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"FPS with a twist"

Ok ok, it's not really a first person shooter, it's more like a third person shooter. This game has all of the elements of a FPS, a few RPG elements (levelling up, equipment, etc), plus the added perk of being able to do all sorts of "tricks" you can call it. Wallrunning, flipping, etc etc (or for those looking for a little more advanced moves, slashshot, flashstep, and so on). Anyways, on with the review.

Story - N/A

No story.. well, there is, but it really is'nt all that great, you can easily just read it from the mainsite and shrug it off, so I wont bother rating it.

Graphics - 8

The graphics are quite good. Everything looks good with decent resolution, and you probably wont ever see any out of place things. Also, with the variety of equipment, you can customize your looks into exactly the way you want (maybe not exactly, but there ARE a lot of options). The graphics aren't Doom III. They probably wont even cause your graphics card to break a sweat, but their more then enough for this game.

Sound - 6

The sound is.. decent at most. At first, it's sort of catchy, but one of the cons is the fact that its the same music no matter what map you play on. Whether you're playing in Town, Castle, or Dungeon, same old music. It gets a 6 for just getting tiresome after a while (who listens to in-game music anyways?). Just open a music player up and play your own music, and your music troubles will go away.
The sounds the weapons make are decent. Shotguns sound like shotguns, rifles sound like rifles, nuff' said right?

Community - 7

The community seems to be split within 3 groups, or at least the way I view it. It's always either your a sprayer (who uses an automatic gun and merely aims and shoots), or a Korean style player (who uses "techniques" which were created in the korean versian of the game). And then, there are the ones that fit in neither of those, who dont randomly spray, but dont use K-Style either. Whenever a K-Style player is killed from a sprayer, many times, the sprayer is ridiculed for being a noob because he "sprayed" you to death. This is quite common in the veteran channels, but thankfully, in the expert channels, it seems to lower a bit, but still happens every so often. Spraying takes skill too you know. And of course you have the people who think their all that, but its impossible to keep those people away, so in the end, I give the community an average 7, as it's not a bad community, but it's not necessarily nice either.

Gameplay - 10

What can I say? With the many different maps to play on, large variety of guns, armor, swords/daggers, and other things, this game is just fun to play. With the different modes available, there has to be SOMETHING you might like. Each mode can have 2 - 16 players. There is:

Deathmatch: Normal free-for-all

Team Deathmatch: A.. team deathmatch... same as deathmatch, but its split, so it could be 2v2, 4v4, 6v6,8v8, etc etc.

Gladiator: Mode where you can only use melee weapons, such as swords, daggers, or kodachis. This is a free-for-all type mode.

Team Gladiator: Same as Gladiator, just with teams.

Berserker: It's a Deathmatch with a twist, one person is insanely strong, but loses health over time, and can only regain health by killing someone else.

*Phew* I think thats all (hopefully).. anyways, this game has so much variety it's hard to find something you dont like.

Replay Value - 8

This game is fun. It has lots of variety. Does it have enough to keep you coming back? YES! I've been playing since the beta had started for the international edition, and I have not stopped yet. Just a warning however, if you play too much, you'll definately burn out eventually, but this is true to most, if not all games. Levelling up makes it extra fun to play. Striving to get better armor and weapons is a great goal that can keep you coming back, and you'll probably not get bored until after you get everything you want, and even then, there's still so much things left to do. Also, the game is updated quite a few times, so you can easily bump the replay up to 10 if you wanted to.

Overall - 9

Overall, this game deserves a solid 9, because it has things that other shooting games don't have. The game is free, but it also makes money from "premium items", which are.. well, premium items that normally look really cool, and give those who buy it a tiny advantage over others in terms of equipment. I believe the cost ranges from $1 - $5 for each items. However, this game is more about skill then items, and I find the items more to be novelty and looks rather then the perks. Anyways, the game is free, and is a quick download (less then 300 MB at this time), so you cant lose either way, so give it a try!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/31/05

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