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    Character Guide by Zibanzo

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/01/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    X-Men Legends II - Rise of the Apocalypse   *
    General Faq for X-men Legends II           *
    Playstation II Version                    *
    Start Date: 10/21/2005                    *
    Copyright 2005 Spencer Bell                *
    Version 1.00                                *
    History:                                          *
    10/22/05: started FAQ.                          *
    *     Index       *
    1.0 Introduction
    1.1 FAQs about this GUIDE
    1.2 The Characters
     1.201 Bishop
     1.202 Colossus
     1.203 Cyclops
     1.204 Deadpool
     1.205 Gambit
     1.206 Iceman
     1.207 Ironman
     1.208 Jean Grey
     1.209 Juggernaut
     1.210 Magneto
     1.211 Nightcrawler
     1.212 Professor Charles Xavier 
     1.213 Rogue
     1.214 Scarlet Witch
     1.215 Storm
     1.216 Sunfire
     1.217 Toad
     1.218 Wolverine
    1.3 Frequently asked questions about the GAME
    1.4 Party suggestions
    1.5 Miscellanous
     1.501 Stat Allocation
     1.502 Skill Points
     1.503 Equipment And Damage
    1.6 Contact Info
    1.7 Thanks, Credits
    1.8 Legal Banter
    1.0   INTRODUCTION           *
    First of all, I'd like to give a warning. I 
    Use an EXTREMELY harsh grading system. If I rate a
    character or an ability out of 10, numbers will most 
    likely be lower than what you're used to seeing.  I 
    rank things based on how they are compared to everything
    else in the game, not based on how useful they are as a 
    percentage or on their own. I do it this way because I 
    believe it helps set priorities. 
    For easy access to what you are looking for, hold CTRL
    on your keyboard and hit F.  This will bring up the 
    "Find Menu." After that, type the corresponding number
    from above to get to what section you'd like to view.
    I'm writing this guide as a helper to those who are 
    looking for help with this game.  I have been posting on
    the message boards helping people out for awhile now and
    there still seemed to be enough demand for me to do this.
    *1.1 FAQ About This Guide    *
    I may update this if I get enough questions on the board
    about this guide or enough questions via mail.  
    Q: Why is the Gambit Section so much bigger than the other 
       Characters?! It has more detail too!!@?!??!?!!?
    A: Gambit has a larger section because there was much more
       of a demand for a personal guide for him on the gamefaqs
       message boards.  While I opted out of doing a "gambit
       only" guide like I did for Magneto, I added a little
       more detail to this guide to compensate.
    Q: What's with the link to other FAQS? Why don't you get 
       your own material or stop being lazy!!!?
    A: The only other FAQ I link to here is the Magneto one
       which I made.  I don't feel the need to type the same
       thing again if I can just provide a link.
    A: I don't, but in this game he's really really bad.
                *                            *
                  *  1.2  The Characters   *
                *                            *
    Characters are rated on a scale of 1-10, ten being the highest.
    Afterwards, I will list the weaknesses followed by their
    strengths.  Finally, I will conclude each section with notes
    on their better skills and some hints and tips on how I think
    they are used most effectively.
    !!     ADVICE FOR STAT ALLOCATION                        !!
    1.201 Bishop.
         Character Rating: 7.5/10
         Weaknesses: His damage output, no matter what, will be
                     with the bottom half of the characters. 
         Strengths: He is one of the best support characters.
                    While his damage isn't high, he can
                    definitely kill things without a problem as
                    this game is pretty easy.  He has pretty
                    good passives.
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Full Auto 5/10
                 Nothing special, but one of his better attacks.
              II Rapid Fire 5/10
                 Same as above
             III Superconductor 8/10
                 works well with other characters who need to use
                 a lot of ep. Still, takes an Xtreme token so it
                 isn't as good as Mv or Ps is some situations.
              IV Energy Fury 10/10
                 Glitched.  Makes melee characters do INSANE 
                 amounts of damage.
               V Energy Combat 5/10
                 Pretty good, but not as useful for him because
                 he's mainly a support/back rank character.
              VI Gun Mastery 7/10
                 Great. Makes his mediocre attacks seem ok.
             VII Power Trip 7.5/10
                 Really good, increased movement is always a plus.
            B) Character Glitches: Possesses Energy Fury.
            C) Stat Allocation: depends on build, but 
               I would say stick with high Focus.
            D) Miscellaneous: You will want him or gambit in
               almost any party that doesn't have Ironman in
    1.202 Colossus
          Character Rating: 1/10
          Weaknesses: His attack power is terrible considering
                      he is supposed to be a tank character.
                      All he does is sit there and get hit. His
                      attacks are too slow.  Despite the fact he
                      can get a "glitched boost" for good power,
                      you'll be lucky is colossus can drag
                      himself over to the battlefield or hit an
                      enemy before the rest of your forces
                      completely destroy half a level.  Other
                      Things bad about him: They didn't take 
                      him out/improve him in other versions.
          Strengths:  You don't have to use him.
                      Thunderclap can do ok if your strike
                      is insane and you have the hammer of 
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Putting him into reserves 10/10
                 The best thing you can do with him.
              II Thunderclap 5/10
                 His best attack. Still really poor.
             III Siberian Express 4.5/10
                 Also good for him, but still utterly lacking.
              IV Brawler 6/10
                 As a passive, it's lacking.
               V Galvanize 6/10
                 As a passive, it's lacking.
              VI Metallurgy 6.5/10
                 As a passive, it's lacking.
            B) Character Glitches: He was put in this game.
            C) Stat Allocation: There's no saving this one,
               but if you really want to try go with strike,
               body, speed, and focus fairly evenly, giving
               extra strike every other level.
            D) Miscellaneous: Please don't use him :( For your
    1.203 Cyclops.
          Character Rating: 4.5/10
          Weaknesses: His damage output, no matter what, will be
                     with the bottom half of the characters. His
                     Only "good" attack is his first one, and 
                     that's only because it ups attack speed so
                     you can do damage more quickly. 
          Strengths: Decent suppport character. If you're obsessed 
                    with EXP, Leadership is pretty good.  
                    I use it more for Critical strike chance 
                    than the exp, though.
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Optic Beam 6/10
                 The increased attack speed makes this 
                 the only beam attack in the game worth using.
              II Flawless Tactics 7.5/10
                 Really good, especially if you're main
                 focus is to level up.
             III Tactics 6.5/10
                 Pretty good for a boost, but your guys
                 shouldn't be getting hit much anyway
              IV Command see Magneto's Faq/section
               V Defence Grid 7.5
                 Excellent passive. make good use of it.
              VI Visor Upgrade 6.5/10
                 helps with optic beam, but since his 
                 beam attacks are weak, this isn't as
                 good as it could be.
             VII Leadership See Magneto's Faq/section
            B) Character Glitches: None
            C) Stat Allocation: He needs a lot of focus
               so keep it on the high end.  He should stay
               in the back so don't bother with strike or 
               speed as much. He needs some body though, 
               just in case
            D) Miscellaneous
    1.204 Deadpool.
          Character Rating: 5.75/10
          Weaknesses: All his mutant powers take too long 
                     to execute.  While he is getting ready for an
                     attack, other characters have already killed
                     two or three. He is probably the worst support
                     character in the game, as his boost is a total
                     waste of time and completely useless.
          Strengths: His damage output is pretty good, although it
                    can definately be beaten. By quite a few
                    characters, as well.  His passvie abilities
                    help increase his damage moreso than others. 
                    Somewhat of a tank, but has mutant mastery.
                    Can Teleport.                  
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Rupturing Jab 7.5/10
                 Good move, but takes too long to use.
              II Teleport 10/10
                 You'll find many uses for this. Don't
                 put many points in early on, though.
             III Regeneration 4.5/10
                 Regen really isn't needed in this game, 
                 but it's fun to use as a novelty.
              IV Stealth 9.25/10
                 I was impressed. Max this asap. Will increase
                 your damage with most attacks by almost double
                 and it's a passive.
               V Weapons Mastery 7.5/10
                 Pretty good, but pales in comparison to Stealth.
            B) Character Glitches: Sword Moves upped
               consdiderably by Energy Fury Boost.
            C) Stat Allocation: Even build. Favor Strike with
               with about 5 points per 2 or 3 levels,
               depending on how defencively you play.
            D) Miscellaneous: Try to use him with Gambit or 
               Bishop.  Otherwise, he won't do nearly as much
               damage as he should.
               He's a hidden character, to get him beat the 
               game and load using saved statistics.
    1.205 Gambit.
          Character Rating: 8.75/10
          Weaknesses: He cannot do as much damage with mutant
                     powers as some of the other characters.
                     His best mutant power, Ace of Spades, takes
                     a little while to give it's full damage.                 
          Strengths: He is one of the best support characters.
                    While his damage with mutant powers isn't top
                    notch, he can clear rooms faster than most of 
                    the other characters with Ace of Spades even
                    though damage is dealt over time. As far as
                    non power moves are concerned, he can easily
                    get to be your most damaging. Both of his
                    boosts are extremely useful, one being
                    perhaps the best in the game.  Some really
                    nice passives on top of everything else make
                    him one of the best characters in the game.
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Card Shuffle 3/10
                 Fun to use, but more of a waste than
              II Staff Assault 3/10
                 see above
             III Ace of Spades 8/10
                 Although it can't be boosted, this
                 move can be devastating with the
                 right combination of equipment. Also, use this
                 with "hyperdrive" listed in a later section to
                 get a lot of damage put on enemies in a short
                 period of time.
              IV Staff Slam 3/10
                 Useless, but his only radial
               V Full House 7.5/10
                 imo, not as good as Ace of Spades as the damage
                 doesn't do nearly as much, but the advantage to
                 this is that it's instant damage. Use this with
                 his "hyperdrive" listed in a later section and 
                 he does good damage, quickly.
              VI Detonation 4.5/10
                 This move IS completely worthless, but it earns
                 points for being one of the funnest moves in the
                 game. Charging small objects that gambit can pick
                 up and then throw is what makes this particularly 
             VII 52 Pickup 1/10
                 All radial Xtremes are a waste.
            VIII Prince of Thieves 7.75/10
                 I find this extremely useful.  I use it everytime
                 I see a hidden stash and it gives me a lot of
                 techbits.  Money might not seem important, but if
                 you plan on training most of your guys, it's a
                 good idea to buy level ups and skill points. Plus
                 if you messed up early on and need the money to 
                 arrange your stat points for a 3rd or 4th (god 
                 forbid) time, this will prove invaluable.
              IX Energy Form 8/10
                 Movement speed and attack speed correlate in this
                 game. The only reason this isn't higher is because
                 it only affects him. Get Energy fury first, but 
                 this is a really good ability later.
               X Energy Fury 10/10
                 See Bishop's Energy Fury
              XI Energy Combat 8.5/10
                 While it is the same thing as bishop's move, this 
                 is much move lethal in Gambit's hands because of
                 Energy Form and Evade. He's one of the better 
                 front line fighters with this.
             XII Evade 7.5/10
                 Excellent. This is great if you make him melee.
                 Great if you don't.
            XIII Card Master 8/10
                 His card moves can be lethal making this better
                 than other masteries. 
            B) Character Glitches: Possesses Energy Fury.
            C) Stat Allocation: Depends on build.  If you're
               using a melee gambit, you'll need a lot of 
               strike, and you'll need it fast. 3/ level.
               If you're going for a card/support gambit, 
               You will need to focus on, well, focus! 
               Keep pumping it up. His card range isn't 
               that far so don't forget to add some body and
            D) Miscellaneous: Abuse Energy Fury.
            E) Strategies (Gambit Only)
               I: Melee Gambit
                 Making Gabit Melee is quick, easy, and
                 painless.  All he really needs is Evade, which
                 should be maxed asap, both of his boosts maxed,
                 and most importantly Energy Combat maxed. When
                 I say melee Gambit, I mean melee. No mutant 
                 powers are needed as he will hit for a LOT more
                 damage just button mashing.
              II: Card Gambit
                 If you want to make a card gambit, you will
                 need mutant master, Card Mastery, and 
                 Ace of Spades. After that go for Full house.
                 Finally, go with Card Shuffle which will
                 finally be somewhat useful at this point. 
                 52 pick up is worthless, don't use it. 
                 Don't forget he is a support character though,
                 and his best ability comes with boosting the 
                 rest of the team with Energy Fury. Energy 
                 Form will come last as it makes him quicker.
             III: Staff power move Gambit   
                 LOL! Good one. No, seriously, don't even
                 try this because it's not worth it.
              IV: My Gambit 
                 Some people have asked for my person gambit build
                 or recommendation since he's one of my level 99
                 characters. My build is better than what you can
                 get now most likely, since he has somewhere around
                 150 skill points.  What I would Recommend though, 
                 is putting a few (about 4 points) into energy
                 combat. Work on maxing Mutant master, Ace of Spades,
                 and Energy Fury while keeping Evade up. Energy 
                 Fury is always his number 1 priority. If you have
                 enough for these, I would suggest going with Energy
                 Form for his insane movement/attack speed bonus.
                 Then Prince of Thieves. Detonation
                 just for fun.
    1.206 Iceman.
          Character Rating: 7.5/10
          Weaknesses: Even with the double cold damage item, his
                     Damage is somewhat lacking.                                  
          Strengths: Well diversified character. Fun attacks to
                    use, as well as having a good, broad range.
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Ice Shards 5.5/10
                 More fun than anything. For some reason they
                 don't seem to hit as much as Magneto's spikes.
              II Ice Slide 10/10
                 Puzzle solving move. Always good to have one
                 point into it and nothing more. 
             III Cold Crush 8/10
                 This move rocks for groups of enemies.
                 This will be his best attack and should be
                 used as often as possible.
              IV Ice Pillar 7.5/10
                 Fun to use, and great for lots of enemies
                 spread out all over the place. coupled with
                 cold crush, he's an excellent ranged fighter.
               V Ice Armor 4/10
                 I have fun with it, but it's worthless in hard.
                 It can be pretty useful on easy or normal though.
              VI Ice Combat 6/10
                 Not the best melee character in the game, but 
                 this gives him a good shot at it.
             VII Cold Master 8/10
                 The reason this is rated so high is because it
                 highly affects his ranged attacks and his melee
                 attacks. especially with his danger room item,
                 this is quite potent.
            B) Character Glitches: None.
            C) Stat Allocation: Heavy on focus. At least
               2/level.  More if you feel like he's safe
               behind a front line.
            D) Miscellaneous: Good character for fighting in
               the back.  He has a couple of moves that are 
               fun to play around with. Also decent on the
               front if made right.
    1.207 Ironman.
          Character Rating: 9.75/10
          Weaknesses: The only reason he didn't get a 10 is
                      because he is a lacking a parting boosting
                      ability. Also, in Act III there are those 
                      Robots who do a small percentage of the 
                      damage you do to them back to you. He can 
                      get up to doing so much damage at one point
                      that he'll get instantly killed just
                      because he can hit way more than he should 
                      be able to.                                 
          Strengths: He is the best playable character in the game.
                     He can easily reach the highest damage output
                     no matter what party he is placed in. His
                     attacks are quick, ruthless, and most don't 
                     leave any survivors.  He also is fun to play
                     with and is good at solving puzzles.
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Plasma Charges 7/10
                 With Motion Amp, decimates everything
              II Repulsor Rays 8/10
                 With Motion Amp, decimates everything. High points
                 because it's a skill best at level 1.
             III Gamma Bolts 10/10
                 With Motion Amp, decimates everything. Incredible
                 attack power and speed make this the best attack 
                 in the game.
              IV Tractor Beam 4.5/10
                 Fun to use, but his greatest ability.
               V Concussive Overload 5/10
                 The only good radial Xtreme. Still not worth
                 the token, but much better than the other 
              VI Motion Ampliefier 10/10
                 the only self boost worth getting a 10/10. Affects
                 both his melee AND ENERGY damage. He's an
                 unstoppable monster while using this, and with the
                 extra attack speed, nothing has a chance to get to
             VII Auto Medic 4/10
                 Don't bother with this unless you really, really want
                 to.  I only listed it because I know people will waste
                 points into it.
            VIII Mark VIII Upgrade 9/10
                 Makes his already powerful attacks even more powerful.
              IX Environmental Suit 5.5/10
                 You don't really need this with him
                 as he won't be getting hit unless you're
                 not trying.
            B) Character Glitches: Motion amplifier not only
               increases the damage of his physical attacks
               but also increases the damage he does with 
               his "mutant" abilities! 
            C) Stat Allocation: He shouldn't fight on the front
               so forget strike.  Keep up body for the HP and
               some defence, but mainly concentrate on focus.
            D) Miscellaneous: What is there to say? He's too 
               good in this game.
               He's a hidden character, to find him get all four
               homing beacons in all five acts.
    1.208 Jean Grey.
          Character Rating: 7/10
          Weaknesses: His damage output, no matter what, will be
                     with the bottom half of the characters. Her
                     most damaging move, Dark Phoenix, takes too
                     long to execute. AI can't be set to Mental 
                     Vortex and Telekinesis.
          Strengths: She is one of the best support characters in
                    game as well.  While she does lack good                
                    damaging moves, as the AI she RULES with TK. 
                    She can actually do pretty decent hand to hand
                    combat because of her +mental damage passive. 
                    Also, one of the few characters who can revive
                    others. On a final note, if you like using this 
                    character you still have three choices picking 
                    whoever you want as she is one of the two 
                    characters who can solve every puzzle in the game.
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Telekinesis 6/10
                 her best AI ability. She does well with it
              II Dark Phoenix 5.5/10
                 Her strongest attack, but the last few boxes
                 don't improve it, and it takes forever to execute.
             III Mental Guardian 5/10
                 One of her better "attacks." It helps, but
                 other characters should be killing enemies 
                 much faster than this little guy.
              IV From the Ashes 7/10
               V Mental Vortex 10/10
                 One of the best boosts in the game. Use it.
                 Max it.
              VI Psionic Combat 6/10
                 Her attack power is upped more than others is,
                 be she's a ranged fighter so this isn't as 
                 good as it could be.
             VII Telekinetic Net 7.5/10
                 great, as she should be ranged anyhow.
             VII Mental Mastery 5/10
                 Her attacks are poor, and so it makes this 
            B) Character Glitches: None.
            C) Stat Allocation: Tons of focus. 2-3 per level.
            D) Miscellaneous: Mental Vortex is her best
               ability, however TK is really good when
               controlled by the AI.
    1.209 Juggernaut.
          Character Rating: 5.5/10
          Weaknesses: He has a few decent abilities 
                     but when it comes down to it they're not 
                     very pratical/fitting unless the entire 
                     room is covered in enemies.  He may be  
                     able to clear a HUGE room of people out
                     faster than most characters, but against 
                     small groups of enemies (which is what
                     the game is, mainly) using him just 
                     becomes tedious and unpractical. Support
                     Moves only affect him. He's slow. very
                     very slow.
          Strengths: He can clear a room pretty well.  One of
                     his Xtreme attacks is pretty good. While
                     He moves like a turtle, his actual attack
                     speed is pretty good(Although you need a
                     passive to get it).      
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Bullrush 5/10
                 It's fun to run around, but this isn't too 
              II Crimson Rage 5/10
                 It's fun to grow, but still, it doesn't
                 last as long as it should, and on top of
                 that, isn't as effective at killing single
                 enemies as it is groups. Killing an enemy
                 or two is a waste with this, and by the
                 time he waddles over to another enemy he
                 most likely will have started shrinking.
             III Path of Destruction 5.5/10
                 great for groups. waste of a token most of the
                 time though.
              IV Cyttorak Transfer 5.5/10
                 Great if you're going to use Juggs and storm/Sunfire.
                 The drawback to this is you have to use Juggernaut 
                 AND Sunfire (Ok)/Storm(pretty bad) for this to work.
                 Having two people for one move is pretty worthless, 
                 but if you have them in your party anyway it's worth
               V Precision 6/10 
                 pretty good.
              VI Cyttorak's Folly 9/10
                 This is awesome. Plain and simple.
             VII Balanced Form 8.5/10
                 Another great passive.
            VIII Critical Strike 7/10
                 great for him, but his others are better.
                 If only he were quicker . . . .
            B) Character Glitches: Moves upped consdiderably by
               Energy Fury Boost.
            C) Stat Allocation: Strike. Pour points into it
               and watch his damage go up. He needs body too
               since he'll get hit a lot. You do have to make
               sure though, that he'll have enough focus to use
               his moves.  After you know you have enough for
               what you want to use with him, there's no need
               to put too much into it.
            D) Miscellaneous: Now before I get yelled at by all
               the Juggernaut fans from the boards, remember a
               5.5 is a pretty good score if you look at other
               scores. "BUT MAGNETO GOT 2 POINTS MORE AND JUGGS
               IS WAY BETTER!!1111ONEONEONE112@@@@" ... No, he's
               not, do not email me regarding this.  He's good 
               in certain situations. Magneto has far more uses
               in this game than Juggernaut does.
    1.210 Mangeto.
          Character Rating: 7.75/10
          Weaknesses: Unfortunately, with no glitches that 
                     affect his attack power, he isn't one
                     of the quicker boss killers. In fact,  
                     Only Professor X can affect his attack
                     power with mutant powers(I may be wrong,
                     if I am email me and I'll check it out).
                     Supremacy isn't useful later in the game.
                     It isn't worth it at all imo. 
          Strengths: Some people Love Supremacy and build their
                    entire party around it. His other boost, 
                    polarized shield, pretty much makes him a
                    competent tank character. Excellent passive
                    abilities.  While he can't get a huge boost
                    in attack like many others can, he can still
                    clear rooms quite quickly. He is one of the 
                    most fun characters to use in the game.  
                    On a final note, if you like using this
                    character you still have three choices 
                    picking whoever you want as he is one of 
                    the two characters who can
                    solve every puzzle in the game.
            A) Character Glitches: None.
            B) Everything else:
    1.211 Nightcrawler.
          Character Rating: 9/10
          Weaknesses: No great party boosting abilities.  
                     Other boost is all right, but not golden.
          Strengths: Master of Chaos can do more damage than 
                    anything else in the game.  Teleporting
                    attacks do good damage while, for the most
                    part, keeping him out of harms way.  He 
                    also has very good passives.  
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Divine Blades  4/10
                 Fun to use, but not his best move.  Still,
                 this technique proves useful for the first
                 part of the game.
              II Teleport 10/10
                 It's a requirement for his best moves, and
                 it's really, really useful.  Only put one 
                 point into this until way, WAY later in the 
                 game. And that's only if you plan on getting
                 to 99.
             III Teleport Attack 5.5/10
                 Really useful, however, it's best to not put
                 any points into this at all and abuse the
                 Frenzy glitch.
              IV Piercing Strike 6/10
                 His best sword move, the only drawback being
                 it takes forever to execut.  It does decent 
                 damage and has a respectible radius for a 
                 melee attack.
               V Teleport Frenzy 8/10
                 Glitched.  Does great damage, and costs 0 ep
                 if you didn't put any points in teleport attack.
                 You'll be using this a lot if you use NC
              VI Master of Chaos 10/10
                 Worth the Xtreme token, everytime.  One of the
                 best boss killing moves. The only people who
                 can match this much destruction are Ironman
                 and Wolverine, and they need boosts from a 
                 couple people to do so.
             VII Shadow Master 4/10
                 Don't get this until later in the game, but
                 it's still better than Worship.
            VIII Sword Mastery 5.5/10
                 You should really go with Teleport mastery first.
                 If you have EXTRA skill points, go with this.
              IX Teleport Mastery 8/10
                 Works wonders with Master of Chaos and Teleport
                 Frenzy.  Max Asap.
               X Uncanny Reflexes 7.5/10
                 Max asap. This is a great technique.
              XI Leap of Faith 4.5/10
                 This really isn't needed as you shouldn't
                 be getting killed. I only put this here
                 because it was extremely useful in the first
                 game and people will most likely dump points
                 into it.
             XII Critical Strike 7.5/10
                 Another good passive. Max asap.
            B) Character Glitches: Moves upped consdiderably by
               Energy Fury Boost. Also, if you do not put any
               points into teleport attack, teleport frenzy
               will cost 0 ep no matter what level it's at. 
               Useful for when you get it and may not have ep.
            C) Stat Allocation: Depends on if you abuse the
               the Teleport frenzy glitch.  If you're going
               to, then give pretty much all his points to
               strike with an occasional body and an
               occasional speed (one every two levels). If
               you're going to play honestly, give him about
               even between strike and focus, and same with
            D) Miscellaneous: If you get Vindicator's gauntlet's
               give them to NC.  Master of Chaos does insane 
               damage with it.
    1.212 Professor Charles Xavier.
          Character Rating: 3.75/10
          Weaknesses: His damage output, no matter what, will be
                     with the bottom half of the characters. His
                     attacks are are fairly weak. Hard to find a
                     a place for him in any party. 
          Strengths: Excellent passive ability.  His boost is 
                    pretty good too.  Still with his lack of 
                    attacks and diversity, his weaknesses still
                    far outweigh his strengths.
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Cleave 5.5/10
                 It's ok I guess, it's just so lacking that
                 that I find it hard to justify giving it more
                 points despite the fact it's one of his better
              II Crushing Ego 6.5/10
                 If you're characters are weak, this is good. 
                 Otherwise, it's just there to hold people in
                 place and isn't as damaging as you would hope.
             III Psychic Shock 6/10
                 This is kind of cool, but again: Your people
                 shouldn't be getting killed.
              IV Telepathic Link 8/10
                 Excellent buff, almost makes him worth using
                 until you realize there are people with better
               V Reveal Intent 5/10
                 This could be better. It's somewhat of a letdown.
              VI Clairvoyance 9.25/10
                 Anything that increases movement is worth using
                 imo, and this ALSO decresases damage taken. One
                 of the best passive abilities in the game, easily.
             VII Leadership See Magneto's faq/section.
            B) Character Glitches: His Cleave attack should be
               affected by Energy Fury.
            C) Stat Allocation: 2-3 focus/ level. Rest is your
            D) Miscellaneous: He is a hidden character, to get
               him, beat all the danger room missions.
               What a let down....
    1.213 Rogue.
          Character Rating: 1.5/10
          Weaknesses: Glitched to make you hit a lot less than 
                     you should.  Her moves are terrible, and
                     her boosts pretty much can't be used. 
          Strengths: Um..... I guess Might is cool...
                     Tremor is ok, southern strike is nice 
                     too, but it's just not worth it.
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Torpedo Strike 5/10
                 It's ok I guess,  one of her better attacks.
              II Tremor 4.5/10
                 Better than her other moves, anyway.
             III Hardened 5/10
                 She doesn't really need this.
              IV Prism Shield 6.5/10
                 Everything with her seems worthless.
               V Critical Strike 8/10
                 if you're going to use her, max this anyway.
            B) Character Glitches: Moves upped consdiderably by
               Energy Fury Boost. If you have one point into 
               Heal, she will auto cast it while in your party. 
               While this may not seem like a bad thing, for 
               some reason it makes you do considerably less
               damage. (Source = Kaj. Thanks)
            C) Stat Allocation: Mainly Strike. 
            D) Miscellaneous: If you do plan on using her, do
               not put any points into heal or you'll regret
    1.214 Scarlet Witch.
          Character Rating: 6.75/10
          Weaknesses: Her damage output, no matter what, will be
                     with the bottom half of the characters. 
          Strengths: She is one of the best support characters.
                    While her damage seems terrible, she can
                    instantly turn things into boxes, which is 
                    similar to instant death.  Somewhat useful.
                    Another positive is her moves are really good
                    its just the fact she has mental damage that
                    keeps her damage so low.
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Reality Shift 7/10
                 Fairly useful, my AI SW always uses this and I
                 enjoy picking through through the garbage.
                 While I have only got junk in her boxes, some 
                 of my (reliable) sources have found good items
                 in them, such as unique items.  I think the
                 chances are pretty much the same as if they 
                 enemy had just died, though.
              II Hex Locked 5.75/10
                 Fun fun fun. I enjoy using a lot of moves like 
                 this. Not her best, and shouldn't have points
                 put in it first, but definitely later.
             III Hex Explosion 7/10
                 The damage on this almost makes you think she's 
                 an offensive character.  This is great, but it
                 is hard to hit people with this.
              IV Probability Syphon 10/10
                 Use it, abuse it.
               V Amplify Luck 9/10
                 This rocks as well, cast both of her 
                 boosts in any big battle. She probably won't have
                 the EP if both are maxed, but what's an energy
              VI Scarlet's Touch 1/10
                 It's a waste. don't use this.
                 This is her worst ability, and as most passives
                 actually are worth the points, I thought I 
                 would point out that this is not.
             VII Deflect Missiles 7.5/10
                 Standard passive. Use it.
            VIII Hex Mastery 7/10
                 Great later in the game after her boosts are 
                 maxed out.
            B) Character Glitches: None.
            C) Stat Allocation: at least 5 focus/2 levels. She 
               shouldn't be on the front at all.
            D) Miscellaneous: Probability syphon is reason 
               enough to use her. Better than Jean unless
               you don't have a flyer and telekinetic/teleporter.
    1.215 Storm.
          Character Rating: 4.5/10
          Weaknesses: Despite being able to hit quite a few
                     people at once, she still struggles to
                     keep up with other characters damage wise.
                     Will of the Goddess would be extremely useful
                     in any other game, but this game is easy as it
                     is, that WotG isn't needed and becomes somewhat
                     of a waste.
          Strengths: While her damage is low, she can hit a lot of
                     people at once. 
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Lightning Strike 6.5/10
                 I actually find this to be quite useful
                 Not a bad move to invest points into.
              II Blizzard  6.5/10
                 Great when coupled with Radiation Damage
                 and Probability Syphon/Mental Vortex. 
                 It's great fun with infinite EXP.
             III Whirlwind 4.5/10
                 Same as above, except this has worse 
                 damage and is pretty much a waste of 
                 points. Just for fun
              IV Chain Lightning 6.5/10
                 This really depends on how many people
                 are in the room, either way, it's just
                 another one of her average moves that
                 really doesn't shine too much.
               V Will of the Goddess 4.5/10
                 This move would rule if this game was hard.
                 But it isn't.
              VI Elemental Combat 4.5/10
                 she has no reason to be in striking
                 distance of an enemy, and this would give you
                 one. She CAN benefit from it, but I don't use
             VII Wind Mastery 6/10
                 It's ok if you use Blizzard.
            VIII Lightning Mastery 6.5/10
                 It's ok if you use her lightning attacks.
            B) Character Glitches: None.
            C) Stat Allocation 2-3 focus every level. 
               She doesn't fight up front. 
            D) Miscellaneous: much different than the first,
    1.216 Sunfire.
          Character Rating: 6.5/10
          Weaknesses: Low Damage output.  He's somewhere in the
                     middle, but struggles to keep his damage up.
          Strengths: Fun play with, Flame sword does pretty good
                    damage.  Ignite hits everyone on the screen
                    and does decent damage if he's equipped 
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Ignite 6.75/10
                 I Love ability! It's too bad the damage is so
                 mediocre. If it was just a little bit higher, 
                 Sunfire would be a monster!
              II Blazing Barrage 6/10
                 Not one of his better attacks, but I'm 
                 partial to these things.
             III Flame Sword 7/10
                 Really nice damage, but some drawbacks on this
                 attack are it's long execution time, and the 
                 fact Sunfire is somewhat vulnerable while using
              IV Inferno 4.75/10
                 This would be ok if you could aim it easier and
                 the lingering damage was worthwhile.  Don't be
                 fooled into thinking that this is like Cold
                 Crush or Blizzard. Those are good moves, this
                 is not. 
               V Flaming Fury 5/10
                 Only reason I would say to use this is if you're
                 using Juggernaut. Fans of him will know what I
              VI Ion Shield ??/10
                 This is glitched, though I don't know how. 
                 Any GOOD info will be credited.
             VII Fire Mastery 7.75/10
                 Since he is a good character, and all his good
                 attacks are fire based, you definitely want to
                 use this.
            VIII Elemental Combat 5.75/10
                 Tempting to use, but it's better off keeping him
              IX Ionize 8/10
                 One of the better passives in the game.
                 All and all, it keeps him fairly safe while
                 fighting from a distance.
            B) Character Glitches: None.
            C) Stat Allocation: Mainly Focus.  If you plan on
               using flame sword a lot you may want to up his
               body some since he'll probably take a couple 
            D) Miscellaneous: He's a fun one. For fun things
               to do with him, read the other sections.
    1.217 Toad.
          Character Rating: 8/10
          Weaknesses: Toad is somewhat of a jack of all trades,
                     but a master of none.  He does everything
                     quite well but doesn't excell at anything
                     above and beyond other characters.
          Strengths: Good, quick damage, and good boosts. IMO, 
                    he's much better than he should be in this
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Tongue Strike 7.25/10
                 Get it and use it. He can be quite dangerous
                 with this. Damage upped by secretion and
                 Energy Fury. On top of this, he also attacks
                 with this much quicker when using Secretion
              II Tonge Lash 7.5/10
                 same as above
             III Secretion 9.5/10
                 This move is so good it's crazy. It makes
                 all your characters move and attack quicker
                 and also increases melee damage (coupled with
                 Energy Fury it is even more potent).
              IV Tongue Mastery 8/10
                 His tongue moves are lethal, and this just
                 adds to their power.
               V Critical Strike 8/10
                 This helps with him a lot considering he's such
                 a quick attacking character.
            B) Character Glitches: Tongue moves upped 
               consdiderably by Energy Fury Boost.
            C) Stat Allocation: He will definately need enough
               EP to use Maxed Secretion so don't neglect it.
               Work on strike at the same time, though, as his
               tongue moves require it.
            D) Miscellaneous: Why is he this good....
    1.218 Wolverine.
          Character Rating: 8/10
          Weaknesses: Just another tank character.  On his own
                     he can't do nearly as much as a lot of the
          Strengths: Like all other tanks, damage can be upped 
                    quite a bit with glitches.  Works well in a
                    party with most people.  IMO, he's more 
                    versatile than the other tanks. On top of
                    that, he is capable of doing more damage and
                    doing it quickly. The reason he gets an 8, 
                    however, is because he's capable of clearing
                    a room of weaker enemies faster than any other
                    character by far, even ironman or nightcrawler,
                    if he is properly boosted. Read "Adamantium 
                    Devil" under Pairings for info.
            A) Notable Abilities:
               I Eviscerate 7/10
                 Great attack power. With good boosts, will kill
                 a lot of things, easily.
              II Claw Frenzy 7/10
                 Most people think this move is terrible. However,
                 if you know how to use it with proper boosts, 
                 it can easily become one of the most lethal 
                 and quick attacks in the game. The drawback to
                 this is obviously that you need to use other 
                 specific characters just for this move.
             III Berserker Rage 6.75/10
                 Pretty good boost, especially since it only affects
              IV Claw Master 8/10
                 He does respectable damage, and insane damage boosted.
                 Use this.
               V Enhanced Senses 6.5/10
                 I was hoping for something better, but it's still
                 not too bad. The bonuses make him pretty good.
              VI Strong Willed 6.75/10
                 Also pretty good.
             VII Regeneration 4.5/10
                 Don't be fooled into thinking this is his regeneration
                 from X-men Legends 1. It's not.
            B) Character Glitches: Moves upped consdiderably by
               Energy Fury Boost.
            C) Stat Allocation: He needs strike/body. His regen
               was cut down quite a bit so he needs to be able
               take some hits. Speed isn't that important with
               him since you should give him the passive that
               ups attack/def and he'll gain speed naturally.
            D) Miscellaneous: Stategies for having fun with
               him discussed below.
               ALSO: DO NOT BE FOOLED!!!! Many of you think
               that "Fists of Weapon X" is a great item because
               of what it says. If it did what it said it did 
               it would be, but it doesn't.  There's almost
               no damage change when using this, so don't bother
               with it.  A simple +damage or +strike item will
               do much better (+35 strike is just as good as it
               should have been, anyway).
    *                            *
     *   1.3  Game Questions   *
    *                            *
    Q: What does speed do? I see my attack + defence go up
       but I don't hit more or get hit less.
    A: Attack and Defence only affect chance to hit and chance
       to get hit in this game.  The more points in speed, the
       more accurate and harder to be you will be with melee 
    Q: I have a lot of Speed but I'm not dodging any more!
    A: when the word "DODGE!" Actually appears over your 
       character, it's from a skill, not defence.
    Q: Why shouldn't I use Bishop AND Gambit, and Glitch 
       Energy fury for even MORE damage?
    A: Energy fury wont stack, cause it has the same animation.
       There are conditions in which attacks wont stack,
       1st they have the same animation, 2nd, they are casted by
       the same person in succession (Thanks to Kaj for that)
    Q: In Defend 402, Havok ALWAYS dies, this is impossible!
    A: Either push him up the stairs and into the back room
       or use Storm's Will of the Goddess.
    Q: Where is the best place to get experience?
    A: This depends.  A lot of players will tell you there 
       a place in the holding pens that is perfect for
       experience because it's later in the game and the 
       enemies respawn so getting experience is quick and 
       easy.  Leveling here isn't totally to your benefit
       in my opinion though, as you miss out on valuable
       stat points.
    Q: How do I miss out on stat points if I'm getting more
    A: I was referring to free stat points that can be obtained
       by playing the game over and over.  I feel the best way
       to level your characters is to play through the game
       several times as this allows the techstations to
       increase your stat points more often, and allows you to
       do the danger room missions over and over again.
    Q: I can't get the homing beacon in the sewers behind that
    A: There will be a chamber behind the fan witha small device.
       You need to use one of storm's lightning abilities, sap 
       with bishop, or power theft with rogue. Then it will 
       shut down.
    Q: How do I get unique (Green) items besides the danger
    A: Good question! Unfortunately, as far as myself and my
       sources can tell it's completely random.  You may get 
       0 unique items on one playthrough, and on another you 
       may get up to 6. It's luck. By my sources, I basically
       just mean Kaj from the gamefaqs.com message boards lol.
    Q: What's the difference between +damage, +Energy dmg, etc?
       What is better?
    A: I have a whole section dedicated to this in the
       miscellanous part of the FAQ. go to 1.53 for equipment
       and damage.
    *                            *
     *   1.4 Good parties       *
    *                            *
     Below I will list some fun party combinations 
    I have discovered while playing.  Some of them
    are just good party builds while others are simply
    for fun. They may require you to be in a certain
    place or fighting certain enemies/bosses to work,
    but I will list all requirements below as well.
    <> Key:                          <>             <>
    <>     Bishop                    <>   BI        <> 
    <>     Gambit                    <>   GBT       <>
    <>     Iceman                    <>   ICE       <>
    <>     Ironman                   <>   FE        <>
    <>     Juggernaut                <>   JUGS      <>
    <>     Nightcrawler              <>   NC        <>
    <>     Sunfire                   <>   SUN       <>
    <>     Toad                      <>   T         <>
    <>     Scarlet Witch/Jean Grey   <>   SW/P      <>
    <>     Wolverine                 <>   WLV       <>
    <>     Mental Vortex             <>   Mv        <> 
    <>     Probability Syphon        <>   Ps        <>
    <>     Secretion                 <>   Se        <> 
    <>     Energy Fury               <>   Ef        <>
    NOTE: For all of Magneto's Party combos, go here:
    This also contains the only good ones for cyclops/professor
    Party Name: Total Annihilation      
    Party Members: FE, SW/P, T
    Skills Required: Motion Amplifier (MAX), Gamma Bolts (MAX), 
                     Mv/Ps (MAX), Se (MAX) Repulsor Ray (LEVEL
    Application: First, have your npcs cast either Mv or Ps 
                 (whichever you have) and then Se.  After that, 
                 use Motion Amp.  After this, continue to fire
                 Gamma Bolts.  If you set this up correctly,
                 You will fill the entire room with gamma bolts
                 that kill anything on contact in a few seconds.
                 Use Repulsor Ray for some added fun too. Keep it
                 at level one so it doesn't cost much and you
                 always get full EP/hit.
    Negatives:   You kill things so quickly that you may not even
                 get to see the enemies you're fighting.  Also,
                 in Act III there are robots that reflect a small
                 percent amount of damage back to whoever hit them.
                 Fe hits so much with a gamma bolt, the small % of 
                 the massive damage he does to these robots will
                 easily kill him.
    Party Name: Hyperdrive      
    Party Members: GBT, T
    Skills Required: Se (Max), Energy Form (Max)
    Application: Use both Energy Form and Se. Using both
                 of these boosts at their max level will
                 make Gambit by far the 2nd fastest moving 
                 character in the game. It lasts a minute
                 and is well worth it for fun, imo. Keep in
                 mind that this also increase his attack speed
                 as well.
    Negatives:   Maxing Energy Form isn't recommended until
                 later in the game.
    Party Name: Adamantium Devil      
    Party Members: BI, T, WLV
    Skills Required: Ef(MAX), Superconductor(MAX), Berserker
                     Rage(MAX), Claw Frenzy(MAX), Claw Mastery
                     (MAX) Se (MAX)
    Application: First have Bishop use Ef and Wolverine use
                 Berserker Rage. Have Bishop then use
                 Superconductor. Also, Toad use Se. If properly 
                 equipped, Wolverine will do MASSIVE amounts of 
                 damage per slash, plus he will get faster by 
                 doing so. Since you have infinite EP, you can 
                 easily just keep spamming Claw Frenzy.  
                 Wolverine will move faster than anyone in the 
                 game this way, even Gambit! He can clear a room
                 out much faster than any character (Yes, even 
                 faster than Ironman or NC!!!) this way, making him
                 the best tank imo.  If you're not a fan of
                 Wolverine, you can use Juggernaut and use 
                 Crimson Rage.  You'll get huge, but you won't 
                 be nearly as fast so I think it's quite a bit
    Negatives:   Wastes one Xtreme token.  If you're in an area
                 with a lot of enemies you'll get it back quite
                 easily though.
    Party Name: Crazy EXP      
    Party Members: JUGS, SW/P
    Skills Required: Crimson Rage(MAX), Mv/Ps(MAX)
    Application: Keep Mv/Ps actived and spam Crimson Rage in the
                 Holding pens.  He seems to kill things much 
                 quicker than other people do for some reason.
                 Easier to use him than Wolverine here because
                 Wolverine is harder to control as he's much, 
                 much faster.
    Negatives: Can ONLY be done in holding pens.
    Party Name:  Radiation Nation     
    Party Members: SUN/ICE, SW/P
    Skills Required: Ignite(MAX)/Ice Pillar(MAX) Mv/Ps(MAX)
    Application: First you need good +damage items for SUN/ICE.
                 On top of this, at least one of them has to
                 have "+Radiation damage over x seconds." The 
                 +Damage will affect the radiation damage at 
                 each 1/2 a second (how often its damage is 
                 calculated).  After this, use Mv/Ps and just 
                 use Ignite/Ice Pillar. You will do initial
                 damage giving you a decent amount of EP back,
                 but the cool thing is that radition damage is
                 pretty much on every enemy on the screen now, 
                 and you get a TON of EP FAST from this, giving
                 SUN/ICE As much EP as they want for other
                 abilities you may want them to use. Fairly
                 lethal too.
    Negatives:   Doesn't kill as fast as other things (I.E
                 anything ironman can do).
    Party Name: Boss Killer      
    Party Members: NC, BI/GBT
    Skills Required: Master of Chaos(MAX), Teleport Mastery
                     (MAX), Ef(MAX)
    Application: If you get NC's strike high, and give him 
                 Vindicator's Gauntlets(They work wonders with
                 him) on top of casting Ef, he will kill most
                 bosses as quickly (if not quicker) than Ironman
    Negatives:   Requires Xtreme Token.
    Party Name: Cheap      
    Party Members: BI/GBT, any tank/melee character.
    Skills Required: Ef(MAX), any ability based on strike.
    Application: Use Ef, watch enemies die.  It's glitched and
                 does serious damage.       
    Negatives:   Makes game too easy.
    *                            *
     *   1.5 Miscellaneous      *
    *                            *
    Because they are two of the more asked about things, I 
    will start with Stat points and Skill points.
      While I do have a brief summary of what should be done
    with each character as far as stats go, I'm going to
    list some important information here that should be 
    considered before you build your character.
       1) You characters will gain quite a bit of stat points
    as they level up on their own.  If you plan on getting
    Magneto to level 99, he will have obtained 151 focus
    without you having to put anything into it.  Since his
    Focus goes up every level, having focus maxed in his 
    late 60's or early 70's is a complete waste if you plan
    on getting to level 99.  However, if you only plan on 
    beating the game once, you should up stat points that
    will benefit the character most.  Since 250 is the max 
    stat point level, if you plan on getting to level 99, 
    do not put more than 100 points into whatever a
    character's strong suit is (ex: don't put 100 strike
    into Wolverine or 100 focus into Jean Grey).
       2)  After you get to 250 stat points in one area or
    another, you may notice that Tech Stations and Danger 
    Room Missions still increase your stats beyond their 
    set maximum.  While this is true, it is also not a
    good idea to abuse this.  If you get your stat points
    too high above the limit, they WILL reset.  If you have
    280 focus (you'll be lucky to get that high) another 
    Tech Station might send you back to 24. 
    1.502: SKILL POINTS
       1) You want to get as many of these as possible.  The
    best way to do this is to get FREE stat points.  Obtaining
    a good deal of free skill points requires you playing
    through the game several times.  You will find all the free
    skill points you can get in danger room missions.  For
    every qualifying exam, and the last four bosses on legend.
    With Ironman, the longest boss it took me to kill was Stryfe
    on hard, and it only took me 20 seconds flat just testing.
    The easiest way to beat all these bosses is  to use level 1 
    Repulsor Rays with Motion amp and Probability Syphon/Mental
    Vortex. If you don't have that, Master of Chaos should work
    With Nightcrawler.
       1) Perhaps one of the frequently asked questions is what
    is the difference between +lightning dmg, +Damage, +Mental
    dmg, etc. This question is always followed up by which is
    better.  This question takes a little bit to explain so
    I dedicated this section for it rather than putting it into
    an FAQ.
       2) All items add damage to every attack. With +damage, it
    also says it increases your base melee damage, but power
    moves that are calculated by % are not affected by this. Even
    though the total damage changes in the Skill screen if you
    use L2, it will not change in actual combat.  Giving 
    a character an item with +Striking is actually much better
    than most people think.  I have items with +40 striking that
    I use all the the time, because that's an extra 80% damage
    bonus!  The only difference between what affects what is that
    +Damage items are better in the fact they can stack with other
    equipped items.
       3) Lastly, I will cover how the items stack. Despite the
    fact that they should just add up with simple addition, it
    doesn't work that way (The exception being Electric Damage).
    First off, Damage works fine, it will simply add what it
    says it will add. Next, Energy will give you a rather large
    boost of power, as all energy in this game is glitched to
    do much more damage than it should (That's why energy fury
    is so good!) +Damage items will stack with +Energy dmg items
    allowing you to get seriously high (and cheap) damage. As
    I stated, Electric seems to function fine under all of my 
    tested conditions.  Mental, however, actually has the 
    ability to lower your damage quite a bit.  I have no idea
    what the cause for this was but it happened when I was 
    testing damage with wolverine.  He was hitting about 
    2k with an ability with no cord. When I equipped a cord
    that was +109 mental damage, his attack power was drastically
    reduced. It was under 500, easily.  However, when testing 
    others, The mental damage didn't seem to matter. I would
    still be careful with this, and check damage while using
    an item.
    1.6   CONTACT INFO
    If you see any errors (I'm not perfect, and I didn't 
    really check).
    You have something you'd like to add/point out.
    Since this is my second FAQ, I know it's not perfect 
    and it's probably not one of the best looking.  I 
    would actually appreciate some constructive criticism.
    I will not respond to, nor do I care to get, e-mails
    or messages to the effect of "ur faq sux." If you're 
    going to criticize, please list actual faults AND ways
    they can be improved.  
    I would usually fix grammar/spelling, but there's no
    way that I'm going to look through this thing again.
    Please don't message me with these errors, only 
    information errors. BTW, if the information is
    something along the lines of "so and so deserved a
    better score" don't even bother writing because I 
    won't change it. I feel the scores I gave were fair
    based on how good the characters were in the game.
    Also, I will not download any attachments, so don't
    even bother with them, please.
    You want to use this FAQ on your website.
    I also don't mind be contacted if you need help with
    the game in general, but please keep in mind you can
    get help (and probably get it much more quickly as
    well) on the gamefaqs message board.  If you ask a 
    question that was clearly explain in this guide, or
    in another guide (don't ask danger room disc locations)
    I will probably just not respond.
    If you need to reach me, I am on AIM, Screen name Zibanzo.
    My Email address is Zibanzo@yahoo.com
    1.7  Thanks, Credits
    Thanks to gamefaqs.com. I wouldn't have wrote this without
    them. Also just random people asking questions on the
    message boards. I figure this should lighten the load
    of off me answering some questions :).
    Also, Thanks to Kaj for all his imput on "ZIBANZO TOPIC"
    in the forums.  For this FAQ, He contributed quite a bit.
    I also took some information from HIS topic "The Official
    Abusable Glitches Topic!!!"  
    1.8  LEGAL BANTER 
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are
    owned by Marvel. 
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except 
    for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web 
    site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance 
    written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site 
    or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
    and a violation of copyright.
    Right now the only sites authorized to use this Guide 
    are www.gamefaqs.com and www.neoseeker.com
    Copyright 2005 Spencer Bell/Zibanzo

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