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"Alternate History use to be a lot more Epic!"

Alternate History use to be a lot more Epic, I mean you had Red Alert for the RTS crowed and well that was about it. Not that many developers utilize this idea in gaming (which is both a good and bad thing) but Digital Reality has decided to make an RTS taking place in and Alternate WWII called War Front: Turning Point.

The plot is kinda obvious (but not in a bad way), Hitler has died early on in the war thus thrusting us into the lovely and always fun world of alternate history were the Allies (US and GB) actually join forces with the Axis (Germans) to fight the Soviet threat (well for a while any ways). This game should not only be awesome it should be EPIC!

Now I wish I could say that this game is Epic but all I can say is I was disappointed. Why? you may ask, well one simple reason a serious lack of faction balance (I'll talk about this latter in greater depth), limits on the number of certain units that can be made per base (mainly special) and a slight lack of creativity.

-Graphics- 8/10
The Graphics while not Red Alert 3 are still quite good units are well detailed as well as buildings and the surrounding terrain all look very good for a game made by a small eastern European developer.

The Animation is very fluid and well done tanks have nicely detailed treads that kick up realistic dust as the roll (not revolutionary but still well done) soldiers march fluidly. Over all its very aesthetically pleasing game.

-Audio- 7.5/10
Audio quality is on par with the graphics but with that in mind they aren't ground breaking orchestral themes as you march into battle their fairly generic and in my opinion that should be unacceptable in this day and age, I mean is it to much to ask that they maybe use a few different and distinct tracks for each faction I mean base the music around the different factions. For Example the Soviet Union any tracks for them should have a very grandiose feel (think their National Anthem). Though the music that is their isn't bad per say, its just fairly unoriginal.

The Voice clips on the other hand are very nice (though what is their is very few in numbers) and extremely cliche (but in a good way) the Soviets over use the word comrade (Da, Comrade. Moving to Location Comrade), the Germans just sound angry (Ve vill never surrender!), and the Americans sound like well Americans (Well, Golly). Now after that being said their aren't many of these clips so the ones that are their you will hear multiple times so you better like cliche stereotypes.

-Game play- 6/10
This is were the game shows both its best and worst qualities, Unique historic factions and poor factional balance among others. First the good the user interface is fairly intuitive you won;t find to much deviation form the norm here every thing is presented the same way as it has in Age of Empires, Civilization, Cesar and so on. You can only make x units in the beginning till you research some thing at a given building (medium tanks require research of mass production and heavy tanks require researching standardization). Collecting resources is actually very akin to another alternate history RTS Red Alert were as you have trucks move raw ore from a mine back to you base (admittedly its the same in all C&C games but it my review so...).

Now the bad and their is quite a bit of it. First off is the superiority of German infantry, I know that's how it was in real life but in most WWII RTS the compensate with this by making the Soviet Conscripts cheaper so it basically 2 Soviet Conscripts for every German Soldier, and they do kinda do this but the price difference is almost negligible making it very difficult to have a decent battle that doesn't involve pumping out Conscripts just to hold the line. This isn't fun, Fun would be pushing the enemy advance back or bringing it to a grinding halt with Soviet Katyusha Rocket infantry which the Germans some how posses, despite the fact the the Soviet were the ones to develop it first and Germany didn't have any thing like that till mid 1945. Now most of this could be over looked if the special units could be used in their place ( but you can only built one per base, I mean this is probably meant to keep people from spamming them and dominating, but if that's the case just make them obscenely expensive so the most you could built at one time would be two or three max.

I mentioned a slight lack in creativity and while the game boast some awesome special weapons (you can find the specifics with a quick Google search) they seamed to forget this was a alternate history. Now I'm not saying ad giant robots the shoot lasers out of their nips, but may be replace a few of the normal units with some of the specials (like the Germans rocket trucks with their special Mech-Warrior wanna-be that would work) and make a dew more special units.

All in All War Front is a decent game (Campaign mode is fun but not enough to keep you riveted to the screen) that could have been made significantly better with some slight tweaking to balance the factions better (nothing a little moding can't fix) and some more unique units between them but as it stand is a fairly average game that only RTS fans will wanna try out.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/05/09

Game Release: War Front: Turning Point (US, 02/23/07)

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