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    FAQ/Walkthrough by anen85

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    NIBiRu: Age of Secrets
    Walkthrough v1.0 by Suryantara and Hanantyo
    First Thing
    Special Thanks to my brother and Chibot. By the way, English is not my major
    language because we from INDONESIA
    you will be called by Francois that wants you to go to his house to get some
    trip. Now you are in his house and he will give you some information about the
    secret project. Then he will ask you to meet Barbora Kanska at the Prague
    talk to the painter then looking around the bridge, now talking again to the
    painter and ask him about Barbora twice, you got the picture then. Now go to
    the statue and look closer at pedestal then you got the message from Barbora,
    read it and talk to Francois with your cellphone
    Walk to the door and ring the bell at B.Konska's Room twice. Then ring the bell
    at any rooms five times and you will enter the building. walk to the letter
    boxes at the right and look closer on it then get the information about the
    Barbora's flat. Go upstairs with elevator. On the 5th floor go the right door
    after elevator and ring the bell. The lamp in that room will turn off, then you
    knock the door twice. go to the attic but closed. go to the 1st floor and look
    closer at notice board to get information about the key for the attic
    turn on the switch beside the door now take it the rag on the shelf and the
    rope on the wall. walk to the wardrobe and get the brick behind it then you'll
    get the marble at the hole. Now go to the window and use the rag to broken it
    twice then use the rope at the beem and walk to the window and go to downstairs
    through the window
    Barbora's Flat
    look at the purse under the table and take it to get Barbora's ID card. enter
    the bathroom with the white door in there you'll find Barbora was murdered. Now
    look at the garbage to see cat twice to get information about password for get
    data in computer. Walk to the computer and type "felix" on it, now you get some
    data from it. Then the police come, you get out through the window again and go
    downstairs the building and exit it
    Central City Achieve
    enter the building and talk to the doorman twice, but he won't let you in then
    exit the building and leave it. Now you are in front of the Bureau Building. Go
    to the kiosk and look at the subway. suddenly you are suprised by the fire
    crackers by the little girl. Talk to her and got a deal to exchange the fire
    crackers with marble. After get the fire crackers buy a matches at the kiosk.
    Go to the Bureau again and talk to the beggar then buy cigarettes at the kiosk
    and give it to the beggar. Come back again to Central City Achieve and talk to
    the pensioner who's sitting on the bench then use the fire crackers to him. Go
    to the kiosk to buy wine then talk to beggar for getting the empty bottle of
    wine. take it then combine it with wine, then you got the bottle of wine. Give
    that wine to the pensioner and he will give you his ID Card.
    talk to the doorman and give him the ID Card of pensioner then he will let you
    in, go to the inside of lobby and walk to the elevator to go to Barbora's
    Barbora's Office
    Use Barbora's ID card on card reader then enter the office. look closer at the
    flower and get the small key. walk to the table and you'll find the notepad but
    you dont know yet. Take the pencil at pencil holder and sharpener behind the
    photograph of cat. combine both of them then use it to the notepad. use the
    small key to the drawer and get the stamp. look closer at the computer then
    type the password "felix" but start from x, so type "xilef", you've got the
    report from the computer and printed out. take it and combine it with the
    stamp. exit the room and go to the mechanical elevator. use The ID card on it
    then use the notepad on it. Now you get the data of NIBIRU's file. exit the
    building and go to the Bureau.
    enter the building and talk to the secretary to get the permission twice, then
    ask her to get call card. exit the building then enter it again then talk to
    the secretary again, but still same like before she will give you tomorrow. Now
    exit the building and talk to the beggar about the secretary's car. walk to the
    white mercedes 'n look closer on it then you'll get the number of license plat.
    go to the infront of the building then use it you cellphone. first combine it
    with the call card. enter the building after the secretary walk ouside the
    building. enterd the room and talk to the director for getting the permission
    talk to the major and go to the trailer, in there you'll find the name which
    call Petr. talk with him and ask him about trailer, mine, and major. Now walk
    to the mine and talk with the soldier in front of the mine. ask him about the
    mine and permission. Back to the trailer and talk with Petr about mine and walk
    to cabin behind the trailer but it's locked. Now talk again with Petr about the
    cabin then go to the mine again and back talk to Petr about the Mine.
    enter the trailer and take the expired canned beans on the shelf then take the
    can opener on the table and look closer at the coat to get a piece of paper.
    Now go the gate and talk with the soldier in there. Go to the cabin then back
    again to the gate and ask him about the light and the cabin. walk to the river
    then back again to the gate. He will ask you to find some food for him. Now
    take the mushrooms on the bridge at the river area. Combine the can opener with
    expired canned beans then combine it with mushrooms. Now enter the trailer to
    burn the stove with the matches and put the canned beans with mushrooms on it
    then give it to the soldier on the gate. walk to the trailer then go back to
    the gate. Now enter the tent
    look closer on the coat and you'll find the key and take the radio on the table
    inside the tent then go to the cabin and use the key
    take the rope on the shelf then toolbag and hammer on the table. look closer at
    toolbag and find the hand oiler, string, screwdriver, flashlight, and wrench.
    Use the screwdriver on the lid to open it. Now you'll hear the phone ring, go
    the locker but it's locked. Use the hammer on the lock to open it. Inside of
    locker you'll find the body of man, look closer on it n find the name of the
    body. Now back to the lid and switch off the lights twice.
    1st Corridor
    take a look at the rod then use the wrench on it and get the iron rod. walk to
    the left corridor go to the cave-in and use the iron rod on it then use the
    flashlight on it. You'll find the body, from him you get the pin on the breast
    and key in his pocket, back to the corridor then go through the north take a
    cramp on the wall of mine on the way to go the left corridor then go to the
    left corridortake a look for hook and opening, use the cramp on sand under the
    opening then you'll find the valve control wheel. use it on the opening then
    roll it. Now the things was turn down and you can take the hook. back to the
    corridor then walk through the north in here you'll find the door, use the key
    to open it then roll the wheel around on it then one of them was stuck, use the
    hand oiler on it but it doesn't work.
    now back again to the corridor the go to the right corridor look at murky water
    then use the flashlight on it, then you'll find the can with oil. Now combine
    the hook with the rope to get the anchor. Use the anchor to get the can with
    oil on the rightside of murky water. combine the hand oiler with can with oil
    then back again to the door.give the wheel was stuck with hand oiler and it's
    worked. To open the door make that wheels become the symbol of Nazi. Then the
    door opens
    2nd Corridor
    take a look at the lamp on the generator the leftside you stand then use the
    matches to turn on the lamp. Now look closer on the generator, roll the valve
    control but the second was stuck. use the hand oiler on it then roll it again
    but still the same doesn't work. Now use the wrench the roll it. Then pull down
    the lever on the generator and the lamp on that corridor will turn on. go to
    the through corridor
    go to the left corridor to enter the repository, use the key to get in. take
    the can and test tube on the shelf then test tube then use the cramp on the
    crates to get the dynamite. Now back to the corridor and go to the left
    corridor. use the key to open it but it doesn't work. Now go back to the
    repository. look closer at the battery and put the test tube on it to get the
    acid then back again to the left corridor
    Archive's Room
    open the door by using the acid to the door and enter the room. Look closer at
    the archive on the left then put the piece of paper on it then take the small
    metal box, now go in to the archive and walk to the table and take a box,
    ruler, and magnifying glass. then walk to the light and take a closer look on
    it then put the bulb light on it. Now the lamp is turn on and you'll find the
    iron cabinet look closer on it and the groove behind the cabinet. Then push the
    cabinet and you'll find the secret wall. Use the cramp to the wall and put the
    dynamite on the crevice. try to burn dynamite with matches but doesn't work.
    Now go to the repository to get another dynamite and back to archieve room
    again. pull the dynamite the get the fuse. use it on the dynamite on the
    crevice then use the matches to blow up it.
    2nd Corridor
    open the canned beans with can opener and put it on the combining between box
    and ruler and now you get the rat trap. put the rat trap on rat hole and go to
    the repository to get the dynamite again then back to the corridor and you'll
    see the rat will trap. take it and combine the rat with the dynamite and go to
    the archive room
    archive room
    put the rat with dynamite into the crevice and the secret will open. now enter
    the room
    Secret room
    turn on the switch on the wall and take the journal and iron on the table than
    walk to behind the chair to see the iron cover. Now read the journal, in here
    you'll find the information about the key for the iron cover. Now go to the
    laboratory. To get in the laboratory you must go back to the corridor again.
    2nd Corridor
    walk through the north corridor and you'll find the door of elevator. now take
    the small magneting types from small metal box and put them on the wall on the
    leftside. make them become big triangle and push the red button. the door will
    open and get in the elevator to go down to the laboratory
    you will hear some voices from the radio. Now take a look at the drain then go
    to the table to take the magnet and combine it with the string. Then use it for
    getting the key on the drain. back again to the table put the can into the
    burner and make a fire with matches then put the iron on it. after finished
    back again to the secret room
    Secret Room
    open the iron cover with the key which found in the laboratory then use the
    magnifying glass into journal and found another writing on the last page. now
    use the hot iron on the bottom of last page in the journal and you'll find the
    number 47922.
    use these numbers to open the safe. go right until no.4 then go left until no.7
    then right until no. 9 and so on. inside the safe you'll find the statue and
    take it. Now go back to the archive room. Now you get the trouble in here and
    throw the statue then pull the levers. after that you will go back to the France
    Right to | 4 |
    Left to  | 7 |
    Right to | 9 |
    Left to  | 2 |
    Right to | 2 |
    go inside to the hotel and ring the bell on the reception table to talk with
    the receptionist. Take the matches in the ash tray and you'll find the hotel
    telephone number then look the telephone on that table. Now talk to a guest
    who's sitting in front of the table, he will give you information. Now go to
    the phone booth in front of the hotel and use it. Then go back to the hotel and
    the receptionist will give you a room. Go upstairs and take a rest for a while
    then go downstairs and use the telephone to call Francois. Now go to the docks
    The Docks
    talk to the fisherman and ask him to bring you on the island where's francois
    live. You must help him to put the crates in to the boat then you go to the
    The Mansion
    go to the gate and ring the bell on the wall then enter it and go inside the
    mansion to talk with Francois. He will give you a l etter and ticket to go to
    the Tocelut Mexico then you will we asked to go back to the hotel. Now go back
    to the Docks.
    When arrive at the docks someone call you from inside the warehouse and you go
    there. Now you are trapped. They talk to you about the NIBIru Project. you will
    be hitten by a man and he will give you a knife to make your life safe, because
    the gas will blow up immediately. use the knife to the button then use the pin
    to handscuff then walk to the ladder and you'll safe
    talk with the police then talk with detective. Give him the letter that
    Francois gave to you and he will let you enter the mansion. take the pyramid on
    the table then walk to the bookcase look at the phone and hear some messages.
    look at glasshour then pull the bust under the old poster then walk to the
    safe. take closer look at old poster then take the hourglass. broken it with
    knife and you'll find the key. use the key to open the pyramid. Now back to the
    safe and input the number based on the word "TIKAL" or "84525" and the safe
    will be opened but the statue wasn't there. Now go back to the hotel
    | 1  | 2 | 3  |    T = 8
    |    |abc|def |    I = 4
     -------------     K = 5
    | 4  | 5 | 6  |    A = 2
    |ghi |jkl|mno |    L = 5
    | 7  | 8 | 9  |
    | 0  |
    |    |
    Outside the hotel
    when you enter the hotel you'll find a man then you will go outside. walk to
    the right of hotel to get inside with emergency stairs. talk with beggar then
    try reach the emergency staircase. now take a walking stick beside the beggar
    but she won't let you to take it. talk with beggar again and buy her a hotdog.
    Now buy a hotdog on the buffet in front of the hotel. give it to the beggar but
    she won't accept that. buy again a new hotdog and go inside to the lobby to get
    kecthup. use the kechup to the hotdog and give it to the beggar. Now the beggar
    will let you to borrow the walking stick. use it to emergency staircase
    Inside the hotel
    go downstair to your floor then walk to the white door on the north then talk
    with repairman, enter your room than take the vase and outlet, use the vase to
    the outlet. now talk with repairman about the broken electricity and take the
    key on the ladder. Now go to that room and use the reapairman's key.
    Room in the hotel
    take the diluter on the shelf then take the rag under the chair and the last
    take the broom. Now look at the censor and combine the broom, rag, and diluter.
    And burn it by matches then the censor will ring. go to the lobby.
    Room 32
    Take the key from the reception desk then go upstairs to highest floor then
    enter the room with the new key. take a closer look at the bed and you'll find
    the briefcase under the bed. Now open the briefcase to get back the statue by
    put 3 in the first row, 7 in the second, then 1 in the last. now youll go to
                       | 3 |
                       | 7 |
                       | 1 |
    go to the george then you'll find the message. now walk through the street and
    try to go inside the pub but the bouncer won't let you in but he ask you to
    call Isabelle. Go to the yellow house and someone will talk to you. Now walk
    thorugh the street then talk to hobo but he doesn't wake up, back to fountain
    and take some water with bowl. Back again to the hobo and spalsh him with water
    from fountain talk to him then back to the Isabelle's Mother. Give her some
    money then she will let Isabelle go out. talk again to the bouncer but he still
    won't let you in, now talk to hobo and he will give you a token. show it to the
    bouncer then you can go inside the pub.
    talk to bartender to get information about the bar and the George. Talk again
    with him that he will ask you to drink tequila, Now go to the man who use the
    red shirt and talk with him. He is George. He will show you his house and make
    you his guest. Now you are in rest.
    talk with Geroge and ask him abaout Jaguar Temple and Temple of Dawn, then he
    will show you both of them on the map. Now go outside the house to the fountain.
    walk to stand on the left and buy a statue from her, then go back to the
    George's and ask him about the jeep and he will let you to borrow it. use the
    jeep to go to the Temple of Down
    Temple of Dawn Area
    talk to the tourist about the temple and he will ask you to get picture inside
    the temple. Go to the temple on the leftside, go inside and talk to an
    archeolog, then he will let you take a picture. use the camera on the stone
    relief. Now go to the tourist and give the camera to him and he will give you a
    stone cylinder. Now go the archeological site on the rightside. talk to an
    archeolog who's sitting on the ground. and ask him about the scraps, take the
    scraps on the vases. Talk to another archeolog which call Pedro. He will
    waiting you tonight to give you important things. now go back to the temple and
    give the scraps to Paul. In front of the temple you'll see the two of statue,
    use the statue that you bought before on the right statue and take a stone
    cylender from the other one. Now go inside to the ruin.
    put the both of Stone Cylinder on the opening then push the stone disc, then
    there's another stone show up. take a closer look on it and make that become
    one color. On the right side the collor is green, the top is red, the left is
    yellow, the bottom is white. then you can take the prism which has the green
    light. go out and back to the town
    		| |
    	  Yellow   Green
    you will ask by the kid to go the Rosie's. Go to there and find what happened.
    The old man will ask you to go to the White Bear, and he will show you the
    place on the map. Now go there and use the jeep again.
    -----at the White Bear Place---------------
    back again in the city then enter the Geroge's and talk to him then ask him
    about the equipment that you use tonight then take a rest a while. Now the day
    become tonight, take the bag and go to the Temple of Down use the jeep again
    Temple of Dawn
    go inside the temple and pedro is there. Pedro will give you information and
    show you the symbol on the floor. Now use the Prism into the Stone Pedestal
    then opening in the middle of the sun then the prism show you the way to get in
    the temple. Ask Pedro to stand on one of them, take the stone on the ground and
    put in on another symbol, and the last you stand on the other ones. The statue
    on the leftside will be opened. use the rope from the bag to climb down.
    Inside The Temple
    combine the lamp from the bag with lighter, the you have a light in it. look
    closer at the wall above the light and you'll see many of stone, you must bring
    the gold stone to the rightside for going inside the Temple. If you've done the
    staircase will show to the lower ground. go down and use the lighter on the
    stone torch on the wall. have a closer look at stone sink twide then on the
    opening, put the hammer on the opening to make the lever. pull down the lever
    but doesn't see anything. go to the Pedro and ask him to get some water. Take
    it and put it into the stone sink then pull down the lever, nothing happened.
    see the crack under the lever and go back again to Pedro to ask the water and
    the plester. combine the plester with water then use it for crack. now put the
    water into the stone sink and pull down the lever but still nothing work, then
    you ask Pedro again for the last to get some water. Take it and put it into the
    stone sink and pull down the lever. Then the door will be open, enter that room.
    The Atlar
    take the artefacts then take a look at the stone that stand between the table,
    because it's the clue to get the statue on the atlar. then make the stone under
    the table become 504 based on the other page on the map and take the statue.
    then go back to Pedro then ask him to lower down the rope. you will go outside
    the Temple and go to White Bear
         Left Side		    Right Side
    	 3	    +		 1	=  4 x 400 = 1600
    	 2	    +		17	= 19 x  20 =  380
    	12	    +		12	= 24 x   1 =   24
    						 --> 2004
    --> 2004 = (5 x 400) + ( 0 x 20 ) + (1 x 4)
    	| ___ |
    	|  o  |
    	| ....|
    White Bear's
    you will get information about where's the Temple of God and he show you on the
    map, then he give you amulet a key to enter the Temple fo God. Now you go to
    that place.
    Temple of God
    go upstairs the Temple and you are in front of the door, use the amulet on the
    door then put the stone based on the picture on the door that will show you. If
    you've done the door will be opened then enter it. Now put the statue that you
    got from the Mine on the left monolith, then put statue from Francois on the
    middle monolith, last put the statue from the Temple of Dawn on the right
    monolith. Yes something's happen, but you've got still problem. the man shoot
    you with the gun, and he will try the crystal ball from the atlar then another
    miracle's happen he will be dead become sand.
    You are in the funeral and put the crystal ball from the Temple of God into the
    Francois' Grave.
    Copyright © Suryantara 2005

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