast and a lot more damage. These are quite nasty, 
    probably one of the nasty ones at this level, kill them first, before they 
    kill you.
    4.9 The Sickle of Kronos
    Another set of whole new monsters.
    Chintinous Mantids: Insectoids : These bugs are bad. They are fast and can 
    deliver high damage. They are so fast that you will be surrounded very 
    quickly. The only advantage is that they only have average health and lower 
    Creeping slime : Magical : This is an upgraded tomb rot. The slug like 
    monsters that have at slow ranged attack. Again, theses should not pose any 
    Fire sprites: Demons : fast little creatures with fire based attacks, and 
    seems to have high resistances. They have low health, and low physical 
    resiatnce which makes them easier for melee characters, so easy one shot 
    Jungle creep: Plant : Slow but high health. Shoots poison. They are usually 
    acommanied by Quill Vines, which means that you have to kill the vines first 
    whilst avoid it's poison attack.
    Quill vines: Plant : Plants which are like archers. They do not move but 
    shoots at a very fast rate so they can do quite some damage. Take them down 
    first or have high pierce resistance.
    Tidal Icthians : beastmen : sames as the greek counterpart, except different 
    graphics and upgraded stats. There is a new Lord of the Deep class which has 
    some kind of water attack, and high health.
    Tropical spiders: Insectoids : Same as the spiders earlier but with higher 
    damage and different graphics.
    Tropical widows: Insectoids : Same as the orb weavers earlier but with 
    higher damage and different graphics.
    4.10 Hunt for the Sickle
    Bog Dweller : Plant : These are like a bunch of twigs. Compared with other 
    plants you will meet. These are quite easy.
    Corpulent Djinns: Demons : Fast with magic attacks and welds double weapon. 
    Low health makes them easy but they can do some damage. They can also cast 
    squall which can be problems for bow users. These are green as opposed to 
    Blue for the normal Djinns, and I think has a Squall attack.
    Djinns: Demons : Fast with magic attacks and welds double weapon. Low health 
    makes them easy but they can do some damage. They can also cast squall which 
    can be problems for bow users.
    Deadwater Icthians : beastmen : this must be the next upgrade from Tidal 
    Ichitians, as they appear later in the games. Just the same, and again watch 
    out for the water attacks.
    Dragonians: Beastmen : These are beast men of the dragon kind and not to be 
    confused with the raptors. They come in soldiers, mages, archers etc. They 
    are big and fast and have high health. They are deadly, and can swarm you 
    quickly and kill you in seconds. However, most forms of attack can kill 
    Elder Dragonians: Beastmen : These are beast men of the dragon kind and not 
    to be confused with the raptors. The Elders are upgraded Dragonians, which 
    makes them even more deadly. I have seem groups of two or three of theses.
    Gibbering Pengs: Beasts : This is a larger version of the ice peng, and more 
    similar to sandwings. They are fast, but only dangerous when you are 
    Hulking Yeti: Beast : This must be the higher health version of the yeti. A 
    slightly different graphics, but just the same slowness and attack.
    Jungle Raptors: Dinosaurs, small and large version. They are fast and do a 
    lot of damage, but have pretty low health, so not a big problem. These 
    appear in the Jungle areas of the orient. Note: These are not the dragonians 
    which are more deadly.
    Ice Pengs: Beasts : The replacement for the winged creatures. These 
    creatures are fast and high attack, but generally pretty easy to kill.
    Ice Raptors: Dinosaurs, small and large version. They are fast and do a lot 
    of damage, but have pretty low health, so not a big problem.
    Ice Sprite: Demons : cold version of the fire sprite. Watch out they can be 
    Neanderthal: Beastmen : The general grunts. All types, from archers, 
    soldiers and mages. They have quite a lot of health, and can do a lot of 
    damage. They are quite slow so you can out run them.
    Razor Pengs: Beasts : These are a bigger version of the Gibbering Pengs. I 
    would expect them to have a higher health and damage, but because they are 
    not difficult to kill, it does not really matter.
    Rime Sprite: Demons : These are like ice sprites and usually one or two of 
    these are accompanied by a lot of Ice sprites. The graphics are different, 
    and they are slightly bigger than Ice sprites, but apart from that, there 
    seems to be no difference.
    Sabrelions: Beasts : Like the saber-toothed tiger, and pets of the 
    Neanderthals. These are fast and their bites are quite dangerous. Luckily 
    their health is quite low.
    Tigermen : Beastmen : These come in a few forms, from the standard soldier, 
    to sorcerors, pack leaders, trappers. The normal soldiers are OK, but the 
    special types have high damage and high health, which makes them hard to 
    kill. They are fast which makes things worse.
    Tropical Archnos : Insectoids :sames as the greek counterpart, except 
    different graphics and upgraded stats.
    Yerren: Beastmen : These are upgraded Neanderthals. In other words every 
    thing the same except they are fast. They have average health but a lot of 
    damage. They can swarm you and kill you. This makes them really deadly.
    Yeti: Beast : These are wellíK.Yeti. Big slow, but have a lot of health and 
    hit damage, so don't get too close. However they are so slow you should be 
    able to dodge their attacks.
    4.11 Journey to the Jade Palace
    Ancient Dragonians: Beastmen : These are beast men of the dragon kind and 
    not to be confused with the raptors. The Ancient are probably the ones with 
    the most health and damage. I think there is just one or two of these in a 
    group of Dragonians. Like all Dragonians they are deadly.
    Mantid Hivelords: Insectoids : Mantid Hivelords are a upgraded mantid and 
    just as deadly. They are a big bigger than normal mantids, and have a 
    different color. You will meet one of these in a group of mantids.
    Terra Cotta warriors: construct : Slow constructs, with average to high 
    health. They can do a lot of damage, but because they are not very fast, 
    they should not be a problem.
    4.12 Under Wusao Mountain
    Abyssal Liche: Undead : Upgraded undead mages. Has powerful ranged magical 
    attacks, but apart from that they are quite easy.
    Brimstone Orthus: Demon : Just an upgraded Orthus but just as deadly.
    Elder Minotaur (lord): Beastmen :Upgraded Minotaurs, they are nasty; they 
    are fast and have pretty good health, and high damage. They are bad.
    Elder Cyclops: Magical : They have high damage, and magic attacks and high 
    health. However they are very slow. They take some time to kill but should 
    be easy.
    Grotesk Zombies : Undead : Upgraded zombie. Pretty easy, again poison gas 
    when killed.
    Master work Automatoi : Construct : Upgraded automatoi. Just as slow, and 
    easy to kill, as any ranged attack will be able to pick them out.
    Sepulchal wyrm: Demon : These look like small fire dragons, and have a fire 
    attack, they are fast, but their main fire attack is slow, so you should be 
    able to avoid them.
    5. Skills and skill trees
    5.1 Character class table
    The following table shows the different classes possible and also the 
    maximum stats from the mastery tiers (assume you have invested a full 32 
    skill points into your tiers). Since your own attribute points are not 
    included in the stats, these figures will give a rough guideline to your 
    stats for each class.
    NOTE: The following has the base stats included (stats when you first create 
    the character)
    					Health	Energy	Str	Int	Dex
    Assassin:	Warfare + Rogue		1980	300	170	50	189
    Avenger:	Earth + Hunting		1644	460	106	140	130
    Battlemage:	Earth + Warfare		1756	460	114	140	114
    Bone Charmer:	Spirit + Hunting	1644	460	106	146	178
    Brigand:	Hunting + Rogue		1868	300	162	50	205
    Champion:	Warfare + Nature	1868	620	114	130	162
    Conjurer:	Earth + Spirit		1420	620	50	236	98
    Conquerer:	Warfare + Defense	2316	300	162	50	178
    Corsair:	Defense + Rogue		2204	300	154	50	189
    Defender:	Defense mastery only	1420	300	98	50	114
    Druid:		Storm + Nature		1644	940	50	226	130
    Elementalist:	Storm + Earth		1532	780	50	236	82
    Guardian:	Defense + Nature	2092	620	98	230	162
    Hunter:		Hunting mastery only	1084	300	106	50	130
    Illusionist:	Nature + Rogue		1756	620	106	130	173
    Juggernaught:	Earth + Defense		1980	460	98	140	114
    Magician:	Earth + Rogue		1644	460	106	140	125
    Oracle:		Storm + Spirit		1532	780	50	242	130
    Paladin:	Storm + Defense		2092	620	98	146	146
    Pyromancer:	Earth mastery only	860	460	50	140	50
    Ranger:		Nature + Hunting	1756	620	156	130	178
    Rogue:		Rogue mastery only	1084	300	106	50	125
    Sage:		Storm + Hunting		1756	620	106	146	172
    Spellbinder:	Spirit + Defense	1980	460	98	146	162
    Spellbreaker:	Warfare + Spirit	1756	460	114	146	162
    SoothSayer:	Spirit + Nature		1532	780	50	226	146
    Sorcerer:	Storm + Rogue		1756	620	106	146	157
    Slayer:		Warfare + Hunting	1980	300	170	50	194
    Stormcaller:	Storm mastery only	972	620	50	146	82
    Summoner:	Earth + Nature		1532	780	50	220	98
    Thane:		Storm + Warfare		1868	620	114	146	146
    Theurgist:	Spirit mastery only	860	460	50	146	98
    Wanderer:	Nature mastery only	972	620	50	130	98
    Warden:		Defense + Hunting	2204	300	154	50	194
    Warlock:	Spirit + Rogue		1644	460	106	146	173
    Warrior:	Warfare mastery only	1196	300	114	50	114
    5.2 Skills
    As well as defining your class, TQ also has skills that allow you to further 
    refine your character. For example, a warrior, can be a single weapon killer 
    with a shield or dual weapon killing machine. It is important not to spread 
    your skill points on all skills in your class but to concentrate on specific 
    skills that will increase your damage or increase your defense.
    There are eight different masteries in TQ, and each character can choose 
    only one of two of the eight to develop his/her character. Each mastery 
    contains 20 skills to choose from 6 tiers. Each tier must be unlocked by 
    allocating the appropriate about of skill points. If the tier has not been 
    unlocked then the skills cannot be chosen, regardless of the level of the 
    Skills have active or passive, active skills require manually using the 
    skills, for example assigning it to an attack, and only used when you 
    "click". Passive skills are put into effect when to allocate a skill point 
    e.g. increases your defense. I will not go into too much detail on this as 
    the manual states clearly which the skill type is.
    The unlocking of tiers is done by allocation a skill point to a skill but on 
    the tier bar. Each point put into a tier will also have attribute bonuses. 
    The following will list the benefits of each mastery.
    The comments on each skill, are my own personal opinions whilst playing. It 
    is a proven fact that every skill can be very useful, and how powerful you 
    character is does not solely depend on the skills, and points allocated to 
    them alone. It will depend on the equipment, the character attributes, the 
    player style and relic/charms enhancements.
    5.3 Mastery bonuses
    Each skill point allocated to a tier also gives attribute bonuses. The 
    amount for each mastery is different and varies depending on the mastery and 
    the level. The value in brackets shows the maximum value after putting 32 
    skill points into the mastery tier.
    I should also note that although each skill has a maximum level e.g. 
    Defensive concussive blow has six levels; you can actually have more than 
    this limit. The next skill level after the maximum cannot be obtained 
    through adding skill points, they can only be increase by magic items e.g. 
    +1 all skills (which cause it to be 7). And shrine of mastery which can add 
    a massive 8 skill levels to each skill with at least one point in it. I have 
    only listed the extra skill level values of the ones I have come across, but 
    not the +8 from shrines because it does not last long enough for me to note 
    down the figures.
    Defense Mastery Skill Bonuses
    	Dexterity	(64)
    	Health	(1120)
    	Strength	(48)
    Level	Str	Dex	Health
    1 	+1	+2	+35
    2 	+2	+2	+35
    3 	+1	+2	+35
    4 	+2	+2	+35
    5 	+1	+2	+35
    6 	+2	+2	+35
    7 	+1	+2	+35
    8 	+2	+2	+35
    9 	+1	+2	+35
    10 	+2	+2	+35
    11 	+1	+2	+35
    12 	+2	+2	+35
    13 	+1	+2	+35
    14 	+2	+2	+35
    15 	+1	+2	+35
    16 	+2	+2	+35
    17 	+1	+2	+35
    18 	+2	+2	+35
    19 	+1	+2	+35
    20 	+2	+2	+35
    21 	+1	+2	+35
    22 	+2	+2	+35
    23 	+1	+2	+35
    24 	+2	+2	+35
    25 	+1	+2	+35
    26 	+2	+2	+35
    27 	+1	+2	+35
    28 	+2	+2	+35
    29 	+1	+2	+35
    30 	+2	+2	+35
    31 	+1	+2	+35
    32 	+2	+2	+35
    Earth Mastery Skill Bonuses
    	Energy		(160)
    	Health		(560)
    	Intelligence	(90)
    Level	Int	Health		Energy
    1 	+3	+18		+5
    2 	+3	+17		+5
    3 	+3	+18		+5
    4 	+3	+17		+5
    5 	+3	+18		+5
    6 	+3	+17		+5
    7 	+3	+18		+5
    8 	+3	+17		+5
    9 	+3	+18		+5
    10 	+3	+17		+5
    11 	+3	+18		+5
    12 	+3	+17		+5
    13 	+3	+18		+5
    14 	+3	+17		+5
    15 	+3	+18		+5
    16 	+3	+17		+5
    17 	+3	+18		+5
    18 	+3	+17		+5
    19 	+3	+18		+5
    20 	+3	+17		+5
    21 	+3	+18		+5
    22 	+3	+17		+5
    23 	+3	+18		+5
    24 	+3	+17		+5
    25 	+3	+18		+5
    26 	+3	+17		+5
    27 	+3	+18		+5
    28 	+3	+17		+5
    29 	+3	+18		+5
    30 	+3	+17		+5
    31 	0	+18		+5
    32 	0	+17		+5
    Hunting Mastery Skill Bonuses
    	Dexterity	(80)
    	Health	(784)
    	Strength	(56)
    Level	Str	Dex	Health
    1 	+2	+2	+24
    2 	+1	+3	+25
    3 	+2	+2	+24
    4 	+2	+3	+25
    5 	+2	+2	+24
    6 	+1	+3	+25
    7 	+2	+2	+24
    8 	+2	+3	+25
    9 	+2	+2	+24
    10 	+1	+3	+25
    11 	+2	+2	+24
    12 	+2	+3	+25
    13 	+2	+2	+24
    14 	+1	+3	+25
    15 	+2	+2	+24
    16 	+2	+3	+25
    17 	+2	+2	+24
    18 	+1	+3	+25
    19 	+2	+2	+24
    20 	+2	+3	+25
    21 	+2	+2	+24
    22 	+1	+3	+25
    23 	+2	+2	+24
    24 	+2	+3	+25
    25 	+2	+2	+24
    26 	+1	+3	+25
    27 	+2	+2	+24
    28 	+2	+3	+25
    29 	+2	+2	+24
    30 	+1	+3	+25
    31 	+2	+2	+24
    32 	+2	+3	+25
    Nature Mastery Skill Bonuses
    	Dexterity		(48)
    	Energy		(320)
    	Health		(672)
    	Intelligence	(80)
    Level	Int	Dex	Health		Energy
    1 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    2 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    3 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    4 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    5 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    6 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    7 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    8 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    9 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    10 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    11 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    12 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    13 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    14 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    15 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    16 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    17 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    18 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    19 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    20 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    21 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    22 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    23 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    24 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    25 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    26 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    27 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    28 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    29 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    30 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    31 	+2	+1	+21		+10
    32 	+3	+2	+21		+10
    Rogue Mastery Skill Bonuses
    	Dexterity	(75)
    	Health	(784)
    	Strength	(56)
    Level	Str	Dex	Health
    1 	+2	+2	+24
    2 	+1	+3	+25
    3 	+2	+2	+24
    4 	+2	+3	+25
    5 	+2	+2	+24
    6 	+1	+3	+25
    7 	+2	+2	+24
    8 	+2	+3	+25
    9 	+2	+2	+24
    10 	+1	+3	+25
    11 	+2	+2	+24
    12 	+2	+3	+25
    13 	+2	+2	+24
    14 	+1	+3	+25
    15 	+2	+2	+24
    16 	+2	+3	+25
    17 	+2	+2	+24
    18 	+1	+3	+25
    19 	+2	+2	+24
    20 	+2	+3	+25
    21 	+2	+2	+24
    22 	+1	+3	+25
    23 	+2	+2	+24
    24 	+2	+3	+25
    25 	+2	+2	+24
    26 	+1	+3	+25
    27 	+2	+2	+24
    28 	+2	+3	+25
    29 	+2	+2	+24
    30 	+1	+3	+25
    31 	+2	0	+24
    32 	+2	0	+25
    Spirit Mastery Skill Bonuses
    	Dexterity	(48)
    	Energy	(160)
    	Health	(560)
    	Intelligence	(96)
    Level	Int	Dex	Health		Energy
    1 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    2 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    3 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    4 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    5 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    6 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    7 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    8 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    9 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    10 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    11 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    12 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    13 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    14 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    15 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    16 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    17 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    18 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    19 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    20 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    21 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    22 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    23 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    24 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    25 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    26 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    27 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    28 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    29 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    30 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    31 	+3	+1	+17		+5
    32 	+3	+2	+18		+5
    Storm Mastery Skill Bonuses
    	Dexterity		(32)
    	Energy		(320)
    	Health		(672)
    	Intelligence	(96)
    Level	Int	Dex	Health		Energy
    1 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    2 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    3 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    4 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    5 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    6 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    7 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    8 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    9 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    10 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    11 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    12 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    13 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    14 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    15 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    16 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    17 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    18 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    19 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    20 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    21 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    22 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    23 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    24 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    25 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    26 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    27 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    28 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    29 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    30 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    31 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    32 	+3	+1	+21		+10
    Warfare Mastery Skill Bonuses
    	Dexterity	(64)
    	Health	(896)
    	Strength	(64)
    Level	str	Dex	Health
    1 	+2	+2	+28
    2 	+2	+2	+28
    3 	+2	+2	+28
    4 	+2	+2	+28
    5 	+2	+2	+28
    6 	+2	+2	+28
    7 	+2	+2	+28
    8 	+2	+2	+28
    9 	+2	+2	+28
    10 	+2	+2	+28
    11 	+2	+2	+28
    12 	+2	+2	+28
    13 	+2	+2	+28
    14 	+2	+2	+28
    15 	+2	+2	+28
    16 	+2	+2	+28
    17 	+2	+2	+28
    18 	+2	+2	+28
    19 	+2	+2	+28
    20 	+2	+2	+28
    21 	+2	+2	+28
    22 	+2	+2	+28
    23 	+2	+2	+28
    24 	+2	+2	+28
    25 	+2	+2	+28
    26 	+2	+2	+28
    27 	+2	+2	+28
    28 	+2	+2	+28
    29 	+2	+2	+28
    30 	+2	+2	+28
    31 	+2	+2	+28
    32 	+2	+2	+28
    5.4 Defensive Mastery Skill Bonuses
    Defensive skills are for any character although the benefits are more for 
    melee characters. Defensive skills concentrate on increasing the characters 
    resistance to attack or reducing the enemies' resistance to attack. Well-
    balanced skill.
    5.4.1 Defense Tier 1
    Concussive Blow ( 6 levels) : passive
    Club-type weapons have chance to stun. Improve all stun attacks.
    This is the skill which determine if your use of clubs or swords, for a 
    paladin type you would use a sword, for a cleric type a club/mace would be 
    more suited. The chance of stun is low, but the damage enhancements for 
    clubs is definitely a plus to max this skill. Stun is very powerful (stops 
    enemies), and great for mobs, but you really need a lot of other stun 
    enhancements to make this skill powerful.
    Level			damage		chance		Duration(secs)
    1			15%		5%		1
    2			20%		5%		1.5
    3			25%		5%		2
    4			30%		5%		2.5
    5			35%		5%		3
    6			40%		5%		3.5
    Battle Awareness (10 levels) : active
    Enter a state of enhanced defense; affects group players. íV75 energy.
    This may be an interesting group skill, but the fact is the 12 level 
    requirement and the low figures really make this skill not very powerful. 12 
    armor is just nothing even in epic difficulty.
    Level				range		defense			armor
    1				5		10			3
    2				6		16			4
    3				7		22			5
    4				8		28			6
    5				9		36			7
    6				10		42			8
    7				11		46			9
    8				12		52			10
    9				13		56			11
    10				14		64			12
    Batter (12 levels) : active
    Strike enemies with your shield, slowing their attack for 8 secs
    This is a great skill but not one to max out immediately. However a skill 
    point on it early on is recommended. Compared to Shield charge this is a low 
    energy version. Use shield charge first the follow with batter. Great to 
    clear out the mob of ranged attackers.
    Level	Energy cost		damage		damage %	slow chance
    1	12			3		5%		18%
    2	13			5		6%		20%
    3	15			7		7%		23%
    4	16			9		8%		25%
    5	16			12		8%		30%
    6	17			14		9%		33%
    7	18			16		9%		35%
    8	20			18		10%		38%
    9	21			20		10%		40%
    10	21			23		11%		45%
    11	22			26		11%		48%				
    12	23			29		12%		50%
    Armor handling ( 6 levels ) : passive
    Lower armor requirements, increase armor absorption.
    This passive skill is a must to max for a defense mastery player. The damage 
    absorption will be a plus where damage is high in later difficulties and 
    every reduction of damage is welcome.
    Level		strength requirement		damage absorb
    1		-8%				6%
    2		-10%				8%
    3		-13%				10%
    4		-15%				12%
    5		-17%				14%
    6		-20%				16%
    5.4.2 Defense Tier 2
    Adrenaline Rush (10 levels) : passive
    5% Chance of increased health regeneration when hit for 12 seconds.
    A nice to have passive skill but not priority. However this is one of those 
    skills which become invaluable in later difficulties, as you need to worry 
    more about other factors. This and it's enhancements will be a life saver. 
    Invest in a few points to open the tree.
    Level		increase regen per sec
    1		6
    2		8
    3		10
    4		12
    5		15
    6		17
    7		19
    8		21
    9		22
    10		25
    Rally (12 levels) : active
    Heal and 150% life regeneration boost to nearby allies (10m) for 10s.
    This is one of those really powerful skills especially when you have a 
    nature player with regrowth. Your team will hardly need to think about 
    health, except those hasty one hit kills. As with all health skills it will 
    benefit only those characters with low health. You certainly need some kind 
    of íVrecharge for this skill to be effective in later levels.
    Level		energy cost		health restored		armor bonus
    1		51			255			5
    2		53			300			8
    3		56			345			10
    4		58			390			12
    5		59			435			15
    6		62			480			18
    7		64			525			20
    8		67			570			23
    9		69			615			26
    10		70			660			29
    11		73			705			34
    12		75			750			40
    Quick recovery (8 levels) : active
    Increase shield block recovery and 5% armor absorption for a  time. íV 50 
    The shield block recharge time of 3s is really a bad thing in TQ, making a 
    shield pretty less desirable and less effective. This is where a Defensive 
    mastery player can get the decent usage from the shield. Turn this on 
    always, and you will be getting less hits, invaluable in harder 
    Level		Duration(sec)		recovery bonus(%)	block bonus(%)
    1		18			32			10
    2		20			42			12
    3		22			50			14
    4		25			58			16
    5		27			64			18
    6		29			70			20
    7		31			75			22
    8		34			80			24
    Shield smash (6 levels) : passive
    Chance to smash enemies with your shield for +30% damage.
    Level		chance used
    1		6
    2		8
    3		10
    4		12
    5		14
    6		16
    5.4.3 Defense Tier 3
    Resilience (6 levels) : passive
    Adrenaline rush can happen more often.
    Adrenaline is pretty nice, but the slow recharge and the low health bonus 
    (for high levels), means this is a must if your are using adrenaline. Max 
    this even if you have one point in adrenaline.
    Level		recharge bonus
    1		30%
    2		38%
    3		46%
    4		52%
    5		58%
    6		64%
    Focus (6 levels) : active
    Makes shield more effective for all members of group. íV15 energy reserved.
    Chance to block is very important to the effectiveness of a shield. Just six 
    points for an extra 18% change is a good trade off.
    Level		Chance block %
    1		5
    2		8
    3		10
    4		12
    5		15
    6		18
    Shield charge (12 levels) : active
    Running attack (+300% speed) with shield that stuns enemies for 1s.
    If you are using your shield attack for a primary defense character. This is 
    a must. One point is nice, because of the high energy cost. This skill is 
    for the 300% speed increase and stun. One strike with this to reach those 
    ranged users, and switch to batter for a more effective attack.
    Level		energy cost		damage
    1		30			1-28
    2		33			3-34
    3		36			5-40
    4		39			8-47
    5		42			13-56
    6		45			15-62
    7		48			17-68
    8		51			19-74
    9		54			22-81
    10		57			27-90
    11		60			29-96
    12		63			31-102
    5.4.4 Defense Tier 4
    Inspiration (6 levels) : active
    Adds mana regeneration to rally skill. +10% total speed and recovery of 
    energy per second.
    I have not really used this skill much and later pretty much skipped it for 
    my Defense character. However usually do not use defense with a caster, so I 
    cannot say; but caster should have much better energy regeneration making 
    this skill pretty useless.
    Level		Duration		energy per sec
    1		1			2.8
    2		3			3.6
    3		5			4.4
    4		6			5.2
    5		8			6.0
    6		10			6.8
    Rend armor (8 levels) : active
    Hit multiple (3) targets, reducing armor for 5s. íV15 energy
    This is one of those skills which only shines if you have other 
    enhancements. It is "area" because you can hit three, which means together 
    with a slow attack from a relic or charm makes this a very nice skill. 
    However the reduced armor is too low to help.
    Level		arc(degree c)		reduce armor
    1		90			5
    2		95			10
    3		100			16
    4		105			22
    5		110			28
    6		115			34
    7		120			40
    8		125			46
    Disable (6 levels) : passive
    Chance to disable enemies, slowing their attack by 50% for 5 secs and+15% 
    damage with shield.
    Although this is a passive and only six points, it is something not on the 
    priority list. You could do better with relic or charm enhancements. However 
    if you are not lucky enough to get these from charms, max it out and you 
    will discover the power of slow enemies. Use a mystic to take it out when 
    you don't need it.
    Level		Chance(%)
    1		6
    2		8
    3		10
    4		12
    5		14
    6		16
    5.4.5 Defense Tier 5
    Defensive reaction (8 levels) :passive
    Modifies adrenaline rush. Adds damage and speed boost.
    This is the second enhancement to adrenaline rush, and a much better skill 
    to enhance the adrenaline rush. A few points is very nice, and max it when 
    you have the spare points.
    Level		damage bonus		speed bonus
    1		15%			4%
    2		19%			6%
    3		23%			8%
    4		29%			10%
    5		33%			14%
    6		37%			16%
    7		43%			18%
    8		50%			20%
    Iron Will (6 levels) : active
    Adds stun, trap, disruption and freeze resistances to allies, - 10 energy 
    For just 6 levels, and just íV10 energy reserve. This is a must, considering 
    the bonuses you get at level 6 (+ any all skills or + defensive skills), 
    this is a must, especially helps you with bosses even at harder levels.
    Level		Stun resist	entrap reduce	freeze duration	skill disrupt
    				duration			protection
    1		30%		30%		30%		30%
    2		40%		40%		40%		40%
    3		50%		50%		50%		50%
    4		60%		60%		60%		60%
    5		70%		70%		70%		70%
    6		80%		80%		80%		80%
    Disruption (6 levels) : active
    Charged enemies cannot use skills for a time.
    This is a later level skill and can be useful in harder levels, when normal 
    monsters start using their skills to cause some major damage. However, I 
    hardly invested points in this simple because it is active, and I do not 
    consider using this as any of my primary or secondary attacks. At tier 5 I 
    would rather put points elsewhere.
    Level		energy cost		num targets	skill disrupt(sec)
    1		12			2		1.5
    2		14			2		2.0
    3		16			3		2.5
    4		18			3		3.0
    5		20			3		3.5
    6		22			4		4.0
    5.4.6 Defense Tier 6
    Defiance (12 levels) : active
    Adds defense and chance of damage reduction, and also increased elemental 
    resistance. Modifies Rally and affects all allies.
    Pros: A lot of people will want you on their party for farming on 
    multiplayer legendary. However sacrificing 4 levels of skills points just to 
    boost to 50% on a tier 6 skill. Not something you would do. Not worth it, 
    you would be better of farming for items for the same protection, and they 
    would be passive.
    Level		energy cost	elemental resist	damage reflect
    1		8		10%			5%
    2		10		14%			10%
    3		12		17%			15%
    4		14		21%			20%
    5		16		24%			25%
    6		18		28%			30%
    7		20		31%			35%
    8		22		35%			40%
    9		24		38%			45%
    10		26		42%			50%
    11		28		45%			55%
    12		30		50%			60%
    Colossus form (8 levels) : active
    Assume form of a giant for 24s, 10 energy cost per sec; +50% damage, -15% 
    speed, increased strength, health and damage absorption.
    This is really the only tier 6 defensive spell I found useful, and once I 
    got it, it became one of my most used skills, especially for bosses. The 
    strength bonus for high levels means much more damage, and the damage absorb 
    is a nice bonus. At least one point on the first chance. However make the 
    most of your increase stats for the 24s because the recharge time is really 
    Level		strength bonus		health bonus	damage absorb
    1		30%			30		30%
    2		32%			32		32%
    3		35%			35		35%
    4		37%			37		37%
    5		40%			40		40%
    6		43%			43		43%
    7		46%			46		46%
    8		50%			50		50%
    Pulverize (6 levels) : active
    Chance to stun one or several (3) enemies within 120 degree arc with 
    shield.; -50 offense and skill disruption for 3 sec, and increase damage.
    Although only 6 points, I did not use it due to the fact it is tier 6 and I 
    would invest my points into other skills instead. By this level a defensive 
    player will be using other methods to do more shield damage and stun.
    Level		Chance		Damage bonus
    1		6%		10%
    2		8%		12%
    3		10%		15%
    4		12%		18%
    5		14%		21%
    6		16%		25%
    5.5 Earth Mastery Skill Bonuses
    Earth master is the magic users fire skill tree, concentrating on the Earth 
    (rock/lava and fire). If your character has Earth mastery, then Earth 
    Enchant is a must, otherwise your damage is not enough.
    5.5.1 Earth Tier 1
    Earth Enchantment (12 levels) : active
    Imbue weapons with fire damage. 6 meter radius group affect. íV1 energy per 
    second, 5-8 fire damage for 1-3 secs, -75 energy reserve + fire damage bonus 
    on weapons.
    If you choose earth mastery, this is a must to max. No questions asked. Just 
    slowly max this skill and your fire damage will be incredible; 100% bonus on 
    fire damage.
    Level	Fire damage bonus
    1	12%
    2	20%
    3	28%
    4	36%
    5	44%
    6	52%
    7	60%
    8	68%
    9	76%
    10	84%
    11	92%
    12	100%
    Flame surge (12 level) : active
    Fires three jets of flame at a short range.
    I did not like this skill. For normal it was OK, but the small damage, and 
    will not make much difference in harder difficulties, due to small damage 
    and fire resistance. There are better skills to make an escape route.
    Level	energy cost		fire damage
    1	37			8-15
    2	40			11-18
    3	43			13-22
    4	47			17-27
    5	51			20-31
    6	54			23-34
    7	57			25-38
    8	61			29-43
    9	65			32-47
    10	68			35-50
    11	71			38-54
    12	75			43-59
    5.5.2 Earth Tier 2
    Brimstone (8 levels) : active
    Modifies Earth Enchantment and adds bonus physical damage and 15% chance of 
    burn damage for 3 secs
    I have maxed this skill out, simply because it is tier 2 and only eight 
    points. For a character using Earth as a primary attack, this is a great 
    bonus. However, at later difficulties, I have to reallocate these points as 
    the bonus is just not that high.
    Level		Fire damage		burn damage
    1		1-3			25
    2		2-4			29
    3		3-5			34
    4		5-7			39
    5		6-8			43
    6		7-9			48
    7		8-11			52
    8		10-12			58
    Heat shield (12 levels) :active
    Protective shield. Vanishes after too much damage or after a time.+15% Fire 
    resistance bonus and reduced fire damage.
    I played with this for a time, just boosted it to level 12 and then took it 
    off. In fact it is trash. Even Epic bosses with fire attack can take it out. 
    12 levels and 70 energy cost, makes this skill pretty useless. Another thing 
    is that this skill has a longish recharge time, so watch out.
    Level	energy cost		fire damage reduction
    1	45			112
    2	47			124
    3	49			136
    4	52			148
    5	54			160
    6	56			172
    7	59			184
    8	61			196
    9	63			208
    10	66			220
    11	68			232
    12	70			245
    Ring of fire (8 levels) : active
    Burns enemies who get too close.
    This is a low energy and low tier skill, and at just 8 levels, seems like a 
    nice choice. However, the damage is too low, even with all the bonuses of a 
    main fire user. It was interesting, in normal, but after that it was pretty 
    useless. However I did (just for fun) use it once, on Epic Egypt Telkine. I 
    had a slowdown attack bonus and sword. I would hit the telkine and just run 
    around it spawning the ring of fire, and hitting it. Worked real nice.
    Level		energy cost per sec		radius		fire damage
    1		1				1.5		3-5
    2		1				1.8		6-8
    3		1				2.0		8-11
    4		2				2.2		10-13
    5		2				2.4		13-16
    6		2				2.6		16-20
    7		2				2.7		19-23
    8		2				2.8		23-27
    Volcanic orb (12 levels) : active
    Lob a ball of fire that does area damage. Fragments in 2.5m radius.
    Earth mastery characters will benefit from this attack. Not only is it a 
    ranged attack, but also area attack. With enhancements it is even better, 
    because it adds physical damage as well.
    Level	Energy cost		damage		fire damage
    1	64			18		25-54
    2	68			21		31-60
    3	72			25		37-68
    4	76			28		43-74
    5	80			31		49-80
    6	84			35		55-88
    7	88			38		61-94
    8	92			41		67-100
    9	96			45		73-108
    10	100			48		79-114
    11	104			51		85-120
    12	108			55		91-128
    5.5.3 Earth Tier 3
    Stone Form (12 levels): active
    Hide and heal in shell of stone; 100% damage absorption for 6 sec, but 
    cannot move. Increased health per sec.
    This can be a life saver, and best to the weak melee character who gets 
    surrounded. It gives you 6 secs basically to plan a escape route. 1 point is 
    enough, as once it ends, rush for the exit and drink potions instead.
    Level	energy cost		health per sec
    1	64			24
    2	68			28
    3	72			32
    4	76			36
    5	80			40
    6	84			44
    7	88			47
    8	92			52
    9	96			55
    10	100			58
    11	104			61
    12	108			66
    Summon core dweller (15 levels) : active
    Summon an elemental earth guardian.
    This is a nice pet, and although it has low health and damage. It is a good 
    shield, and can be great with some other group effects piled onto it. The CD 
    by itself cannot last very long in difficulty levels. The recharge time for 
    this skill is longish, so if your core dweller gets killed immediately when 
    you summon it, don't expect to summon another one immediately.
    Level	Energy cost		Health		Energy		Damage
    1	250			651		131		12-21
    2	258			714		143		14-25
    3	266			781		154		17-29
    4	274			843		166		20-34
    5	282			910		177		22-38
    6	290			972		189		25-42
    7	298			1039		200		27-47
    8	306			1101		212		30-51
    9	314			1168		223		33-56
    10	322			1230		235		35-59
    11	330			1297		246		38-64
    12	338			1359		258		40-69
    13	346			1426		269		43-74
    14	354			1488		281		46-79
    15	362			1555		292		48-84
    Barrage (8 levels): active
    Modified Flame surge and  fires more often at less cost, as well as chance 
    to pass thru enemies and burn damage for 3 secs and reduce recharge time.
    Flame surge is not really that useful, especially in harder difficulties, 
    and the bonus of these is not really worth it. It is great for normal, but 
    really this skill tree should be reallocated for harder levels.
    Level	pierce chance	burn bonus	recharge
    1	45		14		-30%
    2	50		20		-40%
    3	55		27		-50%
    4	60		34		-60%
    5	65		41		-70%
    6	70		49		-80%
    7	75		57		-90%
    8	80		66		-100%
    5.5.4 Earth Tier 4
    Stone Skin (6 levels) : passive
    Modified Earth enchantment and enhances armor and fire resistance.
    A nice 6 point modifier for the important Earth Enchantment skill. Although 
    12 armor and 12% does not seem a lot, it certain worth it for 6 points and 
    the íV100% resistances in Legendary.
    Level	Armor	fire resist
    1	2	3%
    2	4	6%
    3	6	8%
    4	8	10%
    5	10	13%
    6	12	15%
    Inner fire (8 levels): passive
    Modifies core dweller and adds speed boost and fire retaliation
    Definitely an improvement for Core dweller, even if you just have one point 
    in Core Dweller. It will increase the life and make it much more useful.
    Level	damage	dexterity		health regen		speed
    1	3		15%		24%			5%
    2	5		20%		32%			6%
    3	7		25%		40%			8%
    4	9		30%		48%			9%
    5	11		35%		56%			12%
    6	13		40%		64%			14%
    7	15		45%		72%			15%
    8	18		50%		80%			17%	
    Soften Metal (8 levels) : active
    Reduce damage, armor effectiveness for 3 secs of enemy weapons and armor. 1 
    energy cost per second.
    This is not really a skill for the pure caster. For the melee/caster this 
    can help a lot. The reduced armor it self will compensate for the lower 
    strength and offense of a melee/caster. This is more than some reduction 
    armor skills for warfare.
    Level	damage		reduce damage		reduce armor
    1	3		3			18
    2	6		5			24
    3	8		6			30
    4	10		8			38
    5	13		9			44
    6	16		11			50
    7	19		12			58
    8	23		15			65
    Conflagration (8 levels) : active
    Modified Volcanic orb and increases burn damage over time (3s) and radius to 
    Nice to have in volcanic orb, but not necessary, better to add points later 
    on and point points into fragmentation instead.
    Level	energy cost		fire damage
    1	6			11
    2	8			16
    3	10			21
    4	12			27
    5	14			32
    6	16			37
    7	18			42
    8	20			48
    5.5.5 Earth Tier 5
    Molten rock (8 levels) : active
    Adds fire retaliation (fire damage over 2s ) to stone form.
    No pretty useless. Low damage and extra energy cost. Skip this one.
    Level	energy cost		damage
    1	16			6
    2	18			7
    3	20			9
    4	22			10
    5	24			11
    6	26			13
    7	28			14
    8	30			15
    Wildfire (12 levels) : active
    Modifies summon core dweller; Dweller can cast lethal fire spell on area(5 
    sec 4m radius).
    Adds magical attack for the Core dweller and allows it to use some of it's 
    energy. Definitely add a few points into this skill if you are relying on 
    the Core dweller.
    Level	energy cost		fire damage
    1	49			16-25
    2	50			20-30
    3	50			24-35
    4	51			29-41
    5	52			33-46
    6	53			37-51
    7	54			41-56
    8	54			46-62
    9	55			50-67
    10	56			55-73
    11	57			59-78
    12	58			65-85
    Flame arch (12 levels) : active
    Modifies flame surge. More damage, pass-through and more jets of flame.
    The Flames surge, although not powerful, can be used as a escape route 
    creator. If you have invested in Flame surge, this skill really comes too 
    late, as by the time your get to this, flame surge is really not worth 
    Level	energy cost		jet increase		damage
    1	10			1			4%
    2	11			1			8%
    3	12			1			12%
    4	14			1			16%
    5	20			2			20%
    6	21			2			24%
    7	23			2			29%
    8	24			2			33%
    9	30			3			38%
    10	32			3			42%
    11	33			3			48%
    12	34			3			55%
    Fragmentation (12 levels) : active
    Modifies volcanic orb.Fragments from the orb scatter, doing extra damage(3m 
    fragmentation and 1.5 sec stun)
    A must for volcanic orb caster. The physical damage and fragmentation and 
    stun is just awesome. This is a must, because of the physical damage, which 
    helps a lot for those nasty fire resistant monsters.
    Level	energy cost		fragments	physical dam		fire dam
    1	10			3-5		35			12
    2	11			4-5		43			16
    3	13			4-7		51			20
    4	15			4-7		60			25
    5	16			5-8		68			29
    6	17			5-9		76			33
    7	19			5-9		84			37
    8	20			6-10		95			42
    9	22			6-11		101			46
    10	23			6-11		109			50
    11	25			7-12		117			54
    12	26			7-13		126			59
    5.5.6 Earth Tier 6
    Volatility (12 levels): passive
    33% Chance of increase fire attacks doing increase damage
    In harder difficulties, fire resistances go up, and the to compensate this 
    skill really boosts the damage on each successful hit. A nice passive skill, 
    and a few points really makes a bit difference.
    Level	fire damage bonus
    1	75%
    2	83%
    3	92%
    4	104%
    5	112%
    6	120%
    7	129%
    8	141%
    9	149%
    10	157%
    11	166%
    12	178%
    Metamorphosis (8 levels) : passive
    Modified core dweller; Core dweller becomes more resistant to damage;  33% 
    increase armor and other bonuses
    Damn, at the top tier. This is a must for core dweller user, in order to 
    make it more survivable in harder levels. Just eight points, but pretty hard 
    to get (3 level ups at later difficulties).
    Level	health		armor		elemental resistance
    1	10%		10%		4%
    2	15%		15%		6%
    3	20%		20%		8%
    4	25%		25%		10%
    5	30%		30%		12%
    6	35%		35%		14%
    7	40%		40%		16%
    8	45%		45%		18%
    Eruption (12 levels) : active
    Make volcanic fissures open beneath your enemies' feet. Open up the Earth 
    for 6 secs within a 3m radius.
    At the top level, this skill is not really that powerful. By this time, you 
    should be topping volcanic orb tree instead.
    Level	energy cost		fragments	Physical dam		fire dam
    1	95			2-3		31			28-33
    2	98			3-4		38			35-41
    3	100			3-4		44			41-48
    4	103			3-4		49			46-54
    5	105			3-4		56			53-62
    6	108			4-5		62			59-69
    7	110			4-5		67			64-75
    8	113			4-5		74			71-83
    9	115			4-5		80			77-90
    10	118			5-6		85			82-96
    11	120			5-6		92			89-104
    12	123			5-6		98			95-112
    5.6 Hunting Mastery Skill Bonuses
    The hunting skill is a very balance skill, with a lot of percentage based 
    enhancements. It also has skills that benefit the group (which works single 
    player as well). However it has to be said that it benefits projectile 
    (spear/bow) characters in general. Groups with magic users and melee 
    characters may not benefit from some of the group effects.
    Note: if you are thinking of using decoy, invest not too many on Monster 
    lure, and more on detonate to get full advantage of damage. Too many Monster 
    Lure points means it takes longer to destroy the decoy. Only invest more in 
    Monster lure at higher levels where monsters do more damage, in this case 
    decoy lasts a bit longer to attract more monsters.
    5.6.1 Hunting Tier 1
    Ensnare (6 Levels):active
    Throws a net that keeps enemies from moving, and reduces enemy defense by 
    This might work on your, but not for you. Skip this tree, really!
    Level	Energy cost		Duration	Pierce damage
    1	15			3		15
    2	17			4		19
    3	19			5		23
    4	20			6		27
    5	22			7		31
    6	24			8		35
    Take down (12 levels): active
    Strike with a forceful, well-aimed blow of the spear;+300% movement thrust 
    with spear weapons, for pierce damage and reduction of enemy health.
    This is the skill for spear users. Spears class weapons have high pierce and 
    damage but are slow. Without this, you will have a hard time. Max it out.
    Level	Energy cost		Pierce damage	Health reduction
    1	30			25			8%
    2	32			31			12%
    3	34			38			15%
    4	36			47			18%
    5	38			52			21%
    6	40			57			24%
    7	42			61			26%
    8	44			68			28%
    9	46			72			30%
    10	48			77			32%
    11	50			81			34%
    12	52			88			36%
    Woodlore (6 levels) : passive
    Increase attack speed, defensive ability.
    This is the skill that is a must if you choose hunting as a mastery. All % 
    based bonuses, passive and only 6 points.
    Level	Defense bonus		Attack speed bonus
    1	10%			5%
    2	14%			8%
    3	18%			12%
    4	24%			15%
    5	28%			18%
    6	32%			21%
    5.6.2 Hunting Tier 2
    Marksmanship (12 levels): active
    Shoot an arrow with increased speed and damage. íV3 energy.
    This does not apply to spears, but bows. Bow users this is a must as bows 
    are slow to very slow. The bonus in speed is essential, and together with 
    slow monster movement, and over time damage (poison, burn,bleed), mobs will 
    never get near you.
    Level	Pierce damage		projectile speed bonus
    1	5			30%
    2	7			40%
    3	9			50%
    4	12			60%
    5	14			70%
    6	16			80%
    7	18			90%
    8	21			100%
    9	23			110%
    10	25			120%
    11	27			130%
    12	31			140%
    Art of the hunt (10 ranks): active
    Adds bonus damage against animals and beastmen. Increases pierce damage.
    Affects the whole party members within 15m. requires 75 energy reserve.
    Beast and Beastmen are probably the most common monsters in TQ. As this is a 
    group skill, it is one which is pretty much worth it. The damage is low, but 
    the % increase in pierce is certainly a welcome bonus.
    Level	Pierce damage		damage to beasts/beastmen
    1	12%			3
    2	18%			5
    3	23%			8
    4	30%			10
    5	34%			12
    6	40%			15
    7	45%			17
    8	52%			19
    9	56%			22
    10	62%			25
    Herbal remedy (6 levels): active
    Increases health regeneration and poison resistance.
    This is not really a very useful skill, but only six points. I can say that 
    poison resistance is not in most peoples main concern but very important 
    later on. However this skill is active, that means you have to activate it. 
    Best to leave this skill out, and only put points in it when you met some 
    poison spewing bosses in hard difficulties (hint hint).
    Level	Energy cost	duration	Health/sec	poison resistance bonus
    1	35		180		3		30%
    2	40		240		3.6		38%
    3	45		300		4.2		46%
    4	50		360		4.8		54%
    5	55		420		5.4		66%
    6	60		480		6.0		72%
    5.6.3 Hunting Tier 3
    Barbed Netting (8 levels) : active
    Netted enemies takes bleeding damage.Modifies ensnare, and adds bleeding 
    damage over 3s.
    As I said before leave this skill tree, but if you are having fun with the 
    ensnare skill, might as well put some points to make the monster more 
    Level	Bleeding damage
    1	45
    2	57
    3	72
    4	84
    5	96
    6	111
    7	123
    8	135
    Call of the Hunt (8 levels): active
    Grant attack speed boost to yourself and nearby allies(15m), adds bleeding 
    damage over 3 secs and +33% damage bonus to beasts/beastmen.
    Comparing art of the hunt with call of the hunt, I will definitely choose 
    this one. Definitely a good skill for both single player and multiplayer. 
    However the recharge time for this skill is quite long, so you cannot keep 
    casting it useless you have some íVrecharge gear.
    Level	Energy cost	duration	bleed damage	attack speed bonus
    1	45		28		18			15%
    2	47		31		22			17%
    3	49		33		26			19%
    4	51		36		30			22%
    5	53		42		34			24%
    6	55		44		38			26%
    7	57		47		41			28%
    8	59		50		46			31%
    Eviscerate (10 levels) : active
    Modifies Take down and adds bleeding damage over 3 secs for extra 5 energy 
    Bleed damage is always nice, but the damage here is low, nonetheless it is a 
    bonus and a few spare points will definitely not hurt. Of course you should 
    max out takedown first.
    Level	Bleeding damage
    1	33
    2	45
    3	60
    4	72
    5	84
    6	99
    7	111
    8	123
    9	138
    10	150
    Monster lure (6 levels) : active
    Place a lure that attracts monsters. The decoy Summons 3 monsters, 30 sec 
    duration (longest), 15 energy, and has provoke skill which requires íV15 
    energy cost.
    This is not really a good skill. For single player, this may be the only 
    option for a low defense ranged player to lure monsters away from the 
    player. Better to use another mastery, with pets to do this kind of job.
    Level	energy cost		decoy health	radius of attraction
    1	34			120			5
    2	38			150			6
    3	42			180			7
    4	46			210			8
    5	50			240			9
    6	54			270			10	
    5.6.4 Hunting Tier 4
    Study prey (8 levels): active
    Lower enemy physical and pierce resistance for 8 seconds within a radius of 
    6m. 35 energy
    For bow and spear users, this is active skill number two. It has fast 
    recharge which makes it excellent. Call of the hunt first and study prey 
    second, and your bow/spear will be invincible.
    Level	damage resist		Pierce resist
    1	-30%			-25%
    2	-35%			-30%
    3	-40%			-35%
    4	-45%			-40%
    5	-50%			-45%
    6	-55%			-50%
    7	-60%			-55%
    8	-65%			-60%
    Puncture shot arrows (12 levels) : active
    Arrows fly throw enemy and hit those behind it. Increases pierce and 
    bleeding damage. Requires 1 energy per shot.
    A must for the bow character. All percentage improvement, and allows you to 
    get a head start of monster in the back like magic users and archer because 
    of passthrough.
    Level	passthru chance		Pierce damage		bleeding damage
    1	8%			5%			9%
    2	12%			8%			12%
    3	16%			10%			15%
    4	21%			12%			20%
    5	25%			15%			23%
    6	29%			18%			27%
    7	33%			20%			30%
    8	38%			22%			35%
    9	42%			25%			38%
    10	46%			28%			42%
    11	50%			30%			45%
    12	55%			33%			50%
    Gouge (6 levels) : passive
    Chance of bleeding damage(over 3s) with bow or spear.
    Although passive and only 6 points, avoid it unless you have spare skill 
    points. The chance is low and the damage not really that good. Work your 
    other skills to improve bleeding damage before you put points in this skill.
    Level	Chance used		Bleeding damage
    1	6%			45
    2	8%			60
    3	10%			72
    4	12%			81
    5	14%			96
    6	16%			108
    Find cover (8 levels) : active
    Higher chance to dodge projectiles for whole group. 10 Energy reserve
    You are going to benefit from this as well as other players. In later 
    difficulties, those archers are going to be a pain. This skill will be 
    difference between death and getting out alive.
    Level	chance avoid
    1	8%
    2	10%
    3	12%
    4	15%
    5	17%
    6	19%
    7	23%
    8	25%
    5.6.5 Hunting Tier 5
    Exploit weakness (10 levels) : active
    Modifies Call of the Hunt skill and adds enhanced pierce and bleeding damage 
    for allies. 10 energy cost.
    Call of the hunt is real nice and this enhancement really adds to the skill.
    Level	Pierce/bleeding damage
    1	58%
    2	66%
    3	77%
    4	85%
    5	93%
    6	104%
    7	112%
    8	120%
    9	131%
    10	139%
    Trail blazing (6 levels) : active
    Modifies the Art of the hunt skill  and adds movement speed and reduces trap 
    durations(100%) of the whole group. Requires 1 energy per second.
    Art of the hunt is really put in the background by call of the hunt. This 
    enhancement does not really make it any better. I mean how many times have 
    you been ensnared.
    Level	Movement bonus
    1	5%
    2	8%
    3	10%
    4	12%
    5	16%
    6	18%
    Detonate (12 levels): active
    Lure can explode, causing area damage (fires 6 fire projectiles over 3 
    meters). íV15 energy
    Lure the creatures then explode. Nice, but lure is not worth getting. 
    However, one point in lure (low health) and max this, can be useful.
    Level	fire damage
    1	36-58
    2	42-66
    3	49-75
    4	58-86
    5	64-94
    6	70-102
    7	77-111
    8	86-122
    9	92-130
    10	98-138
    11	105-147
    12	114-158
    5.6.6 Hunting Tier 6
    Flush out ( 6 levels): active
    Modifies study prey and lowers enemy resistances. 10 energy cost.
    At the last tier this is a harder difficulty skill, and definitely a good 
    one. Maxed out it can take out general elemental resistance bonus on 
    Legendary, making their resistances the same as in normal difficulty.
    Level	defense ability		elemental resistance
    1	14%			14%
    2	18%			18%
    3	22%			22%
    4	26%			26%
    5	30%			30%
    6	36%			36%
    Scatter shot arrows (12 levels): active
    Arrow fragment on impact, damaging nearby enemies. 1 energy per shot.
    Any archer will need this. This is the only area damage skill in the hunting 
    tree, and a must for any archer.
    Level	fragments	pierce damage
    1	3-4		9
    2	3-5		12
    3	4-5		15
    4	4-5		19
    5	4-6		22
    6	5-6		25
    7	5-7		28
    8	5-7		32
    9	6-7		35
    10	6-8		38
    11	6-8		41
    12	7-9		45
    Volley (6 levels): passive
    Chance to attack three times with bow or spear (3 projectiles).
    Any spear user will benefit from this. A higher difficulty levels, the 16% 
    chance is not much guarantee, but if you have points to spare , then add a 
    few. For bow users it is better to invest in other tier 6 skills.
    Level	Chance used
    1	6%
    2	8%
    3	10%
    4	12%
    5	14%
    6	16%
    5.7 Nature Mastery Skill Bonuses
    Nature is the skill to boost your health, and summon beasts of nature to 
    help you out. This is more of an offensive skill, and used for characters 
    who do not intend on investing too many points in health.
    5.7.1 Nature Tier 1
    Regrowth (12 levels): active
    Heal yourself or ally.
    This is a life saver skill, but not really worth investing points in early 
    on, even if it is a tier one skill. You will not need it for normal levels, 
    and potions will do. However in harder difficulties, this is your panic 
    Level	Health restored		Energy cost
    1	300			44
    2	380			48
    3	460			52
    4	540			56
    5	620			60
    6	700			64
    7	780			68
    8	860			72
    9	940			76
    10	1020			80
    11	1100			84
    12	1180			88
    Call of the wild (15 levels): active
    Summon wolf companions
    Wolves are nice little companions, but not really worth the points early 
    one. They are great to get those archers in harder difficulty but really 
    there are better pets. Do not rely on wolves, but they can be a great 
    support if you have other pets.
    Level	Energy cost	Health	Energy	Summon Limit	Chance dodge
    							attacks/proj %
    1	120		155	45	1		15
    2	124		180	48	1		16
    3	128		205	51	1		17	
    4	132		232	54	1		18
    5	136		257	57	1		19
    6	140		283	60	1		20
    7	144		308	63	2		21
    8	148		335	66	2		22
    9	152		360	69	2		23
    10	156		387	72	2		24
    11	160		413	75	2		25
    12	164		441	78	2		26
    13	168		467	81	2		27
    14	172		494	84	2		28
    15	176		523	87	2		29
    5.7.2 Nature Tier 2
    Heart of Oak (12 levels): active
    Bolster health and speed. Affect allies with 18m, increase speed by 10%. 
    Requires 100 energy reserve and 1 energy cost per second.
    Wow, almost doubles your health at maxed level. Just what you and your 
    companions need when your are in trouble. Slowly max this out and ensure you 
    have energy and turn it on all the time!
    Level	Health bonus
    1	8%
    2	16%
    3	24%
    4	32%
    5	40%
    6	48%
    7	56%
    8	64%
    9	72%
    10	80%
    11	88%
    12	96%
    Accelerate growth (8 levels): active
    Cast regrowth more often.
    In harder difficulties, bosses can be a real problem, this is really 
    necessary if you need to boost health quickly. However, for mobs, you really 
    should not be look at this as an option for survivability.
    Level	cast recharge time
    1	-18%
    2	-26%
    3	-34%
    4	-42%
    5	-50%
    6	-58%
    7	-66%
    8	-75%
    Maul (10 levels): active
    Modifies Call of the wild; Wolves may use a special attack and clause 
    bleeding damage over 3s. 24 energy cost.
    Adds nice damages to your wolves. If you are using the wolves well, add 
    spare points here. Skill points are better invested elsewhere.
    Level	Bleed damage		Pierce damage		reduce enemy health %
    1	9			3			6
    2	13			5			6
    3	17			7			8
    4	22			9			8
    5	25			10			8
    6	29			12			10
    7	33			14			10
    8	38			16			10
    9	41			17			12
    10	45			19			12
    Plague (8 levels):active
    Cast a poisonous disease that spreads amongst enemies.
    This skill is useless in itself, but what really makes it a consideration is 
    the enhancements you can get for it. This is also nice if have pets fighting 
    for you. Invest a point in it to open the tree
    Level	Energy cost	Duration		Reduce enemy health %
    1	64			3		3-8
    2	66			3.4		4-9
    3	67			4		5-10
    4	69			4.3		6-11
    5	70			4.7		7-12
    6	72			5.3		8-13
    7	73			5.6		9-14
    8	75			6		10-15
    5.7.3 Nature Tier 3
    Briar Ward (15 levels):active
    Create a protective circle that enemies cannot enter. Last for 30s
    Unless you are really lack, the briar ward tree can all be skipped. However, 
    if you are playing a lazy, stay back and let the summons do all the work, 
    you might as well have this as well, and let it do some small amount of 
    damage. The recharge time is quite long, for this skill.
    Level	Energy Cost	Briar Health	Briar pierce retail
    1	112		64		1-3
    2	116		88		1-3
    3	120		112		1-3
    4	124		136		2-5
    5	128		160		2-5
    6	132		184		2-5
    7	136		208		2-5
    8	140		232		3-7
    9	144		256		3-7
    10	148		280		3-7
    11	152		304		3-7
    12	156		328		4-9
    13	160		352		4-9
    14	164		376		4-9
    15	168		400		4-9
    Survival instinct (15 levels): active
    Modifies Call of the wild; Wolves may rally when their health is low. 
    Activates when health goes below 33%, and lasts for 6s
    This a skill to keep your wolves alive, in practice it does not work too 
    well, as wolves health regen does not compensate for the more damage 
    absorption at high difficulties. Having said that, adding heart of oak, and 
    using regrowth will definitely make your wolves last much longer.
    Level	Damage absorb		Damage bonus
    1	15%			15%
    2	20%			20%
    3	24%			25%
    4	30%			30%
    5	38%			35%
    6	42%			40%
    7	47%			45%
    8	51%			50%
    9	54%			55%
    10	60%			60%
    11	63%			65%
    12	67%			70%
    13	70%			75%
    14	74%			80%
    15	80%			85%
    Fatigue (8 levels): active
    Modifies plague and saps strength and speed from those afflicted. Affects 
    enemies. Reduce damage for 3s, and 5% chance to reduce health of enemies.
    Plague is pretty useless, but this enhancement really makes it much better. 
    Max this out, and let your pets take out mobs with ease.
    Level	Less dam	Reduce health 	%	Reduced dam %	-speed %
    1	3		50			15		15
    2	3-5		52			18		18
    3	3-6		55			20		20
    4	3-8		57			23		23
    5	3-9		61			28		25
    6	3-11		64			31		28
    7	3-12		66			34		30
    8	3-15		69			36		33	
    5.7.4 Nature Tier 4
    Tranquility of water (6 levels): active
    Modifies heart of Oak and adds chance of reduce skill energy cost by 50%
    Just the nature skills takes a lot of energy, and this is a must for any 
    heavy energy user. At only 6 points, you have more than 1 in 4 chance of 
    using 50% less energy.
    Level	Chance %
    1	8
    2	12
    3	16
    4	19
    5	24
    6	28
    Dissemination (10 levels): active
    Modifies regrowth; healing spreads to allies nearby.
    Regrowth being such a nice skill, why not let other players get the benefit. 
    In reality it does not work that well. The fact is different allies have 
    different health at different times. It will benefit one player but wasted 
    on another. Call me a selfish bas**** but this skill is not worth it.
    Level	Health restored
    1	180
    2	260
    3	340
    4	420
    5	500
    6	580
    7	660
    8	740
    9	820
    10	900
    Stinging nettle (8 levels): active
    Modifies Briar wall and adds poison retaliation damage for 6s
    Level	Poison retailiation
    1	15
    2	24
    3	33
    4	42
    5	51
    6	60
    7	69
    8	78
    Sylvan Nymph (15 levels) :active
    Summon a bow-welding nymph. Nymph has bow attack which reduces 3% of enemies 
    health. 1m radius.
    High energy cost, and difficulty keeping her in range of some of the 
    beneficial group skills, makes this a tough choice. For all her defensive 
    bonuses, she does not last well in harder difficulties. However as a boss, 
    blocker she can be great. Invest in one early one, and if you are using 
    pets, work on the wolves first.
    Level	Energy cost	Health	Energy	pierce damage	Dodge attack/proj %
    1	200		198	130	9-21		18
    2	204		226	138	12-25		20
    3	209		255	146	15-28		22
    4	213		283	154	18-31		24
    5	217		311	162	21-36		26
    6	222		340	170	24-39		28
    7	226		368	178	27-43		30
    8	230		396	186	30-46		32
    9	235		425	194	33-49		34
    10	239		453	202	36-54		36
    11	243		481	210	39-57		38
    12	248		510	218	42-61		40
    13	252		538	225	45-64		42
    14	256		566	234	48-67		44
    15	261		595	242	51-72		46
    5.7.5 Nature Tier 5
    Permanence of Stone (6 levels): active
    Modifies Heart of Oak and adds resistance to elemental damage. 1 Energy cost 
    per second. Affects allies.
    If you have nature, you should have heart of oak, and if you have heart of 
    oak, then you should have this. Instant 18% elemental resistant for that 
    extra boost against those nasty bosses.
    Level	Elemental resistance
    1	5%
    2	8%
    3	10%
    4	12%
    5	15%
    6	18%
    Strength of the pack (12 levels): active
    Modifies Call of the Wild; Wolves howl, buffing all nearby (10m);adds 1 
    energy regeneration per second, +15% increase speed and damage and armor 
    bonus to pack for 15s. 25 energy cost.
    Wolves are pretty weak, and do low damage, but they are fast. This is a good 
    boost for wolves, if you are on the pet summoning class.
    Level	Damage bonus %		Armor bonus
    1	15			4
    2	20			6
    3	24			8
    4	30			10
    5	34			12
    6	39			14
    7	43			16
    8	49			18
    9	53			20
    10	58			22
    11	62			24
    12	68			26
    Overgrowth (12 levels): active
    Modifies Sylvan Nymph; Nymph can cast a living shield (33% chance) with 
    retaliation damage on allies.
    You like the nymph, then this should be invested, as it boosts the 
    survivability of the nymph. However, you may consider improving the damage 
    with Nature's wrath (tier 6) skill instead.
    Level	damage absorption		Pierce retaliation (33% chance)
    1	79				1-5
    2	86				3-7
    3	95				4-9
    4	103				6-12
    5	111				7-14
    6	120				9-16
    7	128				10-19
    8	136				12-21
    9	145				13-25
    10	153				15-30
    11	161				16-31
    12	170				18-33
    Susceptibility (8 levels): active
    Modifies plague and further lowers speed and damage resistance.
    With just one point in plague and getting another great enhancement, you 
    will have enough stuff to make your pets destroy everything in their path 
    (OK maybe not). This skill will probably play some part in the grand scheme 
    of things.
    Level	Damage resistance		Elemental resistance
    1	-12%				-12%
    2	-15%				-15%
    3	-19%				-19%
    4	-24%				-24%
    5	-27%				-27%
    6	-30%				-30%
    7	-34%				-34%
    8	-39%				-39%
    5.7.6 Nature Tier 6
    Refresh (6 levels): active
    Instantly refreshes all recharging skills.
    Damn, wish I had this earlier on. Just six points and basically increasing 
    your cast rate. A must, if you can get enough points at tier 6.
    Level	Energy cost
    1	200
    2	170
    3	150
    4	135
    5	125
    6	115
    Sanctuary (8 levels): active
    Modifies briar ward and aids regeneration and damage absorption in briar 
    circle (18s), 3m radius
    Level	Damage absorb %	health	Energy		Reduce		energy
    				regen %		regen %		cost %
    1	12			148		148		15
    2	14			160		160		20
    3	16			172		172		25
    4	18			184		184		30
    5	20			196		196		35
    6	22			208		208		40
    7	24			220		220		45
    8	26			232		232		50
    Nature's Wrath (12 levels): active
    Modifies Sylvan Nymph and adds elemental damage to Nymph's attack Adds 33% 
    chance pass through enemies and increase radius of 1.5m
    This is the damage improvement for the Nymph. If you have put a lot of 
    points on her, then this is a must. However, this is too little too late. If 
    you are a pet summoner, you should really improve your other pets. Keep the 
    nymph as an extra block, but do not add too much points unless you have some 
    Level	Energy cost		Elemental damage
    1	8			33-58
    2	8			38-66
    3	9			42-74
    4	9			48-82
    5	10			52-91
    6	10			57-100
    7	11			61-109
    8	11			67-118
    9	12			71-127
    10	12			76-137
    11	13			80-148
    12	13			88-160
    5.8 Rogue Mastery Skill Bonuses
    Rogue master for characters who want to play with poison damage and trap 
    damage. Rogue skills can complement any other skills quite nicely. The 
    poison and attack bonuses will help melee and bow characters. Gas bomb and 
    flash powder may be used by magic characters.
    The rogue mastery is not really a first mastery but can be a useful 
    secondary mastery IMHO. The early skills do not have enough boost power to 
    make life easy the first eight levels.
    5.8.1 Rogue Tier 1
    Calculated strike (8 levels): active
    Every fourth hit does extra damage. 3 charge levels
    This may see a great skill, for any melee or bow/spear character but really 
    fails because it is active. If it was a energy reserve skill it would be 
    awesome, but the fact that it is just active means you cannot use it with 
    another skill which makes it less desirable.
    Level	Damage bonus %		Pierce damage
    1	45			35
    2	60			45
    3	75			53
    4	93			64
    5	108			72
    6	123			83
    7	138			91
    8	156			103
    Blade Honing (6 levels): active
    Boost pierce damage on swords and spears. 16m radius, 50 energy reserve
    Now this is a energy reserve skill and definitely complements other skills 
    for melee characters. At just 6 points it is worth investing in.
    Level	Pierce bonus %		Pierce damage
    1	16			3
    2	24			5
    3	32			7
    4	40			9
    5	48			12
    6	56			15	
    Envenom weapon (12 levels):  passive
    Adds poison to all attacks. 1 energy cost per sec, poison damage is over 5s, 
    and requires 50 energy reserve.
    Another nice energy reserve skill, for melee and bow users. Although not the 
    best skill to pump up to max in one go (12 levels). For bow users, this will 
    be enough. For melee users, use it with blade honing. Your energy will not 
    be wasted.
    Level	Poison damage
    1	18
    2	25
    3	33
    4	40
    5	48
    6	55
    7	63
    8	70
    9	78
    10	85
    11	93
    12	100
    5.8.2 Rogue Tier 2
    Throwing knife (10 levels): active
    Throws a blade with 100% chance pass through, that does bleeding damage over 
    This is the rogue's ranged attack and can be quite useful. Not the best, but 
    you should consider it if you plan on using two melee weapons, and having 
    this as backup.
    Level	Energy cost		Bleed damage		pierce damage
    1	18			48			11
    2	19			63			15
    3	20			78			19
    4	21			90			23
    5	22			105			27
    6	23			120			31
    7	24			132			35
    8	25			147			39
    9	26			162			43
    10	27			174			47
    Disarm Traps (6 levels): passive
    Disable and avoid damage from traps.
    Although this is passive, and seems a basic skill for any rogue, in TQ this 
    skill tree is totally useless. Unless you are very dumb, you should be able 
    to avoid all trap devices. As for traps monster throw, just move out of 
    range. Skip this skill tree.
    Level	Damage to devices		damage from devices
    1	25%				-10%
    2	50%				-20%
    3	75%				-30%
    4	100%				-40%
    5	125%				-50%
    6	150%				-60%
    Nightshade (8 levels): passive
    Modifies envenom weapon and slows enemies for 5s when you hit them.
    For any bow user this is a must. Even if you only put one point in envenom 
    weapon, max this skill out. Just 8 points to slow enemies , awesome.
    Level	Poison damage %		slow enemies %
    1	15			10
    2	20			14
    3	25			18
    4	30			22
    5	35			26
    6	40			30
    7	45			34
    8	50			39
    Flash powder (8 levels): active
    Flash and smoke blinds and confuses enemies. Adds chance to fumble attacks 
    for 8s, chance of 3-8 seconds of confusion.
    Skip this skill unless you have no other skills to make a quick escape. 
    There are better ways to get out of trouble, instead of keeping a finger on 
    the quick slot for this skill.
    Level	Energy cost	radius	Chance fumble	chance confusion
    1	53		3.8	30		30
    2	56		4.4	35		35
    3	59		5	40		40
    4	62		5.6	45		45
    5	65		6.2	50		50
    6	68		6.8	55		55
    7	71		7.4	60		60
    8	74		8	65		65
    5.8.3 Rogue Tier 3
    Lucky hit (6 levels): active
    Modifies calculated strike and adds chance (33%) of some extra damage, 
    pierce damage	and bleeding over 3s
    This makes calculated strike even better, and the pierce bonus is something 
    any melee character should consider. However as I said before, calculated 
    strike is active, which makes it not worth the skill points.
    If you use this skill, then you should have other energy reserve skills 
    active to boost you attack speed and damage, as well as offense.
    Level	Damage		Pierce damage %		Bleeding
    1	39		50			45
    2	48		59			69
    3	57		68			96
    4	66		77			120
    5	75		86			144
    6	84		95			171
    Open wound (12 levels): passive
    Adds 33% chance that blade weapon attacks will do extra bleeding damage over 
    3 s.
    A nice addition for any melee character. Add a few points for the extra 
    damage if you have spare. Remember melee characters should work on quick 
    kill rather than over time damage. Not essential but nice to have.
    Level	Bleed damage
    1	27
    2	36
    3	45
    4	57
    5	66
    6	75
    7	84
    8	96
    9	105
    10	117
    11	126
    12	141
    Lay trap (15): active
    Bolt trap that fires at enemies. Up to 3 traps of 1m radius that lasts for 
    30s and shoots one projectile for piercing damage.
    Your Rogue pet. Not very nice damage and not very nice health, but if you 
    want to play the trapper, this is your choice (OMG 15 levels). This is 
    useless in harder difficulties. However, lay a trap to get rid of those 
    ranged attackers, but really you should look at the poison bomb for this. 
    Level	Energy cost		trap health		pierce damage
    1	29			74			14-21
    2	31			86			18-24
    3	33			98			21-29
    4	35			110			24-32
    5	37			122			28-35
    6	39			134			31-38
    7	41			146			34-41
    8	43			158			38-46
    9	45			170			41-49
    10	47			182			44-52
    11	49			194			48-55
    12	51			206			51-58
    13	53			218			56-63
    14	55			230			59-66
    15	57			242			62-69
    Poison gas bomb (12 level): active
    Throws a bomb that releases poison gas. Adds poison damage over 6s and also 
    66% chance of impaired aim for 9 seconds for all skill levels.
    This is high energy skill for a rogue character but it is one of the best 
    skills for a Rogue, for harder difficulties. Throw a few of these to get rid 
    of those archers and magic users.
    Level	Energy cost		Radius		Poison damage
    1	33			3.2		32
    2	35			3.4		41
    3	37			3.6		50
    4	40			3.8		61
    5	42			4.0		70
    6	44			4.2		78
    7	47			4.4		87
    8	49			4.6		98
    9	51			4.8		107
    10	54			5.0		115
    11	56			5.2		124
    12	58			5.4		136
    5.8.4 Rogue Tier 4
    Lethal strike (12 levels): active
    Single deadly strike multiplies normal damage.
    Another active skill with lots of levels. It goes to say, if you are going 
    to use these for melee characters, you will be skipping a lot of the other 
    skills for their masteries (hunting and warfare). This is another skill for 
    a rogue/casters.
    Level	Energy cost		Damage bonus %	Pierce damage bonus %
    1	52			225		225
    2	53			250		240
    3	55			275		255
    4	56			300		270
    5	58			325		285
    6	59			350		300
    7	61			375		315
    8	62			400		330
    9	64			425		345
    10	65			450		360
    11	67			475		375
    12	68			500		390
    Rapid Construction (8 levels): active
    Modifies lay trap and reduces time before you can lay another trap and also 
    energy cost.
    You like traps, then add a few of these. Traps get destroyed so fast in 
    harder difficulties, that you may benefit from this. But really skip the 
    Level	recharge	Energy cost
    1	-18%		-5%
    2	-27%		-10%
    3	-36%		-15%
    4	-44%		-20%
    5	-52%		-25%
    6	-60%		-30%
    7	-66%		-35%
    8 	-72%		-40%
    Toxin distillation (12 levels): passive
    Modifies envenom weapon and increases potency and length of all poison 
    If envenom weapon is working for you, then get this. Definitely one to max.
    Level	Poison damage %		Duration %
    1	12			10
    2	24			16
    3	36			22
    4	48			28
    5	60			34
    6	72			40
    7	84			46
    8	96			52
    9	108			58
    10	120			64
    11	132			70
    12	144			76
    5.8.5 Rogue Tier 5
    Anatomy (8 levels): passive
    Increases effectiveness of bleeding damage.
    Now this a small (8 level) passive skill, which makes it desirable. However 
    before investing on this, really look at what weapons you have that cause 
    bleeding (no many do, and the damage is low).
    Level	Bleeding damage
    1	36%
    2	48%
    3	60%
    4	72%
    5	84%
    6	96%
    7	108%
    8	120%
    Mandrake (8 levels): active
    Modifies envenom weapon and adds chance to confuse enemy. 1 energy per 
    second, chance to fumble attack for 3 seconds, chance to cause confusion
    Another devious enhancement to envenom weapon. These are so good. This is 
    the tree you should spend the most points on, for a melee character.
    Level	Chance fumble	Chance confusion	confusion duration
    1	15%			12%			1.8-2.4
    2	20%			16%			1.8-2.8
    3	25%			20%			1.8-3.2
    4	30%			24%			1.8-3.5
    5	35%			28%			1.8-3.9
    6	40%			32%			1.8-4.3
    7	45%			36%			1.8-4.6
    8	50%			40%			1.8-5.0
    Shrapnel (10 levels): active
    Modifies Poison gas bomb; bomb explodes with shrapnel (9-11 fragments) over 
    1.5m, causing bleeding damage for 3s and pierce damage
    The poison gas bomb really helps in harder difficulties, to do some damage. 
    Although the poison gas method is slow, it gets the job done. You may 
    consider a few points in this, but really not that necessary.
    Level	Energy cost		Bleed damage		Pierce damage
    1	5			33			9
    2	6			39			11
    3	7			45			13
    4	8			51			16
    5	9			57			18
    6	10			63			20
    7	11			69			23
    8	12			75			25
    9	13			81			27
    10	14			87			30
    5.8.6 Rogue Tier 6
    Mortal wounds (8 levels) : active
    Modifies lethal strike and magnifies bleeding and poison damage and 3 
    seconds of stun. 15 energy cost
    This is the only skill which makes Lethal strike a consideration over other 
    skills for the melee character, making lethal strike a primary attack. A 
    must for the Lethal strike tree.
    Level	Bleed damage		Poison damage
    1	60%			60%
    2	95%			95%
    3	130%			130%
    4	165%			165%
    5	200%			200%
    6	235%			235%
    7	270%			270%
    8	305%			305%
    Flurry of knives (6 levels): active
    Modifies Throwing knife adding multiple blades at once.
    All I can say is that if you are using throwing knife, then add a few points 
    in this. However, this skill is hard to control.
    Level	Energy cost		projectiles		Pierce damage bonus %
    1	5			1			51
    2	6			2			60
    3	6			2			69
    4	7			3			78
    5	7			3			87
    6	8			4			96
    Improved firing mechanism (8 levels): active
    Modifies Lay trap; Trap fires more rapidly and does more damage.
    If you are using traps over poison bomb, because you are running away an 
    letting it the trap do the damage. Max this out.
    Level	Projectiles	Chance pass thru %	Pierce damage	Trap Health
    1	3		10			15%		30%
    2	4		15			20%		35%
    3	4		20			25%		40%
    4	5		25			30%		45%
    5	5		30			35%		50%
    6	6		35			40%		55%
    7	6		40			45%		60%
    8	6		45			50%		65%
    5.9 Spirit Mastery Skill Bonuses
    Spirit mastery is the mastery of the occult and undead. You can summon 
    undead to help you out, mind control, or just life zapping. 
    5.9.1 Spirit Tier 1
    Deathchill aura (6 levels): active
    Aura slows and saps life from enemies. Also saps your life. 1 energy cost 
    per second, 1 second duration
    The deathchill aura is a hit and miss, some people like it some not much. 
    However for 6 points, you may choose it. The reduced speed is the greatest 
    advantage (although you mostly will not need it in normal).
    Level	radius		Reduce enemy health %		reduce speed %
    1	2.5		1-3				13
    2	2.7		1-4				15
    3	3.0		2-5				17
    4	3.2		2-6				19
    5	3.4		3-7				21
    6	3.7		3-9				25
    Life drain (12 levels): active
    Steal life from enemies
    This skill is really nice, especially for high damage melee characters. It 
    have found that most monsters have bad vitality damage resists. However I 
    have to say that it does not help with the heavy hitting bosses in harder 
    levels, and you will need something to guard against the ranged attackers.
    Level	Energy cost	Vitality damage		% damage convert to health
    1	54		49			150
    2	58		53			160
    3	64		57			170
    4	68		61			180
    5	72		65			190
    6	78		69			200
    7	82		73			210
    8	86		77			220
    9	92		81			230
    10	96		87			240
    11	100		93			250
    12	106		99			260
    5.9.2 Spirit Tier 2
    Ternion Attack (12 levels): active
    Fires three projectiles from your staff that go faster, and do more damage.
    This the spirit skill tree to go for. Even at level 1 with the íV50% damage 
    it is a killer. Although you do not max this out initially, and only add a 
    few points, and invest the rest in Archane Lore on the same tree for the 
    area damage.
    Level	Energy cost		Elemental damage
    1	30			-50%
    2	31			-45%
    3	31			-40%
    4	32			-35%
    5	32			-31%
    6	33			-27%
    7	33			-23%
    8	34			-19%
    9	34			-15%
    10	35			-11%
    11	35			-7%
    12	36			+5%
    Ravages of time (8 levels): active
    Modifies Deathchill aura; all enemy weapons dull and armor crumbles.1 energy 
    cost per sec.
    If you are using death chill aura, maxing this out will give your melee 
    character twice the damage (-36% absorb, from an initial 66%). However, for 
    a ranged character this is not very useful because the range is small so the 
    pierce damage from archers probably will not be affected. For magic 
    characters, armor absorption is useless. Personally I skip this tree.
    Level	Damage			Pierce damage		Armor absorption
    1	-11%			-11%			-11%
    2	-15%			-15%			-15%
    3	-18%			-18%			-18%
    4	-22%			-22%			-22%
    5	-25%			-25%			-25%
    6	-32%			-29%			-29%
    7	-32%			-32%			-32%
    8	-36%			-36%			-36%
    Vision of death (6 levels): active
    Fill the minds of enemies with fear and confusion, within 3m, causing them 
    to deal less damage for 3s and 66% chance to fumble attacks for 11s.
    If you need a quick escape, this is better than any of the other fumble 
    skills in other masteries. Only six levels, which is nice. Not a mainstream 
    skill to invest in but nice to have sometimes.
    Level	Energy cost		Reduced damage		Fear duration
    1	55			3			3.0
    2	60			5			3.5
    3	65			7			4.1
    4	70			9			4.6
    5	75			11			5.2
    6	80			13			5.9
    Spirit ward (8 levels): active
    Ward protects all from undead near you (6m).
    If you are having problems with undead, this is the skill to have. You will 
    find undead quite difficult, due to high resistances and no bleed or life 
    leech from them. Not much use if you are handling them without problems.
    Level	Energy cost /s		Damage to undead	Damage from undead
    1	1			3			15%
    2	1			5			18%
    3	1			7			21%
    4	1			9			25%
    5	1			11			28%
    6	2			13			31%
    7	2			15			35%
    8	2			17			39%
    5.9.3 Spirit Tier 3
    Cascade (10 levels): active
    Modifies Life drain; life drain arcs from enemy to enemy.
    Vitality damage cannot be under estimated because there are so little 
    resistances to it. Not something to concentrate on, but a nice enhancement 
    to Life drain.
    Level	Vitality damage		% damage to health
    1	35			150
    2	39			160
    3	44			170
    4	48			180
    5	52			190
    6	57			200
    7	63			210
    8	71			220
    9	79			230
    10	88			240
    Dark Covenant (6 levels): active
    Energy regeneration boost at the cost of life; -18 health per sec, 15 m 
    Although just 6 skill levels, this is not really worth it. As a magic user, 
    one of your priorities would be high energy regeneration anyway. Stocking up 
    potions is another option. Skip this.
    Level	Duration		Energy regen /s		Total speed
    1	10			5			+9%
    2	12			7			+11%
    3	14			9			+14%
    4	16			11			+16%
    5	18			13			+18%
    6	21			15			+21%
    Summon Liche King (15 levels): active
    Summons the spirit of an undead mage. 
    The Liche King has two attacks Spectral Bolt and soul blight (figures shown 
    with / seperator, left is for spectral bolt and right for soul blight)
    Spectral bolt available at level 1 and has 15% attack damage converted to 
    Spectral bolt available at level 5 and has 33% attack damage converted to 
    health and reduce resistances for 8 seconds and radius of 6m.
    The Lich King is the pet for Spirit. You will have mixed success with this 
    pet. In general invest a few points in it, but also remember to boost up the 
    enhancements to this skill.
    	Energy	Spirit		-Elem	%	Vital	to	Reduce	Erg
    Level	cost	Health/Energy	Damage	health	Damage		cost	Res%
    1	250	369/307		13/0	3/0	19/0		0/0	0/0	
    2	258	389/324		16/0	3/0	23/0		0/0	0/0
    3	266	408/341		20/0	4/0	27/0		0/0	0/0
    4	274	426/358		24/0	4/0	30/0		0/0	0/0
    5	282	446/375		28/0	6/33	34/0		0/32	0/13%
    6	290	465/392		31/0	6/33	38/0		0/33	0/17%
    7	298	483/409		35/0	6/33	41/0		0/35	0/20%
    8	306	503/426		39/0	7/33	45/0		0/36	0/23%
    9	314	522/443		43/0	7/33	49/0		0/38	0/27%
    10	322	540/460		46/0	9/33	52/0		0/39	0/30%
    11	330	560/477		50/0	9/33	56/0		0/41	0/33%
    12	338	579/494		54/0	9/33	60/0		0/42	0/37%
    13	346	597/511		58/0	10/33	63/0		0/44	0/40%
    14	354	617/528		61/0	10/33	67/0		0/45	0/45%
    15	362	636/545		65/0	12/33	71/0		0/47	0/47%
    Spirit Bane (6 levels): active
    Modifies spirit ward; nearby allies do extra damage to undead. 1 energy cost 
    per second.
    As said before if you have problems with undead (mainly skeletons), this is 
    a great skill. Add an extra damage to undead from relic or charm and undead 
    will be flying across the screen.
    Level	Damage % to undead		Damage to undead
    1	33				9
    2	37				13
    3	42				17
    4	46				21
    5	50				25
    6	55				29
    5.9.4 Spirit Tier 4
    Arcane Lore (6 levels): active
    Modifies Ternion attack and adds speed boost and area damage. 4 energy cost
    If you have ternion attack (even one point) max this out, and see the power 
    of ternion attack. This gives a speed boost, but most important an area 
    boost, so it damages enemies around the target. If you max both, mobs get 
    killed in one shot. However, Ternion is only magic based attack and later 
    difficulties you really need to compensate for the high elemental resists.
    Level	radius		Projectile speed
    1	1.5		+10%
    2	1.7		+18%
    3	1.9		+26%
    4	2.1		+34%
    5	2.3		+42%
    6	2.5		+50%
    Necrosis (8 levels): active
    Modifies deathchill aura and makes enemies susceptible to life-sapping 
    attacks. 1 energy cost per second.
    Death chill has not been my favorite because better life regen may be nice 
    but definitely can be replace by potions. Design your character carefully 
    and don't rush into mobs, and this skill is really useless.
    Level	Bleed/Vitality/Life leech
    1	-23%	
    2	-32%
    3	-39%
    4	-48%
    5	-56%
    6	-65%
    7	-72%
    8	-81%
    Enslave spirit (12 levels): active
    Control the mind of an enemy for a while.
    This skill is fun, but definitely pretty useless. There are no boosts, so 
    you will find harder levels, the monsters just don't get controlled. High 
    energy cost makes it even worse.
    Level	Energy cost		Duration (seconds)
    1	90			36-48
    2	92			40-54
    3	94			44-60
    4	96			48-66
    5	98			52-72
    6	100			56-78
    7	102			60-84
    8	104			64-90
    9	106			68-96
    10	108			72-102
    11	110			76-108
    12	112			80-114
    Death Nova (12 levels): active
    Modifies summon Liche king; deadly aura that saps the life and strength of 
    enemies. Radius 6m, 50% attack damage converted to health
    The lich King only shines when you start adding these enhancements. If you 
    rely on one, add a point. Death Nova is not very good, but it unlocks 
    further skills for the Liche King which is essential for its survival.
    Level	Energy cost		Reduce to		Vitality
    				Enemy health		Damage
    1	60			11%			33
    2	62			13%			42
    3	63			15%			50
    4	66			17%			60
    5	67			19%			68
    6	69			21%			77
    7	71			23%			85
    8	73			25%			95
    9	74			27%			103
    10	77			29%			112
    11	78			31%			120
    12	80			33%			130	
    5.9.5 Spirit Tier 5
    Unearthly power (8 levels) : active
    Modifies Dark covenant and adds better attack speed, damage is converted to 
    life, plus extra elemental damage.
    Dark covenant is a relatively useless skill, but this enhancement is really 
    a very nice skill enhancement. It is something to consider if you are having 
    difficulty in later levels.
    Level	Health/sec	Physical/Elemental/Vitality damage
    1	10		+8%
    2	10		+14%
    3	11		+20%
    4	11		+26%
    5	12		+32%
    6	12		+38%
    7	13		+44%
    8	13		+50%
    Wraith shell (12 level): active
    Modifies summon liche king and adds increased resistances of all damage 
    types. 50 energy cost, 2 active energy per second. 33% damage resistance.
    This is another must for the Lich King to keep it alive later on. Sometimes 
    the lich king seems to be very lame, and dies quickly, adding this may not 
    help in those levels, but certainly a bit later on.
    Level	Damage absorb
    1	19%
    2	24%
    3	28%
    4	33%
    5	38%
    6	42%
    7	47%
    8	51%
    9	56%
    10	61%
    11	65%
    12	70%
    Circle of power (12 levels): active
    Create a circle that protects against the undead for 12 seconds, 6m radius
    Nice to have if you are having problems with undead, but it is not powerful 
    enough for higher difficulties, even when maxed out.
    Level	Energy cost		Damage to undead
    1	64			17
    2	68			21
    3	72			25
    4	76			30
    5	80			34
    6	84			39
    7	88			43
    8	92			49
    9	96			54
    10	100			60
    11	104			67
    12	108			75
    5.9.6 Spirit Tier 6
    Death ward (8 levels): active
    This will heal you if your life goes too low. Activates when health goes 
    below 15%, 3 second duration
    This is the life saver, this is a nice skill, but not essential for the 
    spirit character. However this skill has a long, and I mean long recharge 
    time, so really be careful after you have used it once.
    Level	Health restored
    1	330
    2	360
    3	390
    4	420
    5	450
    6	480
    7	510
    8	540
    Summon Outsider (15 levels): active
    Summon an extra-dimensional ally (Ether lord) for short duration
    Ether lord attacks base attributes: 200 arc of attack, 3 targets, 33% 
    reduction in enemy health
    A lot of people have given this guy a lot of praise and prefer it over the 
    Lich King. I agree that this is a better pet than the Lich King, but the 
    fact is that it is a high energy cost spell, and really should be used for 
    bosses. But it fails because really 58s is not a lot of time for a boss, and 
    the recharge time is so long.
    			Minion		Minion				Elemental
    Level	Energy cost	Life time	Health/Energy	Ergy cost	Damage
    1	285		30		1065/518	27		75-115
    2	290		32		1130/536	29		83-124
    3	295		34		1195/554	31		91-132
    4	300		36		1260/572	33		98-140
    5	305		38		1325/590	35		105-148
    6	310		40		1390/608	37		113-157
    7	315		42		1455/626	39		120-165
    8	320		44		1520/644	41		128-173
    9	325		46		1585/662	43		135-181
    10	330		48		1620/680	45		143-190
    11	335		50		1715/698	47		150-196
    12	340		52		1780/716	49		158-206
    13	345		54		1845/734	51		165-214
    14	350		56		1910/752	53		173-223
    15	355		58		1975/770	55		180-231
    Arcane blast (16 levels): active
    Modifies Summon Liche King and adds a new powerful attack.
    Attack base attributes: 1 second of stun,15% slowed for 1.5 seconds
    This is a very nice mob killer for the liche king. Put a few points into it. 
    Again remember you will get mixed performance from the lich king on 
    different difficulties and area, but without this your Lich King will be 
    pretty useless.
    Level	Energy cost	Projectiles	Elemental damage	Vitality damage
    1	32		2		51			15
    2	33		2		56			19
    3	36		3		61			23
    4	38		3		66			26
    5	39		3		73			30
    6	40		3		77			33
    7	42		3		82			37		
    8	42		3		87			41
    9	46		4		92			44
    10	47		4		100			49	
    11	49		4		104			52
    12	50		4		110			56
    13	51		4		114			59
    14	52		4		120			63
    15	55		5		129			69
    16	57		5		133			72
    5.10 Storm Mastery Skill Bonuses
    Storm is the magic users lightning and ice spells. Mainly spells of the ice 
    and lightning type, and mostly active skills, meaning you will probably need 
    a matching passive skill mastery.
    5.10.1 Storm Tier 1
    Ice shard (12 levels): active
    Fires a deadly sliver of ice which slows enemies 15% for 1.5 seconds
    You only have two skills at tier one of the storm tree. If you go the cold 
    way, a few initial points into this is nice. However this will benefit from 
    The heart of frost, which incidentally is in the second skill tree.
    Level	Energy cost		Cold damage
    1	21			16-25
    2	23			20-31
    3	25			23-36
    4	27			28-43
    5	29			32-47
    6	31			36-53
    7	33			39-58
    8	35			44-64
    9	37			48-68
    10	39			52-73
    11	41			55-77
    12	43			60-83
    Storm nimbus (10 levels):Active
    Adds elemental damage to attacks. 1 energy cost per second, 75 energy 
    Chance of a cold damage or lightning damage but not both
    This is not really a good skill to look at, but the skill enhancements is 
    very nice. Invest not to many points in this skill, but put at least one to 
    open up the tree.
    Level	Cold damage		Lightning damage
    1	3			1-21
    2	4			3-27
    3	7			5-33
    4	10			7-38
    5	12			9-44
    6	14			11-50
    7	16			13-55
    8	19			15-61
    9	21			17-67
    10	23			19-75
    5.10.2 Storm Tier 2
    Spell breaker (6 levels): active
    Dispel enemy enchantments, skill disruption and drain energy, 6m radius, 
    +50% damage to magical
    I have never effectively used this skill, (which may mean it is very good). 
    The energy drain really looks nice, but damage to magical seems very 
    useless, considering the number of monsters which are magical.
    Level	Energy cost		Energy drained		Damage to magical
    1	32			24%			15
    2	34			32%			30
    3	36			40%			45
    4	38			50%			60
    5	40			58%			75
    6	42			66%			90
    Thunderball (12 levels):active
    Hurl a stunning ball of electricity; 1.8m radius
    This is a great attacking storm skill. If you have no ranged magical 
    attacks, this is better than ice shard.
    Level	Energy cost		Lightning damage	Second of stun
    1	50			7-31			1.5
    2	53			11-36			1.8
    3	56			16-40			2.1
    4	59			22-46			2.5
    5	62			26-50			2.8
    6	65			30-55			3.1
    7	68			35-59			3.4
    8	71			41-65			3.8
    9	74			45-69			4.1	
    10	77			49-74			4.4
    11	80			54-78			4.7
    12	83			60-84			5.1	
    Heart of Frost (8 levels): active
    Modifies storm nimbus and slows attacking and movement of enemies for 3s, 
    extra cold damage, +25 energy reserve
    This is a must for storm users. Although it only enhances cold damage, the 
    slow movement % really shines. I recommend really to max this skill.
    Level	Cold damage		Slow attack/movement
    1	10%			-10%
    2	16%			-15%
    3	22%			-19%
    4	28%			-24%
    5	34%			-27%
    6	40%			-31%
    7	46%			-34%
    8	52%			-38%
    5.10.3 Storm Tier 3
    Spell shock (8 levels): active
    Modifies spell breaker and adds damage and extra disruption
    I have not really considered the spell breaker tree, but this really looks 
    like something interesting.
    Level	Energy cost	% Drain cause damage	Duration of skill disruption
    1	15		30%			3.0
    2	16		45%			3.6
    3	18		60%			4.2
    4	20		75%			4.8
    5	22		90%			5.4
    6	24		105%			6.0
    7	26		120%			6.6
    8	28		135%			7.2
    Velocity (8 levels): active
    Modifies ice shard; Fires shards faster for more damage, and chance to pass 
    through enemies.
    Cold characters, this is a must. Increasing cold damage by a percentage and 
    together with Heart of Frost, you can boost your cold damage enough to make 
    it useful even harder difficulties.
    Level	Energy cost	Chance pass through	Cold damage	Projectile speed
    1	2		18%			+10%		+15%		
    2	2		24%			+16%		+20%
    3	3		30%			+22%		+25%
    4	3		36%			+28%		+30%
    5	3		42%			+34%		+35%
    6	4		48%			+40%		+40%
    7	4		54%			+46%		+45%
    8	4		60%			+52%		+50%
    Squall (12 levels): active
    Enemy projectiles are all swept off course in area of squall for 6 seconds. 
    Chance of lightning damage and chance of impaired aim for 1 second
    Squall is a strange skill, where when you first try it, it is pretty lame. 
    However, I discovered it's strength at Epic difficulty where it really saves 
    lives against those archers.
    				Chance		Lightning	Chance
    Level	Energy cost	Radius	Lightning	Damage		Impaired aim
    1	52		4.0	30%		3-21		50%
    2	57		4.8	38%		7-25		55%
    3	60		5.6	45%		11-29		60%
    4	64		6.3	51%		14-32		65%
    5	67		6.9	57%		18-36		70%
    6	70		7.5	62%		22-40		75%
    7	74		8.0	67%		25-83		80%
    8	77		8.5	71%		29-47		85%
    9	80		9.0	75%		33-51		90%
    10	84		9.4	79%		36-54		95%
    11	87		9.8	82%		40-58		100%
    12	90		10.2	85%		44-62		100%
    Freezing blast (8 levels): active
    Traps enemies in ice , but makes them harder to damage (85% damage 
    This is not very useful, because of the damage absorption bonus it give. 
    However for the cold player this is the equivalent of stun, and used as a 
    escape route maker rather than attack spell.
    Level	Energy cost	Duration	Radius		Cold damage
    1	50		3.0		1.8		3
    2	54		3.4		2.1		5
    3	58		3.8		2.4		6
    4	62		4.2		2.7		8
    5	66		4.6		3.0		10
    6	70		5.0		3.3		12
    7	74		5.4		3.6		13
    8	78		5.8		3.9		15
    5.10.4 Storm Tier 4
    Lightning bolt (12 levels): active
    Strike down enemies with your own lightning bolt and adds 1 second of stun
    This is the lightning skill but really not worth the effort. Even maxed out, 
    the radius is 1.6m which is really small. If you are a main storm character, 
    make sure you have íVrecharge for lightning attacks, they are slow to 
    Level	Energy cost		Radius		Lightning damage
    1	80			0.5		51-109
    2	88			0.6		63-133
    3	96			0.7		74-156
    4	104			0.8		86-178
    5	112			0.9		97-202
    6	120			1.0		109-225
    7	128			1.1		120-247
    8	136			1.2		132-271
    9	144			1.3		143-294
    10	152			1.4		155-316
    11	160			1.5		166-340
    12	168			1.6		178-363
    Concussive blast (8 levels): active
    Modifies thunderball and increases radius (1.5m), adds electrical fragments
    Thunderball is a nice area spell and this enhancement makes it better. The 
    energy cost is low making this very attractive.
    Level	Energy cost	Fragments	Lightning damage	Seconds of stun
    1	14		2-3		3-11			1.0
    2	15		2-4		6-16			1.2
    3	16		2-4		9-22			1.5
    4	18		3-5		12-27			1.7
    5	19		3-5		15-32			1.9
    6	20		4-5		18-38			2.3
    7	22		4-6		21-43			2.5
    8	23		5-6		24-48			2.8
    Obscured visibility (6 levels): active
    Modifies Squall; enemy attack and defense are reduced inside squall. Reduce 
    damage and resistances for 6 seconds
    As I mentioned earlier squall really shine when used against those pesky 
    archers. With this enhancement your get even better, Obscure visibility 
    really messes them archers up. Now with reduced resistances, and reduced 
    damage, it makes squall useful even for non archer monsters.
    Level	Energy cost		Reduced damage		Reduced resistances
    1	6			10%			10%
    2	7			14%			14%
    3	8			18%			18%
    4	9			22%			22%
    5	10			26%			26%
    6	11			30%			30%
    Static charge (12 levels): active
    Modifies storm nimbus, adds 15% chance of lightning retaliation damage and 
    extra lightning damage. 25 energy reserve
    If you are a lightning character this is the skill to max out. This does to 
    lightning what heart of frost does to cold.
    Level	Lightning damage	Lightning retaliation
    1	10%			54
    2	16%			66
    3	22%			78
    4	28%			90
    5	34%			102
    6	40%			114
    7	46%			126
    8	52%			138
    9	58%			150
    10	64%			162
    11	70%			174
    12	74%			186		
    Energy shield (12 levels): active
    Blocks elemental damage (Lightning and cold only)
    An active skill that blocks cold and lightning. Very fitting for a storm 
    player. Nice to have but not essential. This skill has a longish recharge 
    Level	Energy cost		Damage absorption
    1	60			125
    2	64			149
    3	68			174
    4	72			198
    5	76			223
    6	80			247
    7	84			272
    8	88			296
    9	92			321
    10	96			345
    11	100			370
    12	104			394
    5.10.5 Storm Tier 5
    Torrent (8 levels): active
    Modifies Ice shard; fires multiple shard, adds frostburn damage for 3s.
    This is another nice addition to the cold characters, and as ice shard is a 
    ranged character you will benefit from the frostburn damage, and the slow 
    from heart of frost will mean more time to work damage before they reach 
    Level	Energy cost		Projectiles	Frostburn damage
    1	14			1		21
    2	16			1		33
    3	21			2		39
    4	23			2		48
    5	28			3		57
    6	30			3		63
    7	32			3		69
    8	38			4		78
    Summon wisp (15 levels): active
    Summon a storm wisp to fight with you. 200 energy cost
    Ability 1: Plasma burn (lightning damage only)
    Ability 2: Dodge attack (no lightning, 99% dodge attacks and projectiles)
    Ability 3: Level 5 or above: Thunderclap ; 3m radius
    The wisp, as a storm character one point in the wisp is almost default. 
    Although low health, this guy can really survive. Do use it as a main pet, 
    or rely on it too much. But just like wolves in the nature mastery the wisp 
    can be a great secondary pet.
    			Ability 1	Ability 3	Ability 3	Ability 3											Stun
    Level	Health	Energy	Light dam	Ergy cost	Lightning dam	duration
    1	153	186	6-25		0		0		0
    2	165	195	9-28		0		0		0
    3	177	204	11-31		0		0		0
    4	189	213	15-34		0		0		0
    5	201	222	17-38		31		36-51		0.5-1.0
    6	213	231	21-41		32		41-57		0.6-1.1
    7	225	240	24-44		33		45-65		0.6-1.2
    8	237	249	29-48		34		50-73		0.6-1.3
    9	249	258	32-51		35		55-80		0.7-1.4
    10	261	267	36-55		36		60-88		0.8-1.5
    11	273	276	40-58		37		65-95		0.8-1.6
    12	285	285	46-62		38		70-104		0.9-1.7
    13	297	294	50-66		39		76-113		0.9-1.8
    14	309	303	55-69		40		85-126		0.9-1.9
    15	321	312	59-74		41		94-140		1.0-2.0
    Storm surge (12 levels): active
    15% chance to release energy damage when hit. 5m radius, 1.5 s of stun, +150 
    energy reserve
    Can be nice but really due to low chance, it is not worth putting points 
    into it unless you have points to spare.
    Level	Cold damage		Lightning damage
    1	25			3-43
    2	30			9-50
    3	36			15-57
    4	43			23-63
    5	49			30-73
    6	54			37-80
    7	60			43-87
    8	67			50-96
    9	73			56-104
    10	80			63-112
    11	88			69-123
    12	97			77-134
    5.10.6 Storm Tier 6
    Chain lightning (12 levels) : Active
    Modifies lightning bolt; cause bolt to leap from enemy to enemy. 0.5 seconds 
    of stun
    Nice lightning effect. This is the area damage for lightning and together 
    with squall, the lightning character can kill before the monsters even know 
    what hit them.
    Level	Lightning damage
    1	31-53
    2	41-69
    3	53-84
    4	65-101
    5	74-115
    6	86-130
    7	96-145
    8	107-163
    9	117-177
    10	128-192
    11	138-207
    12	150-226
    Eye of the storm (8 levels): active
    Modifies summon wisp; wisp enhances lightning and cold damage to allies for 
    30 seconds. 14m radius.
    This is a must even if you put one point into wisp. Add this to make you 
    wisp more useful as a shield.
    				Cold/Lightning		Cold/Lightning
    Level	Energy cost		damage			Resistance
    1	30			30%			12%
    2	32			40%			15%
    3	35			50%			18%
    4	37			60%			21%
    5	39			70%			24%
    6	42			80%			27%
    7	44			90%			33%
    8	46			100%			33%
    Reflection : active
    Modifies Energy shield and adds general retaliation damage. 30 energy cost
    Because of the high tier, I have not really used this skill. It must be 
    useful, but the scare skill points in higher difficulty, means I have not 
    had time to try this skill out. The low chance does make this skill less 
    Level	Chance		Damage reflected
    1	5%		25%
    2	6%		33%
    3	7%		41%
    4	8%		49%
    5	9%		57%
    6	10%		65%
    7	10%		73%
    8	11%		81%
    5.11 Warfare Mastery Skill Bonuses
    Needless to say warfare is for the melee character. Weapon training is a 
    must, as it increases damage early in the game, and is also based on 
    percentages. There are skills to boost attack and attack speed for both 
    single player and multiplayer.
    This skill in general is slightly below par, when compared to the others, 
    but not terrible. The stats bonuses are slightly lower, and some skills are 
    not very useful.
    5.11.1 Warfare Tier 1
    Weapon training (6) passive
    Increase attack speed and offense with melee weapons
    If you are going the warfare path, this is the skill to max out, and will 
    help regardless of what path you are going to take.
    Level	Offense ability		Attack speed
    1	10%			5%
    2	14%			8%
    3	18%			10%
    4	24%			12%
    5	38%			14%
    6	32%			16%
    7	36%			18%
    Battle rage : (12) passive
    Chance to enter extra-lethal state when hit. 8% chance of +50% offense 
    ability for 10s.
    This s a passive skill so it helps pretty much by itself. You will find this 
    is a great skill for normal level, but later on in harder difficulties, this 
    is useless, and you will be relying on other skills.
    Level	Damage bonus
    1	5
    2	8
    3	10
    4	12
    5	15
    6	18
    7	20
    8	24
    9	27
    10	30
    11	33
    12	38
    Onslaught (8) active
    Build up a charge that increases damage. 1 energy
    Onslaught very nice for any melee character and recommended, especially the 
    enhancements later on. Use it as you main attack and at one energy, even a 
    pure melee can and should handle this.
    Level	Damage bonus		charges
    1	10%			1
    2	15%			2
    3	19%			3
    4	20%			4
    5	31%			5
    6	37%			6
    7	42%			7
    8	50%			8
    5.11.2 Warfare Tier 2
    Dual weld (6) passive
    Fighting with weapon in each hand.
    It may seem that dual weapon is pretty bad idea for a melee character but 
    the fact that a shield requires a 3s recharge to block again makes this a 
    good option, especially if you do not have Defense as your other mastery.
    Level	Chance
    1	12%
    2	14%
    3	16%
    4	18%
    5	20%
    6	22%
    Dodge attack (6) passive
    Chance to dodge melee attacks.
    This is a good passive skill to invest in especially if you dual weld and do 
    not have the protection from a shield. Although 15% chance maxed does not 
    seem that much, it will prove invaluable in a lot of circumstances.
    Level	Chance
    1	3%
    2	6%
    3	8%
    4	10%
    5	12%
    6	15%
    7	16%
    Ignore pain (6) active
    Modifies Onslaught; Charge lets you ignore some damage.
    If you use onslaught, then this is a skill you need. Even if you just invest 
    one point in onslaught for the slight added damage bonus, you should have 
    more points in this skill.
    Level	Damage resistance		Pierce resistance
    1	3%				3%
    2	6%				6%
    3	8%				8%
    4	10%				10%
    5	12%				12%
    6	14%				14%
    War horn (10) active
    Stun enemies with your war horn within a radius of 12m
    This is not a main warfare skill mainly because of the high energy cost (for 
    a strength based character), and also because in harder difficulties, many 
    monsters have stun resistances. If you want to use this you should invest in 
    Triumph (battle standard tree), as it reduced stun resistance, making this 
    skill worthwhile.
    Level	Energy cost		Stun duration
    1	52			1.5 íV 3.0
    2	54			1.5 íV 3.5
    3	56			1.5 íV 3.9
    4	57			1.5 íV 4.3
    5	60			1.5 íV 4.6
    6	62			1.5 íV 5.0
    7	64			1.5 íV 5.3
    8	66			1.5 íV 5.6
    9	68			1.5 íV 6.0
    10	70			1.5 íV 6.5
    5.11.3 Warfare Tier 3
    Hew (6) passive
    Modifies Dual weapon; Chance to attack with a jump for massive damage (+50% 
    This is not really a enhancement for the dual weapon, skip it if you wish.
    Level	Chance
    1	3%
    2	4%
    3	6%
    4	7%
    5	9%
    6	10%
    Crushing blow (12) passive
    Modifies battle rage and adds chance to cause bonus extra
    Battle rage is not good, and in harder difficulties, you will not use it. 
    This enhancement does not really make it any better.
    Level	chance		damage
    1	10%		16-57
    2	10%		19-61
    3	10%		24-67
    4	12%		27-71
    5	12%		34-79
    6	12%		38-84
    7	12%		42-89
    8	14%		46-94
    9	14%		50-99
    10	14%		56-106
    11	14%		61-112
    12	16%		64-116
    Battle standard (10) active
    Increases melee ability of allies in range. Adds +1 all skills bonus for all 
    allies in 12m radius. 50 energy cost
    This is a very good skill in the warfare, because of the group factor and 
    the +1 all skills, which is such a great bonus. Problem is that your have to 
    guard it to prevent it being destroyed, and it lasts only a short time with 
    high cost. However, together with Triumph, this can make killing mobs 
    easier. You should be aware that there is a longish recharge time, but not 
    too long.
    Level	duration	health	damage	all skill duration	offense ability
    1	18s		180	15%	24s			40
    2	20s		210	18%	30s			50
    3	22s		240	23%	36s			60
    4	24s		270	26%	43s			70
    5	26s		300	29%	48s			80
    6	28s		330	34%	54s			90
    7	30s		360	37%	60s			100
    8	32s		390	40%	66s			110
    9	34s		420	45%	72s			120
    10	36s		450	50%	78s			130
    War wind (8) active
    Spin attack (360 degree arc), 4 targets.
    This is a nice attack, but uses a lot of energy. Although not a primary 
    attacking skill, I would recommend it if you have a lot of slow attack 
    bonuses; do a war wind to slow the attackers then normal attack to clean 
    them out. I would not really put more than one point on this skill, and zero 
    if you do not have slow attack bonuses.
    Level	energy		damage bonus
    1	75		-25
    2	79		-20
    3	83		-15
    4	87		-10
    5	91		-5
    6	95		5
    7	99		10
    8	103		15
    5.11.4 Warfare Tier 4
    Cross cut (6) passive
    Modifies Dual weapon; Chance to hit two enemies with one attack, 90 arc, two 
    Nice to have and a good addition on the dual weld tree. Only six points to 
    max, although 10% is a bit small.
    Level	Chance
    1	3%
    2	4%
    3	6%
    4	7%
    5	9%
    6	10%
    Hamstring (6) active
    Modifies onslaught; Slows enemies and lowers defense 3 seconds, reduce armor 
    for 6 sec, and slow movement for 5s.
    On the onslaught tree, the ignore pain is much better to max than this. The 
    reduce armor and reduce defense is really very small in later difficulties, 
    and you will need modifiers to really take advantage of this. The slow is 
    for slow movement which allows you to escape, but does not slow attacks.
    Level	reduce defense		reduce armor		slow
    1	8			8			10%
    2	12			12			15%
    3	16			16			20%
    4	20			20			25%
    5	24			24			30%
    6	28			28			35%
    5.11.5 Warfare Tier 5
    Counter attack (12 levels): passive
    Modifies battle rage and adds chance to cause retaliation damage. The battle 
    rage tree is pretty lame. This modifier again has low damage (for higher 
    difficulties) and the chance is not high. However the only advantage is that 
    it is passive.
    Level	Chance		Damage retaliation
    1	6		18-31
    2	7		20-35
    3	8		23-38
    4	9		25-40
    5	9		30-46
    6	10		33-49
    7	10		35-53
    8	11		38-56
    9	11		40-58
    10	12		45-64
    11	12		48-67
    12	13		50-71
    Triumph (6 levels): active
    Reduces melee ability of enemies in range (8m), -50% stun resistance.
    If you have battle standard, this should be maxed out once you have the 
    chance, even before you max out battle standard. For just 6 points enemies 
    do íV40% less damage and have less damage resistance.
    Level	Damage		Damage resistance
    1	-15%		-15%
    2	-20%		-20%
    3	-25%		-25%
    4	-30%		-30%
    5	-35%		-35%
    6	-40%		-40%
    Lacerate (8 levels): active
    Adds bleeding damage over 3 second, 20 energy cost.
    Bleeding damage is nice, because like pierce, it is not absorbed by armor. 
    However, for melee, the main objective is to kill as fast as possible, and 
    not use over time (which gives enemy more time to hit you). Invest if you 
    wish but the damage is not really great.
    Level	Targets		Bleeding damage
    1	1		19
    2	1		27
    3	1		35
    4	1		44
    5	2		50
    6	2		58
    7	2		66
    8	2		75
    Doom horn (6 levels): active
    Also reduces enemy life and armor for 10 seconds. 20 Energy cost
    Doom horn is a great high level skill and for 20 energy cost it is not bad. 
    Doom Horn saved me a few times. The reduction in health and armor is great, 
    but make sure you kill them in 10 seconds.
    Level	Reduced health		Reduced armor
    1	9%			12
    2	12%			16
    3	15%			20
    4	18%			24
    5	21%			28
    6	25%			33		
    5.11.6 Warfare Tier 6
    Tumult (6 levels): passive
    Chance to execute spin attack 360 degrees arc at 3 targets
    Spin attacks are not really that effective, unless you can get one hit 
    kills, in later difficulties this can be hard. The only advantage is using 
    it in combination with slow attack bonuses. As for a maxed out 10% chance, 
    you are better off using the low level active war wind, which hits four 
    Level	Chance
    1	3%
    2	4%
    3	6%
    4	7%
    5	9%
    6	10%
    Ardor (6 levels): active
    Charge increases attack and movement speed.
    This skill is only 6 levels and has a 16% increase, which is a noticeable 
    difference. In later difficulties, you will gain advantage as the speeds 
    stack. The only big disadvantage is that it is active, so to stack you need 
    to active, which means allocating to quick slot which is not really that 
    desirable in harder difficulties.
    Level	Movement	Attack speed
    1	6%		6%
    2	8%		8%
    3	10%		10%
    4	12%		12%
    5	14%		14%
    6	16%		16%
    Ancestral horn (15 levels): active
    Summon ancestral heroes to your aid for 24 seconds. 190 energy cost
    I really did not think much of this skill, being a melee character and did 
    not want pets to do my fighting. The health and damage seemed low for higher 
    difficulties also. However the melee character really struggles in harder 
    difficulties and to be honest these guys are a good shield, especially if 
    you have no buffer against those ranged attacker. Invest in this skill, if 
    your are primary melee, they will save your life in harder difficulties.
    This skill has a very long recharge time, so higher health is a big 
    Level	Summon limit		Health		Energy		Damage
    1	3			330		300		47-53
    2	3			360		300		52-61
    3	3			390		300		47-68
    4	3			420		300		62-75
    5	4			450		300		69-86
    6	4			480		300		74-93
    7	4			510		300		79-100
    8	4			540		300		84-108
    9	4			570		300		91-118
    10	5			600		300		96-125
    11	5			630		300		101-133
    12	5			660		300		106-140
    13	5			690		300		115-151
    14	5			720		300		120-159
    15	5			750		300		125-166
    6. Combat and character builds
    6.1 Combat
    6.1.1 Melee and ranged
    There are two types of combat, melee and ranged (or more accurate close 
    range and long range). Close range tends to do more damage and lose more 
    health, whilst long range tends to be slower and less damage. According to 
    the manual ranged attacks always hit (if it strikes the target, and not off 
    to side). Melee on the other hand can miss. Anyway I think the logic is that 
    ranged will hit but amount of damaged determined after all resistances are 
    taken into account. Melee on the other hand may or may not hit, depending on 
    offense ability and defense ability. But when it the damage is less affected 
    by resistances and more on armor. This works both ways, in other words the 
    same method of calculation of hit and damage of monsters attacking you.
    In general each character should have both long range and short range 
    attacks. This does not mean that magical users will have to hold a sword; 
    there are short-range magical attacks such as the flame surge (Earth). For 
    ranged characters (bows, magic), it is best to have a short range attack 
    that allows you go gain a quick escape route. For a melee character, a long-
    range weapon allows you to pick of a few of the crowd as well as those pesky 
    magical users and archers.
    6.1.2 types of damage
    There are three types of damage;
    i) Physical damage. This subtracts the health upon successful hit once per 
    ii) Time based damage. This will subtract health over a period of time, 
    after a hit is successful. For example, burning, poison, bleeding.
    iii) Magical damage: This is one of damage and damage depends on whether the 
    roll (internal dice rolls) against the targets resistance is successful.
    In addition certain attacks have an effect, such as slowing you down, 
    reducing your stats, stunning you, or stopping you from moving.
    As you play the game you will notice monsters using these various methods, 
    and it goes to say that you should have a variety of these attacks, as 
    different monsters are susceptible to different types of damage. I have 
    found that for weapon based characters (bows, axes, swords, spears, knives) 
    having a few different weapons with different properties very useful. Rings 
    and amulets with a variety of different resistances is also useful in 
    inventory. You should sell those you do not need e.g. a ring with 11% fire 
    resistance and a ring with 15% fire resistance, sell the 11% ring, and keep 
    the 15% either equipped or in inventory until you need it. Keeping unused 
    items may take up some room, but let me tell you, you will not run out of 
    money, merchants normally sell rubbish, and you sell more than you buy.
    Have a weapon for physical damage, and some for elemental damage and some 
    for bleeding damage etc. Bows should have bleeding and poison damage, as it 
    allows you to fire at one target, let the damage work on them whilst firing 
    at another target. Magical users are not left out; look for attacks with 
    elemental damage as well as physical damage, for example the Earth master 
    has Volcanic Orb which deals both physical and fire damage.
    Relics and charms also have a use in that you can add other types of damage 
    to  existing weapons damage, so you do not need as many types. Piercing, 
    bleeding and poison damage is great. Close range combat, you may have fire, 
    lightning damages to add to your physical damage.
    Here are some brief explanation of each type of damage.
    Damage/Physical damage: This is damage done by physical weapons, such as 
    knives, swords, axes, bows, maces and spears. The damage is immediate. +% 
    damage will increase your damage to your weapon, but will not affect damage 
    if you are not inflicting physical damage. Physical damage is absorbed by 
    % pierce : Some weapons have a % pierce. This is the percentage of the 
    damage inflicted is done by piercing. For example if your weapon has 25% 
    pierce and inflicts 100 hp damage, then 75 will be physical and 25 will be 
    pierce damage. Pierce damage is NOT reduced by armor. Pierce is affected by 
    pierce resistance.
    Elemental damage : This is fire/lightning/cold damage. This is not affected 
    by armor but by the fire/cold/lightning resistances. Elemental is increased 
    by +% fire/cold/lightning/elemental modifiers (if you use attack using fire, 
    lightning or cold).
    Bleeding damage : Normally most weapons does not produce bleeding damage. 
    Bleeding is like pierce but works over time. Bleeding damage is gained from 
    weapons and skill modifiers. You can get more bleeding damage using +% 
    bleeding (but only if you have bleeding damage from a skill or weapon). The 
    bleeding damage is affected by the bleeding resistance.
    Poison damage : Similar to bleeding but for poison, and is affected by 
    poison resistance.
    Burn damage : This is the fire equivalent over time damage. It is affected 
    by the fire resistance.
    Frostburn : This is the cold equivalent over time damage. It is affected by 
    cold resistance.
    +damage to undead/beasts/demons/magicalíK : Exactly what it says, increased 
    the physical damage to the monster type.
    +% damage to undead/beasts/demons/magicalíK : This is a better version and 
    increases damage of all types to the type of monster.
    Vitality/Life leech : This is over time health damage. In other words 
    reduces your health over a period of time if hit. This is protected by 
    vitality resistance (note: There is a bug that shows an incorrect value for 
    your vitality resistance).
    Energy leech : Same as life leech, but protected by energy leech resistance.
    %damage converted to health: This converts a % of the damage you inflict 
    into your health. Life leech/vitality is over time, this is immediate, and 
    also this increases your health, life leech does not. This is dependant on 
    the damage your inflict (or receive).
    X% stun for y seconds: If you hit the target with a weapon which has stun, 
    then there is a chance the target will be stunned. If so, a check against 
    the stun resistance, if the check (virtual dice roll) fails then the target 
    is stunned.
    X% skill disruption for y seconds: Just like stun, but stops you or your 
    target from using skills instead. Checks against skill disruption 
    X% reduction health : Immediate reduction in the health of enemy by the 
    amount stated.
    6.1.3 Weapons and casting speed
    Weapons all have a speed attribute, which is very important, however they 
    tend to be balanced in the sense fast weapons deal less damage than slow 
    weapons. However, use your relics and charms to speed up weapons or increase 
    damage. For dual weapon fighters, two fast weapons will do more damage 
    quicker than one slow weapon. Relics are important not just to add attack 
    attributes, you can use relics to increase you offensive ability or to 
    increase you attack speed making a slow weapon at least average in speed.
    Slowing down the monsters can counter your slow weapon problems. Bonuses 
    such as slow movement or slow attack should be treasured, it can reduce the 
    damage you take as well as deal more damage in the same amount of time. Just 
    imagine a slow enemy attack combined with a very fast weapon can do for a 
    melee character.
    6.1.4 Local and area attacks
    Previously I have mentioned the type attack strategies of melee and long 
    ranged attack, and also the types of damage these attacks can inflict. In 
    addition it should be noted that TQ has localized and area attack for melee, 
    ranged (bow) and magical attacks.
    A character should have some skills and/or equipment that allows them to 
    attack locally or an area. High local damage is great for bosses, and can 
    handle monsters in most cases. Area damage is less idea for bosses but can 
    clear out a mob of monsters really quickly. Whilst are skills are not really 
    needed, they will really help you out in later difficulties.
    Close ranged attacks:
    For melee, the localized attack is basically the weapon hitting the monster. 
    Only one monster is affected by your damage. The area attack for this type 
    of melee is something like war wind (warfare skill) which allows you to hit 
    more than one monster on each attack.
    For magic users, the localized skill is just the same, a blast at the enemy 
    with a single shot. Any monster next to the monster being hit is not 
    affected regardless of how close they are. The area effect of close range 
    magic use is like the flame surge or ring of fire (Earth mastery).
    Bow attacks:
    It is obvious that for bow attacks each arrow will strike the intended 
    target and that target only. However skills such as scatter shot (hunting) 
    can make arrows explode on impact.
    Long ranged magical
    Ranged magical attacks using a staff only hits one monster, even if you use 
    lightning (which should be conductive, but is not). Anyway the point is that 
    no matter what the animation looks like, staff blast only affect the monster 
    you hit. Many magical masteries, have skills which has area effect, such as 
    volcanic orb(Earth) and Ternion attack (spirit). You should invest in these 
    skills and their enhancements, in order to do more damage in a shorter time.
    6.1.5 Choosing the right equipment
    Equipment is very important, not just weapons. Melee characters should have 
    high armor to increase defensive ability as well as items that improve 
    offensive ability. Heavy magic users should use items to increase 
    intelligence and speed up casting and also energy and energy regeneration.
    Never equip an item you do not need. I have seen so many people equip an 
    "epic" or "legendary" item just because they are very rare. Bad idea. Only 
    equip it if you need it. What is equipping a 25 armor, 150% energy 
    regeneration, +50% fire damage, +50 energy, 1-25% lightning damage epic 
    piece of armor going to help a fighter with a blade which does physical 
    damage only. You might as well just have a 48 armor normal armor instead.
    Also avoid equipment that increases your stats that you do not need. For 
    example, magic users should not have armor that enhance strength, and melee 
    characters should not have items which increase intelligence. This is even 
    if you are lacking in the attributes mentioned. You will regret it. For 
    example, Bob a melee character finds armor with 34 armor and +15 dexterity, 
    great he puts it on. Now he can use a fast long bow because of the extra 
    dexterity, later on he finds a 48 armor suit, once he puts it on he no 
    longer is able to use the bow, because he has lost the +15 dexterity bonus. 
    Items that increase strength, dexterity, and intelligence are pretty 
    useless; health and energy are OK bonuses to have.
    Finally choose equipment with lots of bonuses, and weigh the advantages. It 
    may better to equip an item with lots of useful bonus. A 38 armor with +1 
    all skills plus other bonus is much better than say armor with 48 armor, and 
    +20 defensive ability. However you may start to reconsider when you find an 
    armor say with 78 armor and some extra small benefits. Bigger is not better, 
    another example, a +20% fire resistance ring and a +10% all resistances 
    ring. The all resistances ring is much better; trust me. Weigh the cost.
    As for rings, keep a few rings with different protections, e.g. lightning 
    resist, cold resist, fire resist, and swap them when you need them.
    	Use "over time" enhancements such as poison and bleeding damage, cause 
    this allows damage to be done whilst they and coming towards you. Slow 
    movement is also quite good, as it slows down their approach. Slow attack is 
    less useful, because it does not slow down their approach.
    Melee Weapons:
    	Weapons do not benefit too much from "over time" enhancements, as you 
    want to do as much damage and kill as fast as possible. Fire/cold/light 
    bonuses are nice, but best would be "Slow attack" enhancements. These are a 
    must for any melee weapon, and when used with a very fast weapon, it can 
    become the ultimate killing machine. I had two slow attack bonuses (one on 
    weapon, one on ring), a very fast sabre, and the Warfare whirlwind attack. 
    Four enemies instantly slowed down. Even Yerren could not get a blow in. A 
    second choice will be + attack speed for slower, higher damage maces and 
    axes (however slow attack is still preferred).
    Staffs and magic weapons
    	No bleeding or poison, extra casting speed would be best. Slow down is 
    nice, but slow attack speed is not really essential especially if you try to 
    keep your distance. Again % bonuses to the base staff class will increase 
    the damage the staff can deal, however these bonuses may be better off on 
    other equipment such as rings and amulets or armor.
    	Armor should have defense or resistances; complement these with relics 
    and charms. Most of these charms are protection based any way. 
    Rings and amulets:
    	You should choose any that complement your character. As they are 
    small you should have a few high resistance rings and amulets in place, so 
    you can swap then in and out when you need them. Best enhancements are 
    Damage to undead, slow enemies, or slow attacks, as they can then be applied 
    to all your weapons. Also they get stacked so you can bonus +60% damage to 
    undead on a ring and a weapon, making it lethal to all undead.
    Finally, here is a bit of advice. Don't get too attached to your equipment. 
    To play best, you need to keep upgrading, and you should sell your old 
    stuff, even if you have great bonuses and relic/charm enhancements. I always 
    keep the "next" upgrade weapon/armor in inventory (e.g. one with better 
    damage or whatever), and wait for a complete charm or relic to upgrade it 
    and then use it as the main equip item. Just because its rare/epic/legendary 
    does not mean there is not something better for your character.
    6.1.6 How damage is calculated in combat
    After browsing forums and web sites here are some of the information 
    summarized on how hit and damage is calculated in TQ.
    With physical damage, first a calculation is performed to see if you get hit 
    (some kind of offense to defense comparison). If a hit is made, then next is 
    deciding where it hit; 40% chance on torso, and 20% chance on other three 
    (head, arm legs). Next the physical damage then has 66% of the armor rating 
    subtracted to reduce the damage (66% can be increase with skills). This 
    means even if your armor is higher than the damage dealt e.g. damage = 10 
    hp, armor = 11, you still receive 34% damage.
    If you or enemy has a shield then there is a chance to block for damage. If 
    your block is successful, 100% of the damage your shield can take will be 
    subtracted from the physical damage. However there is  a delay (recharge) on 
    how often the shield is used, to prevent you from blocking every attack.
    Physical attacks have chance of being critical which adds extra damage to 
    your hit. The chance of going critical and the increase in damage is 
    calculated but the offensive ability of the attacker and the defensive 
    ability of the defender. The big the ratio, the more chance and more damage 
    a critical hit is. Note: Dexterity will increase OA and DA.
    Magic is not affected by armor, but is based on your resistances. So if you 
    hit a target or an enemy hits you with a magic attack, a "dice roll" is made 
    with your resistance value to see if you suffer the damage. Magic attacks 
    are never critical.
    6.1.7 Putting it all together
    To summarize have both short and long range attacks.
    Try to have a few weapons or attacks with different types of damage.
    When you equip new weapons, look at the stats to see if there is 
    See where your equipment is weakest and use relics and charms to improve 
    Try to balance your character as much as possible.
    Use different rings, amulets, and weapons for different situations.
    6.2 Character builds
    First the bad news; there is no ultimate build. TQ is designed so that there 
    are many ways to accomplish the same objective, and also there are many 
    objectives. So just relying on the build does not make your character super 
    in all situations.
    Character builds define the attributes (which affect attack and defense) as 
    well as the skills available to the character. This is usually not enough. 
    You will have to balance this with the equipment your find, which either 
    boosts certain statistics or use to compensate for a particular lack of 
    ability. This is the same for relics and charms, which also affects how well 
    you character can handle harder difficulties. In addition your character's 
    statistics will determine how your play e.g. low health characters will 
    definitely stay away from crowds etc.
    However, although there is no such thing as the ultimate build, there are 
    certain classes which are more powerful than other for single player. It is 
    also possible with planning and skill for you to create a character which 
    can handle most of the situations fairly well; this is what you would aim 
    for in single player.
    6.2.1 Attribute points
    Points allocated to mastery tiers will give bonus attribute points to your 
    character. These reflect in general what a character specializing in that 
    particular master needs. This does not mean you let it decide (and if you 
    do, you will have problems). Your extra attribute points should also be 
    allocated in a similar way.
    Since you gain str/int/dex/health/energy from your mastery tier increases, 
    you should save a few attribute points. Just 10 can give you a boost of 40 
    to str/Int/Dex so save a few, you will not regret it. Use it when you find 
    that extra special item, which you do not have the requirements (yet).
    You attributes affect the following:
    Health: +25 per point: Increases your health pool
    Energy: +25 per point: Increases your energy pool
    Strength: +4 per point: Increases melee damage and piecing damage only
    Each 50 points of Strength adds 10% Physical damage and +2 flat Physical 
    Intelligence: +4 per point: Increases energy regeneration rate, and all 
    elemental damage over time (even on enchanted melee/ranged weapons)
    Each 65 points of Intelligence adds 10% Elemental damage, and roughly 1.625 
    flat Elemental damage (I'm not certain how far out TQ keeps the decimal)
    Each 50 points of Intelligence adds 10% to Elemental duration damage, spread 
    evenly over the duration (yes, you get a bigger bonus to Burn/Frostburn!)
    Dexterity: +4 per point:  Increases OA (chance to land critical hits) DA 
    (chance to avoid critical hits ) shield abilities (chance to block) and 
    piercing damage
    Each 65 points of Dexterity adds 10% Piercing damage and roughly +1.95 flat 
    Piercing damage
    Here are useful attributes for each type of player in order of importance, 
    this is just a guideline, as it will also depend on what items you find , 
    and what enhancements you have. Some of the attribute points will be 
    from your mastery tier increases, and hence , it may not be necessary for a
    magic user to put all points into intelligence.
    Attribute points are one of the most problematic areas in character creation
    mainly because you cannot take them out and reallocate them. Also the 
    you need are dependant on the items you find, so it is wise to keep a few in
    stock. Also check out the items sections of this document to see the highest
    stats of the epic and legendary items.
    If you find in later difficulties that you have not enough attribute points
    for what ever purpose (e.g. for an item, or dex for offensive or defensive
    ability or str or int for the melee or magical damage, or health), you have
    to rely on the points you reserved. If these are used up (and you have
    completed all the +attr quests), you have two choices;
    1: Level up, do some XP runs
    2: Use some +% DEX,STR,INT items (This is best but will mean you cannot 
    change to another item or you will lose the bonus)
    Melee fighters:
    These characters will benefit from more damage from strength and better 
    armor. Health is important, as you will lose a lot of health. Dexterity 
    should be added for the option of ranged weapons such as bows. Energy and 
    intelligence is least important, better to find items to improve these 
    rather than invest points into it.
    In later difficulties, melee characters are going to have a lot of problems 
    with ranged attackers, especially archers and such. You really need some 
    skills (such as squall in storm) or high pierce protection, otherwise you 
    will find it very difficult, even in Epic difficulty.
    Ranged weapons (hunters):
    Go for dexterity to allow you to use better bows. Strength and heath are 
    only important so that you can get slight better armor and a bit more 
    damage. Energy and intelligence (even for the elemental bonuses) is less 
    useful  and it is better to find items to improve these rather than invest 
    points into it. + offense is useless for ranged users, because offense only 
    used in melee calculations. Also ranged non magic users have limited area 
    effect skills (hunting), the only being the scattershot, which is almost a 
    must for any bow characters.
    Magic users:
    You will need a lot of energy but there are not many spells that constantly 
    use energy, most use a small amount with can be offset with regeneration and 
    potions. Invest in energy if you constantly use energy draining skills. It 
    is better to use say a staff, and have enhancements and skills to boost the 
    damage, rather than cast the spells yourself. Intelligence comes first; so 
    that you can get better armor specifically those that will boost your energy 
    and regeneration, as well as get the special equipment that can boost your 
    skills. Health should also be considered so that you do not die from a few 
    ranged attacks. Strength and dexterity is less important, you do not need 
    powerful armor.
    In later difficulties, the deficiencies in armor for "Intelligence" based 
    magic users becomes apparent. You really need those + defense. + offense is 
    useless for magic users, because offense only used in melee calculations.
    Dexterity for your choice of weapons, energy I find useful because 
    rogues/thieves/assassin tend to use a lot of skill based attacks which use 
    energy. Intelligence and strength are important to a point. I find rogues 
    have to be a bit more balance than the other types of characters. Although 
    quite a few rogue skills use energy, the most constantly used ones are 
    energy reserve, so do not invest in energy unless you are short on this 
    Rogues are not really a melee character, although there are blade based 
    skills. Rogues are pretty much a defense mastery, used to complement another 
    skill. You will have problems in later difficulties from both melee and 
    ranged as you cannot get the offense or defense. Poison, bleed and poison 
    skills will benefit a bow, and you will need a buffer such as pets or 
    6.2.2 First mastery
    The first mastery is very important and forms the basis for your character. 
    In fact by the time you choose your second mastery you will have put in at 
    least 18 skill points into your first mastery (level 2-7 = 6 levels, with 3 
    skill points per level). Although later on you can make up the skill points 
    in you second mastery, it is most likely your first mastery will have the 
    most skill points allocated.
    Choosing you first mastery is like choosing you main form of attack, and how 
    you play your character. See the section 5 for more details. However once 
    you choose you first mastery, you do not just dump skill points into the 
    skills and tiers at random. It is not good to say lets try this and try 
    If you allocate your skill points wrong, you can use a Mystic to remove 
    skill points but not the mastery. However, this will mean you will have 
    played with some wrong skills at least through some part of the game. 
    Therefore it is best to plan your skill advancement.
    Just because you chose your mastery does not mean you cannot specialize. 
    Every mastery has various options that can affect the way you play your 
    character. Let us use the Warfare mastery as an example. The warfare has 20 
    different skills and it is wise to select the type you need for your 
    character. For example
    	Barbarian: You want a massive melee character. Then put your skills in 
    the weapons training, Dual weld branch, and the onslaught branch. These will 
    be your main skill points. Some points into dodge attack will also help. War 
    wind and battle rage tree is also nice.
    	The Centurion: Ignore the onslaught, and dual weld as you will 
    probably have a weapon and a shield. Weapon training is a must, then dodge 
    attack. Also battle rage as that is a passive skill that may help you in a 
    sticky situation.
    	The multiplayer character: You should first build your single 
    character with a few skills for single player campaign then put a lot more 
    skills in the multiplayer skills such as battle standard.
    Just one mastery can give you so many options, when combined with your 
    second mastery you can have a truly unique character.
    6.2.3 Second mastery
    When you choose you second mastery at level 8, you basically define your 
    full character. However choose wisely as certain combinations work better 
    with less effort. For example, I tried a Battle mage build and it was a very 
    difficult build, because of contrasting requirement. That is not to say you 
    should not build a battle mage. However if you want to quickly build up a 
    killing machine, careful choosing of your second skill is best.
    IMHO, Iron Lore has made the different masteries slightly unbalanced in 
    order to encourage you to use dual masteries rather than a plain class. For 
    example, Warfare lacks the ranged attacks, or Earth lacks the percentage-
    based skills. What this means is that you will probably choose the second 
    class based upon the weakness of your first class, and the equipment you 
    have found. Remember by the time you choose your second class, you will have 
    found a lot of good items, and also had time to see how your character 
    perform in combat.
    If you do not choose the second mastery there is a slight disadvantage, in 
    that you only have 32 points on your mastery tier, so you only get attribute 
    bonuses from one mastery. Consider this when you stick to solo mastery. You 
    could of course choose a second mastery that closes resembles your first 
    mastery, and only invest skill points into the tier (but this would mean you 
    are not a Rogue, or Warrior, or Storm caster etc.). In the end it is your 
    The main purpose of the second class is to supplement your first class, 
    unless you first class is doing very well, in which case go ahead and 
    experiment. Warfare will benefit from defense, and also Hunting whose 
    attributes bonuses are pretty similar, choosing this will give your 
    character pretty good strength, for more damage, and more blocking (from 
    defense) or ranged skills (from hunting). Magic users have the same choice 
    Earth characters may choose Storm, Spirit that will have high-energy bonus, 
    as well as attacks that deals with fire resistant monsters. You should also 
    consider the second mastery skills that boost your first skill. For example 
    if you have a warfare dual weld + war wind character, you may consider 
    Hunting because of the Call of the Hunt/Exploit weakness skills; you can do 
    massive damage with two weapons on weakened beasts.
    To a lesser extent equipment you find should also affect your character 
    advancement. Why, because you may have two or three choices for your second 
    mastery and to narrow down to one choice, you should choose one that can 
    enhance your equipment skills. "So what happens if I do not find similar 
    equipment later on?" First I did say lesser extent, and secondly I found 
    that early on when you're low level and just starting to develop your first 
    and second mastery, greater damage means faster leveling. This means the 
    second mastery together with your equipment will be more in turned allowing 
    faster leveling. By the time you reach higher levels, and other equipment, 
    you will have developed higher-level skills that will offset original 
    OK so what do you mean by equipment affecting choice. Well a nice "epic" 
    shield may benefit from Defense mastery that will have a lot of shield 
    attacks and shield bonuses. A good poison damage bow of a hunter may benefit 
    from Rogues poison and enhancements. Staff bonuses may affect a magical 
    In the end you objective is to create the ultimate monster-killing machine. 
    The difference between a standard player and expert lies in correct 
    character development and how you uses all your skills, weapons, armor, 
    relics, rings etc. and of course your adaptability and creativity.
    6.3 Difficulty levels
    There are three levels of difficulty in TQ, normal, epic and legendary. Each 
    one is unlocked when you complete the previous level in the main quest. In 
    Epic and legendary, not only do the monsters get harder, more resistances, 
    health and damage, but also your own character resistances start of 
    negative, so you need more resistance bonus just to make up for the loss.
    6.3.1 Normal
    No resistance modifications.
    This level is pretty straightforward and any character build can get through 
    (some with a lot of potions and hardly any skill). As long as you have some 
    skills to help you out, a few relic and charm bonuses, and an OK set of 
    equipment, this level should be a breeze for melee, ranged or magic user. 
    You can basically proceed and complete the side quests at your own pace, 
    from start to end.
    6.3.2 Epic
    1.15 and before
    -40% fire/cold/lightning/poison/pierce resistances modifications.
    -25% bleed/vitality/energy leech/stun/ disrupt skill resistances 
    -40% fire/cold/lightning/poison/pierce resistances modifications.
    0% bleed/vitality/energy leech/stun/ disrupt skill resistances modification.
    Minus resistances means that you need more resistance enhancements in order 
    for them to start having an effect. In other words on Epic, if you have 51% 
    fire resistance it shows as 1% and actually only gives 1% fire resistance.
    The monsters are harder, and a lot more difficult to kill. However it is 
    wise to proceed with the main quest and all side quests just for the XP 
    (which now goes up slower, because you need a lot more XP to gain next 
    level). Fight with skill and caution as you may find you will die often if 
    you use the rush and attack method for normal. Pick off monsters one by one. 
    Mistakes usually mean death. This is quite difficult and you will start to 
    concentrate more on your equipment, skills and relic bonuses to gain the 
    best attack/defense combination. You have to start combining skills to get 
    multiple bonuses especially for bosses. No more one-hit kills and monsters 
    start doing one-hit kills on you instead.
    You will find it wise to boost up your resistances before starting epic, 
    especially your primary resistances, it will save you lots of problems right 
    from the start. You will find that your attacks seems feeble and your armor 
    is not doing it's job. That's because of your resistances, so do some item 
    farming on the last few areas of the previous difficulty is wise. You should 
    improve your pierce resistance, as many people will find that a group of 
    archers can really cause problems at this level.
    For Epic, to be comfortable your character should be in the mid 30s level, 
    otherwise the difference in monster and you character level would be too 
    high and the game get increasingly difficult. You cannot rush into monsters 
    anymore, and you should use more a hit and run tactic. Poison, bleeding 
    resistances are much more important at this level.
    6.3.3 Legendary
    -100% fire/cold/lightning/poison/pierce resistances modifications.
    -50% bleed/vitality/energy leech/stun/ disrupt skill resistances 
    This level is very hard. All your skills, and weapons and bonuses seem to be 
    less effective, and leveling is slow. If it is anything like Diablo II, then 
    it will take a few characters and a few legendary runs, to really master 
    this difficulty.
    It is best to concentrate on the main quest and skip the side quests. Rush 
    through the areas, skipping the monsters, (if you are fast enough), and open 
    the portals for later areas. This would mean a few boss attacks, and lots of 
    potions. Fight with caution and expect long battles. You will notice certain 
    attacks will work better with certain bosses, and also certain skills will 
    keep you alive better. You may need to redistribute some skills points.
    Once you have got a few portals turned on, it is useful to go back to areas 
    with monsters that your character can handle. You should have an idea of 
    what kind of monsters you character can beat and return to those areas and 
    battle around to gain XP. The more you level the better the equipment you 
    find, both dropped and in the merchants.
    Once you have attained that build with the right equipment, even certain 
    parts of Legendary can be easy. However mistakes most definitely end in 
    death, and rushing is a mistake.
    Since you do not level much on Epic, you will have a difference in level on 
    Legendary with the monsters. You should be around mid 40s with your 
    character on entering Legendary. However you can do a few runs of bosses on 
    epic, just to gain that one or two level. Any higher would be better but the 
    time spent leveling on Epic would be too long.
    As for your character, you really have to try to improve all aspects, from 
    resistances (all of them), offense, defense, movement, and your 
    regeneration. You have really no real choice but to play hit and run, and 
    concentrate on the bosses. There are so many one hit deaths at legendary so 
    probably best to improve movement. Just remember resistances (including 
    secondary) are very important at legendary ( a lot of the bosses use various 
    secondary resist damage skills), and I would go as far as to say, more than 
    damage. If need be, give up the legendary, and epic items, and use magical 
    and rare items, for just one simple reason; you can have good relic/charm 
    bonuses on them. You will find some legendary relic/charm bonuses essential 
    such as íVrecharge for magic users.
    There is not much more I can say about legendary, except it is over 
    difficult, especially the first time through. However, my melee character 
    was really struggling in Legendary, and only right at beginning, when my 
    magic character started. In the end my magic user was the first to complete 
    Legendary, so I think magic users have the advantage on Legendary. My melee 
    finished legendary only from equipment help from my magic user (oracle). 
    6.4 What am I doing wrong?
    What am I doing wrong? You may have heard or seen people who can do 50 
    Typhon runs in Legendary and kill Typhon and other bosses in 10s on 
    Legendary. You character on the other hand seems like a weakling and takes 
    ages, and even a minor boss take ages to kill.
    What am I doing wrong? Well, If you have been following this guide, and 
    still have problems then here is your answeríKíK Nothing.
    In fact you are probably going the right direction. In order to do the 
    things stated above, you have to have the right combination of everything to 
    compliment your character and skills.
    The hardest part is the right equipment balance end enhancements to keep 
    your damage, offense , defense and resistances. The fact is that the players 
    who are finding it easy have most of this right. You are not going to 
    achieve this with your first few characters through epic and legendary. To 
    be honest, these first few characters will have a hell of a time doing so 
    (even with some popular ultimate builds like the Ternion attack Oracle).
    Once you have some characters through these harder difficulties, you can 
    start passing great items to your newer characters who will benefit from 
    these items, and find it much easier. The older characters, now armed with 
    better equipment will probably start running Typhon runs in Epic, to get a 
    few more items, before they reach the ultimate, Typhon in 10s on Legendary.
    So keep going, it is normal to have some problems, on harder difficulties.
    7. Hints and Tips
    7.1 General
    On early levels, you can listen for the "heart pounding" warning, which 
    means DRINK potion fast (Key R). Later on, it is best to keep an eye on the 
    health bar. This is good practice, just like looking at the rear view mirror 
    when driving.
    Do not zoom in; I know it looks nice, but you will regret it. Always zoom 
    out to smallest, so that you will not be caught off guard by ranged (archers 
    and spell casters) firing at you from off the screen. You may zoom in to 
    look at the damage you made after a battle.
    7.2 Exploration
    Explore the map thoroughly, always walk around the edges and clear out the 
    "fog of war". The maps are pretty linear, so if it is not a main route, it 
    will lead to a dead end, e.g. ruin or cave etc. Main paths are indicated by 
    braziers/torches normally on each side of the road.
    Explore caves/ruins etc for the special loot.
    7.3 Combat
    Put all your useful skills in the first few slots, this makes access to them 
    Do not use the "9" or "0" key for potions, use the other default keys which 
    is much more accessible (see manual, he he- OK they are "E" and "R").
    Kill minions first as they are a pain, lure them away if you can.
    Kill ranged attackers first if you can or lure the melee monsters away so 
    the ranged attackers are out of range.
    Try to create a character with melee and ranged attack, one primary and the 
    other secondary.
    Clear out as many monsters a possible to gain XP and equipment.
    Don't rely on regeneration of health or energy because it is slow.
    Use the hit and run method. First used in the Nessus the Centaur. Most 
    monsters have a range and an invisible boundary that they will not cross and 
    hence will not follow or attack. Once you pass this point, the creature will 
    stop attacking turn its back and walk back towards its origin spawn point. 
    This is a good time to move forward and attack. As it approaches you again 
    just run pass the invisible boundary and repeat. However remember to clear 
    the area you intend to run to or else, trouble!
    Know your enemy. This may seem obvious but you'll be surprised how many do 
    not care. In harder difficulties you will need this knowledge. Not only do 
    different enemies have different resistances to different damage, but also 
    they have speed differences. The Minotaur boss is slow, you can probably hit 
    it at least once with an average speed sword and run off before he raises 
    his double axe; try that with the spider queen and you would have been hit 
    and with poison damage as well.
    If you are a bow user, never under estimate the usefulness of 
    poison/bleeding. Enough poison on your arrows and you need less shots to 
    kill a monster, and they will die before they reach you. You can also do 
    more damage to more monsters, you can shot one, the shot another whilst the 
    poison is working on the first monster (doing damage on two or more monsters 
    at once).
    The 3D image uses perspective, that means the bottom of the screen is 
    "bigger" and top of the screen is "smaller"; this means you actually see 
    more of the landscape at the top. When fighting always keep enemies at the 
    top, and the top left and top right actually provides the longest field of 
    view. For ranged combat, the top left and top right is the greatest 
    distances, and enemies at these directions take longer to reach you. You can 
    fire more shots before they reach you.
    7.4 Inventory
    Try not to pick up normal items, unless you need them. No stash so they take 
    up space and their sell value is low anyway.
    When you have time, organize your inventory, TQ AI does a bad job of placing 
    the items you pick up and wastes space.
    Don't equip items that are useless to your class. This is important in 
    character building as well. In other words, say you are a magic user and 
    find this cool very rare shield with lots of strength and damage bonuses but 
    require over 20 strength above your current strength point. Don't invest 
    point into strength if this is not what your class need the most (you will 
    regret it later). Sell the item instead.
    Magic items are worth more than armor and weapons e.g. complete relics, 
    charms, magic user staffs etc. This is same for buying items as well.
    Concentrate on weapons and skills. Spawn monsters are level specific, so the 
    creatures you will encounter will be leveled around your current character 
    level. Therefore your only advantage is greater damage done, by clever use 
    of inventory, relics and skill allocation. If you do it well, most spawned 
    monsters will be a hack (pun intended). This is especially important in 
    higher difficulties.
    Use and collect relics and charms, stack them up for the bonus. However do 
    not use them just because you have them, or you have completed a set for the 
    bonus, add them if your character needs that bonus. For example, magic users 
    can benefit from íV requirements or increased energy relics and charms, 
    fighters do not. If your character does not need the bonuses provided by the 
    charm or relic, then sell them (completed items will sell for a lot more).
    + all are the best. + all skills are the best. Never throw these away unless 
    you have something much better. These are basically lots of extra skill 
    points. You can in fact have more skill levels than the maximum with this. 
    For example Warfare weapons training has six levels, when you max this out 
    to six and wear a +1 all skills item, you are actually level 7 on weapons 
    training. + all resistances comes a close second. Don't throw these away 
    unless you have something better, you will need lots of these items in 
    7.5 Character building
    Work on your character according to his/her class. For example, do not add 
    points to attribute intelligence just to equip a nice item if you are a 
    melee character, or do not increase your strength just to wear a nice armor 
    if you are a magic user. If your character is doing well in killing enemy 
    you can then afford to use your points on these "lesser" attributes, 
    otherwise concentrate on attributes needed by your character.
    Concentrate on specific skills required by your character, do not put skill 
    points on skills your character does not need, just because you have skill 
    points left, or just because the skill is available. For example, Do not put 
    skill point in Dual weapon, if you do not intend to use dual weapons (tier 
    2) for a warrior, put it in weapon mastery (tier 1) instead.
    If you have "spare" skill points, put it in your secondary masteries or put 
    it in your tiers. Secondary skills are more important later in game and also 
    in harder levels to balance your character.
    Re-organize your skills, especially or harder difficulties. This is not just 
    for tweaking your character or correcting mistakes. In harder difficulties, 
    you will level slower, and paying to re-organize skills is vital. You can 
    put up a particular skill for a certain part of the game e.g. to increase 
    health or damage, and change it to something else later on. Use it to your 
    advantage. You can also make use of this when switching between multiplayer 
    and single player, where in multiplayer you can change to more group benefit 
    8. Interesting little things
    8.1 Cheats?
    No I do not encourage cheating, so no real cheats here, not even special 
    modes the game may provide. All the following are just little "work arounds" 
    which are allowed in a "normal game". You can look for other facts if you 
    want real cheats.
    Say you have an item with +10 str bonus but you need another 5 str points to 
    wear it, then equip another item with has at least +5 str bonus or - 
    requirements, then wear the item you want, and then remove the other item. 
    The +10 bonus on the first item will allow you to keep wearing it. You could 
    also use skills which increases your str such as rage, and wear it. As long 
    as you do not remove your item, you can always wear it.
    Mule-ing, or using another computer (probably a friend on the internet) is 
    not cheating but allows you to exchange equipment between characters. Just 
    get a friend to open a new game on the internet, you join the game, drop the 
    items you want to pass to a another character. Exit game with first 
    character and join game with second character and pick up the stuff. You can 
    also create special characters (mules) whose purpose is to hold all these 
    goodies and pass it to your "real" characters.
    Infinite XP : This is not really a cheat, but definitely a way to get to 
    level 65. So skip this now, or it will spoil the funíKíK..First you will need 
    a good ranged attack for this, and if you are using magic, have an attack 
    which uses with low-ish energy usage. In the Egypt level where you get the 
    hand of balance, you will have to battle the four big statues; remember? 
    When you get to this part, Destroy the obelisk and two statues closest to 
    the door, leaving the other two statues and obelisks. Now move SE corner of 
    the room, and use shift to stay put and fire at the center of the room. If 
    you position right, you will hit the undead monsters. When one is killed 
    another will spawn, and so on. Each undead will give you XP. Use something 
    to hold down the shift and the first button and leave it to run. Infinite 
    XP. (This tip was found in www.titanquest.net forums)
    8.2 Final things
    On 1.11 patch ( I do not know if it appeared earlier íV or later) is that 
    once, I was battling the Telkine. He killed me and was walking off, when I 
    went back, his back was turned and did not see me. I just creep behind and 
    hit him, and he did not turn round. I just kept on bashing him from behind 
    after that and killed him without another bit of health lost.
    Your enemies drop what they wear, and attack with the weapons you see. Look 
    at them carefully. Look at the different color armor and the different 
    weapons they wear. The detail is quite impressive. They will drop these 
    items too, when killed.
    The physics is so over exaggerated. Bash monsters on the edge of pits, and 
    cliffs and they fall off. I once used a club to bash a satyr and it flew up 
    in the air. It's just really fun to watch as you play. Also look at the 
    twisted bodies of some of your enemies, when they lie dead on the ground.
    Some NPCs have better animation than your character. I notice this talking 
    to Diomedes right at the start. Diomedes was actually waving his arms and 
    everything, whilst my character was starting blankly in an attack pose 
    looking stupid. You will see the heads of the cows/bulls move as well, and 
    of course the rippling of water and swaying of grass as you walk through the 
    There is no blood, probably to keep the rating down, stupid really because 
    it's a really violent game. Bleeding damage and no blood?
    9. Credits and acknowledgments
    Thanks to THQ and Ironlore for creating and distributing this amazing game.
    www.gamespot.com for telling me about this game
    www.gamefaqs.com for all the other faqs and walkthroughs, which helped me 
    through other games
    www.titanquest.net for all the interesting information and tips whilst I was 
    playing TQ to help me get through some of the more difficult situations.

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