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"IGunz the game that is currently in "beta""

First let me start out by saying, IGunz is not complete, it's in beta, so obviously there will be a possible lack of content to some people and contain glitches like every other game in beta, not directed to anyone in particular of course.

Gunz is a third person shooter which allows you to fight other people for experience to obtain higher level equipment and for the fun-factor. Games vary from 4,8,12,16 people. Also with choices such as death match, team death match, assassination (kill a target on the opposing team), training, gladiator (melee weapons only), and team gladiator. Games can go up to 2-30 kills. I believe there is a total of 12 maps in the game currently.

When you first start out, you will be with beginners or rather people that don't have a character level 21 or above, fair enough. You will be in different channels based on your level, which does help since you do not want to fight someone many levels above you. Once your character gets level 21 and above, any future characters you make on that account will not be able to enter the newbie channels anymore, instead they will be in a free channel.

The free channel allows anyone of any level to play together. But wait.. that means a level 10 could fight a level 30? Correct, but if a character above level 21 dies, he/she will lose experience, therefore there aren't to many high levels in low level games.

Each character has a weight limit of 100, so you will have to choose your equipment wisely. For example, carrying 2 rocket launchers wouldn't be a bright idea since you will probably be wearing close to armor. For now there isn't anything special about what class you pick, but I hear that Kgunz has specific armor for classes, which I hope will be implemented sometime.

The actual game play is kind of a mix between Star Wars games and Counterstrike. Sorry there are no light-sabers but you can do some advanced skills like dash, guard, tumble, wall run, wall jump, wall climb and wall hanging. Each of these skills has their advantages and possible disadvantages if used incorrectly. Take wall run for example; let's say you're stuck in the battle arena where there are 2 pits where you spawned. Oh no?! What to do? Let's try wall run! You successfully made it without falling into your embarrassing death with the loss of experience. Well gee golly I can't wall run! Well... you can dash a few times and jump and slash cancel then dash again when you're near a wall to go higher instead of falling. Can't do it on your first try? Go to training mode. You can even wall hang across…

If you're worried about doing these cool skills in games, look around you before you do it. Most people aren't going to chase you if you're going all the way up some place and wall running across the map. Dashing and wall running is a great escape plan.

There are further in depth skills that players have made a name for such as slash shot, half-step, butterfly, half-half step, multiple wall run, flash step, light step, you'll have to forgive me if I leave any out, these are the main ones that comes to mind. If you fight someone using these skills and you don't know it yet, move around and shoot/guard, it actually does make a difference.

Quest mode, IS NOT LEGITIMATELY IN IGUNZ YET, hopefully it will be implemented sometime soon. As far as I know Maiet fixed it so it's not possible to create a quest game anymore for the time being.

Yes there are bad parts about the game that needs some work done, such as the lack of servers. It really isn't as bad as you think, just put a battery on your enter key and walk away for a few minutes. Usually during the day it's quite empty so you'll get in easy granted the servers aren't down.

The lag is a problem. People with high pings... you'll want to avoid. Some of your hits aren't actually hitting sometimes, so just try and play people with a decent ping, like around 100. Fighting a person with a 300-ish ping will probably cause you to hate them -_-

The graphics could be better, but I don't really want a top end graphic card to run a game.

The music is okay, but guess what, if you don't like it, turn it off in options, hint hint, you can turn it off and run something else in the background.

Knockdown users, it really takes no skill to do it. Someone said there is no way to guard against it, which is correct, but guess what, you can get out of it by pressing jump when you're stunned. This makes it so you will NOT fall on the ground being everyone's target. So get the hang of it and press jump.

This game does take skill, its not for everyone, it requires a lot more button pushing such as when your dashing/tumbling. If you want to play a game where you point and shoot, go play counterstrike, Gunz is not for you. If you want to play a game where you can maneuver around things, kill enemies, get new weapons/armor, give Gunz a try, it's free, forever.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/18/05

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