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"It's time to d-d-d-duel!"

Gunz: the Duel is an online 3rd person shooting game, created by Maiet Entertainment. The name is a bit misleading, because Gunz definitely isn't just a duel between two characters. You can have deathmatches (which is every person for themselves) or team battles with lots of people. It's a blend of gun-wielding madness and swordfighting, with a bit of an RPG twist. It has a simple levelling system and you can purchase weapons and armor for your characters with the bounty you earn from defeating others.

Gameplay - (9/10)

When I first heard of Gunz from my friends, I thought, 'Oh God, not another version of CS'. But I decided to give it a try. And I'm glad I did, because although I'm not hooked, it's definitely an entertaining alternative to most online games. I'm not going to make things up and say I'm a pro at this because I most definitely am not, but even for a beginner like me I can see how fun this game can get when you really get into it.

There is a choice of 3 types of weapons in Gunz. One is obviously guns, and the other two is swords or daggers. The latter two are for close combat, and are very useful for cancelling (which is a very important basic move in the game if you want to do well) and for performing more complicated moves like Butterfly. Guns require slightly less technique to use, and are usually used for sniping people when they're too far away for a sword to reach. There's a 'style' of gameplay called K-style (Korean-style), named after the Koreans who used it first, I believe. That's what pretty much all high level players use, and it's what you'll be up against at higher levels - beware, it's deadly.

Story - (N/A)

No story here, but that's typical of most online games so don't feel too disappointed.

Graphics - (7/10)

The graphics in Gunz is relatively good. The backgrounds are realistic and don't distract you as you play, and the lighting and action effects are great. Outfits are rather limited as you can only tell one type of outfit from another similar one if you look closely, but I suppose this is part of the game as big flashy outfits will do nothing to aid you in gameplay. Weapons look real and convincing, though some attacks give off flashy lights that emphasize the power but only serves to hurt my eyes.

Sound - (7/10)

Personally I like some of the music in Gunz - but only if they're not looped endlessly. Sadly most fights in Gunz takes up quite a while, so the background music can really get irritating after you hear it for the gazillionth time. It doesn't help that there isn't a lot of variety in background music either. But you'll eventually get used to tuning it out and focusing on something else instead.

Community - (7/10)

I haven't played much lately so I don't know how the community is like now, but the last time I went on it was pretty average. I've encountered a lot of people who like to type incoherent things and people who spam a specific attack (namely the dagger thrust), which gets really annoying when you get caught in it. You might feel a bit insulted if people start a vote to kick you out of a game but usually it's not because of personal reasons. There's the usual handful of people who think everyone else is a noob and may call you that because you did something 'nooby', but just ignore them and don't let them annoy you too much.

Final Score - (8/10)

Overall I give it a 8. Gunz: the Duel is a game worth trying out, just for its uniqueness and fun gameplay. Some aspects bring it down but it won't hurt you to download it and have a go - it's free!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/30/07, Updated 06/05/07

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