Review by JN89

Reviewed: 10/11/05

Great game with innovative features.

GunZ: The Duel is an online, third person action game. It's made by MAIET, a Korean company, and it was first released in Korea in 2003. Then they decided to bring it on over and make an International Edition. It was an instant success, people we're rambling on about how good it was, servers were all full 24/7. Gunz isn't just your normal action game, it's got all kinds of new ideas.


There isn't much too the story, but, really, there is one. Nothing to do with the game itself, but at least it's got one. It's on the homepage,



The graphics are pretty damn good for a game lke this. Shells flowing out of SMGs, bullet holes hitting the walls, and sword and dashing animations. The textures are nice too, with some dynamic lighting, it makes the game look pretty good. The clothes flow in the breeze, and no levels are the same. There are at least 2 different s for each gun and they all look rather nice. The armor pieces look good together with lots of different combinations. It will run on just about any machine.



The sound in here is nothing too exquisite, just some techno-ey music. There are only about 4 or 5 tracks, and they all blend in with the background, hence "background" music. There is an option to turn off the music, it helped me play a little better. The guns have nice sharp sounds and the swords have a good clang when hitting each other.



Now here's the meat of any game, the gameplay. The gameplay in Gunz is absolutely amazing. There are hundreds of different moves to use and all kinds of strategies and techniques. There are 6 different weapons and with different aesthetic qualities and each have their own stats. There are shotguns, rocket launchers, submachine guns, pistols, revolvers, machine guns. They each have different guns in each group, say shotguns for example, there are the Breaker series and the Avenger series. There are rings that can add HP, AP, or weight. You can have medkits, repairkits, and different s like frag, smoke, and flash.

There are tons of different moves to use, wall-running, wall-hopping, dashing, and tumbling. There are also "Korean moves" such as the famous slash shot that all the pros use. I even use it. It may take days to master, but it may be worth it in your opinion. There are different ways to play, like the aformentioned Korean style, or you can spray-and-pray. It's all up to you.


Gunz is one of the best free online action games to date. It's a well made game, and can be more fun than games that you pay for. Overall, I'd say it's a game of exceptional quality.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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