Review by evilhy

Reviewed: 01/16/07

"A truly great game, if you can devote time for it. "


Gunz The Duel is a 3rd person shooting game developed by MAIET. Currently just out of beta and now in "Live Service " by the good folks down at Ijji. Gunz itself is a mixed blend of shooting and quick paced movement that would take even the fastest gamer to adjust too. The graphics aren't exactly the best but by far not the worst for such a game. The sound effects really fit the part and the music is sub-par. Most people tend to turn off the music and play their own music for added enjoyment. Although the online community is to be said for. The gameplay involves quick canceling movements in order to achieve maximum damage and speed. One does not master these moves dubbed " K-style " by the players in one day, you have to devote time and possibly a keyboard or two to master this form of art.

Gameplay 10/10 OR 4/10

The game play is really fun if you can use canceling moves ( AKA : K-style ) but without it the game loses its lovable and addictive game play element that really brings out the gamer inside you. Gunz the duel comes with an pretty big arsenal to play with ranging from rockets to rifles. There are 3 types of melee weapons to use although the vast majority of players use Swords and the rare dagger user might pop along for the ride. There are several modes to Gunz, including Death match, Team death match, Duel mode, Training mode, Berserker mode, Assassination mode. There are also fan made modes such as " Attack and Defence. " This game is really a hate it or love it style of game where, either you can learn to K-style and enjoy the game to its fullest or you can choose not to learn K-style and miss out on this wonderful game. The maps are pretty diverse, such as being in a Town, fighting in a mansion or battling it out on some island. At higher levels you unlock more maps to play on. The gameplay itself starts from within the lobby and from there you pick a channel to play on ( depending on your level ) and then just go and choose a room to play in. Gunz is a pick up and play kind of game where you can find a good game running at almost anytime. The community is sometimes very nice but most of the time the Gunz community isn't exactly the nicest to be around. There are very if few any bugs left in the gameplay, just a few uncoded walls and a disconnect here and there but overall the game play is quite good, if you are willing to devote some time to it. Although a word to the wary, if you have dial up DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME it will only cause trouble to you and your fellow players, so do the community a favor and don't play if you have dial up, due to the fact that gunz works off a p2p system and is affected by how good your internet is and how far you are away from the person you are fighting.

Graphics 8/10

The game looks pretty nice at full settings although lately there have been so called " FPS lag spikes " and such. But the graphics look pretty nice all the weapons and swords and armor are all rendered quite well. With the new cash/premium items that have been released the game now looks even nicer. The levels are well done and seem to have a nice touch to them once you've seen the entire stage. Although premiums do cost money they are quite worth it for the stat and cosmetic boost.

Sound/Music 9/10

The music in the game really fits the mood and does intensify any situation and make it seem that much more fun! The sounds are well placed and all work out quite well ( IE: SMGs sound like SMGs ). Although the music does get a little repetitive after a while if you keep listening to it. Most players seldom the in-game music for their own.

Final Thoughts 9/10

Well, as an overall package, Gunz the duel is a pretty great game. Although with the current release of its live service, Gunz is just continuing to get better. Although please once again AVOID THIS GAME IF YOU HAVE DIAL UP. Gunz is a wonderful game, if you can devote time to it to master the skills and learn to become a good player. I hope to see you in game if you do decide to play this wonderful TPS game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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