How to get all horse, orb and item ?

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    i dont have much time,while im fighting wei cao cao meet hai sui OMG

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  1. If you want orbs or items, normally you need to defeat some officers to get them. But horses you need to compleat some tasks. And here they are:

    Important note:
    All hourse harness should be in a very fancy red box that you need to break open.
    You can use the harness AFTER finishing the level you are playing. If you die you have to do it again :(
    To get horses you must play the game in hard difficulitie
    You can get horses in either Musou model or in free model except Hex Mark which you have to be in Musou model.

    Red hare (the fastest):

    Play Xia Pi with Lu Bu forces. Don't kill any enemy generals or sub-generals until GuanYu has met with Red Hare. To get Guan Yu to meet with Red Hare just lure him over to where Red Hare is, after he's mounted Red Hare he'll
    be super strong so be ready, now defeat Guan Yu and the Valuable
    Item message on the little island where Guan Yu mounted Red Hare.

    Storm (second fastest):

    Play campaign againest Cao Cao on Lu Bu's side.
    First go to the bridge where Cao Ren is and then he should break the bridge.
    Kill Cao Ren and head to Cao Zhang and kill him too. And then Xu Huang should apper as an ambush.
    Defeat Xu Huang, and then go to the back door of the castle where Xiahou Yuan is.
    Yue jin appers, and then you kill him and Xiahou Yuan.
    Head to the casule where Cao Cao is and kill Li Dian and doors will open for you.
    Move into the castle untile the doors shut you in.
    Kill Dian Wei and the guard captain so the door will reopen, and Xiahou Dun will apper near your main camp.
    Kill Xiahou Dun and Valuable Item message apper.

    Shadow Harness (third fastest and enemy can't knock you off this hourse and the effect still works if you swich horses during the game)

    This horse is proven to be the MOST DIFFICLE item to get in the game.
    Play Battle of Tong Gate in Shu forces ( *is much easier to use Red Hare for this one)

    If you don't have Battle of Tong Gate (Shu tale) here's how to get it:
    Choose Campaign for Cheng Du as your first stage in Chapter 4, and defeat Ma Chao when he comes as enemy reinforcements. (To unlock tales you must done it in Musou model.)

    You have 10 minutes to do the following: route Xiahou Yuan first then Cao Ren then Dian Wei, and Cao hong.
    And Ma Chao should be surprised by the ice casle when you approch Cao Ren.
    went inside the Ice casle ON A HORSE if you don't, then robe one from Xiahou Yuan or Dian Wei and wait on the top left of the map.
    After Cao Cao meet with Hai Sui quickly kill Xu Huang and his sub-officer and then Cao Cao's sub-officer (Jia Xu and Xu Zhu).
    And if you done all that hit Cao Cao untile his life is yellow (don't kill him) and then kill as much soldiers in Cao Cao's force as possible to raise morale because if you don't Han Sui will betray you.
    Keep killing soldiers after the scene of soldiers finding horses.
    After Hai Sui said "Ma Chao is like a son to me......." Valuable Item message apper.

    Morale is the key to this horse, keep you size's morale high (something like five stars) and keep Cao Cao's low you will get it.

    That's all the horses I get so far but there's two more:

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  1. Hex Mark :fourth fastest, Luck greatly increase if you ride it (but the novel says it's the most unluckly horse.......)

    Play Campaign Against Liu Bei in Yellow Turban side ON MUSOU MODEL, because You MUST PLAY the YELLOW TURBAN FORTRESS before this.

    To get Yellow Turban story: Beat Wei, Shu, Wu, Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shao and Nanman story to get it (OMG)

    This is a easy one
    Kill Guan Yu and Zhao Yun first
    After you have done so Liu Bei will come out and hunt you
    Hit Liu Bei until his life is about half (don't kill him)
    Valuable Item message apper

    Elephant (Slowest, But it's like a tank do a lot damage to people)

    Play The Naman Campaign on Naman forse.
    This is also easy but slow
    your only objective: Ride an elephant into the enemy main camp after the elephant sence comes up.
    It's slow because you need to waite till one of your officer get knocked off of one elephant. You can use Huang Gai for this, because he can throw bombs (charge attack) to "help" them get of the elephants :D

    That's all, hope it helped :D

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  2. Sorry I forgot to add a note for Storm horse: If you ride it you get 10% extra experian point for every officer you defeat.

    And for some items like meat bun sack (increase your life maxium by 10) or wine (increase your musou maxium by 10) can be found in normal boxes or jars. But here's the trick whenever you see a box or a jar standing alone in some unnatural locations (not near the gate point) break it open. Sometimes you can even found yellow creats that contains items.

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  3. Rear items:

    Art of War:Increases the duration of power up items
    Play Campaign against Sun Jian in Dong Zhuo's forces
    Enter the north castle before enemy reinforcements arrive.
    Defeat at least four of the following generals: Sun Quan, Sun Shang Xiang,
    Zhou Tai, Lu Meng, and Gan Ning.
    A supply team will appear from the entry point at the north castle and move towards the southern castle entry point.
    Defeat the supply team Captain for the item ( a red creat will apper)
    But if you let him escape, and well, you have to do it again, so make sure you got a horse.

    Survival Guide
    Effect: When life is critical, Attack x2 when knocked down.
    Stage Found: The Two Qiaos (Wu forces)
    Rescue in order Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao for the item to appear later when you approach the escape point.

    This item is essential if you want to dual or defeat Lu Bu at the Hu Lao gate but I suppose nobody would likely to do so.

    Bodyguard Manual
    Effect: Bodyguards become stronger.
    Stage Found: Guan Yu's Escape (Liu Bei's forces)
    When Xiahou Dun arrives do not backtrack to him. Defeat the
    fourth gate general when Xiahou Dun is near the bridge in front of the fourth
    Fight Xiahou Dun on the other side of the final gate and the item should appear.

    Way of Musou (my favorite item)
    Effect: Can use True Musou attacks regardless of life.
    Stage Found: Guan Yu's Escape (Cao Cao's forces)
    REQUIREMENTS: After you pass the 5th gate a supply team will appear east of
    the bridge in front of the fourth gate and head eastward. Defeat the supply
    team for the item.

    Tip: If you got a horse just went to the fifth gate and you are done.Just make sure you don't lost the game.

    Power Scroll
    Effect: Won't lose weapon deadlocks.
    Stage Found: The Yellow Turban Fortress (Yellow Turban forces)
    REQUIREMENTS: Defeat Guan Yu and Zhao Yun. A supply team will appear to the
    northwest and move to the northeast entry point. Defeat the supply team for
    the item.

    Wind Scroll
    Effect: Increases attack reach.
    Stage Found: Battle of Xu Chang (Shu forces)
    REQUIREMENTS: Protect Yue Ying until she sets up the ramp vehicle, and defeat
    Xu Zhu when he ambushes the supply camp in the southwest. When Sima Yi remarks
    on the two plans failing the item will appear in the northwest.

    Use it on those short weapon officers like Dian Wei could make your life much easier.

    Fire Arrows
    Effect: Arrows become fire arrows.
    Stage Found: Unification of Jing (Wu forces)
    REQUIREMENTS: Before the enemy generals join forces, defeat Wang Lang's sub
    general Zhou Xin for the supply team to appear at the west castle. Defeat the
    supply team for the item.

    Use it on Huang Zhong or Xiahou Yuan, it makes them from a zero to a hero.

    Charge Bracer
    Effect: Charge attacks cannot be stopped by normal attacks.
    Stage Found: Campaign against Sun Jian (Yuan Shao's forces)
    Requirements: Enter the north castle before enemy reinforcements arrive. A
    supply team will appear south of the castle and move towards the entry point
    southwest of the castle.

    I think this desiged for Guan Yu, because his charge attack is so easily to get interrupted by enemies.

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