"A very promising online third-person shooter"

Gunz The Duel is a must-play game that is available for free on its website. It is created by MAIET entertainment. It's a totally immersive FPS that rewards hours of addictive gameplay and fun. If this doesn't convince you, no free game ever will.

Gameplay: Fortunately, this is the most satisfying aspect of the game. Although it consists mostly of shooting the crap out of people, it enables you to fight with a dagger or katana. You can throw grenades and flashbangs. With each hit your opponent receives from your gunfire or blade, you get a combo that increases. There are a variety of weapons to choose from. They range from submachine guns to rifles to pistols to rocket launchers. Clothing gear and rings offer bonuses that are helpful. They can all be purchased in a store. Each time you kill a person, you acquire experience points, needed for obtaining higher levels. You also receive some bounty, or money. The point of levels is so that you can use weapons that require you to be at a certain level. The most annoying combo is to jab at your opponent with a dagger, causing him or her to fall, and no sooner do you whip out your little gun and blast away at the fallen body. It's super effective because it takes time for him to get back on his feet. This can also be done with a katana, only that it propels them in the air, from where they land back down. The online community is also fairly nice. If that isn't appealing to you, you can do many acrobatic feats such as shootdodging and running on walls, sort of like in the Matrix.

Story: As Gunz is entirely a multiplayer FPS, there is no engaging story. Just a brief, pointless story that not a lot of people bother to read. It is available on the game's website if you are completely bored or just damn curious. Actually for a free multiplayer game, it is not bad.

Graphics/Sound: The graphics are pretty decent, considering that the game is a little more than 100 MB. They are about as good as Half-Life's. The maps are fairly large and filled with detail. The colors are vibrant and vivid. The characters in the game look pretty good, with distinct facial features and evenly shaped bodies. The clothing on them is done well. The guns also look great, with semi-realistic gunfire. For me, there is seldom any lag in animation. The game plays just fine, very smooth with no major problems. The sound is pretty diverse, with rich music and gunfire and explosions and footsteps. It is very nice and soothing to hear. With every hit you inflict upon an opponent, a short beep follows it. When you kill him, a blowing wind sound follows it.

Play Time/Replayability: The first time you play will guarantee you forever addicted to this game if it is appealing to you. The replayability has a purpose for you to obtain better weapons as you acquire more money and experience and reach higher levels. When you get the best rocket launcher, automatic rifle, clothing gear, grenades and ring, it will be pure PWNAGE. You'll continue on playing with that sweet crap on you, laughing insanely like a madman and killing people like the dog they are. Just have patience.

Final Recommendation: Hell yeah, you should download this game. It's free, damn it! It is worth the time I wasted typing this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/16/05, Updated 08/14/06

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