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"Play for a few hours, then uninstall"

Gunz: The Duel is a free, online third-person shooter. It was created and maintained by MAIET Entertainment. The International Version is still in 'beta' mode.

The gameplay in the game resembles fighting from the Matrix, with moves such as Wall Running, Tumbling, and Wall Kicking. While all of this may seem pretty fun at first, the game gets slow and repetitive very quickly.
Gameplay- 4
At first, shooting people with SMGs and Shotguns while rolling around like Neo seemed fun enough. There is an OK variety of weapons (SMG, MG, Rifle, Pistol, Revolver, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, and even three melee weapons, the sword, dagger, and kodachi), about 10 maps, and many gameplay modes. Apart from that, I can't say anything good about this game.

There are no sniper rifles, very limited ammo, and very limited powerups. There are on average 1-2 ammo powerups per map, which only give you two magazines of ammo. They respawn about once a minute; and with 16 people playing, there may be no way to get more ammo, other than dying.

It takes an unbelievable amount of bullets just to kill one person. It takes about 20 rounds with a rifle to kill someone. This may not seem like much, considering games like Halo, but with the nature of this game, and the ability to dash back and forth when using a melee weapon, it can be very hard to fire with even 25% accuracy. Even worse, it can be particularly annoying if you've spent a long time trying to kill this one person, and someone else steals the kill. The experience is given to the person who shot the victim last.

Also, in this game, you can gain levels, which do not do much, except for allowing you to use better weapons and armor. There are channels based on the character's level, along with private, clan, and free channels. Personally, I think that the leveling is great for a TPS; it allows people to play at their own skill level. However, this concept is ruined, when expert players create new accounts, come to lower-leveled channels, and easily beat new people to this game.

Even worse, once you gain a few levels, it takes an unbearably long time to gain experience; at higher levels, it may take hundreds of kills to gain just one level.

The 'elite' people of the Gunz are called K-Stylers; they take advantage of MAIET's terrible programming into the game by utilizing techniques which cancel moves, allowing them to move quickly and shoot faster. Luckily for MAIET, this made the game more popular, but ruined the game, in my opinion.

Cheaters and hackers are also plentiful in the game. Unfortunately, MAIET usually takes a long time to patch the game, and it even sometimes messes up the game after a patch; for example, after one patch, people could not log on to the game for a while.

To top off the poor gameplay, there is also unbearable lag. People lagging in a game can be shot at hundreds of times; even when all the bullets are registering as hits on your screen, none will actually damage the lagger.

Story- 1
Since this is partly an RPG, I am including this section. There is a background story (look at their site, or wikipedia), but NONE of it has ANYTHING to do with the game, other than the names of the classes of characters, which in the end don't matter anyway.

Graphics/Sound- 7
The graphics are very smooth, especially on high-end PCs with the video options set to the maximum. It is the one aspect of the game that I can't really find a flaw; however, the sound is not as great. The music in the lobby is OK, in contrast to the music in the game. In the game, the same crappy themes play all the time. The music consists of a Beijing Opera-esque song, and a guitar theme. As for the sound, it seems OK; the sound of the gun firing is clear, the rockets explode with a small boom. However, sometimes, the sound might not be heard; for example, if a person is shooting at you, sometimes you will not hear it, even if they are right there.

Play Time/Replayability- 4
You can't 'complete' this game, since its multiplayer only. This game does not last long at all; most people will get bored easily.

Overall- 5
Download the game if you like, but be prepared to waste a few precious hours of your life.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/07/06, Updated 07/16/06

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