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"GunZ: The Duel: An online game DEFINATELY worth your while."

GunZ: The Duel is an MMOTPS(Massively Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter) with a few RPG type of stuff added to it. Now, this would seem like an unlikely combo, but all in all it fits together pretty well.

This is easily the best part of the game(as it should be). GunZ: The Duel offers a large variety of customization as well as some flexibility in gameplay.

As soon as you start, you are given the option to choose your hair style(4 choices), what your face looks like(4 choices), your gender and a few classes. Of course, the class system sounds good, but it's nothing special. If you read the story(We'll get to that later), you'll see that there are some references to the story, but the only thing classes determine is what kind of weapons and items you start off with, which most people don't stick to anyway.

As soon as you start, you can go to the shop to buy some new clothing or weapons, including swords, daggers, handguns, shotguns, etc. You can also join "rooms" in the channel to start a game. There is a large variety of modes that you can choose from for play: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Gladiator(A deathmatch with only swords and daggers), Team Gladiator, Berserker, Team Deathmatch Extreme(A team deathmatch with respawns) and the Quest mode, where you fight monsters controlled by the AI.

Now, for the actual fighting, you can use 2 types of guns, as well as a melee weapon(sword, dagger, etc.), and some sub items like grenades and medical kits which restore small amounts of HP. It's basically a point-and-click type of thing, but with the versatility of the game, you could make combos and attacks using in-game glitches that were chosen to be left in by Maiet entertainment, the creators of GunZ. These glitches include the "Butterfly" which involves jumping through the air and quickly slashing your enemy and blocking making it extremely difficult to be defeated, and the "Reload Shot" which involves shooting with a shotgun, then immediately switching to your next gun to cancel out the reload time and repeating. You can also dodge bullets and attacks by rolling out of the way or dashing out of the way with your sword.

Another interesting part of the gameplay is that the players have invented styles: Korean Style(K-style), Dagger Style(D-style), Euro Style(E-style) and Hybrid Style(H-style). K-style, the most commonly used style, relies on using the sword and the many glitches to perform attacks. D-style relies on using dagger-only techniques. E-style is playing the game as it was meant to be played, using guns more than swords or daggers, and H-style is a mix of 2 or more styles. The fun of this is that you can learn the styles or make your own.

The RPG essence of the game is the levelling system, which doesn't do much except for allowing you to buy new stuff. A downside to levels is if a player is defeated by another player 7 or so levels under him, you will lose EXP. This will most likely happen often as the "pros" make new accounts to beat all the new players without a challenge.

Being a TPS, no one would really care about the story, but one exists. From what I understood, it goes something like this: There was a big war between the Axium Gun knights and the Republic Gun Priests. After the war, rogues, thieves, treasure hunters(A.K.A. you) went searching out for treasures and riches.

The sounds and graphics deserve a good praise. The sound and graphics aren't amazing but they're among the best you'll get for a free game. Of course, they're no PS3 stuff, but they do their part.

Oooooooooooooooooooh boy... There's a lot to say here... Well, first off, 80% of the people you'll see will be arrogant morons who will do whatever to boost their ego. Sometimes there will be one person on a streak(or just k-styling >.>) and he'll start bragging about how good he is. As soon as you kill this moron, I'm sure he'll call you a "noob" "turtler" "lagger" or my all time favourite: "sprayer". Now, these people will complain as soon as you make life harder for them. If you use a Machine Gun, SMG or an Assault Rifle, they will call you a sprayer, even if you land one shot on them with one of these guns. If you just plain ruin them, they'll say you lagged, even if your connection with each other is as if he/she was next door, they will call you a turtler as soon as you block their sword and fight back...

Of course, this isn't the case for everyone. Some people will be helpful, and will even offer to teach you moves and techniques, especially in clans. Then again, most of the people won't be like that.

Also, a good amount of the people you'll be playing with will be hacking. Whether it's by giving themselves extra life, or making themselves unbeatable, using the lawnmower(a hack that makes it as though you're slashing a ton of times in front of you, even if you're moving) or anything else. Of course you could vote them out, but there's another flaw in the community...

Each player is allowed one vote, or sometimes, none. So of course, they could vote anyone out, for no apparent reason as long as a lot of people agree with this one person, meaning someone could vote you out because you're doing good, or because you beat them in a fight, and if the others agree, you're outta there. Also, sometimes, when trying to vote a hacker out, the other players won't be helpful and sometimes vote not to kick the player out of the room because they hack too or for whatever reason.

Play or not?:
Play it. It's worth it, since the only downside is the community, which can easily be overcome by playing with friends or a clan.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/05/08

Game Release: GunZ The Duel (US, 11/29/06)

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