Review by Expertise626

Reviewed: 11/28/05

Virtual Aristocracy

Gunz: The Duel is a Third-Person Shooter created by MAIET entertainment. A factor that draws players to it is that Gunz is completely free forever. It is your basic fare of aiming and shooting, however, Gunz also includes items such as swords to create a unique fighting environment.

Where any shooters should excel at, Gunz doesn't let you down. Players can use a various amount of dodging and jumping techniques which is quite reminiscent of a Wire-Fu movie. When you begin, you can create a character with a shockingly diverse 4 hairstyles and 4 face types. One could also choose their starting weapon sets. Once you have created your character, you can play games of varied types. Deathmatch mode, where every person is to themselves trying to kill as much as possible. Team Deathmatch, where one can form teams that fight against each other. Training mode, which is a no risk, easy mode to practice your mad skills. Assassination mode, where you have to kill one person but it plays similarly to Team Deathmatch. Finally, Berserker mode, only available to those of higher levels, is basically tag with a gun. The berserker goes around shooting people with heightened damage and everyone else tries to shoot the berserker or shoot each other. Lag is a huge problem in Gunz. Since Gunz connects from computer-to-computer, response from one another heavily relies upon the distance of the players. Like say, if you live in America, it'd be harder to shoot at someone who lives in Australia. While some of the innate moves you use are techniques like tumbling and wall-running, those who choose to take their game even further can learn the K-style, a highly regarded skill technique involving quick dodging and cancelling moves, which brings me to the next aspect...

As a free game, you'll get a large, diverse amount of people playing. That in itself has it's advantages and disadvantages. As an advantage, it gives an opportunity to play with different people using different techniques and fighting ethics. As a disadvantage being free, you'll also see many people who can ruin a game for you by purposely going against your game's flow. In Gunz, a sort of virtual aristocracy is in place for higher levelled players. With a few exceptions, if one wishes to become a top tier player, one should learn K-style. As a skill that's difficult to adjust to, there is a rift among players who know it and players who do not know it.

Graphics are good and they flow very well. Nothing that is groundbreaking or extremely bad; Gunz graphics are decent. The environments are dynamic in most traversable areas but details like windows and walls are very drawn on and are noticeable when you get closer. Characters look fine for the most part but some outfits and armors look awkward.

Sound and Music
For sound, there are mostly gun and sword noise effects. There are only two different voice clips in Gunz, one for when a guy gets shot and one for when a girl gets shot. Music in Gunz may not be bad for the first 10 minutes but they repeat the same few tracks over and over. However, one could opt for turning on their own music and turning down Gunz background music.

Gunz is a relatively good game to fill your action needs. If you can look past some of it's community, you'll have no problem enjoying the game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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