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"Hardly worth the time.."

When I first started playing GunZ: The Duel, I was extremely impressed. I thought for sure no-one could ever make a half-way decent third-person shooter that didn't start with the words 'Tom Clancy', let alone with online playability. When I found this game, which focused on blowing your friends up, it was nothing short of fun.

At least, for a few months, anyway.

Graphics: 6/10

The graphics are decent enough to get a reasonably high score, and none of the levels are an eye-sore. However, what really makes me dock points on this game is the lack of customization for your characters. When you first open the Shop to check out what you CAN buy (by which, you need levels to access all of it), it seems like a daunting, perhaps un-ending supply of neat gear. This is only half-true. Soon, you'll run into people that look just like you, wielding the same guns you do, and doing the same things you can. It's sad to see.

Gameplay: 3/10

Don't get me wrong: the game is great for a third person shooter. Though because of the limited armors and weapons models, it just doesn't seem worth it to play a hundred games just to get some new shoes, or an upgraded gun, since they look practically the same. Why does the Korean version have all that great gear I see in pictures, and we don't? Surely, there can't be any translation issues with the models? If you can look around that, you'll see that the game plays almost Matrix-like. You'll be dodging, rolling, shooting, jumping.. basically, it's like an online organized gun fight between two gangs (depending on the game mode you play, of which there're several), but there're some interesting game mechanics.
For example, every melee weapon lets you cling to walls and literally climb, or drop, to areas too difficult to jump down to normally. Of course, you never have to do this until your ammo runs out, but don't worry! Regardless of WHAT weapon you have, and how carefully you use it, you'll find yourself out of ammunition and with no ammo power ups around. Fun! So, basically, this leaves you with a sword (or a dagger, or even two swords). While this seems cool after a while, unless you have the reflexes of a cat, you'll never switch to your melee weapon in time to save yourself from falling into that pit and losing experience.

Not only that, but there're missing weapon categories and a lack of realism. Where're the sniper rifles, for example? Where're those alternative weapons that really have no category, but would fit into the picture? And why does my point-blank shotgun blast not tear the face off my opponent, of whom i'd risked life and limb to walk that close to, only to find that i'm dead, and my opponent has only lost a quarter of their armor. Oh, FUN! This is just one of the many problems GunZ faces.

And don't get me started about butterfly step and slashshot. When you start running into rooms full of those, find a new room, or just stop playing: it's not worth it. 90% of the people that can do it half-way decently are arrogant, egotistical, self-centered morons that either get mad when you DO kill them, or think they're God. The argument, 'But Geno, that's game mechanics! That's how it works!' is a valid one, but I've been a firm believer that no-one can do that in real life, so why should they be able to do it in-game? It's cool for a while, but it gets so very BORING, not just to watch, but to also do, or play against. Boooo.

Music/Sound: 4/10

The music is decent, though, that's perhaps being TOO nice. The sounds are fitting, but like many MMO games, begin to wear thin. Turn off the music, turn up your favorite tunes, but leave the sounds on. Sometimes it's the difference between life and death.

Bells and Whistles: 2/10

Has Quest Mode come out yet? I haven't logged on in so long to check, mostly because I've gotten so tired waiting for it. If you've just joined the GunZ community, and it is, indeed, out, then consider yourself lucky you haven't had to waste your time waiting on something for months that could have just as easily been ported. Perhaps the game creators need to properly allocate their Korean Premium Item (or whatever they're calling it) funds, so things get done, hmm?

Final Verdict: 4/10

And that's being generous. Play this game to experience it, get to level 20 in a week or two, get bored, and go play another game, or one worth playing.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/21/05

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