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"A really good old game."

My first computer game I think, Digger is a timeless classic that is still enjoyable to play today. It was ahead of its time with great music and sound for the time very smooth gameplay and good graphics.

Graphics 10/10

Fantastic for the time very detailed and pleasant to look at. Everything can be identified and theres no image break up or anything. Slowdown is non existent. All up they are wonderful for the time. The remastered version has a VGA mode, but I prefer the original cga.

Sound 10/10

Again revolutionary for the time. The sounds are bleepy but pleasant and the music is really good for such an early game, with the background music being hot butter by popcorn. It's also polyphonic.

gameplay 10/10

In digger you play as a little bulldozer type machine and you have to dig through the earth to collect emeralds. Once you collect all the emeralds you go to the next level. There are also moneybags to collect for bonus points but you need to push them off a high ledge down a vertical shaft you've dug to break them open. Enemies can steal your gold as well once its broken so you have to hurry to pick it up.

But it won't be easy. Standing in your way are two enemies, Nobbins which chase you through the tunnels you dig if they see you, and Hobbins who can dig as well and home in on you.

You can kill enemies by pushing a moneybag down a vertical shaft so it crushes them, or you can shoot at them. Your fire takes about 20 seconds to recharge and this charge period takes longer the higher the stage you are on. Really your best offence is moneybags and evasion.

This game is really complex for the time, and is insanely addictive! I still play it regularly. There is also a official site with a world top scores list with the top score being a massive 3333330!

That's right digger has a remastered version that the original company knows about and has no problems with. It features VGA graphics, the ability to record games but is otherwise totally identical. The original digger was on a write-protected floppy disk. It could be ripped, but you would need a computer running at 4.77mhz with a dedicated cga graphics card to make it work. Otherwise it would run way too fast and the graphics wouldn't show up. The remastered version has been compiled from the ground up and plays exactly like the original. If you download the extras pack from the official site it has a text file with all the history and other things.

Replay 8/10

Digger is a fun, addictive game. The official world high scores list makes it have even more longevity as you can try to be included on it but to even get 10th spot you need to be scarily good!


Digger is a high quality retro game, which you really should play. And with the remastered version theres no excuse not to!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/08/05

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