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"If you can wait for as long as 24 hours for a game to download, then you should play Gunz."

Gunz -- An online, free, multiplayer only, downloadable game. Crap, right? Yeah, I know, that's usually what it is. Soldier Front, for example, was a downloadable game and it was like Counter-Strike, except about 90% stupider. (I'm not saying that Counter-Strike is stupid. I've moved on to it.) Anyways, Gunz is probably the first, and probably the only GOOD downloadable free game that doesn't even require an account to a site. I know, shocking and amazing, isn't it? Almost good too to be true? Not quite.

Gameplay: The unique thing about Gunz is most likely the gameplay. What I like about this is you have a choice to play against people your skill or people way above you or below you, so Maiet basically allows you to balance it up with a couple of equally skilled guys, or stack all the odds against you or to stack all of them on your side. That's what I like about Gunz -- It's actually BALANCED. And it doesn't have to be. Yes, anyways, the other thing unique about Gunz's gameplay is the fact that it is so incredibly fast paced. You'll be flying up walls, dashing throw towns, doing the "Super-Sexy Matrix Dive" to dodge bullets (no slow-mo), and this is only the very beginnings. It's like a cross between Matrix, ridiculous speed, and lots and lots of shooting them up. Which is why it's so amazingly addictive.

Graphics: Nothing amazing, but that doesn't mean it's nothing horrible too. By far the best for a free downloadable game by far, for sure. If you look at Soldier Front.....good grief....and check out Runescape and awe at the amazing SUPER AWESOME 3D GRAPHICS!! </sarcasm> Lord have mercy. Anyways, no truly amazingly detailed environments to look at here, but nothing very shabby too. There is a huge variety of guns to choose from and I guess I can say they look good enough. So do the grenades, the clothes, everything looks O.K. No PS3 here. Remember, this is a downloadable game! Sometimes the graphics are so O.K. it's almost worth that ridiculously long download time (5-24 hours.)

Sound: Ah, no true "music" here, alas all you have are the beeps that tell you someone has typed a message and the sound of that...OH MY GOD IS THAT A GRENADE RIGHT NEXT TO MY FEET GET THAT THE HELL AWAY FROM ME --- BOOM!!!!! Yeah, much like the graphics, it's kinda in between, not good and not bad, but good enough to pass as a "Good" grade for me. The weapon sounds are all pretty good, from a rocket exploding to slashing that sucker with a sword to putting a couple clips of shotgun into someone who dares get close to you. And believe me, that's more than quite satisfying.

Community: Community? Now why would this crazy person put one about the community? Well, I really wanted to write about how hardcore and addicted this community is. Gunz is not really an easy game. Well, learning the basics is a little hard, but nothing compared to the advanced stuff. Advanced stuff? Well, yeah. What's so amazing about this community is that some people are just so amazingly INNOVATIVE. I mean, the game was supposed to be fast but not to the point where we magically climb up walls, jumping from wall to wall down an alley (great fun) and go so fast we seem to shoot with a sword out. It simply wasn't supposed to be like that. But some people were simply so hardcore about this game they made it. I give props to the people who made K-Style. You guys rock.

Lasting Value: This is the one thing I see in very addicting games: The urge to become better. Simple as that. Maybe you're in a game on Mansion and you've gunned down everyone on the other team with your dual SMGs. You're feeling pretty good, Rambo himself. Right? Yeah, that's perfectly correct, until you see the last guy and he takes you all out at incredible speeds, the entire team down at 10 seconds. Your jaw drops. It's so amazing. You go to this great site, and you figure out how he does it. First comes Butterfly. Then SlashShot. Then Half Step. Believe me it's a ton of fun getting better, even when that same guy whoops your whole team again and again and again. It never gets old, just like Counter-Strike (okay, I'll stop referring to Counter-Strike.)

Worth that ridiculously long download?: Yes. Even if your computer is really old and it takes 5 days (I've heard reports.) Mine took 5 hours (Yay me) and I played it with a year until my brother got Counter-Strike 1.6 for me and him. Looking back I almost feel ashamed I played an internet game that long. But then I think of the fact that I've spent the last hour putting down my thoughts on a website, and all the good and fun memories and I almost want to pick up Gunz again. I really think this deserves to be played by you. Unless you're going to download hacks. Seriously. Play legitly. Cheers.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/17/07

Game Release: GunZ The Duel (US, 11/29/06)

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