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    Quest Mode Guide by BigMac8000

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    |       Author: Mike Cavanaugh (BigMac8000)       |  
    |       First Draft: April 27 2007                | 
    |       Version 1.0                               | 
    |       Email: FroZombie@gmail.com                |
    Hey all, this is my first faq, so bear with me. Right now it's rough,
    unpolished and needs reworking. I was going to do it all quickly, but
    this project is proving a bit too difficult... so I'm putting up what
    I have as of now and am going to fix it later. It needs a better index
    and less abstraction, but you get the idea.
    Quest Mode Faq
    Table of Contents
    To easily navigate this guide, use ctrl + f and use the following code(s).
         -General Tactics and Terminology
    Quest Mode Items.....................(C3)
    Frequently Asked Questions...........(C6)
    Is it worth it?......................(C10)
    Good Links...........................(C12)
    Stuff to do Later....................(C13)
    1. Introduction (C1)
    These are general, all purpose tactics that you will NEED to use to survive.
    They are in order of how I deem them as important, but it isn't too harsh. You
    could swap a few.
    1. Manage your aggro and your "Tails" appropriately.
    -What is a tail? 
    Tails are any foe that is following you. At any given moment,
    you have a tail. If you don't have a tail, great, but you almost always do. In
    fact, I'm gonna say you always do because you should CONSIDER that you always
    do. Generally the majority of your tail is soldiers, kings, or any type of
    goblin. The good thing about tails is that they are dumb and without the
    other enemies, you could probably dispatch them with a knife. Be wary of a 
    fewthings though. Teammates can run into your tails, and you can run into 
    yourteammates. Should you ever bump into a teammate, be fearful, because 
    their tail is around. It could be half the enemies in the room for all 
    you know, so regard bumping into teammates as a bad omen. Tails generally 
    aren't a big problem unless you make a glaring mistake, like getting 
    too carefree or getting  stunned/slowed/caught on a wall. Also, always 
    recognize that you have a tail at all times, even if you aren't aware 
    of it. Most of the time you have something homing in on you, even if 
    you haven't seen it yet.
     -What is aggro?
    Enemies that are looking to hurt you, rather than your buddy. If you are alone,
    you've aggroed everything. Good job. Anything with a ranged attack should be
    prioritized in your aggro list as high priority. Mages and Wizards especially.
    How do you manage it? You stay aware of who's looking at you. If you see a
    mage in front of you, and you are avoiding enemies, which way do you run? You
    run away from the enemies following you and you never run at a straight line
    toward a mage and you don't zig when you should zag. In fact, it's mostly 
    better to simply keep working your way around mages or wizards rather than go
    left then right or right then left. They don't "lead" you when they fire, so 
    you might end up just walking back into it.
    Enemies "Aggro" the closest thing to them, always. If you're alone in the room
    than everything is aiming at you, no matter what you're doing, since you're the
    closest. Take this into account, because it means being alone multiplies your
    If everyone else dies, every enemy in the room suddenly is aware of you and 
    is actively moving towards you and is firing every ranged attack they can at 
    you. Even that guy who isn't rendered in your screen is working towards you. 
    If you see 20 arrows fly by, generally it means your buddy has succumbed and 
    now all those mages who savegely tore him apart, are now looking to crucify 
    you,  long range style. Start doing circles and running perpendicular to their 
    firing pattern. Even if you just know generally where they are, start doing 
    a big circle.
    2. Using Butterfly or the Dagger, or, how I learned to love my melee weapons.
    Butterflying is a bit harder to do but will cause more damage with this trick,
    and dagger is easier but riskier.
    Every enemy you face has one big weakness. They don't attack horizontally. That
    means if they are facing you within a 45 degree angle, they usually can't hurt
    you. Not only can they not hurt you, they won't attempt to. This leads to a fun
    little trick you should practice in mansion, and perfect in dungeon.
    Get a substantial tail, draw your dagger. Strafe right or left, but swing your
    mouse the opposite direction. For instance if you strafe right, look left.
    Strafe left, look right. Most people strafe right and look left because it's 
    easier. Start doing a circle around your enemies, adjusting for their 
    "shuffling ranks". Stay mid range for your dagger but keep swinging. They won't
    hurt you (especially goblins) and there isn't much they can do to you. This
    works well with guns as well, when you are in small quarters and want to keep
    yourself away from other enemies. It isn't fullproof, a stun or a missed swing
    can still connect, but generally you'll just outwalk them. Kings you have to
    move a bit faster for, and the boss a LOT faster, but generally you can kill
    anything doing this. Just remember to stay calm, walk and not dash (it's 
    possible to get them a little crazy dashing too much) and just keep slashing.
    The trick is to stay calm and beware of people behind you. If you walk
    constantly without slowing down, you'll be outside their attack range and if
    they try to initiate a swing or a slice, it won't have been started until you
    are outside it's horizontal reach.
    *Short Version*
    Think of a clock. The enemies are the center of the clock. You rotate around
    the outside and as long as you stay in front of the hands, you'll be ok. The
    enemies attack in straight lines, like hands. Stay in front of the hand and
    move slowly but continuously and you'll be able to melee indefinitely. Always
    be 10-15 minutes ahead of the hand and you'll be fine.
    It works on mages too, but I don't reccomend getting close or they will swipe
    and that move is fast enough to catch you. Mages are evil like that. However
    it works extremely well with guns and large groups of mages. Hold the trigger
    and don't get dizzy doing circles.
    In time this trick becomes second nature and you'll use it in fragments to 
    deadly effect.
    as for butterflying... see an advanced guide. I can't do it justice and it's
    very difficult, but rewarding.
    3. Using Melee weapons in more dire circumstances.
    Sometimes that Dagger trick won't work so well. There are mages scattered 
    around or superion is breathing down your neck. If you have a dagger or a sword
    you can simply dash, jump, slash the edge of a group, then keep doing hit and
    run passes. It's riskier but when you've got nothing you might get lucky. If
    you can butterfly, great, but most people can't. With a dagger you can 
    continuously strike repeatedly as you pass by, doing triangles around your 
    foes. Generally just jumping to the outside of a group and skimming the outside
    is best, jumping through the middle is tricky (but sometimes neccesary). Just
    remember to not committ to a full on attack. Your trying to stay alive more 
    than you are trying to do damage. It's too easy to get in close and then get
    swatted repeatedly, rather than get in and out clean with some enemies damaged.
    4. Don't Neglect Your Grenades.
    It's easy to forget you have 8 grenades. Get used to using them frequently and
    whatever you do, don't save them until the end. Whenever you get an opportunity
    send a nade out there. They do more damage than you think. Try dropping one
    grenade between your legs sometime to see, at full health, and it'll nearly 
    kill you. You can also get headshots with grenades. You can use them against 
    the boss as well and if you are good at pooling enemies, you can farm enemies 
    while still hurting the boss.
    They also are a great alternative to using your Dagger. Generally avoiding
    using your melee weapons is choice because it isn't as risky.
    5. Don't Forget What You're Here For - GRAB THE CHEST!
    It's easy to forget. You're here for Large Skulls more than anything else. When
    you kill a King, make sure to CHECK to see if it dropped a chest. Never forget
    6. Making a Rooms.
    When you make a room, you should make it descriptive.
    Dungeon Lvl 3, be 25+ or Kick.
    Dungeon Lvl 2, be 13+ or Kick.
    I know you don't like kicking, no one does. But you have to. You can't enter
    Dungeon levels with characters under the limits. You don't have to explain it
    to them. If they ask, tell them to go to www.gamefaqs.com/ and learn something.
    7. Momentum Jumping
    Ever notice sometimes you have trouble stopping after a jump? You'll notice it
    a lot when you are on steps. Your character will slide and you'll momentarily
    lose control of everything except jumping again. This is something both to be
    aware of, and to utilize.
    The instant you land, your character slides a bit. You slide a bit more if you
    dashed before you landed. It's small, but it's enough to put some distance
    between you and everything else. Whenever you are in tight spaces, you should
    be continuously jumping. You get slightly more speed and that moment you are
    in the air, is a moment you are safe. It'll also disrupt mages aiming at you
    from afar, and may cause them to miss. Combined with dashing and other aerial
    maneuvers, you can evade and move much faster. You are forced to account for
    momentum jumping, so it is wise to utilize it when you are the ground, and 
    cheat it when you are in the air.
    Should you fall victim to a mistimed momentum jump (say while fleeing an enemy
    on some steps), don't panic, draw your melee, jump again, slice and dash to 
    freedom. It will become second nature and will certainly save you a lot of
    time and effort.
    8. Aim Low
    That's right, don't aim for the head. This was something I learned early on
    that made much more energy efficient. You can aim for the head, but you'll 
    miss with a lot of your shots. In fact, certain enemies you can aim just above 
    the nose and miss everytime. Aim for the waist to leg area and you'll hit 
    much more. The exception is when you are using pistols, but good luck with
    that. Mages you should definitely hit just where the robe starts to work its
    way inwards.
    2. Equipment (C2)
    Ah, my favorite section.
    Equipment for Quest Mode is simpler than you'd think. There are a lot of 
    choices you are forced to make in this mode that you aren't in normal fighting. 
    Fighting against live people is dynamic and unsystematic. However in Quest 
    mode it is very clear cut - there are weapons that are clearly better designed
    for killing hordes. I'm going to discuss pros and cons of all weapons then 
    I'm going to address what you should have, regardless. Also there are some 
    tactics in here that may benefit your PvP game.
    **Great Tip**
    Don't be afraid to double up.
    Like AR's? Bring 2. Fighting the boss, concerned about ammo? Bring 2 machine 
    guns. Sound ludicrous? It shouldn't. This gets greatly overlooked, so I felt
    the need to put it right at the top. I used two AR's from 18 on, with great
    The ONE thing you have to keep in mind regarding this trick - You CAN'T hold
    two of the same MODEL weapon. For instance, you can't bring two level 18
    maxwells. HOWEVER you can bring the level 18 Maxwell, and the Nico R6 assault 
    rifle. This... is a great trick that often gets glazed over.
    Armor + Accessories
    HP Rings. There is nothing better. Most of the time you'll have armor left
    when you die. Armor is nowhere near as important as HP. Buy them as soon as you
    can. +18 hp is almost 20% more life and that means more often than not when
    the going gets rough, you'll still have a safety net. Your armor barely ever
    runs out and since the power ups are scattered around, you might as well get
    them there. However you are always losing HP and 20% more life is HUGE when
    you think about it. After you put them on, next time you are in a round down
    to your tiny life, realize that normally you'd be dead now. Also take into 
    account this - normally, when you die, you have armor left. Also some people
    will say buy the 20,000 dollar better HP rings at 30, but for +4 hp, the
    additional 4 pounds of weight could be better used holstering 4 grenades.
    Speaking of grenades....
    Bring as many as you can carry. I can't praise this enough. When the going gets
    rough or when opportunity strikes, grenades are a safe simple alternative to
    your main weapons. They do much more damage than the rocket launchers and you
    can carry a lot of them. 8 pounds and you can kill a large mob easy. They
    really come in handy when you're alone. Very naturally you'll learn to pool
    your enemies for the kill. The trick is to learn to throw them correctly so
    they land exactly where you want them to. Once you do, they'll easily soften
    up any mob. I highly, highly reccomend this technique because it'll maximize
    your damage potential. Keep this in mind - one grenade equals one pound. If you
    buy a bunch of grenades then you can always use them to max your weight. I 
    also actively make space for grenades and never like to leave home without 4
    even on the low levels. Also when you've burnt all your ammo and you are down
    to your knife or sword, it sure beats taking the risk and if you get lucky you
    can easily score some ammo powerups. Don't second guess this one, just get used
    to it.
    **Grenade Tricks and Tips**
    One thing to keep in mind when throwing a grenade. Depending on which way you
    are moving when you throw a grenade, will change it's path. For instance if you
    are backpeddling, the grenade will be much closer to you. If you are moving
    forward you'll throw the grenade with more force and it'll end up away from
    you. Try to keep in mind what direction your pitching it. Often times you can
    creep one around a corner like this.
                     + +
                       /  \  ++
                       \__/     ++    (+=path and detonation)                       
      (where you end up)*<-------- -* (You as you begin your throw)
    My favorite tactic for dealing with trails. Backpeddle, look at the group. If
    you've got some clearance, draw a nade, be sure to be moving backwards, look at
    the ground and throw your nade. It will bounce, roll a bit with you, then stop
    dead. You'll have maybe two seconds to get away from it, so continue
    backpeddling. The group will walk right on top of it and into ideal position.
    This trick works great for when you're farming under difficult conditions, like
    bosses, and allows you to focus on evasion, with a bit of at twist.
    -On steps
    If you are running up a set of steps, keep this in mind. If you throw a grenade
    directly at a set of steps, they'll hit the steps as if they hit a wall. If you
    are fleeing up a set of steps, recklessly throw a grenade in front of you. It
    will hit the steps, end up well behind you, where enemies following you are 
    waiting. If you run past some mages, it's a great parting shot. It also may
    disrupt mages as it tosses them around.
    When you throw a grenade the first bounce will make it fly uncontrollably far.
    The best way to avoid this is to pitch it downwards at 45 degrees or less. By
    controlling the first bounce you can effectively throw grenades at closer
    ranges and not have them bounce too far. This works especially well in the
    stair level of dungeons, since you'll be fighting from a height for a while.
    HP + Armor Kits
    I'd say these are pretty much useless. Generally they are only going to come in
    handy when you are absolutely alone, which is the worst time to use them. More
    often than not you are better off keeping to the offense and letting your
    enemies drop HP + Ammo + Armor. It's hard enough to grab the health when it's
    made available to you, let alone stop, drop and pickup. The worst part, they 
    are abnormally heavy which will kill your weapon selections.
    Some people pray by them, especially people who butterfly. If that is the case
    then I praise your talent, but I still don't reccomend it to the average
    player. If you know enough about the game to survive like that, you'll know
    enough to violate my guide when your supposed to.
    Sword VS Dagger
    The big debate. Swords are clearly better (shocker) BUT not neccesarily
    better for you. Can you butterfly? Do you even know what I'm talking about?
    If you are shaky in your butterfly and you sword skills, don't bring a sword. 
    You can use the extra weight to carry more grenades and then you'll focus
    on evasion. Only the skilled know how to appropriately block attacks and
    set up for using a sword. If you aren't so well versed with a sword I highly
    reccomend just skipping it and going dagger. Blocking is great, but much more
    difficult in this mode rather than in normal combat. In normal combat twelve
    guys aren't swinging at you at once (unless, well, you did something to annoy
    that many people).
    I don't reccomend using the secondary attack on the dagger. It'll get you
    killed unceremoniously. Others will laugh or get pissed at you for being a
    N00b. You might get away with using the sword knock-up, but I don't think
    it'll save you any trouble and it's still risky.
    Let your own skill be your guide. With the dagger, once you learn to evade
    properly you can tag enemies and actually kill things when you've run out of
    ammunition, but with a sword you can block and survive much longer.
    Personally, I use a Dagger. I WISH I was as good with a sword as all those
    K-Stylers and people who can repeatedly block boss attacks, but I just 
    assume not take the risk because honestly, I'm not that good yet. Keep in
    mind though that a sword can do everything a dagger can if you are skilled
    with it but it also can hinder you greatly if you are not skilled with it.
    You'll take more hits trying to block rather than evade and it'll slow your
    game down. 
    Sprayers are king. Generally they provide more ammo, firepower and speed of
    kills than any other weapons. They also come with much more ammo.
    Assault Rifles
    Honestly I've had more success with the lvl 18 rifle (the Walcom) than any
    other weapon. I can't praise it enough. It's got a high rate of fire, you get
    it at 18 and will use it forever. Also assault rifles get great ammo 
    efficiency because they are extremely good at mid range attacks and the 
    Walcom gets one very cool benefit. It'll literally push mages away from you
    (alloying two more seconds of crucial attack if your rushing by one). I carried
    two assault for a while and was very pleased with. The only major flaw that I
    found was that, as is such with many weapons, refilling its ammo is extremely
    difficult. Also rifles come with an extremely large amount of ammo in the form
    of extra clips and often times you won't reach the bottom before a normal 
    round is over. Be wary of one thing though - newer rifles are not always better
    than old. The Walcom at 18 is by far the best rifle in overall stats. It never
    left my set up after 18.
    The big combatant to Assault Rifles is revolvers. Generally the unholy
    triumvirite is Machine Guns, Rifles and Revolvers. Pick any two or double up
    on any one. However of the choices I'd say Revolvers are the advanced choice
    and the Rifles the easier, more friendly, choice compared to the revolvers. You
    can kill efficiently with both but the revolvers might edge out should you use
    swapshot or reload shot effectively. However most people don't so sticking with
    the Maxwell is definitely choice.
    Low ammo efficiency, low ammo, you have to be close to utilize. Yada, yada,
    yada, you get the idea.
    GREAT for PVP. Bad for quest.
    They do have efficient damage though at times, so if you're stuck with one,
    make sure to maximize the damage you get out of them when you need to.
    Very good early on. The beginning SMG's are much lighter than their later
    counterparts (or at least you have less to strap on) and these provide good
    damage dealing. Coupled with an AR you have a strong combination and efficient
    firepower till your 18. Also SMG's come with more ammo which is great. There is
    a drawback though. As you get higher in levels you'll notice the weight of the
    SMG's more and more and eventually they'll become too cumbersome to use. Also
    they are not ammo efficient (at least not nearly as well as the AR's are) and
    you'll start to notice it greatly as you get better. However they are great in
    the beginning.
    Oh and never get a single uzi, ever. Slow down with 2 and it's like having
    double the firepower without a decrease in ammo. If you need accuracy, make
    your alternate a pistol or an AR.
    However, once you reach 18 these become fairly useless. They still are good,
    just not as good as your alternative choices. Revolvers take out the need for
    an alternative as well as doubling up on AR's.
    Pistols / Moreso Revolvers
    I don't reccomend automatics. You need to be able to spit death and automatics
    will slow you down. The revolvers are "ok". They are a stellar light weapon 
    however and are great when you have constraints on what you can carry. If you
    like using SMG's they are a great couplement because the revolvers will give
    you solid range. However ammo constraints cripple them greatly and practically
    waste an ammo power up. Generally pistols aren't that great though, if you are
    going to use them, make sure to have a primary weapon that is ammo efficient
    because pistols, once emptied, should stay empty.
    The upside to pistols is this. The ;ater revolvers are fantastic, as a late
    blooming weapon pistols are great. You can also aim at specific parts of
    enemies anatomy in hopes of scoring more damage, but I've found that incredibly
    difficult given the games damage allocation per body part. I have heard these
    weapons are very effective, but I've never thought they edged out over the
    Maxwell. Also the revolvers accuracy is unquestionable making them an effective
    ranged death dealer. Later on in your characters life, the revolvers will be
    able to annihilate most any type of foe within the 6 shots made available per
    I did some more research into the hows and why's of Pistols and I came up with
    this. During the boss fight they don't get many advantages that you're looking
    for, so the choice of revolver or assault rifle is ambiguous. You can go either
    However there is one thing that makes revolvers a unique choice. For those of
    you who are advanced Gunz players, you may know of two techniques called 
    "swap shot" and "reload shot". These take the cooldown off the revolvers
    allowing them to be fired much faster than normal, making them true death
    dealers. However if you do not use these techniques the revolvers lose a bit of
    their edge. They are good choice if you know how to use them, but my personal
    preference is still the Maxwell AR. Let yourself experiment with both and 
    decide for yourself.
    Rocket Launchers
    I'm mixed when it comes to these. I have to say I use the Nico
    Machine Gun much more because you can solidly eliminate enemies to farm more
    ammo as well as directly hurt the boss. The damage is also very lackluster 
    when an actual grenade does double the damage. They also don't get a ton of
    starting ammo. However they can be used effectively, but make SURE to herd
    your enemies into a tight group or else your wasting your ammo. It'd be best
    to start farming ammo right when you start using it and keep that mentality of
    keeping your ammo high and flowing. Also the reduced speed is something you 
    have to learn to manage effectively.
    If you are going to use a Rocket Launcer, keep this in mind. The damage isn't
    as high as a normal grenade, so you have to use its one major strength
    edgewise. This weapon does about 50 damage. The level 28 revolver does nearly
    the same damage. What's the difference?
    The Rocket Launcher can hit entire mobs.
    Thinking of it this way, you manage to hit, say, in a gloriously well groomed
    shot, 10 people, that's 50 damage x 10 people. That's 500 damage. You need to
    exploit this, because the Rocket Launcher does not get a lot of ammo and if you
    are gonna kill anything, you need to kill EVERYTHING. I also reccomend aiming
    at the ground at the enemies feet rather than the enemy itself.
    Machine Guns
    At 25, this is a great investment. It's got fairly substantial power and it
    really will help your performance during the boss fight. Also if you properly
    manage ammo powerups you can keep firing for a long time. I used this and the
    Walcom steadily after 25 and I never regretted it. It greatly adds to your 
    longevity as a fighter since one ammo upgrade gives you half your total ammo
    for that weapon back. It's a great boss killer and the best for ammo
    efficiency. The one reccomendation I have is that you bring something that is
    a bit faster on the kill, because if you see a wizard or a mage that needs to
    go this won't kill them with any haste.
    Also doubling up on this one isn't such a bad idea. Keep in mind you can't buy
    two of the same Machine Guns, but you can buy two different models and hold
    both. This is a nice trick for the boss since ammo is so scarce.
    Generally as a rule of thumb, I bought the lighter armor. This is because as
    far as armor goes, I don't think I ever ran out of armor before I ran out of
    health. So I went light and I removed my gloves because 5 ap in the grand 
    scheme of things was paltry compared to running out of ammo. What killed me
    more, running out of ammo or running out of armor? Did I ever run out of armor?
    No, I didn't, I died with plenty armor left.
    3. Quest Mode Items (C3)
    This is the part that confuses everybody. Most people pick these things up
    through trial and error but when you're a n00b, there's no way you can know
    what to do with the items you're getting.
    Here's the rundown of the basic items you'll need.
    Torn Page 13.
    Activates level 2 when it's used alone. You can buy them in the store for 
    100 bucks. The catch is you have to be 13 or higher to enter or to use one.
    Torn Page 25.
    Activates level 3 when it's used alone. You can buy them in the store for
    500 bucks. The catch is you have to be 25 or higher to enter or to use one.
    Torn Page 41.
    Activates level 4 when it's used alone. You can buy them in the store for
    1000 bucks. The catch is you have to be 41 or higher to enter or to use one.
    Torn Page 65.
    These I have little experience with, but I presume that they activate level
    5 when activated and I've heard they can only be dropped, not bought.
    You can't be in a room that's using a page # that's higher than you're level
    #. If a room kicks you, they should be just beating you to the "quit" button.
    To use a page, drag and drop it. You'll see the level change and that's about
    it. There isn't any other combinations, despite all the items you'll be 
    getting. Oh, well, except for this one. Also, it won't work if you try to mix
    it up with anything else. So don't.
    Large Skull + Skeleton = SUPERION THE TAINTED
    'Nuff said. Oh and you get Large Skulls from Kings. Skeletons dolls, everywhere
    4. Levels
    LEVEL 1
    Easy. If you can't beat this one, you just need practice.
    LEVEL 2
    This one's a bit more tricky. You still need just practice mainly, but here's
    some quick tips. When you get to the stage with the staircase, immediately get
    to the staircase at the other end as fast as possible. In doing so, you allow
    yourself the only place in this entire area you are allowed to stop at, while
    also utilizing the only point where you can defend from almost all the spawn
    points (minus the one is right on that platform). I advise not lingering to
    long on it should it be overwhelmed. Instead if it gets flooded, leave, then
    immediately return. They'll get stuck on the way back up and you can do this
    LEVEL 3
    This one is composed of 5 stages. On a side note, from the Wizards you
    may pick up a Mysterious Skull.
    Stage 1
    You'll recognize this as stage 2 from Level 2. It has more enemies. This one
    is easy and if it isn't, you need to downgrade or practice harder. It is so
    easy after a while you'll die of boredom. Literally you'll just kill and kill
    until your health runs out and you won't care anymore. If you see someone die
    they are either bored, having a bad run, or is a n00b. Usually its the former.
    If it isn't, you'll know because they'll get uppity about it.
    Stage 2
    This one is harder because it is comprised of only mages and soldiers. Use
    the stairway tactic again, but be prepared to abandon it should you get 
    overrun. Take into account your teams weaponry and act accordingly. Try to
    stay in this area as long as possible as the amount of mages in this level is
    astounding and you are in the best possible place to defeat them. Be more aware
    that the mages coming up the steps in the middle are going to be aiming at you.
    You'll quickly realize that standing too far to the left will get you pummeled
    and that you need to be aware of it. Dodging is more important this time around
    and generally you'll need to have this level down solid to win.
    **Special Tactic (from earlier)**
    Remember, you can't fall off. At the start dash to the end of the level, and
    wall run or slash cancel your way up the wall to the top of the steps. This is
    the only place in the entire level that provides cover. Also enemies will 
    become lodged on the stairs below in abundance. Mages especially will be snared
    by this. You can also back up on the steps while looking down, to provide cover
    where your shots go over the steps and the enemies arrows hit them. You can 
    also avoid mage homing balls by simply backing up and letting them be destroyed
    by the steps. Soldiers will get caught but will eventually break free. You can
    attempt to annihilate them before they reach you, but be ready to clear out.
    Depending on enemies you can either just fall to the bottom of the wall and
    immediately run back up (the enemies will see that your below them, run down
    the steps while you run up, the second your feet touch the top steps, they'll
    run back up... but get stuck on the stairs again). If the area is too crowded
    however, I suggest going into melee, leaping off the wall and dashing to the
    other end of the stage, killing any opportunities you run across, then running
    IMMEDIATELY back. This will resort the enemies and allow you to easily dispatch
    the remaining foes.
    Stage 3
    This one is much more difficult than previous levels. It becomes crowded very 
    quickly and even the skilled can be toppled here by one bad mistake. Humble
    yourself here - if you get low on health, stop being the center of attention.
    Be careful of bad edges of the stage as they can be decieving and there is
    one glitched wall. The glitched wall will cause you a lot of trouble and will
    probably get you killed once or twice. I reccomend relying on your grenades at
    the choke point in the center and to work together with your teammates. As a
    rule most stages you are better off fighting for yourself and away from your
    friends but in this one you have to be aware of your team. If you are bumping
    into someone at the center you need to clear out of there. If you are all 
    hiding on one end of the stage you should take the initiative. Whatever you do,
    don't keep a long trail of enemies behind you for too long. It won't effect
    you, but one of your teammates will eventually find it and get themselves hurt.
    This level is a free for all though and there isn't much you can do to prepare.
    Stage 4
    You should know this stage pretty well as it's basically the same but with an
    abundance of enemies now. More of everything, including Kings. The golden rule
    of this level is this.
    Pick up the chests, without fail. You're here for those skulls!
    The entire point of doing this is to get the boss level. You will learn to beat
    this level with ease but will also forget to make sure to get the chests. It is
    extremely important.
    Keep on your toes and watch your back. If you run into a teammate get away fast
    because he's got a tail. Focus, as always on this level, on the mages first and
    foremost. If someone says "I'm killing the mages", great, say nothing and kill
    the mages. It's your job to kill the mages, because it's everyones job. Once
    you annihilate the mages, this level is smooth sailing (as long as you didn't
    get stupid, sloppy, or bored and got tagged). You can afford to leave one or
    two around and if you find you have a trail of ten soldiers, focus on them
    simply because having too big of a tail is dangerous.
    Stage 5
    Wizards are top priority. Mages a close second. If surrounded by mages, just
    keep moving and keep their attention - your buddies should be dwindling their
    numbers fast. 15 seconds of holding the mages attention and probably your 
    teammates have seriously done some damage. If you get slowed by the wizards,
    drop whatever strategem you were working on, switch to melee and dash hard.
    When it wears off, continue to dash to work yourself away from the enemies
    that have gained on you. Keep your eyes peeled for Kings because they are once
    again on the prowl. Luckily this level is small and you can get used to them,
    but beware of spawns. If you haven't seen them and are wondering why, you 
    should assume they are gonna spawn on top of you or have and are right behind
    you. Be wary of one thing especially in this level - bumping into teammates
    tails. You can get hit on swings meant for them, walk right into a mob by
    backpeddling or simply get confused at what aggro is whose.
    Levels 4+5
    I really don't know. Feel free to contribute.
    **Special Tactic**
    Using a "Lure". If you have a skilled player he should go to the opposite end 
    of the spawn point and do circles, while focusing on nothing more than keeping
    a large mob over there. More people spawn on the opposite end than on the 
    spawn point, where most of your team is hiding. Even should this lure die, 
    you'll have greatly diminished their numbers within a minute or so. 
    Also if you clear out one side, your team can stand safely in the middle, 
    throw grenades and fire mid range weapons from safety. Also since the Wizards
    are practically immobilized you'll be continuously opening gaps for your team 
    to kill them and kill them they will. Generally this level can be completed as 
    long as you have one to two skillful players who keep their heads above water.
    5. Rewards (C5)
    Humongous Bone.
    You get this occasionally from the boss. It has no use, other than to annoy
    you. If you know what it does, send me an email, and I'll credit you.
    Mysterious Skull
    You get these from Wizards, they are also useless. With nothing to match them
    to, they never activate. Might come into play in further updates.
    Small Skulls
    Sell. I'm not "kidding" you. I have 99 of them constantly and they do nothing.
    Skeleton Dolls
    Used in conjunction with Large Skulls. You'll have an overabundance of these,
    so don't be afraid to sell them. You'll never need more than 10 at one time.
    Large Skulls
    These are the best drop you can get, besides boss item drops. These allow you
    to take on Superion the Tainted. They are valuable.
    What do you do with Large Skulls? Do you keep them and run, or use them with 
    the group who got it?
    Here comes the hard part. You'll never beat the boss pre-25, unless you're an
    amazing butterflyer, cheater, or all around amazing player. I haven't seen it
    happen yet.
    So here in lies the problem. There are 2 things you can do with Large Skulls.
    1. Horde them till you can beat the boss.
    2. Use the XP bonus to the benefit of the group and for practice.
    What will your group say to do with them?
    They'll say freaking use it. Why? Because they outnumber you, and if you walk
    away, they don't get anything. They don't get the experience nor do they get
    the skull. So they will ALWAYS pressure you to use it. If you can, avoid this
    before hand by agreeing that whoever gets the skull will decide what to do with
    it. There is nothing wrong with keeping it for yourself and waiting for a more
    opportune group.
    In all my time playing, I've wasted maybe 50 Large Skulls. In the end I
    realized that that was 50 potential items lost. Sure I got better at fighting
    the boss, but I also denied myself and other people the shot at the exclusive
    items. The experience was undoubtably good, but you can join a "Shower Room
    Berserker" and make that kind of experience very quickly. Sure the items are
    temporary... but they sure are a nice show piece.
    Don't be pressured into anything because or you will regret it. If anyone
    starts kicking and screaming, they aren't mature enough to know why. Besides in
    the time spent arguing over it, you could've scored another one. You should use
    them a couple of times, but the boss isn't anything special and if you're 
    reading this guide, by the end, you'll know soon enough what you're missing.
    The more levels you do the better you'll get at the boss, the boss really isn't
    anything you aren't used to, just more of the same.
    6. Frequently Asked Questions (C6)
    Gotta get some questions first.
    7. Techniques
    There are a few techniques that have been reccomended to me and that I've seen
    firsthand accomplish otherwise difficult feats.
    8. Enemies (C8)
    Your average baddie. Most of the time you'll ignore these guys until the end,
    or when you're annoyed by them. They have a shield which will block your 
    attacks with a resounding clang. This just makes them more annoying and 
    generally you'll find your killing them since they are in your way of a mage.
    Their attack does sting though so don't get careless - they swing pretty quick
    and will do so immediately when you are in range. 
    Skeleton Mage.
    Will be regarded as "mages" from here on in. These guys are top priority. Once
    you are comfortable killing the soldiers you'll be focusing on these guys.
    They have three major attacks that you should make yourself familiar with.
    This is by far the most annoying attack in the game. This is why you attack the
    mages before anyone else. You can barely see them coming and they move very
    quickly. In hordes mages will become extremely problematic. Seek cover from
    this attack whenever you can and be concious of it during every battle. They
    fire in a straight line with only a little deviation, so try to circle them
    and rotate left or right as you approach them. If you see a number of mages
    collected, I guarantee you one of them is already sending a volley at you. If
    you look at a group of mages and you see them, immediately start evading,
    you'll thank yourself.
    *important note about arrows*
    They always use this attack first and it's usually heralded by them pointing,
    but most of the time the arrows are in the air before they signal this attack.
    So if you see them pointing they've already let the arrows fly and you need to
    move immediately. However it has a cool down so once they release their arrows
    you can usual suppress them (I mean exterminate them with extreme prejudice)
    before they get another volley. You should dash straight at them and pump them
    full of lead enough so to kill them.
     -Floating Things
    These are annoying. You are going to bump into these regardless of what you do.
    They also sometimes let these go as a revenge move for killing them. If you 
    make them run into a wall or manage to get far enough away so they clip a 
    corner, they dissapear. You can outrun them just barely but you have to keep 
    moving. You can try moving in circles but eventually they are going to clip 
    you. One easy way to avoid them if they are in your way is to simply jump over
    them and do a tumble/dash. It becomes a matter of simple practice to avoid them
    and judging when it is an acceptable loss to run into them rather than 
    painstakingly avoid them (and getting yourself in trouble).
    This is their cheap move. Usually you won't encounter this but when you do you
    won't see it coming. If you've got a sword you can block it but generally when
    you are that close they've spawned on top of you and are just going to smack
    you one. Make them pay for it. Best thing to do is just keeps out of arms
    reach of the mages, whenever possible.
    Skeleton Soldiers
    Will be hereby referred to as "Soldiers". These guys are normal skeletons on
    steroids. They run very quickly and rabidly attack you with their sole move, an
    overhead slice. Deceptively simple foes but when you encounter these guys in 
    you should make it a habit of moving no matter what. It is so easy for one of 
    them to spawn behind you when you weren't paying attention, or to switch 
    targets from a nearby friend. So once you know they are on the map, keep 
    dashing and tumbling and checking your back. You should never stop moving 
    unless your in a safe zone (somewhere where your back is to something and no 
    way they can sneak up on you). They take a number of rounds to take down 
    regrettably so don't committ to killing one unless you are absolutely sure 
    he's gonna die before he gets to you. If they get in range of attack, give up 
    and let it go. It's really, really easy to want to take a hit in exchange for 
    its death, but it'll sting more than its worth when you could just as easily 
    run and finish it from safety. Get in the habit of keeping your distance and
    hope to god nothing slows you down.
    **Important Notes**
    Never, EVER try to jump OVER them. Not only can you get stuck on their heads,
    the overhead swing is effective directly above them. If you try to jump a mob
    you can end up dead, fast. Instead practice zig zagging in front of them.
    They have impressive vertical range for their attack, but the horizontal range
    is pitiful. In fact, if you do a perfect circle they probably won't hit you 
    which is a good tactic if you are using a dagger or are butterflying.
    Skeleton Kings
    This isn't their official name but it's easier to type. They are huge foes that
    drop Large Skulls. More important than any tactics to kill it, the number one
    thing you should be doing when you see them is making sure when they die to 
    pick up a chest if they should leave one behind. This is the whole point of
    doing quest mode dungeon and it is so easy to let the monotony of killing make
    you forget that these guys are what you are here for.
    Back to killing them. They attack much like soldiers but instead of an overhead
    slice they attack with a baseball bat type swing with an abundantly large 
    sword. This attack is fast, way faster than the soldiers swing so don't let him
    get the chance to wing you. If you see him going to wing you, block because by
    that point your chances of evading are slim. When in doubt cut right in front
    of him and get behind him because the swing isn't fast enough to catch you if 
    you dash at him. I say dash, not tumble. If you're in this guys range you 
    should have your melee weapon out and be getting your distance from him. 
    Generally you'll be herding these guys with soldiers but make sure to keep an
    eye out for them.
    *Important King Notes*
    Once you know Kings are on the map, don't ever stop moving. You can only outrun
    them if you're dashing / tumbling or momentum jumping. Normal running is barely
    fast enough and if they are with soldiers they'll be pushing him forward so
    running isn't going to help. When they are on the map keep dashing and doing
    everything faster than you normally would. The exception is once they die to 
    make SURE you pick up their chest should they drop one. It takes a little time
    once the King is dead for the item to spawn, so I reccomend getting some 
    distance its body and you, then returning once you know it's going to spawn 
    soon. I can't stress enough this though - at any given moment one is, has, or
    is going to be on your tail and if you aren't full on running, you may find 
    yourself hit by a mysteriously appearing blade and then mobbed by soldiers.
    Also if you're using a heavy weapon be sure to take into account your reduced
    speed as they'll quickly close the gap between your back and you.
    You won't encounter these foes until you reach level 3 quests and only in the
    final battle of that level. However they will quickly become top priority to
    eliminate, even higher than mobs of Mages. They have a few major attacks. They
    have curiously high hit points, more than a soldier, so you're gonna need to
    really pound them when you see them. Draw your best weapon and burn a clip into
    them. You need to protect yourself and your team from these guys. The only time
    you shouldn't drop everything to kill one is when they are surrounded by normal
    mages, in which case you should finnagle a proper angle of attack in which to
    score a hit (without being flagged down by an armada of arrows).
          -Slow (..you the hell down)
    Whenever there is a wizard around you'll see your first real status effect.
    Stars and circles will appear above your head and suddenly your movement speed
    will be reduced about 50%. This is DEADLY to you because whatever level you are
    in you are constantly evading. Should this effect befall you, IMMEDIATELY and
    WITHOUT HESITATION draw your melee weapon and dash as HARD as you can. Forget
    everything you were doing and put it off for the next five seconds until the
    effect wears off then immediately regain your distance, then continue. Mages,
    Soldiers, whatever, they'll find you an easy target if you aren't fighting this
          -Stun / Lightning
    You'll see them summoning a lightning bolt by a crackling shield in front of
    them. You won't see it hit you, but you'll see it stun you momentarily. It is
    similar to a massive strike stun that the goblin mages give you, but not as
    harsh; However this of course is bad enough, so be aware of it and when you are 
    attacking Wizards, try to isolate them as best you can so you won't be mobbed
    should this attack connect with you. Once again this attack doesn't really hit
    a horizontal range so as long as you are outside it's normal attack range 
    you'll probably evade it. If it's in a corner it's a bit trickier but you'll
    9. BOSSES (C9)
    |                         | 
    |  	Goblin King       |
    Easy. Will add later, but basically bring something with enough ammo and
    keep circling him. His attacks are fairly simple, he's basically an
    overgrown shaman. The biggest things are being careful and keeping your
    distance. Don't prioritize an attack over your health and you should make
    it out of this one clean. Also keep in mind that the mages can stun you
    and now, more than ever, it is important to avoid them.
    Other than that, it shouldn't be nearly as difficult as...
    |                         | 
    |  Superion The Tainted   |
    Welcome to Hell my friends.
    Take a good long look at the guy. You've made it this far, you're probably 
    frustrated about how hard it was to just get here.
    Forget all that, it was important practice which you'll need here.
    His health bar is enormous, many a group has emptied, efficiently, every clip
    they've had into this fiend and ne'er saw his life bar sufficiently drop. 
    You'll witness that event firsthand a few times when your low enough of a
    level. I wouldn't attempt this boss seriously until 25 since the weapons 
    available to you, while competent in their damage estimates, are not enough
    to diminish his health with the ammunition made available to you at spawn.
    Also it is unlikely you'll be able to farm enough ammo to keep up a fight.
    Unless you are more than the average joe with a melee weapon, you're gonna get
    backed into a corner and be forced to fight tooth and nail for life and ammo.
    He is faster than a King (or seems it) so you'll need to be dashing liberally.
    Luckily the stage slows him down, but don't think the minions around will. He
    plows through them like they aren't there. They'll slow you down for sure, but
    they definitely won't trip him up like they do you. 
    He has two main attacks, one you should be familiar with.
    -King Strike
    Same strike as a king except it stings more and seems a bit faster. It isn't
    actually any faster, but you generally won't see his body movements as clearly
    since his shoulder is 15 feet above you. You won't see it coming and will have
    to resort to blocking again. The difference between the King strike and his, 
    besides the damage, is that he's not afraid to do it again and again. If you 
    are caught off guard and he clocks you, don't think its over, he will swing
    again, whether or not you actually evade is up to you. If you hear yourself
    get hit, don't think, just MOVE. Also I think it may be possible to block this,
    as a last resort. However, I've never dared to attempt such madness.
    -Sword Fireball
    Here's what is going to keep you on your toes. LUCKILY you CAN see this one
    coming. Moreso you should KNOW it's coming rather than see it coming. Whenever
    you gain sufficient distance from the boss (or are unlucky enough to have a
    teamie set him up for it) you'll see him ground himself (his feet shift) and 
    he'll set up for a much larger swing. This swing is PRECEDED by the actual 
    attack. Meaning the attack comes flying at you well before he actually swings.
    It sweeps across the area extremely fast and is about as damaging as his strike
    depending on how bad you've been hit. I don't believe you can block this, but
    I need to investigate that more properly (as in general, I don't screw around
    and test this guy).
    Together with his super high health, his damage potential and the longevity of
    this fight, more often than not you are going to fail in defeating him. There
    is a few things you can do to try and terminate him, but none of them are 
    "easy". First have someone side-dash around him constantly. He attacks in 
    vertical lines, not horizontal. You can dash in a circle around him with 
    relative safety. I say relative because if someone grabs his attention and he
    swings at them, they'll surely avoid it, and you're probably gonna walk right
    into it. Not only that, he'll be at the tail end of the attack and be ready
    while you are still stunned. That's death. Keep on your toes, memorize the
    land layout and know it intuitively, keep dashing and avoid teammates. Also be
    aware should he become crowded with lesser enemies - you can't efficiently dash
    over soldiers and they will be your undoing. Give him some space to follow you
    a tad to remove those elements and have your team keep a fair distance to
    ensure that you'll keep his aggro should you need to distance yourself avoiding
    enemies or rounding a pillar.
    Tactics (continued)
    There is an alternative for the skilled. I've seen it done where someone who
    was butterflying or using a knife can simply circle him while attacking.
    However individuals who are that skilled generally don't need this FAQ. Should
    one of your teammates seem quietly confident enough to butterfly, encourage him
    or her to do so. However remind them that should he be struck, to abandon the
    tactic and return to traditional tactics. An efficient butterflyer can circle
    the boss, keep his aggro, and cause damage to him, while keeping your team 
    freed from fear of death while they shoot from a safe range. However should
    this tactic fail, the person die, or need to give up, your team should be 
    prepared to shift back to running and gunning again.
    |                             | 
    |    Aneramon The Wicked      |
    This guy will keep you on your toes. Good Luck.
    I don't have as much experience with this one as I'd like, but here goes.
    Forgive me for any inconsistencies - Mysterious skulls are not easy to come
    by and when I do fight this guy, I'm not taking "notes".
    The trick to this guy, is doing the same strategy you would for that level,
    and with dealing with Wizards in general. Luckily this guy appears to have
    less health than Superion and by the time you get to this guy you'll have
    plenty of ability at dishing it out. It also may simply be that since this
    guy is practically stationary, you'll be hitting him much more.
    Unfortunately that's the only thing that really is easier about this boss.
    He spawns an enormous amount of Wizards to accompany him, along with 
    other assorted minions. The wizards however will quickly begin to cause a
    serious problem - your entire team will be getting slowed without mercy.
    Also, since Wizards take more damage to kill, they are gonna drain your
    ammo, and although Aneramon isn't as hardy as superion, you're still gonna 
    need to ammo farm at one point to keep the battle up.
    -Lightning Blast
    He (she?) spits out a number of lightning bolts in a wave. They go in a
    straight line perpendicular to you. They come at you in this pattern:
     | | | | |
     | | | | |   <---Bolts
    They aren't particularly damaging... but they can be hard to avoid.
    I'm sure you avid gamers are scoffing at the idea of this attack since
    it's so easy and common... however, the attack is a little broken.
    More than once you're going to walk right through one of the bolts and
    wonder, what happened?
    The trick is, the bolts hit faster than they appear, meaning they hit
    you physically before the image ever gets to you - much like superions
    fireballs - if you see these coming you have to clear the bolts pattern
    before the animation actually gets to you - however even then, it's
    pretty forgiving. Sometimes you'll have enough time to completely
    circumvent this attack by going all the way around it - which you
    may find commonplace if you're the one holding him/her.
    Much like the mage swipe, this boss can swipe at you. It's annoying and
    a reminder to not get too close... but it's not as fast as Superions
    home run slice, so don't be afraid of this one unless your bumbling
    around Aneramon.
    I'm not sure if it's the boss stunning / slowing you, or the abundance
    of Wizards. Generally I've been the one holding whenever I face this one,
    so I'm not really sure. More on this later.
    Stick with the same strategies for Superion and for this level. Luckily,
    this level benefits your strategy immensely when manipulated, and will 
    cripple you if you don't manipulate it. When the round starts, get some
    fast to go up and start holding his attention. What you want is for him to
    stay near the end of the level, while your team manages the middle part of
    the bridge. They, from afar, can easily attack the boss and use up their
    primary ammo. Those of who are afar, be ammo efficent - don't miss. The
    bosses lightning attack, more often than not, will fly harmlessly into
    a wall or other direction. Very rarely will it happen to put your team in
    danger. This strategy works very well, my first attempt on this boss and
    we were almost successful. However unless your very, very fast, you're 
    gonna start dwindling health. The person holding is eventually gonna have
    to swap somebody out, and that's going to be tricky. Best thing to do is
    agree on this - should someone run out of ammo, they should begin holding.
    If the holder sees another person in his zone, he should make sure he's
    lost the aggro, then leave. Two people shouldn't try to hold for too long
    since it's very dangerous. Should the holder get into trouble, they should
    flee and someone should take over IMMEDIATELY.
    This is a basic tactic, but it works fairly well. More to come on this one
    as I experiment with the boss.
    **Guidelines For All Bosses**
    1. Have a competent team. You can't have any weak links in the chain. You'll 
    need every single round pumped into him to have a chance and if someone dies
    before they do so, then they've already put a dent at your chance for success.
    Accidents happen, but usually one accident isn't fatal. If someone dies in the
    first 30 seconds, you picked somebody wrong for the team or are just plain
    unlucky. Everyone on the team should be responsible for their own life - 
    if you can keep your entire team alive long enough for them to expend their
    ammo AND hit with it, you're well on your way to victory even should 2 of
    your teammates die directly after. On an another note - I'm talking to you,
    not to your team. If you die with any more ammo than what you were saving
    to farm, you need to focus on staying alive next time.
    2. Teamwork
    Everyone says there is no "I" in team. I think everyone is full of themselves.
    You need to think for yourself in this one. Given the way the game is played,
    everyones fighting for their own life. If you're playing good, you won't even
    see your teammates (unless one is butterflying around him). Instead, USE your
    teammates. Whoever is closest to Superion, and thusly holding his aggro, 
    should "hold" him rather than doing damage. If someone else is "holding" him, 
    you should be concerned with hurting him from afar.This should all go unsaid.
    Bosses switch aggro in the blink of an eye, a drop of the hat, and always 
    when you least expect it. Keep in mind he'll attack whoever is closest.
    However if you maintain these guidelines for yourself, everyone will work 
    together without even having to say anything. In fact, the only thing that
    should be said, ever, during this entire match, is if someone dies they 
    should update you on your teammates health status. That's  the only 
    "talking" I've ever found remotely useful. Otherwise, indirectly or not, 
    you're gonna slow the living person down because they can't help but read. 
    If you have to chat, open a chat channel or whisper.
    3. Farming Powerups and Killing Mages.
    You won't beat a boss, even if you pump every round that every teammate has
    into him, without scoring a powerup. You HAVE to get some yellow powerups 
    flowing. You ALSO need to kill the mages. These fights are long. Really long. 
    The mages are your enemy because they will slowly wear you down as the round 
    goes on with arrows. This, luckily, serves a dual purpose, since generally it's 
    mages who drop the powerups. Also if the area becomes vacant of mages, you 
    need to kill some normal enemies so that new enemies will spawn, meaning 
    mages. Generally, I'd save a little ammo from your killing weapons, to farm
    some for your ammo-efficient weapon. I'd suggest 1 clip from your AR should be
    saved for farming and don't let your team tell you otherwise. Save that clip,
    kill 5 mages with it, and with any luck you'll be back in business.
    4. Plan Appropriately and Remain Ammo Efficient.
    *Short Version*
    Get the latest Machine Gun(s). Pray for Ammo powerups.
    *Long Version*
    Why you say? Because 1 yellow powerup gives you effectively half your ammo
    back. Which you'll be in dire need of if you are on the road to victory. Also
    as a guideline I'd keep a half a clip of that machine gun so you can use it
    to farm ammo + health. I know it's hard, your dead teammates will be screaming 
    at you to get back into the fight. They'll kick and claw and yelp. But that is
    why they're dead and you're not. Someone should be maintaining aggro and if you 
    are alone, good luck trying to farm. Get far away from the boss, find a mage,
    kill it, cross your fingers for ammo (or possibly badly needed health).
    Keep this in mind as well - ammo is more important than health. You can win
    with more ammo, you can only stay alive longer to get ammo with more health.
    Also the time it takes to grab the health, to focus on how to get to it and
    usually turning your back on the boss, all usually means a mage is gonna shave
    that 10 life off you as soon as you get it. It's an annoying truth.
    In Regards To Other Equipment.
    Most of the information in the "Equipment" section still applies, but some
    things need to be emphasized or added on.
    Keep in mind you are fighting an incredibly hardy boss and you'll need every
    drop of ammunition.
    You'll need the following, without question.
    |                                                                    |
    | HP Rings. (you don't want to spend too much time gathering health) |
    | Grenades (many as you can, makes farming easier and more fruitful) |
    | Machine Gun. The yellow powerups make this a no brainer.           |
    Aside from that, think ammo efficiency for your secondary weapon. Weapons with
    high starting ammo counts especially are great, because once this runs dry you
    should use any yellow powerups you get for your big gun (which gives you more
    damage per ammo powerup).
    I reccomend AR's, and I've heard Revolvers are fine choices. The level 28
    revolver might just be as good as the Maxwell, or so I've heard. I stick with
    my Maxwell, but don't let me stop you. Experiment.
    5. Don't forget to puck up the (beep)'ing ITEM.
    ... you know you've seen somebody do it. Also don't sweat the drop. Half the
    time you will get something you can't use, 3/4 times you won't get it, and the
    other times, well, you're gonna lose anyway. Focus on XP + valuable killing
    6. Don't kick people just before the boss dies.
    It won't change anything. 
    10. Is it worth it? (C10)
    The boss doesn't always drop an item you know. You also have a 1/4 chance of
    getting that item. You also have a much stronger chance than you'd like, to
    pickup an item that's intended for the opposite sex of your character. Yeah,
    it'll happen a few times. There isn't anything you can do about that. Also, you
    could get yet another boss item and have to start this whole cycle over again.
    Yeah it's hard.
    If you don't have a clan that can annihilate this boss with, I'd start looking
    for one, or stop question entirely.
    11. CREDITS (C11)
    For What these Guys Said (hopefully link doesn't die)
    From the Message Board:
    Asleep - For telling me why revolvers rock (swapshotting).
    KawuFix - For pointing out StrategyWiki (thank god for you)
    12. Good Links (C12)
    KawuFix pointed this link out to me, and it is a great database for
    items, their uses, where to find them, and drop ratings. I wish I knew how
    these people got this info...
    Mysterious Skull + Skeleton Doll = Anemeron The Wicked
    Devil's Dictionary + Enormously Huge Bone = Lich the Dragon
    New Bosses
    Dungeon - Large Skull + Skeleton Doll = Superion The Tainted
    Mansion - Crimson Necklace + Goblin Skull = (forgot name)
    Mansion stuff (Short Guide)
    New bosses
    Technique Section 
    "Hold / Taunt / Stall"
    "Aiming for the head of Kings"

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