You are Steven Scott, English gentleman, self-made millionaire, creator and designer of the world famous Rola toys. You have a flashy Lamborghini, a winning racehorse, and a big problem. Jody Leeds, the trainer of your horses, has been robbing you blind. It seems simple just to fire him. But things are seldom as they seem...
You are about to face the longest odds of your life. Plunged into danger, you have to untangle the web of deceit and violence that threatens all you have--your horse, your honor, and your life. All it will take is quick thinking, a lot of luck, and the help of a beautiful stranger and a trusted friend. Watch yourself, Steven, time's running out. This time you're playing for HIGH STAKES and if you're not careful, you'll lose it all!
- An all-text adventure with advanced techniques that allow you to give commands in plain English
- Fully developed characters that respond realistically
- Detailed prose that places you right in the middle of the action

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